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2010 Yearbook

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									   2010 Y e a r b o o k
Department of Corrections

      State of Oklahoma

       2010 Yearbook
2010 Y e a r b o o k
             Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook   3
4   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
             STANDING PROUD

The Department of Corrections will create a culture that empowers individuals,
    encourages teamwork, employs best practices, and embraces diversity.


    2010 Y e a r b o o k
                                                                                             MISSION STATEMENT
                                                                                   “The mission of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections
                                                                                   is to protect the public, the employees, and the offenders.”

January 10, 1967 is an important day in corrections history. It was on this date that Governor Dewey Bartlett made a historic announcement in his Legisla-
tive address, when he said:

“I have had prepared for introduction, today, a bill creating a new Department of Corrections. This bill has been prepared, after consultation with leaders
of both Houses of the Legislature. It is a joint recommendation of your leadership and the administration. Briefly, this bill provides for the creation of a
new state Corrections Department, consisting of a state Board of Corrections, a state director of Corrections, and three divisions: a Division of Institutions,
a Division of Probation and Parole, and a Division of Inspection. The Division of Inspection will perform duties of the present Charities and Corrections

6      Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
Historical Highlights ......................................................................................................................................................................... 6
Board of Corrections ......................................................................................................................................................................... 9
Special Recognition Awards ............................................................................................................................................................. 11
Executive Staff ................................................................................................................................................................................. 23
    Director’s Office.......................................................................................................................................................................... 25
       Employee Rights and Relations ............................................................................................................................................. 26
         Executive Communications ................................................................................................................................................... 27
         General Counsel.................................................................................................................................................................... 27
         Internal Affairs ...................................................................................................................................................................... 28
         Administrative Services.......................................................................................................................................................... 29
         Treatment and Rehabilitative Services.................................................................................................................................... 31
         Community Sentencing and Offender Information Services.................................................................................................. 34
         Field Operations.................................................................................................................................................................... 35
            Female Offender Operations ............................................................................................................................................ 39
              Institutions ....................................................................................................................................................................... 51
              Operational Services ......................................................................................................................................................... 91
              Private Prison and Jail Administration .............................................................................................................................. 97
         Community Corrections ..................................................................................................................................................... 103
              Community Work Centers ............................................................................................................................................. 121
Charts and Statistics ...................................................................................................................................................................... 125
Budget Information....................................................................................................................................................................... 129
Agency Directory .......................................................................................................................................................................... 131

                                                                                                                         Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook                           7

                                           Welcome to a brief and partial review of history for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections in the
                                           form of this 2010 Yearbook. This is a unique way to capture portions of our history now, so questions
                                           such as who was in charge of our industries program and what did it look like, can be answered in future
                                           generations. Eventually, some information in these yearbooks will be incorporated into the next edition
                                           of our history book.
                                           For many years, our department has been nationally recognized for being one of the most efficient and
                                           effective correctional systems. This has been reinforced through comprehensive audits, legislative interim
                                           studies and a host of other reviews. This is a reflection of our dedicated professional employees’ “can do”
                                           culture and ability to overcome obstacles, and is supported by the narratives and photos contained in
                                           this yearbook. Years from now, the next generation of correctional employees can look at these reports to
                                           garner an improved understanding of progress and history. Also, because it will be on the website, anyone
                                           can access our history for research, studies, school assignments and an array of other possible usages.
                                           A sincere thanks and a wealth of gratitude is extended to all of our employees for making 2010 another safe
                                           and productive year. Although budget reductions placed many hardships on employees, the department
                                           continued to be a national leader in relation to key quality indicators of a well-managed correctional

8   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                                                     Board of Corrections

                                        nor with the advice and consent of       and parole office per year.                the fall of each year;
                                        the Senate. One member shall be
                                                                                 The power and duties of the Board • Review and approve emerging ex-
                                        appointed from each congressional
                                                                                 include the following:                   penditures of money that exceed
                                        district and any remaining members
                                                                                                                          the Director’s authority as allowed
                                        shall be appointed from the State at-    • To establish policies for the opera-
                                                                                                                          by law; and
                                        large. The term of appointment is          tions of the Department;
                                        six years and the terms are staggered.                                          • Review and approve contracts with
                                        No more than four members of the         • To approve personnel matters in-       private prisons.
                                        Board shall be of the same political       cluding: appointing and fixing the
                                        party. Vacancies on the Board are          salary of the Director, confirming
                                        filled for the unexpired term. Board       the appointments of wardens, dis-
                                        officers include Chairperson, Vice-        trict supervisors, and other staff
                                        chairperson, and Secretary, which are      members as presented to the Board
                                        filled annually.                           by the Director;

                                        The Board normally meets monthly • To approve contracts and budgets
           Ted Logan                    with the Director to review the ad-         including: selection of architectur-
             Chair                      ministration and activities of the De-      al firms if the fee is over $200,000;
The Oklahoma Department of Cor-
                                        partment. The meetings are conduct-
rections was created by legislation                                               • The selection of sites for new in-
                                        ed in accordance with Oklahoma’s
in 1967, and in that legislation, the                                               stitutions and community correc-
                                        “Open Meetings Law.” In addition
State Board of Corrections was cre-                                                 tions centers and approve reloca-
                                        to tours of facilities taken in con-
ated to be the governing board of the                                               tion of existing facilities;
                                        junction with regular Board meet-
Department. The legislation stated
                                        ings, Board members are encouraged • Review and approve the proposed
that the Board shall consist of seven                                                                                        Matthew Hunter McBee
                                        to conduct at least one unannounced         DOC budget before it is submit-
members appointed by the Gover-                                                                                                    Vice Chair
                                        visit to a facility or district probation   ted to the State Budget Office in

                                                                                                   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook        9
      Board of
          Linda Neal
       Earnest D. Ware

      Robert L. Rainey

      David C. Henneke

      Gerald W. Wright

10   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook

Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook   11
                            2010 Correctional Officer of the Year

                                                                                           Larry C. Barker
                                                                                   Correctional Security Officer III
                                                                                   Sayre Community Work Center
                                                                              Northwest District Community Corrections

                                                        Corporal Barker began his career with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections in
                                                        2006. He is a graduate of Snyder High School. He has since attended Applied Leadership
                                                        and CLD classes. Once he has taken the Basic Instructor Development, he would like
                                                        to help teach classes for co-workers. Corporal Barker has served as Caustic/Flammable
                                                        Control Officer since 2007 and during this time he set up an efficient system for tracking/
                                                        controlling supplies and organized the vehicle maintenance files to improve routine and
                                                        preventive maintenance on facility vehicles. Both contributions have resulted in increased
                                                        efficiency and decreased costs.

                                                        Corporal Barker communicates well with offenders, job supervisors and co-workers. He
                                                        represents the agency well as he serves in the community as past president of the Chamber
                                                        of Commerce, Rodeo Association, Lion’s Club and the American Legion.

12   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
2010 Correctional Officer Supervisor of the Year

                                                        Cory E. Ketch
                                               Correctional Security Manager II
                                               Mabel Bassett Correctional Center

                   Captain Ketch began his career with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections in 1998.
                   He is a graduate of Checotah High School. His knowledge, experience, and skills in
                   responding to critical incidents serve as an excellent example of the role of a correctional
                   officer supervisor. He has received facility meritorious service awards for his heroic efforts
                   and life-saving measures involving suicide attempts by mental health offenders. During his
                   10 years at Mabel Bassett Correctional Center, Captain Ketch’s ability to bring order and
                   direction to chaotic situations, professionalism, integrity and effective communication
                   skills have proven to be an asset as he works with co-workers and offenders. Captain
                   Ketch also serves as a member of the Booster Club of Bethel High School where he assists
                   in raising funds to provide equipment and resources for the youth in the community.

                                               Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook               13
                   2010 Probation and Parole Officer of the Year

                                                                                            Nathan A. Rhea
                                                                                      Probation and Parole Officer II
                                                                                          Tulsa County District
                                                                                         Community Corrections

                                                        Nathan A. Rhea, Probation and Parole Officer II, Tulsa County District Community
                                                        Corrections is the Agency Probation and Parole Officer of the Year for 2010.
                                                        Officer Rhea began his career with the Department of Corrections in April 2007. He
                                                        received his Bachelor’s degree in Sociology/Criminology from the University of Oklahoma
                                                        in 2005. He is now working on his Graduate degree in Human Relations at the University
                                                        of Oklahoma – Tulsa campus. Officer Rhea is a dependable professional who is willing to
                                                        help others on his team and, as a result, is highly respected by his peers, supervisors and
                                                        clients. In addition, he conducts an average of 25 discretionary home visits each month.
                                                        The large number of letters in support of his nomination substantiates the proficiency he
                                                        demonstrates on the job and the reputation for excellence he maintains. Officer Rhea is
                                                        certified as a Self Defense Instructor and OC Instructor for the agency. He was also selected
                                                        by the Drug Court Team to attend the National Drug Court Conference in June 2010.
                                                        Officer Rhea volunteers in his church, is a member of the National Helping Individuals
                                                        with Criminal Records reenter through Employment Network (H.I.R.E. Network), and
                                                        participated in the Hurricane Ike disaster relief efforts in Galveston.

14   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
Outstanding Employee of the Year

                                              Judy H. Brinkley
                                              Medical Services
                                Treatment and Rehabilitative Services Division

            Judy Brinkley is a nurse with the heart of a nurse. She volunteers her time to offer care
            to others in the community. She is also a wife and mom who cares for her family.
            Ms. Brinkley has been the "tip of the spear" for the Department of Corrections in the de-
            velopment and implementation of an electronic health record. Ms. Brinkley researched
            and developed work flows and templates for Department of Corrections medical pro-
            cesses, and developed dozens (if not hundreds) of forms and other methods of electronic
            documentation. Ms. Brinkley has worked long hours providing training for users. She
            has then gone home at night and made improvements in the process to allow for bet-
            ter ease of use. Ms. Brinkley has been available for consultation with users and has also
            worked closely with the vendor, encouraging a better and better product.

                                      Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook            15
                                Professional Excellence Recipient

                                                                                              Rita Cooksey
                                                                                      John Lilley Correctional Center
                                                                                         Field Operations Division

                                                        Rita Cooksey is a lifetime member of the National Association of Blacks in Criminal
                                                        Justice, a member of Oklahoma Correctional Association and American Correctional
                                                        Association. She is an active volunteer at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame, providing
                                                        many hours of service to the museum annually. Most impressively, Rita has established and
                                                        held the "Kids At Risk Rodeo and School Supply Giveaway" for the past 15 years. Originally
                                                        held in Spencer, Oklahoma, Ms. Cooksey expanded the rodeo to include the Boley area
                                                        last summer, providing more than 35 children with school supplies and self confidence!
                                                        Approximately 75 children were involved at the Spencer, Oklahoma location. Ms. Cooksey
                                                        has been actively working for parity in the area of Female Corrections for many years and
                                                        has served on various task forces to enhance this area of corrections.
                                                        Rita Cooksey is a 29-year veteran with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. She
                                                        has an extensive correctional background including positions in Institutions, Probation
                                                        and Parole, Training, House Arrest, Community Corrections and Administrative experi-
                                                        ence. Ms. Cooksey has faced many challenges within the department and has met each
                                                        challenge with determination and a positive attitude. Over the years. Ms. Cooksey has
                                                        established a network of alliances throughout state government and is able to call on them
                                                        for information or assistance at a moment's notice. When Ms. Cooksey was assigned as
                                                        deputy warden at John Lilley Correctional Center, the employees embraced her openness
                                                        and her professional manner. She has improved the classification audits, organized job as-
                                                        signments, assisted with transition to a secretarial pool and has generally been a cheerleader
                                                        for the staff as well as offenders.

16   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
Medal of Valor Recipient
                                 Donnie R. Martin
              Community Sentencing/Offender Information Services Division

      August 21, 2009, at approximately 6:15 p.m., Donnie Martin was traveling south on US 75 in a
      State vehicle as he returned from a day of work in Tulsa to his assigned office in McAlester. He
      observed a vehicle in front of him, traveling in the same direction, move to the west shoulder and
      then into the ditch. No brake lights were noted. Donnie lost sight of the car over the crest of a
      hill but saw the top of a tree shake from an impact. He pulled over to the shoulder, turned on the
      emergency flashers, and called 911. He then proceeded to the sight of the crash. Donnie observed
      that a fire had started in the engine compartment of the wrecked vehicle and that the driver was still
      in the car. He returned to the State vehicle, retrieved the fire extinguisher, and attempted to put out
      the fire. The extinguisher depleted before the fire was completely out. After determining the male
      driver was the only occupant of the vehicle, Donnie checked the neck of the driver for a pulse and
      found none. He reported that information to the 911 operator and passed his phone to another
      person to maintain contact. Donnie then attempted to open the driver's side door but found it was
      jammed. Next, he tried, unsuccessfully, to pry open the door with his hands. Donnie then returned
      again to his vehicle to search for a tool to help with the door. Finding nothing, he went back to
      the wrecked car and continued attempts to open the door. Another man showed up with a digging
      bar, which was used to pry open the door. By this time, the inside of the car was filling with smoke.
      Donnie, along with the other passerby, removed the victim from the car, placing him a safe distance
      away. At this time, law enforcement arrived and instructed Donnie and his assistant to move the
      victim further from the vehicle. After doing so, Donnie left the immediate area so that CPR could
      be administered and he could relocate the State car to make way for emergency respondents arriving
      to extinguish the flames fully engulfing the wreckage and to administer further life-saving measures.
      Despite the efforts of employee Donnie Martin, the victim, unfortunately, died at the scene from
      massive injuries sustained in the crash.
      While Donnie's day-to-day duties as a computer programmer are important to the agency, he does
      not normally encounter life-or-death situations. On an ordinary workday, happenstance placed
      Donnie at the scene of a crisis. At great risk to his own personal safety, he did not hesitate to attempt
      the rescue of a fellow citizen. Donnie maintained a clear head and did everything within his power
      to ensure the survival of the driver and the safety of the scene.

                                       Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook                     17
                                             Volunteer of the Year

                                                                                     John Easley, Founder
                                                                                   GENESIS ONE NETWORK

                                                        GENESIS ONE NETWORK, founded in 2000, is a Christian, faith-based reentry
                                                        program that links an offender's personal growth and positive development while inside
                                                        to the availability of resources on the outside. A spiritual transformation is essential to
                                                        the successful transition from incarceration back to society.
                                                        Genesis One's chapters within DOC facilities develop individual Life-Plans for
                                                        its members that encourage change and growth in the important elements of their
                                                        life: Spiritual growth, vocational growth, educational growth, living skills, positive
                                                        behavioral change, as well as preparing them for successful reentry. All members are
                                                        required to attend weekly group accountability sessions. G-1's Life-Plan utilizes all
                                                        available programs and drives up the attendance in each: faith-based programs and
                                                        DOC sponsored programs.
                                                        Genesis One's outside team partners with those that can provide resources to Genesis
                                                        One graduates as they are released. These resources include housing, employment, food
                                                        and clothing banks, substance abuse recovery programs, legal, medical, and church/
                                                        mentors. The overwhelming positive relationships with G-1 graduates have created a
                                                        very receptive resource base.

18   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
2010 Teacher of the Year

                                          Phil Collins
                                        Howard Mcleod
                                       Correctional Center
       Phil went to work for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections in 1984 as a Food Service
       Supervisor. He had worked his way through college as a food service worker, and was a full
       time supervisor upon graduation. His plan was to pass his probationary period, and then
       transfer to the education unit. Unfortunately, his plan didn’t happen any time soon. He
       spent seven years as a food service worker before he could even get an interview with the
       principal. In retrospect, those seven years grounded him in corrections.
       In December of 1991, Phil transferred into the Education unit as a teacher. In the past
       twenty years, He have taught ABE, GED, Literacy, and facilitated College courses. He as-
       sessed new receptions at the reception facility, and spent time managing the correctional
       library. He is currently the facility’s GED Examiner. He has fulfilled whatever role or duty
       was necessary to serve our students. Phil spent twenty-two years working at a men’s me-
       dium security facility and the last five years at a men’s minimum security facility. He has
       seen corrections change from a “lock them up” mentality to a perspective that says we need
       to effect change while we have the opportunity because a large percentage of our clients
       will be returning to their communities.

                                   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook             19
      Oklahoma Correctional Employee Memorial Foundation (OCEMF) Memorial Service
1                                             2           3


                                                              Oklahoma Correctional Employee Memorial
                                                               Foundation (OCEMF) Memorial Service
                                                               May 5, 2010 • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

                                                          1. Department of Corrections Honor Guard

                                                          2. Ann Tandy, Board President, OCEMF

                                                          3. Ron Hood, Chaplain, Northeast District
                                                             Community Corrections

                                                          4. “The Missing Officer Table” originally designed
                                                             by the Correctional Peace Officer Foundation
                                                             (CPOF) and recreated for the memorial service,
                                                             stands beside 19 wreaths for each Department
                                                             of Corrections’ employee killed in the line of

20   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
Leadership Academy

              Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook   21
                                Lunch and Learn Diversity Series
 1                                             4                COST OF INCARCERATION
                                                                       (FY10 Actual Expenditures)

                                                           TYPE                      DAILY       ANNUAL
                                                           Maximum                   $75.87       $27,693
                                                           Medium                    $42.41       $15,480
                                                           Minimum                   $40.43       $14,758
                                                           Community                 $41.55       $15,167
                                                           Work Centers              $36.31       $13,253
                                                           Probation and Parole       $2.81        $1,026
                                                           (FY11 Appropriated Budget: $462,141,777)
 2                                             5
                                                          1. OLDER AMERICAN Diversity Series
                                                             1920’s display

                                                          2. ASIAN AMERICAN Diversity Series
                                                             Ranjini Mathew, Meena Rastogi, Mercy Panicker,
                                                             Reverend Dr. A. Kosby Muthalaly, Thejus Thomas,
                                                             James Eyadiel, and Sam Sangaran
                                                          3. BLACK HISTORY Diversity Series
                                                             Students from the Marcus Garvey Leadership School

                                                          4. American Disability Diversity Series
                                                             Traci Prince, Director, Student Assessment Center
3                                              6             and Program Development, Oklahoma School for the
                                                          5. HISPANIC HERITAGE Diversity Series
                                                             Annette Marzett, Kimberlee Tran, Jill Hinkston, and
                                                             Faye Tucker
                                                          6. NATIVE AMERICAN Diversity Series
                                                             John Kemble, Ponca Tribe, and Kathy Davis, Ponca/
                                                             Chickasaw Tribers

22   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook

                       The capacity to lead others



                                                     Executive Staff


               An act or instance of guiding

                                                     Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook   23
                                           OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS
                                                           EXECUTIVE STAFF
                                                           Organizational Chart


                                          EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT                 FIELD OPERATIONS
                                                                              Associate Director

                                          EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT

                                                                         COMMUNITY SENTENCING &             TREATMENT &
            Deputy Director                  Deputy Director                 Deputy Director               Deputy Director

             Administrator                    Administrator                   Administrator                General Counsel

24   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                                                            Director’s Office
                                The Director of the Oklahoma                The Director’s Office is comprised          Deputy Director of Treatment and
                                Department of Corrections is the agency’s   of the Director, an Administrative          Rehabilitation  Services,   Deputy
                                chief executive administrator and is        Assistant and two Executive Assistants.     Director of Community Sentencing,
                                responsible for the overall management      Other positions that directly report to     Administrator of Internal Affairs,
                                and administration of the agency. The       the Director are as follows: Associate      General Counsel, Civil Rights
                                position provides the leadership and        Director of Field Operations, Associate     Administrator, and Administrator of
                                vision for the agency and is appointed      Director of Administrative Services,        Executive Communications.
                                by the Oklahoma Board of Corrections.       Deputy of Community Corrections,

       Justin Jones

                                                         Executive Assistant

Pam Ramsey serves as Executive               interaction with legislative leadership,   special projects and activities, and other
Assistant and is responsible for providing   government entities, the public, and       duties to assist the Director in carrying
administrative support to the Director       executive and senior level personnel;
                                                                                        out his responsibilities. She also serves
and ensuring         the administrative      handling of sensitive and confidential
day to day operations of the office,         information; preparation of reports        as the liaison to the Oklahoma Board of
which includes communication and             and correspondence; coordination of        Corrections.

                                                                                                                                        Pam Ramsey
                                                                                                                                     Executive Assistant

                                                                                                  Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook      25
                                                       Executive Assistant

                         Neville Massie is an Executive Assistant to   Ms. Massie monitors legislation that may       Executive Staff and Upper Management
                         the Director. Her primary responsibility impact the department, solicits legislative         staff.
                         is to serve as the agency’s liaison with      initiatives from agency Executive Staff
                         members of the legislature, legislative       and   represents    the   department     at    In an effort to increase legislators

                         staff,   other   governmental      agency legislative committee meetings.       She knowledge and understanding of agency
                         employees; as well as external civic and provides regular legislative status reports operations and issues, she coordinates
                         professional organizations.                   to the Board of Corrections, department        facility tours for legislators and their staff.

   Neville Massie
 Executive Assistant

                                      Employee Rights and Relations
                         The primary focus of the Employee             and assists in resolving issues and conflict place Violence and “Stress.” By writing
                         Rights and Relations Unit (ERRU) is           informally.                                  these articles, the unit has the opportu-
                         to serve the employees of the agency by                                                    nity to keep staff informed and aware of
                                                                       The Unit investigates formal discrimina-
                         providing technical expertise regarding
                                                                       tion grievances which come under Title workplace issues.
                         the department’s affirmative action plan      VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, sex-      The unit consists of team members, Joyce
                         and assistance in adherence to employ-        ual harassment, Americans with Disabili-
                         ment related rules/ regulations, policies,                                                   Perry, Civil Rights Administrator I, Kim
                                                                       ties Act complaints, cultural diversity
                         procedures, laws, and agency practices.                                                      Moon, Secretary V, and Elvin Baum,
                                                                       and other related issues. In addition, the
                         The unit provides training and develop-                                                      Civil Rights Administrator, and is avail-
                                                                       Unit assists all facility Affirmative Action
                         ment to all employees and supervisors                                                        able to any staff member and/or members
                                                                       Committees with problem solving, train-
                         on Civil Rights rules, regulations, policy    ing, current information and updates. In       of the public who may have questions or
      Elvin Baum
                         procedures and laws, aids in conflict reso-   addition, ERRU have written articles for       in need of information pertaining to the
                         lution, provides mediation information,       “Inside Corrections” pertaining to Work-       services provided.

26     Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                                      Executive Communications
                    The Office of Executive Communications         magazine, Inside Corrections. This also        Communications staff is creative and
                    serves as the central point of contact         includes the planning and implementing         proficient at problem solving and
                    for information about the Oklahoma             of special projects and numerous training      generating communications that engage
                    Department of Corrections and its              events.                                        and inform various audiences.
                    facilities to the media and the general
                                                             The Office of Executive Communications            ACCOMPLISHMENTS
                    public. The mission of the Office is to
                    provide accurate, and timely information is responsible for the Department’s •	 Guide for Family & Friends
                    to build public support and enhance      historical archives, the production of the
                                                                                                        •	 Historical documentation project
                    public awareness, while promoting        Oklahoma Department of Corrections
                                                                                                           from the Oklahoma State Peniten-
                    positive change.                         History Book and the implementation of
                                                                                                           tiary Museum with the Oklahoma
 Joyce Jackson                                               Leadership Academy, which is the nation’s
                    This office is responsible for media first citizen’s academy for corrections.          Historical department
 Administrator      relations,    various      informational
                                                                                                        •	 Establishing Twitter on the webpage
                    publications and reports, to include This office also provides a variety of
                    facility brochures, fact sheets and the communications services to the staff •	 Developing and producing the first
                    production of the Department’s quarterly as needed.      The Office of Executive       department Yearbook

                                                                   General Counsel
                    The Office of General Counsel acts as the      istrative Rules in the Secretary of State’s    agement as needed.
                    primary liaison with the Attorney Gen-         office responds to Offender Lawsuits
                                                                                                                  The Administrative Review Unit is re-
                    eral’s office in matters of civil litigation   (assigned by the Attorney General’s Of-
                                                                                                                  sponsible for reviewing, investigating
                    when the agency or its employees are           fice), reviews all private prison contracts,
                                                                                                                  and responding to offender misconduct
                    sued. The Office represents the agency at      assists in gathering information for the
                                                                                                                  and grievance appeals, which are submit-
                    Merit Protection Commission hearings           Attorney General’s Office, reviews all for-
                                                                                                                  ted to the director for final review. This
                    and Risk Management, oversees the sub-         mal discipline action, assists employees
                                                                                                                  review is considered to be the last step in
                    mission of agency administrative rulings       in preparing for depositions and trial and
Michael T. Oakley                                                                                                 the internal administrative process. Of-
                    until finalized by the Office of Admin-        gives legal advice to agency upper man-
General Counsel
                                                                                           Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook               27
fenders are required to exhaust their     in preventing unnecessary litigation.     sible for conducting training for all staff   point for field staff, family members and
administrative remedies prior to fil-     Hundreds of offender letters are re-      involved in the disciplinary process, and     legislators who have questions regarding
ing litigation in the court system.       ceived in Administrative Review every     continually conducts pre-service train-
The review conducted at both the          year with a response forwarded for each   ing in the disciplinary and grievance         the department's disciplinary process
facility and departmental level assists   one received. This unit is also respon-   processes. The unit serves as a contact       and grievance process.

                                                                                Internal Affairs
                                          completed 282 total investigations       and 57 offenders who absconded                 produces a monthly Intelligence
                                          presenting 60 cases to the District      parole. Assigned agents apprehended            Bulletin and has conducted training
                                          Attorney of jurisdiction for the filing  119 DOC escapees and parole                    at numerous facilities/districts as well
                                          of criminal charges. As a result of      absconders while 112 additional                as outside law enforcement agencies.
                                          their assignments staff also completed   fugitives were apprehended by various
                                          33 forensic computer audits and 13       law enforcement agencies across the
                                                                                                                                  In 2010, the office of Internal
                                          polygraphs.                              nation. The assigned agents assisted
                                                                                                                                  Affairs through the association
                                          The Fugitive Unit is comprised of Probation and Parole Officers with                    with the International Association
                                          agents dedicated to the apprehension the apprehension of 59 offenders and               of Cold Case Investigators, joined
         Johnny Blevins                   of DOC escapees and offenders assisted the US Marshal Task Force                        with Oklahoma State Bureau of
         Internal Affairs                 who have chosen to abscond parole with the apprehension of 67 fugitives.                Investigation,     Oklahoma      State
                                          supervision. Agents are also called Additionally, this unit completed 19                Medical Examiner’s Office, Tulsa
The Internal Affairs Investigation
                                          upon to assist Probation and Parole out of state transports.                            Police Department and the Oklahoma
Unit is responsible for conducting
                                          Officers with the apprehension of The Intelligence Unit is responsible                  City Police Department to help find
both procedural and criminal
                                          offenders with a violent history as well for       continuous      collection,          relatives of missing persons that have
investigations under the authority
                                          as to assist the US Marshal’s Violent evaluation, collation and analysis of             not donated DNA.
of the Director.      Investigations
                                          Crime Task Forces. In January raw information into meaningful
encompass matters concerning                                                                                                      The purpose of this program
                                          2010, the DOC lifetime fugitive list intelligence for correctional action.
offenders, employees and other                                                                                                    is twofold; assist in identifying
                                          identified 85 total DOC fugitives. The Intelligence Unit also registers
identified criminal activity which                                                                                                unidentified human remains located
                                          During CY 2010, the fugitive hotline offenders as Security Threat Group
impacts correctional operations.                                                                                                  across the nation and to assist love
                                          added 173 escapes (144 escapes from members. To date, 1,627 offenders
During CY 2010, the Investigation                                                                                                 ones of missing persons by attempting
                                          community corrections, 29 from are registered. The unit develops on-
Unit was assigned 194 investigations                                                                                              to collect DNA from a blood relative.
                                          minimum security with no escapes line training available to all staff, trains
and 70 preliminary Inquires. The unit                                                                                             These family DNA samples, referred
                                          from medium or maximum security) at the DOC pre-service academy,

28      Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
to as “Family Reference Samples” are   missing and unidentified persons        his/her DNA collected at a location will be important. If no police report
then sent to the University of North   across the United States are searched   close to home.                          has been taken, officers will asked for
Texas.                                 against one another in an attempt to    The family member who volunteers the missing person’s full name, date
The University of North Texas          make identifications. It is important   to have their DNA collected is re- of birth, tattoos, dental information,
Center for Human Identification has    to know that DNA profiles from          quired to sign a permission form. broken bones, scars, social security
the responsibility to receive DNA      family members are only searched        The family member will then be met number and any circumstances sur-
samples from unidentified persons      against unidentified persons in the     by a local officer, who swabs the in- rounding the time the person went
as well as from family members         NDIS, and are not searched against      side of their cheek; this process takes missing. A DNA search will then be
of missing persons, process those      the profiles of unknown criminal        about 10 minutes. Officers then note completed on all current unidenti-
samples, and upload the DNA profiles   suspects. If a family member resides    information on the missing person. fied remains as well as any unidenti-
into the National DNA Index System     outside the State of Oklahoma,          If a police report has already been fied remains which may be received
(NDIS). In the NDIS, profiles from     arrangements can be made to have        taken, information about that report in the future.

