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					                    Fresno AMAE

Celebrating 27 Years of Strife to Educational Excellence

     Association of Mexican American Educators

                  El Dia Del Maestro

                   Awards Banquet
                    May 15, 2009
                           History of El Dia del Maestro

Mexico has been celebrating El Dia del Maestro (Day of the Teacher) every May 15th
since 1918. According to State AMAE president, Magdalena Mellen, in 1917, a group of
students in San Luis Potosi began a tradition of honoring their favorite and oldest teacher,
Sr. Isidro on May 15, his birthday. As time passed the tradition of recognizing teachers
spread throughout Mexico. Here in California, the Day of the Teacher was entered into
legislation at the request of the Association of Mexican American Educators, AMAE.
Ms. Mellen states, ―Dia del Maestro is a day to honor and support the many individuals
who accept the challenge of educating today’s youth.‖ In 1985, the California legislature
set aside the second Wednesday in May as our Day of the Teacher. AMAE, throughout
the state of California, continues the tradition of celebrating the Dia del Maestro. This
year AMAE is celebrating the Day of the Teacher with the theme,

                       “Ellos Vienen Primero-They Come First”
                                President’s Message

On behalf of the entire AMAE membership, I welcome every one of you to our 27th
annual, Dia Del Maestro, Scholarship Awards Banquet.

The main goal of the ―Dia del Maestro‖ celebration is to honor all educators; tonight we
will recognize many outstanding educators from elementary, middle school, high school,
and administrators.

I thank all the members who work very hard on a continuous basis, to make AMAE a
stronger organization. I would like to acknowledge Diana Rodriguez and the scholarship
reading committee for all their hard work.
In general, I would like to thank all the AMAE members who served in the different
committees to continue meet the goals of AMAE. Finally, thanks to all the members and
non-members alike, in particular Kaiser Permanente and Marquez Brothers International,
for your sponsorship to continue supporting the AMAE scholarship program.

―Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be
discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.‖ Joshua 1:9

We must continue to be salt and light with our students, staff, parents and communities in
which we work.

Together, Si se Puede!

Muchas Gracias,

Johnny Baltierra
President-AMAE of Fresno
                             MISSION STATEMENT
The mission of the Association of Mexican American Educators, Inc. is to ensure equal
access to a quality education at all levels for the Mexican American/Latino students
where cultural and linguistic diversity is recognized and respected. We advise state/local
boards and legislators, administrators and faculty and work in partnership with the
community and parents for the benefit of our students. We advocate the immediate
recruitment, training, retention, support, and professional development of Mexican
American/Latino educators and others committed to the education of our students.

                       2009 FRESNO AMAE OFFICERS

               Johnny Baltierra                            President
                 Sandy Fuerte                           President Elect
                Linda Caraveo                           Vice-President
                Monica Nunez                               Secretary
                 Pat Gutierrez                            Treasurer
               Diana Rodriguez                         Parliamentarian
                 Simon Perez                               Historian
                Rafael Torres                           Past President
                 Pedro Urena                        Student Representative

                        The Creed of the Latino Educator
               I believe in accepting each child with the enrichment
               brought from home, and in using the child’s
               experiences, language and culture as vehicles for better

               I believe in promoting brotherhood, in teaching all
               children to love their culture and to respect the culture
               of others.

               I believe in developing in each child a positive self-

               I believe in including parents in all phases of the
               educational program.

               I believe in continuing my education in order to
               continue learning with the children.

               Therefore, I believe in the role of the Latino Educator
               and I accept the challenge this offers me.
Association of Mexican American Educators
               Fresno Chapter
       27 Annual Dia Del Maestro
                   May 15, 2009
                     6:00 pm

    “Ellos Vienen Primero-They Come First”

             ***P r o g r a m***

           5:30-6:00 No Host Social
         “Damian Garcia & Company”
                     Pat Gutierrez-Director
          “El Sol Jr. Dance Company”
      Directed by Rose Pantoja and Jaime Morales

      6:00 p.m.- La Bienvenida, Welcome
      Johnny Baltierra- President, AMAE of Fresno

                 Pastor Doug Ainley
                Valley Christian Center


                     Slide Show
                     Simon Perez

             Mistress of Ceremonies
          Graciela Moreno, ABC—Channel 30

                 Keynote Speaker
     Adam Torres, Assistant Director of Admissions
                   Yale University

       Recognition of Scholarship Donors
          Johnny Baltierra - President

         Educator Recognition Awards
              Linda Caraveo – Vice President.

