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					Monmouth County
                 DIRECTORY - 2011
                 2011 Monmouth County Directory
          Published by The Board Of Chosen Freeholders
Hall of Records • One East Main Street • Freehold, New Jersey 07728

                                                       TABLE OF CONTENTS • I
                    TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                TABLE OF CONTENTS

                                                                     Administrative Departments                                          24
                                                                        Administrative Services & Public Safety
                                                                        Human Services
                                                                        Planning, Economic Development & Regulatory Affairs
                                                                        Public Works & Engineering
                                                                     Clerk to the Board of Chosen Freeholders                            24
From The Director's Desk                                        2    County Counsel                                                      24
Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders                     3    Department of Finance                                               24
Robert D. Clifton, Director                                     4    Improvement Authority                                               24
John P. Curley, Deputy Director                                 5    Independent Auditors                                                24
Lillian G. Burry                                                6    Department of Human Resources                                       24
Amy A. Mallet                                                   7    Department of Information Technology Services                       25
Thomas A. Arnone                                                8    Mosquito Extermination Commission                                   25
                                                                     Department of Public Information & Communications                   25
Elected Officials                                               9    Division of Purchasing                                              25
U.S. Legislators, State Legislators & Constitutional Officers   9    Office of Records Management                                        25
Rosemarie Peters, County Surrogate                              10   County Board of Taxation                                            25
M. Claire French, County Clerk                                  11   County Treasurer                                                    25
Shaun Golden, County Sheriff                                    12   Vocational Board of Education                                       25
Peter Warshaw, Jr., County Prosecutor                           13
                                                                     Commerce, Planning & Education:                                     26
U.S. Legislators:                                               14   Economic Development & Tourism                                      26
U.S. Senators                                                   14   Office of Emergency Management                                      26
U.S. Congressmen                                                14   Division of Employment & Training                                   26
                                                                     Workforce Investment Board                                          26
State Legislators:                                                   Division of Shade Tree                                              26
District 10                                                     16      Shade Tree Commission                                            26
District 11                                                     17   Planning Board & Staff                                              26
District 12                                                     18      Members of the Planning Board                                    26
District 13                                                     19      Amendment Review Committee                                       27
District 30                                                     20      Community Development Program                                    27
Facts About Monmouth County                                     21      Development Review Committee                                     27
Quick Reference Guide                                           22      Environmental Council                                            27
Finance & Administration                                        24      Fair Housing Board                                               27
County Administrator                                            24      Greenhouse Gas Reduction Advisory Committee                      27
Insurance & Risk Management                                     24      Stormwater Technical Advisory Committee                          28

II • TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                                                TABLE OF CONTENTS • III
                   TABLE OF CONTENTS                                      TABLE OF CONTENTS

   Solid Waste Advisory Council                      28      Geraldine L. Thompson Division                                32
   Transportation Council                            28      John L. Montgomery Division                                   32
Executive Superintendent of Schools                  28
Reclamation Center                                   29   Public Works & Engineering                                       33
Department of Weights & Measures                     29
Regional Authorities                                 29   Division of Buildings & Grounds                                  33
Audio Visual Aids Commission                         29   Division of Bridges                                              33
Regional Utilities Authorities                       29   Division of Fleet Services                                       33
                                                          Division of Engineering                                          33
Human Services:                                      30      Engineering Unit                                              33
Department of Human Services                         30      Traffic Safety Unit                                           33
County Adjuster                                      30   Division of Highways                                             33
Board of Health                                      30   Brookdale Community College                                      33
Division of Aging Disability & Veterans’ Interment   30      Board of Trustees                                             33
   Office on Aging                                   30   Board of Health                                                  33
   Office on Disabilities                            30   Fire Marshal/Academy                                             34
   Office of Veterans’ Interment                     30   Municipal Alliances                                              34
Division of Mental Health & Addiction Services       30
   Office of Mental Health                           30   Parks, Library & Public Services                                 35
   Mental Health Board                               30   Monmouth County Board of Agriculture                             35
   Office of Addiction Services                      30      Agriculture Development Board                                 35
Board of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services               30   Cooperative Research & Extension of Rutgers                      35
Division of Planning & Contracting                   31      Agriculture Department                                        35
   Contract Administration Unit                      31      4-H Department                                                35
Human Relations Commission                           31      Family Consumer Health Sciences Department                    35
   Human Services Advisory Council                   31      Fisheries & Aquaculture Department                            35
Office of Youth Services Planning                    31      Family Consumer Health Sciences Department                    35
   Youth Services Commission                         31   Construction Board of Appeals                                    35
Division of Social Services                          32      Municipal Land Use Law                                        35
   Freehold Office                                   32   Department of Consumer Affairs                                   36
   Ocean Township Office                             32   Office of the County Clerk                                       36
Division of Transportation                           32      Passports                                                     36
Senior Citizen & Disabled Resident Transportation            Deed Room                                                     36
Advisory Committee                                   32      Map Room                                                      36
Division of Juvenile Detention Alternatives          32      Recording                                                     36
Monmouth County Care Centers                         32   Clerk of Elections                                               36
                                                          Board of Elections                                               36

IV • TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                                    TABLE OF CONTENTS • V
                   TABLE OF CONTENTS                                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

Superintendent of Elections/Commissioner of Registration   36      Family Division                                                   44
   Voting Machine Warehouse                                36      Finance Division                                                  44
Monmouth County Archives                                   36      Human Resources                                                   44
Monmouth County Historical Commission                      36      Information Technology Division                                   44
Monmouth County Library                                    36      Jury Coordination Office                                          44
   Library Commissioners                                   36      Grand Jury Clerk                                                  44
   Headquarters & Branches                                 37      Official Court Reporters                                          44
Medical Examiner                                           37      Volunteer Coordinator                                             44
Monmouth County Park System                                37      Municipal Division                                                44
   Board of Recreation Commissioners                       37      Probation Division                                                44
Park Staff                                                 38      Child Support Enforcement                                         44
   Parks/Locations                                         38      Juvenile Probation Supervision                                    44
Police Academy                                             39      Probation Division Branch Office, Adult Supervision               44
   Police Academy Board of Directors                       39
County Prosecutor                                          39   County Counsels                                                      45
Office of the Sheriff                                      39   Special County Counsels                                              45
   Law Enforcement Division                                39   Workers Compensation Counsels                                        46
   Communications Division                                 39
Monmouth County Correctional Institution                   39   Monmouth County Municipalities
   Youth Detention Center                                  39   53 Municipalities - One Community                                    47
   Police Radio                                            39   Aberdeen                                                             48
Office of the Surrogate                                    39   Allenhurst                                                           48
                                                                Allentown                                                            49
Health Departments                                         40   Asbury Park                                                          49
Senior Centers & Nutrition Sites                           41   Atlantic Highlands                                                   50
                                                                Avon-By-The-Sea                                                      50
Monmouth County Vicinage                                        Belmar                                                               51
Superior Court                                             42   Bradley Beach                                                        51
   Assignment Judge, Lawrence M. Lawson                    42   Brielle                                                              52
   Judges                                                  42   Colts Neck                                                           52
Offices of the Superior Court                              43   Deal                                                                 53
   Office of the Court Administrator                       43   Eatontown                                                            53
   General Operations Manager                              43   Englishtown                                                          54
   Ombudsman                                               43   Fair Haven                                                           54
   EEO/AA Officer                                          43   Farmingdale                                                          55
   Civil Division                                          44   Freehold Borough                                                     55
   Criminal Division                                       44   Freehold Township                                                    56

VI • TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                                            TABLE OF CONTENTS • VII
                    TABLE OF CONTENTS                         TABLE OF CONTENTS

Hazlet                                  56   Wall Township                                             74
Highlands                               57   West Long Branch                                          74
Holmdel                                 57   Neighborhoods and Towns                                   75
Howell                                  58
Interlaken                              58   Public Schools                                            77
Keansburg                               59     State Department of Education, Monmouth County Office   77
Keyport                                 59     Monmouth County Public Schools                          77
Lake Como                               60     Monmouth County Vocational Schools                      86
Little Silver                           60     Monmouth-Ocean Educational Services Commission          87
Loch Arbour                             61
Long Branch                             61   Private Schools                                           88
Manalapan                               62   Schools for the Disabled                                  93
Manasquan                               62
Marlboro                                63   2009 Population Estimates                                 94
Matawan                                 63
Middletown                              64   New Jersey's 21 Counties                                  95
Millstone                               64
Monmouth Beach                          65   Media Outlets                                             96
Neptune City                            65
Neptune Township                        66   Radio Stations/Cable TV:                                  97
Ocean Township                          66     Radio Stations                                          97
Ocean Grove                             67     Cable TV Stations                                       97
Oceanport                               67
                                             Freeholders Meeting Schedule                              98
Red Bank                                68
Roosevelt                               68   Monmouth County Fire Companies                            100
Rumson                                  69
Sea Bright                              69   Zip Codes                                                 102
Sea Girt                                70
                                             Monmouth County Hospitals                                 103
Shrewsbury Borough                      70
Shrewsbury Township                     71   FAQs and Sites                                            104
Spring Lake                             71
Spring Lake Heights                     72   Chambers of Commerce                                      107
Tinton Falls                            72   Index                                                     110
Union Beach                             73
Upper Freehold Township                 73   Directory Reorder Form                                    118

VIII • TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                                IX

             CCORDING TO SEVERAL SOURCES, including a booklet, titled "A Sketch of Monmouth
             County," published in 1929 by the Board of Chosen Freeholders, Monmouth County
             was named after the County of
    Monmouthshire, in South Wales, Great Britain.
    According to the "Sketch," Monmouth County was offi-
    cially formed on March 7, 1683, by the General
    Assembly as one of the four original counties of
    the Province of East Jersey. "It was named, through
    the influence of Colonel Lewis Morris, after
    Monmouthshire, where his family had a vast estate."
        HOWEVER, not everyone agrees. A long-time histori-
    an and former Executive Director of the Monmouth
    County Historical Commission, believed that the
    County may have been named after James Scott, the
    Duke of Monmouth. The strikingly handsome
    Monmouth had the outward bearing of an ideal
    monarch, but he lacked the intelligence and resolution
    needed for a determined struggle for power.
       SCOTT WAS BORN in 1649, the illegitimate son of King
    Charles II and nephew of James, the Duke of York,
    who succeeded Charles to the throne in 1685.
        BANISHED FROM ENGLAND because she claimed to be the king's wife, Scott's mother, Lucy
    Walter, settled with young James in Paris. In 1662 James was brought to England and installed
    at court as a favorite of the king, who on Feb. 14, 1663, named him Duke of Monmouth, Earl
    of Doncaster, and Baron Scott of Tindale and made him a Knight of the Garter.
         WITH SUCCESSION to the throne becoming a burning issue in England, where anti-papal
    hysteria had been aroused by rumors that Catholics were plotting to seize power, James, the
    Duke of York, converted to Catholicism. King Charles blocked all parliamentary attempts to
    exclude James from the royal inheritance, and in September 1679 he banished the Duke of
    Monmouth from the kingdom. Nevertheless, the Duke quickly returned in defiance of his
    father and set about building up a following. In this crisis, Scott was championed for the suc-
    cession by several leaders of the anti-Catholic Whigs in Parliament. In 1682-83 Scott became
    involved in the Whig conspiracy against Charles and James, known as the Rye House Plot.
    Although pardoned for his part in this enterprise, he was banished from court and took refuge
    in the Netherlands early in 1684.
        UPON THE DEATH of Charles II in 1685, the Duke of York acceded to the throne as James
    II. Monmouth returned to England with 82 followers in June and quickly raised over 4,000
    men, but he was unable to rally the gentry to his rebellion. On July 6 his army of peasantry
    was totally defeated on the plain of Sedgemoor. He fled but was soon captured and behead-
    ed in the infamous Tower of London.
        THE DUKE, who had not yet been executed at the time of the naming of Monmouth
    County, had many friends and allies among the gentry of East Jersey. Richard Hartshorne, an
    associate of Scott’s prior to leaving England, used the name "Monmouth" in a deed in 1678.
        W ITH ALL THIS SAID, we may never know exactly how Monmouth County got its


            FROM THE DIRECTOR’S DESK                                                 BOARD OF CHOSEN FREEHOLDERS


T   HANK YOU for acquiring the latest copy of the Monmouth County

    This edition, like past editions, is designed to help you navigate
through county government.

     The directory is filled with useful information for the residents
of and visitors to Monmouth County and includes listings of all 53
municipalities, public and private schools, county parks, libraries,
hospitals, zip codes, chambers of commerce, local media and frequently
asked questions.                                                                                           2011 Board of Chosen Freeholders
                                                                                                   Standing: Amy A. Mallet and Thomas A. Arnone,
                                                                                  Seated: Deputy Director John P. Curley, Director Robert D. Clifton and Lillian G. Burry
     Under the section of ‘Elected Officials’ you will find the names,
addresses and contact information for all federal, state, county and local
elected officials representing the citizens of Monmouth County.
                                                                             M      ONMOUTH      COUNTY is governed by five Freeholders elected at-large for three year
                                                                                     terms. Each January, the Freeholders select one of their members to serve as the
                                                                             director of the board, to preside over the meetings and activities of the board.
     We are currently in the process of updating our telephone system, and        The Board of Chosen Freeholders collectively oversees five mandatory
although when completed it will be more functional and easier to use, the    functions of county government delegated to it by the state. Each freeholder is assigned
process takes time. Consequently there may be some number changes that       responsibility for one of the functional areas. The following are the areas assigned to the
were not included in this directory at the time of printing.                 individual Freeholders: Director Robert D. Clifton, Finance & Administration; Deputy
                                                                             Director John P. Curley, Public Works & Engineering; Lillian G. Burry, Parks,
                                                                             Library & Public Services; Amy A. Mallet, Human Services; Thomas A. Arnone,
    I know that the Monmouth County Directory will prove to be a             Commerce, Planning & Education.
helpful tool. I invite you to send us your comments and suggestions as to         The Board meets twice each month, generally on the second and fourth Thursdays at
                                                                             2 p.m. in a workshop session, followed by a formal Regular Meeting at 7 p.m. in the Hall of
how we may better serve you.                                                 Records. During the months of March through September, on the fourth Thursday, the
                                                                             workshop session is held at 1 p.m., and the formal Regular Meeting at 7 p.m. is held in one
                                                                             of the 53 municipalities that comprise Monmouth County.
                 Robert D. Clifton,                                               Regular meetings are those in which the Freeholders vote on resolutions and take
                 Freeholder Director                                         formal action on the issues on the agenda. Workshop meetings are informal discussions of
                                                                             items to be considered at the next regular meeting. Both regular and workshop meetings are
                                                                             open to the public.
                                                                                  The meeting dates are posted at, but persons desiring to
                                                                             attend a meeting are advised to call ahead, since the meetings are occasionally changed to
                                                                             accommodate holidays and other special events.

2 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                             MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 3
      BOARD OF CHOSEN FREEHOLDERS                                                           BOARD OF CHOSEN FREEHOLDERS

      ROBERT D. CLIFTON                                                                            JOHN P. CURLEY
                     Director of the Board, in charge of                                                      Deputy Director of the Board,
                          Finance & Administration                                                      in charge of Public Works and Engineering
                           Phone 732-431-7411                                                                       Phone 732-683-8836
               Frida Moore McLaughlin, Administrative Assistant                                                Anthony Howley, Confidential Aide

                        B    ORN AND RAISED in the Borough of Matawan, Freeholder
                             Robert D. Clifton attended local elementary schools and
                        St. John Vianney High School. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree
                                                                                          F   REEHOLDER JOHN       P. CURLEY was sworn in to a three-
                                                                                               year term on the Monmouth County Board of Chosen
                                                                                          Freeholders on Jan. 7, 2010. Currently in his second year
                        in Political Science at Rider College, in Lawrenceville, New      in office, he oversees the county’s Department of Public
                        Jersey and a Master's Degree in Political Science at the          Works and Engineering.
                        University of Richmond in Virginia.                                     Prior to his election as a freeholder, Mr. Curley served
                                                                                          as a councilman in Red Bank for more than five years.
                         Earlier in his career, Mr. Clifton was Director of               During that time he also served as a member of the Red
                     Industry Relations for the New Jersey Pavement and Asphalt           Bank Zoning Board of Adjustment and was council liaison
                     Association, as a liaison between the trade association and          to the local Planning Board, the Historic Preservation
                     municipalities throughout the state on issues of road                Commission, Special Improvement District and the Public
                     improvement. He also served as an assistant to the Deputy            Works Committee.
 Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Labor and a legislative aide                      As a Red Bank councilman, Mr. Curley won passage
 to Assemblyman Michael Arnone. He is currently employed by Comcast Cable as              of a resolution to place a cap on all municipal spending
 Director of Government Affairs.                                                          accounts. He also challenged placement of a helipad on the Navesink River, and worked
                                                                                          tirelessly to stop a bulky solid waste station abutting a residential neighborhood.
      First elected as a freeholder in November of 2004, and reelected in 2007 and        Additionally, he organized a grass-roots effort to prevent a financially flawed parking
 2010, Mr. Clifton is serving his third three year-term on the Board of Chosen            garage proposal from creating a potential liability for Red Bank taxpayers.
 Freeholders. Currently, he is serving as the Director of the Board of Chosen                   Concerned about transparency in government, he also fought to change the time
 Freeholders, and as 2nd Vice President of the New Jersey Association of Counties.        of the Red Bank council meetings to increase the public’s participation, and throughout
                                                                                          his career as a councilman, he was a strong advocate of zero-based budgeting spear-
      Prior to his election as a freeholder, Mr. Clifton served as the Mayor of Matawan   heading the adoption of strict anti-pay-to-play ordinances. To maintain Red Bank’s tax
 Borough. Additionally, he served on Matawan’s Borough unified Planning and               base, he advocated redevelopment and rejected overdevelopment projects that would
 Zoning Board of Adjustment, the Board of Health and the Monmouth County                  place stress on the borough’s infrastructure.
 Board of Drug and Alcohol Abuse Services. During his mayoral term, he served as                Mr. Curley is a graduate of Christian Brothers Academy and Thomas Edison State
 the Chairman of the Bayshore Conference of Mayors.                                       College. A lifelong, fourth-generation resident of Monmouth County, grew up in
                                                                                          Shrewsbury and lives in Middletown and is currently a trustee of the Christian Brothers
      As a freeholder, Mr. Clifton’s responsibilities include oversight of the            Academy Alumni Association and a former trustee of the Juvenile Diabetes
 Administrator, Clerk of the Board, County Counsel, Finance, Improvement                  Foundation, Central Jersey Chapter.
 Authority, Independent Auditor, Human Resources, Information Technology,                       Mr. Curley is vice president of his family’s car dealership located in Lakewood, Jim
 Insurance and Risk Management, Mosquito Extermination Commission, Public                 Curley GMC, Buick and Kia.
 Information & Communications, Purchasing, Records Management, Safety Office,                   Currently, Mr. Curley is Deputy Director of the Board of Chosen Freeholders and
 the Tax Board, Treasurer and the Vocational Schools.                                     the liaison to the following: Board of Health, Bridges, Brookdale Community College,
                                                                                          Buildings & Grounds, Engineering, Fire Marshall/Fire Academy, Fleet Services,
                                                                                          Highways and Public Works.

4 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                                 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 5
        BOARD OF CHOSEN FREEHOLDERS                                                                BOARD OF CHOSEN FREEHOLDERS

           LILLIAN G. BURRY                                                                                AMY A. MALLET
        Freeholder in charge of Parks, Library and Public Services                                          Freeholder in charge of Human Services
                            Phone 732-683-8855                                                                            Phone 732-683-8559
                    Pamela Chappell, Administrative Assistant                                                         Keith Rella, Confidential Aide

                           L    ILLIAN G. BURRY was born in New York City, attended
                                public schools and Wagner College, where she graduated
                            Cum Laude with a degree in Political Science and History. She
                                                                                              A   RESIDENT OF    MONMOUTH COUNTY for 25 years, Amy
                                                                                                   Mallet was born and raised in New York City, graduat-
                                                                                              ed Cum Laude from Hunter College, City University of
                            was elected to the National History Fraternity and in 2005 and    New York, and holds an MBA from Baruch College, City
                            was granted the Wagner College Fellow in Political Science.       University of New York, and shortly after graduation served
                                 When Mrs. Burry served on Matawan’s governing body           as the Public Affairs Officer with the U.S. Coast Guard
                            she secured HUD funding for the restoration of Matawan            Auxiliary 5-7.
                            Town Hall. Her efforts with Historic Preservation in Matawan           Ms. Mallet is the owner of a promotional marketing
                            enabled the town to purchase and restore the                      company in Neptune, and serves on the New Jersey Human
                            borough’s historic Burrowes’ Mansion, c. 1700. She spear-         Relations Council Executive Committee and the New
                            headed the purchase of Matawan’s wetlands and played a lead-      Jersey-Israel Commission. She was a national partner for
                            ing role in fighting the Imperial Oil Company after it was        Women Impacting Public Policy and has served as
found to be dumping at Burnt Fly Bog.                                                         President-elect and Vice President of Public Policy as a
      In 1997, she was elected to the first of three terms as a member of the Colts Neck      member of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO-Central
Township Committee serving as Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Committeewoman. In Colts                Jersey chapter).
Neck, she was involved in the Planning Board, Long-Range Planning Committee,                       Ms. Mallet was honored with a resolution presented by the New Jersey State
Architectural Review Committee, County Government Liaison, Earle Naval Weapons                Senate commending her outstanding record of service and commitment to our com-
Station Liaison, September 11th Memorial Committee, the Environmental Commission              munity after being nominated for the Athena Award. She has been recognized with
and she was in the forefront with the Farmland & Open Space Preservation Program.             Public Policy Awards from NAWBO on both the national and local levels, as well as
      Mrs. Burry was elected to the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders in            being recognized as the chapter’s Bridge Builder. In 2007, Ms. Mallet was a recipient
November of 2005 and reelected in 2008. She served as Director of the Board in 2008           of the prestigious NJBIZ Best 50 Women in Business award and is listed in Who’s Who
and in 2010. Her areas of responsibility include the oversight of Parks, Library and Public   of American Women. She hosts regular marketing workshops to support women busi-
Services, including the Sheriff ’s Office, MCCI, the County Clerk and the County              ness owners and served on the Community Advisory Board for the Wellness
Surrogate. She serves as the freeholder liaison to the county Planning Board and is also a    Community. She has raised funds for local hospitals and established and maintained a
member of the Board of School Estimate for both Brookdale Community College and               database of volunteers within the Fair Haven school system to deliver donated meals
the Monmouth County Vocational Schools. In 2006, Mrs. Burry was appointed to the              to families during difficult times. As former Trustee of Congregation B’nai Israel,
Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority and serves as Vice Chair. In 2010, she        Rumson, she chaired the Showcase of Israeli Arts.
was appointed to the Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority and chairs the                Ms. Mallet is in charge of the Department of Human Services, and liaison to the
Veteran’s Service sub-committee.                                                              following divisions and commissions including: Adjuster, Health Care Facilities,
      Mrs. Burry received the 2008 Marine Corps League, “Distinguished Citizen” Award,        Human Relations Commission, the Division of Transportation, Senior Citizen and
the 2008 “Person of the Year” Award from the Sheriff ’s Officers Fraternal Order of           Disabled Transportation Advisory Committee, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services,
Police and recieved recognition from the Army National Guard Freedom Salute Campaign          Social Services, Mental Health Board, Office on Disabilities, Office on Aging, Human
and was the 2010 Monmouth County Historical Commission Person of the Year.                    Services Advisory Council, Veterans Services, Youth Services Commission and
      Mrs. Burry has been in business for more than 30 years, as owner and broker of          Planning and Contracting.
record of Colts Neck Realty. She is married to Donald L. Burry. They have one daughter             Ms. Mallet lives in Fair Haven with her husband, Lester, and their two children.
and two grandchildren.