                                                 Administrative Services
                                       The Division of Administrative Ser- • Training and Staff Development            at the higher rate (8%) was for a
                                       vices consists of the following units:                                          maximum of 20 years. Following
                                                                                                                       that, the employee must return to the
                                       • Departmental Services
                                                                                         PERSONNEL                     OPERS standard contribution rate
                                          - Finance and Accounting                    20 Year Retirement               of 3.5%, which would result in a net
                                                                                     and Voluntary Buyout
                                          - Evaluation and Analysis                                                    increase to their monthly take-home
                                                                              July 1, 2010, marked the 20th
                                          - Building Maintenance              anniversary of the agency’s Hazardous
                                                                                                                       Identifying affected employees proved
                                                                              Duty (20-Year) Retirement Plan for
                                          - Business Office/Document and                                               to be a manual task, as no automated
                                                                              Correctional Officers, Probation
                                            Mail Services                                                              reports were available from OPERS
                                                                              and Parole Officers, and Fugitive
                                                                                                                       to identify the employees to be
                                       • Information Technology               Apprehension Agents. A Director’s
                                                                                                                       converted each payroll period.
        Linda Parrish                                                         News Update was issued on June 20
                                       • Personnel
       Deputy Director                                                        reminding employees that according       Staff in the central Personnel and
                                       • Contracts and Acquisitions           to Oklahoma Statute, contribution        Information Technology units spent

                                                                                              Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook             29
several months developing reports               INFORMATION                   information security audit resulted   on the DOC website. This allows a
and researching time/leave and payroll           TECHNOLOGY                   in the best rating in the history of  centralized location for vendors to go
                                             Network Expansion and                                                  to and see all current DOC in-house
records. As anticipated, the first                                            the audits. Information security
                                                Improved Security
month for conversion (July) proved                                            awareness was also stressed through   solicitations. The website also allows
                                      Network bandwidth expansion
to include the most employees with                                            education, facility audits, and e-mailthem to download and print the so-
                                      was completed in 2010 for all 17
75. To date, a total of 142 employees                                         blasts of information security tips.  licitation documents if they are in-
                                      institutions, all Oklahoma City
have been returned to the standard                                                                                  terested in responding to a particular
                                      locations and selected Community               CONTRACTS AND
retirement contribution rate.                                                          ACQUISITIONS                 solicitation. Prior to this online sys-
                                      Corrections Centers. This expansion
                                                                               On-line Posting of Solicitations     tem being developed, DOC Buyers
During calendar year 2010, the enabled DOC to implement or
                                                                             The development and implementa- would have to print and then fax or
agency processed a total of 253 increase the use of the following
                                                                             tion of the system for online posting mail out the entire solicitation pack-
Voluntary Buyouts (VOBOs). The applications and functions:
                                                                             of in-house competitive solicitations age to each suggested or potentially
first group (Spring 2010) was funded •	 Video Conferencing
                                                                             on the DOC website has had the big- interested vendors. The new system
by the department and included 60
                                      •	 Electronic Health Records           gest impact on the purchasing process has made the process much more ef-
employees. This VOBO did not
                                      •	 Remote monitoring of facilities     during calendar year 2010. During ficient and eliminated direct printing
require that employees be retirement-
                                                                             2010, the Contracts and Acquisitions and paper costs.
eligible; resignations were accepted •	 On-line prescriptions
                                                                             Unit developed a standardized solici-     DEPARTMENTAL SERVICES
for those employees who wished to •	 Offender Banking System
                                                                             tation template that incorporates nec-    Accounts Payable and Auditing
participate and receive the severance The improvement in the network has
                                                                             essary terms and conditions to ensure Accounts Payable staff scan all
benefits.                             resulted in more efficient operations, compliance with purchasing statutes. vouchers and invoices into the
The VOBOs offered for July and maximum utilization of personnel The template provides a standardized PeopleSoft accounting system. This
December 2010 were funded by the (medical, escort, etc.) increased use format for all in-house solicitations, replaces the previous assembly system
Voluntary Buyout Reimbursement of distance learning, efficiencies in which eliminates confusion and in which all vouchers and the original
Revolving Fund authorized in parole board hearings and savings in frustration on the part of vendors. invoices had to be attached, folded,
HB 2363. In order to qualify for fuel costs.                                 Along with the development of the batched and sent to the Office of
this buyout, employees had to be In addition, security was improved template, the contracts and Acquisi- State Finance daily.
full-retirement eligible (with no with the implementation of tions Unit also worked with the In- The Internal Audit Unit scheduled
reduced benefit) as of the VOBO encryption of laptops and flash drives. formation Technology division to and conducted 60 audits during the
date designated by the agency. This New procedures and equipment establish the technical requirements period of July 2010 to April 2011.
resulted in a additional 193 VOBO for secure access to DOC resources and process for posting all of the in- Audit planning and risk assessment
retirements.                          were put into place. The annual house solicitations in one location utilizes key performance indicators

30     Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
such as ratio analysis, trending and   All furniture, equipment, files, etc.        for office, classroom and dormitory     •	 Performance Management
other auditing tools and techniques    were moved from Wilburton and                space.                                      Process
available to measure economy,          Norman to Oklahoma City. The                 Classes held at the academy since the
                                       total move was accomplished in one                                                   The closing and relocating of the two
efficiency and effectiveness of key                                                 move to DPS include:
areas of agency operations.            month by training staff at minimal                                                   training academies was accomplished
                                                                                    •	 Correctional Officer Cadet
                                       cost to the agency. The move also                                                    with a significant reduction in
      TRAINING AND STAFF                                                               classes
          DEVELOPMENT                  required a revision to training                                                      training staff due to staff retirements
 Relocation of Training Academies schedules in order to accommodate                 •	 Pre-Service for non-uniformed
                                                                                       staff                                during this period of time. Although
The       Oklahoma       Correctional the limited training and dormitory
                                                                                                                            14 staff left the agency, the remaining
Training academies at Wilburton and space while continuing to meet the              •	 Self Defense Instructor
Norman were closed and relocated needs of the agency.                                  Development                          staff continues to provide quality
to the Department of Public Safety Additionally, as part of the contract            •	 Probation and Parole Pre-Service     training programs and customer
in Oklahoma City in May of 2010. with DPS, the training unit was                                                            service to the agency. Reorganization
                                                                                    •	 Instructor Development for
Office space at DPS had to be totally tasked with opening and operating
                                                                                       CPR and First Aid                    is on-going and will continue in 2011
renovated prior to occupancy. This the kitchen/dining hall at DPS to
                                                                                    •	 Basic Instructor Development/        with the goal of ensuring continued
was accomplished utilizing inmate provide meals for DOC and DPS
labor with supervision by training trainees.       Funds generated from                Training for Trainers                development of staff and optimum
staff at a nominal cost to the agency. these meals help defray DOC’s cost           •	 Case Management                      class offerings.

                                                 Treatment and Rehabilitative Services
                                       The Division of Treatment and Re-            infirmaries and three mental health courses. Drug and alcohol treat-
                                       habilitative Services is responsible for     units.                               ment programs include cooperative
                                       the provision of medical and mental                                               agreements with the Department of
                                                                                    The Programs Unit oversees all of-
                                       health services for all offenders incar-                                          Mental Health and Substance Abuse
                                                                                    fender programs to include drug
                                       cerated in the Department of Cor-                                                 Services, as well as RSAT programs
                                                                                    and alcohol treatment and adult
                                       rections. Medical and mental health                                               funded by grants through the Dis-
                                                                                    educational services. Educational
                                       staff is assigned to all facilities to en-                                        trict Attorney’s Council. Career and
                                                                                    services include literacy, adult ba-
                                       sure appropriate access to these ser-                                             Technical training programs allow
                                                                                    sic education, GED, and college
        Deputy Director                vices. The Division maintains four                                                offenders the opportunity to acquire
        Kenny Holloway
                                                                                                   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook             31
work skills and Reentry programs         tion related to the custody and status    agencies have entered into a data        charging mentally ill offenders.
focus on the offender’s employment,      of offenders who are incarcerated or      sharing agreement that is the first
                                                                                                                            •	 The DOC has sustained and
housing, treatment aftercare, and        under the supervision of the agency.      of its kind in the nation. This agree-
                                                                                                                            improved two innovative projects that
other services vital to successful re-                                             ment provides the efficient sharing
                                              ACCOMPLISHMENTS                                                               were approved and federally funded
turn to the community.                                                             of clinical information to facilitate
                                         DOC continues to experience dra-                                                   by the Governor’s Transformation
Religious and Volunteer services pro-                                              cost-effective continuity of care. In
                                         matic increases in numbers and acu-                                                Board in FY10. The Correctional
vides oversight and coordination of                                                addition, DMHSAS has entered             Crisis Resolution Training Program
                                         ity levels of incarcerated mentally ill
the many volunteers who provide                                                    into an agreement wherein DMH-           has successfully trained over 120
                                         persons. To address these increases
religious and program services to the                                              SAS discharge case managers are of-      facility and community correctional
                                         with reduced resources, DOC men-
offender population. These volun-                                                  ficed on DOC mental health units         officers in methods needed to
                                         tal health services have implemented
teers form a critical partnership with                                             and serve as integral members of the     deescalate crisis situations with
                                         the following:
the Department of Corrections pro-                                                 reentry treatment teams. DMHSAS          mentally ill offenders. This program
viding thousands of hours of support     •	 The DOC and DMHSAS have                has also contracted evidence-based       will be expanded to include key
each month. The Victim Services          partnered in innovative ways to re-       services from community mental           upper management professionals as
unit is committed to assisting vic-      duce high recidivism rates of seri-       health centers that provide connec-      well as line officer from facilities and
tims of crime by providing informa-      ously mentally ill offenders. The two     tion and transition services to dis-     community corrections. The Peer

32     Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
Recovery Support Specialist Pilot        the opportunity to address substance      community. The resource guide can tracking.
Program trained offenders within         abuse needs and acquire vocational        be accessed at: http://www.doc.state.
                                                                                                                           The electronic health records system
facilities to serve as role models of    skills through Career Tech Programs.
                                                                                   try_Resource_Guide.pdf                  was fully implemented at all Depart-
successful recovery and as support       Services are also available in the com-
                                                                                                                           ment of Corrections medical units.
for offenders at a time when staff are   munity to ensure a smooth transition      The web-based program participa- This program allows each offender’s
not in the facility.                     following release from incarceration.     tion tracking database is a real time,
                                                                                                                           medical records to be entered and
Through collaborative efforts with the   The Department operates a fully ac-       online application developed by Pro-
                                                                                                                           monitored electronically. The system
Oklahoma Department of Mental            credited high school within the Okla-     grams Unit staff to gather statewide
                                                                                                                           interfaces with the agency’s pharma-
                                                                                   programmatic attendance informa-
Health and Substance Abuse Services,     homa prison system. Despite budget
                                                                                   tion. The application tracks offender cy vendor, allowing all prescription
interventions and discharge planning     and staff reductions, 2,371 offend-
                                                                                   programmatic activities, including medications to be ordered electroni-
for offenders with serious mental ill-   ers participated in GED prep classes
                                                                                   type of program, start and end dates, cally. The most recent component
ness has helped to reduce the return     and 1,028 received their GED. Also
                                                                                   and the manner in which an offender released is an interface with Diag-
rate of this offender population from    during FY10, 2,454 offenders partic-
                                                                                   terminates a program. Attendance nostic Laboratories of Oklahoma.
41.8% for FY06 discharges to 36.6%       ipated in Literacy classes and 2,503
                                                                                   data is validated through the Offend- This allows not only for the lab to be
for FY07 discharges.                     offenders participated in ABE classes.    er Management System (OMS). Pro- ordered electronically, but for the re-
The Oklahoma Department of Cor-          The DOC continues to operate three        grammatic data is shared throughout sults to be reported back to the clini-
rections was awarded $750,000 from       Faith and Character Community             the agency and is used for a myriad
                                                                                                                           cian via the electronic health record
                                         programs at Oklahoma State Refor-         of analysis and information sharing
the US Department of Justice, Bu-                                                                                          system. This system has resulted in
                                                                                   purposes, including survival analysis,
reau of Justice Assistance’s Second      matory, Mabel Bassett Correctional                                                improved efficiencies of medical staff.
                                                                                   program effectiveness, real time re-
Chance Act State Demonstration           Center and Dick Conner Correc-
                                                                                   ports, outcome measures, grant deci- Collaboration continues with the
Program for Secure Approaches to         tional Center. During fiscal year
                                                                                   sions for program placement, depart- Oklahoma Health Care Author-
Effective Reentry (SAFER) Okla-          2010, 270 long-term offenders suc-
                                                                                   ment and facility profile reports, and ity to contain the health care costs
homa to create a transitional reentry    cessfully completed the program.
                                                                                   much more. To date, over 130 staff
program for high risk male offenders                                                                                       of offenders admitted to non-DOC
                                         The Department of Corrections’ Pro-       responsible for reporting program-
returning to Oklahoma County. The                                                                                          hospitals. This allows for the maxi-
                                         grams Unit designed a web-based           matic data have been trained on this
program has served over 100 offend-                                                                                        mizing of state resources by drawing
                                         reentry resource guide to assist case     application statewide. Oklahoma
ers since April 1, 2010. The pro-        management staff in developing pre-       DOC tends to set the standard na- down federal dollars for inmates who
gram addresses cognitive restructur-     release plans for offenders. The re-      tionally in correctional best practices were admitted to the hospital. Since
ing needs, life skill development and    source guide contains active links to     and is the ONLY Correctional Agen- this project was implemented, the
requires offenders to participate in a   resources and forms that assist of-       cy utilizing a real time, web-based savings realized to the state have ex-
victim impact class. Offenders have      fenders in accessing services in the      application for program attendance ceeded $5 million.
                                                                                                  Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook             33
     Community Sentencing and Offender Information Services
                          The Community Sentencing and              providers and resources to support the          ACCOMPLISHMENTS
                          Offender Information Services Division    local system. The partnerships among •	 Community Sentencing reached a
                          administers the provisions of the         the Department of Corrections, the local     milestone of 10 years of statewide
                          Oklahoma Community Sentencing             Community Sentencing systems, and            operation.
                          Act (22 O.S. §988.1-.24). Positioned      the contractors providing services for
                                                                                                              •	 The Automated Victim Information
                          between probation and prison on           participating offenders characterize this
                                                                                                                 and Notification (SAVIN) system
                          the criminal justice continuum,           “¢ents-able” community punishment
                                                                                                                 was enhanced to provide notification
                          Community Sentencing provides the         sentencing option.                           regarding the status and location
                          courts an innovative punishment option                                                 of offenders under community
                                                                    The division is also responsible for
                          for non-violent offenders. Assessment,                                                 supervision.
                                                                    the development and maintenance of
                          supervision, and treatment are combined
                                                                     COMIT, the offender information •	 The grants administration unit
                          in a manner that directly confronts
 Deputy Director                                                     management software supporting case      successfully pursued continuation
                          criminal behavior and protects public
 Sharon Neumann                                                      planning linked to identification of     funding for all 2009 grants as well as
                                                                     criminogenic needs, the Statewide        for two new awards. Under the 2010
                          In each county, a planning council, a Automated Victim Information and              Second Chance Act Demonstration
                          group of citizens and elected officials Notification (SAVIN), and a web based       grant, a pilot reentry program was
                          specified by law or appointed by the chief vouchering system for offender treatment funded. The SMART Adam Walsh
                          judge of the judicial district, plans the services. In March 2010, Community        Act Implementation grant provided
                          local Community Sentencing system and Sentencing and Offender Information           digital fingerprint equipment in
                          with the assistance of the Community Services assumed responsibility for the        probation offices for the registration
                          Sentencing Division locates treatment grants administration unit.                   of violent and sex offenders.

     On February 22, 2010, production of the movie “Heaven’s Rain” began at OSP. This is a film on
           former Senator Brooks Douglas in relation to his family’s disaster many years ago.

34    Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
Field Operations

 Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook   35
                                      OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS
                                               FIELD OPERATIONS
                                                        Organizational Chart

                                                        ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR

             Deputy Director                         Chief                           Deputy Director

                                                                  PRIVATE PRISON &
                                Administrator                       Administrator                     Administrator

36   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                                                  Field Operations
                     The Division of Field Operations is          islature and their staff, other state agen-   compliance visits was completed in late
                     comprised of Female Offender Opera-          cies and law enforcement entities, as well    2010, and the second round is currently
                     tions, Institutions, Operational Services,   as members of the public to respond to        underway.
                     Private Prisons and Jail Administration,     questions and provide information on
                     Procedures and Accreditation, Safety         agency-related matters and offender spe-      At the request of the Associate Director,
                     Administration, and Dietary Services.        cific concerns.                               a new business plan was developed

                     These entities provide direct supervi-              ACCOMPLISHMENTS                        that will, in effect, redefine the mission
                     sion of all agency institutions, to in-      The Field Operations Division strives         of the Agri-Services Unit. One of the
                     clude both male and female offenders         to provide effective leadership and           components of the business plan is to
                     at minimum, medium, and maximum              oversight to all of the divisions and units   process garden vegetables in a more
                     security, and death row, as well as female   under its purview. Numerous division          efficient manner. Prior to the business
  Edward Evans       offenders under community corrections        achievements will be highlighted within       plan, for example, Howard McLeod
Associate Director
                     supervision; three contract private pris-    these entity’s accomplishments.
Field Operations                                                                                                Correctional Center grew a substantial
                     ons housing Oklahoma male offenders
                                                           Two Field Operations division staff                  amount of potatoes that were utilized by
                     and oversight of the remaining three pri-
                                                           were tasked with conducting Facility
                     vate prisons which contract for out-of-                                                    the facility and shared among the other
                                                           Compliance Reviews of all minimum,
                     state offenders; in addition to offenders                                                  facilities. This operation contained one
                                                           medium and maximum security facilities,
                     in contract county jail programs. The                                                      obstacle that was unavoidable by the old
                                                           as well as Female Offender Community
                     division also oversees classification and
                                                           Corrections Centers. These reviews were              process; there was a significant amount
                     population, Central Transportation Unit
                                                           commissioned by the Associate Director               of spoilage of the potatoes due to the
                     (CTU), sentence administration and of-and designed in an effort to look at not             large quantity being harvested in a short
                     fender records, sex offender registration,
                                                           only critical facility operations, but also
                     Agri-Services, Oklahoma Correctional                                                       time period. In the new business plan,
                                                           routine matters in an ongoing challenge
                     Industries, and construction and main-                                                     the unit’s focus will be on growing the
                                                           to ensure compliance with statutes,
                     tenance.                              policies, and procedures. Several best               amount of vegetables required to feed
                     Field Operations Administrative staff practices were identified that have been             the offender population, and distributed
                     work closely with members of the leg- shared across facilities. The first round of         as needed.

                                                                                         Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook              37
                                       SOLUTIONS INITIATIVE SUMMIT
                                            INCARCERATION OF OKLAHOMA WOMEN
                                                  Oklahoma City • April 30, 2010

1                                                 2                                   3                          4

5                          6                             7                   8                          9

 1. Christie Tutt, TEEM, Tony Zahn, The Education & Employment
                                                                  6. Felicia Collins-Corriea, CEO, YWCA, Tulsa
 Ministry, Drew Edmondson, Attorney General, Roland Watts, TEEM
                                                                  7. Sheila Harbert, Girl Scouts Beyond Bars, Girl Scouts of Eastern
 2. Peggy Thompson, Oklahoma Commission on the Status of Women,
 and Patricia Presley, Oklahoma County Court Clerk
                                                                  8. Mary Walker, Chair, Oklahoma Commission on the Status of Women
 3. Jari Askins, Lieutenant Governor
                                                                  9. Joy Thomas, Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology
 4. Mary Fallin, U.S. Congress
                                                                  Education, and Yolanda Galloway, female panelist representing Project
 5. Dr. Rebecca Kennedy, Oklahoma Commission on the Status of

38    Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
Female Offender

 Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook   39
                                   OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS
                                               FEMALE OFFENDER OPERATIONS
                                                        Organizational Chart

                                                         DEPUTY DIRECTOR

                   Warden                                               Warden

                                    FEMALE OFFENDER COMMUNITY                            RELIGIOUS AND
                                 CORRECTIONS & RESIDENTIAL SERVICES                    VOLUNTEER SERVICES

                         Hillside Community Corrections Center
                                    District Supervisor

                      Kate Barnard Community Corrections Center
                                  District Supervisor

                              Altus Community Work Center
                                    District Supervisor

40   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                         The Oklahoma Department of                  division’s parallel mission is to “Reduce   Status of Women, and the Oklahoma
                         Corrections established the Division        Oklahoma’s female incarceration rate        Women’s Coalition. Events such as
                         of Female Offender Operations in            to at, or below, the national average       the Complex Dialogues Summit in
                         December 2008. This division faces a        while protecting the public, the            January 2010, the incarceration of
                         unique challenge. While the division                                                    Oklahoma women Solutions Initiative
                                                                     employees, and the offenders.”
                         is responsible for all operational issues                                               Summit in April 2010, Oklahoma Bar
                         associated with the oversight of female           ACCOMPLISHMENTS                       Association 2010 Annual Meeting,
                         offenders from reception through            • The division continued its efforts        the series of five (5) Summer 2010
                         reentry at two correctional centers,        on educating stakeholders through           Judicial Regional Workshops entitled,
                         two community corrections centers,          partnerships     with   other    external   “Children Are Why We Are Here,” and
                         one community work center, and              organizations        including        the   countless other presentations focused
                         two contract residential centers, the                                                   on driving positive change in policy
Laura J. Pitman, Ph.D.                                               George Kaiser Family foundation,
                         division also has a parallel mission. The                                               in order to address the challenge of
   Deputy Director                                                   Oklahoma        Commission       on   the
   Female Offender

                                                                                        Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook           41
women’s incarceration. Through the       pilot programs, funded by private       prisons by World Mission Builders, • On June 30, 2010, Back Office
division’s collaborative efforts with    donations and state funds, to provide   a non-profit ministry that has built Support Systems (B.O.S.S.), under
other stakeholders, the department       diversion and reentry programs to       churches around the world since a contract with OCI, opened a
has received and renewed several         allow non-violent parents to receive    1980. The chapel was built in 118 telemarketing operation at Mabel
grants to assist with the division’s     community-based services.               days utilizing private money and
                                                                                                                        Bassett Correctional Center. B.O.S.S.
mission.                                                                         labor. More than 40 volunteers from
                                         • On August 18, 2010, a chapel                                                 is headquartered in Michigan and
                                                                                 six states camped outside the facility
• House Bill 2998, authored by           dedication ceremony was held at         to work on the project. The chapel operates under the Private Industry
Representative    Kris   Steele,   was   the Dr. Eddie Warrior Correctional      has 4,800 square feet with a 175- Enhancement             (PIE)    program.
passed into law during Fiscal Year       Center. The chapel was the first to     seat auditorium, a baptistery, three B.O.S.S. started operations with one
2010.       The legislation creates      be constructed at Oklahoma state        classrooms, two offices and a library. shift of 16 offender employees.

 42        Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                      Eddie Warrior Correctional Center
                      Dr. Eddie Warrior Correctional Cen-       EWCC houses minimum-security fe-     needs of female offenders who are
                      ter (EWCC) is on the original site of     male offenders. The facility is divided
                                                                                                     addicted to alcohol or drugs. The
                      the Indian Mission School Haloche         into two general population units andprogram is funded through private
                      Industrial Institute in Taft, Okla-       the Regimented Treatment Program     grant funds and, in its current form,
                      homa. In 1909, Stephen Douglas            (RTP), a 12-month military-style     has been in operation since October
                      Russell founded the Deaf, Blind, and      program with substance abuse and     2009. The program offers trauma
                      Orphan Institute (DB&O) which             domestic violence components added   informed substance abuse treatment,
                      housed deaf, blind, and orphaned          to address addiction and family vio- early childhood development classes,
                      children. From 1909 until 1961, the       lence issues. The RTP unit is housed domestic violence classes, cognitive
                      DB&O Institute was self-sufficient.       in one of the original buildings built
                                                                                                     restructuring, anger management
                      The state operated children’s homes       for the DB&O Institute in 1909.      and relapse prevention. The program
                      under many different names until                                               utilizes a combination of full and
                                                                The Helping Women Recover program
     Warden           May of 1986 when legislative action                                            part-time licensed therapists who
                                                                is a 60-bed, gender-specific program
    Mike Mullin       transferred the facility to the Depart-                                        provide 11 hours of weekly group
                                                                designed to meet the treatment
                      ment of Corrections. The facility be-
                      came the George Nigh Staff Devel-
                      opment Center handling the depart-
                      ment’s pre-service and in-service staff
                      training. During the 1988 special
Opened:     1988
                      legislative session, called to address
Location:   Taft      prison overcrowding, the center was
Capacity:   783       designated as a minimum security
Gender:     Female    prison for female offenders.
Security:   Minimum   EWCC is named after Dr. Eddie
                      Walter Warrior, business manager for
                      the DB&O Institute.

                                                                                 Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook      43
44   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
therapy along with individual therapy
and treatment.

In January 2010, the department                                EDDIE WARRIOR
contracted with the University of
Cincinnati to evaluate the program       Eddie Warrior was appointed business manager for the Deaf, Blind,
using Evidence Based Correctional        and Orphan Institute by Governor Roy Turner. Warrior was later
Program Checklist (CPC).          The    promoted to principal and subsequently to superintendent of the Taft
objective of the assessment is           School System in 1961. The E. W. Warrior Junior High School was
to conduct a detailed review of          dedicated in his honor in 1979. He retired in February, 1979, after
programming and services offered         18 years of service. He died in June, 1979.
to offenders and to compare the
practices with the research literature
on best practices in corrections. The
Helping Women Recover program
was the first gender-specific program
in the country to rate in the “highly
effective category” in a correctional
setting. To date, approximately 200
offenders have successfully completed
the program.

Pictured at left: The building
of a new prison chapel located
at Eddie Warrior Correctional
Center at the halfway mark.