                 Closing Remarks
                Johnny Baltierra-President

Teacher of the Year             School
Miguel Gutierrez          Olmos Elementary
  Efrain Tovar          Riverview Elementary
   Julio Bustos            Clovis West HS
 Jaime Ramirez         Fresno Pacific University

   Administrators of
      the Year
    Roberto Vaca           Sanger High School
  George Alvarado          Clovis High School
    Regina Uribes          Fresno City College
  Cynthia E. Azari
                           Fresno City College

 Special Recognition
   Valerie F. Davis       Fresno Unified School
   Board President               District

Employee of the Year              School
   Lorena Ramon          Terronez Middle School

                           Name                   School
                      Ricardo Arriaga     Roosevelt HS
                      Fabiola Cabral       Coalinga HS
                    Monica Castaneda        Laton HS
                      **Iris Carrasco      Kerman HS
                    *Jessica Cervantes    Roosevelt HS
                      Andrea Durazo         Sanger HS
                     Jonathan Galindo      Hoover HS
                      Veronica Gines       Sanger High
                     Nicolas Gonzalez      Bullard HS
                      Karina Herrera      Sunnyside HS
                      Herlina Jimenez       Fresno HS
                     Michelle Jimenez       Edison HS
                        Dora Llano        Sunnyside HS
                   Augustine Lombera III Kingsburg HS
                      Ana Rubi Lopez        Avenal HS
                       Bianca Lopez         Clovis HS
                     Marleen Martinez       Sunnyside
                      Ashley Medina        Hoover HS
                       Karla Mendez         Central HS
                      Jasmine Pelayo      Sunnyside HS
                       Eduardo Pina         Central HS
                        Maria Rios        Corcoran HS
                    Jeanette Rodriguez     Hoover HS
                        Hector Ruiz       Sunnyside HS
                        Rosa Ruiz           Edison HS
                      Carmen Serrato        Edison Hs
                      Jocelyn Suarez        Clovis HS
                      Osirhis Toledo     Clovis West HS
                     Tiffany Vazquez      Sunnyside HS

*Recipient of the Al Gonzalez (CSUF Business) Scholarship
**Recipient of the Mercy Gonzalez (FCC Nursing) Scholarship

2009 Scholarship Recipients

         Ricardo Arriaga is the son of Maria Sanchez de Arriaga. He
         is a Senior at Roosevelt High School and maintains a 4.0
         GPA. He plans to study Political Science at St. Mary’s
         College, University of Las Vegas or Fresno College. A
         participant in the FUSD Ivy League College Tour he has
         plans for a graduate degree from one of those prestigious
         schools. As one who has taken the role of the male figure
         in a single parent setting, Ricardo states that he clearly
         understands that it is through the caliber of a formal
         education that he attains that he can move his family out of

         Fabiola Cabral dreams of one day being an elementary
         school teacher and possibly moving on to a position as a
         high school counselor. The daughter of Cristobal and
         Manuela Cabral, she maintains a 3.82 GPA and will be
         attending West Hills Community college. A senior at
         Coalinga High School she shares that she spoke no English
         when she first started school but came to make great strides
         and acquired the language. Today she can proudly share
         that she will graduate having been on the Honor Roll List
         every semester. She states, ―I would love to be able to teach
         young children and to touch their lives.‖