6 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                                      MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 7

       Freeholder in charge of Commerce, Planning & Education
                               Phone 732- 431-7396
                          Darlene DiLeo, Confidential Aide

                          F   REEHOLDER     THOMAS A. ARNONE was sworn in to a
                             three-year term on the Monmouth County Board of
                         Chosen Freeholders on Jan. 6, 2011. Currently in his first
                         year in office, he oversees the county’s commerce, planning
                         and education areas.
                               Prior to his election as a freeholder, Mr. Arnone served
                         as an elected official in Neptune City. As mayor, from
                         2004 through 2010, he was instrumental in the acquisition
                         of more than $1.5 million in grants and the successful
                         revitalization of underutilized areas in the community. As
                         a council member from 1997 through 2003, Mr. Arnone
                         held positions as Police Commissioner, Public Works
Commissioner and the Finance committee chairman.
     During his tenure in Neptune, Mr. Arnone also served as the director of the
Neptune City Office of Emergency Management. He also served the Neptune City
community as a member of the Land Use, Planning, and Recreation boards as
well as the Shade Tree Commission, Environmental Committee, Community
Development Block Grant Committee and the Alliance to Prevent Alcohol and Drug
     Mr. Arnone has been active in statewide professional organizations. He became
president of the New Jersey Conference of Mayors in 2010 after serving a term
as the Vice President. He is also an active member of the New Jersey League of
Municipalities as a member of the State Resolutions Committee and Nominating
     Mr. Arnone is a graduate of Neptune High School and attended Brookdale
Community College. He currently is Vice President of PRC Management Company as
well as owner of T. Arnone’s Landscaping.
     As a freeholder, Mr. Arnone is the liaison to the following: Belford Ferry,
Economic Development & Tourism, Emergency Management, Employment &
Training & Workforce Investment Board, Planning Board, Reclamation Center, Shade
Tree Commission, Solid Waste Advisory Council, Superintendent of Schools and
Weights and Measures.
     Mr. Arnone and his wife, Catherine, reside in Neptune City with their daughter,

                                    MONMOUTH COUNTY

                          STATE LEGISLATORS

N    EW      JERSEY LEGISLATORS, Senators and Assemblymen are elected from 40
       legislative districts of substantially equal population. Voters in each district elect one
Senator and two members of the General Assembly. Citizens of Monmouth County are
represented by legislators from five legislative districts: 10, 11, 12 13 and 30.
      Legislative elections are held in November of each odd-numbered year. Assembly
members serve two-year terms. Senators serve four-year terms, except for the first term
of a new decade, which is only two years. This “2-4-4” cycle allows for elections from new
districts as soon as possible after reapportionment. Reapportionment happens every 10
years, after the U.S. Census, when the boundaries of New Jersey’s 40 districts are redrawn
to maintain an equal population in each district.
      Each house elects a presiding officer from among its members - the President of the
Senate and the Speaker of the General Assembly. They are second and third, respectively
in the line of succession to the governorship after the Lt. Governor. The President of the
Senate serves as acting Governor when the Governor and Lt. Governor are out of the
      The chief function of the Legislature is to enact laws. A proposal to make a new law,
or to change or repeal an existing law, is presented to the Legislature in the form of a bill.
To become law, a bill must pass both houses by a majority vote and be signed by the
      The Legislature can also propose amendments to the New Jersey constitution. An
amendment must be passed by a vote of three-fifths of each house (24 votes in the Senate
and 48 votes in the Assembly). No action by the Governor is required. If passed, the pro-
posed amendment is placed as a question on the ballot in November for a public vote. An
amendment may also be presented to the voters if the Legislature passes it two years in a
row by a majority vote.
      Additional powers of the Legislature include Senatorial approval of the Governor’s
appointments of judges and other high officials. The Legislature is also empowered to
ratify amendments to the U.S. Constitution, appoint the State Auditor, judge the elections
and qualifications of its members, and institute and conduct impeachment proceedings
against state officials.


T   HE    CONSTITUTION of the State of New Jersey authorizes the formation of the
     following elected county officers: The Surrogate and the County Clerk, each elected
to five year terms, and the Sheriff, who is elected to a three year-term.
      The state constitution also provides for the appointment by the Governor of a
Prosecutor for a five-year term of office. The Board of Chosen Freeholders is
responsible for providing funds, facilities and personnel for the operation of these offices.
Under state law, the freeholders do not supervise the activities of these offices; they do
cooperate fully with these four co-partners in county government.

                                                           MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 9
                                  MONMOUTH COUNTY                                                                                MONMOUTH COUNTY

                         SURROGATE                                                                                COUNTY CLERK

                                Rosemarie D. Peters                                                                               M. CLAIRE FRENCH

T    HE SURROGATE is an elected office authorized by the constitution of the State of New
     Jersey and carries a five-year term. The Surrogate's Court is a department of
county government, as well as a branch of the Superior Court of New Jersey in the
                                                                                                T    HE COUNTY CLERK is an office authorized by the constitution of the State of New
                                                                                                     Jersey and carries a five-year term. M. Claire French, a resident of Monmouth County
                                                                                                for more than 50 years, has been serving as County Clerk since January 1997. She lives in
Chancery Division. The Surrogate serves as Deputy Clerk of the Superior Court,                  Wall Township with her husband Robert.
Chancery Division, Probate Part, and Chancery Division, Family Part for adoptions, as                 Prior to her election as County Clerk, Ms. French served the Township of Wall as
well as Judge of the Surrogate's Court.                                                         Mayor, a member of the governing body and Vice-Chairman of the Planning Board.
      The County Surrogate has the authority to qualify executors and trustees named in               In 1986, the freeholders appointed Ms. French to serve as the first Chair of the
wills, to appoint administrators for those who die without wills, and to appoint guardians      Monmouth County Improvement Authority, an office she held for 10 years.
for minors and legally incapacitated persons. The office is also responsible for overseeing           Previously, she was appointed by Gov. Thomas Kean to serve on the NJ Job Training
the procedure in contested estate matters, in the declaration of incapacitation, in appoint-    Council and by Gov. Christie Whitman to serve on the Local Finance Board.
ment of guardians, and in the granting of adoptions in the Superior Court of New Jersey.              Ms. French remains active on the boards of directors of a number of organizations
      The Surrogate is the custodian of the permanent records of estates, wills, guardian-      including the Central Jersey Blood Bank and the Information Age and Learning Center at
ships, and adoptions. All permanent records dating back to the late 1700s are filed in the      Camp Evans. She chairs Meridian’s Government and Community Relations Committee,
Surrogate's Court providing information for title searchers, genealogists, and local histori-   and is a member of the Association for the Blind and Trustee of the 200 Club.
ans. The Surrogate places adoption records under seal and maintains these records. The                The County Clerk’s responsibilities can be divided into five functions: Recording,
Surrogate's Court is also custodian of funds awarded to minors through settlements,             Elections, Archives, Passports, and the Office of Records Management.
inheritances, or as beneficiaries of life insurance proceeds.                                         The Recording Division is responsible for recording all real property records for the
      The Surrogate's office is located on the first floor of the Hall of Records, 1 East       County, to include mortgages, land title deeds, liens, and trade names, in addition to many
Main Street, Freehold. There are also three satellite offices: the Middletown Library,          other documents. Ms. French pioneered the Electronic Recording Technology in New
Tuesdays from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m; the Wall Township Library, 2700 Allaire Road,                 Jersey, which is now shared with 13 Counties.
Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m; and the Ocean Township Library, 701 Deal Road,                    The Election Division prepares the actual ballot, processes vote-by-mail applications,
Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Please note that appointments should be made in              tabulates election totals and certifies results to the Secretary of State.
advance for the satellite offices.                                                                    The Archives Division stores a high volume of county records, some of which date
      Rosemarie D. Peters, Esq., is serving in her first term as Monmouth County                as far back as the 17th century and are also available to the public.
Surrogate. She was a member of the Middletown Township Committee and served as                        The Passport Division assists persons seeking passports.
mayor and deputy mayor. She is currently a member of the NJ Supreme Court’s Judiciary-                The Office of Records Management has been established to manage and expand
Surrogate Liaison Committee.                                                                    upon the county’s electronic records archives and the County’s open public records
      Mrs. Peters is a past member of the Executive Board and Legislative Review                system.
Committee of the NJ State League of Municipalities. She is a graduate of Rutgers School               The County Clerk’s Office also provides resident and veteran identification cards to
of Law-Newark, Thomas A. Edison State College, and Brookdale Community College.                 county residents and administers oaths to notaries and public officials.

10 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                                          MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 11
                                 MONMOUTH COUNTY                                                                           MONMOUTH COUNTY

                              SHERIFF                                                                            PROSECUTOR

                                 SHAUN GOLDEN                                                                               PETER WARSHAW, JR.

S  HERIFF SHAUN GOLDEN is the chief executive of Monmouth County’s largest law
   enforcement agency, which includes the 1,328 bed maximum security Monmouth
County Correctional Institution, the Monmouth County 9-1-1 Communications Center
                                                                                           T   HE COUNTY PROSECUTOR is appointed by the Governor to serve a five-year term.
                                                                                               The Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office deals with approximately 15,000
                                                                                           cases annually and employs more than 50 lawyers, 80 detectives and a support staff of
and the Civil Process Unit.                                                                more than 150. As chief law enforcement officer, the Prosecutor works closely with
     Throughout the years, the Monmouth County Sheriff ’s Office developed innovative      municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies to investigate and
programs and partnerships including the Citizens Leadership Council, Citizen's Police      prosecute crimes committed in Monmouth County.
Academy, Sheriff Youth Week, Prison Awareness, Identification Cards, Identity Theft,            The Prosecutor's Office has many diverse and specialized investigative units that
seat belt safety awareness and court security initiatives.                                 focus on violent crimes, sex crimes, child abuse, official misconduct, public corruption,
     Cooperative efforts with the Office on Aging resulted in Senior Scan-Seniors          gangs, financial and computer crimes. The Prosecutor has the ultimate responsibility for
Fighting Terrorism; Project Lifesaver, an electronic monitoring program for people with    determining which criminal cases should be brought to trial and supervises all municipal
memory disorders; Safe Surfing for Seniors, a program on Internet safety, and Triad,       prosecutors in the county.
bringing law enforcement and seniors together to address the needs of Monmouth                  Peter Warshaw, Jr. is a 1983 graduate of the University of Delaware and a 1986
County seniors.                                                                            graduate of the Delaware Law School of Widener University.
     The Monmouth County Sheriff ’s Office is nationally accredited in all areas of             Mr. Warshaw began his career with the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office as a
operation, and continues to maintain or exceed those nationally accepted standards.        law clerk in 1986 and was sworn in as an Assistant Prosecutor in1987 and served in the
     Prior to being elected sheriff in 2010, Mr. Golden served as undersheriff where he    Juvenile/Family Division, the Trial Division, the Narcotics Unit and the Economic
was responsible for the Monmouth County 9-1-1 Communications Center and the                Crimes Unit. In 1991, Mr. Warshaw was assigned to the Major Crimes Unit where he
communications and computer networking equipment for both county and municipal             supervised arson and environmental crimes investigations. In 1995, he became Director
agencies. He has been instrumental in promoting and implementing shared services with      of the Major Crimes Unit and served in that position until he was appointed First
towns at cost savings measures through the 9-1-1 Center.                                   Assistant Prosecutor in 2006.
     A lifelong resident of Monmouth County, Sheriff Golden is experienced in law               Mr. Warshaw has been a certified criminal attorney since March 1997. He served as
enforcement and public administration. As a career law enforcement officer for 18 years,   either Chairman or Co-chairman of the Monmouth Bar Association’s Criminal Practice
he served as a police officer with the Colts Neck Police Department and the Toms River     Committee from 2002-08. He has been a trustee of the Monmouth Bar Association since
Police Department, where he was responsible for the information and technology office.     2007 and the Monmouth Bar Foundation since 2006.
     He worked as a certified paramedic for MONOC, serving Monmouth and Ocean                   In 2010, Mr. Warshaw was honored with the Career Advocacy Award for outstand-
counties, and was a volunteer firefighter and EMT.                                         ing advocacy from the New Jersey County Prosecutors Association.
     Mr. Golden holds a master’s degree in administration from Seton Hall University, is        On November 22, 2010, Gov. Christie nominated Mr. Warshaw to the Office
a NJ Certified Public Manager and an adjunct professor at Monmouth University with         of Monmouth County Prosecutor and he was sworn in on January 31, 2011.
the Department of Political Science and Public Policy.                                          Mr. Warshaw and his wife, Maureen, reside in Middletown with their two children.
     In addition, Mr. Golden has received numerous certifications in incident command,
homeland security and emergency management initiatives.

12 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                                    MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 13
                                      UNITED STATES
                                                                                                       UNITED STATES LEGISLATORS
                                                                                              FOURTH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT - HON. CHRISTOPHER H. SMITH,
                                                                                                    Office: 2373 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20515
                                                                                                                Telephone: 202-225-3765 Fax: 202-225-7768

T   WO   U.S. senators represent the State of New Jersey in Washington D.C. Serving a
    term of six years, the senators are elected by and equally represent the citizens of
the entire state. Our current Senators are the Honorable Frank Lautenberg and the
                                                                                               District Office: Hamilton: 1540 Kuser Road, Suite A-9, Hamilton, NJ 08619
                                                                                           Telephone: 609-585-7878 Fax: 609-585-9155
Honorable Robert Menendez.                                                                     District Office: Whiting: 108 Lacey Road, Suite 38A, W ugh, part of Freehold
                                                                                           Township, Howell, Manasquan, Millstone, Roosevelt, Sea Girt, Spring Lake,
                                      UNITED STATES                                        Spring Lake Heights, Upper Freehold, Wall Township.
                              Hon. Frank Lautenberg
            Office: 324 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510
                      Telephone: 202 224-3224 Fax:202 228-4054                                    SIXTH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT - HON. FRANK PALLONE, JR.
                                                                                                    Office: 237 Cannon House Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20515
    State Office: One Gateway Center, 23rd Floor, Newark, NJ 07102                                              Telephone: 202-225-4671 Fax: 202-225-9665
Telephone: 973-639-8700 Fax: 973-639-8723 - Toll free number: 1-888-398-1642
    District Office: 2 Riverside Dr., 1 Port Center, Suite 505, Camden NJ 08101                District Office: 504 Broadway, Long Branch, NJ 07740
Telephone: 856-338-8922 Fax: 856-338-8936                                                  Telephone: 732-571-1140 Fax: 732-870-3890
                                                                                               District Office: 67-69 Church Street, Kilmer Square, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
                                                                                           Telephone: 732-249-8892 Fax: 732-249-1335

                              Hon. Robert Menendez                                                                    Municipalities Represented are:
             Office: 317 Hart Senate Office, Washington, D.C. 20510-3002                   Aberdeen, Allenhurst, Asbury Park, Atlantic Highlands, Avon, Belmar, Bradley Beach,
                      Telephone: 202-224-4744 Fax: 202-228-2197                            Deal, Hazlet, Highlands, Interlaken, Keansburg, Keyport, Loch Arbour, Long Branch,
                                                                                           part of Manalapan, part of Marlboro, Matawan, part of Middletown, Monmouth Beach,
    District Office: One Gateway Center, 11th Floor, Newark, NJ 07102-5257                 Neptune City, Neptune Township, Ocean Township, Red Bank, Sea Bright, Lake Como,
Telephone: 973-645-3030 Fax: 973-645-0502                                                  Union Beach, West Long Branch.
    District Office: 208 White Horse Pike, Suites 18/19, Barrington, NJ 08007
Telephone: 856-757-5353 Fax: 856-546-1526                                                            TWELFTH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT - HON. RUSH HOLT
                                                                                                  Office: 1214 Longworth House Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20515
                                                                                                                Telephone: 202-225-5801 Fax: 202-225-6025
                                      UNITED STATES

                           CONGRESSMEN                                                         District Office: 50 Washington Road, West Windsor, NJ 08550
                                                                                           Telephone: 609-750-9365 Fax: 609-750-0618 877-874-4658 1-87RUSHHOLT

                                                                                                                       Municipalities Represented are:
M    onmouth County has three members of the House of Representatives in
     Washington D.C. Each of the congressmen represents the congressional district
from which he is elected.
                                                                                           Eatontown, Englishtown, Fair Haven, part of Freehold Township, Holmdel,
                                                                                           Little Silver, part of Manalapan, part of Marlboro, part of Middletown, Oceanport,
                                                                                           Rumson, Shrewsbury Borough, Shrewsbury Township, Tinton Falls.
Monmouth County’s current U. S. Congressmen are:

         Hon. Christopher H. Smith - Fourth Congressional District                                    NEW JERSEY GOVERNOR, HON. CHRIS CHRISTIE
           Hon. Frank Pallone, Jr. - Sixth Congressional District                                          New Jersey Lt. Governor, Hon. Kim Guadagno
             Hon. Rush Holt - Twelfth Congressional District                                        Office of the Governor, State Capitol, W. State Street, Trenton 08625
                                                                                                                        Telephone: 609-292-6000

14 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                                   MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 15
                             MONMOUTH COUNTY STATE                                                                     MONMOUTH COUNTY STATE

                     LEGISLATORS                                                                                LEGISLATORS
  Each Legislative District in the county is represented by one State Senator, and two
  Assembly representatives. Following are the legislative districts, the legislators and                                  DISTRICT 11
                         the municipalities that they represent.