Right: An offender at the Eddie
Warrior Correctional Center
working on leather crafts.
                                                      Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook          45
                                Mabel Bassett Correctional Center
                                              The Mabel Bassett Correctional        assigned to Mabel Bassett range pointments at the Medical Center.
                                              Center is the only maximum secu-      from minimum security to Death
                                                                                                                          Mabel Bassett Correctional Cen-
                                              rity institution for women in the     Row.
                                                                                                                          ter houses the Assessment and
                                              state of Oklahoma. The center
                                                                                    Additionally, Mabel Bassett Cor-      Reception Center for females
                                              was originally located in northeast
                                              Oklahoma City, adjacent to the        rectional Center supervises the       incarcerated in the state of Okla-
                                              Department of Corrections Ad-         security of all Department of Cor-    homa. Mabel Bassett Assessment
                                              ministration Building. Opened         rections offenders requiring hospi-   and Reception Center (MBARC)
                                              as a community treatment center       talization, through an agency con-    is a maximum security unit that
                                              in January 1974, the center was       tract with the OU Medical Center.     receives females sentenced to
                                              changed to a medium security          The unit also supervises the hold-    prison by the courts. During the
                                              facility in 1978. In 1982, Mabel      ing area where offenders from all reception period that ranges from
                                              Bassett was converted to include      Department of Corrections facili-     approximately ten to thirty days,
       Millicent Newton-Embry                 maximum security. Offenders           ties are held awaiting medical ap-    staff determines, through various

     Opened: 1974
     Location: McLoud
     Capacity: 1,136
     Gender: Female
     Security: Minimum/Medium/

46     Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
assessments, which Department of Cor- istrative staff work groups which were
rections facility the offender will be as- implemented by case management staff
                                                                                                                               MABEL BASSETT
signed to and what program criteria they
                                           in 2010.                                                                         Mabel Bassett served as
                                                                                                                            the third Commissioner of
                                            In November 2010, Margaret diZerega,
In 2009, Mabel Bassett Correctional                                                                                         Charities and Corrections.
Center entered into a collaborative ef-     Family Justice Director of Training and
                                                                                                                            She was a reformer and a
fort with the VERA Institute of Justice,    Technical Assistance, and Lily Brent,                                           diligent lobbyist like her
New York, in its Family Justice Project,    Family Justice Training and Technical                                           predecessor, Kate Barnard.
an initiative to develop tools to improve
                                            Assistance Coordinator, conducted fol-                                          During her tenure, Ms.
family and social networks, community
                                            low-up interviews and distributed a sur-                                        Bassett worked to establish
involvement, and government resources
                                                                                                                            and maintain standards for
relative to successful re-entry.            vey to approximately 150 offenders, as
                                                                                                                            juvenile and adult correc-
Relational inquiry tools were developed well as provided updated training to staff                                          tional facilities, and also the
through offender interviews and admin- in the use of the relational inquiry tools.                                          state’s mental institutions.
                                                                                       She was responsible for establishing the State Pardon and Parole
                             Highlights                                                Board in 1944 in an effort to create a more equitable system for
                                                                                       offenders to be reviewed for a pardon, leave, or parole. She was
                                                                                       also involved in building the facility that once housed women
     The incarceration of Oklahoma Women Solutions                                     at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary with funds raised through
     Initiative Summit (Oklahoma SIS) was held April                                   legislative appropriation. Among her other accomplishments,
                                                                                       Ms. Bassett fought for the statute, enacted by the Eighth Okla-
    30, 2010. The summit, sponsored by the Oklahoma
                                                                                       homa Legislature, making wife and child desertion a felony. She
     Commission on the Status of Women, Oklahoma                                       was also responsible for the Industrial School for Negro Boys
     Women’s Coalition, and Oklahoma Department of                                     at Boley, Oklahoma, which is known today as the John Lilley
                                                                                       Correctional Center. The Club Women of Oklahoma recog-
     Corrections provided state leaders, lawmakers, and                                nized her by appointing her to the State Federation of Women’s
   citizens from across the state the opportunity to come                              Clubs. For her outstanding services for the betterment of man-
                                                                                       kind, she was inducted into Oklahoma’s “Hall of Fame” by the
 together for the purpose of identifying solutions related to
                                                                                       Oklahoma Memorial Association on Statehood Day (Novem-
         the incarceration of women in Oklahoma.                                       ber 16) in 1937.

                                                                                             Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook                 47
                          Female Offender Community Corrections
                                 and Residential Services

                                              Hillside Community Corrections Center
                                        The Hillside Community Correc-          in McLoud, Oklahoma. The former      also reduces recidivism rates. The
                                        tions Center was originally opened      facility was then converted to the   program encourages the pairs to
                                        as the Mabel Bassett Community          Hillside Community Corrections       bond physically and emotionally
                                        Treatment Center in January, 1974       Center.                              over crafts, singing and other activi-
                                        and changed to a medium security                                             ties. The mothers will also attend
                                        facility in 1978. In 1982, the center Project Mend is a Girl Scouts of
                                                                                                                     parenting classes and planning ses-
                                        was converted to include maximum      America program designed to help
                                                                              strengthen the parent-child rela-      sions to organize activities for their
                                        security offenders.
                                                                              tionship by bringing offenders and     daughters. The program also en-
        District Supervisor             On May 1, 2003, the Mabel Bas- their daughters and sons, ages 5 to           courages the girls and their mothers
         Sharon Harrison                sett Correctional Center relocated 17, together to participate in troop      to discuss issues such as drug abuse
                                        to the former private prison facility projects. Strengthening this bond      and teen pregnancy.

     Opened:     2003
     Location:   Oklahoma City
     Capacity:   249
     Gender:     Female
     Security:   Community

48      Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                   Female Offender Community Corrections
                          and Residential Services
   District Supervisor       Kate Barnard Community Corrections Center
    Sharon Harrison         The Kate Barnard Community          KBCCC provides offenders with
                            Treatment Center was opened         an opportunity to seek, obtain

Opened:     1977
                            in June, 1977. The center is        and maintain employment in               Kate
Location:   Oklahoma City
                            housed in a former motel located
                            in northwest Oklahoma City.
                                                                the community prior to release          Barnard
                                                                through the work release.
Capacity:   160             The facility is a u-shaped two
                                                                The 80+ percent of incarcerated
Gender:     Female          story building which houses the
                                                                women who have been victim-
                            residents and staff. Food service                                        Kate Barnard was a key figure in the history
Security:   Community                                           ized by domestic violence and/
                            is located in front of the main                                          of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.
                                                                or sexual assault prior to incar-
                            building, with the maintenance                                           She was elected the first Commissioner of
                            shop and storage area located be-   ceration presents a great need
                                                                                                     the Department of Charities and Corrections
                            hind the main building.             for knowledge, empowerment,          during a time that women were not allowed
                                                                and safety planning that the         to vote in Oklahoma. Ms. Barnard, concerned
                                                                YWCA Oklahoma City’s Do-             about numerous complaints regarding the
                                                                mestic Violence for incarcerated     treatment of Oklahoma offenders, made an
                                                                Women’s program fulfills. The        unannounced visit to Lansing, Kansas. Upon
                                                                                                     her return to Oklahoma, Ms. Barnard set out
                                                                nine-week program prepares of-
                                                                                                     to terminate the contract for prison services
                                                                fenders to reenter the commu-
                                                                                                     with the state of Kansas and started an effort to
                                                                nity to live safe, successful, and   build the first Oklahoma prison. From the time
                                                                fulfilling lives for themselves      of her election in 1907 until the end of her two
                                                                and their children.     The pro-     terms of office in 1915, Ms. Barnard got 30
                                                                gram served 631 incarcerated         statutory laws passed through the Oklahoma
                                                                                                     Legislature, a record that few legislators could
                                                                women in three facilities during
                                                                                                     boast about or compete with even today.

                                                                                   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook                  49
                                                 FACILITY OPENED                  LOCATION                 CAPACITY GENDER SECURITY

                                                                          308 W. Broadway
                                                    Altus       1993                                            68           Female     Community
                                                                          Altus, OK 73521

               Altus Community Work Center

               United States Deputy Warden Association (USDWA) Annual Conference 2010
                         Sheraton Hotel • Oklahoma City • August 8-13, 2010
1                  2                     3                  4                      5                                     6

7                  8                                        1. Renee Watkins, Administrator, Private Prison and Jail Administration
                                                            2. Brian Thornburgh, District Supervisor, Southwest District Community Corrections
                                                            3. J.C. Watts, Former U.S. Congressman
                                                            4. Terry Martin, Deputy Warden, Jess Dunn Correctional Center, Chairman Fundraising
                                                            5. Kristin Timms, Assistant District Supervisor, Union City CCC, and Phil Gilstrap, Deputy
                                                            Warden, Joseph Harp CC
                                                            6. Leo Brown, Religious and Volunteer Services
                                                            7. Kevin Murphy, Executive Secretary, USDWA, Arkansas
                                                            8. Larry Lipscomb, Associate Warden, Jill Durskey, Deputy Warden, and Charles Higgins,
                                                            Deputy Warden (R), Iowa Department of Corrections.

50   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook

Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook   51
                                           OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS
                                                        DIVISION OF INSTITUTIONS
                                                            Organizational Chart

                                                              DEPUTY DIRECTOR

                Warden                          Warden                             Warden                   Warden

             JESS DUNN CC                   JIM E. HAMILTON CC                JOHN H. LILLEY CC         JOSEPH HARP CC
                Warden                            Warden                          Warden                    Warden

                Warden                          Warden                           Warden                     Warden

               Warden                              Warden                          Warden

52   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                  The Division of Institutions provides           ACCOMPLISHMENTS                amount of video storage that is
                  oversight, direction, and supervision to                                       useful for investigatory purposes.
                  the fifteen state operated male facilities •	 A new water tower was completed
                  housing minimum, medium, and                  at Mack Alford Correctional •	 An assessment of the vehicle fleets
                  maximum security offenders.                   Center improving the fire        within the Division of Institutions
                                                                protection capability and water  was conducted. Authorized vehicle
                  The division is responsible for ensuring
                                                                pressure at that medium security numbers were reduced by a total of
                  that the facilities under its jurisdiction
                                                                facility.                        seventy-one.
                  meet the agency mission of protecting
                  the public, the employees, and the •	 Security camera systems were
                  offenders by providing a safe, secure,        completed at Oklahoma State
                  and healthy environment in which to           Reformatory and Mack Alford
Deputy Director   work and live.                                Correctional Center.      These
 Bobby Boone                                                 systems have improved security
                  This office provides oversight of fiscal
                                                             monitoring at both facilities.
                  management and ensures facilities
                                                             These systems contain a large
                  effectively manage their budgets.

                                                                          Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook        53
                   Charles E. “Bill” Johnson Correctional Center
                                     The Charles E. “Bill” Johnson                 a dining hall, the education building,     offenders sentenced to Delayed Incar-
                                     Correctional Center (BJCC) is the             laundry, four program buildings,           ceration Program. In March 2010,
                                     newest of the 17 facilities operated          three housing units and a chapel. On       the count rose to approximately 220
                                     by the Oklahoma Department of                 September 5, 1995, the facility received   offenders. The delayed incarceration
                                     Corrections. the facility houses 550          the first trainee for the Regimented       program is to provide youthful of-
                                     male, felon drug offenders, ages 18-40.       Treatment Program.                         fenders the tools to lead a successful
                                     The minimum-security facility consists                                                   life in society and to introduce pro-
                                                                                   In 2010, the facility was given the
                                     of six metal buildings, four modular                                                     social behaviors and attitudes that may
                                                                                   news that it would be expanding. The
                                     buildings, a brick building inside the                                                   enhance their ability to have positive
                                                                                   CareerTech Skills Center and the
                                     compound and seven buildings to                                                          relationships in their lives. Trainees
                                                                                   multi-purpose building were closed to
                                     include maintenance, warehouse, auto                                                     are given assessments to determine
                                                                                   begin the renovations of the building
                                     mechanics,wellness center, storage,work                                                  placement into specific groups. The
                                                                                   into housing units.
                                     crew tool area, sawmill, greenhouse                                                      groups that are facilitated by drug and
                                     and a single-story dormitory under            DELAYED INCARCERATION                      alcohol counselors are: Cage Your Rage,
                                     construction outside the perimeter            PROGRAM                                    Life Without a Crutch, Commitment
          Janice Melton
                                     fence. Inside the compound are the            In August 2004, BJCC established 50        to Change, Thinking for a Change,
                                     administrative offices, medical facilities,   beds for eligible first time youthful      Moral Reconation Therapy, Cognitive

     Opened:     1995
     Location:   Alva
     Capacity:   566
     Gender:     Male
     Security:   Minimum

54     Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
Behavioral Relapse Prevention, Straight   and several other city, county, and state   of family members in respect to family,      which provides 24 hour nursing care to
Ahead, and Reentry.                       projects. Aftercare is provided for one     unit, facility, and department rules.        the facility.   A psychological clinician
                                          year to RTP graduates upon discharge or     Issues of accountability are correlated to   proves mental health services as a clinical
                                          release to suspended sentence or parole.    issues of similar nature that could occur    oversight for the cognitive and substance
                                                                                      outside the facility.                        abuse programs. Dental and additional
The primary mission of BJCC is RTP.       THERAPEUTIC COMMUNITY
                                                                                                                                   psychiatric and acute care medical ser-
Due to the program design as a high       The TC is highly structured program         REENTRY
                                                                                                                                   vices are presently provided by neighbor-
structure unit, BJCC was built with       of behavior modification. The trainees      Trainees nearing the completion of this
                                                                                                                                   ing correctional facilities.
medium security standards with double-    of each floor make up a “family” with a     phase of the program begin attending
razor wire fencing. The RTP consists of   hierarchical system. The hierarchy in a     reentry programming designed to focus        EDUCATION
three phases beginning with 9 weeks of    TC provides operational structure. The      their attention to the demands of reen-      All trainees at BJCC who have not
high structure treatment. The follow-     structure of a TC is similar to that of     tering society.                              completed their secondary education
ing 6-9 months include participation in   a small town. The civic type structure                                                   are required to attend education class-
                                                                                      Before a program completion is award-
Therapeutic community (TC), cognitive     improves accountability and more ef-                                                     es. Trainees can obtain certification in
                                                                                      ed, the trainee must complete an exit in-
and behavioral counseling, education,     fectively addresses tasks. The offenders,                                                Literacy and Adult Basic Education as
                                                                                      terview and have an approved discharge
substance abuse treatment, and reentry    working under the supervision of staff,                                                  well as a General Equivalency Diploma.
                                                                                      summary/reentry plan.
programs in addition to public work       operate the TC.                                                                          College courses are available through
projects. Public works projects include                                               MEDICAL SERVICES                             NWOSU, located in Alva.
                                          Trainees are accountable for monitoring
Department of Transportation crews                                                    BJCC is staffed with a medical team
                                          their behaviors as well as the behavior

                                                                                                        Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook                   55
FOOD SERVICE                                assist offenders return to a productive,    counselor soon to be added. The delayed
An integral part of BJCC’s support ser-     drug free life.                             sentencing program provides young
vices is the Food Service Unit which pre-                                               offenders aged 18-22 the tools to lead a
                                            DELAYED SENTENCING
pares three meals per day and food for                                                  successful life in society and to introduce
special events. With cooperation from
                                            In August 2004, BJCC established 50         pro-social behaviors and attitudes that
the U.S. Department of Labor, BJCC
                                            beds for youthful offenders sentenced       may enhance their ability to have positive
food service staff created an apprentice-
                                            to the Delayed Sentencing Program           relationships in thei rlives. The delayed
ship program that enables selected train-
                                            as overflow for the WSKCC program.          incarcerates are given assessments to
ees who complete the program to earn
                                            In March 2010, BJCC’s mission was           determine    placement     into    specific
journeyman’s status in the culinary arts.
                                            expanded to include housing the entire
                                                                                        groups. The groups that are facilited by
RELIGIOUS AND VOLUNTEER                     Delayed Sentencing Program for the
                                                                                        drug and alcohol counselors are: Cage
PROGRAM                                     agency which increased the program to
                                                                                        Your Rage, Life Without a Crutch,                CHARLES E. “BILL”
Volunteers are an important part of the     approximately 250 delayed incearcerates.
RTP and are a valuable resource in pro-     The program receives funding from the
                                                                                        Commitment to Change, Thinking                      JOHNSON
viding necessary and court-ordered ser-     Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) which        for a Change, Cognitive Behavior and
                                                                                                                                      Charles E. “Bill” Johnson, for
vices to offenders. Approximately 100       is administered through the D.A.            Substance Abuse counseling, Straight
                                                                                                                                      whom the facility is named, was
volunteers bring valuable experience to     Council and is currently staffed with       Ahead, Parterners in Parenting, and Re-
                                                                                                                                      a catalyst in the pursuit of the
this facility enabling BJCC to better       four alcohol/drug counselors with a fifth   entry.                                        correctional center designed to
                                                                                                                                      impact drug offenders. When he

                                                                                                                                      learned about the possibility of
                                                                                                                                      such a program being placed in
                                                                                                                                      a community in Oklahoma, Mr.

     1940         The McAlester News-Capital makes the first announcement of the
                                                                                                                                      Johnson recruited his friends and
                                                                                                                                      business associates to help in the
     Oklahoma State Penitentiary’s First Annual Rodeo, advertised as the biggest “behind                                              pursuit of making the facility a re-
     the walls” rodeo in the world, scheduled to be held October 12-13, 1940.                                                         ality. Unfortunately, Mr. Johnson
                                                                                                                                      died on February 18, 1995, at the

     1972 The use of the automation to process information for the Department                                                         age of 66, and was unable to see
                                                                                                                                      the completion of the facility he
     of Corrections began in 1972. The first application was a simple listing of inmates.                                             had worked so hard and faithfully
                                                                                                                                      to bring to his hometown.

56      Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                      Dick Conner Correctional Center
                       The post-OSP riot master plan           time, the Dick Conner Correctional        the minimum-security offenders are
                       included a medium security facility     Center. The facility’s namesake is        assigned to the Prisoner Public Work
                       to be constructed in the Tulsa area.    R. B. “Dick” Conner, a former local       Program crews.
                       It was eventually decided that the      Sheriff of Osage County and former
                                                                                                   ACADEMIC AND
                       facility would be built just north      OSP warden. The facility was built
                                                                                                   VOCATIONAL EDUCATION
                       of Hominy, Oklahoma, within the         for $12.8 million. Dick Conner
                                                                                                   Education programming at Dick
                       boundaries of the original Osage        Correctional Center received its
                                                                                                   Conner Correctional Center consists
                       Indian Reservation. Originally, the     first offenders in August, 1979, and
                                                                                                   of an education system that begins
                       facility was to be named the “Hominy    reached its original design capacity of
                                                                                                   with basic literacy through Adult
                       Medium Security Facility.” It was       400 during the spring of 1980.
                                                                                                   Basic Education. This program then
                       next decided that the facility would
                                                               OFFENDER WORK                       progresses to a GED program with
                       be named Jess Dunn Correctional
                                                               PROGRAM                             the availability of college courses
                       Center in honor of the former
                                                               Dick Conner Correctional Center with grants, GI bill, youthful
                       OSP warden killed in an escape
                                                               provides job opportunities for both offenders, Native American, or self-
                       attempt. However, a 1977 Joint
         Warden                                                medium and minimum-security pay offenders. All offenders lacking
                       Senate-House Resolution renamed
      Greg Province                                            offenders. A significant amount of a diploma upon arrival are tested
                       the facility, for the third and final

Opened:     1979
Location:   Hominy
Capacity:   1,196
Gender:     Male
Security:   Medium

                                                                             Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook             57
for a Test of Adult Basic Education      ties for offenders at DCCC are avail-      basic information about managing
(TABE). Vocational training is not       able from recognized post-secondary        money and other resources
currently available for the offender     schools for students who have a high
                                                                                    Additional Classes
population.                              school diploma or GED. The educa-
                                                                                    • Life Skills
                                         tion counselor provides administrative
ACADEMIC PROGRAMMING                                                                • STD/HIV Classes
                                         service such as monitoring for testing
Adult Basic Education (ABE) and                                                     •Faith Based Reintegration
                                         and videotape availability. Grants are
General Education Development                                                       Programming
                                         available for offenders who qualify.
(GED) classes are provided at the Dick                                              Individualized treatment and program
Conner Correctional Center.          The THINKING FOR A CHANGE                      needs are determined by the offender’s
DCCC education department has a • A cognitive behavioral theory model               case plan.
success rate on the State GED Test that • Cognitive restructuring concepts
has exceeded 92% for the last three (3) require a systematic approach to            OKLAHOMA CORRECTIONAL
years. The ABE/GED programs serve identifying thinking, feeling, beliefs,           INDUSTRIES (OCI)
approximately 550 offenders per year.    attitudes, values and targets critical     It is the policy of Dick Conner
                                                                                                                                      DICK CONNER
                                         social skills.                             Correctional Center that Correctional
LITERACY TUTOR TRAINING                                                             Industries operate on a basis                R. B. “Dick” Conner started in
Dick Conner Correctional Center SUBSTANCE ABUSE                                     comparable to private industry within        law enforcement as the Sheriff
(DCCC) has recognized, and is TREATMENT (SAT)                                       the restraints imposed by the prison         of Osage County in 1932. He
committed to, the plight of the A program designed to assist the                    industrial environment. Correctional         was later appointed warden at
illiterate offender. Emphasis has been offender with relapse prevention and         Industries provides work and training        Oklahoma State Penitentiary in
placed on recruitment and training substance abuse issues                           for offenders and reduces the cost of        August 1943 by Governor Rob-
of tutors. These tutors teach pre - Alcoholics Anonymous                            incarceration to the State of Oklahoma.      ert S. Kerr. He retired after four
Adult Basic Education (pre-ABE), the A 12-step, self-help group for addressing      Dick Conner Correctional Center              years and returned to work as a
Laubach Way to Reading, and provide alcohol addiction                               has over 150 job opportunities for           sheriff’s deputy in Tulsa County.
supplemental tutoring for General                                                   offenders to be employed in the facility’s   Conner died in 1955 at the age
                                         Narcotic Anonymous
Educational Development students                                                    industries operation.                        of 63 after almost 30 years of
                                         A 12-step, self-help group for offenders
with problems in specific areas. Laubach                                                                                         service in corrections and law
                                         with drug addiction problems               MEDICAL CARE
Tutor Training certifies and enhances                                                                                            enforcement.       Dick Conner
our literacy training at DCCC.           Curriculum Instructional Materials         Offenders at Dick Conner Correctional
                                                                                                                                 Correctional Center is a me-
                                         Center (CIMC) Basic Life Skills            Center have access to medical care and
POST SECONDARY                                                                                                                   dium security facility located in
                                         A program designed for individuals         emergency care 24 hours a day.
EDUCATIONAL                                                                                                                      Hominy, Oklahoma. It opened
                                         and families with limited resources and
OPPORTUNITIES                                                                                                                    in 1979.
                                         low educational attainment who desire
Post-secondary educational opportuni-

58      Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                      Howard McLeod Correctional Center
                        HMCC is a minimum security insti-          The building now known as west dorm      Thinking For A Change and Life Link,
                        tution located approximately 30 miles      was built from Oklahoma State Peni-      are available from the unit staff and the
                        southeast of Atoka, Oklahoma. Con-         tentiary brick and lumber saw milled     chapel. The facility Psychological Cli-
                        struction of the institution began in      from trees harvested from state land.    nician is the provider for a Thinking
                        November, 1961, and was completed a        HMCC is the only correctional center     For A Change class.
                        year later. The facility was constructed   in Oklahoma that has ever utilized a
                        by offenders from Stringtown Correc-       saw mill to produce lumber.
                                                                                                            The Agriculture Services Farm Program
                        tional Center (currently Mack Alford
                                                                   OFFENDER PROGRAMS                        staff consists of a Farm Manager IV and
                        Correctional Center), who were super-
                                                                   The HMCC Career Tech Skills Center       two Farm Managers. The staff super-
                        vised by Stringtown Vo-Tech instruc-
                                                                   gives offenders the opportunity to ac-   vises approximately 19 offenders, who
                        tors. The center is a 5,000 acre site.
                                                                   quire job skills in the areas of Heavy   work in the following areas: Livestock,
                        HMCC was under the direction of the
                                                                   Equipment Operation, Welding, and        Tractor/Farm Implements, Firewood
                        Oklahoma State Penitentiary until July,
                                                                   Precision Machining Technology and       and Brush Cutting, Utility Farm Crews
       Warden                                                      Masonry Program. Career Tech also        (fence repair, hay hauling, etc.)
                        In 1978, a name change was imple-          aids released offenders in job place-
    Bruce Howard                                                                                            Approximately 1,800 acres of facility
                        mented by the Oklahoma State Legis-        ment in order to lessen the chance of    property are covered with timber. An
                        lature, from McLeod Honor Farm to          re-offending.                            ongoing program to selectively cut the
                        Howard McLeod Correctional Center.         Various self help programs, including    timber is in place that will allow more

Opened:     1973
Location:   Atoka
Capacity:   616
Gender:     Male
Security:   Minimum

                                                                                  Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook                59
of the land to be grazed by cattle. Ap-    which is listed in the Guinness Book        MEDICAL                                     are offered. Placement is determined
proximately 2,927 acres are presently      of World Records as the tallest land        A health services unit is responsible       by TABE testing new arrivals at LARC
being used as pasture land. Approxi-       dwelling dinosaur. Also found while         for providing general medical care and      or at HMCC to determine grade-level
mately 819 head of cattle are being        digging dinosaur bones was a small          emergency treatment of the offender         performance. College courses are also
managed by Agriculture Services            mouse sized mammal from the same era        population. Dental care is provided         available through Rose State College for
                                           that was name Paracimexomys-crossi          on-site. Psychological services are pro-    offenders who qualify.
                                           after COIV Bobby Cross. The skele-          vided by a Psychological Clinician III
In 1994, while training HMCC’s track-                                                                                              FACILITY GARDEN
                                           tons from the mammals and dinosaurs         who provides individual counseling
ing dogs, Sgt. Bobby Cross found an                                                                                                The HMCC Facility Garden staff con-
                                           found on HMCC’s land are displayed          to approximately 215 offenders each
extremely large bone north of the fa-                                                                                              sists of an Institutional Farm Manager
                                           in the Sam Noble Museum of Natural          month.
cility, on state property, that had been                                                                                           III and 1-2 Correctional Officers (as
                                           History in Norman.
uncovered by rain. The bone was sent                                                                                               available). The staff supervises approxi-
to the University of Oklahoma and was      RELIGION                                                                                mately 90 offenders. The offenders who
                                                                                       The Lakeside School offers learning
determined to be a dinosaur bone. Pa-      The HMCC religious program is su-                                                       work in the HMCC garden perform a
                                                                                       opportunities for the offender popula-
leontologists from the university were     pervised by a full time chaplain who                                                    variety of tasks which include plant
                                                                                       tion, regardless of their academic level,
sent to HMCC and have discovered           strives to accommodate all offenders in                                                 propagation in a greenhouse that was
                                                                                       at no cost to the offender. The Educa-
14 individual dinosaur skeletons of        the practice of their faith. He is aided                                                constructed by offenders. These plants
                                                                                       tion Department at Howard McLeod
four different dinosaur species to in-     by approximately 182 volunteers who                                                     are then used for production in the
                                                                                       Correctional Center is staffed by four
clude Tenontosaurus, Deinonychus,          serve a valuable function in the delivery                                               fields. Offenders prepare the soil for
                                                                                       Correctional Teacher I’s. At this time
Acrocanthosauris, and Sauroposeidon        of religious services.                                                                  planting, apply fertilizer, plant the seeds
                                                                                       classes ranging from Literacy to GED
                                                                                                                                    or plants, and perform daily mainte-
                                                                                                                                    nance of the crops after planting.
                                                               HOWARD MCLEOD                                                        Some of the daily tasks include cultivat-
                                                                                                                                    ing, hoeing, mowing equipment main-
                               The Howard McLeod Correctional Center (HMCC) was named after Howard C.
                                                                                                                                    tenance and repair, as well as irrigation
                               McLeod, who started in corrections at the Oklahoma State Reformatory in Granite,
                                                                                                                                    of the crops. The final step in the pro-
                               Oklahoma. He later served as chief sergeant and assistant deputy at the Oklahoma
                                                                                                                                    cess is harvesting of the produce. All of
                               State Penitentiary from 1940 to 1955. He was appointed warden at the Oklahoma
                                                                                                                                    the vegetables are picked and packaged
                               State Penitentiary and served in that capacity from 1955 to 1959. McLeod’s concern                   by hand using offender labor. The pro-
                               for meaningful labor for offenders led to the purchase of an “Honor Farm” outside                    duce is then hauled from the field to
                               Farris, Oklahoma, in Atoka county. That farm, known as the McLeod Honor Farm,                        storage units or loaded on trucks to
                               later became the Howard C. McLeod Correctional Center. McLeod died in 1959 at                       be sent to other facilities.
                               the age of 63.