         Monica Castaneda is a senior at Laton High School who
         maintains a 3.9 GPA. She plans to attend CSU Fresno and
         prepare for a career as an Academic Counselor. The
         daughter of Willie and Petra Castaneda, Monica is
         committed to furthering her academic preparation now more
         than ever because she is the proud mother of a beautiful
         daughter, Anaya. Always at the top of her class
         academically, she was enrolled in the most rigorous courses
         available on her campus and has promised herself to attain
         the greatest heights that a formal education can provide.
         ―Quitting school or going on home studies was never an
         option for me.‖ Not one to feel sorry for her self, Monica
         has set a goal that she plans to attain.
Kerman High School is proud of Iris Carrasco a senior who
maintains a 3.8 GPA and plans to attend CSU Fresno and
prepare to be an Elementary School Teacher. Iris states,
―My parents have instilled very important morals in me and
with them I have learned that a person is not great unless
they are willing to share the talent they have.‖ Iris is also
interested in social work and is driven by her concern for
others and her role in being one who can influence the lives
of others. A student who undertook the most rigorous
courses available on her high school campus, Iris shares that
by enrolling in A.P. courses she gained the experience of
going to an extent that allowed her to challenge herself.
Her recommenders describe her as dedicated.

Jessica Cervantes is the recipient of the Al Gonzalez
Scholarship for a student who is planning to attend CSU
Fresno and study Business. She is the daughter of Enrique
and Leticia Cervantes. In her biography Jessica shares of
her trek from Mexico to the United States. She shares how
awkward it felt to sit in her 1st class in the U.S. as a middle
school student who speaks no English. She also shares how
as an 8th grader she was honored as the ―Girl of the Year‖
for maintaining a 4.0 GPA throughout her 2 years of middle
school. Throughout her high school career she has
continued to excel and challenge herself with a solid college
preparatory curriculum. She plans to one day be a business
owner with the plan to give her family the life they deserve.

Andrea Durazo is the daughter of Angel and Ana Durazo
attends Sanger High School and maintains a 3.2 GPA. She
plans to attend Fresno City College and pursue a career in
the area of Forensic Science. With a great interest in
Science she states that it has been her favorite subject
thorough out her high school career. At Sanger High
School she has received numerous academic as well as
sports related awards.

A senior at Hoover High School in Fresno, CA, Johnny
Galindo is planning to attend CSU Fresno and major in
ART/Advertising. He maintains a 3.2 GPA in a college
preparatory program and prides himself in staying focused
throughout his high school career. He is most proud of the
fact that he will graduate with 13 years of perfect
attendance while a student in the Fresno Unified School
A lifetime member of the California Scholarship Federation
at Sanger High School, Veronica Gines plans to attend a
four year college to complete a degree in Kinesiology. Her
love for sports has been a driving force in her life. She
states that her experiences with her peers and teammates
have helped her to become a more effective leader on the
court and in the classroom. Veronica will graduate as a
Valedictorian as she maintains a 4.02 GPA. after having
been enrolled in a highly rigorous college preparatory
program which includes Honors and Advanced Placement

As a senior who maintains a 3.6 GPA at Bullard High
School, it is Nicolas Gonzalez’ plan to attend CSU Long
Beach and be a Music Major. He is the son of Ricardo and
Celia Gonzalez . His love for Music is a big part of his life
and his plan is to prepare in music composition and Jazz. A
highly involved volunteer at his local church, the youth
minister at his church states that he is a great leader and a
great team player. He is praised for his ability to take on
any task put before him. The Bullard High School music
department speaks highly of Nic’s big heart and his
tremendous musical talent.