                                DISTRICT 10                                                Hon. Sean T. Kean
                                                                                           STATE SENATOR
                                                                                           Office: 1955 Rt 34, Bldg 2A
Hon. Andrew R. Ciesla                                                                      Wall, NJ 07719
STATE SENATOR                                                                              Telephone: 732-974-0400 Fax: 732-974-2564
Office: 852 Highway 70                                                                     E-Mail:
Brick, NJ 08724
Telephone: 732-840-9028 Fax: 732-840-9757

                                                                                           Hon. Mary Pat Angelini
Hon. James W. Holzapfel                                                                    Office: 1955 Route 34, Bldg 2A
ASSEMBLYMAN                                                                                Wall, NJ 07719
Office: 852 Highway 70                                                                     Telephone: 732-974-1719 Fax: 732-974-3615
Brick, NJ 08724                                                                            E-mail:
Telephone: 732-840-9028 Fax: 732-840-9757

                                                                                           Hon. David P. Rible
Hon. David W. Wolfe                                                                        ASSEMBLYMAN
ASSEMBLYMAN                                                                                Office: 1955 Route 34, Bldg 2A
Office: 852 Highway 70                                                                     Wall, NJ 07719
Brick, NJ 08724                                                                            Telephone: 732-974-1719 Fax: 732-974-3615
Telephone: 732-840-9028 Fax: 732-840-9757                                                  E-mail:

                                                                                                         MUNICIPALITIES IN THIS DISTRICT ARE:

                 MUNICIPALITIES IN THIS DISTRICT:                                           Allenhurst, Asbury Park, Atlantic Highlands, Avon-by-the-Sea, Belmar, Bradley Beach,
                                                                                           Brielle, Deal, Eatontown, Highlands, Interlaken, Loch Arbour, Long Branch, Monmouth
                                      Manasquan                                               Beach, Neptune, Neptune City, Ocean, Rumson, Sea Bright, Sea Girt, Lake Como,
                                                                                                           Spring Lake, Spring Lake Heights, Wall, West Long Branch

16 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                                  MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 17
                           MONMOUTH COUNTY STATE                                                              MONMOUTH COUNTY STATE

                    LEGISLATORS                                                                        LEGISLATORS

                              DISTRICT 12                                                                        DISTRICT 13

Hon. Jennifer Beck                                                                  Hon. Joseph M. Kyrillos, Jr.
STATE SENATOR                                                                       STATE SENATOR
Office: 32 Monmouth Street, 3rd Floor                                               Office: 1715 Highway 35, Suite 303
Red Bank, NJ 07701                                                                  Middletown, NJ 07748
Telephone: 732-933-1591                                                             Telephone: 732-671-3206
Fax: 732-933-1598                                                                   Fax: 732-706-9140
Email:                                                            E-mail:

Hon. Declan J. O’Scanlon, Jr.
ASSEMBLYMAN                                                                         Hon. Amy H. Handlin
Office: 32 Monmouth Street, 3rd Floor                                               ASSEMBLYWOMAN
Red Bank, NJ 07701                                                                  Office: 890 Main Street, Belford, NJ 07718
Telephone: 732-933-1591                                                             Telephone: 732-787-1170
Fax: 732-933-1598                                                                   Fax: 732-787-0356
Email:                                                        E-mail:

Hon. Caroline Casagrande                                                            Hon. Samuel D. Thompson
ASSEMBLYWOMAN                                                                       ASSEMBLYMAN
Office: 35 West Main Street,                                                        Office: 725 Highway 34
Freehold, NJ 07728                                                                  Matawan, NJ 07747
Telephone: 732-866-1695                                                             Telephone: 732-583-5558
Fax: 732-866-4262                                                                   Fax: 732-583-4039
Email:                                                      E-mail:

                                                                                                 MUNICIPALITIES IN THIS DISTRICT ARE:
 Colts Neck, Englishtown, Fair Haven, Freehold Borough, Freehold Township, Little
 Silver, Manalapan, Marlboro, Millstone, Oceanport, Red Bank, Shrewsbury Borough,                    Aberdeen, Hazlet, Holmdel, Keansburg, Keyport,
                         Shrewsbury Township, Tinton Falls                                                Matawan, Middletown, Union Beach

18 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                        MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 19
                         MONMOUTH COUNTY STATE                                                             FACTS ABOUT

                  LEGISLATORS                                                    MONMOUTH COUNTY

                            DISTRICT 30                                M       ONMOUTH COUNTY is one of four original counties of East Jersey, the others
                                                                               being Bergen, Essex and Middlesex.
                                                                          At the time of its creation, Monmouth County encompassed all of the present day
                                                                       Monmouth and Ocean counties. It ranks as the sixth largest county in terms of area.
                                                                          Inhabited by more than 630,380 residents, Monmouth County is ranked as the
Hon. Robert W. Singer                                                  fourth largest county in the state in terms of population.
STATE SENATOR                                                             One of the highest points on the east coast of the United States is the highlands
Office: 2110 West County Line Road                                     of northeast Monmouth County. These are the first lands one sees, coming from the
                                                                       ocean into New York Harbor. It was this land that the Dutch explorer, Henry
Jackson, NJ 08527
                                                                       Hudson, saw in 1609 as his ship, the Half Moon, made its way into the river that
Telephone: 732-901-0702
                                                                       today bears his name. In his ship’s log, dated “September 2d, 1609,” Hudson wrote,
Fax: 732-901-0587                                                      “this is a very good land to fall in with and a pleasant land to see.”
Email:                                                Freehold was established as the county seat in 1719.
                                                                          The first and now the oldest continuously operational lighthouse in the country
                                                                       was placed in service at Sandy Hook in 1764.
                                                                          The Battle of Monmouth took place on June 28, 1778, in what today is Manalapan
Hon. Joseph R. Malone III                                              and Freehold townships. It was the largest and fiercest battle of the American
                                                                       Revolution, and was where Mary Hayes gained fame as “Molly Pitcher” who carried
                                                                       water to thirsty American soldiers during the scorching hot weather. Later, she took
Office: 311 Farnsworth Avenue
                                                                       up her husband’s position at an artillery piece when he was wounded.
Bordentown, NJ 08505                                                      Every major American general of the war participated in the battle, including
Telephone: 609-298-6250                                                George Washington, who rallied his retreating troops to carry the day. It was the first
Fax: 609-298-6359                                                      major engagement in which the American forces took the offensive.
E-mail:                                               Most historians conclude that the Battle of Monmouth was the turning point of
                                                                       the American Revolution. Monmouth Battlefield State Park located on Highway 33
                                                                       preserves the site of the conflict.
                                                                          In the 1860s the seaside resorts of Monmouth County began
Hon. Ronald S. Dancer                                                  enjoying an extraordinary reputation thanks to First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln who
ASSEMBLYMAN                                                            began vacationing at Long Branch, followed by visits from Presidents Ulysses S.
Office: 2110 West County Line Road                                     Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, James Garfield, Cester A. Arthur, Benjamin Harrison,
Jackson, NJ08527                                                       William McKinley and Woodrow Wilson. In 1881 President Garfield died in Long
Telephone: 732-901-0702                                                Branch, the result of wounds suffered at the hand of an assassin.
                                                                          The 20th century brought Fort Monmouth, a national military electronics
Fax: 732-901-0587
                                                                       command center, to the county along with the Garden State Parkway. The fort is
E-mail:                                            expected to close in September of 2011.
                                                                          The parkway opened up the Jersey Shore to beachgoers and the eastern portion
                                                                       of the county to residential development by commuters to the New York and the
                                                                       northern New Jersey business centers. Likewise, the widening of Highway 9 in the
                                                                       1960s, in western Monmouth County, spurred development in that region.
           Allentown, Farmingdale, Howell, Roosevelt, Upper Freehold

20 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                               MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 21

                Finance and Administration                     Mental Health Board, Planning and Contracting,
                               pages 24-25                           Office on Aging Advisory Council,
                                                                                Social Services,
                       Administrator,                        Senior Citizen and Disabled Resident Transportation
            Clerk of the Board, County Counsel,                                  Committee,
                 Finance, Human Resources,                                Youth Services Commission
       Improvement Authority, Independent Auditor,
                  Information Technology,
              Insurance and Risk Management,                         Public Works and Engineering
            Mosquito Extermination Commission,                                    pages 33-34
    Public Information and Communications, Purchasing,
      Records Management, Safety Office, Tax Board,                Bridges, Brookdale Community College,
                Treasurer, Vocational Schools                              Buildings and Grounds,
                                                                    Board of Health, Fleet Management,
                                                                         Engineering, Fire Marshal,
          Commerce, Planning and Education                                      Fire Academy,
                          pages 26 through 29                                     Highways
    Belford Ferry, Economic Development and Tourism,
    Emergency Management, Employment and Training,                 Parks, Library and Public Services
            Planning Board, Reclamation Center,                                pages 35 through 39
    Regional Utilities Authority, ShadeTree Commission,
               Solid Waste Advisory Council,                          Agriculture Development Board,
                 Superintendent of Schools,                            Archives and Records Center,
    Weights and Measures, Workforce Investment Board              Board of Appeals, Board of Elections,
                                                                             Consumer Affairs,
                                                              Cooperative Research and Extension of Rutgers,
                        Human Services                         County Clerk, Courts, Historical Commission,
                           pages 30 through 32                           Jury Commission, Library,
                                                                 Medical Examiner, Parks and Recreation,
               Adjuster, Health Care Facilities                   Police Computer, Police Radio and 911,
        Board of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services,                Police Academy, Probation Department,
     Division of Aging, Disability and Veterans’ Services,                  Prosecutor, Sheriff,
     Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services,       Superintendent of Elections and Commissioner of
                 Division of Transportation,                               Registration, Surrogate
             Human Services Advisory Council,
      Human Services, Human Relations Commission,

22 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                    MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 23
              FINANCE & ADMINISTRATION                                                                      FINANCE & ADMINISTRATION


County Administrator                        Department of Finance                             Department of Information                      Office of Records Management
Hall of Records, Freehold, NJ 07728         Hall of Records, Freehold, NJ 07728               Technology Services                            Hall of Records, Freehold, NJ 07728
Telephone: 732-431-7384, Fax: 409-4820      Telephone: 732-431-7391 Fax 732-409-4824          3000 Kozloski Road, Freehold, NJ 07728         Telephone: 732-431-7401 Fax: 462-2075
Teri O’Connor, County Administrator         Craig R. Marshall, CFO                            Telephone: 732-431-7991                        Matthew S. Clark, Director
Gabrielle Lehne, Asst. to County Admin.                                                       Gregory Putnam, Director
John Ciufo, Asst. to County Admin.          Improvement Authority                             John Zawadzki, Asst. Director                  County Board of Taxation
Betty Orcutt, Secretarial Assistant         PO Box 1255, Freehold, NJ 07728                   Louis Riozzi, Supv, Help Desk & Operations     Hall of Records, Freehold, NJ 07728
                                            Telephone: 732-308-2975, Fax 732-409-4821         Kim Kozakiewcz, Supv. Programming              Telephone: 732-431-7404 Fax: 409-4890
 INSURANCE & RISK MANAGEMENT                Al Rosenthal, Chairman                            Deane Reade, Supv. Voice & Cabling             The Board of Taxation is a state agency. The Tax
Insurance Claims Office                     Peggy Lasky, Vice Chairman                        Skip Schmidt, Office Manager                   Board Commissioners are appointed by the governor.
Claire Joyce, 732-431-7159                  Clifford Raisch, Treasurer                                                                       Maria G. Gagliano, CTA, President
Safety Office                               A. Richard Gatto, Commissioner                    Mosquito Extermination                         Daniel M. Kelly, CTA, Vice President
Kathleen West, 732-409-4898                 Robert Roth, Commissioner                         Commission                                     Kathleen Cody Bjelka, Commissioner
                                            Marion Masnick, Secretary                         1901 Wayside Road, Tinton Falls, NJ, 07724,    Hope G. Brodsky, Esq. Commissioner
 ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENTS                 email:                 Telephone: 732-542-3630 Fax: 732-542-3267      Thomas J. Byrne, Commissioner
Planning, Economic Development &            Meetings: First Thursday of each month, 9 a.m.,   Andrew F. Trocchia Jr., President              Wayne C. Pomanowski, Commissioner
Regulatory Affairs:                         Hall of Records                                   Robert Hary, Vice President                    Aleathea Riley, Commissioner
Hall of Records, Freehold, NJ 07728                                                           William J. McBride, Treasurer                  Patricia M. Nally, CTA,
Telephone: 683-8911 Fax: 845-3293                                                             Robert D. Clifton, Freeholder Member           Asst. Tax Administrator
                                            Independent Auditors.                                                                            Matthew S. Clark, CTA,
Susan A. Folta, Asst. 732-431-6412          Robert A. Hulsart & Company                       George R. Rue
                                                                                              John A. Mele                                   County Tax Administrator
                                            Robert A. Hulsart, Jr
Human Services:                             PO Box 1409, Wall, NJ 07719                       Michael A. Gianforte
3000 Kozloski Rd, Freehold, NJ 07728        Telephone: 732-681-4990                           Douglas L. Guthrie Sr., Supt./Exec..Sec.       County Treasurer
Telephone: 308-3770, Fax: 732-431-7412                                                        Meetings: 3rd Thursday monthly at 4:30 p.m.,   Hall of Records, Freehold, NJ 07728
Charles D. Brown III, Department Director   Hutchins, Farrell, Meyer & Allison, P.A.          Carmen M. Stoppiello Training & Ed.Center      Telephone: 732-431-7391
                                            Eugene M. Farrell, Robert W. Allison                                                             Craig R .Marshall, CFO
Public Works and Engineering:               912 Highway 33, Suite 2, Freehold, NJ 07728       Department of Public Information
250 Center Street, Freehold, NJ 07728       Telephone: 732-409-0800                           and Communications                             Vocational Board of Education
Telephone: 577-8758, Fax: 462-1863                                                            Hall of Records Annex, Freehold, NJ 07728      4000 Kozloski Road, Freehold, NJ 07728
John W. Tobia, Department Director          Department of Human Resources                     Telephone: 732-431-7310 Fax: 732-866-3696      Telephone: 732-431-7942
Susan Brodsky, Administrative Secretary     Hall of Records, Freehold, NJ 07728               William K. Heine, Director                     Timothy M. McCorkell, Superintendent
                                            Telephone: 732-431-7300 Fax: 732-431-7924         Laura Kirkpatrick, PIO                         Clement V. Sommers, President
                                            Kevin J. Burke Jr., Director                      Madeline Hersh, Asst PIO                       Russell T. Olivadotti, Vice President
Clerk To The Board Of                       Frank J. Tragno Jr, Asst. Personnel Officer       Aaron Townsend, Graphic Artist                 Dennis Ingoglia
Chosen Freeholders                          Deana M. Valiante, Office Manager                 Leonard Ruggieri, Graphic Artist               Joseph A. Manfredi
Hall of Records, Freehold, NJ 07728         Sharon A. Carbone, Recruitment                    Mark Allen, Document Services                  Joseph Passiment, Jr.
Telephone: 732-431-7387 Fax: 732-431-6519   Jamie L. Corbu, Personnel Clerk                   Dave Rovneyko, Document Services               Meetings: 3rd Tuesday of each month at 3 p.m.,
Marion Masnick, Clerk                       Nancy E. Cunard, Personnel Clerk                  Mike Purdy, Supervisor, Document Services      Board Office.
                                            Palma D. Davison, Personnel Clerk
County Counsel                              Catherine A. Fiore, Employee Benefits             Division of Purchasing
Hall of Records, Room 236                   Jennifer R. Hunter, Workers Comp                  300 Halls Mill Road, Freehold, NJ 07728
One East Main Street                        Colleen M. Jerry, Personnel Clerk                 Telephone: 732-431-7370, Fax 732-431-7379
Freehold, NJ 07728                          Barbara J. McDonald, Workers Comp                 Gerri C. Popkin, Director
Andrea I. Bazer, Esq.                       William H. McGuane, Benefits Coordinator          Dorothy Woodford, Asst Purchasing Agent
Phone: 732-683-8640 Fax 732-431-0437        Suzannne K. Ogborne, Personel Technician
Special County Counsels: See page 45        Gerald R. O'Keefe, Personnel Benefits
                                            Deborah L. Potter, Recruitment
                                            Jacquelin Y. Signorelli, Recruitment
                                            Deborah A. Studer, Personnel Clerk

24 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                                          MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 25
    COMMERCE, PLANNING & EDUCATION                                                               COMMERCE, PLANNING & EDUCATION

                             FREEHOLDER THOMAS A. ARNONE                                    Mollie Giamanco                                    Mark R. Aikins, Esq., Attorney
                                                                                            J. Thomas Means                                    Meetings: Planning Board Conference Room, Second
                                                                                            James Stuart                                       and Fourth Monday each month at 1 p.m.
                                                                                            Robert D. Clifton, Freeholder Director
                                                                                            Lillian G. Burry, Freeholder Representative         ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
                                                                                            Joseph Ettore, PE, PP, Cty. Engineer               (Advisory to the Planning Board)
Economic Development/Tourism                 Stephen C. Hornik, Sr.                         Thomas A. Arnone, Alternate Freeholder             Telephone: 732-431-7460 Fax: 732-409-7540
1 East Main Street, Freehold, NJ 07728       Frances Keane                                  Representative                                     Michael Fedosh, Chairman
Telephone: 732-431-7470                      Carole Knopp Morris                            Nancy Grbelja, Citizen Alternate #1                Joseph Reynolds, Vice-Chairman
Fax: 732-294-5930                            Karl Lorch                                     James Giannell, Citizen Alternate #2               Ann Baker
1-800-523-2587                               Dr. Brian McAndrew                             Richard Kucinski, PE, Alt. for Cty. Engineer       Denise Coyle
Amy Fitzgerald, Director                     Timothy McCorkell                              Meetings: Planning Board Conference Room, Third    Jennifer DiLorenzo
Garrett Stasse, Sr. Clerk                    William L. Phillips                            Monday each month at 2 p.m.                        Andrew Lucas
Joann Whitehead, Principal Clerk Typist      Frank A. Preston                                                                                  J. Thomas Means, Planning Bd. Rep.
Steve Callas, Economic Development, Rep.     Susan Rakoci-Anderson                           PLANNING BOARD STAFF                              Wilma Morrissey
                                             Linda Roma                                     Robert W. Clark, PP, Director                      Scott Thompson
Division of Tourism                          Jeff Schwartz                                  Bonnie Goldschlag, PP, AICP, Asst. Director        Ann Waters, Planning Staff Adviser
Jeanne DeYoung, Director, 732-431-7476       Barry Semple                                   Geri Elias, Secretary to the Board                 Meetings: Planing Board Conference Room, First
                                             John F. Shea, III                              Mark R. Aikins, Board Attorney                     Thursday of each month at 5 p.m.
Office of Emergency                          John Szeliga
Management                                   Dr. Webster Trammell                            AMENDMENT REVIEW COMMITTEE                         FAIR HOUSING BOARD
300 Halls Mill Road, Freehold, NJ 07728      Benjamin L. Waldron                            (Advisory to the Planning Board)                   (Advisory to the Board of Chosen Freeholders)
Telephone: 732-431-7400                      Kathleen M. Weir                               Telephone: 732-431-7460 Fax: 732-409-7540          Telephone: 732-431-7460 Fax: 732-308-2995
24/hrs: 732-431-7911                         Meetings: Held quarterly, generally held       Joseph Rettagliata, Chairman                       Scott Conover, Esq., Chairman
Fax: 732-409-7532                            at 10 a.m. Contact office for location         Bonnie Goldschlag, PP, AICP, Vice-Chair            Cheryl Finley, Vice-Chairman
Glenn Mason, Coordinator                     and confirmation of date and time.             Linda Brennen, PP, AICP, Supv. Planner             Toi Collins, Secretary
Gary McTighe, Deputy Coordinator                                                            Robert W. Clark, PP, Director of Planning          Marcella DiFedele, MS, LCSW
Margaret Murnane, Deputy Coordinator         Division of Shade Tree                         Mollie Giamanco                                    Michelle Coleman
Robert Swannack, Grant Planner               250 Center Street, Freehold, NJ 07728          James Giannell                                     Kim Fiero, Esq.
Marlene DePaulis, Sr. Clerk Typist           Telephone: 732-431-7903 Fax: 732-866-3558      Jessica Kubida, Planning Staff Advisor             Avery W. Grant
                                             Thomas Aumack, Superintendent                  Debbie Luby, Recording Secretary                   Diane M. Gray
Division of Employment and Training          Joseph Santora, Assistant Superintendent       Mark R. Aikins, Esq., Attorney                     Steve Heisman
145 Wyckoff Road, Suite 201, Eatontown, NJ   John O’Connor, General Supervisor              Meetings: Planning Board Conference Room, Second   Rev. Susan Mamchak
Telephone: 732-683-8850 Fax:732-544-5458     Brian Gosnell, Pilot, Gypsy Moth Coordinator   Wednesday of each month at 10 a.m.                 Sue Moleon
Eileen Higgins, Director                     Diane Feigus, Administrative Clerk                                                                Thomas Pivinski
                                                                                             COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM                     Julius D. Ramsey
 WORKFORCE INVESTMENT BOARD                   SHADE TREE COMMISSION                         Telephone: 732-431-7460 Fax: 732-308-2995          Gregg Tallman
John E. Gagliano, Chairman                   Thomas Ritchie, Chairman                       Virginia Edwards, Director                         Virginia A. Edwards (ex officio)
Wyatt Earp, Vice-Chairman                    Julie McGowan, Vice Chairman                   Owen Redmond, Asst. Director                       Mary Lee Gilmore, Fair Housing Officer
Carl V. Lillvik, Trustee                     Kevin Thompson, Secretary                                                                         Meetings: Planning Board Conference Room, Third
Violeta Peters, Trustee                      Gary DeFelice, Member                           DEVELOPMENT REVIEW COMMITTEE                      Thursday’s Jan -Oct. at 5 p.m. and Dec at 7 p.m.
Ambar I. Abelar                              John Mele, Member                              Telephone: 732-431-7460 Fax: 732-409-7540
Georgia Berry                                                                               Paul Kiernan, Jr., Chairman                         GREENHOUSE GAS REDUCTION
John L. Booth                                Planning Board and Staff                       Robert W. Clark, PP, Director of Planning           ADVISORY COMMITTEE
John Brown                                   Hall of Records Annex, Second Floor            Joseph Ettore, PE, PP, County Engineer             Phone: 732-431-7460 Fax: 732-409-7540
Patricia Carlesimo                           One East Main Street, Freehold, NJ 07728       Joseph Rettagliata                                 Elias Abilheira
Robert F. Connolly                           Telephone: 732-431-7460 Fax: 732-409-7540      Vincent Domidion II, Citizen Alternate             Sashe Annete
Drew deGanahl                                                                               James Giannell, Citizen Alternate                  Carol A. Baker
Carolyn Ellington                             MEMBERS OF THE PLANNING BOARD                 Bonnie Goldschlag, PP, AICP, Alt. to the Dir.      Linda Brennen, PP, AICP
Joseph Ferraina                              Joseph Rettagliata, Chairman                   of Planning                                        Patricia M. Butch
Amy Fitzgerald                               Paul Kiernan, Jr., Vice-Chairman               Richard Kucinski, PE, Alt. County Engineer         Robert W. Clark, PP
Erin Fitzgerald                              Vincent Domidion II                            Edward Sampson, PP, AICP, Planning Staff           John D’Amico. Jr.
                                                                                            Adviser                                            Michael Fedosh

26 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                                           MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 27
     COMMERCE, PLANNING & EDUCATION                                                                      COMMERCE, PLANNING & EDUCATION