60      Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                        Jackie Brannon Correctional Center
                          In one sense, Jackie Brannon Correc-          homa. The facility has three housing       six month cycle consists of a maximum
                          tional Center (JBCC) was the third state      units that house 737 inmates. The fa-      of 30 participants. The program has two
                          correctional center, originally opening in    cility sends out Prisoner Public Works     cycles per year. The program is staffed
                          1927. But it operated as a trusty unit        Program crews to assist with work in       by both Master’s level psychological
                          of the Oklahoma State Penitentiary, on        the city, county, and with the Depart-     counselors and certified treatment coun-
                          OSP grounds, until being officially es-       ment of Transportation. There is also a    selors from the private sector. During
                          tablished as a stand-alone minimum            six month Substance Abuse Treatment        each cycle, participants are exposed to
                          security institution on July 1, 1985.         Program for offenders who meet the en-     individual and group counseling ses-
                          The facility is named in honor of Jackie      rollment requirements. Burial rites for    sions covering behavioral modification,
                          Brannon, who began his correctional ca-       all indigent Oklahoma offenders are per-   effects of chemical abuse, goal setting,
                          reer in 1961 as a Correctional Officer at     formed at JBCC.                            and relapse prevention.
                          OSP. In 1981, he was promoted to Dep-
                                                                        Substance Abuse Treatment program is       Education Department offers classes
                          uty Warden of the OSP Trusty Unit, in
                                                                        an intensive cognitive treatment pro-      in literacy, adult basic education, GED
                          which capacity he served until his death
                                                                        gram for offenders who have a docu-        and on-site college course work on a
                          in 1984. It is this same trusty unit, since
                                                                        mented history of substance abuse prob-    part-time basis. If requested, offenders
                          expanded, that bears his name.
        Warden                                                          lems. This program is six months in        may be allowed to attend the GED pro-
      Emma Watts          JBCC is located on 1,300 acres in the         duration, with sessions running five (5)   gram on a full-time basis. The Educa-
                          northwest section of McAlester, Okla-         days a week, five (5) hours a day. Each    tion Department also offers a Life Skills

Opened:     1985
Location:   McAlester
Capacity:   737
Gender:     Male
Security:   Minimum

                                                                                        Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook                 61
department through the Medical Ser-     cess 60,000 dozen eggs per month.     Dairy Operation - currently milks        JBCC has approximately 160 vol-
vices Division. Training for the peer   There is also a transportation unit   approximately 180 cows twice             unteers entering the facility month-
tutors includes two days of classes.    at JBCC which is responsible for      per day producing approximately          ly. These volunteers are involved in
Upon completion of the class they       transporting hay, feed, livestock,    650,000 pounds of 2% milk per
                                                                                                                       education and religious services that
receive one college credit hour. The    milk, eggs and meat to institutions   year. This product is distributed
                                                                                                                       are provided to the offender popula-
purpose of this program is to give      throughout the state.                 to all Department of Correction
                                                                                                                       tion at the facility. JBCC is the host
offenders a chance to learn and un-                                           facilities.
                                        Meat Processing Center - This                                                  facility for providing the orientation
derstand the facts concerning HIV,
                                        center employs 60 offenders and       Religious Services are offered at the
AIDS, STDs, and violence. They                                                                                         training to all new volunteers in the
                                        provides all of the beef, pork and    JBCC Chapel seven days per week.
learn to prevent infection, protect                                                                                    Southeastern part of the state. This
                                        lunchmeat items required by the       On Saturdays and Sundays, multi-
themselves and be aware of what                                                                                        training is completed on a quarterly
                                        master menu to feed the state’s in-   ple services are offered. Services are
types of behaviors put them at risk.                                                                                   basis.
                                        carcerated population. The meat       available for the mainstream Chris-
Agri-Services – Averages 100 of-        processing center also includes a     tian religions as well as for Muslim,
                                                                                                                       Health Care Department is a clinic
fender workers who, under the su-       Meat Cutting Apprentice program.      Seventh Day Adventist, Jehovah Wit-
                                                                                                                       that provides Medical, Mental Health
pervision of staff, milk an average     This Apprentice program is 3 years    ness, House of Yahweh and Native
of 180 cows per day; operate a feed                                                                                    and Dental care.     JBCC conducts
                                        in duration and successful comple-    American. The faith-based programs
mill which produces 6,000 tons of       tion results in the student being     of Quest for Authentic Manhood           a daily triage of “sick call” requests
complete horse, swine, dairy, beef      certified by the U.S. Department      and Celebrate Recovery are also          where appointments are scheduled 5
and poultry feed per year; and pro-     of Labor Bureau of Apprenticeship.    offered.                                 days a week.

62     Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                      James Crabtree Correctional Center
                          James Crabtree Correctional Center           tions the James Crabtree Correctional    rity. Out of the total number, approxi-
                          is located in Helena, Oklahoma on            Center has undergone three major         mately 200 offenders were without
                          the grounds of the old Connell Agri-         construction phases. It currently is     institutional jobs. This facility houses
                          culture College. The institution has a       composed of eight housing units, and     offenders who are 35 years of age and
                          history that precedes statehood. The         houses medium and minimum secu-          older. Therefore, we find ourselves
                          facility was originally established in       rity offenders. James Crabtree Cor-      with a large group of elderly, sick and
                          1904, and has served the people of the       rectional Center is the only medium      disabled offenders, which compounds
                          state of Oklahoma as a county high           security prison in Oklahoma that pri-    the idleness problem. Idleness, among
                          school, a junior college, an orphanage,      marily operates as an open dormitory     offenders, can lead to disruptive behav-
                          and a Department of Human Services           style facility.                          iors, a feeling of worthlessness and de-
                          training school for boys. On May 24,                                                  pression. We needed to seek out ways
                          1982, the former Helena State School         EDUCATION                                of employing these people, specifically
                          for Boys was transferred to the ODOC         Offenders may complete ABE, GED,         targeting elderly, sick and disabled.
                          as the James Crabtree Correctional           and college degrees.
                          Center.                                                                                The Bridge Project Mission statement
                                                                       BRIDGE PROJECT                             is to instill pride and self-worth in
                          This facility was named in honor of          A team of JCCC staff recognized that               offenders through jobs
        Warden            James Crabtree, a former warden.             James Crabtree Correctional Cen-           which in turn aid our community.
      David Parker                                                     ter had an offender idleness problem
                          Since the transfer of this facility to the   within the facility. We house approxi-   The Bridge Project gives offenders
                          Oklahoma Department of Correc-               mately 804 offenders at medium secu-     the time and materials to build and

Opened:     1982
Location:   Helena
Capacity:   969
Gender:     Male
Security:   Minimum

                                                                                   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook                  63
James Crabtree Correctional Center held its third annual fishing day with 23 residents and 17 staff members from the Northern Oklahoma
Resource Center of Enid (NORCE), a residential and habilitative facility, also classified as an intermediate care facility for persons with
developmental disabilities.
64    Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
produce items for the needy in          acres of land producing small grains,     of greens, 3,560 pounds of tur-
the community.        They crochet      alfalfa and vegetables. The grains are    nips and 8,970 pounds of assort-
afghan blankets for the elderly         used to over-seed pasture in other        ed melons had been produced.
in surrounding care centers and         farming operations throughout the         315,000 onions were planted for
produce toys for children, especially   state. Production of both warm-           the 2011 spring garden. 10,000
during the holiday seasons. In          season and cool-season grasses is         tomato seeds were taken to the
addition, offenders donate their        a major responsibility of the farm
                                                                                  Timberlake schools.
products to families who have           division. Hay crops are grown on
suffered loss from fire, weather or     an as needed basis. Approximately         CellFor is the world’s leading in-
financial devastation; there is never   50 offenders are needed to maintain       dependent supplier of high tech-
a cost to the recipients or their       the 150 head of mother cows that          nology seedlings to the global
caregivers. From these ideas the        produce seed stock for seven Agri-        forest industry. Using plant bio-
“Bridge Project” began.                 Services units, which use Angus,          technology, which is the use of
JCCC’s Bridge Project is so named       Glebvieh and Beefmaster genetics.         biological processes to manufac-
because the offenders wished to         The Agri-Services Food Processing         ture products, CellFor identifies
“bridge the gap between society and                                               and produces genetically superior
                                        Center manufactures a wide vari-
the offenders” recognizing all of the                                             conifer seedlings without genetic
                                        ety of food products to be used to
hardship and loss through crimes
                                        feed the offender population. Our         modification. CellFor corporate
had caused and their desire to give
                                        corndog factory supplies the entire       headquarters is based in Vancou-               JAMES CRABTREE
back to society. Bridge Project
                                        agency with product. Recently ex-         ver, British Columbia, with the
has, and continues to be, a success,                                                                                      James Crabtree started in corrections at
                                        panded gardens at JCCC are pro-           primary research and develop-
because the employee team took
                                        viding a variety of fresh vegetable to    ment, laboratory and production         the Oklahoma State Penitentiary as an
a recognized problem and worked
                                        include tomatoes, onions and bell         facilities located north of Victo-      officer. His career was temporarily in-
with a selected offender group to
                                        peppers. Cantaloupe, watermelons,         ria, on Vancouver Island. We            terrupted by the Korean War in 1950.
reach a solution which benefited all
concerned.                              potatoes, carrots, and broccoli are       have more than 200 scientists and       He returned to corrections in 1952 at
                                        received from other facilities. All are
                                                                                  technicians at our facilities in and    the Oklahoma State Penitentiary. In
Medical Services—general medical        processed at our plant and distrib-
                                                                                  around Victoria, where we are           July 1973, Crabtree was appointed As-
as well as dental and mental health     uted throughout the agency. As of
services are available to offenders.
                                                                                  producing somatic embryos and
                                        the end of 2010, 148,256 pounds of                                                sociate Warden of the Ouachita Voca-
                                                                                  seedlings on a commercial scale
                                        corndogs, 9,360 pounds of broccoli,                                               tional Training Camp. He was named
RELIGIOUS SERVICES                                                                for customers in North America,
                                        10,360 pounds of carrots, 9,925
Services for all recognized religions                                             South America and Australasia.          Warden of the Ouachita Correctional
                                        pounds of potatoes, 56,780 pounds
are provided.                                                                     In addition, CellFor has a Sales        Center in 1978, a position he held until
                                        of chopped onions, 11,100 pounds
AGRI-SERVICES                           of tomato sauce, 29,440 pounds            and Marketing team located in           he retired in 1981.
The Agri-Services Department has        of fresh cabbage, 6,740 pounds of         Atlanta, Georgia. CellFor cur-
numerous operations. This depart-       chopped cabbage, 5,820 pounds             rently employes approximately
ment farms approximately 1,520          of green beans, 12,180 pounds             200 offenders at JCCC.
                                                                                                           Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook          65
                                      Jess Dunn Correctional Center
                                          The Jess Dunn institution was origi-          The institution is located on approxi-    a separate facility from the JDCC but
                                          nally constructed in 1930 and used            mately 1,100 acres and is comprised       they are separated by only a few hun-
                                          as a mental hospital for black patients       of six major buildings that house         dred yards. Together, they are known
                                          only. Through the years, the institu-         residents and administration. Main-       today as the Taft Unit. This merger
                                          tion has been used as a tuberculosis          tenance shops, OCI farm complex,          occurred on January 1, 2001.        The
                                          sanitarium, a juvenile girl’s facility, and   laundry, vo-tech, supply, and other       positions of business manager, human
                                          a juvenile co-ed home. In April 1980,         support operations are housed in other    resource specialist, warden’s assistant,
                                          the facility was transferred from the         assorted buildings on the institutional   procedure officer and training officer
                                          Department of Human Services to the           grounds. Originally, the facility was     also serve in a dual capacity at both
                                          Oklahoma Department of Corrections            co-ed with approximately 302 of its       facilities.
                                          (ODOC).                                       population being female. The ODOC
                                                                                                                                  SEX OFFENDER TREATMENT
                                                                                        no longer operates co-ed facilities.
                                          At one time, Dick Conner Correction-                                                    PROGRAM (Male Facility)
                                          al Center was to be named after Jess          Another interesting twist to JDCC         The Sex Offender Treatment Program
              Warden                      Dunn, prior to legislative intervention.      is that it shares a warden and associ-    (SOTP) is an intensive, cognitive-be-
             Mike Mullin                  Thus, it seemed only logical to name          ated administrative staff with the        havior program that consists of six (6)
                                          this facility, the next acquisition subse-    Eddie Warrior Correctional Center         phases. Phase I is a 16-week educa-
                                          quent to the Conner facility, after Jess      (EWCC), a female facility. EWCC is
                                          Dunn. Jess Dunn served as warden of
     Opened:         1980                 the Oklahoma State Penitentiary from
     Location:       Taft                 1938 until August 10, 1941, when he
                                          was killed during a shootout resulting
     Capacity:       982
                                          from an offender escape attempt. Also
     Gender:         Male                 killed were a sheriff’s jailer (a former
     Security:       Minimum              OSP guard) and 3 of the 4 offenders
                                          involved in the escape attempt. The
                                          remaining offender was later executed
                                          for Jess Dunn’s murder.

66      Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
tional module offered by mental health           master bulls. Beefmaster bulls are bred       and medication management. However,           men are trained to encourage and mo-
employees and is mandatory for offend-           to Angus cows to produce heifers for the      the model differs from traditional men-       tivate offenders to participate in services
ers who have been convicted of a sex             annual Beefmaster Southern Cross Sale         tal health services in that it relies heav-   and they represent the first group of of-
offense after November 1988. Phase I             held on the 2nd Saturday in March at          ily on psycho-educational classes and         fenders in the nation who have become
provides sex offenders with information          the Taft Unit Agri-Services Unit.             peer-to-peer support groups to teach          certified while incarcerated. Since the
designed to increase their knowledge                                                           fundamental strategies for recovery from      certification program began in 2010,
                                                 MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES
and understanding of sexual abuse and                                                          co-occurring concerns of mental illness,      the Recovery Support Specialists have
                                                 The mission of mental health services
to help motivate the offender to volun-                                                        substance abuse, trauma, and criminal         helped to develop peer-to-peer support
                                                 at JDCC is to improve the offender’s
teer for additional intensive sex offender                                                     thinking patterns. This model encour-         groups and psycho-educational classes
                                                 ability to manage their mental health
treatment. The program is comprised                                                            ages offenders to take personal responsi-     as well as providing individual mentor-
                                                 concerns while building a supportive,
of a psychoeducation program with 36                                                           bility for wellness self-management and       ing and support to offenders who are
                                                 recovery-oriented culture. The goal of
hours of intervention strategies designed                                                      recovery by providing offenders with          dealing with mental health concerns.
                                                 services is to improve the offender’s abil-
to inform sex offenders of pro-social be-                                                      several options for service participation.    There are approximately 40 peer-to-
                                                 ity to successfully manage mental health,
liefs and attitudes resulting in the offenders                                                 Jess Dunn Correctional Center has sev-        peer support and wellness manage-
                                                 behavioral and adjustment concerns by
correcting certain defects or maladaptive be-                                                  eral offenders who have become certified      ment classes going on at JDCC each
                                                 encouraging participation in psycho-
haviors. Phases II through VI are voluntary                                                    as Recovery Support Specialists. These        week with an average of 150 offend-
                                                 educational classes and peer-to-peer sup-
and designed to prevent additional sexually
                                                 port services in addition to traditional
deviant and abusive acts.
                                                 services of counseling and medication
                                                 management. Mental health treatment
The Agri-Services Division of the De-
                                                 staff are also actively involved in consul-                                                   JESS DUNN
                                                 tation services with facility administra-
partment of Corrections plays a vital role                                                                                      Jess Dunn served as warden of the Okla-
                                                 tive, security, medical and support ser-
in enabling offenders to learn valuable                                                                                         homa State Penitentiary from 1938 to
                                                 vices to promote a culture of proactive
job skills and work ethics. Approximate-                                                                                        1941. Dunn was killed in a shoot out that
                                                 identification and response to offender
ly 45 offenders are assigned to the 800                                                                                         resulted from an offender escape attempt
                                                 mental health concerns.
acre Taft Unit Agri-Services farm opera-                                                                                        on August 10, 1941. Jess Dunn Correc-
tion and perform many tasks to include           Correctional Recovery Support Services
                                                                                                                                tional Center is a minimum security facil-
welding, repairing fences, weed control          describes the model of mental health
                                                                                                                                ity located in Taft, Oklahoma. It opened
and watching cattle. The unit also raises        services that is used at Jess Dunn Cor-
                                                                                                                                in 1980.
Beefmaster cattle as seed stock for seven        rectional Center. Correctional Recovery
(7) Agri-Services units, which use Beef-         Support Services uses traditional men-
                                                 tal health services of individual therapy

                                                                                                                Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook                     67
ers choosing to participate in peer-    SEX OFFENDER PSYCHO-                    SOPEP is divided into seven topical
to-peer services. Professional mental   EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM                     sections and includes 21 modules.
health staff are also actively involved (SOPEP)                                 Each topical section addresses thera-
in providing psycho-educational pro-    On March 31, 2010, due to state         peutic concepts and philosophies,
grams that promote wellness and         budget shortfalls, the Department of    while individual modules highlight
recovery with a monthly average of      Corrections was forced to terminate     an array of themes which convey a
125 offenders enrolled in programs.     the Sex Offender Treatment              more specific understanding of the
These programs encourage devel-         Program indefinitely. In wake of        section. Participants will be expected
opment of positive coping skills as     the termination of the Sex Offender     to read each module prior to the ses-
well as provide incentives for earning  Treatment Program, the Life             sion when that module will be dis-
achievement credits and maintaining     Preparation Program (LPP) and the       cussed. The total duration of SOPEP
positive adjustment.                    Sex Offender Psycho-Educational         is a minimum of four months.
                                        Program (SOPEP) were placed on the
                                                                                HEALTH SERVICES
Approximately 55% of the offend- D-East Unit to fill the void left behind
                                                                                The facility provides medical, den-
ers at JDCC have histories of mental by the program. Continuing concern
                                                                                tal and psychological services. Spe-
health treatment involvement with for Sex Offender Management and
                                                                                cific information concerning these
27% of offenders currently involved public safety demanded that issues of
                                                                                services is provided during facility
in treatment. Even though JDCC sexual deviancy be addressed.
                                                                                orientation. A $2.00 co-pay will be
has a professional treatment staff of
                                                                                charged for each visit requested by
2 full-time mental health staff and a SOPEP is an educational program de-
                                                                                the offender; however, offenders will
psychiatrist who is available one day a veloped to inform sex offenders about
                                                                                not be refused health care because of
week, mental health service contacts sexual abuse, sexual abusers, treatment
                                                                                their financial status.
are in excess of 2,500 a month. The concepts, interpersonal skill bulding,
Correctional Recovery Support Ser- and treatment available in the com-          RELIGIOUS SERVICES
vices model represents efficient and munity. The program is administered        All offenders remanded to the custody
effective use of resources of encour- through mental health services of the     of the Taft Unit facilities retain the
aging offenders to learn positive self- Oklahoma Department of Correc-          right to choose their religious beliefs
management skills as they prepare for tions. Material included in the pro-      and to practice religious acts. Reli-
reentry into the community.             gram represents 42 hours of classroom   gious activities/services are offered for
                                        concepts that are often used when       all denominations and coordinated by
                                        treating sexual offenders.              the facility chaplain and volunteers.

68      Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                       Jim E. Hamilton Correctional Center
                           The area now occupied by Jim E.       sored by Senator James E. Hamil-         maintenance, transmission repair,
                           Hamilton Correctional Center,         ton to introduce a better plan for       front end/suspension and engine
                           formerly Ouachita Correctional        the site. Camp Hodgen, as it was         performance. Training in an aca-
                           Center, dates back to 1933 when       called then, was the first offender      demic enhancement program and
                           it served as the home of the Civil    training facility in the U.S. offering   a comprehensive reintegration pro-
                           Conservation Corps. The facility      vocational-technical training by the     gram is also provided as part of Ca-
                           grounds were later utilized by the    State Department of Vo-Tech Edu-         reer Tech Skills Center. The state
                           U.S. Forestry Department and, in      cation in cooperation with the State     department of Career Technology
                           the early 1960s, by the Hodgen Job    Department of Corrections.               Education provides training oppor-
                           Corps.                                                                         tunities to all eligible offenders at
                                                               In 1971, the first offender Vo-Tech
                                                                                                          no cost.
                           The facility is located in Hodgen, students arrived at the facility. The
                           Oklahoma on the northern edge of JEHCC is the largest correctional             In addition to providing training
                           the Ouachita National Forest. The vocational training program in the           opportunities for offenders, Ca-
        Warden             town of Poteau is approximately 28 state. The Vo-Tech program has              reerTech also provides the Oklaho-
     Haskell Higgins       miles to the North.                 grown to a total of 8 different skill      ma DOC and other state agencies,
                                                               areas currently available at the facil-    assistance with special construction
                           In 1969, the Federal Government
                                                               ity: industrial electricity, air condi-    projects and repairs on state vehi-
                           made the decision to demolish the
                                                               tioning and refrigeration, welding,        cles. This service has saved state,
                           existing campsite, but the plan was
                                                               building construction, masonry,            county and municipal agencies
                           delayed when legislation was spon-
Opened:     1969                                               building maintenance, industrial           many valuable tax dollars for repairs

Location:   Hodgen
Capacity:   706
Gender:     Male
Security:   Minimum

                                                                              Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook              69
and preventative maintenance of pre- the educational and recreational needs        FOOD SERVICE provides balanced seven days a week. A faith based pro-
cious agency resources. JEHCC has          of the offender population. A recent nutritional meals to the offender popu- gram “New Life Behaviors” is provided
benefited immensely from having a          facility renovation in the Academic Ed- lation. Three meals a day are served in weekly that stresses family and personal
CareerTech center on site. Several         ucation building resulted in combin- a central dining facility with group din- responsibility. A religious library is also
facility buildings have been built ei-     ing the Leisure Library with the facil- ing. The master menu is developed and provided.
ther partially or entirely with skilled    ity Law Library and are currently both     reviewed annually by a licensed dieti-

offender labor provided through the under one supervisor.                             cian. Seven staff members are employed
training programs.                                                                    within the unit. JEHCC has started a
                                           The MEDICAL UNIT provides clini-
                                                                                      facility garden which provides various
ACADEMIC EDUCATION from cally appropriate and necessary medi-
                                                                                      vegetables that help reduce food cost.
basic literacy, through GED, to college    cal, dental and mental health care for
                                                                                      Once planted, the total garden area
level courses are provided by full time,
state certified teachers. Approximately
                                           offenders at the facility. Psychological
                                           services provide individual and group
                                                                                      covers approximately 5.57 acres. Veg-
                                                                                      etable production has exceeded 40,000
50-75 offenders receive their GED at       counseling, crisis intervention, assess-                                               Female correctional
JEHCC each year. A leisure library ment consultation and evaluation as                                                                officers were
provides an extensive collection of requested by staff. Health care is deliv-         RELIGIOUS PROGRAMS provide                     employed and
books and reference collection to meet     ered by 13 full-time staff.                a schedule of services of various faiths,
                                                                                                                                  allowed to work in
                                                                                                                                   male institutions.
                                                                 JIM E. HAMILTON
                                  Former Oklahoma State Senator, Jim Hamilton, served in the Senate from 1967
                                  until 1976. In 1984, after an eight year absence from the legislature, he was                   Oklahoma becomes
                                  elected to the State House of Representatives where he served until 1998.                       the first correctional
                                                                                                                                  system in the nation
                                  The Ouachita Correctional Center was officially changed to the Jim E. Hamilton
                                  Correctional Center, in honor of Senator Hamilton on December 10, 1998.
                                                                                                                                    to place offender
                                                                                                                                     records on the

70      Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                        Joseph Harp Correctional Center
                        The Joseph Harp Correctional Cen-  den at the Oklahoma State Reforma-           would make pre-sentence investiga-
                                                           tory from 1949 until 1969. Warden
                        ter is a medium security institution                                            tions; a reception center for all felons
                        located near the town of Lexington,Joseph Harp was clearly an innovative        coming into a prison system; and a
                        in central Oklahoma. The facility  leader and professional in the field of      full time pardon and parole board.
                        officially opened on September 26, corrections. Under Warden Harp,
                                                                                                        DIVERSIFIED MARKETING,
                                                           Oklahoma State Reformatory was
                        1978, and received its first offenders
                                                           the first institution to establish a fully   INC., AND BACK OFFICE
                        two days later. The site of the facility
                                                           accredited academic High School be-          SUPPORT SYSTEM
                        had been used by the Navy as a firing
                                                           hind prison walls. Warden Harp rec-          DMI provides telephone sales for
                        range during World War II. After the
                                                           ognized that one of the greatest needs       products such as hunting equipment,
                        war, the land was turned over to the
                                                           of many offenders was a high school          t-shirts and nursing home supplies.
                        Mental Health Department, which in
                        turn transferred it to the Oklahomaeducation. As early as 1950, Warden          BOSS provides telephone sales for
                                                           Harp proposed in a legislative report
                        Department of Corrections in 1971.                                              business long distance services. It is
       Warden                                              the need for: a Department of Cor-
                                                                                                        the newest offender work site at the
     Mike Addison       Joseph Harp Correctional Center is rections; a merit system of employ-
                        named in honor and memory of War- ment; a statewide probation system
                        den Joseph Harp who served as war- staffed with competent officers who

Opened:     1978
Location:   Lexington
Capacity:   1,397
Gender:     Male
Security:   Medium

                                                                               Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook              71
THINKING FOR A CHANGE                      Offenders then learn how to achieve       impose formal sentencing. Programs      lectual functioning and/or those who
Thinking for a Change is a cognitive-      their goals through means that are re-    offered to the Delayed Sentence of-     have deficiencies in adaptive behav-
behavioral based program. It consists      spectful of others, avoid conflict, and   fenders include Education, Thinking     ior. The ICHU section is a multidis-
of 22 lessons divided into three sec-      that does not violate laws or rules.      for a Change, Life Without a Crutch,    ciplinary therapeutic environment
tions. The first section teaches cog-                                                and Life Skills.                        for offenders diagnosed with severe
                                           B UNIT/DELAYED SENTENCE
nitive restructuring where offenders                                                                                         mental illness.
                                           PROGRAM                                   G UNIT/INTERMEDIATE
learn to change their habitual think-
                                           B unit has a dual purpose of hous-        CARE HOUSING UNIT AND                   MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES
ing in order to change their behav-
                                           ing general population offenders and      HABILITATION CENTER                     Services provided include medica-
ior. The second section teaches social
                                           Delayed Sentence offenders. The           PROGRAM                                 tion management, suicide preven-
skills. Through demonstration and
                                           Delayed Sentence program includes         G Unit was established in 1999 to       tion, individual psychotherapy,
role-playing, offenders learn how to
                                           youthful offenders subjected to a         increase medium security bed space.     group psychotherapy, and psycho-
interact with others in a constructive
                                           brief period of incarceration by the      The unit holds 200 offenders, dou-      educational groups. Once an of-
manner. The third and final section
                                           judge, without formal sentencing.         ble-celled, with G-1 housing the        fender is stable, the treatment team
of the program teaches problem solv-
                                           While on Delayed Sentence status,         Habilitation Center Program (HCP)       determines if the offender can re-
ing. The skills learned in cognitive
                                           they are to complete programs and         offenders and G-2 housing Interme-      turn to general population or will
restructuring and social skills training
                                           maintain clear conduct. If they are       diate Care Housing Unit (ICHU) of-      be referred to the Intermediate Care
are combined with a model of prob-
                                           able to adhere to the criteria, the       fenders. There are approximately 50     Housing Unit.
                         lem solving.
                                           judge may release them with a sus-        general population/resident assistant
                                                                                                                             The Habilitation Center Program
                                            pended sentence. If they are not         offenders throughout the unit. the
                                                                                                                             (HCP) admits offenders with IQ
                                                          able to, the judge may     HCP section provides services for of-
                                                                                     fenders with less than average intel-

72      Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
scores below 70 and major deficits       vide housing for those meeting one        RELIGIOUS SERVICES
in adaptive functioning. Addition-       of the following criteria: Dementia/      These services are designed to help
ally, other developmental disabilities   Alzheimer patient; vision impaired/       offenders meet their religious needs
and offenders with dementia or oth-      blind; wheelchair bound; uses walk-       during their incarceration. This is
er cognitive impairments are served.     er/crutches; 65 or older. There are       accomplished in numerous ways by
The program provides training in life    four isolation cells for those with in-   volunteers from various faith groups
skills, job skills, pro-social behaviors,fectious/contagious diseases such as      coming in to conduct regular re-
decision-making, functional read-        tuberculosis. The unit is ADA com-        ligious services, and special events
ing and math skills, and addresses       pliant, taking into consideration         such as concerts and tent meetings
criminal behaviors such as substance     doors, drinking fountains, toilet and     under the tower; helping the Islamic
abuse and sex offenses. Individual       shower stalls, etc. There are 262         community with Ramadan and the
psychotherapy, crisis management,        beds on this unit. Trained medical        feasts; assisting when offenders have               JOSEPH HARP

suicide prevention, and medication       orderlies are offenders assigned to as-   a death in the family; assisting with     Joseph Harp served as warden at the
monitoring are provided.                 sist the residents of this specialized    weddings; and arranging special           Oklahoma State Reformatory from
                                                                                   ministerial visits.                       1949 until 1969. Warden Joseph Harp
                                         unit, providing basic skills to assist
Because strong family and commu-                                                                                             was clearly an innovative leader and
                                         those physically disabled.                OKLAHOMA                                  professional in the field of corrections.
nity ties increase the likelihood that
                                                                                   CORRECTIONAL                              Under Warden Harp, Oklahoma State
the offender will succeed after release, EDUCATION SERVICES                                                                  Reformatory was the first institution
visits are encouraged.                   The Education department includes         INDUSTRIES (OCI)
                                                                                                                             to establish a fully accredited academic
                                         academic education, library services      began operations at JHCC in 1979          High School behind prison walls.
Mental Health services provided                                                    with the manufacturing of furniture       Warden Harp recognized that one of
                                         and a future pre-employment train-
to the general population includes                                                 for state and local governments and       the greatest needs of many inmates was
                                         ing program. The academic pro-                                                      a high school education.
medication monitoring, crisis man-                                                 non-profit organizations. Since that
                                         gram includes literacy, special needs,
agement, suicide prevention, a                                                     time, other service and manufac-          As early as 1950, Warden Harp pro-
                                         ABE, GED, ESL, and college pro-                                                     posed in a legislative report the need
nine-week Substance Abuse course,                                                  turing functions have been added.
                                         grams. Library services support a                                                   for: A Department of Corrections; a
a 16-week course Sex Offender Psy-                                                 OCI employs eleven correctional           merit system of employment; a state-
                                         leisure library for offenders. Educa-
cho-educational program (a modified                                                industries staff and more than 250        wide probation system staffed with
                                         tion also includes a pre-release class                                              competent officers who would make
course is offered for HCP offenders)                                               offenders.
                                         for offenders related to general life                                               pre-sentence investigations; a recep-
and consultations with staff.
                                         skills and a program for offenders        The furniture factory produces a          tion center for all felons coming into
J UNIT/MEDICAL UNIT                      who are within a year of release who      varied line of office furniture includ-   the prison system; and a full time par-
                                                                                                                             don and parole board.
J Unit was established in 2007 to pro- seek to be self-employed.                   ing desks, filing cabinets, bookcases,

                                                                                                  Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook                   73
credenzas, and chairs. The records          MEDICAL
conversion department includes
a remote data-entry operation, a
                                            The Medical unit provides service to
                                            offenders on a 24/7 basis. Medical
batch-entry operation building data-        services provided include: sick call,
bases and an imaging operation that         blood pressure checks, Chronic Care       Joseph Harp Correctional Center’s CERT
provides document images in digital         Clinic, emergency service, psycho-          members participated in the opening
form to customers on compact disk           logical, psychiatric, ophthalmology,
or electronically. The computer op-         and dental services, x-rays, and lab
                                                                                    ceremonies for the Special Olympics Summer
erations section provides statewide         services are also available.                     Games on May 12, 2010.
repair of all OCI computer equip-

The dining facility is the largest in the
state, with a seating capacity of 420.
An average of 2,906 meals is served
daily. Food Service employs 110 of-

The laundry provides services to of-
fender population Monday through
Friday. These services include issu-
ance of state clothing and bedding.
Washers and dryers are also available
on each unit.