Karina Herrera is the daughter of Eloy and Yolanda
Herrera. Karina shares the both of her parents are only
Spanish speaking and her father is the sole support of the
family of 4. Karina states that her main incentive for
staying in school has been to receive the full education her
parents were never able to attain, to choose a career that she
loves, to make a difference in the community that raised
her, and to reward her parents for all their efforts and
sacrifices. A student with a 4.3 GPA she is ranked in the top
5 of her class at Sunnyside High School. A Dell Scholar and
Gates Millennium Scholar she has been admitted to MIT,
She plans to attend Harvard University and prepare to
become a Mechanical Engineer.
Michelle Jimenez is one of four children of Maricela
Jimenez and attends Edison High School where she
maintains a GPA of 3.85. During her high school career she
has undertaken the most rigorous courses available on her
campus. At the end of her senior year she will have
completed 8 AP courses as a part of her curricular choices.
It is Michelle’s plan to attend the one of the University of
California campuses and prepare for a career in Medicine.
As a participant in the county migrant program she has
participated in the UCLA Migrant Scholars program.
I am a senior at Fresno High School and a second-year
biomedicine student at the Center for Advanced Research
and Technology. I have a G.P.A. of a 3.9. I am a
valedictorian candidate.
I am involved in different activities at Fresno High in order
to help other students on campus. I am the founder and
president of Environmental club at Fresno High
school, member of the E.L.D. Leadership Team, Link Crew
Leader, member of Student Warriors Against Tobacco
Club, Spanish Club, Asian Club and International voices
I will attend a four-year university next year. I would like
to become a pediatrician and return to practice in my
Dora Llano has lived in the United States for the past 4
years. In these 4 years she has been able to complete all of
the coursework necessary to prepare for admission to both
CSU and the UC College systems. A participant in the
AVID program at Sunnyside High School, Dora is grateful
for the guidance that it has provided her as she has
transitioned into the American Educational systems. The
daughter of Edith Aquilar and Jose Llano she maintains a
3.7 GPA in a college prep program. Her counselor states
that Dora’s selfless manner has had a great impact on her.
She states that Dora has won the hearts of faculty and staff
for her selfless manner. Dora plans to prepare to become an
ELD teacher and serve students such as herself who spoke
no English upon their arrival from other countries.
As a National AP Scholar, Honor Roll Designee, Avid
student of the Year at Kingsburg High School, Augustine
Lombera has continually held a ranking in the top 10% of
the his senior class. The son of Lupe Lombera he plans to
attend the University of California and study Biochemistry.
He has been accepted by the UC campuses at Davis,
Merced and Berkeley. Throughout high school, Augustine
has pursued a rigorous academic program and an active
extracurricular schedule.
 Ana is the daughter of Beatric Solorio. Having been raised
by a single parent, Rubi has acquired a great sense of
responsibility and determination to complete her high
school education. She plans to attend CSU Fresno in the
Fall where she will prepare for a degree in Social Work.
She sees great value in helping others and has chosen this
major because of that. She maintains a 3.6 GPA at Avenal
High School. A member of the California Scholarship
Federation and the National Honor Society she is also an
active member of the Army of Angels Youth Group at her
church. She is dedicated to her studies in tribute to her
mother who has sacrificed so much for Rubi and for her
A Sunnyside High School Senior, Marleen Marinez plans
on attending CSU Fresno in the fall. She will be a Liberal
Arts major. With a 3.4 GPA she has stepped up to the
challenge and enrolled throughout her high school career in
Gate, Honors, and AP classes. A Link Crew leader on the
Sunnyside High School campus, Marleen reaches out to
incoming 9th graders and helped shepherd them through
their first year of high school. Her counselor states that
there are no limits to what Marleen can accomplish. The
daughter of Antonio and Luz Maria Martinez, she will be
the 1st in her family to attend college.