Robert M. Gerard                                  Alan Stern, Vice-Chairman                          Reclamation Center                               Benjamin S. Peluso, Superintendent
Bonnie Goldschlag, PP, AICP                       Mitch Boodey                                       6000 Asbury Avenue, Tinton Falls, NJ 07753       Evan Berman, Asst. Supt.
Dr. Eugene Golub                                  Valerie David                                      Telephone: 732-683-8686 Fax: 732-922-6782        James Heath, Asst. Supt.
Nancy Grbelja                                     Scott Johnson                                      Richard Throckmorton, Supt., Ext. 5104           Charles D. Keenan, Jr., Asst. Supt.
Adele Keller                                      Sid Leveson                                        Franklin Lane, Supervisor Maint Equip.           Chris Trezoglou, Asst. Supt.
Dr. Judith Kramer                                 Leo Lomangino                                      Matt Rutkowski, Sr. Environmental Engineer,      Michael Turis, Asst. Supt.
Bob Kudrick                                       John Nalberczinski                                 Ext. 5108                                        Dorothy S. Freiday, Admin.Clerk Typist
Robert Lahey                                      Sam Posten, Jr.                                    Gregory Hulse, Health Dept, Enforcement
David Meirs III                                   Karen Simester                                     Supr. (Solid Waste/Recycling)                     AUDIO VISUAL AIDS COMMISSION
Jerry Meyer                                       Rich Throckmorton                                  Kyle Dodig, Management Assistant, Ext. 5113      1 East Main St., Freehold, NJ 07728
Michael Oster                                     Larry Zaayenga, Secretary                          Andrea Bryan, Principal Clerk Typist, Ext 5100   Telephone: 732-431-7882 Fax:732-683-8972
Tom Pivinski                                      Meetings: Planning Board Conference Room,                                                           E-mail:
Gerri C. Popkin                                   Third Thursday of each month at 7 p.m.             Department of                                    Website:
Jack Purvis                                       (No meetings in Aug. or Nov.; Dec. mtg. varies)    Weights & Measures                               Candice L. Schmidt,Office Manager
Gerry Ricciardi                                                                                      1911 Wayside Road, Tinton Falls, NJ 07724        George Chalfa, Director
Gerald P. Scharfenberger                           TRANSPORTATION COUNCIL                            PO Box 1255, Freehold NJ 07728
Julie Schreck                                     (Advisory to the Planning Board)                   Telephone: 732-431-7362 Fax 732-683-8590
Patricia Swannack                                 Tel: 732-431-7460 or 732-577-5737
John Tobia                                        Fax: 732-409-7540
Ann Waters, Planning Staff Adviser                Fred Brody, Chairman
                                                  Jeffrey Vernick, Vice-Chairman
 STORMWATER TECHNICAL ADVISORY                    Sam Alfano
 COMMITTEE                                        James Allen
(Advisory to the Planning Board)
Tel: 732-431-7460 Fax: 732-409-7540
                                                  Elizabeth Barrett
                                                  Sean Collins
                                                                                                             REGIONAL UTILITIES AUTHORITIES
John Mele, Chairman                               Gerard DelTufo
Linda Brennen, Vice-Chairwoman                    Richard Dinan
Robert W. Clark                                   Barry Frost
Michael Fedosh                                    Anthony Garaguso
Ann Marie Fournier                                Nancy Grbelja, Planning Board Rep.                 Monmouth County Bayshore Outfall                 Two Rivers Water Reclamation Authority
Bonnie Goldschlag                                 Jeff Lee                                           Authority                                        1 Highland Avenue,
Ines Grimm                                        Anthony Musich                                     200 Harbor Way, Belford, NJ 07718                Monmouth Beach, NJ 07750
Thomas T. McGrath                                 Eric Nelson, Alternate                             732-495-2100                                     732-229-8578
Sayed Moafi                                       Shital Rajan                                       Edward Tuberion, Jr., Foreman                    Michael Gianforte, Executive Director
Vincent Domidion II, Planning Bd. Rep.            Peter VanNortwick, Alternate
Victoria Thompson                                 Ed Zipprich                                        Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority             South Monmouth Regional Sewerage
Inkyung Englehart, Alternate for S. Moafi         Anthony Gamallo, Staff Advisor                     100 Oak Street, Union Beach, NJ 07735            Authority
Vincent Poulsen, Alternate for V. Thompson        Meetings: Planning Board Conference Room, Second   732-739-1095                                     1235 18th Avenue, Belmar, NJ 07719
Timothy Thomas, Alternate for I. Grimm            Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. No mtg. in July.   Robert C. Fischer, Executive Director            732-681-0611
Turner Shell, Planning Staff Adviser                                                                 Kimberly Newins, Admin. Asst.                    Michael J. Ruppel, Executive Director
Debbie Luby, Recording Secretary                  Executive County Superintendent                                                                     Western Monmouth
Mark R. Aikins, Esq., Attorney                                                                       Manasquan River Regional Sewerage
                                                  of Schools                                         Authority                                        Utilities Authority
Meetings: Planning Board Conference Room, First   60 Neptune Boulevard, Neptune NJ 07753
Thursday of each month at 9:30 a.m.                                                                  89 Havens Bridge Road,                           103 Pension Road, Manalapan NJ 07726
                                                  Telephone: 732-431-7810 Fax: 732-776-7237                                                           732-446-9300
                                                                                                     PO Box 646, Farmingdale, NJ 07727
                                                  Joseph F. Passiment, Exec. Business Adm                                                             Dane Martindell, Facility Manager
 SOLID WASTE ADVISORY COUNCIL                                                                        732-431-8185
                                                  Marie Gdula, General Education Specialist
(Advisory/Board of Chosen Freeholders)                                                               Jerome Cevetello, Jr., Executive Director
                                                  John Delaney, General Education Specialist
Tel: 732-431-7460 Fax: 732-431-7795               Karen Frumen, Child Study Supervisor
William McMahon, Chairman

28 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                                                 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 29
                               HUMAN SERVICES                                                                                            HUMAN SERVICES

                                   FREEHOLDER AMY A. MALLET                                               Therese T. Hendrickson                             Timothy C. Hearne, Jr.
                                                                                                          James J. McGuire, Jr.                              Eileen Higgins
                                                                                                          Fran Miceli                                        Robert Hodnett
                                                                                                          Vicky J. Nelson                                    Barry Johnson
Department of Human Services                            OFFICE OF MENTAL HEALTH                           Andrea Stokes-Jones                                Gregory Karlin
3000 Kozloski Road, Freehold, NJ 07728                 3000 Kozloski Road, Freehold, 07728                Kevin Walsh                                        Anita Kneeley
Tel: 732-308-3770 Fax: 732-431-7412                    Tel:732 431-7200 Fax: 308-3700                     Meetings: Usually held at 5:30 p.m. on the first   Maria LaFace
TDD: 732-294-5462                                      TDD: 732-294-5462                                  Wednesday of January, February., March, April,     Brian Massey
Charles D. Brown, III, Director                        Barry W. Johnson, Director                         May, July, September and November. Contact 732-    Ginger Mulligan
                                                       Steven J. Horvath, Assistant Director              431-6451 for confirmation of time and date.)       Rev. Robert Pierce
 COUNTY ADJUSTER                                       Maria Sartori, CIACC Coordinator                   (Municipal Alliances – page 34)                    Marlene Ryan
Hall of Records Rm 121, 1 East Main Street,            George Scott, Coordinator, Traumatic Loss                                                             Jeffrey Schwartz
PO Box 1255, Freehold, NJ 07728                        Coalition                                          Division of Planning and                           Mary Scott
Tel: 732-431-6302 Fax 732-863-9154                     Linda C. Romaszka, Secretary                       Contracting                                        Arlene Spiegler
Mary Lou Norman, Adjuster                              Gina Frigiola, Program Development Specialist      Human Services Building                            Sherry Van Fossan
                                                                                                          3000 Kozloski Road, Freehold, NJ 07728             Thomas Pivinski
 DIVISION OF AGING, DISABILITY AND                      MENTAL HEALTH BOARD                               Tel: 732-431-6585 Fax: 732-845-2054                Kathleen Weir
 VETERANS' SERVICES                                    Susan Mazor, Chairperson                           Jeffrey R. Schwartz, Director                      Anna Diaz-White
21 Main & Court Center, Freehold, NJ 07728             Helene J. Kalkay, Vice-Chairperson                                                                    Meetings: Usually held at 10 a.m. on the second
Tel: 732-431-7450 Fax: 732-303-7649                    Lorraine Brower, Secretary                                                                            Tuesday of each month.
                                                       Rosman Cash
                                                                                                            CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION UNIT
Toll Free: 1-877-222-3737                                                                                 Human Services Building
Thomas F. Pivinski, Director                           Rev. Stephen Jay Davis
                                                                                                          3000 Kozloski Road, Freehold, NJ 07728
                                                       Felice Homer
                                                                                                          Tel: 732-431-6000 Fax: 732-845-2054                Office of Youth Services Planning
Office on Aging                                        Sally Pari                                                                                            3000 Kozloski Road, Freehold, NJ 07728
                                                                                                          Barbara Kay, X6161 Contract Administrator
21 Main & Court Center, Freehold, NJ 07728             Gerald Ritz                                                                                           Phone: 732-866-3585 Fax:732-845-2054
                                                                                                          Marsha White, X6091 Contract Administrator
Tel: 732-431-7450 Fax: 732-303-7649                    Lanette Rozier                                                                                        TDD: 732-294-5462
Thomas F. Pivinski, Exec. Director                     David Stout, Ph.D                                                                                     Ellen Cohen, Administrator
                                                       Judy Thorpe
                                                                                                           HUMAN RELATIONS COMMISSION
Barbara Rutan, Asst. Director                                                                             3000 Kozloski Road, Freehold, 07728
(Listing of Senior Centers - page 41)                  Meetings: Usually held at 5:30 p.m. on the third
                                                                                                          Bias Hot Line: 732-303-7666
                                                       Monday of each month. Contact 732 431-7200                                                             YOUTH SERVICES COMMISSION
                                                                                                          Meetings Usually held at 3:30 p.m. on the first
Advisory Council to the Office on Aging                for location and confirmation of date.                                                                Hon. Michael A. Guadagno Co-Chairman
                                                                                                          Monday of February, April, June, August, October
Mr. Ronald Griffiths, Chairman                                                                            and December.                                      Charles D. Brown, III, Co-Chairman
Regular Meetings: 1 p.m. on the 3rd Friday of March,    OFFICE OF ADDICTION SERVICES                                                                         Dr. Amy L. Altenhaus
                                                                                                          (This is not a Monmouth County agency)
April, May, June, October, November at the Ag          3000, Kozloski Road, Freehold, NJ 07728                                                               Trude Arnette
Building – 4000 Kozloski Rd, Freehold, NJ.             Tel: 732-431-6451 Fax: 866-3595                                                                       Sean Brennan
                                                       Barry W. Johnson, Director
                                                                                                           HUMAN SERVICES ADVISORY COUNCIL
Public Hearing: Wednesday, June 5, 2011 – 2 p.m.                                                          3000 Kozloski Road, Freehold, NJ 07728             Kathi Callaghan
at same location.                                      Gary S. Abraham, Asst. Director                                                                       Kathy Collins
                                                                                                          Tel: 732-683-2102 Fax: 732-845-2054
                                                       Jennifer Luyster, IDRC Director                                                                       Hon. Robert A. Coogan
                                                                                                          Laurie Duhovny, Coordinator
 OFFICE ON DISABILITIES                                Mary C. Heath, IDRC Program Specialist                                                                Rev. Henry Davis
                                                                                                          Mary Ann Christopher, Chairperson
21 Main & Court Center, Freehold, NJ 07728             James A. Wallace, Jr., Alliance Coordinator                                                           Jo Ann Denton
                                                                                                          Mary Pat Angelini
Tel: 732-308-3770 Fax: 732-303-7649                                                                       Karen Asay                                         Wendy DePedro
TTD-TTY: 711                                            BOARD OF ALCOHOL AND DRUG ABUSE                                                                      Sheriff Shaun Golden
                                                                                                          Robin Beard
                                                        SERVICES                                                                                             Jennifer Hoffer
                                                                                                          Georgia Berry
 OFFICE OF VETERANS' SERVICES                          Laura Von Glahn, Chairperson                                                                          Hon. Eugene Iadanza
                                                                                                          Donna Blaze
21 Main & Court Center, Freehold, NJ 07728             John J. Verdon, Jr., M.D., 1st Vice-Chairperson                                                       Carl Jennings
                                                                                                          Charles D. Brown, III
Tel: 732-683-8675 Fax: 732-683-8676                    Robert L. Gabel, M.D., 2nd Vice-Chairperson                                                           Barry W. Johnson
                                                                                                          Kathi Callaghan
Sue Moleon, Director                                   R. Diane Aifer                                                                                        Selika B. Josiah Gore
                                                                                                          Ellen Cohen
                                                       Mary Anne Ashby                                                                                       Dr. Martin Krupnick
                                                                                                          Kathy Collins
Division of Mental Health and                          Richard Bernhardt                                                                                     Gabrielle Lehne
                                                                                                          Vincent D’Elia
                                                       Rev. Henry P. Davis, Jr.                                                                              Rosemarie Marinan-Gabriel
Addiction Services                                     Peter Dougherty
                                                                                                          Theresa Hayes
3000 Kozloski Road, Freehold, 07728                                                                       Thomas F. Hayes                                    Tim McCorkell
                                                       Gerald Falzone
Tel: 732-431-6451 Fax: 732-866-3595
Barry W. Johnson, Director

30 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                                                          MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 31
                               HUMAN SERVICES                                                                         PUBLIC WORKS & ENGINEERING

                                                                                                                              FREEHOLDER DEPUTY DIRECTOR JOHN P. CURLEY
Bonnie Kennedy Sinacore                               Barbara Child-Pigman
Hon. Lisa Thornton                                    Elaine McNamara
Prosecutor Peter E. Warshaw                           James Marzano
Carmen Vega                                           Stanley Soden                                       Department of Public Works and                   TRAFFIC SAFETY UNIT
Kevin Walsh                                           Wendy Tooker                                        Engineering                                     250 Center Street, Freehold, NJ 07728
Kathleen Weir                                         Janielle Rivera                                     250 Center Street, Freehold, NJ 07728           Telephone: 732-431-7761 - Fax: 732-431-6521
Meetings: Usually held at 4 p.m. on the first         Sarah Larsen                                        Telephone: 732-577-8758 Fax: 732-462-1863       Debra J. Compton, Asst. Traffic Engineer
Tuesday of March, June, September and December.       Ted Narozanick                                      Director John W. Tobia                          Guy Beaver, Management Assistant
Contact office for location and confirmation of       Michael T. Marrazzo                                 James Cerreta, Sr., Senior Management Assist.   Linda M. Keats, Secretary Assistant
date and time.                                        Randy Bishop                                        Victor Terwilliger, Executive Assistant
                                                      Linda Iacono,Chairperson                            Susan Brodsky, Administrative Secretary          DIVISION OF HIGHWAYS
Division of Social Services                           Meetings: Usually held at 3 p.m. on the second                                                      250 Center Street, Freehold, NJ 07728
                                                      Wednesday of each month (except July and August).    DIVISION OF BUILDINGS AND                      Telephone: 732-431-6550 Fax:732-431-7833
                                                      Contact office for location, date and time.          GROUNDS                                        Thomas Aumack, Superintendent
                                                                                                          250 Center Street, Freehold, NJ 07728           Joseph Santora, Assistant Superintendent
                                                      Division of Juvenile Detention                      Telephone: 732-431-7360 Fax: 732-409-7592       Ruth Brown, Administrative Clerk
Human Services Building
3000 Kozloski Road, Freehold, NJ 07728                Alternatives                                        Robert W. Lahey, Superintendent
Tel: 732-431-6000 Fax: 732-431-6266                   Human Services Building                             Michael A. Aravich, Principal Engineer          Brookdale Community College
TDD: 732-761-3051                                     3000 Kozloski Road, Freehold, NJ 07728              Robert W. Compton, Management Assistant         765 Newman Springs Rd, Lincroft, NJ 7738
Kathleen M. Weir, Director                            Tel: 732-308-3770 Fax: 732-431-1434                 Theresa Healey, Sup. General Services           Telephone: 732-842-1900
Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday:     Scott Climer, Director                              Doris DiPaolo, Supervisor of Accounts
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Thurs. 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.                                                        Cecelia A. Thomas, Principal Clerk Typist        BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                                                                                                                                                          Howard Birdsall, Chair
                                                      Monmouth County
OCEAN TOWNSHIP OFFICE                                                                                      DIVISION OF BRIDGES                            Jacob S. Elkes, Vice Chair
                                                      Care Centers                                        250 Center Street, Freehold, NJ 07728           Dr. Lewis G. Anderson
2405 Route 66, Ocean Township, NJ 07712
Tel: 732-431-6000                                                                                         Telephone: 732-431-6556 Fax: 732-845-7592       Dr. Simon Bosco
                                                       GERALDINE L. THOMPSON DIVISION                     Troy P. Schinzel, Acting Superintendent         Father Brian Butch
Office Hours: Monday, Thursday, Friday 8:30 a.m. to   PO Box 347, 2350 Hospital Road
4:30 p.m.-Tuesday & Wednesday: 8:30 a.m. -8 p.m.                                                          Tammy J. Kelly, Administrative Clerk Typist     Sarah Lucille Jones
                                                      Allenwood, NJ 08720                                                                                 Richard M. Maser
                                                      Tel: 732-683-8600 Fax 732-919-0538
Division of Transportation                                                                                 DIVISION OF FLEET SERVICES                     Peter Kapsalei
                                                      Gwendolyn Thomas, B.S.W., L.N.H.A.                                                                  Joan Raymond
250 Center Street, Freehold, N.J. 07728                                                                   250 Center Street, Freehold, NJ 07728
                                                      Administrator                                                                                       John Egan, Graduate Trustee
Tel: 732-431-6485 Fax: 732-845-2028                                                                       Telephone: 732-431-7830 Fax: 732-845-2059
                                                      Nancy Amontis, Director of Nursing                                                                  John Cantalupo, Esq. (College Counsel)
Kathleen Lodato, Director                                                                                 Troy P. Schinzel, Superintendent
                                                      Dr. Benjamin Lessig, D.O., C.M.D.                                                                   Meetings: Please call 732-224-2206
Jean Meroni, Operations Manager                                                                           Paul Grosselfinger, Supervisor Fleet Services
                                                      Certified Medical Director
Bud McKnight, Quality Assurance Manager                                                                   Amy S. Klinghoffer, Personnel Assistant
Charlie Wilkins, Route Supervisor                      JOHN L. MONTGOMERY DIVISION                                                                        Board of Health
Peggy Kelton, Finance Manager                                                                              DIVISION OF ENGINEERING                        3435 Highway 9, North; Freehold, NJ 07728
                                                      115 Dutch Lane Road, Freehold, NJ 07728
Dawn Rice-Cooper, Chief Scheduler                                                                         Hall of Records Annex, Third Floor              Tel: 732-431-7456
                                                      Tel: 732-431-7420
                                                                                                          One East Main Street, Freehold, NJ 07728        Frank Pingitore, President
                                                      Diana Czerepuszko, R.N., L.N.H.A.
 SENIOR CITIZEN AND DISABLED                                                                              Telephone: 732-431-7760, Fax: 732-431-7765      John F. Finley, Vice-President
 RESIDENT TRANSPORTATION ADVISORY                                                                         Joseph M. Ettore, County Engineer               June Counterman, Secy/Treasurer
                                                      John M. Sedor, MA, LNHA,Asst. Adm.
 COMMITTEE                                                                                                Rosanne Miller, Administrative Secretary        Jon Barone
                                                      Vincent Petrosini, R.N., Director of Nursing
Thomas F. Pivinski                                                                                                                                        Thomas Calabrese
                                                                                                           ENGINEERING UNIT                               Sydney Kramer, O.D
                                                                                                          Hall of Records Annex, Third Floor              Robert Morgan, M.D.
                                                                                                          One East Main Street, Freehold, NJ 07728        Judy Thorpe
                                                                                                          Telephone: 732-431-7760, Fax: 732-431-7765      Nancy Williams
                                                                                                          Ming-Yang Kao, Assist. County Engineer          Michael Meddis, M.P.H.
                                                                                                                                                          Health Officer /Public Health Coordinator
                                        2-1-1 First Call For Help                                                                                         Meetings: 3rd Tuesday monthly, 7 p.m.
                                    24 HOUR COMPREHENSIVE INFORMATION                                                                                     (Additional Board of Health locations: Page 40)
                            AND REFERRAL HELPLINE ACCESSED BY DIALING           2-1-1.