The Law Library is adequately acces-
sible to offenders providing access
and necessary materials such as type-
writers, copy machine, notary public
and offender research assistance.

74      Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                       John Lilley Correctional Center
                       John Lilley Correctional Center                Boys and housed black males who had   screened to determine which area
                       (JLCC) is located on a 256-acre site,          previously been incarcerated at the   best fits their needs. College courses
                       one mile east of Boley, Oklahoma               Boys Training School in McAlester.    are offered through Rose State
                       on State Highway 62 in Okfuskee                The institution was integrated in     College and the offender can receive
                       County. Geographically, the facility           1965, and the name was changed to     an associate degree.
                       is located almost in the center of the         Boley State School for Boys.
                                                                                                  SUBSTANCE ABUSE
                       state; its location being essentially
                                                              PHASE I SEX OFFENDER                TREATMENT PROGRAM
                       rural, yet it is a relatively short distance
                                                              PROGRAM is 22 weeks in duration The treatment program contains a
                       between the two largest cities in the
                                                              and is the educational phase of     three-phase module: challenge to
                       state, Oklahoma City and Tulsa;
                                                              the program. The program has 20     change, commitment to change, and
                       between the Turner Turnpike on the
                                                              participants per cycle.             taking ownership of change. The
                       north and Interstate 40 on the south.
                                                                                                  program duration is from six to nine
                                                              EDUCATION consists of 4 areas:
       Warden          JLCC was first built as a tuberculosis                                     months in length. All treatment is
                                                              Literacy, Adult Basic Education,
    Jane Standifird    sanitarium/hospital for blacks in                                          group therapy consisting of ten men
                                                              GED and college. Offenders with
                       1923. In 1925, the facility became                                         in each group. Offenders must have
                                                              the assessed need for education are
                       the State Training School for Negro                                        group sessions nine hours per week

Opened:      1983
Location:    Boley
Capacity:    836
Gender:      Male
Security:    Minimum

                                                                                    Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook           75
with 40% to 79% of the            RELIGIOUS SERVICES
week in structured treatment      are provided by volunteers
activities. There are offenders   from the community that                                                             JOHN LILLEY
participating in treatment on     include, but are not limited to,
                                                                                                        John H. Lilley, for whom the facility is named,
a regular basis. The offenders    Protestant, Catholic, Muslim,
                                                                                                        was appointed superintendent of the facility at
must complete 250 hours of        Jewish, Native American and
                                                                                                        its inception. He remained as superintendent
treatment.      Gateway, from     Wicca services.
                                                                                                        until his death in 1933. Lilley, himself called
Shawnee, is the care provider.
                                  OKLAHOMA                                                              the “Orphan Boy,” was known to love the kids
MEDICAL SERVICES                  CORRECTIONAL                                                          he served. He died at his residence on the Train-
provides chronic care clinic,     INDUSTRIES chemical/                                                  ing School campus as a result of declining health
emergency services when           mattress/box factory employs                                          following an auto accident. State Commis-
required and general health       43 offenders, who make                                                sioner of Charities and Corrections at that time
care needs. Other medical         mattresses, mop heads, dry and                                        was Mabel Bassett, and she delivered a eulogy at
services provided are general     liquid cleaning chemicals, and                                        John Lilley’s funeral. Permission was granted by
dentistry and optometry           boxes.                             the Governor and the State Board of Public Affairs for John Lilley to be buried
appointments.                                                        upon institutional grounds and a monument presently stands at the entrance of
                                  AGRI-SERVICES is a cow/
                                                                     the facility marking John Lilley’s gravesite.
                                  calf operation employing 25

76     Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                 Lexington Assessment and Reception Center
                     and Lexington Correctional Center
                          The Lexington Correctional Center        have become virtually synonymous. OFFENDER WORKS
                          was opened in 1971. It consisted of      Most staff refer to the reception unit PROGRAMS
                          a collection of wooden naval barracks    as “LARC” (pronounced “lark”) and Lexington Assessment and Reception
                          hastily constructed during late World    the remaining housing units as “Lex.” Center provides job opportunities for
                          War II. It initially had a capacity of                                          both the medium and minimum se-
                                                                   The Lexington Assessment and Re-
                          120 inmates.                                                                    curity offenders. All inmates at the
                                                                   ception Center began construction in
                                                                                                          Lexington Assessment and Reception
                          Although the facility opened in 1971,    1976 as a part of the Oklahoma Mas-
                                                                                                          Center are required to have a job. The
                          it remained obscure with virtually no    ter Plan, authored by F. Warren Ben-
                                                                                                          following work programs are avail-
                          documented history until 1977 when       ton, Ph.D. The maximum security
                                                                                                          able for the offender population.
                          the Lexington Assessment and Recep-      receiving, medical, support services,
                          tion Center (LARC) opened adjacent       and administrative core building PRISONER PUBLIC WORK
                          to the Lexington Correctional Center     composed Phase I; Phase II consti- PROGRAM (PPWP)
                          (LCC). Since the opening of LARC,        tuted three medium security housing The number of offender participants
                          both LARC and LCC have been un-          units.                                 varies but typically five crews with
     Eric Franklin
                          der purview of a common warden and                                              approximately 38 offenders are

            LARC                       LCC
Opened:       1971        Opened:       1977
Location:     Lexington   Location:     Lexington
Capacity:     418         Capacity:     1,021
Gender:       Male        Gender:       Male
Security:     Maximum     Security:     Minimum/

                                                                                  Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook           77
working five days a week for the         The Cabinetmaking Apprenticeship         Food Service
following agencies: City of Noble,       Program trains workers to journeyman     Lexington Food Service feeds
City of Lexington, Department of         level in the cabinetmaking trade,        approximately 1,450 offenders per
Mental Health, OCI, and OMD –            covering all aspects of woodwork and     day, seven days per week, 365 days
Heliport.                                design, using all types of machines,     per year.   Lexington Food Service
                                         saws, planer, jointers, and power        is self sufficient in baking all of our
                                         nailing tools, with emphasis on safety   bakery/bread products from Pullman
                                         in all aspects of the skill.             bread to hamburger and hotdog buns
Industries at LARC provide offenders
                                                                                  to cakes and pies and even breakfast
with the following: (1) a constructive SOCIAL SERVICES
work program for offenders on a cost   LARC offers a variety of pre-release
paying basis; (2) an opportunity to    programs which are available to all MEDICAL CARE
learn job skills and develop work      offenders.                             The medical unit provides service
habits that will help improve their                                           24-hours a day. Resources include
                                       Thinking For a Change:
success rate when re-entering the                                             a 10-bed infirmary, of which 4 are
                                       This program is designed to assist in
work force; and (3) teaching good                                             isolation cells with negative air flow
                                       the modification of negative behavior.
business practices.                                                           and one has an in-cell camera for
                                       Inside/Out Prison Exchange Program: continuous observation. Medical
                                       This program brings college students also operates a 20-chair dialysis unit.
The LARC unit is a heifer operation
                                       (primarily criminal justice majors)
(previously a cow/calf operation).                                            RELIGIOUS PROGRAMS
                                       and incarcerated men and women
The Unit, with proper weed control                                            The Chaplaincy Program at LARC
                                       to study as peers in seminars behind
and fertilization, supports an average                                        is dedicated to guaranteeing the
                                       prison walls.
total herd of 118 head (cows and                                              religious freedom of the offenders
bulls).                                Friends For Folks (FFF):               incarcerated at the facility and
                                       Friends for Folks works in conjunction assisting in the practice of such. The
                                       with Second Chance animal rescue. Chaplaincy performs those traditional
                                       This program is designed to help roles assigned to the Chaplaincy,
The Lexington Career Tech Skills
                                       long term offenders deal with their which include ministry, community
Center is located on the grounds
                                       time. The offenders train dogs and religious          resources,     volunteer
of LARC. Students are from the
                                       donate them to local nursing homes coordination, and administration and
medium-security yard at LARC.
                                       as companion dogs.                     related concerns. In one month, there

78     Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                         Mack Alford Correctional Center
                         In the early 1930s, the Mack Alford       in the 1940s, the facility was used as      1973, the unit was separated from the
                         Correctional Center was used as a         a German Prisoner of War Camp.              main institution. In November, 1977,
                         sub-prison of the Oklahoma State          During the late 1940s, the State            the name was changed to Stringtown
                         Penitentiary in McAlester, Oklahoma.      Penitentiary again used the facility as a   Correctional Center and the security
                         Offenders assigned were “trustees” and    sub-prison. In 1948, the offenders were     level was made medium. The center’s
                         worked the farm and cattle. The sub-      returned to the main prison and this        name was officially changed to the
                         penitentiary was established for four     facility then became the Stringtown         Mack Alford Correctional Center, on
                         basic reasons by Governor Murray:         Training School for White Boys. In          March 27, 1986, in honor of Warden
                         To separate first term convicts from      August of 1956, the facility again          Mack Alford, a 30-year veteran of
                         the seasoned convicts; to construct a     became an Honor Farm of the main            corrections who died on March 10,
                         tubercular ward for segregation; to       institution. In 1959, the Vocational        1986.
                         provide work for the new convicts;        Rehabilitation Schools were added and       EDUCATION
      Warden             and to raise food and lower the cost of   the institution became known as the         The facility provides a wide range of
   Anita Trammell        penal institutions. At some point in      Vocational Training School, a sub-unit      educational programming from basic
                         the 1930s, the offenders were returned    of the main institution. In 1968, the       literacy, through GED, to college level
                         to the main institution and this          institution erected the current fence       courses provided by three full time,
                         facility became a federal, state, and     and towers and became a medium and          state certified teachers.
Opened:     1956         local Venereal Disease Hospital. Early    minimum security sub-unit. In July
Location;   Stringtown
Capacity:   805
Gender:     Male
Security:   Medium

                                                                                    Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook               79
CHANGING ATTITUDES                    Industries factories: a furniture    requested by staff.
TO CHANGE HABITS                      renovation factory and a sign
                                                                           RELIGIOUS SERVICES
(CATCH)                               shop. Together, these factories
                                                                           A full time chaplain coordinates
The CATCH program is a long           employ over 78 offenders
                                                                           religious programming at the
term substance abuse program          supervised and instructed by
                                                                           facility.    Volunteers provide
which provides services for           industrial superintendents under
                                                                           a comprehensive schedule of
offenders at minimum security,        the direction of an industrial
                                                                           services of various faiths seven
who are within five years or less     coordinator.      Offenders are
                                                                           days a week.
from discharge. Services include      provided     meaningful      full-
assessment, evaluation, education,    time employment and skill           AGRI-SERVICES
therapy,    behavior      training,   development.                        Mack       Alford    Correctional
counseling, referrals, and after      MEDICAL                             Center’s Agri-Services program is
care.                                 The medical unit provides operated by a farm supervisor and
OKLAHOMA                              clinically    appropriate     and eight offenders. The operation
                                      necessary medical, dental and consists of over 300 heifers that are           MACK ALFORD
INDUSTRIES (OCI)                      mental health care for offenders at bred and sold each spring at the
                                      the facility.                       S2 sale at Jess Dunn Correctional
Oklahoma Correctional Industries                                                                              Mack Alford was appointed war-
                                                                          Center. The farm also produces
works jointly with the Department     MENTAL HEALTH                                                           den of the Stringtown Correctional
                                                                          approximately 7,500 bales of
of Corrections to provide both        Psychological services provide Bermuda grass hay. Of the 2,420          Center in September 1973. His ca-
offender jobs and to perform          individual and group counseling, acres on the farm, 1,270 are leased    reer in corrections started in 1955
services for state contractors.       crisis intervention, assessment, and five are cultivated for the        as an officer at the Boys Training
Mack Alford Correctional Center       consultation and evaluation as facility garden.                         School in Stringtown, Oklahoma.
has two Oklahoma Correctional                                                                                 After several promotions, he moved
                                                                                                              to Helena, Oklahoma, to work at
                                          Highlights                                                          the Helena Boys Training School
                                                                                                              and from there to the Oklahoma

       1981 The Oklahoma Department of Corrections becomes
                                                                                                              State Penitentiary in McAlester.
                                                                                                              Mack Alford served as warden of
                 the first correctional system fully accredited by the                                        the Stringtown Correctional Center
                                                                                                              until his death in March, 1986.
                     American Correctional Association (ACA).

80      Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
               Northeast Oklahoma Correctional Center
                      Northeast Oklahoma Correctional        Department of Corrections Agri- added to the physical plant. A
                      Center (NOCC) is a minimum             Services Unit began leasing the portion of the offender population
                      security facility for adult male of-   farmland at Eastern State Hospital. continues to provide institutional
                      fenders. The facility is located on                                         maintenance and support func-
                                                             After several years of this expand-
                      the grounds of Eastern State Hos-                                           tions for both the Oklahoma Fo-
                                                             ing relationship, the legislature
                      pital renamed Oklahoma Forensic                                             rensic Center and NOCC. Other
                                                             passed laws in 1994 transferring
                      Center in Vinita, Oklahoma. A                                               offenders are involved in Prisoner
                                                             three large buildings at Eastern
                      trusty unit was established to pro-                                         Public Works (PPW) programs and
                                                             State Hospital to the Department
                      vide institutional support to the                                           institutional farming operations.
                                                             of Corrections for use as prison
                      hospital in 1980. The relation-
                                                             bed space. In December 1994, EDUCATION Literacy, Adult Ba-
                      ship between the Department of
                                                             the first offenders were transferred sic Education (ABE) and General
                      Corrections and the Department
                                                             to the newly established facil- Educational Development (GED)
     Warden           of Mental Health and Substance
                                                             ity. Subsequently, a new 264 bed classes are provided at the North-
  Rodney Redman       Abuse Services at Eastern State
                                                             housing unit, a dining/kitchen east Oklahoma Correctional Cen-
                      Hospital began in 1985 with the
                                                             facility, Central Control, and the ter. Education has 32 total slots
                      establishment of the Treatment
                                                             warehouse/maintenance building for offenders with ABE/GED and
                      Alternatives for Drinking Drivers
                                                             were constructed. In recent years, literacy needs. In 2010, a total of
                      (TADD) program. In 1987 the
                                                             a chapel and a canteen have been 26 offenders obtained their ABE,

Opened:     1994
Location:   Vinita
Capacity:   444
Gender:     Male
Security:   Minimum

                                                                           Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook      81
and 36 obtained their GED gradu-        last no more than one to two days oversee the work of approximately RELIGIOUS SERVICES - The chap-
ation certificate. The offenders        in length.                            30 offenders. These offenders are lain and outside religious organizations
have been assigned to education                                               assigned to various crews working provide a variety of religious services at
classes using the TABE test in con-     INSTITUTIONAL SERVICES                with the cattle, mule teams, fenc- NOCC. Volunteers provide religious
junction with their days remaining      Offenders who are not eligible to ing, tractor/equipment operations, programs and various other programs
to serve. Offenders who score less      participate in the Prisoner Public and general farm maintenance.           such as: Alcoholic’s Anonymous, Insti-
than 8.0 on the TABE and have           Works Program are assigned jobs                                            tute of Self-Worth and New Life Be-
fewer days remaining to serve are       at the Agri-Services unit or various HEALTH SERVICES provides havior on a regularly scheduled basis
given priority to attend school.        other facility job assignments such routine medical/dental/ psycho- in the chapel. NOCC offers a variety
Offenders under 20 years of age         as food service, janitorial services, logical/psychiatric and optometry of rehabilitative programs for offender
without a high school education         Law Library, Leisure Library, can- services Monday through Friday, participation, to include: Thinking for
or GED are automatically placed         teen, activities, property room, excluding holidays. The medical a Change, Anger management, and
in education. Offenders who have        maintenance or yard and garden department consists of a doctor, recreational activities including hobby
an assessed need as indicated by        crews.                                two LPN’s, two RN’s, a full-time craft, Fitting Back In (Re-Entry), and
the TABE score are placed on the                                              psychologist, a part-time psychol- Victims Impact. The Facility Chaplain
                                        AGRI-SERVICES utilizes ap-
waiting list for educational classes.                                         ogist, a dentist, a dental assistant also provides Prevention and Relation-
                                        proximately 1500 acres from the
                                                                              and an online psychiatrist. Op- ship Enhancement Program (PREP)
PRISONER PUBLIC WORKS                   Department of Mental Health and
                                                                              tometry appointments are handled for offenders providing information/
PROGRAM (PPWP)                          the City of Vinita. The farm main-
                                                                              by a contract provider.              counseling on healthy marriages and
NOCC has continuously main-             tains 250 commercial Angus Beef-
tained a Prisoner Public Works          master cross breeding cattle. In a
Program in which approximately
65     offenders participate. The
                                        normal year, NOCC farm crews
                                        bale approximately 1,500 round
PPWP crews provide services to          bales and 25,000 square bales of                  The following facilities recently successfully
Oklahoma Forensic Center as well        hay to ship out across the state.                    underwent ACA reaccreditation audits:
as the community. This program          Approximately 25% of the hay pro-
allows participating offenders to       duction are shipped to other DOC Facility                                         Mandatory Non Mandatory
gain valuable work skills and ex-       farms to help with their winter- Jess Dunn CC                                           100%             99.5%
perience.    Periodically, NOCC         feed needs. In addition, this unit Hillside/Kate Barnard                                100%              100%
receives requests from the commu-       sells approximately 200 ricks of OSP                                                    100%               99%
nity for an offender crew to help       firewood per year. The farm coor- OSR                                                   100%             99.7%
with special projects that usually dinator and two farm supervisors

82     Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                           Oklahoma State Penitentiary
                        Prior to statehood in 1907, all felons   first buildings constructed at the site
                                                                                                As the population inside OSP grew,
                        convicted in Oklahoma Territory          were the West Cellhouse and thenew housing units were added. The
                        were transferred to Kansas, at a cost    Administration Building. Later, the
                                                                                                “F” cellhouse was added in 1937,
                        of 25 cents per day. After statehood,    Rotunda and the East Cellhouse were
                                                                                                and later the New Cellhouse was
                        McAlester was chosen as the site for     constructed. Additional buildings
                                                                                                constructed. Of the four main
                        the Oklahoma State Penitentiary and      were constructed on an as-needed
                                                                                                housing units occupied, only the new
                        1,556 acres northwest of McAlester       basis.                         cellhouse no longer exists. This unit
                        was set aside for the maximum        In order to provide work for the was severely damaged in the riot of
                        security facility.                   offenders, an industry program 1973, and was torn down in 1976.
                        Construction began in 1908, when was developed. A tailor shop, shoe Later, a 50-man disciplinary unit was
                        $850,000 was appropriated by the manufacturing plant, and cane built west of the main institution.
                        legislature. Offenders were returned mill were among the first industry The offender population nicknamed
      Warden            from Kansas to do the work. The programs implemented.                   this unit “The Rock.”
   Randy Workman

Opened:     1908
Location:   McAlester
Capacity:   1,115
Gender:     Male
Security:   Maximum

                                                                                Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook   83
The most costly prison riot in the      reducing the need for long-term
history of the nation broke out on      hospitalization outside the facility.
July 27, 1973. Damage was estimated
                                        G Unit is utilized as a segregation
to be between $20 million and $40
million.                                housig unit for Jackie Brannon

A federal court in 1978 found
                                        Correctional Center and Southeast
                                        District Community Corrections
conditions at the penitentiary
                                        offenders. It has a capacity of 25.
                                                                                The lawsuit, Battles vs. Anderson, changed the history
unconstitutional. Consequently, four                                            of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. The suit
new housing units were built and        The newest addition, “H Unit,”          was filed April 24, 1972, by Bobby Battles, an offender
in 1984, the aging East and West        provides     new     quarters     for
                                                                                serving time for Grand Larceny at the Oklahoma State
Cellhouses were closed.                 disciplinary segregation offenders,
                                                                                Penitentiary out of Garvin County. The lawsuit created
A Special Care Unit, which opened       death row, and the lethal injection
                                                                                changes to the operation of the Oklahoma Department
July 20, 1992, ensures that the needs   death   chamber.     H    Unit   also
                                        houses Administrative Segregation
                                                                                of Corrections in its policies and procedures affecting
of special management offenders
are met. This unit provides mental      and Level III general population
                                                                                the treatment and rehabilitation, medical care,
health care to offenders, thereby       offenders.                              education and training, as well as the basic care of the
                                                                                state’s offender population.
                                                                                A federal court in 1978 found conditions at the
                                                                                Oklahoma State Penitentiary unconstitutional. The
                                                                                lawsuit, filed before the 1973 riot, was changed to a
                                                                                class action suit. U.S. District Judge Luther Bohannon
                                                                                put the Department of Corrections under federal
                                                                                control. Active supervision under the lawsuit was
                                                                                finally dismissed during Director Larry Meachum’s
                                                                                term (1979-1987). The last issue of the lawsuit, which
                                                                                was medical care for offenders, was settled 27 years
                                                                                later, in 2001.

84     Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                         Oklahoma State Reformatory
                      The legislature created the Oklahoma     buldings were built after 1957.           Waters, previously Warden). She
                      State Reformatory (OSR) in 1909.                                                   required all offenders, hard-boiled
                                                               OSR’s first female Warden, Clara
                      The construction of OSR was ac-                                                    and errant youngsters alike, to attend
                                                               Waters, was the first female Warden
                      complished with offender labor. The                                                Sunday church services. She orga-
                                                               in the United States to head a state
                      construction material was primarily                                                nized Bible classes, literary societies,
                                                               prison, and the first female to head an
                      granite rock from the Reformatory’s                                                set up a recreation program and an
                                                               all-male prison. Mrs. Waters served
                      own mountain, “Wildcat Mountain.”                                                  education program to teach each of-
                                                               as warden at the Reformatory for nine
                      There are no original buildings on the                                             fender a trade. This program even-
                                                               years after being appointed by Gover-
                      ten-acre walled compound. The old-                                                 tually evolved into Lakeside School,
                                                               nor Henry s. Johnston in 1927, when
                      est structure on the yard is the first                                             the first fully accredited “behind-
                                                               she was 37. She brought five years
                      floor of the school building (Lakeside                                             the-walls” high school in the United
                                                               of experience with her (gained from
                      High School) built in 1921, with an                                                States.
                                                               helping her husband, Dr. George
                      upper floor added in 1949. All other

    James Rudek

Opened:     1909
Location:   Granite
Capacity:   999
Gender:     Male
Security:   Medium/

                                                                               Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook               85
As additional history, famous aviator     philosophy through a regimented cur-    CIMC LIFE SKILLS                          ers whose total battery performance level
and Oklahoman, Wiley Post, once           riculum. The FCCP is approximately      CIMC Life Skills is a nine-compo-         is below 8.9 and their reading level is too
served time at OSR. In 1921, he was       12-15 months in length. The partici-    nent program which provides offend-       high to qualify for the Literacy program.
convicted and sentenced to ten years      pants receive 30 achievement credits    ers information for developing and/
                                                                                                                            HIGH SCHOOL INSTRUCTION
for stealing a car, but was paroled af-   for graduating the program.             or enhancing basic life skills intended   This program targets individuals who
ter one year.                                                                     to help them function better upon re-
                                         B.O.S.S. (Back Office Support                                                      lack one or two units of credit com-
THINKING FOR A CHANGE                                                             entry into society.                       pleting their standard high school
                                         Systems) TELEMARKETING
This is a program that uses cognitive    This program employees 45 offend-                                                  diploma and who are expected to re-
restructuring concepts to systemati-     ers housed on the General Population                                               main in the population long enough
                                                                                  This program targets individual of-
cally alter thinking, feeling, beliefs,  Units. These offenders are trained on                                              to complete the necessary course re-
                                                                                  fenders whose reading skill level is
attitudes, and values to improve criti-  basic communication skills allowing                                                quirements.
                                                                                  below 6.0 as measured by the Test of
cal social skills.                       them to productively sell a long dis-    Adult Basic Education at the time of COLLEGE PROGRAM
                                         tance telephone service to small busi-   entry into the education program.       This program targets individual of-
                                         nesses across the United States for a                                            fenders who have a confirmed high
                                         private company contracted with the      G.E.D. PREPARATION                      school diploma or G.E.D. Certificate
The mission of the Faith & Character
                                         Department of Corrections.               This program targets individual of- and have demonstrated the “ability to
Community Program (FCCP) is to
                                                                                  fenders whose total battery perfor- benefit” from college (Associate De-
develop pro-social character qualities BARBERING
                                                                                  mance level is above 8.9.               gree) program by passing the entrance
in offenders with long-term sentences This program targets individual students
                                                                                                                          exam of Western Oklahoma State
through modeling of pro-social quali- who already hold confirmed high school      ADULT BASIC
ties by staff and the integration of the diplomas or GED certificate and who      EDUCATION (ABE)
offender’s personal spirituality or life wish to learn basic barbering skills.    This program targets individual offend-
86      Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
OKLAHOMA                            Equipment Maintenance Facility           lated operations. Agri-Services        The OSR Chapel provides the facili-
CORRECTIONAL                        is a full-service garage responsible     farm operation employs sufficient      ty with an exclusive area for the faith
INDUSTRIES GARMENT                  for servicing and maintaining the        amount of offenders to maintain        and religious needs of the offender
FACTORY                             fleet in excess of 32 vehicles as well   operations.                            population seven days a week.
The OCI Garment Factory located     as heavy farm equipment, small
at OSR currently employs 70 of-     engine mowing equipment and              MEDICAL SERVICES                       LAW LIBRARY
fenders. The factory produces all   other equipment for OSR Agri-            OSR Medical Services provides          The OSR Law Library provides an
offender clothing and linens used   Service while meeting the needs          medical, dental, vision and psychi-    avenue for offenders to obtain le-
within the Oklahoma Department      of other facilities within the Okla-     atric services to all OSR offenders,   gal assistance from trained offender
of Corrections.                     homa Department of Corrections.          five Southwest Oklahoma Work
                                                                                                                    research assistants. Offenders are
AGRI-SERVICES VEHICLE                                                        Centers, and two contracted county
                                    AGRI-SERVICES                                                                   provided this service to assist them
MAINTENANCE FACILITY                                                         jails.
                                    Agri-Services is responsible for                                                in cases related to conditions of con-
The OSR Agri-Services Vehicle and   the production of agriculture re-        RELIGIOUS PROGRAMS                     finement and post-conviction relief.