A senior with a perfect 4.32 GPA at Hoover High School,
Ashley will proudly represent the class of 2009 as a
Valedictorian. She states ― I have been labeled a good
artist, a student ranked at the top of the class, someone who
never gives up, one who looks on the bright side and who is
always herself. The daughter of Victor and Rebecca
Medina, Ashley plans to study English to prepare to teach
or to become a writer. A scholar athlete she will be
recognized on her campus as a Bank of America
Scholarship winner.
The daughter of Carlos and Esperanza Mendez , Karla
attends Central High School and maintains a 4.22 GPA. She
will attend CSU Fresno and study Genetics. She would like
to prepare to one day teach at the university level and use
the time for research. She states that being studious is her
nature and learning is her passion, and that researching is
her call of nature. She states, ―I want to do what I enjoy:
discovering the unknown.‖ A senior in the AVID program
at Central High she is enrolled in 5 AP classes this
semester. She excels academically as well as having a
natural talent for music. As an accomplished musician she
plays 3 instruments. Karla will be a Valedictorian in the
class of 2009 at Central High School and brings great pride
to herself and her family.
A senior at Sunnyside High School, Jasmine Pelyao-
Figueroa maintains a 4.25 GPA in the most rigorous
curriculum on the Sunnyside High campus. A participant in
the FUSD Ivy League College tour as a sophomore, she is a
participant in the highly regarded Doctor Academy program
and plans to attend the University of California at Los
Angeles. The daughter of Raul and Rosario Pelayo, she
will be the first to attend college and is planning to study
medicine. Like so many of our recipients today – she did
not speak English when she started school.
Edwardo Pina states that he was born in to high
expectations and high responsibilities and that he is proud to
state that he has persevered. A senior at Central High
School, Eduardo Pina is ranked #10 in a class of 676 where
he maintains a 4.05 GPA. The son of Santiago and Adelina
Pina, Euardo plans to attend Fresno Pacific University and
prepare to serve his community as a social psychologist.
His teacher states that Eduardo’s strength of character is
demonstrated daily through his intelligence compassionate
behavior towards others and in the way he displays
tremendous maturity at all times.
A student enrolled in the most rigorous courses on his
campus he currently is enrolled in 3 Advanced Placement
classes as well as participating in the Concert Choir.

Maria Rios plans to attend College of the Sequoias and
transfer to a 4 year college to study Business.
The daughter of Vicente and Guadalupe Rios, Maria comes
from a migrant family background and will be a first
generation college student. Ms. Rios played a vital role on
the Corcoran High School campus in the development of
Student Voice, a club that was developed to address the
academic needs of English Language Learners. As an
active member of this club, she has given presentations to
school staff, school administration and fellow students and
parents. An avid soccer player, she has been in both the J.V.
and Varsity Soccer team at Corcoran High. An advocate for
causes that encourage leadership and enlightenment for
students, Maria has participated in the Latino Leadership
Institutes at both Fresno Pacific College and at CSU Fresno.

The daughter of Joel and Irma Rodriguez, Jeanette
Rodriguez attends Hoover High School where she maintains
a 3.6 GPA. She plans to attend CSU Fresno and study
Forensic Science. A recipient of the cochlear implant
device for the hard of hearing, she has never allowed her
deafness to interfere with her dream of attaining a college
degree. Enrolled in the prestigious CART program
alongside her Hoover
High courses she finds time to take on leadership roles in
her classes. Her CART teacher states, ―There are few
people in the world like Jeanette Rodriguez. She is unique
because she is one of few who have met adversity time after
time and continued to persist and overcome obstacles
instead of giving up or taking a path of least resistance.
Enrolled in rigorous courses she is ranked 58 in a class of
440 seniors.
Hector Ruiz is ranked #1 in the senior class of 655 at
Sunnyside High School, he maintains the highest GPA
available in the Fresno Unified School District – a 4.320.
He has maintained the #1 in his class his entire high school
career. His proud parents, Geronimo and Angelina Ruiz
have instilled a sense of pride and discipline for Hector to
follow. With Math as his favorite subject he plans to attend
UCLA and major in Mechanical Engineering. As one of the
founders of the MECHA club on his high school campus, he
is also instrumental in the success of the Guitar Club on the
campus. Hector has taken and completed the most
challenging courses available on the SHS campus. He
states, ―Seeing both my parents work hard all their life
makes me determined to succeed so that I can reward their
hard work and love. I want them to see that they have a son
to count on to take care of them as they did for their