32 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                                                      MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 33
           PUBLIC WORKS & ENGINEERING                                                                        PARKS, LIBRARY & PUBLIC SERVICES

                                                                                                                                      FREEHOLDER LILLIAN G. BURRY

Fire Marshal/Academy
1027 Route 33 East, Freehold, NJ 07728            Kevin A. Stout, 2nd Dep. Fire Marshal             Monmouth County Board                                 Vivian Quinn, Program Asst.
                                                  Richard W. Hogan, 3rd Deputy Fire Marshal         of Agriculture                                        Master Gardener Helpline, 732-303-7614
Fire Marshal: 732-683-8856 Fax: 732-683-8864
Fire Academy: 732-683-8857                        Chris Pujat, Deputy Fire Marshal                  4000 Kozloski Road, Freehold,
Fax: 732-683-8978                                 Dean Stoppiello, Deputy Fire Marshal              PO Box 5033, Freehold, NJ 07728                        4-H DEPARTMENT
                                                  Vito Marra, Deputy Fire Marshal                   Telephone: 732-431-7260/7261                          4000 Kozloski Road, Freehold, NJ 07728
Henry A. Stryker, III, County Fire Marshal
                                                  William Itinger, Chief Training Officer           Gary DeFelice, President                              Telephone: 732-431-7263/7264
Anthony Vecchio, 1st Dep. Fire Marshal
                                                                                                    Debbie Kauffman,Vice President                        Kaitlin Everett, 4-H County Agent
                                                                                                    Nyna McKittrick, Corresponding Secretary              Virginia R. Krzyzanowski, Program Assoc.
                                                                                                    Robin Bruins, Corresponding Secretary                 Sabrina Brown, Program Asst.
                                                                                                    Ross Clayton, Treasurer
                                                                                                    Meetings: 3rd Tues. monthly at 7:30 p.m. (except in    FAMILY CONSUMER HEALTH SCIENCES
                           MUNICIPAL ALLIANCES                                                      July and August)                                       DEPARTMENT
                                                                                                                                                          Telephone: 732-431-7271
T   HE FOLLOWING    is a listing of contact persons for Municipal Alliances to Prevent Alcoholism
    and Drug Abuse. The Alliances identify needs in their communities and develop prevention
projects and programs to address those needs. Funded from fines on convicted drug law offenders,
                                                                                                     AGRICULTURE DEVELOPMENT BOARD
                                                                                                    (Advisory to the Board of Chosen Freeholders)
                                                                                                                                                          Rachel J. Tansey, CFCS, FCHS Program Assoc.
                                                                                                    Tel: 732-431-7460 Fax: 732-409-7540                   Sharese Porter, FCHS, Sr. Program Coord.
Municipal Alliances are coordinated by the County’s Division of Mental Health and Addiction
Services.                                                                                           Joseph McCarthy, Chairman
                                                                                                    William Potter III, Vice-Chairman                      FISHERIES AND AQUACULTURE
 ALLIANCE NAME                   CONTACT PERSON                    TELEPHONE                        Richard Obal, Secretary                                DEPARTMENT
                                                                                                    Martin Bullock                                        Telephone: 732-349-1152/ 732-349-1210
                                                                                                    Charles Buscaglia                                     Gef Flimlin, Extension Marine Agent
Bradley Beach                Donna Mazza                           732-776-2999                     Gary DeFelice                                         Cara Muscio, Extension Marine Agent
Colts Neck                   Emory Dedalis                         732-308-4505                     Thomas Geran
Eatontown                    Lori Boyd                             732-493-0851                     Arthur Giambrone                                      Construction Board of Appeals
Freehold Twp./Borough        Jennifer Herchakowski                 732-294-5103                     Chester Halka                                         1 E. Main St, Freehold, NJ 07728
Hazlet                       Barbara Hilliard                      732-264-1700 x8693               Joseph McCarthy                                       Telephone: 732-431-6281 Fax 845-2831
Highlands/Atlantic Highlands Heather DiBlasi                       732-872-1843                     Richard Obal                                          Richard Hogan, Chairman
                                                                                                    William Potter                                        Henry A. Stryker, III
Holmdel                      Barbara Hilliard                      732-946-2820 x1214
                                                                                                    James Stuart, Planning Bd. Rep.                       Donald Clare
Howell Township              Ralph M. Hoffman, Jr.                 732-938-4500 x4012               Patricia Butch, Alternate                             Michael Jahn
Keyport                      Barbara Hilliard                      723-739-5156                     Ross Clayton, Alternate                               Errol Lamberson
Long Branch                  Shannon Berry                         732-571-6511                     Harriet Honigfeld, Program Coordinator                Salvatore Farruggia
Manalapan/Englishtown        Lisa Mollicone                        732-446-8417                     Meetings: Planning Board Conference Room, First       Michael P. Martin
Manasquan                    Kristin Meyler                        732-223-6419                     Wednesday each month at 7:30 p.m.                     William J. Doolittle
Marlboro                     Nancy Geist                           732-617-0186                                                                           Richard Arzberger
Middletown                   Fern B. Foster                        732-615-2369                     Cooperative Research and                              Andrew Trocchia
Millstone                    Helen Varvi                           732-446-2937                     Extension of Rutgers
Neptune City                 Mary Sapp                             732-776-7224                     4000 Kozloski Road, PO Box 5033                        MUNICIPAL LAND USE LAW
                                                                                                    Freehold, NJ 07728                                    David J. Hoder
Neptune Twp.                 Dawn Thompson                         732-869-1202
                                                                                                    Telephone: 732-431-7260 Fax: 409-4813                 James J. Convery
Ocean Twp.                   Dr. Richard Ponton                    732-531-2600                                                                           Robert Devino
Upper Freehold/Allentown Debbie Minick                             609-570-5376                      AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT                               Robert D. Neiderer
Wall Twp.                    Kristin Meyler                        732-820-4792                     Telephone: 732-431-7260/7261                          Joseph J. Colao, Esq., Attorney
                                                                                                    Richard G. Obal, County Ag. Agent and                 Pamela L. Chappell, Secretary
                  P.O. Box 3000 – Kozloski Road, Freehold, New Jersey, 07728                        Extension Department Head                             Meetings: March and Sept., 3rd Friday of month, all
                       Telephone: 732-732-431-6451 Fax: 732-866-3595                                William J. Sciarappa, County Ag. Agent                others, 3rd Thursday of month at 9 a.m. Freeholders’
                                                                                                    Diane C. Larson, Home Horticulturist                  Meeting Room, Hall of Records

34 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                                                       MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 35
        PARKS, LIBRARY & PUBLIC SERVICES                                                             PARKS, LIBRARY & PUBLIC SERVICES

Department of Consumer Affairs                 Superintendent of Elections/                   HEADQUARTERS                                    OCEAN TOWNSHIP LIBRARY
Hall of Records Annex, 1 East Main Street,     Commissioner of Registration                  125 Symmes Drive, Manalapan, NJ 07726           701 Deal Road, Ocean, NJ 07712
Freehold, NJ 07728                             300 Halls Mill Road, Freehold, NJ 07728       Phone: 732-431-7220                             Phone: 732-531-5092
Telephone: 732-431-7900                        Telephone: 732-431-7785                       Hours: Mon-Thurs 9-9; Fri & Sat 9-5; Sun 1-5*   Hours: Mon 10-9; Tues, Wed, Thur 9-9;
Patricia Watson, Director                      Hedra Siskel, Commissioner of Registration,                                                   Fri 1-5; Sat 9-5**
Mary Flaherty, Assistant Director              Superintendent of Elections                    EASTERN BRANCH
Cheryl Ivory, Senior Clerk Typist              Dawn Hill, Deputy Commissioner                1001 Route 35, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702              OCEANPORT LIBRARY
Jane Jennings, Senior Investigator             Patricia Fitzpatrick, Chief Clerk             Shrewsbury, NJ 07702-4398                       Monmouth Boulevard and Myrtle Avenue,
Harvey Orlick, Investigator                    Susan McRae, Secretary                        Phone: 866-941-8188 or 732-683-8980             Oceanport, NJ 07757
Doris Mayhew, Admin. Clerk                                                                   Hours: Mon-Thurs 9-9; Fri & Sat 9-5; Sun1-5*    Phone: 732-229-2626
Karen Mace, Senior ClerkTypist                  VOTING MACHINE WAREHOUSE                                                                     Hours: Mon 1-5, 6-9; Tues 9-12,1-5;
                                               Telephone: 732-431-7291/7295                   ALLENTOWN LIBRARY                              Thur 9-12,1-5, 6-9; Fri 1-5
Office of the County Clerk                     Gregory Sims, Supv. Voting Machines           16 S. Main Street, Allentown, NJ 08501
(Front door is located in Market Yard)         Guy Ricca, Asst. Supv. Voting Machines        Phone: 609-259-7565                              WALL TOWNSHIP LIBRARY
33 Mechanic Street, PO Box 1251                                                              Hours: Mon, Wed 10-5; Tues, Thur 10-9;          2700 Allaire Road, Wall, NJ 07719
Freehold, NJ 07728                              OFFICE OF RECORDS MANAGEMENT                 Fri 2-5; Sat 10-3                               Phone: 732-449-8877
Telephone: 732-431-7324 Fax: 409-7566          Telephone: 732-431-7404                                                                       Hours: Mon 10-9; Tues, Wed, Thur 9-9;
M. Claire French, County Clerk                 M. Claire French, Monmouth County Clerk        ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS                             Fri 1-5; Sat 9-5**
Felicia Santaniello, Deputy County Clerk       Matthew S. Clark, ORM Director                100 1st Ave, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716
Nancy Ernst, Special Deputy County Clerk       Telephone: 732-431-7404                       Phone:732-291-1956                               WEST LONG BRANCH LIBRARY
                                                                                             Hours: Tues, 10-5; Wed/Thurs 10-5;              95 Poplar Ave, West Long Branch, NJ 07764
Passports - 732-431-7353                       Monmouth County Historical                    & 6:30-8:30 p.m.; Fri/Sat 10-5                  Phone: 732-222-5993
Deed Room -732-431-7313                        Commission                                                                                    Hours: Mon, Thur 10-9; Tues 9-5; Wed 9-9;
Map Room - 732-431-7315                        Hall of Records Annex, Freehold, 07728         COLTS NECK LIBRARY                             Fri 1-5; Sat 9-5**
Recording - 732-431-7321                       Telephone: 732-431-7413                       1 Winthrop Drive, Colts Neck, NJ 07722          * Summer Hours: Closed Sundays (Father's Day
                                               Brooks Von Arx, Chairman                      Phone: 732-431-5656                             through Labor Day Weekend)
 MONMOUTH COUNTY ARCHIVES                      Mary Lou Strong, Vice Chairman                Hours: Mon,Wed 9-5; Tues, Thur 1-9;             ** Summer Sat. Hours (July & August) 9a.m.-1p.m.
125 Symmes Drive, Manalapan, NJ 07726          John F. Anderson                              Fri 1-5; Sat 9-5**
Telephone: 732-308-3771 Fax: 732-780-4458      Glenn Cashion                                                                                 Medical Examiner
Gary D. Saretzky, Archivist, 732-308-3772      Peter Van Nortwick                             HAZLET LIBRARY                                 CentraState Medical Center, Suite 267
Mark J. Pizza, Records Manager, 732-308-3773   Barbara Kolarsick-Harrigan                    251 Middle Road, Hazlet, NJ 07730               West Main St., Freehold, NJ 07728
Joya Anderson, Microfilm/Scanning Supv.        Robert A. Schoeffling                         Phone: 732-264-7164                             Telephone: 732-577-8790
732-431-7348                                   Stephanie Seadeek                             Hours: Mon,Wed 1-9; Tues, Thur 9-5;             Dr. Andrew Falzon, Medical Examiner
                                               Ellen Terry                                   Fri 1-5; Sat 9-5**                              Dr. S. Saleem, Assistant Medical Examiner
Clerk of Elections                             Randall Gabrielan, Executive Director                                                         Dr. K. Sinha, Assistant Medical Examiner
300 Halls Mill Road, Freehold, NJ 07728                                                       HOLMDEL LIBRARY                                Dr. Joseph M. Schauer, III, Deputy Medical
Telephone: 732-431-7790                                                                      4 Crawfords Corner Road, Holmdel, NJ 07733      Examiner, Telephone: 732-938-6471
                                               Monmouth County Library                       Phone: 732-946-4118
M. Claire French, Monmouth County Clerk        125 Symmes Drive, Manalapan, NJ 07726                                                         Kenneth D. Coffey, Medical Investigator
Bertha Sumick, Special Deputy County Clerk                                                   Hours: Mon,Wed 1-9; Tues, Thur 9-5;             Alice Lloyd, R.N., Medical Investigator
                                               Telephone: 732-431-431-7220
                                                                                             Fri 1-5; Sat 9-5**                              Timothy R. Watkins, Medical Investigator
Board of Elections                             Kenneth Sheinbaum, Director
300 Halls Mill Road, Freehold, NJ 07728                                                       HOWELL LIBRARY                                 Monmouth County Park System
                                                                                             318 Old Tavern Road, Howell, NJ 07731           805 Newman Springs Rd, Lincroft, NJ 07738
Telephone: 732-431-7150/732-431-7802            MONMOUTH COUNTY LIBRARY                      Phone: 732-938-2300
Leah Falk, Chairwoman                           COMMISSIONERS                                                                                Telephone: 732-842-4000 Fax: 732-842-4162
Christine Hanlon, Commissioner                                                               Hours: Mon, Wed 10-9; Tues, Thur 9-9; 
                                               Renee B. Swartz, Chairwoman
Jo-Ann Dinan, Commissioner                                                                   Fri 1-5; Sat 9-5**                    
                                               Grace Abramov
Norine Kelly, Secretary                        George S. Callas
Maria Sardo-Lopes, Chief Clerk                                                                MARLBORO LIBRARY                                BOARD OF RECREATION
                                               James Gray
Robin Major, Administrator                                                                   Library Court and Wyncrest Drive,                COMMISSIONERS
                                               Nancy Grbelja
                                                                                             Marlboro, NJ 07746                              Edward J. Loud, Manasquan, Chairman
                                               Barbara Ruane
                                                                                             Phone: 732-536-9406                             Fred J. Rummel, Wall, Vice Chairman
                                               Frank Wells
                                                                                             Hours: Mon, Tues, Thur 9-9; Wed 9-6;            Michael G. Harmon, Atlantic Highlands
                                                                                             Fri 1-5; Sat 9-5**                              Violeta Peters, Long Branch

36 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                                         MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 37
        PARKS, LIBRARY & PUBLIC SERVICES                                                           PARKS, LIBRARY & PUBLIC SERVICES

N. Britt Raynor, Middletown                   • Holmdel Park                               Police Academy                                   732-303-3082
Kevin Mandeville                              Holmdel, 732-946-9562                        2000 Kozloski Road, Freehold, NJ 07728           Warrant Section, 24 Hr. 732-308-2977,
Thomas E. Hennessey, Jr., Colts Neck          • Hominy Hill Golf Course                    Telephone: 732-577-8710 Fax: 732-577-8722        Fax 732-409-4896
David W. Horsnall, Cream Ridge                Colts Neck, 732-462-9222                     Chief David Morris, Director                     Court Security, 732-431-7935,
Melvin A. Hood, Neptune                                                                    Lt. George F. Veit, Training Officer             Fax 732-431-7435
                                              • Howell Park Golf Course
                                                                                           Lt. Joseph F. Aflitto, Range Master
                                              Farmingdale, 732-938-4771                                                                      COMMUNICATIONS DIVISION
 PARK STAFF                                                                                Liz Hoagland, Administrative Clerk
James J. Truncer, Secretary-Director          • Huber Woods Park                           Vicki DiLorenzo, Principal Clerk Typist          2000 Kozloski Road, Freehold, NJ 07728
Bruce A. Gollnick, Assistant Director         Locust, 732-872-2670                                                                          Telephone: 732-577-8700
David M. Compton, Supt. of Parks              • Manasquan Reservoir                         POLICE ACADEMY BOARD OF                         Fax: 732-431-6543
Andrew Spears, Supt. of Recreation            Howell, 732-919-0996                          DIRECTORS                                       Robert J. Dawson, Jr., Undersheriff,
Spencer H. Wickham, Chief of Acq/Design       • Manasquan Reservoir Environmental Center   David Morris, Academy Director                   732-303-3085
Nancy Borchert, Human Resources               Howell, 732-751-9453                         Robert D. Clifton, Freeholder Director           Mike Oppegaard, 911 Coordinator,
Fran Lorelli, Purchasing                      • Manasquan River Greenway                   Lillian G. Burry, Freeholder                     732-577-5798
                                                                                           Peter E. Warshaw, Jr., Prosecutor                CJ Mead Director IT, 732-577-8750
                                              Freehold and Howell Townships,
PARKS/LOCATIONS                                                                            Shaun E. Golden, Sheriff
                                              732-919-0996                                                                                   CORRECTIONS DIVISION - MCCI
                                                                                           Edward J. Kahrer, Jr., Assistant Special Agent
                                              • Monmouth Cove Marina                       in Charge, F.B.I., Newark                        One Waterworks Road, Freehold, NJ 07728
• Baysholm Tract
                                              Port Monmouth, 732-495-9440                  Terence P. Mahon, Police Chief of Avon-By-       Administration: 732-431-7863
Freehold Township, 732-431-4664
                                              • Mount Mitchill Scenic Overlook             The-Sea and President of the Monmouth            Fax 732-294-5985
• Bayshore Waterfront Park
                                              Atlantic Highlands, 732-872-0336             County Police Chiefs Association                 732-294-5977
Middletown, 732-787-3033
                                              • Perrineville Lake Park                     Arthur N. Cosentino, Police Chief of West        General Information: 732-431-7860
• Bel-Aire Golf Course                                                                                                                      Booking Fax: 732-303-7660
                                              Millstone, 609-259-5794                      Long Branch
Wall Township, 732-449-6024                                                                Gerard Vasto, Police Chief of Atlantic
                                              • Pine Brook Golf Course
• Big Brook Park                                                                           Highlands                                        Youth Detention
                                              Manalapan, 732-536-7272
Marlboro, 732-842-4000                                                                                                                       For information on juvenile detainees, please contact
                                              • Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park
• Charleston Springs Golf Course
                                              Long Branch, 732-728-1384
                                                                                           Office of the County Prosecutor                  the Middlesex County Youth Services Center,
Millstone Township, 732-409-7227                                                           132 Jerseyville Avenue                           Highway 130, PO Box 7164,
                                              • Shark River Park                           Freehold, NJ 07728-1789
• Clayton Park                                                                                                                              North Brunswick 08902.
                                              Wall, 732-922-4080                           Telephone: 732-431-7160 Fax: 732-409-3673
Upper Freehold, 609-259-5794                                                                                                                Phone: 732-297-8991- press 1 - X 6530
                                              • Shark River Golf Course                    Peter E. Warshaw, Jr., County Prosecutor
• Crosswicks Creek Greenway
                                              Neptune, 732-922-4141                        Michael Cunningham, Admin Asst Prosecutor
Upper Freehold, 609-259-5794                                                                                                                         24 HOUR POLICE RADIO
                                              • Sunnyside Recreation Area                  Richard E. Incremona, Ex. Asst Prosecutor
• Deep Cut Gardens
                                              Middletown, 732-224-1367                     Michael Wojciechowski, Dir. Trial Section                  EMERGENCY NUMBER
Middletown, 732-671-6050                                                                   Michael Pasterchick, Chief of Detectives
                                              • Tatum Park                                                                                              732-577-8700
• Dorbrook Recreation Area                                                                 Karen Odom, Deputy Chief of Detectives
                                              Middletown, 732-671-1987
Colts Neck, 732-542-1643                                                                   Captain Natalie Zuppa                                   RADIO ROOM 732-577-8740
                                              • Thompson Park
• East Freehold Showgrounds                                                                Captain Thomas Powers
                                              Lincroft, 732-842-4000                       Captain Brian Rubino
                                                                                                                                                RADIO MAINTENANCE 732-431-7916
Freehold Township, 732-431-4664
                                              • Turkey Swamp Park
• Fisherman’s Cove Conservation Area
                                              Freehold Township, 732-462-7286              Office of the Sheriff
Manasquan, 732-922-4080                                                                                                                     Office of the County Surrogate
                                              • Union Transportation Trail                 50 East Main Street, Freehold, NJ 07728
• Hartshorne Woods Park                                                                                                                     Hall of Records, 1 E. Main Street, Room 114
                                              Upper Freehold, 609-259-5794                 Telephone: 732-431-7139 Fax: 732-294-5965
Locust, 732-872-0336                                                                                                                        Freehold, NJ 07728
                                              • Weltz Park                                 Shaun Golden, Sheriff
• Henry Hudson Trail                                                                                                                        Telephone: 732-431-7330 Fax: 732-303-7656
                                              Ocean, 732-922-4080                          Ted Freeman, Undersheriff, 732-577-5748
Atlantic Highlands to Aberdeen to Freehold,                                                                                                 Rosemarie D. Peters, Surrogate
                                              • Wolf Hill Recreation Area                  Cynthia Scott, PIO 732-577-6613
732-787- 3033                                                                                                                               Kathy Reitsma, Deputy Surrogate
                                              Oceanport, 732-728-1384                      Jeffrey W. Sauter, Business Manager,
• Historic Longstreet Farm                                                                                                                  732-431-7330 ext. 7331
                                              • Yellow Brook Tract                                                                          Hazel Bove, Special Deputy Surrogate
Holmdel, 732-946-3758                                                                      Ann Merli, Chief Clerk 732-577-6642
                                              Howell, 732-919-0996                                                                          732-431-7330 ext. 7346
• Historic Walnford
                                                                                                                                            Frieda A. Booth, Chief Probate Clerk,
Upper Freehold, 609-259-6275                                                                LAW ENFORCEMENT DIVISION
                                                                                                                                            732-431-7330 X 5767
                                                                                           Michael W. Donovan, Jr., Undersheriff

38 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                                         MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 39
                  HEALTH DEPARTMENTS                                                                            SENIOR CENTERS
                                                                                                                      AND NUTRITION SITES