                                                                                           Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook             87
                                 William S. Key Correctional Center
                                     The William S. Key Correctional        tary site which was an Army supply      tribes in what is now western Okla-
                                     Center was formally opened on          base in the late 1800’s. The facility   homa. Lieutenant Colonel George
                                     December 6, 1988, as a minimum         shares grounds with the Oklahoma        Custer and members of the Seventh
                                     security institution at Fort supply,   Department of Mental Health and         U.S. Cavalry were occupants of the
                                     Oklahoma, and named after General      Substance Abuse Services, the De-       camp. The mission of the Fort Sup-
                                     William Key. General Key served as     partment of Career Technology Edu-      ply Historic Site is to educate the
                                     Warden of Oklahoma State Peniten-                                              public about the history of Fort Sup-
                                                                            cation, and the Oklahoma Historic
                                     tiary on two different occasions.                                              ply and northwest Oklahoma.
                                                                            Society, which is responsible for the
                                     Sue Frank was appointed the first      Fort Supply Historic Site.            OFFENDER PROGRAMS
                                     warden of the William S. Key facil-                                          “PRISONER PUBLIC WORKS
                                                                            FORT SUPPLY
                                     ity and was also instrumental in                                             PROGRAM” (PPWP)
                                                                            HISTORIC SITE
                                     the establishment of the Historic                                            WSKCC has 19 active PPWP work
                                                                            The Fort Supply Historic site was es-
                                     Foundation, dedicated to restoring                                           crews offering employment to a max-
           Warden                                                           tablished on November 18, 1868, as
                                     and interpreting the history of the                                          imum of 81 offenders. Additionally,
                                                                            “Camp Supply” for the winter cam-
        Marvin Vaughn                Camp Supply era, a former mili-
                                                                                                                  there are up to five PPWP crews that
                                                                            paign against the Southern Plains

     Opened:       1988
     Location:     Fort Supply
     Capacity:     1,137
     Gender:       Male
     Security:     Minimum

88      Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
work at area schools during the sum-    puts up the displays and lights for    residential for 200 minimum-secu-         the powers and pressures of addic-
mer months when school is not in        Woodward Crystal Christmas display     rity male offenders, as assessed by       tion, addressing criminogenic needs,
session and students are not present.   that is open to the public beginning   the custody assessment scale. The         restoring hopes, dreams and values,
These are temporary jobs offering       around Thanksgiving and continuing     program is divided into three phas-       encouraging honesty and trust, and
employment for up to 30 offenders.      through the end of the year. When      es with duration of no less than six      promoting responsibility and owner-
                                        the display is closed, the offenders   months. The Key to Life program           ship for negative behavior. The of-
Most of the PPWP crews provide
                                        take the lights down and disassemble   elicits change, from anti-social think-   fenders, as well as the staff members,
lawn maintenance, trash removal,
                                        the displays.                          ing to pro-social thinking, by provid-    accomplish the successful completion
and other various tasks for a num-
                                                                               ing a highly structured cognitive be-     of KTL through hard work, determi-
ber of county, city, and state agencies All crews are under the supervision of
                                                                               havioral program. Through role play,      nation, and dedication. The program
in Woodward. Some crews provide DOC officers or trained civilian su-
                                                                               homework assignments, and group           offers offenders a new direction in life
maintenance and repairs for build- pervisors.
                                                                               discussions the offenders rehearse        by providing the resources, materials,
ings and offices.
                                        KEY TO LIFE (KTL)                      pro-social responses dealing with life    and a safe environment conducive to
Each year, a special PPWP crew is The KTL program is a Drug and situations. Staff members are com-                       promoting change. Materials used
assigned to the city of Woodward Alcohol Substance Abuse program. mitted to affecting change in the of-                  in the Key to Life program consist of
Crystal Christmas Project. This crew The program’s structure is intensive fenders by helping them overcome               Thinking for a Change, Moral Rec-

                                                                                               Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook               89
onation Therapy, Life Without a        - Workkeys, and academic areas      with a variety of vegetables be-
Crutch, and several group classes      of reading and applied math.        ing grown, which are utilized in
from Texas Christian Univer-           Achievement credits are awarded     the facility kitchen every sum-
                                                                                                                       William S. Key
sity’s (TCU) Institute of Behav-       in accordance with hours com-       mer.
ioral Health. TCU groups are           pleted.
Preparation to Change, Getting                                             AGRI-SERVICES
Motivated to Change, Unlock            EDUCATION                           The WSKCC Agri-Services unit
Your Thinking, Understanding           WSKCC opened the education          consists of 3,552 acres. Of these
and Reducing Angry Feelings,           department in 1989 and has av-      acres, 110 are cropland and 300
Straight Ahead (Transition Skills      eraged 30 students at any given     are improved grasses. This native
for Recovery), and Partners in         time with an average of 200         and improved rangeland sup-
Parenting. Currently, the four         students a year receiving their     ports a 240-head cow/calf opera-
Drug and Alcohol Counselors            High School Diploma through         tion which is watered utilizing
are in the process of piloting an-     Lakeside School.       WSKCC        the Beaver River to the north
other program from TCU enti-           implemented the College Pro-        and Wolf Creek to the south.
tled Mapping Your Reentry Plan:        gram in 2009 through Rose                                               The William S. Key Correctional Center
Heading Home. In addition to           State College and UCO. Col-         Irrigation is used to maximize      was named after the late General William
requirements of the program,           lege courses are offered for the    production on the agricultur-       Key. General Key served as warden of
participants are encouraged to         offenders that are self pay or      al crops which include winter       Oklahoma State Penitentiary on two
meet any Educational needs that        through tribal funds.               wheat for haying and grazing        different occasions. He was president of
have been assessed, such as GED,                                           and alfalfa to supplement the       the U.S. Wardens Association and also
ABE, and Career-Tech.                  FACILITY OPERATIONS
                                                                           beef herd in the winter months.     served as chairman of the Oklahoma
                                       TREE FARM                           Vegetable crops are also grown      Pardon and Parole Board from 1928
CAREER TECH                            WSKCC has a one-acre tree
                                                                           on a 23-acre garden. Vegetables     to 1932. Key was best known for his
The Construction Trades Acad-          farm that is sponsored by the
                                                                           grown consist of broccoli, cab-     military activities, serving as commander
emy and Welding/Fabrication            forestry department. Small trees
Program is located at WSKCC                                                bage, carrots, cantaloupe, honey-   of the 45th Division in 1940, commanding
                                       are donated to any non-profit
and offers individual training to                                          dew melon, and potatoes. These      general of the U.S. Forces in Iceland from
                                       agency upon request. The trees
meet industry needs. The length                                            crops are grown on raised beds      June 1943, until December 1944, and
                                       are planted as saplings, grow for
of time to complete training                                               with drip irrigation and plastic    commanding general of the U.S. Forces
                                       approximately 12-24 months,
varies and none are over eight                                             mulch to more efficiently utilize   in Hungary from January 1945, to August
                                       and are transplanted when do-
months. Each student will par-                                             water while reducing labor costs    1946.
                                       nated to the requesting agency.
ticipate to some degree in trade                                           and competition from invasive
skills areas, life skills, Kay Train   WSKCC has a two-acre garden         plants.
90      Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook

Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook   91
                                   OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS
                                                   OPERATIONAL SERVICES
                                                         Organizational Chart


               Administrator                                Administrator                Administrator

92    Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                              Operational Services
                The Operational Services Unit con-         ment of new offenders. The Central          food products, including meats and
                sists of, and provides oversight to, the   Transportation Unit (CTU) is also a         vegetables for offender consumption.
                Classification and Population Unit,        part of this unit; four separate sites      Both provide large numbers of mean-
                Agri-Services, Oklahoma Correction-        are located within the state and CTU        ingful jobs for the offender popula-
                al Industries, and the Construction        is responsible for transporting all of-     tion.
                and Asbestos Abatement Units.              fenders after initial classification.
                                                                                                   The Construction Unit is responsi-
                The Classification and Population          Oklahoma Correctional Industries ble for large new construction proj-
                Unit is responsible for collecting and     (OCI) provides necessities for hous- ects throughout the state, as well as
                reporting agency offender counts,          ing of offenders, including clothing, remodeling endeavors and project
                review of security assessment tools        cell furnishings, and cleaning prod- inspection. Asbestos-contaminated
                and offender transfer requests, of-        ucts, as well as office furnishings for buildings are abated by the Asbestos
                fender sentence administration, the        staff. Products are also produced Abatement Unit, for both the De-
    Chief       Sex Offender Registry, and reception       and sold to other governmental enti- partment of Corrections and for oth-
Marty Sirmons   and initial classification and place-      ties. The Agri-Services Unit produces er state agencies.

                      Construction and Asbestos Abatement Units
                      ACCOMPLISHMENTS                          facility leaders and staff to ensure        institution’s operation.
                •	 The Asbestos Abatement Unit                 the normal operations of both
                                                                                   •	 A new elevated water tower and
                   worked throughout 2010 to                   facilities were impacted as little as
                                                                                      line-loop system was completed
                   remove asbestos material from               possible.
                                                                                      at Mack Alford Correctional
                   buildings at James Crabtree •	 The Construction unit completed     Center, providing the facility and
                   Correctional Center and at     a warehouse building at Mabel
                                                                                      surrounding areas with improved
                   Jackie Brannon Correctional    Bassett Correctional Center,
                                                                                      water provision.
                   Center.    Asbestos abatement  giving that facility much-needed
                   staff has worked closely with  storage for goods vital to the

                                                                           Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook             93
           SPOTLIGHT                      purpose building into housing for bedspace for 184 offenders.                   services staff, and staff from the
Renovation work began at Bill             offenders.                                                                      Division of Institutions, to ensure
                                                                                This project has required close
Johnson Correctional Center to                                                                                            the project is cost-efficient and is
                                          When completed in 2011, these communication and support by
transform two areas, formerly used as                                                                                     completed in a timely manner.
                                          renovations will result in additional facility leaders and staff, operational
Career Tech and as a laundry/multi-

                                    Oklahoma Correctional Industries
                                              ACCOMPLISHMENTS                      Department produced a prototype        jobs.
                                        •	 Following months of discussion,         above-ground storm shelter for   Private partnerships are a designed
                                           reviews, and planning, Oklahoma         the new private industry customerfocus to diversify revenue steams
                                           Correctional Industries won the         ASSI (Area Septic Systems, Inc.) in order to mitigate the impact
                                           bid for a Tulsa County Fairgrounds      which has been tested by Texas   of forecasted drops in sales of
                                           project (metalwork). This project       Tech University for safety and   traditional products and services on
                                           is valued at over $600,000.             stability. Texas Tech certified the
                                                                                                                    profitability. By diversifying in this
                                        •	 The Oklahoma Correctional               shelter, which places in among   manner, Oklahoma Correctional
                                           Industries Upholstery Shop at           the top products of its type in the
                                                                                                                    Industries remains profitable during
                                           Mack Alford Correctional Center         field.                           very troubling times for correctional
                                           completed a rush order for the                 SPOTLIGHT                 industry endeavors as well as other
                                           Pontotoc County Courthouse The standout achievement of government agencies. The private
          J.D. Colbert
                                           consisting of 329 pieces of seating Oklahoma Correctional Industries sector division now provides nearly
                                           in four weeks from the date of the for 2010 was the managed growth of half of the industries’ annual revenues.
                                           order. OCI staff worked closely private partnerships. The partnerships This accomplishment was achieved
                                           with the representatives of the with private industry began by with maximum support from both
                                           county to coordinate the project employing less than 50 offender agency executive staff and staff at
                                           with the critically short deadline. workers, and by the end of the year, facilities where private partnership
                                        •	 The OCI Metal Fabrication employed 435 offenders in various entities are located.

94      Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                     ACCOMPLISHMENTS                  •	 The Agri-Services Unit increased                SPOTLIGHT
                •	 The Agri-Services Meat Processing cooperative efforts with extension       In 2010, Agri-Services worked jointly
                Center and Food Processing Plant agents, the horticulture department,
                                                                                              with local FFA (Future Farmers
                both became federally-inspected and vegetable specialists from
                                                                                              of America) chapters in utilizing
                facilities, allowing Agri-Services to Oklahoma        State     University.
                                                      These professionals assisted with       their greenhouses in a community
                expand the customer base to include
                                                      identification of crops that are
                the federal penal system and state                                            effort to grow seedlings that can be
                                                      conducive to soils on the various
                systems outside Oklahoma.                                                     transplanted to the farm units. The
                                                      farm units. Additionally, the OSU
                •	 Agri-Services produced and Food and Agricultural Products                  practice allowed Agri-Services to
                processed ten varieties of fruits and Center worked cooperatively with        obtain plants at a lesser cost while
                vegetables on three different Agri- Agri-Services to efficiently and
                                                                                              strengthening     our    community
Administrator   Services units, including potatoes, effectively process and package fruit
                                                      and vegetable products for use by the   relationships by giving the students a
 Dick Davis     tomatoes, onions, cabbage, broccoli,
                                                      Department of Corrections.              practical learning experience, as well
                carrots, green beans, melons, greens
                and turnips.                                                                  as a fund-raising opportunity.

                                                                     Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook            95
                                           Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
                               Mangum Community Work Center • August 26, 2010

 1                         2                            3         4                                 5

 6                                                           7

                                                             1. Maxine Tomason, Mayor, City of Mangum
                                                             2. Purcy Walker, Representative, District 60
                                                             3. Reginald Hines, Deputy Director, Community Corrections
                                                             4. Larry R. Moore, Post Adjutant, VFW
                                                             5. Tom Ivester, Senator, District 26
                                                             6. Ribbon Cutting Ceremony outside the Mangum
                                                             Community Work Center
                                                             7. Front view of Mangum Community Work Center

96   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
Private Prison and
Jail Administration

  Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook   97
                                           OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS
                                                PRIVATE PRISON & JAIL ADMINISTRATION
                                                           Organizational Chart


                Warden                                 Warden                                Warden

                                     Warden                          JAIL ADMINISTRATION                         Warden
                             (No Oklahoma Offenders)               (No Oklahoma Offenders)               (No Oklahoma Offenders)

98   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                Private Prison and Jail Administration
                   Due to overcrowding in the                In addition to annual renewal contract     •	 There are currently over
                   Department of Corrections facilities      negotiations with the private prison      5,000 empty private prison beds
                   during 1994, interested sheriffs          corporations, the unit is responsible     in Oklahoma.
                   contracted with the Oklahoma              for liaison between the individual
                   Department of Corrections for             facilities and the department, review
                   bed space in an effort to alleviate       and approval of new construction/           Highlights
                   overcrowding. In 1995, State Statute      renovation, serious incident review,
                   57 § 561 was enacted, authorizing         statistical information, state statute/
                   the Oklahoma Department of                contract/policy compliance, and              Diamondback
                   Corrections to contract with private      annual auditing of each contract
                                                                                                       Correctional Facility
                   prison operators to house Oklahoma        facility.
                   offenders, thereby creating the Private                                              notified their staff
                   Prison and Jail Administration Unit.
                                                                  •	 The GEO Great Plains                on March 2 that
Renee Watkins
                   The unit also has statutory                   Correctional Facility in Hinton,        their last day of
                   responsibility to monitor not only            Oklahoma and the CCA
                   private prisons and county jails              Diamondback          Correctional
                                                                                                         operation would
                   housing Oklahoma DOC offenders,               Facility in Watonga, Oklahoma          be May 6, 2010.
                   but any private prison operating              lost contracts with the Arizona
                                                                                                       Arizona terminated
                   within the state. As of April 2011,           Department of Corrections.
                   a total of 14 county jails and six            Both facilities are currently          or did not renew
                   institutions, with oversight of 7,559         unoccupied and are seeding out-          their contract
                   offenders (2,370 non-Oklahoma,                of-state and/or federal contracts.
                   4,738 Oklahoma, 451 county jail
                                                                                                        with Corrections
                                                                  •	 Cimarron        Correctional
                   offenders) are monitored by the unit.
                                                                 Facility in Cushing, Oklahoma
                                                                                                          Corporation of
                   Three institutions house Oklahoma
                                                                 requested permission for one of         America (CCA).
                   offenders and one houses California
                                                                 their new housing units to be
                                                                 certified as maximum security.

                                                                             Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook      99
                                       PRIVATE PRISONS WITH OKLAHOMA INMATES

                                                    CIMARRON CORRECTIONAL FACILITY
                                                    Capacity: 660 General Population, 40 Restrictive Housing and 4 Medical.
                                                    Per Diem is $46.31.
                                                    Joseph Taylor, Warden
                                                    3200 S. Kings Highway
                                                    Cushing, OK 74023
                                                    Phone: 918-225-3336
                                                    Fax: 918-225-3363

                                                    DAVIS CORRECTIONAL FACILITY
                                                    Capacity: 1,620 General Population (360 Maximum, and 1,260 Medium security) with 240
                                                    Therapeutic Community, 40 Restrictive Housing and 4 Medical.
                                                    Per Diem is $60.95 for Maximum security. Per Diem is $46.31 for Medium security.
                                                    Robert Ezell, Warden
                                                    6888 East 133rd Road
                                                    Holdenville, OK 74848-9033
                                                    Phone: 405-379-6400
                                                    Fax: 405-379-6496

                                                    LAWTON CORRECTIONAL FACILITY
                                                    Capacity: 2,526 (304 Protective Custody, 82 Restrictive Housing, and 13 Medical).
                                                    Per diem is $39.65.

                                                    David C. Miller, Warden
                                                    8607 SE Flower Mound Road
                                                    Lawton, OK 73501
                                                    Phone: 580-351-2778
                                                    Fax: 580-351-2641

100   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                                                       CONTRACT FACILITIES
                                           Map of Private Prisons and Contract Jails in Oklahoma

                                                                                                   Cimarron Correctional Facility (CCF)
          Diamondba ck Correctional Facility (DBCF)                                                Cushing, OK
          Watonga, OK                                                                              Capacity 1620
          Capacity 2160                                                                                     660 Oklahoma Offenders
          Currently Unoccupied                                                                              960 Unoccupie d

     Great Plains Correctional Facility (GPCF)
     Hinton, OK
     Capacity 2000
     Currently Unoccupied

North Fork Correctional Facility (NFCF)
Sayre, OK
Capacity 2400 California Offenders

        Lawton Correctional Facility (LCF)
        Lawton, OK
        Capacity 2526 Oklahoma Offenders

                Counties with Jail Contracts

                                                                                             Davis Correctional Facility (DCF)
                                                                                             Holdenville, OK
                                                                                             Capacity 1620 Oklahoma offenders
                                                                                             360 maximum security
                                                                                             1260 medium security

                                                                                  Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook        101
                                Volunteer Appreciation Event
                          May 20, 2010 • Eddie Warrior Correctional Center

102   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook

Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook   103
                                                  OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS
                                                                COMMUNITY CORRECTIONS
                                                                     Organizational Chart

                                                   DEPUTY DIRECTOR

                                PROBATION AND PAROLE               COMMUNITY CORRECTIONS
                                    Administrator                      Administrator

            NORTHEAST DISTRICT                 TULSA COUNTY DISTRICT                     SOUTHEAST DISTRICT                     CENTRAL DISTRICT
             District Supervisor                 District Supervisor                       District Supervisor                  District Supervisor
                                                                                     Ardmore Community Work Center
                                                                                   Earl A. Davis Community Work Center
                                                                                   Carter County Community Work Center
                                                                                      Idabel Community Work Center
                                                                                       Madill Community Work Center

                                              OKLAHOMA COUNTY COMMUNITY
             District Supervisor                    District Supervisor                   District Supervisor                      Administrator
        Frederick Community Work Center           Clara Waters Community CC                 Enid Community CC                        Avalon - Tulsa
         Hobart Community Work Center            Oklahoma City Community CC              Union City Community CC                    Bridge Way, Inc.
      Lawton Community Corrections Center                                            Beaver Community Work Center             Carver Transitional Center
       Walters City Community Work Center                                            Elk City Community Work Center      Catalyst Behavioral Service - Ivanhoe
         Waurika Community Work Center                                                Sayre Community Work Center        Catalyst Behavioral Service - Cameo
                OK Halfway House                                                      Enid Community Learnig Center          Center Point - Osage County
                                                                                                                                   OK Halfway House

104     Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                            Community Corrections
                  The Division of Community Correc-       incarceration to parole, offenders       factors. Criminogenic risk factors are
                  tions has the responsibility of provid- released to Global Position Satellite    matched with intervention programs
                  ing supervision of offenders classified Monitoring and Electronic Monitor-       to reduce the likelihood of future law
                  to the community level. The division    ing for DUI offenders, and offend-       violating behavior. EBP emphasizes
                  is a multi-faceted, multi-functional,   ers residing in Oklahoma who were        outcomes over process.
                  essential component of the Depart-      sentenced in other states. The unit is
                  ment of Corrections.                                                                   ACCOMPLISHMENTS
                                                          responsible for investigations ordered
                                                                                                   • Construction of New Community
                  The most significant roles the divi- by the courts, the Pardon and Parole        Work Centers
                  sion plays in meeting the mission of Board or the Department. These              Carter County Community Work
                  the Department of Corrections are investigations include, but are not            Center - The Carter County Com-
                  the reduction in recidivism, number limited to, pre-sentence, pre-parole,        munity Work Center opened its
                  of probation revocations, alcohol and Interstate Compact, and pre-pardon.        doors and became operational May
                  drug dependencies among offenders, The Division of Probation and Parole          11, 2010. The transition of daily op-
Deputy Director   and reduction in cost to the State.
                                                          employs Evidence Based Practices         erations and movement of offender
Reginald Hines
                  Diversion is another important func- (EBP) in the supervision of offend-         population into the new building was
                  tion of the Division of Community ers. EBP supervision is designed               successfully completed by staff and
                  Corrections. This is accomplished with theory, research, public policy,          offenders after several days of moving
                  through probation and parole and is and practice; all supportive of each         to the new location. The work center
                  an alternative to incarceration.        other, leading to measurable supervi-    was formerly known as the Healdton
                                                          sion outcomes. The long term goal        Community Work Center. The new
                     PROBATION AND PAROLE
                                                          of supervision is the reduction of       location is just outside the city limits
                  Probation and Parole is the unit of the
                                                          offender risk through enhancing of-      of Wilson, Oklahoma. The Healdton
                  DOC responsible for the supervision
                                                          fender’s intrinsic motivation for pro-   Community Work Center opened its
                  of offenders sentenced by the court to
                                                          social change. EBP focuses limited       doors in the year 1990 with a popula-
                  suspended and deferred probationary
                                                          resources on those offenders with        tion of 30 offenders, later increasing
                  sentences, offenders released from
                                                          moderate to high criminogenic risk       its population to 58.
                                                                        Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook               105
Groundbreaking for the new work         2010. On May 10, 2010, the State     offers the following services for of-   opening the Carter County Commu-
center was held July 12, 2004. the      Fire Marshal gave the Department     fenders: AA, NA, Thinking for a         nity Work Center. This ceremony
Southern Oklahoma Rural Council         authorization to occupy the property Change, Victim Impact program,          was attended by several Department
(SORC), represented the surround-       and offenders began an immediate     recreational programs, and various      of Corrections employees and many
ign communities of Healdton, Wil-       move into the new center.            religious services. The majority of     local citizens. As part of the opening
son, Ringling, and Tatums. The                                               the offenders work in the Prisoners     of the new center, a memorial for the
                                        The new Carter County Commu-
town was able to pool their funding                                          Public Work Program in the cities of    late Carl Cumpton, who was a driv-
                                        nity Work Center is approximately
for purchasing land from the sale of                                         Healdton, Wilson, Ringling, Lone        ing force in the inception and initial
                                        10,000 square feet. The building
property, an unknown source and                                              Grove, Ratliff City as well as the      construction of the center, was com-
                                        consists of an open bay dormitory
with funds from grants. Using of-                                            Healdton Industrial Authority and       memorated. Mr. Cumpton’s wife,
                                        with four separate runs, which hous-
fender labor, SORC began develop-                                            Carter County District #3.              Anna, attended along with two sons
                                        es 100 offenders.
ment of the land and construction                                            A ribbon cutting ceremony was held      and one of the son’s children. The
of the bulding. The SORC Board,          The center has nine employees and                                           family graciously thanked the De-
                                                                             at the new work center, officially
Carl Cumpton, and Senator John-
nie Crutchfield were instrumental in
securing the initial funding for this
project. Building continued well
                                          Clara Waters and Oklahoma
into 2008, until SORC ran out of
                                          City Community Corrections
funds due to the depletion of avail-
                                          Centers are all in OKC under
able grant funding.
                                          Oklahoma Co. Community
In October 2008, the Department           Residential Services.
of Corrections was given the op-
portunity to purchase the property
from SORC through a legislatively
approved bond for $176,000 and,
in December 2008, the property
was purchased. In January of 2009,
department employees, supervising
offender labor, began the final push
to complete the construction of the
property which occurred May 1,

106    Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
partment of Corrections while saying     for specialized assistance and          leaders in the area. They are bankers,   4.	 Values Clarification - Learn socially
Carl’s efforts on behalf of the SORC     more. Anita Alford, Transitional        business men and women, funeral              accepted standards of behavior
board were part of his lifetime legacy   Coordinator for the SW District         directors, teachers, etc.       Some
                                                                                                                          5.	 Healthy Lifestyles - recognizes
of giving to the community.              and Dan Reynolds, Administrator         instructors include the facility
                                                                                                                              addictive behavior and how to live
                                         of Community Corrections, visited a     head and line staff. The program
In August 2010, the Mangum Com-                                                                                               drug free
                                         facility in Louisiana to obtain more    encompasses several other re-entry
munity Work Center’s stand-alone
                                         information about the program.          components that make this program        6.	 Family Issues - parenting skills;
kitchen was completed and brought
                                         After Mr. Reginald Hines, Deputy        unique and different from all others.        understand the cycle of violence,
online. At the same time, the facility’s
                                         Director of Community Corrections,      For example, the program uses the:           stress and anger management
housing capacity was increased from
                                         reviewed the material; he designated                                                 strategies
51 to 93 beds. Once operational, the                                             Relational Inquiry Tool - by Family
                                         a pilot study to commence at our
stand-alone kitchen allowed for the                                              Justice, connects offenders with         7.	 Victim Awareness - learn types of
                                         largest work center in Frederick. The
termination of the food service cater-                                           family members or identifies capable         victims and post effects as well as
                                         first class began in February 2008.
ing contract. The food service cater-                                            guardians prior to discharge.                accountability
                                         Offenders were selected based upon
ing contract for meals was $2.35 per
                                         the geographical location they were     Character First - uses six character     8.	 Money Management - teaches
meal or $7.05 per day, per offender.
                                         planning to discharge. Other criteria   qualities in exercises, scenarios and        good banking and credit
This cost was reduced to $2.68 a day
                                         included:                               role plays.                                  decisions, the purpose of a budget
per offender, a cost savings of approx-
                                                                                                                              and how to establish priorities
imately $4.37 per day per offender. 1. Offenders were selected based on          Utilizes a Victim Awareness
The total reduction in the Mangum           risk from the LSI.                   Workshop with emphasis on                9.	 Job versus Career - instructs how
CWC food service budget is estimat-                                              accountability and being responsible         to complete applications, write
                                         2. Must be work release eligible upon
ed at $140,000; overall cost savings                                             for behavior.                                resumes, interview techniques,
                                            completion of the program.
of approximately $237,900.                                                                                                    complete a prep employment
                                                                                 The program has 10 modules which
                                         3. Offender must be willing to reside                                                assessment and learn the value of
•	 100 Hour Transitional Program                                                 include:
                                            within 50 miles of their employer.                                                education
The transitional program attempts                                                1.	 Goal Setting and Decision
to place offenders in nearby cities      A course book and instructors guide         Making/Problem Solving               10.	Legal Responsibilities - covers
where they plan to live upon             was developed and instruction                                                        human, civil and property rights
                                                                                 2.	 Communication      and   Conflict
discharge and provides needed            included classroom lectures, expert
resources and tools to be successful;    presenters, workshop activities,
for example, a job, housing, support     exercises and pre- and post- tests.     3.	 Social Skills and Interpersonal      Upon completion, each graduate
groups, transportation, referrals        Instructors are primarily community         Skills                               receives a professionally typed