As the teen parent of a 3 year old child, Rosa Ruiz states
that she is very determined to pursue a college career so that
she may able to provide a good quality of life for her child.
A senior in the class of 2009 at Edison High School, she is
described as an enthusiastic student who arrives ready for
school each day. She is described as responsible and
trustworthy as she takes responsibilities for her studies and
for her young son that she brings to the PACE nursery at
Edison High. Rosa would like to work in the medical
professions, nursing is a definite possibility. She will attend
Fresno City College in the fall, with the full support of her
family. Her teacher states that Rosa wants the best for
herself and her son and she is determined to get ahead in

It is Carmen Serrato’s plan to study International Business.
She has been accepted and plans to attend
New York University (NYU) in the fall where she has been
admitted to their prestigious Business program. A GATES
MILLINIUM SCHOLAR she attends Edison High School
where she is enrolled in the rigorous Computech program.
Carmen is the daughter of Villaovaldo and Navidad
Serrato. Actively involved on her campus, she has served as
Junior Class Vice President, LINK Crew Leader, MECHA
activities director, and is a part of the Edison Varsity
Softball Team. Carmen spent the summer prior to her
senior year teaching English to children in Mexico City and
continues to epitomize the qualities of a caring and focused
young woman.
Jocelynn Suarez attends Clovis High School where she
maintains a GPA of 3.89. She plans to attend California
Institute of the Arts and attain a Bachelor of Fine Arts in
Acting /Theater. The daughter of Magarita Gainor, she
continues to be highly involved in the Clovis Community
Theatre -Center Stage. She has several productions under
her belt and was instrumental in the production of both
―Oklahoma‖ and ―Sound of Music‖ in this venue as well as
at her high school. Enrolled in a college preparatory
curriculum she shares that as a college student she will
prepare for the life of an actor. To quote Jocelynn, ―
Because of my experiences in the theater I know I want to
act for the rest of my life.‖

Osirhis Toledo plans to gain an education in Registered
Nursing and will be attending Fresno City College. She is
the recipient of the AMAE Mercy Gonzalez Nursing
Scholarship. A foster child since she was 9 years of age,
she is under the guardian ship of John Steinman. Currently
a student at Clovis West High School, she is enrolled in a
college preparatory program and is very prepared for the
Nursing program she plans to pursue. Osirhis maintain a
job at a local retail store in Clovis and she has been saving
these funds in anticipation of her move from a foster setting
to an independent life after high school. She states that even
though she has been in 5 different foster homes since the
age of nine, she has always focused on the strengths of each
of these homes. I continue to move forward in my life.


Tiffany Vasquez is a participant in the AVID program at
Sunnyside High School where she will graduate at the top
of her class as one of 37 Valedictorians on that campus.
She maintains a 4.1 GPA in the most rigorous curriculum
available. The daughter of Gracie Paz and Raymond
Ahumada she plans to attend UC Riverside and prepare for
a career in Criminal Justice. She would like to be a Crime
Scene Investigator. As a participant in the Big Brother, Big
Sister program, she currently serves as a ―Big Sister‖ to a
local elementary school student. Tiffany will be the first in
her family to complete high school and to attend college.
She will set a new standard for her family.
         I am a native of Arteaga Michoacan. I attended elementary,
         middle, high school and college there. I'm the third child of
         six. I married my wife Bertha in 1995, a year later I came
         to Fresno under the Bi-national program. This program
         recruited teacher from Michoacan to teach migrant students
         in Fresno Unified. I was determined to succeed in this
         profession. My wife and my 8 month old daughter Leilani
         followed my dream and came along. One years later, my
         second daughter Kaylee was born here. I have been with
         Fresno Unified for 12 years. In 2007 I earned a Masters
         degree in Education-Administration and Supervision from
         CSUFresno. "I firmly believe that good teaching comes
         when you are not worrying about being the best, but
         when you are focusing on being your best."