Colts Neck Health Department                Monmouth County Health Dept.               ASBURY PARK SENIOR CENTER                  RED BANK SENIOR CENTER
Thomas Frank, H.O.                          Mike Meddis, H.O.                         206 First Avenue,                          80 Shrewsbury Avenue,
PO Box 249 Colts Neck NJ 07722              3435 Rt. 9 and Campbell Ct.,              Asbury Park, NJ 07712                      Red Bank, NJ 07701-1131
Telephone: 732-431-3173                     Freehold, NJ 07728                        Telephone: 732-988-5252                    Telephone: 732-747-5204
* Emergency: 732-780-7323                   Telephone: 732-431-7456 (24 hrs)                                                      SHORE KOSHER SITE
                                                                                       ASBURY TOWER NUTRITION SITE
Town: Colts Neck                            Towns: Aberdeen, Allentown,               1701 Ocean Avenue                          Ruth Hyman Jewish Community Center
                                            Asbury Park, Atlantic Highlands,          Asbury Park, NJ 07712                      of Greater Monmouth County
Freehold Twp. Health Dept.                  Avon, Belmar, Bradley Beach,              Telephone: 732-988-9090                    100 Grant Avenue,
Margaret Jahn, H.O.                         Clarksburg, Englishtown, Farmingdale,                                                Deal, NJ 07723-1506
Municipal Plaza, Schanck Road,                                                         BAYSHORE SENIOR HEALTH                    Telephone: 732-531-9100 X125
                                            Hazlet, Howell, Lake Como,                 EDUCATION AND RECREATION
Freehold NJ 07728                           Manasquan, Marlboro, Matawan,              CENTER
Telephone: 732-294-2060                     Millstone, Morganville, Neptune City,     100 Main Street                                     ADDITIONAL
* Emergency: 732-462-7500                   Neptune Twp, Ocean Grove,                 Keansburg NJ 07734-1799
                                                                                      Telephone: 732-495-2454                           SENIOR CENTERS
Towns: Freehold Boro, Freehold Twp.,        Oceanport, Roosevelt, Union Beach
Upper Freehold Twp.                                                                    HOWELL TWP. DEPT OF                        EATONTOWN COMMUNITY CENTER
                                            Monmouth County Regional                   SENIOR SERVICES                            ADULT PROGRAMS
Long Branch Health Dept.                    Health Commission                         251 Preventorium Road                      72 Broad Street
David Roach, H.O.                                                                     Howell, NJ 07731-0580                      Mailing Addres: 47 Broad Street
                                            Sandra Van Sant, H.O.                                                                Eatontown, NJ 07724-1518
344 Broadway, Long Branch, NJ 07740         1540 W. Park Ave.,                        Telephone: 732-938-4500 x2550
                                                                                                                                 Telephone: 732-389-7666
Telephone: 732-571-5665                     Ocean Twp., NJ 07712                       KEYPORT SENIOR CENTER                     8:30 a.m.-3 p.m. Mon-Friday
* Emergency: 732-222-1516                   Telephone: 732-493-9520                   110 Second Street, Keyport, 07735
Towns: Long Branch                          Towns: Allenhurst, Brielle,               Telephone: 732-264-4916                     FREEHOLD TOWNSHIP SENIOR
                                            Deal, Eatontown, Fair Haven,                                                         116 Jackson Mills Road
MANALAPAN TWP. HEALTH DEPT.                                                            LONG BRANCH SENIOR CENTER
                                            Highlands, Holmdel, Interlaken,           85 Second Avenue,                          Freehold, NJ 07728
W. David Richardson, H.O.                   Keansburg, Keyport, Little Silver,        Long Branch, NJ 07740-6725                 Telephone: 732-294-2029
120 Rt. 522, Manalapan NJ 07726             Loch Arbour, Monmouth Beach,              Telephone: 732-571-6542
Telephone: 732-446-8346                                                                                                           ROBERT D. WILSON MEMORIAL
                                            Ocean Twp., Red Bank, Rumson,                                                         COMMUNITY CENTER
* Emergency: 732-446-4300                   Sea Bright, Sea Girt, Shrewsbury Boro.,    MIDDLETOWN SENIOR CENTER
                                                                                      Croydon Hall,                              22 Snug Harbor Avenue,
Town: Manalapan                             Shrewsbury Twp., Spring Lake,                                                        Highlands, NJ 07732-1465
                                                                                      900 Leonardville Road
                                            Spring Lake Heights, Tinton Falls,        Leonardo, NJ 07737-1339                    Telephone: 732-872-1959
Middletown Health Dept.                     Wall, West Long Branch                    Telephone: 732-615-2265
Stephen L. McGee, H.O.                                                                                                            MANALAPAN SENIOR CENTER
                                                                                       NEPTUNE SENIOR CENTER                     211 County Rt. 522
1 Kings Hwy., Middletown, NJ 07748                                                                                               Manalapan, NJ 07726
Telephone: 732-615-2000                                                               1825 Corlies Avenue
                                                                                      Neptune, NJ 07753                          Telephone: 732-446-8401
* Emergency: 732-615-2100                                                             Telephone: 732-988-8855
All sections of Middletown: Belford, East
Keansburg , Leonardo, Lincroft, Locust,
Middletown, Navesink, Port Monmouth

40 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                            MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 41
                                MONMOUTH COUNTY
                                                                                           Hon. Terence P. Flynn                    Hon. Joseph P. Quinn
                                                                                           Patricia Feehery, Secretary              Geraldine DiOrio, Secretary
                                                                                           Telephone: 732-677-4122                  Telephone: 732-677-4161

                                                                                           Hon. Michael A. Guadagno                 Hon. Ronald Lee Reisner
                                                                                           Kimberly Rudolph, Secretary              Joan Julian, Secretary
                                                                                           Telephone: 732-677-4134                  Telephone: 732-677-4165

                                                                                           Hon. Eugene A. Iadanza                   Hon. Thomas F. Scully
                                                                                           Maria Allocco, Secretary                 Rosemary D’Ambrosio, Secretary
                                                                                           Telephone: 732-677-4130                  Telephone: 732-677-4168

                                                                                           Hon. Linda Grasso Jones                  Hon. John R. Tassini
                                                                                           Annmarie Scrissignano, Secretary         Monica Consiglio, Secretary
                                                                                           Telephone: 732-677-4110                  Telephone: 732-677-4170

                                                                                           Hon. Leslie-Ann M. Justus                Hon. Lisa P. Thornton
The Monmouth County Courthouse is located adjacent to Monument Park in the Borough         Loretta Gonzales, Secretary              Rosanna Harrell, Secretary
 of Freehold. It was dedicated on October 8, l955 and opened “for business” on Monday,     Telephone: 732-677-4653                  Telephone: 732-677-4125
October 10 of that year. The members of the Board of Chosen Freeholders at the time of
the dedication were Joseph C. Irwin, Director, Earl L. Woolley, Chairman of the Building   Hon. Paul A. Kapalko                     Hon. Francis J. Vernoia
        Committee, Abram D. Vorhees, Victor E Grossinger and Walton Sherman.               Pat MacGillis, Secretary                 Donna Minkler, Secretary
                                                                                           Telephone: 732-677-4128                  Telephone: 732-677-4174
              HON. LAWRENCE M. LAWSON, ASSIGNMENT JUDGE                                    Hon. Honora O’Brien Kilgallen            Hon. Daniel M. Waldman
                   Nancy Colson, Secretary - Donna J. Silk, Secretary                      Susan McDonald, Secretary                Jo Ann Alfano, Secretary
                              Telephone: 732-677-4100                                      Telephone: 732-677-4196                  Telephone: 732-677-4177
         The following judges are located at Monmouth County Courthouse,
                                                                                           Hon. James J. McGann                      OFFICES OF SUPERIOR COURT
                      71 Monument Park, Freehold, NJ 07728
                                                                                           Tarika Jean-Pierre, Secretary            71 Monmoument Park Freehold, 07728
                                 Superior Court Judges                                     Telephone: 732-677-4180                  Main Telephone: 732-677-4300

     Hon. David F. Bauman                          Hon. Teresa Kondrup Coyle               Hon. Anthony J. Mellaci Jr.               OFFICE OF COURT ADMINISTRATOR
     JoAnne Snider, Secretary                      Kathleen Craven, Secretary              Dana Bouldin, Secretary                  Marsi L. Perkins,
     Telephone: 732-677-4107                       Telephone: 732-677-4155                 Telephone: 732-677-4148                  Trial Court Administrator
                                                                                                                                    Telephone: 732-677-4580
     Hon. Thomas W. Cavanagh, Jr.                  Hon. Francis P. DeStefano               Hon. John T. Mullaney Jr.
     Valerie Shannon, Secretary                    Diane Mazzarella, Secretary             Pamela Becker, Secretary                  GENERAL OPERATIONS MANAGER
     Telephone: 732-431-7135                       Telephone: 732-677-4120                 Telephone: 732-677-4153                  Dawn Materia
     (located in Hall of Records)                                                                                                   Telephone: 732-677-4216
                                                   Hon. Richard W. English                 Hon. Dennis R. O’Brien
     Hon. Patricia Del Bueno Cleary                Jill O’Connor, Secretary                Mickie Dinkjian, Secretary                OMBUDSMAN
     Susan Smith, Secretary                        Telephone: 732-677-4140                 Telephone: 732-677-4150                  Theresa Romano
     Telephone: 732-677-4113                                                                                                        Telephone: 732-677-4209
                                                   Hon. Paul X. Escandon                   Hon. Jamie S. Perri
     Hon. Robert A. Coogan                         D. Carolina DeOliveira, Secretary       Maria Horsch, Secretary                   EEO/AA OFFICER
     Loretta Gonzales, Secretary                   Telephone: 732-677-4142                 Telephone: 732-677-4160                  Carmen Flores
     Telephone: 732-677-4116                                                                                                        Telephone: 732-677-4215

42 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                         MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 43
                              MONMOUTH COUNTY                                                  SPECIAL COUNTY COUNSELS
 CIVIL DIVISION                        MUNICIPAL DIVISION                        First Assistant County Counsel            Laura Connell, Esq.
Law Division: 732-677-4240            Hon. John G. Colannino, Presiding Judge                                              Peter Connell, Esq.
Special Civil Part: 732-677-4270      Municipal Courts (PJMC)                    Meghan Bennett-Clark, Esq.                Connell, Connell, Camassa & Yuro, PC
Landlord/Tenancy: 732-677-4285        Telephone: 732-677-4220                    Dilworth Paxson, LLP                      2517 Highway 35, Bldg I, Suite 201
Small Claims: 732-677-4292                                                       1350 Campus Parkway, Suite 200            Manasquan, NJ 08736
                                       MONMOUTH PROBATION DIVISION               Neptune, NJ 07753                         P732-223-5511 Fax:732-223-5558
Criminal Division                     Bonnie Kennedy-Sinacore, Vicinage Chief    732-378-6900 Fax:732-378-6800
Telephone: 732-677-4500               Probation Officer                                                                    Andrew Bayer, Esq.
                                      2407 Route 66, Ocean, NJ 07712              IN-HOUSE SPECIAL COUNSELS                Gluck Walrath, LLP
Family Division                       Telephone: 732-869-5600                                                              428 River View Plaza, 2nd Floor
                                                                                 Steven W. Kleinman, Esq.                  Trenton, NJ 08611
Telephone: 732-677-4050
                                       CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT                 Hall of Records, Room 223                 609-278-1900 Fax:609-278-9200
                                      Cee Okuzu, Vicinage Assistant Chief        One East Main Street
Finance Division
                                      Probation Officer                          Freehold, NJ 07728                        Paul Kennedy, Esq.
Telephone: 732-677-4024
                                      30 Mechanic Street, Freehold, NJ 07728     732-683-8990 Fax:732-431-0437             Kennedy Law Firm
Human Resources                       Telephone: 732-677-4800                                                              503 Union Avenue, Brielle, NJ 08730
                                      Toll Free: 1-800-621-5437                  John R. Madden, Esq.                      732-528-1880 Fax:732-528-1884
Telephone: 732-677-4040
                                                                                 Hall of Records, Room 236
                                       JUVENILE PROBATION SUPERVISION            One East Main Street                      Douglas Kovats, Esq.
Information Technology Division
                                      Michael Amorim, Vicinage Assistant         Freehold, NJ 07728                        Kenney, Gross, Kovats & Parton
Telephone: 732-677-4600
                                      Chief Probation Officer                    732-683-8841 Fax:732-431-0436             130 Maple Avenue, Bldg 8
Jury Coordinator Office               30 Mechanic Street, Freehold, NJ 07728                                               Red Bank, NJ 07701
                                      Telephone: 732-677-4700                     SPECIAL COUNTY COUNSELS                  732-530-7500 Fax:732-530-1739
Telephone: 732-677-4200
                                       PROBATION DIVISION BRANCH OFFICE          Bernard M. Reilly, Esq.                   Joseph J. Colao, Jr., Esq.
Grand Jury Clerk                                                                 90 Maple Avenue, Red Bank, NJ 07701
                                       ADULT SUPERVISION                                                                   Lindabury, McCormick, Estabrook &
Telephone: 732-677-4221                                                          732-530-7777 Fax:732-530-8113
                                      Ralph Esposito, Vicinage Assistant Chief                                             Cooper, PC
                                      Probation Officer                                                                    331 Newman Springs Road, Suite 133
Official Court Reporters                                                         David Laughlin, Esq.
                                      2407 Route 66, Ocean, NJ 07712                                                       Red Bank, NJ 07702
Central Transcript unit                                                          Birdsall & Laughlin, LLC
                                      Telephone: 732-869-5600                                                              732-741-7777 Fax:732-758-1879
Telephone: 732-677-4356                                                          1720 Highway 34 North
                                                                                 PO Box 1380, Wall, NJ 07719               Granville D. Magee, Esq.
Volunteer Coordinator                                                            732-749-3900 Fax:732-749-3901
Telephone: 732-677-4471                                                                                                    Magee & Magee, LLP
                                                                                                                           1937 Highway 35, Wall, NJ 07719
                                                                                 John Geaney, Esq.                         732-449-2500 Fax:732-449-4005
                                                                                 Capehart & Scatchard
                                                                                 8000 Midatlantic Drive, Suite 300         Donald Greer, Esq.
                                                                                 Mount Laurel, NJ 08054                    Marriott, Callahan, Blair & Greer
                                                                                 856-914-2063 Fax: 856-236-2786            2405 Highway 71, Spring Lake Heights,
                                                                                                                           732-449-7474 Fax:732-449-2363
                                                                                 James J. Cleary, Esq.
                                                                                 Cleary, Giacobbe, Alfieri & Jacobs, LLC   Matthew Goode, Esq.
                                                                                 5 Ravine Drive, PO Box 533                Maybruch & Zapcic, LLC
                                                                                 Matawan, NJ 07747                         61 Village Court, Hazlet, NJ 07730
                                                                                 732-583-7474 Fax:732-290-0753             32-888-4828 Fax:732-888-5441

44 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                    MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 45

Michael P. Supko, Jr., Esq.                WORKERS COMPENSATION
Menna, Supko & Nelson,
830 Broad Street, Suite B                 Campbell, Foley, Delano & Adams, LLC
Shrewsbury, NJ 07702                      601 Bangs Avenue, PO Box 1040
732-741-9993 Fax: 732-741-9944            Asbury, Park NJ 07712
                                          732-775-6520 Fax: 732-869-2893
Gil D. Messina, Esq.
Messina Law Firm                          John Geaney, Esq.
961 Holmdel Road,Holmdel, NJ 07733        Special County Counsel
732-332-9300 Fax: 732-332-9301            Capehart & Scatchard
                                          8000 Midatlantic Drive, Suite 300
Matthew O’Donnell, Esq.                   Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
O’Donnell, McCord PC                      856-914-2063 Fax: 856-236-2786
15 Mount Kemble Avenue
Morristown, 07960                         Kenneth Chamlin, Esq.
973-538-1230 Fax: 973-292-1749            Special County Counsel
                                          Chamlin, Rosen, Uliano & Witherington
Rick DeNoia, Esq.                         268 Norwood Avenue
130 Maple Avenue,Suite 10B                West Long Branch, NJ 07764
PO Box 873,Red Bank, NJ 07701             732-229-3200 Fax: 732-571-8741
732-741-5900 Fax:732-741-2988
                                          John T. Lane, Esq.
Donald Beekman, Esq.                      Special County Counsel
The Beekman Law Firm                      PO Box 1377, Wall, NJ 07719
47 Main Avenue, PO Box 395                732-280-9200 Fax: 732-280-9205
Ocean Grove, NJ 07756
732-774-8262 Fax: 732-774-6989            Michael D. Fitzgerald, Esq.
                                          Special County Counsel
William Kinney, Esq.                      800 Old Bridge Road
Special County Counsel                    Brielle, NJ 08730
One Channel Drive, Suite 707              732-223-2200 Fax: 732-223-7299
Monmouth Beach, NJ 07750
732-222-4396 Fax: 732-676-7787

                     2 Paragon Way Freehold, New Jersey 07728
                     Telephone 732-462-9321 Fax 732-303-0810

                      Monmouth County’s
             53 Municipalities - One Community

       HIS SECTION IS DEVOTED to the 53 municipalities that comprise the 471.74
       square miles of Monmouth County. It lists addresses, telephone numbers
       and most of the public officials in each town.

      UNDER CURRENT LAW, there are four basic forms of municipal governments,
each deriving its powers from the New Jersey Legislature. The four basic forms
of government are: township, borough, city and town. In addition, the New
Jersey Legislature has enacted the "Faulkner Act," which enables municipalities to
select a form of government which is a variation on the four basic forms. In addi-
tion, a fifth form of government, the village form, exists in just one municipali-
ty in New Jersey, the Village of Loch Arbour, in Monmouth County.

      IN MONMOUTH COUNTY there are 35 boroughs, 15 townships, 2 cities and 1
village. Ocean Grove is a unique community of great historical significance, and
is part of Neptune Township.

     ALSO, we have included some of the more commonly used names of
neighborhoods and towns within the "official" 53 municipalities. Most are still in
use today; some have disappeared altogether. You will find this list at the end of
the Municipalities Section. We are proud of each and every one of them.

     WE INVITE YOU to visit the county’s website at

     MORE DETAILED INFORMATION regarding the various forms of government
in New Jersey can be found at the Monmouth County Library.


           Note: The information provided in this section was
         supplied by the municipal clerk in the respective towns.

                                                         MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 47
            Township of                                  Borough of                                  Borough of                                     City of
            Aberdeen                                   Allenhurst                                  Allentown                                 Asbury Park
One Aberdeen Square, Aberdeen, NJ 07747     125 Corlies Avenue, Allenhurst, NJ 07711    8 N. Main Steet. Allentown, NJ 08501        1 Municipal Plaza, Asbury Park, NJ 07712
Telephone: 732-583-4200 Fax: 732-290-3171   Telephone: 732-531-2757 Fax: 732-531-8694   Telephone: 609-259-3151 Fax: 609-259-7530   Telephone: 732-775-2100 Fax: 732-775-1483
Website:                     Website:                   E-mail:            E-mail:
For all extensions call: 732-583-4200

Meetings: 1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 7 p.m.        Council Meetings:                           Council Meetings:                           City Council Meetings:
                                            2nd & 4th Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m.             2nd & 4th Tuesdays at 7 pm                  1st & 3rd Wednesdays at 7 pm
Mayor: Fred Tagliarini
                                            Mayor: David J. McLaughlin                  Mayor: Stuart A. Fierstein                  Mayor: Ed Johnson
Governing Body: Vincent Vinci,
Wilhelmina Gumbs, Owen Drapkin,             Governing Body:                             Council President: Michael Schumacher       Governing Body:
Gregory Cannon, James Lauro,                Terrence J. Bolan,                                                                      James G. Bruno, John M. Loffredo,
Margaret Montone                            Christopher McLoughlin                      Governing Body:                             Kevin G. Sanders, Susan J. Henderson
                                                                                        Margaret Rose, Daniel L. Wimer,
Administrator: Joseph Criscuolo, X117       Administrator/Municipal Clerk:              Daniel Zorovich, Audrey Mount,              Attorney: F. Raffetto, 732-922-1000
                                            Lori L. Osborn                              Jean Hunter
Attorney: Daniel McCarthy, 908-931-1150                                                                                             Auditor: David A. Kaplan, 732-241-1632
                                            Attorney: Birdsail & Laughlin, LLC          Attorney: Donald Driggers, 609-448-0016
Auditor: Thomas Fallon, 732-888-2070                                                                                                Bond Counsel: McManimon & Scotland,
                                            CFO: Christine Brown                        Auditor: Bowman & Co, 856-435-6200          973-622-1800
Bond Counsel: Steve Rogut,
908-931-1150                                Code Enforcement: Robert H. Simmen          Bond Counsel: Dilworth Paxson,              City Manager: Terence J. Reidy
Code Enforcement: Joseph McAleer,           Court Administrator/Violations Clerk:                                                   CFO/Treas: Christine Paulin,
X196                                        Robin Deibert, 732-531-3217                 Code Enforcement: Ronald Gafgen             732-502-4527
Court Administrator:                        Municipal Judge: George Cieri               Court Administrator: Rita Williams,         Code Enforcement: William Gray
Michele Wieczoreck, X141                                                                609-259-9206,
                                            Planning Board Chair: Joseph Tomaino                                                    Court Adm: Patricia Green, 732-775-1765
OEM: John Powers, X 221                                                                 OEM: Stuart Fierstein, 609-259-3491
                                            Police Chief: Robert C. Richter,                                                        Engineer: Brian S. Grant, 732-502-5713
Engineer: David Samuel, 732-727-8000        732-531-2255                                Engineer: Hatch Mott MacDonald,
                                                                                        732-780-6565                                Municipal Judge: Mark T. Apostolou
Municipal Judge: Scott Basen, X141          Registrar: Lori Osborn
                                                                                        Municipal Judge: Bonnie Goldman,            Municipal Clerk: Stephen M. Kay
Municipal Clerk: Karen Ventura, X119        Tax Collector: Carla Tomas                  609-259-9206
                                                                                                                                    OEM: Terence J. Reidy, 732-775-6300
Planning Board Chair: William Shenton       Tax Assessor: Peter Barnett                 Municipal Clerk/Registrar: Julie Martin
                                                                                                                                    Planning Bd Chair: Daniel DiBennedetto
Public Works: Robert Brady X400             Treasurer: Kevin G. Rogers                  Planning /Zoning Board Chair:
                                                                                        Jeffrey McLaughlin                          Public Works: Brian Grant, 732-775-0900
Recreation Dir: James Colabelli, X134       Zoning Board Chair: Joseph Tomaino
                                                                                        Police Chief: 609-259-3491                  Registrar: Dawn Tomek, 732-502-5721
Registrar: Marilyn Ratel, X129
                                                                                        Public Information: Julie Martin            Rec. Dir: James Famularo, 732-507-5758
Tax Collector: Marie Taylor, X137
                                                                                        Tax Assessor: Victoria Butchon              Tax Collector: Dorothy Ruth
Tax Assessor: Holly Reycraft, X122
                                                                                        Tax Collector: Barbara Pater                Tax Assessor: Mary Lou Hartman
Treasurer/CFO: Angela Morin, X128
                                                                                        Treasurer/CFO: Robert Benick                Zoning Board Chair: Keith Zyla
Zoning Board Chair: Harvey Brenner

48 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                               MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 49
              Borough of                                 Borough of                                   Borough of                                 Borough of
   Atlantic Highlands                           Avon-By-The-Sea                                       Belmar                               Bradley Beach
100 1st Ave, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716   301 Main Street, Avon, NJ 07717             601 Main St., Belmar, NJ 07719              701 Main Street, Bradley Beach, NJ 07720
Telephone: 732-291-1444 Fax: 732-291-9725   Telephone: 732-502-4510 Fax: 732-774-0605   Telephone: 732-681-3700 Fax: 732-681-3434   Telephone: 732-776-2999 Fax: 732-775-1782
E-mail:                    E-mail:                    E-mail:          E-mail:
Website:                           Website: www.avonbytheseanjcom              Website:                         Website:
                                                                                                                                    For all extensions call: 732-776-2999

