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									what is CNG ? The answer is compressed natural gas. The compressed
natural gas (CNG) bus uses a spark-ignition engine to burn natural gas,
which contains mostly methane obtained from fossil resources.   Most
compressed natural gas CNG buses(or trucks, vans) are equipped with a
diesel engine modified to a spark-ignition engine that is optimized for
the use of natural gas. Gas cylinders are installed that can be refueled
at gas stations with compressed natural gas. Such engines can be of two
basic types: Stoichiometric - this type enables the use of a three-way
catalytic converter as in common gasoline cars.   Lean burn (high
air/fuel ratio) - this type is 10-20% more fuel efficient than
stoichiometric engines, but also has higher NOx emissions. A three-way
catalytic converter is unsuitable, but oxidation catalysts can be
employed. The great majority of heavy-duty natural gas engines are of
this design.   In general, CNG buses (or trucks, vans) are between 17%
and 41% less fuel efficient than conventional diesel buses. They have a
substantially lower driving range than diesel buses - e.g. in CNG buses
are described as having a driving range of about 300 miles (of course
depending upon the capacity of the gas cylinders) compared to a little
more than 400 miles for diesel buses. Nanjing Dongyu Auto Group Import &
Export Company Limited, was established and held by Nanjing Dongyu Auto
Group Co., Ltd. which possesses 4 vehicle production bases and 5 auto
accessory factories, it mainly specialize in medium heavy-duty trucks,
light trucks, buses, CNG buses, and special cars etc. We also supply
Mini Coaches, Minibus, mini van etc. Mini Coaches are little buses that
get the big job of moving smaller groups or employees between hotels,
airports, worksites, fairgrounds, etc. Minibus rentals have individual
seating like a deluxe motorcoach, but are used for smaller groups and
shorter distances - trips under 150 miles. A quick tip: on-board luggage
capacities vary widely in Minibus, which may be an important
consideration if you're shuttling out-of-town travelers. We are vehicle
manufacturers in Nan Jing,China, and available of two models of mini van-
NDY6381A and NDY6381. This mini van is altogether endowed with seven
comfortable seats. And it takes care of its passengers in a well-
designed, nicely finished interior. The two mini van models offer a high
level of standard equipment.On the basis of "High Quality, Competitive
Prices and Reasonable Service", our mini van Vehicles are being well sold
in many countries of South Asia, Mid-East Area and Africa, and other
countries. At present, we are expecting more and more Powerful
distributors to open for us more and more Doors to world wide, and we are
confident that our mini van vehicles will meet your demands. The most
important thing of tour bus manufacturer is safty. undoubtedly our
tourist buses are out of these problems cause our company has established
good & long-term business relationship with many of Vehicle manufactures
in China. All these manufacturers have had complete Quality Controlling
and Spare Parts Supplying system already. Even that we have been the
Exclusive Exporting Agencys for most of them. Most tourist buses are
30seats tourist buses-----63seats tourist buses.

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