                                                                                               Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook                107
Tulsa County District Community Corrections employees (Kelly Austin and Heather Carlson) help load toys for needy families.
Collected and delivered were 107 toys, 10 children’s coats, 11 children’s hats, 8 pair of children’s gloves, 4 infant outfits, 4 infant
jackets, children’s socks, underwear and assorted household products.
108    Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
resume, proper identification to         Lawton, Oklahoma, on April 21,          City Community Corrections Center            Services   Division;  HIV/STD
secure employment, a portfolio, a        2010. The overwhelming support          participated in the fair. Overall, a total   Services; and Oklahoma State
pre-release handbook, a certificate of   indicated this same type of fair will   of 239 offenders and 47 public health        Department of Human Services.
completion and participants attend       be held next year. This inclusive       professionals and volunteers attended
a graduation ceremony with family        5-hour event was supported by a         the health fair. The Health Fair was
                                                                                                                              Second Chance Act - Oklahoma
members and a keynote speaker.           total of 149 participants. Greetings    provided through funding from the
                                                                                                                              City Community Corrections
The graduation occurs on a Friday        were given by Board of Corrections      National AIDS Fund and Robert
morning and the graduates board a        member Linda Neal and Division          Wood Johnson Foundation. The goal
                                                                                                                              A grant was approved to develop a
bus on Friday afternoon en route to      of      C-ommunity       Corrections    of the fair was to provide a forum
                                                                                                                              community-based transition facility
the Lawton Community Corrections         Deputy Director, Reginald Hines.        for offenders to obtain information
                                                                                                                              with a goal of reducing recidivism
Center and are assigned to work          Presentations made by Department of     related to health and social services
                                                                                                                              and improving public safety. The
release.    The following Monday         Human Services, Legal Aid, Lawton       in the community. Another goal was
                                                                                                                              target population is moderate/high
morning, they are transported to         Housing Authority and Workforce         to provide public health and reentry
                                                                                                                              risk/high need adult male offenders
their new jobs. Employers receive a      Oklahoma Youth Services were the        education to offenders.
                                                                                                                              assigned to secure facilities who are
one-year commitment which reduces        highlight. There were 38 exhibitors,
                                                                                 Vendor       organizations    that           not otherwise eligible for community
turnover and overall costs. The          7 presenters, and 18 sponsors/
                                                                                 participated included Alzheimer’s            assignment. The purpose of the
facility transports offenders to and     partners. Registration was handled
                                                                                 Association Oklahoma Chapter;                grant was to select one facility where
from their jobs while on work release    by Cameron University Criminal
                                                                                 Aspen Athletics; Big Brothers and            offenders discharging to Oklahoma
status.                                  Justice students, 10 Department
                                                                                 Big Sisters of Oklahoma; CC’s                County and the surrounding
                                         of Corrections staff, 3 guests and 5
In 2010, all community corrections                                               Cosmetology School; Chickasaw                counties would be able to move
                                         volunteers. Offender population
facilities were directed to implement                                            Nation Division of Health Diabetes           prior to discharge for transition and
                                         totaled 82 and represented Probation
the program.           Ardmore and                                               Center; Community Action Project             reentry services. The budget proposal
                                         and Parole, Global Positioning
Frederick Community Work Centers                                                 of Oklahoma City and Oklahoma/               was drafted with close input from
                                         Satellite System, Lawton Community
implemented the program in their                                                 Canadian Counties; Department                community corrections personnel.
                                         Corrections      Center,   Frederick,
facilities as well.                                                              of Corrections-Community Service             The grant included needed security
                                         Walters, Waurika and Hobart
                                                                                 Division; Guiding Right; Oklahoma            changes, program space and staffing
•	 Health Care/Social Services Fairs     Community Work Center.
                                                                                 City County Tobacco Use Prevention           concerns. When the grant was
The Southwest District hosted a
                                         The Clara Waters Community              Coalition; Oklahoma Department               developed, 7,362 offenders were
combined, “Information, Social
                                         Corrections Center held a Health Fair   of Mental Health and Substance               released, 301 were in the moderate/
Services and Resource Fair” at the
                                         on June 4, 2010. Offenders from         Abuse Services; Oklahoma State               high risk range. Of those, 167 were
Great Plains Technology Center in
                                         Carver Halfway House and Oklahoma       Department of Health Dental                  released to probation and parole

                                                                                                Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook                109
supervision and 134 were released to   substance abuse treatment, mental         for delivery of services, identifying     housing data, GED outcomes, and
no supervision.                        health services, cognitive behavioral     providers and services for a successful   pre-post substance abuse treatment
                                       restructuring, education, life skills,    reentry.                                  measures.
The focus of the project facilitated
                                       vocational services, aligned with
the process of reentering society                                                The grant provides for mentoring,         Central      District   Community
                                       faith-based services, etc.     During     assistance with housing placement,
by re-skilling offenders in ways
                                                                                                                           Corrections was also selected to
to access social service agencies      the initial 6-9 months, the offender      family reunification, job training
                                       is involved in programming at the                                                   participate in the agency’s Second
and support services. In targeting                                               and placement, post-release case
                                       facility and not in the community.                                                  Chance Grant Project.     Probation
offenders, the grant focused on                                                  management         and     community
                                       After that time period, if the offender                                             and Parole Officers assigned to the
eligible offenders 18 months prior                                               supervision. The outcome measures
to discharge. At that time, they are   is progressing well, the offender         identified in the grant are assessment    project start working with offenders
screened, moved to Oklahoma City       begins transition into community-         of learned skills, LSI-R assessment at    while incarcerated to assist with
Community Corrections Center and       based resources. The initial 2 to 3       the point of completion, skill-based      transition to supervision in the
placed into reentry programming,       months is spent developing a plan         vocational testing, employment and        community.

110    Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook

                              TOP ROW (L-R)
                               Karen White
                             Central District CC
                              Michael Dunkle
                            Southeast District CC
                                 Rick Parish
                          Tulsa County District CC
                               Leroy Young
                          Oklahoma County CC/RS

                           BOTTOM ROW (L-R)
                                Mike Carr
                           Northwest District CC
                              Teresa McCoin
                            Northeast District CC
                             Brian Thornburgh
                            Southwest District CC

Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook     111
                      Clara Waters Community Corrections Center
The Clara Waters Community Cor-        ported to the Kate Barnard Com-      function as a multi-faceted facility    read, comprehend, and complete
rections Center (originally known as munity Treatment Center (KBCTC),       to include components to address        mathematical calculations is requisite
the Clara Waters Community Treat- an all-male facility, and the males at    the need for additional community       to success in the other programs
ment Center) CWCCC, is located the KBCTC were transported to the            security beds, community sentenc-       the offender may be required to
on I-35 in northeast Oklahoma City. CWCTC which became an all-male          ing, work release and substance abuse   complete, and society in general.
The center was opened in March facility, with KBCTC becoming all-           treatment programs, as well as, pris-   The completion of GED will prepare
1978, as an all-female facility and female. On May 9, 2003, the facility    oner public works program crews to      the offender to meet prospective
                                       was severely damaged by a tornado,   assist local communities.
later changed to co-ed in September                                                                                 employers upon release. CWCCC
                                       forcing relocation of the offender
1983. The facility remained co-ed                                      EDUCATION                                    will facilitate educational programs to
until 1992, when, during a single day,                                 Education is a priority in meeting           address needs from literacy through
the females at the center were trans-   The CWCCC has the potential to offender needs.    The ability to            the completion of the GED.

  Opened:      2008
  Location:    Oklahoma City
  Capacity:    292
  Gender:      Male
  Security:    Minimum/

112    Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
COGNITIVE BEHAVIOR                        population. Students learn the           for paying court cost, child support      steady and meaningful employ-
In an effort to decrease recidivism,      relationship between HIV/STD and         payments, program support fees            ment.
the Department of Corrections             chemical dependency, the misuse          which helps to offset the cost of the
seeks to address the thoughts,            and abuse of legal and illegal drugs,    offenders incarceration.                • Provide offenders with the desire
attitude and beliefs that precipitate     history of drug abuse in America                                                   and ability to establish or re-es-
criminal behavior. CWCCC                  and how prescription and non-            TRANSITIONAL PROGRAM                      tablish strong, nurturing relation-
offers the “Thinking for a Change”        prescription drugs alter the function    The Transitional Program is a 100-        ships.
cognitive behavioral program,             of the mind and body.                    hour program that targets offend-
                                                                                                                           • Improve offender confidence in
utilizing trained staff to address this                                            ers within 60 days of work release
                                          WORK RELEASE PROGRAM                                                               their ability to cope with daily life
need.                                                                              eligibility and those within 60 days
                                          Offenders with less than 1,095 days                                                challenges.
                                                                                   of discharge, not eligible for work
SEEKING SAFETY PROGRAM                    left to serve become eligible for work
                                                                                   release. The specified goals for the    • Develop mentoring relationships
The Seeking Safety Program is an          release. Offenders assigned to this
                                                                                   program are as follows:
Evidence Based Model for Substance        program are offered the opportunity                                                with ex-offenders who completed
Abuse and Trauma/PTSD program             to work in the community. When           • Provide offenders with the tools        the program and are successful
which is offered to the offender          assigned, they become responsible          necessary to obtain and maintain        upon their release.

                                                                                             CLARA WATERS
                                              Clara Waters was the wife of Dr. George Waters, who was the warden of the Oklahoma State Reformatory in
                                              Granite from 1920-1926. She had been actively involved in her husband’s work, so much so that one year af-
                                              ter his death she was named warden of the reformatory. This appointment made Clara Waters the first female
                                              warden in the United States to head a state prison. She also is reported to be the first female to head an all
                                              male prison. While serving as warden, she developed the educational and vocational training opportunities
                                              provided to the young offenders convicted of felonies and began the first in-house educational program at the
                                              reformatory. This program eventually evolved into the Lakeside School, the first fully accredited behind-the
                                              walls high school in the United States. Other accomplishments included a classification program to segregate
                                              the younger offenders from the older inmates. In addition, she initiated a 24-hour day medical access pro-
                                              gram at the reformatory, which later became a required standard at all correctional facilities.

                                                                                                 Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook                 113
                                  Enid Community Corrections Center
The Enid Community Corrections           CAREER TECH WELDING                        placement in a competitive field.       Center. The facility also has 10
Center, located in Enid, Oklahoma, PROGRAM                                          Multiple graduates from the program     offenders working in the community
opened in 1974 as a treatment center. Nine offenders are currently                  are currently living in the community   on work release status.
The facility, formerly a motel, consists participating in the Career Tech           and are employed as welders.
                                         Welding Certification Program. The         In addition to their enrollment in      100 HOUR TRANSITION
of four large buildings and two
                                         program is a joint venture between         one of the programs, many of these      PROGRAM
smaller storage/laundry buildings.
                                         Enid CCC, Career Tech and Autry            offenders are also assigned to one of   ECCC implemented the 100-hour
Three of the buildings face Maine
                                         Vo-Tech in Enid. The school is             various on-center PPWP crews or         transition program in October of
Street and contain offender housing,
                                         situated east of the city on the grounds   community service organizations.        2010. This program is held quarterly
staff offices, visiting, and recreation of the Woodring Municipal Airport.          Included among these are the City of    and involves community members
rooms. The fourth building contains Offenders who successfully complete             Enid, Northern Oklahoma College,        and staff for instruction. ECCC
the administration offices upstairs and the program will receive their welding      Oklahoma Highway Patrol and             has partnered with Associated
the kitchen/dining areas downstairs. certification and assistance with job          the Northern Oklahoma Resource          Therapeutic Services (ATS) to

  Opened:       1974
  Location:     Enid
  Capacity:     99
  Gender:       Male
  Security:     Minimum/

114     Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
provide licensed and professional three phase curriculum of:                  THINKING FOR A CHANGE                 nal ways of thinking and behaving
instruction free of charge. Offenders •   Goals and Communication             (TFC)                                 and practicing positive behavior. All
must be within 30 days of GPS, •          Family and Health                   The objective of TFC is to reduce
                                                                                                                    offenders will have the opportunity
Halfway House placement, parole •         Community and Responsibility        criminal thinking and behaviors and
                                                                                                                    to attend and participate in Thinking
or discharge to participate in the    ECCC has held two graduation            promote pro-social thinking and be-
program. Staff, ATS employees and     ceremonies and begins the third class   havior. The curriculum consists of    for a Change. ECCC has two TFC
members of the community apply a in May 2011.                                 twenty-two units on reducing crimi-   facilitators.

                           Lawton Community Corrections Center
The Lawton Community Correc-          Oklahoma, and is a male-only fa-     for the offenders from being incarcer-   pro-social associates were less likely
tions Center (LCCC) is a com-         cility.                              ated one day and being back in the       to re-offend as opposed to those who
munity corrections center of the                                           community that same night. Sta-          did not. The facility was established
                                      The LCCC, like the agency’s other
Southwest District Community                                               tistical data supported the presump-     with the goal of providing the of-
                                      community corrections centers,
Corrections. The center opened                                             tion that offenders who were released    fenders with a steady gradual reentry
                                      opened as the agency was attempting
in April 1973 and is located in the                                        with meaningful employment, ad-          process to address those issues that
                                      to create a much smoother transition
southwestern portion of Lawton,                                            equate transportation, a home, and       would carry over to release/discharge.

  Opened:     1973
  Location:   Lawton
  Capacity:   158
  Gender:     Male
  Security:   Minimum/

                                                                                           Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook           115
TREATMENT (RSAT)                             THINKING
This program is designed for a minimum       FOR A CHANGE (TFAC)
of six months and maximum of one             The program integrates cognitive            assessed, via the TABE Test, then
                                                                                         assigned a beginning position based on    CAREER TECH
year in length and accommodates              approaches for changing behavior by
                                                                                         the TABE result. Offenders who cannot     The LCCC Career Tech Fleet
approximately twenty offenders in a          restructuring offender thinking (e.g.,
                                                                                         read or who are deemed inappropriate      Maintenance       Program       provides
separate wing of the facility. A cognitive   antisocial attitudes, values, or beliefs)
                                                                                         for GED classes will be placed at an      classroom instruction and hands on
behavioral approach to substance abuse       and teaching pro-social cognitive skills
                                                                                         ABE starting position. The focus          experience to participants in the area of
is the core curriculum for this program.     (e.g., effective problem solving and
                                                                                         for the ABE participants is literacy/     preventative and service maintenance
Relapse prevention, reintegration            the ability to consider consequences).
                                                                                         improving their reading and reading       to fleet vehicles. Participants who
and vocational skill development are         Two groups of no more than twelve
                                                                                         comprehension skills. Classes coincide    complete the program receive a
also key components. The program             participants are usually available,
                                                                                         with the Lawton Public School’s           certificate of completion in the area
provides substance abuse treatment for       with one group consisting of RSAT
                                                                                         calendar. Classes meet twice per week     of fleet maintenance. There are
offenders who have been identified with      offenders and the other group for
                                                                                         for approximately 3 hours per session.    twelve slots for general population
the need for intervention while they are     general population. Classes normally
                                                                                         Participants work at the teacher’s        offenders. This program is designed
at the community-security level. Upon        meet twice a week for approximately
                                                                                         schedule with success dependent upon      to be completed in eight to twelve
completion of the RSAT Program,              1.5 hours per session.
                                                                                         the participant’s progress. The goal of   months. Upon program completion,
eligible offenders are transferred to
                                                                                         the program is for the participants to    the offender must not have less than
facilities where they can continue their     GENERAL EQUIVALENCY
treatment per the individual aftercare                                                   obtain their GED.                         720 days and no more than 1,815
                                             DIPLOMA (GED)
plans.                                                                                                                             if halfway house eligible. Instructors
                                             Offenders without a high school
                                             diploma are required to participate in                                                also assist offenders in attaining and
                                             the GED Program. Each participant is                                                  maintaining employment.

116     Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                   Oklahoma City Community Corrections Center
The Thunderbird Motel (T-Bird) was      facility until 2000 when the males       damaged by a tornado and the Okla-     thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that
leased by the Department of Correc-     were transferred to other community      homa City Community Corrections        lead to criminal behavior.
tions in 1970 and was originally used   corrections centers and the facility     Center was reopened earlier than ex-
                                                                                                                        The Thinking For A Change pro-
for administrative offices. The Okla-   became the Mabel Bassett Minimum         pected to house the displaced male
                                                                                                                        gram is also utilized with the Second
homa City Community Corrections         Unit, an all-female unit. In 2003, the   offenders.
                                                                                                                        Chance Project. Additional cogni-
Center was opened for offenders in      Mabel Bassett Correctional Center,
                                                                                 COGNITIVE BEHAVIOR                     tive behavior programs offered are
1971 and was the first “Community       including the minimum unit, was
                                                                                 The cognitive behavior program         Victims Impact, Associates for Suc-
Treatment Center” in the state of       transferred to McLoud, Oklahoma
                                                                                 available at Oklahoma City Commu-      cess, and Life Skills.
Oklahoma. The Thunderbird Motel         and Oklahoma City Community
                                                                                 nity Corrections Center is “Thinking
was also the first correctional prop-   Corrections Center was vacant for                                              SUBSTANCE ABUSE
                                                                                 For A Change,” utilizing both trained
erty ever purchased by the state of     approximately two months. On May                                               Substance abuse treatment is provid-
                                                                                 staff and resources in the community.
Oklahoma, under a lease/purchase        9, 2003, the Clara Waters Commu-                                               ed for offenders through COPE, Inc.
                                                                                 This program seeks to address the
agreement. The center was an all-male   nity Corrections Center was severely                                           This is a 16 week program and upon

  Opened:       1971
  Location:     Oklahoma City
  Capacity:     228
  Gender:       Male
  Security:     Minimum/

                                                                                              Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook           117
successful completion, the offender    WORK RELEASE PROGRAM                      cidivism and improve public safety.
has access to relapse prevention and Oklahoma City Community Correc-             The target population are moderate/           Highlights
aftercare upon discharge. The goal of tions Center has 50 beds reserved for      high risk/high need, adult male of-
                                       offenders participating in the work re-                                                  The Victim Impact of
this program is to provide the offend-                                           fenders who would not typically
                                       lease program who have no more than                                                   Crimes course has started
er with the tools necessary to address 1,095 days left to serve and meet the     have an opportunity to reentry ser-
                                                                                                                              at Oklahoma City CCC
addictive and self-defeating behavior. other work release criteria. Once em-     vices in a community-based facility.
                                                                                                                                 through the Second
                                       ployed, the offender becomes respon-      The transition focuses on addressing
PRISONER PUBLIC WORKS                                                                                                           Chance Act Grant. A
                                       sible for repaying court costs, child
PROGRAM                                                                          unmet needs of the offenders utiliz-          total of 12 participants
                                       support, fines and program support
The Oklahoma City Community fees which helps offset the cost of the              ing onsite treatment and educational           will initially have the
Corrections Center provides offend- offender’s incarceration.                    services as well as local social services   opportunity to participate
ers for the Prisoner Public Works                                                agency, vocational and educational               in this class. The
                                        SECOND CHANCE ACT
Program. This program provides of- The Oklahoma City Community                   services, volunteers, faith and com-         Victim Impact of Crime
fenders for other state agencies to as- Corrections Center Second Chance         munity organizations, natural sup-            curriculum consists of
sist with labor, maintenance or office project is a community based tran-        ports and family members in the              13 units. each requiring
orderlies.                              sition facility purposed to reduce re-   central Oklahoma area.                       approximately 2.5 hours
                                                                                                                                for completion. This
                                                                                                                              program helps offenders
                                                                                                                             learn about the impact of
                                                                                                                                  crime on victims.

118    Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                          Union City Community Corrections Center
Union City was originally built for      opened March 24, 2005, as the Union      Cognitive restructuring concepts an assessed substance abuse need.
Avalon Corporation in 1999, as a         City Community Corrections Center        require a systematic approach to
                                         with a capacity of 228 offenders. The                                            ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS
high-security juvenile facility. The                                              identifying thinking, feeling, beliefs,
structure, approximately 45,270          majority of the offenders are assigned                                           A 12-step, self-help group for
                                                                                  attitudes, values and targets critical
square feet on 20 acres, was purchased   to work for surrounding city, county,                                            addressing alcohol addiction.
                                                                                  social skills.
by the Oklahoma Department of            or state agencies under provisions of
Corrections in July 2006. It was         the Prisoner Public Works Program.       SUBSTANCE ABUSE
                                                                                                                           Assists offenders in reaching a level of
determined that the facility was best                                             TREATMENT
                                         THINKING FOR A CHANGE                                                             competency to achieve a high school
suited to house community level                                                   An approved four-month program
                                         A cognitive behavioral theory model                                               diploma equivalency.
offenders.     The facility officially                                            that provides treatment for those with

   Opened:       2005
   Location:     Union City
   Capacity:     228
   Gender:       Male
   Security:     Minimum/

                                                                                                Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook               119
A program designed for individuals
                                      • Fatherhood
                                      • Arts and Crafts
and families with limited resources   • Living Longer, Living Stronger
and low educational attainment        • 100 Hour Transition Program           DOC received an Adam Walsh Act
who desire basic information          • Turning Point                    Implementation grant of $205,584 which will
about managing money and other        • Rich Dad, Poor Dad
                                                                          support placement of digital fingerprinting
resources.                            Individualized treatment and
                                      program needs are determined by     technology in probation and parole offices.
                                      the offender’s case plan.

120    Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
Community Work

 Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook   121
                                         Community Work Centers

                                                                                                  Executive Communications
                                                                                                   established Twitter on the
                                                                                                        DOC webpage.
              Ardmore Community Work Center                     Beaver Community Work Center

                                                FACILITY OPENED                 LOCATION                CAPACITY GENDER SECURITY
                                                                         Ardmore Industrial Airpark
                                                 Ardmore        1990     316 Grumman                      98      Male   Community
                                                                         Ardmore, OK 73401-0100

                                                                         215 Avenue E
             Earl Davis Community Work Center     Beaver        1992                                      44      Male   Community
                                                                         Beaver, OK 73932-1210

                                                                         Route 4, Box 36B
                                                Earl A. Davis   1993     3297 N. 369 Road                 84      Male   Community
                                                                         Holdenville, OK 74848

                                                                         1309 Airport Industrial Road
                                                 Elk City       1993                                      90      Male   Community
                                                                         Elk City, OK 73644-1142

              Elk City Community Work Center

122   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                                Community Work Centers

Frederick Community Work Center               Healdton Community Work Center                   Hobart Community Work Center

                                  FACILITY OPENED                LOCATION             CAPACITY GENDER SECURITY

                                                         18205 County Rd. NS 215
                                  Frederick    1991                                      108         Male     Community
                                                         Frederick, OK 73542-9614

                                                         110 N. 4th Street
                                  Healdton     1990                                       55         Male     Community
 Hollis Community Work Center                            Healdton, OK 73438-1612

                                                         311 South Washington
                                  Hobart       1993                                       84         Male     Community
                                                         Hobart, OK 73651-4023

                                                         106 West Jones
                                  Hollis       1991                                       48         Male     Community
                                                         Hollis, OK 73550-0171

                                                         1800 W. Martin Luther King
                                  Idabel       1990      St.                              82         Male     Community
 Idabel Community Work Center
                                                         Idabel, OK 74745-4000

                                                                     Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook         123
                                             Community Work Centers

             Madill Community Work Center                  Mangum Community Work Center               Sayre Community Work Center

                                               FACILITY OPENED LOCATION                       CAPACITY    GENDER SECURITY

                                                                     210 S. 11th Street
                                                  Madill    2009                                 97          Male      Community
                                                                     Madill, OK 73446

                                                                     119 East Jefferson
             Walters Community Work Center       Mangum     1990                                 47          Male      Community
                                                                     Mangum, OK 73554-4242

                                                                     1107 North Broadway
                                                  Sayre     1990                                 60          Male      Community
                                                                     Sayre, OK 73662-0424

                                                                     602 SW Highland Avenue
                                                 Walters    1993                                 81          Male      Community
                                                                     Walters, OK 73572-9602

                                                                     107 West Anderson
                                                 Waurika    1989                                 53          Male      Community
                                                                     Waurika, OK 73573-3096
           Waurika Community Work Center

124   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook

Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook   125
               Crime Type of                                                       Crime Type of
                                                                                   Parole Clients
           Incarcerated Offenders

              50%                                                   Non-Violent                     Alcohol or Drug
                                                                       24%                              Related
                                                  Alcohol or Drug                                        56%
                                                       34%                     Crime Type of
                                                                              Probation Clients

                                                                         Violent                    Alcohol or Drug
                                                                          22%                           Related

                 Other Non-Violent
                       16%                                            Other

126   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                                                             as of December 31, 2010
Maximum Security                 Count      Minimum Security               Count    Contract Facilities        Count    Work Centers              Count
Lexington	A	and	R                  416      Charles	E.	“Bill	Johnson	CC      482    County	Jail	Program          522    	Altus                       68
Mabel	Bassett	A	and	R                  88   Dick	Conner	CC                   231    Halfway	Houses              1,220   Ardmore                     100
Oklahoma	State	Penitentiary        946      Eddie	Warrior	CC                 775    Contract	Prisons            4,705   Beaver                       45
Mabel	Bassett	Death	Row                 1   Howard	McLeod	CC                 639    Total                       6,447   Carter                       98
Total Count                       1,451     Jackie	Brannon	CC                758    Out Count                   1,045   Davis                        83
Capacity                          1,628     James	Crabtree	CC                199                                        Elk	City                     89
                                            Jess	Dunn	CC                     979    Community                  Count    Frederick                   109
Medium Security                  Count      Jim	E.	Hamilton	CC               723    Clara	Waters	CCC             281    Hobart                       85
Dick	Conner	CC                     959      John	Lilley	CC                   823    Oklahoma	City	CCC            223    Hollis                       47
James	Crabtree	CC                  800      Lexington	CC                     257    Enid	CCC                      92    Idabel                       81
Joseph	Harp	CC                    1,352     Mabel	Bassett	CC                 264    Hillside	CCC                 242    Madill                       98
Lexington	CC                       753      Mack	Alford	CC                   262    Kate	Barnard	CCC             154    Mangum                       90
Mabel	Bassett	CC                   772      Northeast	Oklahoma	CC            436    Lawton	CCC                   149    Sayre                        63
Mack	Alford	CC                     539      Oklahoma	State	Reformatory       196    Union	City	CCC               220    Walters	City                 83
Oklahoma	State	Reformatory         794      William	S.	Key	CC               1,115                                       Waurika                      55

Total Count                       5,969     Total Count                     8,139   Total Count                 1,361   Total Count               1,194
Capacity                          5,997     Capacity                        8,163   Capacity                    1,409   Capacity                  1,371

     SYSTEM SUMMARY                                    EMPLOYEES                                   INFORMATION ON OFFENDERS
                                                                                                   ASSIGNED TO WORK PROGRAMS
 Type                         Count         FTE Filled                    Count                Type of Work                            Count
  Facility Total              18,114                                                            OCI Production                            884
                                            Correctional Officers         1,774
  Contract Facilities          6,447                                                            Agri-Services                             268
                                            Probation/Parole Officers       303                 Wardens Crews                               2
  Out Count                    1,045
                                            Other                         2,076                 PPW Crews                               1,784
  Probation                   22,976
                                                                                                Institutional Gardens                     318
  Parole                       3,399        Total                         4,153                 Institutional Support                  10,026
 System Total                 51,981                                                            Work Releases                           1,182
                                                                                               Total Count                             14,464

                                                                                               Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook     127
                                                          as of December 31, 2010
Total Offenders              25,604                  Total Probation Clients      22,976             Total Parole Clients             3,399

Gender              Count Percentage                 Gender              Count Percentage            Gender                 Count Percentage
 Male               22,943    89.6%                   Male               17,600    76.6%              Male                    2,858   84.1%
 Female              2,661    10.4%                   Female              5,376    23.4%              Female                   541    15.9%

Ethnicity           Count Percentage                 Ethnicity           Count Percentage            Ethnicity              Count Percentage
 Caucasian          13,735    53.6%                   Caucasian          14,221    61.9%              Caucasian               1,914   56.3%
 African American 7,608       29.7%                   African American    4,604    20.0%              African American        1,025   30.2%
 Native American     2,227     8.7%                   Native American     1,823     7.9%              Native American          153     4.5%
 Hispanic            1,903     7.4%                   Hispanic            1,840     8.0%              Hispanic                 271     8.0%
 Other                131      0.5%                   Other                488      2.1%              Other                     36     1.1%

Crime Type          Count Percentage                 Crime Type          Count Percentage            Crime Type             Count Percentage
 Violent            12,225    47.7%                   Violent             5,178    22.5%              Violent                  734    21.6%
 Non-Violent        13,379    52.3%                   Non-Violent        17,798    77.5%              Non-Violent             2,665   78.4%

Average Age                     37.5                 Average Age                     35.7            Average Age                        44.3

             DEATH ROW                 Category                                             Male                    Female                     Both
 Ethnicity           Male Female
                                       *Age <20                                              295                         25                     320
  Caucasian            36      1
  Black                30      0       Age >50                                              3,439                     267                      3,706
  Hispanic              2      0       Average Age                                          37.65                    36.67                     37.55
  Native American       5      0
  Other                 0      0
 Total                 73      1
                                       *Note: 34% of these are incarcerated on the Delayed Sentencing Program.