Counsel Meetings:                           Council Meetings:                           Council Meetings:                           Council Meetings:
2nd & 4th Wednesday at 7 p.m.               2nd & 4th Mondays at 7 p.m.                 1st & 3rd Wednesdays at 8 p.m.              2nd & 4th Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m.
Mayor: Frederick J. Rast, III               Mayor: Robert Mahon                         Mayor: Matthew Doherty                      Mayor: Julie Schreck
Governing Body:                             Governing Body:                             Governing Body: Claire Deicke,              Governing Body:
John Archibald, Jr., Louis Fligor,          Robert McGovern, Francis E. Gorman          Brian Magovern, Richard J. Wright,          Gary Engelstad, Patrick D’Angelo,
Roy Dellosso, Robert Sutton,                                                            Jennifer Nicolay                            Salvatore A. Galassetti, Harold Cotler
Jacob Hoffmann, Peter T. Doyle              Administrator/Municipal Clerk:
                                            Timothy M. Gallagher                        Administrator: Robbin D. Kirk               Administrator: Gail O’Reilly, X12
Administrator: Adam Hubeny
                                            Attorney: Barry A. Cooke                    Auditor: Gerard Stankiewicz                 Attorney: George McGill, 732-280-2400
Attorney: Bernard Reilly
                                            CFO: John Antonides                         Attorney: Karl Kemm, Esq.                   Auditor: Dave Kaplan, 732-241-1632
CFO: Gerard Gagliano
                                            Code Enforcement: Anthony Vecchio,          Bond Counsel: McManimon & Scotland,         Bond Counsel: Jay Ziznewski,
Code Enforcement: Theresa Radgan            732-502-4518                                973-622-1800                                732 855-6036
Court Administrator:                        Court Administrator: Dorothy Reibrich,      Code Enforcement: George Giresi             Code Enforcement: Bryant Curry X16
Kathleen Wigginton, 732-291-3225            732-775-1690
                                                                                        Court Admin: K. Garrecht, 732-681-3893      Court Administrator: Kelly Barrett, X22
OEM: Adam Hubeny                            OEM: Kenneth Child
                                                                                        Engineer: Tom Rospos                        OEM: Lenoard Guida, 732-775-6900
Municipal Clerk: Dwayne M. Harris           Municipal Judge: Alfred J. D’Auria
                                                                                        Municipal Judge: Dennis Lavender            Engineer: Bruce Koch, 732-727-8000
Municipal Judge: Peter Locascio             Planning /Zoning Board Chair:
                                            Richard Maloney, Jr.                        Municipal Clerk: April Claudio              Municipal Clerk/Registrar:
Planning Board Chair: William Kuzman                                                                                                Mary Ann Solinski, 732-776-2999 X11
                                            Police Chief: Terry Mahon, 732-502-4500     OEM: Dennis Ryan, 732-681-3700 X239
Police Chief: Gerard Vasto, 732-291-1212                                                                                            Mun.Judge: Mark T. Apostolou, X22
                                            Registrar: Michele Darling                  Planning Board Chair: Edward Windas
Registrar: Dwayne M. Harris                                                                                                         Planning Board: William Psiuk, X17
                                            Tax Collector: Kerry McGrath                Public Works Dir: Andy Meuerle
Tax Assessor: Eldo Magnani                                                                                                          PublicWorks: Richard Bianchi,
                                            Tax Assessor: Timothy Anfuso                Police Chief: T. Palmisano, 732-681-1700    732-776-2980
Tax Collector: Judith Werchinski
                                                                                        Recreation Dir: Mike Campbell               Rec. Dir: Cynthia Brady, 732-776-2993
                                                                                        Registrar: Patricia Zwirz                   Tax Assessor: Ed Mullane, X19
                                                                                        Tax Collector/CFO: Robbin Kirk              Tax Collector/CFO: Joyce Wilkins, X18
                                                                                        Tax Assessor: Ed Mullane                    Zoning Board Chair: Dennis Mayer, X17
                                                                                        Treasurer: Amy Spera

                                                                                        Zoning Board Chair: Jay McDermott

50 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                               MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 51
             Borough of                             Township of                                  Borough of                                  Borough of
              Brielle                             Colts Neck                                        Deal                                  Eatontown
601 Union Lane, Brielle, NJ 08730       124 Cedar Drive, Colts Neck, NJ 07722       190 Norwood Ave, Deal, NJ 07723             47 Broad Street, Eatontown, NJ 07724
Telephone: 732-528-6600 Fax: 528-7186   Telephone: 732-462-5470 Fax: 732-431-3173   Telephone: 732-531-1454 Fax: 732-531-1705   Telephone: 732-389-7601 Fax: 732-389-7602
E-mail:       E-mail:                 E-mail:       E-mail:
Website:                  Website:                   Website:                    Website:

Council Meetings:                       Committee Meetings:                         Council Meetings:                           Council Meetings:
2nd & 4th Mondays at 7:30 p.m.          2nd & last Wednesdays at 7.30 p.m.          2nd & 4th Tuesdays at 5 p.m.                1st Wed.,Wkshop, 2nd & 4th Wed. Reg.
                                                                                                                                7:30 p.m.
Mayor: Thomas B. Nicol                  Mayor: James C. Schatzle                    Mayor: Harry I. Franco
                                                                                                                                Mayor: Gerald J. Tarantolo
Governing Body:                         Governing Body: Edward C. Eastman, Jr.,     Governing Body:                             Anthony Talerico, Jr, .Dennis Connelly,
Timothy A. Shaak, Cort Gorham,          Jarrett R. Engel, Michael D. Fitzgerald,    Vincent DeLorenzo, Morris Ades              Mark Regan, Kevin Gonzalez,
John Visceglia, Frank A. Garruzzo,      Russell Macnow                                                                          Jennifer L. Piazza, Meir Araman
Paul K. Nolan, Ann D. Scott                                                         Administrator/Mun.Clerk/Registrar/
                                        Administrator/Municipal Clerk:              Code Enforcement:                           Adm: George Jackson, 732-389-7621
Administrator/Municipal Clerk:          Robert Bowden, X 107                        James Rogers, 732-531-0212
Thomas Nolan                                                                                                                    Attorney: Gene J. Anthony, 732-542-3320
                                        Attorney: John O. Bennett, 732-378-6900     Attorney: Martin Barger
Attorney: Nicholas Montenegro                                                                                                   Auditor: Robert S. Oliwa, 732-780-5106
                                        Bond Counsel: Dilworth Paxson, LLC          Auditor: Alvino & Shechter,
Bond Counsel: John O. Bennett,          732-409-0800                                732-922-4222                                Bond Counsel: P. McCay, 856-596-8900
Dilworth Paxton, 732-449-9481
                                        CFO/Tax Coll.: John D. Antonides, X106      Bond Counsel:                               CFO: Lesley Connolly, 732-389-7603
CFO: Steven Mayer                                                                   Dilworth Paxson, 732-378-6900
                                        Code Enforcement: Richard Galinski,                                                     Code Enforcement: Django Wiegers,
Code Enforcement:                       X123                                        CFO: Thomas X. Seaman                       732-389-7615
James F. Langenberger
                                        Court Administrator: 732-431-1799           Court Administrator: Mary Ellen Supon,      Court Administrator: Suzann Lorusso,
Court Administrator:                                                                732-531-1343                                732-389-7612
Marie Higgins, 732-223-0600 ext.2       OEM: Kevin Sauter, 732-780-7323
                                                                                    OEM/Pd Chief: Stephen Carasia               OEM: William Mego, 732-904-6950
OEM: Thomas B. Nichol                   Engineer: Glenn Gerken, 732-451-0100        732-531-1113
                                        X1012                                                                                   Engineer: Edward Broberg, 732-671-6400
Municipal Judge: Paul J. Capotorto                                                  Engineer: Peter Avakian, 732-922-9229
                                        Municipal Judge: Richard B. Thompson,                                                   Mun Judge:Mark Apostolou,732-389-7612
Planning /Zoning Board Chair:           732-431-1799                                Municipal Judge: Mark T. Apostolou,
Thomas Condon                                                                       732-531-1343                                Mun Clerk: Karen R. Siano, 732-389-7601
                                        Planning Bd: David Kostka, 732-409-7135
Police Chief: Michael Palmer,                                                       Planning/ Zoning Board Chair:               Planning Bd: Carleton Sohl, 732-389-7617
732-528-5050                            Police Chief: Kevin Sauter 732-780-7323     Richard Cummings, 732-531-5014
                                                                                                                                Public Wks: Frank Cannella,732-389-7651
Registrar: Karen Brisben                Pub. Info: Robert Bowden, 732-462-5470      Public Works: Joseph Hagerman,
                                                                                    732-531-1454                                Police Chief: Michael Goldfarb,
Tax Assessor: Mary Lou Hartman          Registrar: Ruth Leininger, 732-409-7135                                                 732-389-7631
                                                                                    Tax Assessor: Peter Barnett
Tax Collector: Colleen Castronova       Tax Assessor: Eldo Magnani,                                                             Tax Collector:Patricia DePonti,
                                        732-462-9901                                Tax Collector/Treasurer: Theresa Davis,     732-389-7604
                                        Zoning Bdard Chair: Donald Burry,                                                       Tax Assessor:John Gillooly 732-389-7609
                                                                                                                                Zoning Bd Chair: Robert Carnevale,

52 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                           MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 53
             Borough of                                  Borough of                                  Borough of                                 Borough of
         Englishtown                                  Fair Haven                                Farmingdale                                    Freehold
15 Main Street, Englishtown, NJ 07726       748 River Road, Fair Haven, NJ 07704        11 Asbury Avenue, Farmingdale, NJ 07727    51 W. Main Street, Freehold, NJ 07728
Telephone: 732-446-9235 Fax: 732-446-4979   Telephone: 732-747-0241 Fax: 732-747-6962   Telephone: 732-938-4077                    Telephone: 732-462-1410
E-mail:             E-mail:             Fax: 732-938-2023                          Fax: 732-409-1453
Website:                  Website:                    E-mail:    Website:
                                            For all extensions call: 732-747-0241
Council Meetings:                           Meetings: 2nd & 4th Mondays at 7 p.m.       Council Meetings:                          Council Meetings:
4th Wed, 7:30 p.m., Workshop 6:30 p.m.                                                  7:30 p.m., 1st & 3rd Tuesdays, at          1st & 3rd Mondays at 7:30 p.m.
                                            Mayor: Michael Halfacre                     Community Center, 13 Asbury Ave.
Mayor: Thomas Reynolds                                                                                                             Mayor: Michael Wilson
                                            Governing Body:                             Mayor: John P. Morgan
Governing Body:                             Jonathan Peters, Roland Wilhelm,                                                       Governing Body:
Gregory Wojyn, Jayne Carr, Maryanne         Benjamin Lucarelli, Robert K. Marchese,     Governing Body:
                                                                                        David Mackenzie, Erich Schneider,          Kevin Kane, Jaye S. Sims, George
Krawiec, Cindy Robilotti, Rudolph           Jerome Koch, James Banahan                                                             Schnurr, Michael DiBenedetto,
Rucker, Lori Cooke                                                                      Anthony J. Infante, Kathryne Baghsarian,
                                                                                        Nicholas Bavaro, William E. Donovan        Sharon Shutzer, John F. Newman
                                            Administrator: Theresa Casagrande, X201
Administrator/CFO: Laurie Finger                                                                                                   Administrator: Joseph B. Bellina
                                            Attorney: Salvatore Alfieri, 732-583-7474   Administrator:
Attorney: Joseph Youssouf                                                                                                          Attorney: Kerry E. Higgins
                                            Auditor: Eugene Farrell, 732-409-0800       Attorney: John O. Bennett
Auditor: Eugene Farrell, 732-409-0800                                                                                              CFO/Treasurer: Richard J. Gartz
                                            Bond Counsel: John Cantalupo,               CFO: Robbin Necklin Kirk
Bond Counsel: John Cantalupo                732-855-6036                                                                           Code Enforcement: Henry Stryker
732-855-6036                                                                            Code Enforcement: Steve Roe
                                            CFO: Denise Jawidzik, X210                                                             Court Administrator: Stacy Kitson,
Code Enforcement: Edward Miller III                                                     Court Administrator: Cathy Gaertner,
                                                                                        732-938-4078                               732-462-2444
                                            Code Enf: Elizabeth Lilleston X226
Court Administrator:                                                                                                               OEM: 732-462-1233
Rosemary O’Donnell                          Court Administrator: Dale A. Connor,        OEM: John P. Morgan 732-938-4077
                                                                                                                                   Police/or 732-462-0164
                                            732-747-0241 X 224
OEM: Peter Cooke, Jr.                                                                   Municipal Clerk: Donna M. Phelps
                                                                                                                                   Municipal Judge: Scott J. Basen
                                            OEM: Joe McGovern 732-747-0991
Engineer: Thomas Herits, 732-383-1950                                                   Municipal Judge: Debra Gelson
                                                                                                                                   Municipal Clerk: Traci L. DiBenedetto
                                            Mun.Clk: Allyson M. Cinquegrana, X 221
Municipal Clerk: Peter Gorbatuk                                                         Planning/ZoningBoard Chair:
                                                                                        Robert Morgan                              Planning Board Chair: Kevin Mulligan
                                            Municipal Judge: James Newman, X224
Municipal Judge: James Newman                                                                                                      Police Chief: Mitchell E. Roth
                                            PD Chief: D. Breckenridge, 732-747-0991     Registrar: Cathy Gaertner
Planning/Zoning Bd Chair: Liz Canario
                                            Planning Board : Joan Jay, 732-747-5714     State Police: 609-584-5000
                                                                                                                                   Registrar: Barbara Taylor
Police Department: 732-446-7000
                                            Public Works: Richard Gardella, X401        Tax Collector: Robbin Necklin Kirk
                                                                                                                                   Tax Assessor: Mitchell Elias
Public Works: Richard Guffanti
                                            Engineer: X215                              Tax Assessor: Thomas Glock
                                                                                                                                   Tax Collector: NancyForman
Registrar: Peter Gorbatuk
                                            Registrar: Dale Connor, X214                Treasurer: Donna Phelps
Tax Assessor: Sharon Hartman
                                            Tax Assessor: J. Stephen Walters, X213
Tax Collector: Janice Garcia
                                            Tax Collector: Dale A. Connor, X214
Treasurer: Laurie Finger
                                            Zoning Bd: Todd Lehder, 732-842-6886

54 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                              MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 55
            Township of                                 Township of                                 Borough of                                  Township of
            Freehold                                      Hazlet                                  Highlands                                     Holmdel
1 Municipal Plaza, Freehold, NJ 07728       1776 Union Avenue, Hazlet, NJ 07730        171 Bay Avenue, Highlands, NJ 07732         4 Crawfords Corner Rd, Holmdel, NJ 07733
Telephone: 732-294-2000 Fax: 732-462-7910   Telephone: 732-264-1700 Fax 732-264-1785   Telephone: 732-872-1224 Fax: 732-872-0670   Telephone: 732-946-2820 Fax: 732-946-0116
E-mail:          E-mail:             E-mail:       E-mail:
Website:                 Website:                     Website:                Website:

Committee Meetings:                         Committee Meetings:                        Council Meetings:                           Meetings: 1st & 3rd Thursday at 7 p.m.
Scheduled Tuesdays at 8 p.m.                1st & 3rd Tuesdays at 8 p.m.               1st & 3rd Wednesdays at 8 p.m.
                                                                                                                                   Mayor: Patrick Impreveduto
Mayor: David M. Salkin                      Mayor: Scott Aagre                         Mayor: Frank L. Nolan
                                                                                                                                   Governing Body:
Governing Body:                             Governing Body:                            Governing Body:                             Dep. Mayor Serena DiMaso, Larry Fink,
Anthony Ammiano, Eugene B. Golub,           James DiNardo, David Tinker,               Christopher Francy, Rebecca Kane,           Eric Hinds, Rocco Pascucci
Robert McGirr, Barbara McMorrow             Michael Sachs, James Brady                 Richard O’Neil
                                                                                                                                   Administrator: Raymond Wilson, Interim
Administrator: Peter R. Valesi              Administrator: Brian Valentino             Administrator: Bruce Hilling
                                                                                                                                   Attorney: Duane O. Davison
Attorney: Duane O. Davison                  Attorney: James Gorman, 732-542-4200       Attorney: Scott Arnette
                                                                                                                                   Auditor: William Antonidies
Auditor: William E. Antonides & Co.         Auditor: Robert Allison, 732-409-0800      CFO: Stephen Pfeffer
                                                                                                                                   Bond Counsel: Steven Rogut &
Bond Counsel: Jack Kraft                    Bond Counsel: John Draikiwicz              Code Enforcement/Municipal Judge:           John Kraft
                                                                                       Peter Locasio
CFO/ Treasurer: Catherine Campbell          CFO: Thomas O’Hara                                                                     CFO/Treasurer: Joseph Morris
                                                                                       Court Administrator: Blanche Reed,
Code Enforcement: Ron Kirk                  Code Enforcement: Sharon Keegan            732-872-1224 X217                           Code Enforcement: Loni Lucini

Court Administrator: Denise Yuhas,          Court Administrator: Carol Lamanna,        OEM: David Parker                           Court Administrator: Mary Lou Donnelly,
732-294-2150                                732-264-2231 ext. 129                      732-872-1224, X200                          732-946-4713

Engineer: Joseph Mavuro                     Engineer: Robert Keady, 732-671-6400       Mun. Clerk: Carolyn M. Cummins, X201        Engineer: Edward G. Broberg

Municipal Judge: Thomas F.X. Foley          Municipal Clerk: Evelyn Grandi             Planning Board Chair: Andrew Stockton       OEM: Mike Simpson, 732-946-4400

Municipal Clerk/Registrar: Teresa Warner    Mun. Judge: Thomas Foley, 732-691-5488     Police Chief: Joseph Blewett,               Municipal Judge: Mary Casey
OEM: Raymond Piccolini 732-462-6183         OEM: Thomas Horner 732-264-3232                                                        Municipal Clerk: Maureen Doloughty
                                                                                       Registrar: Debbie Dailey, X205
Planning Board Chair: Richard Gatto         Planning Board Chair: Michael Sachs                                                    Planning Board Chair: Peter Nelson
                                                                                       Tax Assessor: Charles Heck
Police Chief: E.Schriefer, 732-462-7500     Police Chief: J. Broderick, 732-264-6565                                               Police Chief: John Mioduszewski
                                                                                       Tax Collector: Patrick DeBlasio             732-946-4400
Public Information: Patricia Hopkins        Rec. Coordinator: Barbara Ponchetti
                                                                                       Zoning Board Chair: Peter Mullen            Public Works: Jeffrey P. Smith, Jr.
Public Works Dir: Timothy White             Registrar: Mary Lynch
                                                                                                                                   Registrar: Lois Morfit
Recreation Dir: Susan McGough               Tax Collector: Susan Meyer
                                                                                                                                   Tax Assessor: Eldo Magnani
Tax Assessor: William Fitzpatrick           Tax Assessor: Elizabeth Cusamano
                                                                                                                                   Tax Collector: Jeanette M. Larrison
Tax Collector: Elizabeth Kiernan            Treasurer: Janice Saponaro
                                                                                                                                   Zoning Board Chair:
Zoning Bd Chair: Edward W. McCloskey        Zoning Board Chair: Louis Pisano                                                       Cornelius McCaffrey

56 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                              MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 57
            Township of                                 Borough of                                  Borough of                                 Borough of
              Howell                                  Interlaken                                 Keansburg                                     Keyport
251 Preventorium Rd., Howell, NJ 07731     100 Grassmere Ave, Interlaken, NJ 07712     29 Church Street, Keansburg, NJ 07734      70 W. Front St., Keyport, NJ 07735
Telephone: 732-938-4500                    Telephone: 732-531-7405 Fax: 732-531-7099   Telephone: 732-787-0215                    Telephone: 732-739-3900 Fax: 732-739-8738
Fax: 732-938-4818                         Fax: 732-787-0787                          E-mail:
Website:                  Website:             Website:             Website:

Council Meetings:                          Council Meetings: 7 p.m., Workshop,         Council Meetings:                          Council Meetings: 7 p.m., 1st & 3rd
1st, 2nd & 3rd Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m.       7:30 p.m.Reg. 1st & 3rd Wednesdays          4th Wednesday at 7 p.m.                    Tuesdays
Mayor: Robert F. Walsh                     Mayor: Robert D. Wolf, III                  Mayor: James Cocuzza, Sr.                  Mayor: Robert E. McLeod
Governing Body:                            Governing Body:                             Governing Body:                            Governing Body:
Robert Nicastro, Susan Schroeder Clark,    Lynn A. Parry, Jr., Keith Miller,           George F. Hoff, Arthur Boden,              Joseph Sheridan, Christian Bolte,
Pauline M. Smith, William J. Gotto         Jean Primavera, Michael Nohilly,            Lisa Strydio, Anthony DePompa              Susie Sefcik, Evelyn Ambrose,
                                           William Handerhan, Robert White                                                        Clemente Toglia, Warren Chamberlain
Attorney: McKenna G. Kingdon                                                           Admin/Manager: Raymond O’Hare
                                           Administrator: Dawn McDonald                                                           Admin: Lorene Wright, 732-739-5122
Auditor: Robert W. Allison, 732-409-0800                                               Attorney: John O. Bennett
                                           Attny: Dennis Crawford, 732-919-1155                                                   Attorney: John T. Lane
Bond Counsel: John O. Bennett,                                                         Auditor: Robert Allison
732-378-6900                               Auditor: Robert Hulsart, 732-681- 4990                                                 Auditor: Hutchins, Farrell, 732-409-0800
                                                                                       Bond Counsel: John O. Bennett
CFO/Treasurer: Jeffrey Filiatreault        Bond Counsel: Drew Stauffer,                                                           Bond Counsel: Wilentz, 732-636-8000
                                           732-919-1155                                CFO/Treasurer: Patrick DeBlasio
Code Enforcement: Chris Jackson                                                                                                   CFO: Thomas P. Fallon, 732-739-5129
                                           CFO: Stephen Gallagher, Esq.                Code Enforcement:
Court Administrator/Violations Clerk:                                                                                             Code Enforcement: Robert Burlew
Dominick Pondaco                           Code Enforcement: Vito Marinaccio           Court Administrator/Violations Clerk:
                                                                                       Sharon Devaney                             Court Administrator/Violations Clerk:
OEM: Ron Sanasac, 732-938-7776             Court Administrator: Patricia Weaver,                                                  Kathy Coffey 732-739-3867
                                           732--531-3689                               Engineer: Francis Mullan, T&M Assoc.
Engineer: William Nunziato                                                                                                        OEM: Kenneth Krohe, 732-264-0706
                                           OEM: Stephen Carasia                        OEM: Raymond O’Hare
Manager: Helene Schlegel                                                                                                          MunClk: Valerie T. Heilweil,
                                           Engineer: Peter Avakian, 732-922-9229       Municipal Judge: Michael D. Pugliese       732-739-5121
Municipal Clerk: Bruce Davis
                                           Municipal Clerk/Registrar:                  Municipal Clerk: Thomas P. Cusick          Municipal Judge: Michael Pugliese
Municipal Judge: Allen Kaplan              Dawn McDonald
                                                                                       Planning/ZoningBoard: Owen McKenna         Planning/Zoning Board Chair:
Planning Board Chair: Vincent Tantillo     Mun Judge: George Cieri, 732-531-3689                                                  Richard Massmiller
                                                                                       Public Works: Dennis O’Keefe
Police Chief: Ron Carter 732-938-4575      Planning Board: James Watt                                                             Poilice Chief: Lt. George E. Casaletto
                                                                                       Police Chief: James Pigott, 732-787-0600
Recreation Dir: Davide Fuoco               Public Works: Norman Cottrell,                                                         Public Works Supt: George Sappah
                                           732-517-0005                                Recreation Chair: Maureen O’Brien
Registrar: Judy Kloniecki                                                                                                         Registrar: Donna Purcell, 732-739-5136
                                           Chief/OEM: Stephen Carasia                  Registrar: Coleen Duggan
Tax Assessor: Gregory Hutchinson           (Deal PD) 732-531-1113                                                                 Tax Assessor: Scott Pezarras,
                                                                                       Tax Assessor: Michael Frangella            732-739-5134
Tax Collector: Sue Davison                 Tax Assessor: Edward M. Mullane
                                                                                       Tax Collector: Thomas P. Cusick            Treas/Tax Collector: Keri Stencel,
Zoning Board Chair: John Vannoy            Tax Collector/Treasurer: Stephen                                                       732-739-5125