         At an early age, Efraín Tovar decided to become an
         educator. It took only two teachers whose care and
         dedication was such that it moved him to pursue an
         honorable career in education. Learning, directly and
         indirectly, was inevitable. Thus, he decided to directly
         influence future generations toward academic success. After
         being in education, first as a fourth and fifth grade teacher,
         then as a counselor in higher education, Tovar knew that the
         fork in the road, the decisive time to guide students toward
         higher learning, occurred in junior high. It was at this age,
         he determined, that the motivation and tools to succeed in
         high school and college needed to be emphasized. He was
         drawn to teach in a small rural community that typically
         is underserved. This in mind, Tovar left higher education to
         focus on teaching junior high at Riverview Elementary in

         I was born in Mexico City, but my parents are from the
         municipality of Zirandaro, Guerrero, Mex. My ancestry is
         Spanish and Purepecha. I am married to a lovely Sonoran
         (Mex.) by the name of Rosa Imelda Flores We have three
         children: Tony a seventh grader, Oscar, an eighth grader
         and César, an eleventh grader for Clovis Unified. As
         educators our purpose should always be to: enable students
         to set short and long term goals, and build their self-esteem
         so that they may achieve them.
            JAIME RAMIREZ
            Born in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico on November
            One of ten children to Maria de Jesus Macias de Ramirez
            and Juan Francisco Ramirez Ayala
            Came to Fresno in 1968 at the age of 11
            Graduated from Clovis High in 1996
            Attended Fresno Pacific University 1997 on a
            soccer/athletic Scholarship
            Married Laura Beth Wiebe on February 16, 1980. We have
            three lovely children, Orlando 25 (married to Casie Hilty),
            Julie 23, and Gabriel 21.
            He is the son of Abel and Genoveva Vaca. He was born in
            Zamora, Michoacán, México. He is the youngest of six. He
            and his is wife Ana Hilda have two daughters, Alexa Michel
            and Genoveva Jimena. He currently serves as a Guidance
            and Learning Specialist at Sanger High School. He is very
            proud to work at a campus where all staff members and
            administrators are passionate about doing what is best for
            students. GO APACHES!
            GEORGE M. ALVARADO
            He has been a resident of Sanger for the majority of his life.
             He graduated from California State University, Fresno in
            1997 with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and in 1999
            with a Master’s degree in the same major. In 2000, Mr.
            Alvarado began his career in education when he was hired
            as a secondary school counselor/administrator at Selma
            High School. In 2006, he graduated with a second Master’s
            degree in Educational Administration, completed course
            work for the Administrative Services credential, and was
            also one of the individuals selected to speak at the first
            Latino Commencement held at the Save Mart Center. In
            2007, Mr. Alvarado earned a promotion as a Learning
            Director at Clovis High School and is currently completing
            the first year in the CSU, Fresno Doctoral in Educational
            Leadership program.
            REGINA URIBES
            Regina is a lifelong resident of Sanger, California. She
            entered the education field in 1973 and held positions at
            Sanger Unified School District for 16 years as Instructional
            Aide, Migrant Tutor, Chapter 1 Assistant, Attendance Clerk
            and Computer Lab Manager. Throughout that time she
            worked with students from pre-school to 12 grade and
            implemented Sanger High School’s first Peer Counseling
            Program. She also worked with the Sanger Police
            Department to develop drug awareness workshops. Regina
            earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business
            Administration, Management from California State
            University Fresno, she earned her Master of Arts degree in
            Organizational Behavior from the California School of
            Professional Psychology.
            CYNTHIA E. AZARI, ED.D.
            Dr. Cynthia E. Azari is the President of Fresno City
            College. She earned an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership
            from Seattle University in Washington and Masters Degrees
            in both Industrial Relations and in Education
            Administration from West Virginia University, West
            Virginia. Prior to her current position as President at Fresno
            City College, Dr. Azari served as Vice Chancellor for
            Workforce Development and Educational Services at State
            Center Community College District, Fresno, California.
            She also served as President of Butler County Community
            College in Pennsylvania for five years and held several
            college administrative positions before coming to
            Cynthia has been married to Bijan for 34 years, and together
            they have two daughters, Bani, who attends SUNY at
            Brooklyn in the M.D./Ph.D. program and Mitra, who is an
            attorney in Los Angeles.
            Dr. Azari’s formula for success is the 5 P’s: “Prior
            Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”
            VALERIE F. DAVIS
            Trustee of Fresno Unified School District Board of
            Education since December 3, 2004. Elected as Board Clerk
            in 2006, 2007 and elected Board President in 2008.
            She was born and raised in Fresno, and graduated from
            Bullard High School in 1977. She received her B.A. and
            Teaching Credential from California State University
            Fresno in 1983. Prior to her elected seat on the Board of
            Education, she worked for Fresno Unified since she was 18
            years old. She was a teacher’s aide, Music teacher, Inter-
            session Kinder/First grade teacher, substitute, and Summer
            School English teacher.