128      Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                Fiscal Year 2010 Budget

                     Federal Funds   Revolving
                                      Funds      Carryover
                          1%                      Funds

FY10 Appropriation

                                                              FY 2010 Appropriation                        $476,225,000
                                                                Carryover Funds                             $8,942,816
                                                                Revolving Funds             $35,015,010
                                                                Prison Industries 280
                                                                 DOC Revolving 200                          $62,880,713
                                                              Community Sentencing 210
                                                             Inmate and Staff Welfare 205
                                                                  Federal Funds                             $3,717,958
                                                               Total FY 2010 Budget                        $551,766,487

                                                                      Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook    129
                                                Budget Information
                                                                   Other*   Debt Service
Fiscal Year 2010 Actual                                             7%          1%
 by Expenditure Type                                                                         Food/Supplies &

NOTE: Other Expenditures -
                                                                                               Maint/Repairs &
Over 1 Million: Merchandise for                                                               Bldg Construction
Resale (OCI & Agri-Services);                                                                        2%
Outside Medical Care; Offender Pay;                                                                Utilities/Admin
Rent Expense; Production, Safety                                                                           3%
& Security; Shop Expense; General
Operating Expenses

Under 1 Million: Travel Agency Direct
Payments; Incentive Payments; Travel
reimbursements; Lease Purchasing;
Library Equipment-Resources; Land;
Livestock & Poultry; Employee
reimbursements (Non-Travel);
Payments to Local Government;
                                                                                           Private Prisons
                                                                                            & Contracts
                                             Salaries & Benefits                                26%

130   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook

Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook   131
                                                Administrative Offices
Administrative	Services                      Female	Offender	CC/RS                   Sentence	Administration      Administrative	Review	Authority
3400	MLK	Avenue                              3300	MLK	Avenue                         3400	MLK	Ave.                3400	MLK	Avenue
Oklahoma	City,	OK	73111-4298                 Oklahoma	City,	OK	73111                 Oklahoma	City,	OK            Oklahoma	City,	OK		73111
(405)	425-2722                               (405)	425-2905                          (405)	425-2615               (405)	425-2649

      Contracts	and	Acquisitions             Religious	and	Volunteer	            Oklahoma	Correctional	        Interal	Affairs
      3400	MLK	Avenue                        Services                            Industries                    3400	MLK	Avenue
                                                                                                               Oklahoma	City,	OK		73111-4298
      Oklahoma	City,	OK	73111-4298           2901	N.	Classen	Boulevard           3402	MLK	Ave
                                                                                                               (405)	425-2571
      (405)	425-2640                         Suite	200                           Oklahoma	City,	OK	73111
                                             Oklahoma	City,	OK	73106             (405)	425-7525                Employee	Rights	and	Relations
      Information	Technology                 (405)	962-6107                                                    3400	MLK	Avenue
      3400	MLK	Avenue                                                         Private	Prison	and	Jail	         Oklahoma	City,	OK		73111-4298
      Oklahoma	City,	OK	73111-4298       Institutions                         Administration                   (405)	425-2557
      (405)	425-2547                     201	E.	Cherokee                      3400	MLK	Avenue
                                         McAlester,	OK	74501-5329             Oklahoma	City,	OK	73111          Executive	Communications
      Personnel                          (918)	423-4144                       (405)	425-7100                   3400	MLK	Avenue
      3400	MLK	Avenue                                                                                          Oklahoma	City,	OK		73111-4298
      Oklahoma	City,	OK	73111-4298       Operational	Services                 Procedures	and	Accreditation     (405)	425-2520
      (405)	425-2511                     P.O.	Box	36059                       440	S.	Houston,	Ste.	313
                                         Oklahoma	City,	OK	73136-             Tulsa,	OK	74127-8987             Treatment	and	Rehabilitative	Svcs
                                                                                                               2901	N.	Classen	Blvd.,	Ste.	200
      Departmental	Services              2059                                 (918)	581-2836
                                                                                                               Oklahoma	City,	OK	73106
      3400	MLK	Avenue                    (405)	425-7517                                                        (405)	962-6084
      Oklahoma	City,	OK	73111-4298                                            Safety	Administration
      (405)	425-2641                         Agri	Services                    3400	MLK	Avenue                     Medical	Services
                                             3402	MLK	Avenue                  Oklahoma	City,	OK	                  Oklahoma	City	Office:
Field	Operations                             Oklahoma	City,	OK	73111          (405)	425-7144                      Cameron	Building	
3400	MLK	Avenue                              (405)	425-7548                                                       2901	N.	Classen	Blvd.,	Ste	100
Oklahoma	City,	OK		73111-4298                                              General	Counsel                        Oklahoma	City,	OK	73106
(405)	425-2684                               Classification	&	Population   3400	MLK	Avenue                        (405)	962-6155		
                                             P.O.	Box	260                  Oklahoma	City,	OK		73111-4298
      Female	Offender	Operations             Lexington,	OK	73051-0260      (405)	425-2515                         Medical	Services
      2901	N.	Classen	Blvd.,	Ste	200         (405)	527-3950                                                       Tulsa	Office:
                                                                              Legal                               440	South	Houston,	Ste	402
      Oklahoma	City,	OK	73106
                                                                              3400	MLK	Avenue                     Tulsa,	OK	74127
      (405)	962-6182                                                          Oklahoma	City,	OK		73111            (918)	581-2444
                                                                              (405)	425-2515

132      Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                                               Administrative Offices
   Mental	Health	Services               Programs                             Victim	Services
   2901	N.	Classen	Blvd.,	Ste.	200      2901	N.	Classen	Blvd.,	Ste.	200      2901	N.	Classen	Blvd.,	Ste.	200
   Oklahoma	City,	OK	73106              Oklahoma	City,	OK	73106              Oklahoma	City,	OK	73106
   (405)	962-6138                       (405)	962-6135                       (405)	962-6142

Charles	E.	"Bill"	Johnson	CC         James	Crabtree	CC                    Lexington	A&R	Center		               Oklahoma	State	Reformatory		
1856	E	Flynn	Street		                RR	1	Box	8,	3rd	&	Murray	            PO	Box	260,	15151	Highway	39	        PO	Box	514,	1700	East	First	Street	
Alva,	Oklahoma		73717-3005	          Helena,	OK	73741-9606		              Lexington,	OK	73051-0260	            Granite,	OK	73547-0514		
(580)	327-8000	                      (580)	852-3221	                      (405)	527-5676		                     (580)	480-3700		

Dick	Conner	CC                       Jess	Dunn	CC		                       Mack	Alford	CC		                     William	S.	Key	CC		
P.O.	Box	220,	129	Conner	Road	       PO	Box	316	                          PO	Box	220,	1151	North	Highway	69	   PO	Box	61		
Hominy,	OK	74035-0220	               601	South	124th	Street	West	         Stringtown,	OK	74569-0220		          One	William	Key	Boulevard	
(918)	594-1300	                      Taft,	OK	74463-0316		                (580)	346-7301                       Fort	Supply,	OK	73841-0061	
                                     (918)	682-7841                                                            (580)	766-2224
Eddie	Warrior	CC	                                                         Mabel	Bassett	CC		
PO	Box	315,	400	Oak	Street	          Jim	E.	Hamilton	CC                   29501	Kickapoo	Road	
Taft,	OK	74463-0315		                53468	Mineral	Springs	Rd		           McLoud	Oklahoma,	74851		
(918)	683-8365                       Hodgen,	OK	74939-3064		              (405)	964-3020
                                     918)	653-7831	
Howard	McLeod	CC                                                       Northeast	Oklahoma	CC
1970	E.	Whippoorwill	Lane		          John	H.	Lilley	CC	                PO	Box	887,	442606	E.	250	Road	
Atoka,	OK	74525		                    PO	Box	1908,	105150	N.	3670	Rd.	 Vinita,	OK	74301-0887		
(580)	889-6651                       Boley,	OK	74829-1908		            (918)	256-3392	
                                     (918)	667-3381
Jackie	Brannon	CC                                                      Oklahoma	State	Penitentiary		
PO	Box	1999,	900	N.	West	Street			   Joseph	Harp	Correctional	Center		 PO	Box	97
McAlester,	OK	74502-1999	            PO	Box	548,	16161	Moffat	Rd.	     Corner	of	West	&	Stonewall			
(918)	421-3339                       Lexington,	OK	73051-0548	         McAlester,	OK	74502-0097	
                                     405)	527-5593                     (918)	423-4700

                                                                                      Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook        133
                   Community Corrections Administrative Offices
ADMINISTRATIVE	OFFICE              Northeast	District	Office          Parole	and	Interstate	Services	   Tulsa	County	District	Office
3700	Classen	Blvd.,	Suite	110      3031	N.	32nd	Street		              Milt	Gilliam,	Administrator	      440	South	Houston,	Suite	701	
Oklahoma	City,	OK		73118           Muskogee,	OK	74401		               3700	Classen	Blvd.,	Suite	110     Tulsa,	OK	74127-8911		
(405)	523-3075                     (918)	680-6600                     Oklahoma	City,	OK		73118          (918)	581-2931
                                                                      (405)	523-3075
Central	District	Office            Northwest	District	Office		
Administrative	Office	(Metro)	     900	W.	Cherokee		                  Southeast	District	Office
1131	W.	Sheridan	Avenue            Enid,	OK	73701-5410		              903	N	West	St		
Oklahoma	City,	OK	73106            (580)	977-3400	                    McAlester,	OK		74501	
(405)	778-7100		                                                      (918)	423-1668
                                   Oklahoma	County	Community	
Halfway	Houses                     Corrections/RS                     Southwest	District	Office		
440	S	Houston	Ave.,	Suite	200      9901	N	I-35	Service	Road	          602	SW	Highland	Ave		
Tulsa,	OK	74127                    Oklahoma	City,	OK	73131-5228       Lawton,	OK	73501-8252		
(918)-581-2709                     (405)	254-3200                     (580)	248-9146

                                  Community Corrections Centers
Clara	Waters	CCC                   Hillside	CCC                       Lawton	CCC                        Union	City	CCC		
9901	N	I-35	Service	Road	          3300	Martin	Luther	King	Avenue		   605	SW	Coombs	Rd		                P.O.	Box	129		
Oklahoma	City,	OK	73131-5228       Oklahoma	City,	OK	73111		          Lawton,	OK	73501-8294		           Union	City,	OK		73090	
(405)	254-3200                     (405)	425-2900	or	(405)	425-2935   (580)	248-6703	                   (405)	483-5900

Enid	CCC	                          Kate	Barnard	CCC                   Oklahoma	City	CCC	
2020	E	Maine	Ave		                 3200	NW	39th	Street		              315	West	I-44	Service	Road	
Enid,	OK	73702-6445		              Oklahoma	City,	OK	73112-6298	      Oklahoma	City,	OK	73118-7634		
(580)	977-3800	                    (405)	917-2150                     (405)	848-3895

134   Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                                  Community Work Centers
Altus	CWC                    Carter	County	CWC               Hobart	CWC		                        Mangum	CWC		
308	W.	Broadway              5268	Santa	Fe	Road              311	S	Washington	St.                215	E.	Lincoln		
Altus,	Oklahoma	73521-3806   Wilson,	OK	73463                Hobart,	OK	73651-0674		             Mangum,	OK	73554-4265		
(580)	482-0790               (580)	668-3700                  (580)	726-3341                      (580)	782-3315

Ardmore	CWC		                Earl	A.	Davis	CWC               Hollis	CWC		                        Sayre	CWC	
PO	Box	100		                 3297	N	369	Rd	                  103	W	Jones	St	                     1107	N.	Broadway	
Gene	Autry,	OK	73436-0100    Holdenville,	OK	74848-9435	     Hollis,	OK	73550		                  Sayre,	OK	73662-1813	
Physical Address:            (405)	379-7296	                 (580)	688-3331	                     (580)	928-5211
Ardmore Industrial Airpark
316 Grumman                  Elk	City	CWC	                   Idabel	CWC		                        Walters	City	CWC
Ardmore, OK 73401            1309	Airport	Industrial	Road	   1800	NW	Martin	Luther	King	Ave		    RR	3	Box	9		
(580) 389-5469	              Elk	City,	OK	73648-1142	        Idabel,	OK	74745-4000		             Walters,	OK		73572-9312		
                             (580)	243-4316	                 (580)	286-7286                      (580)	875-2885
Beaver	CWC		
PO	Box	1210	                 Frederick	CWC                   Madill	CWC	                         Waurika	CWC		
Beaver,	OK	73932	            18205	County	Road,	NS	215			    210	S.	11th	Street                  107	W	Anderson	Ave		
(580)	625-3840	              Frederick,	OK	73542-9614	       Madill,	OK	73446                    Waurika,	OK	73573-3095		
                             (580)	335-2142	                 (580)	795-7348                      (580)	228-3521

                             Probation and Parole Sub Offices
Ada	Sub-Office               Alva	Sub-Office                 Anadarko	Sub-Office                 Ardmore	Sub-Office
131	East	12th,	Suite	232     Woods	County	Courthouse         507	NE	1st	Street,	Suite	7          312	South	Washington	Street
Ada,	OK	74820                P.O.	Box	543                    Anadarko,	OK	73005-2001	            Ardmore,	OK	73401-7043
(580)	436-6479               Alva,	OK	73717-0543             (405)	247-7226                      (580)	223-6350
                             (580)	327-0633
Altus	Sub-Office                                             Antlers	Sub-Office                  Atoka	Sub-Office
118	W.	Broadway,	Suite	112                                   204	SW	4th,	Suite	6	                116	East	Court	Street,	Suite	103W
Altus,	OK	73521                                              Antlers,	OK	74523                   Atoka,	OK	74525
(580)	482-7609                                               (580)	298-6059                      (580)	889-3561

                                                                          Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook     135
                                  Probation and Parole Sub Offices
Bartlesville	Sub-Office             Clinton	Sub-Office             Eufaula	Sub-Office                Hugo	Sub-Office
3925	East	Frank	Phillips	Blvd       201	S.	5th                     1425	Industrial	Drive	            313	East	Duke
Bartlesville,	OK	74006-8302         Clinton,	OK	73601              Eufaula,	Ok	74432	                P.O.	Box	219
(918)	335-9348                      (580)	323-2094                 (918)	689-7719                    Hugo,	OK	74743
                                                                                                     (580)	326-3391
Broken	Arrow	Sub-Office	            Coalgate	Sub-Office            Frederick	Sub-Office
Broken	Arrow	Police	Dept.           1	South	Michigan               Tillman	County	Courthouse         Idabel	Sub-Office
2304	S.	First	Place                 Coalgate,	OK		74538            201	North	Main,	1st	Floor         2	NE	Martin	Luther	King
Broken	Arrow,	OK		74012             (580)	927-9961                 Frederick,	OK	73542-5400          Idabel,	OK	74745
(918)	449-0312                      	                              (580)	335-3762                    (580)	286-7353	
                                    Cordell	Sub-Office
Canadian	County	Sub	Office          Washita	County	Courthouse	#4   Guthrie	Sub-Office                Jay	Sub-Office
700	North	State	Highway	81          Cordell,	OK	73636-5769         107	East	Oklahoma,	P.O.	Box	606   1429	N.	Main,	P.O.	Box	463
P.O.	Box	33                         (580)	832-5059                 Guthrie,	OK	73044-0606            Jay,	OK	74346
Union	City,	OK	73090-0033                                          (405)	282-3827                    (918)	253-8466
(405)	483-5970                      Duncan	Sub-Office              	
                                    118	South	11th	Street          Guymon	Sub-Office                 Kingfisher	Sub-Office
Chandler	Sub-Office                 Duncan,	OK	73533-4707          1009	N.E.	4th	St,	P.O.	Box	1246   Memorial	Hall,	123	West	Miles
820	Manvel,	Suite	E                 (580)	255-1010                 Guymon,	OK	73942-1246             Kingfisher,	OK	73750-2645
Chandler,	OK	74834-0144                                            (580)	338-8366                    (405)	375-6384
(405)	258-1355                      Durant	Sub-Office
                                    417	West	Main                  Hobart	Sub-Office                 Lawton	Probation	&	Parole	Office
Chickasha	Sub-Office                Durant,	OK	74701               204	N.	Lincoln                    3801	SW	6th	Street
309	W	Pennsylvania	Ave              (580)	924-3550                 Hobart,	OK	73651-2604             Lawton,	OK	73501
Chickasha,	OK	73018                 	                              (580)	726-6221                    (580)	248-1444		
(405)	222-0018                      Elk	City	Sub-Office
                                    401	E.	3rd	St.,	Suite	1        Holdenville	Sub-Office            Lawton	Sub-Station
Claremore	Sub-Office                Elk	City,	OK	73648-1782        P.O.	Box	312	                     (Lawton	Housing	Authority)
730	South	Lynn	Riggs,	Ste	B	&	C     (580)	225-0972                 102	E.	Main	Street,	Suite	A       1414	SW	Wisconsin	Ave.,	Apt	A
Claremore,	OK	74019                                                Holdenville,	OK	74848-3208        Lawton,	OK	73501-8068
(918)	342-2904                      Enid	Sub-Office                (405)	379-3403			                 (580)353-6725
                                    900	W.	Cherokee                	
                                    Enid,	OK	73703-5410
                                    (580)	977-3421

136    Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
                             Probation and Parole Sub Offices
Madill	Sub-Office            Norman	Sub-Office                 Perry	Sub-Office                    Shawnee	Sub-Office
800	N.	First	Street          1919	Industrial	Blvd.	            Noble	County	Courthouse             800	E.	Jefferson
Madill,	OK	73446-1253        Norman,	OK	73069	                 The	Map	Room                        Shawnee,	OK	74801
(580)	795-5534               (405)	364-2365                    300	Courthouse	Drive	               (405)	275-2521
                                                               Perry,	OK	73077
Marietta	Sub-Office          Nowata	Sub-Office	                (580)	336-9945                      Skiatook	Sub-Office
312	South	Washington         333-A	East	Delaware                                                   200	N.	Haynie	Street
Ardmore,	OK		73401-7043      Nowata,	OK		74048                 Ponca	City	Sub-Office               P.	O.	Box	503
(580)	263-9853               (918)	273-5606                    205	W.	Hartford,	Ste.	124	          Skiatook,	OK	74070-0503
	                                                              P.O.	Box	1335                       (918)	396-5156
Mangum	Sub-Office            Okemah	Sub-Office                 Ponca	City,	OK	74602
Mangum	Police	Department     800	E.	Jefferson                  (580)	765-1603                      Stigler	Sub-Office
107	S	Pennsylvania	Ave       Shawnee,	OK		74801	                                                   105	SE	Third	St.,	Suite	C
Mangum,	OK	73554-4224        (405)	275-2521                    Poteau	Sub-Office                   Stigler,	OK	74462
(580)	782-2112	                                                108	Grand	                          (918)	967-2623
                             Oklahoma	County	Intake	Office		   Poteau,		OK	74953	
Miami	Sub-Office             217	N.	Harvey,	Suite	301		        (918)	647-4875                      Stillwater	Sub-Office
1308	N	Main	                 Oklahoma	City,	OK	73102-3802		                                        800	E.	6th	Avenue,	Suite	11
Miami,	OK	74354              (405)	319-3560	                   Purcell	Sub-Office                  Stillwater,	OK	74074-3732
(918)	540-1379                                                 118	N.	2nd	Ave.,	Suite	A            (405)	377-3418
                             Okmulgee	Sub-Office               Purcell,	OK	73080-4239
Muskogee	Sub-Office          916	E.	8th	Street	                (405)	527-6955	                     Stilwell	Sub-Office	
3039	N.	32nd	Street          Okmulgee,	OK		74447	                                                  203	W.	Division
Muskogee,	OK	74401           	(918)	756-6245                   Sallisaw	Sub-Office                 Stilwell,	OK		74960
(918)	680-6600                                                 107	N.	Oak	Street                   (918)	696-1160
                             Pawhuska	Sub-Office               Sallisaw,	OK	74955-4638             	
Muskogee	Intake	Office       1007	Grandview,	P.O.	Box	635      (918)	775-6414                      Sulphur	Sub-Office
Muskogee	County	Courthouse   Pawhuska,	Oklahoma	74056          	                                   921	W	11th,	Suite	230
220	State	Street	4th	Floor   (918)	287-3666                    Sapulpa	Sub-Office	                 Sulphur,	OK	73086
Muskogee,	OK	74401           	                                 614	S.	Hiawatha                     (580)	622-2988
(918)	680-3043               Pawnee	Sub-Office                 Sapulpa,	OK	74066
	                            500	E.	Harrisson	Street           (918)	224-8477                      Tahlequah	Sub-Office
                             Room	B-1                                                              311	South	Muskogee	Ave.
                             Pawnee,	OK	74058-2568                                                 Tahlequah,	OK	74464-4444
                             (918)	762-1092                                                        (918)	456-9921
                                                                            Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook     137
                                  Probation and Parole Sub Offices
Tishomingo	Sub-Office               Vinita	Sub-Office                       Waurika	Sub-Office                Woodward	Sub-Office
Reporting	:                         United	States	Post	Office,	2nd	Floor	   107	W	Anderson	Avenue             1009	Main	Street
Johnston	County	Court	House			      120	E.	Illinois,	Room	#204	             Waurika,	OK	73573-3095            Woodward,	OK	73801
403	Main	Street	                    Vinita,	OK	74301                        (580)	228-2381	                   (580)	256-1800
Tishomingo,	OK	73460	               (918)	323-0762
(580)	371-2387)                                                             Weatherford	Sub-Office
Mailing address:		                  Watonga	Sub-Office                      1401	Lera	Dr.	Ste.	6
131	East	12th,	Suite	232            P.	O.	Box	146,	117	W.	Russworm          Weatherford,	OK	73096-0858
Ada,	OK	74820                       Watonga,	OK		73772                      (580)	772-0247
                                    (580)	623-8675

                                                      Halfway Houses
Avalon	Tulsa                        Catalyst	Behavioral	Services            Center	Point,	Inc.	-	OKC	         OK	Halfway	House
Male:	325,	Per	Diem:		$33.75        Ivanhoe                                 Male:		200,	Per	Diem:		$33.75     Male:	75,	Per	Diem:		$33.75
302	W.	Archer                       Male:		99,	Per	Diem:		$33.75            5245	S.	I-35	Service	Rd.          517	SW	2nd	Street
Tulsa,	OK		74103                    415	NW	8th	Street                       Oklahoma	City,	OK		73129          Oklahoma	City,	OK	73109
(918)	583-9445	                     Oklahoma	City,	OK		73102                (405)	605-2488                    (405)	232-0231
Host	Facility:	TCDCC                (405)	232-7215                          Host	Facility:		Union	City	CCC	   Host	Facility:	OK	CCC			
			                                 Host	Facility:	Union	City	CCC           	
Bridgeway,	Inc.                     	                                       Center	Point	-	Osage	County	      Turley	Residential	Center
Male:	111,	Per	Diem:		$33.75        Catalyst	Behavioral	Services	           Male:		50,	Per	Diem:		$33.75      Female:	240,	Per	Diem:	$35.71
620	W.	Grand                        Cameo                                   1755	W.	53rd	St.	N.               6101	N.	Cincinnati
Ponca	City,	OK	74602                Male:		40,	Per	Diem:		$33.75            Tulsa,	OK		74126                  Tulsa,	OK	74126
(580)	762-1462                      415	NW	8th	Street                       (918)	346-6738                    (918)	425-0275
Host	Facility:	Enid	CCC	            Oklahoma	City,	OK		73102                Host	Facility:		Union	City	CCC    Host	Facility:	TCDCC
                                    (405)	232-7215
Carver	Transitional	Center          Host	Facility:	Union	City	CCC           Center	Point,	Inc.	-	Tulsa	
Male:	300,	Per	Diem:	$33.75                                                 Female:	32,	Per	Diem:	$41.61
400	S.	May                                                                  3637	N.	Lewis
Oklahoma	City,	OK	73108                                                     Tulsa,	OK	74110
(405)232-8233                                                               (918)	425-7500
Host	Facility:	OK	CCC                                                       Host	Facility:		TCDCC

138    Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook
       Community Sentencing and Offender Information Services
ADMINISTRATIVE	OFFICE                   NORMAN                                 TULSA
Community	Sentencing	and	               1919 Industrial Boulevard              440 S. Houston Avenue, Suite 202
Offender	Information	Services           Norman, Oklahoma 73069                 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74127
3700	N.	Classen	Blvd.,	Suite	110        (405) 202-0550                         (918) 581-2636
Oklahoma	City,	OK	73118-2863            Active Planning Councils: Canadian,    Active Planning Councils: Pawnee
(405)	525-4520                          Carter/ Johnston/Love/Marshall/        and Tulsa
                                        Murray, Cleveland, Comanche/
ALVA                                    Cotton/Garvin/McClain, Stephens,       TULSA
Woods County Courthouse                 and Tillman                            440 S. Houston Avenue, Suite 202
P.O. Box 543                                                                   Tulsa, Oklahoma 74127
Alva, Oklahoma 73717                    Inactive Planning Councils: Caddo,
                                        Grady, Greer/Harmon, Jackson,          (918) 581-2636
(580) 327-2525
                                        Jefferson, and Kiowa                   Active Planning Councils: Craig,
Active Planning Councils: Alfalfa/                                             Creek, Delaware/Ottawa, Mayes,
Major/ Woods, Blaine/Garfield/Grant/                                           Muskogee, Nowata/Washington,
Kingfisher, and Kay/Noble               OKLAHOMA CITY
                                        3700 N. Classen Boulevard, Ste 110     Osage, Rogers, Tulsa, and Wagoner
Inactive Planning Councils: Beaver/     Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118
Cimarron/ Harper/Texas, Beckham/        (405) 523-3088                         COMIT Project
Custer/Ellis/Roger Mills/Washita, and                                          440 S. Houston Avenue, Suite 202
Dewey/Woodward                          Active Planning Council: Oklahoma      Tulsa, Oklahoma 74127
                                                                               (918) 581-2465
MCALESTER                               STILLWATER
120 E. Carl Albert Parkway, Suite D     205 W. 7th Avenue, Suite 103
McAlester, Oklahoma 74501               Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074
(918) 426-7610                          (405) 377-6750
Active Planning Councils: Adair,        Active Planning Council: Logan/Payne
Atoka/Coal, Bryan, Haskell/Latimer/     and Osage
LeFlore, Hughes/Pontotoc/ Seminole,
Lincoln/Pottawatomie, Pittsburg, and
Inactive Planning Councils: Choctaw,
McCurtain, McIntosh, Okfuskee,
Okmulgee, and Pushmataha

                                                                                             Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2010 Yearbook   139

            3400 Martin Luther King avenue
          OKLahOMa City, OKLahOMa 73111-4298

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