            LORENA RAMON
            My name is Lorena Ramon; I started working for the
            district a year after graduating from McLane High School in
            1987. I chose to work for Fresno Unified because of the
            Office Manager, Ms. Janzen that was at McLane High
            school my senior year. She took me in as her Teaching
            Assistant, and I became very close to her. She was a loving
            and caring person putting her all in everything she did. She
            was not only an Office Manager, but she was also a mom to
            many of students. It was because of her that I knew what I
            wanted to do.
                          2009 Si Se Puede Conference
                              Young Latino Males

Co-sponsored along with Fresno County Office of Education and Fresno State.
Mr. Patino thanks for all your efforts to organize the Si Se Puede Conference.

2009 Participating Schools: Buchanan, Bullard, Clovis, Clovis East, Clovis West,
Duncan, Fowler, Fresno, Gateway, Hoover, Kerman, McLane, Mendota, Parlier,
Reedley, Roosevelt, Sanger, San Joaquin Memorial, Selma, Sunnyside, Washington
Union, The Sanctuary.
                         2008 Annual Golf Tournament

Thank you Manuel & Lasara Nunez, Pat Gutierrez, Fernando Hernandez, Lupe and Ray
Mendez, and the whole Golf Committee and Golf participants for a fantastic job. It was a
windy, but beautiful evening!
                         Golf Tournament Contributors
                               Manuel Nunez, chairman

                                  2008 Tee Sponsors

Educational Employees Credit Union                        Sandra & Jairo Sanchez
Robert Arroyo & Celia Maldonado                           Laura Garcia
Mauldin-Dorfmeier Construction Inc.                       Holguin Construction
Grace Alvarado Ted Fonseca Jr.,                           Phil Patino
Autobody and Boat Condition                               Pat & Elena Gutierrez
Maria Escobar, RHS Roughriders                            Jerome & Nancy Marquez
Richard & Althea Johanson, CMC Foundation                 Lasara & Manuel Nunez
Kimber, Kimber, & Associates                              Ernest Palomino
Armando Redondo & George Rodriguez                        Mark Patton
Victor Salazar                                            Henry Serrano Jr.
Nancy Gutierrez & James Sauceda                           John & Virginia Sierra
Gary & Carolyn Soto, Soto and Friends                     Severo & Lupe Vargas
Renewal Body Works                                        Beto’s Meats
Joseph & Rosie Garcia                                     Gabe Escalera

                                Gift Contributions
Thanks to all members and businesses who contributed gifts and prizes for the Golf
Tournament Raffle.
Thanks To All Generous Supporters of
       Scholarship Program

         Diamante      ($5000 +)

            Kaiser Permanente

              Oro    ($3000)

      Marquez Brothers International
           Wells Fargo Bank

              Plata ($1000)

    Educational Employees Credit Union
         Union Bank of California
                  ABC 30
          Bautista Medical Group
                Yrma Rico
               David Huerta
           Sunnyside HS AVID
              Juan Arambula
        Johnny and Susan Baltierra

         Bronze        (100-999)

       Fresno Regional Foundation
         Pearson Digital Learning
                 Gary Soto
            Fresno City College
         Gloria Ponce-Rodriguez
       Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Carrillo

to the Latino
Educators of the year
and scholarship

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