58 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                             MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 59
             Borough of                                   Borough of                                      Village of                                City of
          Lake Como                                   Little Silver                                 Loch Arbour                             Long Branch
1740 Main St., Lake Como, NJ 07719-0569     480 Prospect Avenue, Little Silver, NJ 07739   550 Main Street, Loch Arbour, NJ 07711   344 Broadway, Long Branch, NJ 07740
Telephone: 732-681-3232 Fax: 732-681-8981   Telephone: 732-842-2400 Fax: 732-219-0581      Telephone: 732-531-4740                  Telephone: 732-222-7000 Fax: 732-222-1516
E-mail:        E-mail:                Fax: 732-531-8778                        E-mail:
Website:                     Website:                      Website:                 Website:

Council Meetings:                           Council Meetings:                              Council Meetings:                        City Council Meetings:
1st & 3rd Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m.             1st & 3rd Mondays at 6:30 p.m.                 1st Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.               2nd & 4th Tuesdays at 8 p.m.
Mayor: Michael B. Ryan                      Mayor: Suzanne S. Castleman                    President Board of Trustees:             Mayor: Adam Schneider
                                                                                           John Zazzarino
Governing Body:                             Governing Body:                                                                         Governing Body:
Douglas E. Witte, Kevin Lynch,              Stuart W. Van Winkle, Robert C. Neff, Jr.,     Members of the Board of Trustees:        Dr. Mary Jane Celli, Michael Sirianni,
Jared Cohen, Patricia A. Tzibrouk,          Daniel J. O’Hern, Jr.., Daniel Levine,         Robert Wiener, Leonard Smith,            Joy Bastelli, Kate Billings, John Pallone
Brian Wilton, Marni McFadden-Lee            David E. Gilmour, Jonathan H. Bitman           Paul Williams, Ed Lee
                                                                                                                                    Administrator: Howard H. Woolley, Jr.
Administrator: Louise A. Mekosh             Administrator/Municipal Clerk:                 Attorney: Steve Foley, Jr.
                                            Michael D. Biehl                                                                        Attorney: James G. Aaron
Attorney: William B. Gallagher, Jr                                                         Auditor: Robert A. Hulsart
                                            Attorney: John O. Bennett                                                               Auditor: Robert Allison
Code Enforcement: Pat McMahon                                                              Bond Counsel: John L. Kraft
                                            CFO/Tax Collector/Treasurer:                                                            Bond Counsel: Jack Kraft
Court Administrator/Violations Clerk:       Laura Geraghty                                 CFO/Tax Collector: Lorraine Carafa
Katie Garrecht, 732-681-8864                                                                                                        CFO: Ronald Mehlhorn, Sr
                                            Code Enforcement: Stanley Sickels              Code Enforcement: Todd Ganghammer
OEM: Fred Hope, 732-681-3232                                                                                                        Code Enforcement: Kevin Hayes
                                            Court Administrator/Violations Clerk:          Court Administrator: Mary Ellen Supon,
Municipal Clerk/CFO: Louise A. Mekosh       Janice Swaggerty, 732-842-3881                 732-531-1343                             Court Admin: Terri Turner
Municipal Judge: Mark Apostolou             Engineer: Gregory S. Blash                     Engineer: Peter Avakian, 732-922-9229    OEM: Stan Dziuba, 732-222-7000
Planning/Zoning Board Chair:                OEM: Shannon Giblin, 732-747-5900              OEM: Patrick Harvey                      Engineer: Birdsall Engineering
Joseph Cavaluzzi
                                            Municipal Clerk: Michael D. Biehl              Municipal Clerk: Lorraine Carafa         Municipal Clerk: Kathy Schmelz, RMC
Police Chief: Fred Hope, 732-681-3084
                                            Municipal Judge: James E. Berube, Jr.          Municipal Judge: Mark Apostolou,         Municipal Judge: George Cieri
Registrar: Louise A. Mekosh                                                                732-531-1343
                                            Planning Board Chair: K. Edward Jacobi                                                  Planning Board Chair: Howard Marlin
Tax Assessor: Mary Lou Hartman                                                             Planning Board Chair: Leonard Smith
                                            Police Chief: Shannon Giblin                                                            Public Safety Dir: Alphonse Muolo
Tax Collector: Esther Kiss                  732-747-5900                                   Police Chief: Stephen Carasia,
                                                                                           732-531-1113                             Public Works: Fred Migliaccio
                                            Recreation Director: Doug Glassmacher
                                                                                           Registrar: Lorraine Carafa               Registrar: Angelina Towns
                                            Registrar: Betty Ann Berube
                                                                                           Tax Assessor: Renee Frotton              Tax Collector: Carla Tomas
                                            Tax Assessor: J. Stephen Walters
                                                                                                                                    Tax Assessor: John Butow

                                                                                                                                    Treasurer: Michael Martin

                                                                                                                                    Zoning Board Chair: Terri Janeckzek

60 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                               MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 61
            Township of                                   Borough of                                 Township of                                  Borough of
          Manalapan                                   Manasquan                                      Marlboro                                    Matawan
120 Rte. 522, Manalapan, NJ 07726           201 E. Main St., Manasquan, NJ 08736         1979 Township Dr, Marlboro NJ 07746         201 Broad Street, Matawan NJ 07747
Telephone: 732-446-3200 Fax: 732-446-9615   Telephone: 732-223-0544 Fax: 732-223-1300    Telephone: 732-536-0200 Fax: 732-536-9652   Telephone: 732-566-3898-Fax: 732-290-7585
E-mail:           Website:                    Council Fax: 732-972-6928         
Website:                                                                        E-mail:              Website:
Committee Meetings: see website             Council Meetings:
                                            1st & 3rd Mondays at 7 p.m                   Committee Meetings:                         Meetings: 1st & 3rd 7:30 p.m.
Mayor: Andrew Lucas                                                                      1st & 3rd Thursdays at 8 p.m.
                                            Mayor: George R. Dempsey, Jr.                                                            Mayor: Paul Buccellato
Governing Body:                                                                          Mayor: Jonathan L. Hornick
Ryan Green, Jordan Maskowitz,               Council Members:                                                                         Governing Body: Linda Clifton, Donna
Michelle Roth, Donald Holland               Owen McCarthy, Edward Donovan,               Governing Body:                             Gould, Toni Angelini, Joseph Urbano,
                                            Jeff Lee, Joseph W. Lucas,                   Frank LaRocca, Randi Marder, Jeff           Andy Lopez, Thomas Fitzsimmons
Administrator: Tara Lovrich                 Patricia Connolly, Donald Grasso             Cantor, Carol Mazzola, Scott Metzger
                                                                                                                                     Administrator: Barbara Bascom, X601
Attorney: Roger McLaughlin                  Admin/CFO: Joseph R. DeIorio, x234           Administrator: Jonathan Capp
                                                                                                                                     Attorney: Pasquale Menna, Esq., X602
Auditor: Robert S. Oliwa, 732-780-5106      Municipal Clerk/Registrar:                   Attorney: Louis N. Rainone
                                            Barbara Ilaria, x235                                                                     Auditor: Robert Allison, X606
Bond Counsel: John Draikiwitcz                                                           Auditor: Wiss & Co.
                                            Attorney: James J. Kinneally, III                                                        Bond Counsel: John D. Draikiwicz, X602
CFO: Patricia Addario                                                                    Bond Counsel: DeCotiis
                                            Code Enforcement: Patrick Callahan                                                       CFO/Treasurer: Monica A. Antista, X606
Code Enf: Nancy DelFalco, 732-446-8322                                                   CFO/Treasurer: Ulrich Steinberg
                                            Court Administrator: Marie Higgins,                                                      Code Enforcement: Glenn Turner, X135
Court Administrator: Daniella Trancho       732-223-0600                                 Code Enforcement: Sarah Paris
                                                                                                                                     Court Admin: Patricia Sickels
Engineer: Gregory Valesi, CME Assoc.        OEM: David W. Kircher,                       Court. Admin:Irene Moore, 732-536-0300      732-290-2021
                                            732-223-0544 ext 244
OEM: Richard W. Hogan, 732-446-3200                                                      OEM: Bruce Hall, 732-536-0100 X 442         OEM: Thomas Falco, 732-566-1010
                                            Municipal Judge: Mark T. Apostolou
Municipal Judge: James M. Newman                                                         Engineer: Ernest Peters                     Engineer: Robert R. Keady, 602
                                            Planning/Zoning Board Chair:
Municipal Clerk: Regina Preteroti, Acting   John Burke                                   Municipal Clerk: Alida Manco                Mun Judge: John Colannio, 732-290-2021

Rec Dir: M. Cholowinski,732-446-8353        Police Chief: Daniel Scimeca,                Municipal Judge: James Newman               Municipal Clerk: Jean B. Montfort, X602
Registrar: Theresa Shwahla                                                               Planning Board Chair: Larry Josephs         Planning/Zoning Board Chair:
                                            Public Works: Thomas Nicastro,                                                           Kenneth Cassidy X602
Planning Board: John McNaboe                732-223-0369                                 Police Chief: Bruce E. Hall, 732-536-0100
                                                                                                                                     Police Chief: James Alston, 732-566-1010
Police Chief: Louis E. Moreto, 446-4300     Recreation Dir: Erik Ertle, 732-223-0705     Public Works Director: Robert DiMarco
                                                                                                                                     Public Works Director: Anthony Bucco
Pub Works: Alan Spector, 732-446-8403       Tax Assessor: Robyn Palughi, x239            Recreation Director: Michelle Gropper
                                                                                                                                     Rec. Director: Joseph Altomonte, X130
Tax Collector: Hope Lewis                   Tax Collector: Valerie Bills, 732-223-2292   Registrar: Janice Brownstein
                                                                                                                                     Registrar: Kathleen A. Fitzgerald, X609
Tax Assessor: Sharon R. Hartman             Treasurer: John Trengrove                    Tax Collector: Kelly Hahn
                                                                                                                                     Tax Assessor: Eric Zanetti, X607
Treasurer: Katherine Larson, Asst.                                                       Tax Assessor: Mike Imbriaco
                                                                                                                                     Tax Collector: Peggy L. Warren, X609
Zoning Board: MaryAnn Musich                                                             Zoning Board Chair: Michael Shapiro

62 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                               MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 63
             Township of                                Township of                                  Borough of                              Borough of
          Middletown                                    Millstone                           Monmouth Beach                              Neptune City
1 Kings Highway, Middletown, NJ 07748       470 Stagecoach Rd, Millstone, NJ 08510      22 Beach Rd, Monmouth Beach, NJ 07750   106 W. Sylvania Ave Neptune Cty,
Telephone: 732-615-2000 Fax: 732-957-9090   Telephone: 732-446-4249 Fax: 609-208-2438   Telephone: 732-229-2204 EXT. 110        NJ 07753           E-mail:          Fax: 732-870-8245                       Telephone: 732-776-7224 Fax: 732-776-8906
Website:                   Website:                    E-mail:         E-mail:
                                                                                        Website:               Website:
Committee Meetings:                         Committee Meetings:
1st & 3rd Mondays at 8 p.m.                 1st & 3rd Wednesdays at 8 p.m.              Commission Meetings:                    Council Meetings:
                                                                                        2nd Tuesdays, 6 p.m.                    2nd & 4th Mondays at 7:30 p.m.
Mayor: Anthony P. Fiore                     Mayor: Nancy Grbelja                        Workshop, 6:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                                Mayor: Robert Brown
Governing Body: Pamela M. Brightbill,       Governing Body:                             Mayor: Susan S. Howard
Steven G. Massell, Gerard P.                Bob Kinsey, Fiore Masci,                                                            Governing Body:
Sharfenberger, Kevin M. Settembrino         Michael T. Kuczinski, Gary Dorfman          Governing Body:                         Joe Zajack, Charles Hartl, Barbara Shafer,
                                                                                        James F. Cunniff, William J. McBride    Susan Mitchell, Rick Pryor,
Administrator: Anthony P. Mercantante,      Administrator: Phil Del Turco X1704                                                 Lawrence Cross
732-615-2013                                                                            Administrator: Gerald Chismar
                                            Attny: Duane O. Davison, 732-780-1100                                               Administrator: Mary E. Sapp
Attorney: Brian Nelson, 732-741-9993                                                    Attorney: Dennis L. Collins, Esq.
                                            Auditor: W. Antonides, 732-681-0980                                                 Attorney: Mark Aikins
Auditor: Randy Nelson, Ernst & Young                                                    Code Enforcement: Police Department
                                            Bond Counsel: J.Draikiwicz,                                                         CFO: William Folk
Bond Counsel: John Draikiwicz               973-596-4609                                Court Administrator/Violations Clerk:
                                                                                        Jennifer Mendes, 732-229-2357           Code Enforcement: Robert Reynolds, Sr.
Code Enforcement: Marianne Hanko            CFO: Annette Murphy 732-446-3712
                                                                                        OEM/Police Chief: 732- 229-1313         Court Administrator/Violations Clerk:
CFO: Nick Trasente, 732-615-2124            Code Enf: Patrick Hynes, 732-917-2955                                               Dorothy Reibrich, 732-775-1690
                                                                                        Municipal Clerk: Joyce L. Escalante
Court Admin:Katie Colby, 732-615-2036       Court Admin: Diane Canzanella,                                                      OEM: Tom Arnone, 908-309-9176
                                            732-446-6219                                Municipal Judge: John G. Colannino
OEM: Charles Rogers, 732-615-2109                                                                                               Municipal Judge: Mark T. Apostolou
                                            Engineer: Matt Shafai, 732-922-9229         Planning Board Chair: Edward Coolahan
Engineer: Joseph Maloney, 732-615-2109                                                                                          Municipal Clerk/Registrar: Mary E. Sapp
                                            Public Works: Phil Del Turco, x1704         Registrar: Joyce L. Escalante
Mun. Judge: R. Thompson, 732-615-2036                                                                                           Public Safety Director:
                                            Mun Clk: Maria Dellasala, 732-446-3402      Tax Assessor: Timothy Anfuso            Ed Kirschenbaum, 732-775-1615
Mun.Clerk: Heidi R. Brunt, 732-615-2015
                                            Municipal Judge: Thomas F.X. Foley          Tax Collector/CFO: James C. Fuller      Tax Assessor: Stephen Walters
Planning Board: John Dens, 732-615-2102
                                            OEM: Mike Kuczinski, 732-895-3802           Treasurer: James F. Cunniff             Tax Collector/Treasurer: Mary E. Sapp
Police Chief: Robert Oches-732-615-2000
                                            Planning Bd: M. Newman, 732-682-1356
Public Works: Ted Maloney, 732-615-2109
                                            Tax Collector: Dawn Mitchell,
Registrar: Jane Garsparic, 732-615-2095     732-446-3983

Tax Collector: Judith Vassallo,             Tax Assessor: Thomas Davis,
732-615-2286                                732-446-2022

Tax Assessor: Charles Heck,                 Treas: Amanda Salerno, 732-446-3712
                                            Zoning Bd: Michael Novellino,
Zoning Bd: James Hinckley, 732-615-2102     732-863-7220

64 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                           MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 65
            Township of                                   Township of                      Camp Meeting Association of                               Borough of
            Neptune                                         Ocean                                  Ocean Grove                                    Oceanport
25 Neptune Blvd, Neptune, NJ 07754-1125      399 Monmouth Road, Oakhurst, NJ 07755         PO Box 248, Ocean Grove, NJ 07756            222 Monmouth Blvd., Oceanport, NJ 07757
Telephone: 732-988-5200 Fax: 732-988-6433    Telephone: 732-531-5000 Fax: 732-531-5286     Telephone: 732-775-0035 Fax: 732-775-5689    Telephone: 732-222-8221
Email:         Email:              Email:           Fax: 732-222-0904
Website:                 Website:                         Website:                       Website:
                                                                                           Committee Meetings: 4 times anually

Committee Meetings: 6 p.m., 2nd & 4th        Committee Meetings: 7 p.m., 1st & 3rd         The Ocean Grove Camp Meeting                 Meetings: 1st & 3rd Thursdays at 7 p.m.
Mondays at Summerfield School                Monday at Municipal Building                  Association was founded in 1869 as a
                                                                                           Methodist Camp Meeting.                      Mayor: Michael J. Mahon
Mayor: Kevin B. McMillan                     Mayor: William F. Larkin
                                                                                            In 1980 Ocean Grove became an official      Governing Body:
Governing Body:                              Governing Body:                               part of Neptune Township and remains         Joseph A. Irace, John W. Ibex,
Mary Beth Jahn, J. Randy Bishop,             William J. Garofalo, Christopher Siciliano,   under its jurisdiction today. As such, all   Gerald Bertekap, Richard Gallo,
Eric Houghtaling, Michael Brantley           Donna Schepiga, W. Michael Evans              municipal services are provided by           Ellynn Kahle, William Johnson
                                                                                           Neptune Township.
Administrator: Philip D. Huhn, , X232        Admin: Andrew G. Brannen, X3310                                                            Administrator: Kimberly A. Jungfer
                                                                                           Ocean Grove is one of America's most
Attorney: Gene Anthony, Esq.                 Attorney: Martin J. Arbus, 732-531-9300       historic and unique towns. The Camp          Attorney: John O. Bennett
                                                                                           Meeting Association, and subsequently,
Bond Counsel:Wilentz, 732-636-8000           Auditor: Suplee Clooney, 908-789-9300         the community, were formed by a group        Auditor: Robert Oliwa
                                                                                           of dedicated ministers and lay people
Code Enf: William Doolittle, X268            Bond Counsel: McLaughlin, Gelson,             who were committed to providing a place      Bond Counsel: Gluck Walrath, LLP
                                             D’Appolito & Staffer, 732-919-1155            for spiritual birth, growth and renewal in
Court Admin: Ursula Postell, X 283                                                         a Christian seaside community. Ocean         CFO: Gregory S. Mayers, 732-222-8179
                                             CFO/Tax Collector: Stephen Gallagher          Grove is affectionately referred to as
OEM: Howard O’Neil, X 626                    X3330                                         "God's Square Mile," and there are many      Code Enforcement: Ronald Kirk
                                                                                           shows and activities presented in and
Engineer: Leanne Hoffman, X228               Code Enforcement/PIO/OEM:                     around the Great Auditorium each year.       Court Admin: Carol Smith, 732-222-8221
                                             Thomas Caruso, X3378
Municipal Judge: Robin Wernick                                                             President: Mr. Scott Rasmussen               OEM: Buzz Baldanza
                                             Court Admin: Jacqueline Dowd, X3371           Members of the Executive Committee:
Municipal Clerk: Richard J. Cuttrell, X234                                                 Rev. Richard Twidle, Vice President          Engineer: William White, 732-383-1950
                                             Engineer: Leon Avakian, 732-922-9229          Michael Badger, Secretary
Planning Board Chair: Joseph Shafto,                                                       Rev. Jeff Bills, Treasurer                   Municipal Judge: Richard Thompson
X278                                         Municipal Court: Joel Kreizman, X3371         Ms. Judy B.Soltis, Development
                                                                                           Jack R. Green, Finance Committee             Municipal Clerk: Kimberly A. Jungfer
Police Chief: Robert Adams                   Municipal Clerk/Registrar:                    Mr. Ralph DelCampo, Operations
                                             Vincent Buttiglieri, X3321                    Committee                                    Planning Board Chair:
Public Works: Wayne Rode,                                                                  Dr. Dale C. Whilden, Program                 Christopher Widdis
732-775-8797 X600                            Planning Board: J.Thomas Means X3350          Committee
                                                                                           Rev. Lewis Hiserote, Member at Large         Public Works: Demetrio Zarate,
Registrar: Hugh Hinds, X222                  Police Chief: Antonio V. Amodio, X2210        Nancy Ann Gillan, Member at Large            732-870-3035
Tax Coll/CFO: Michael Bascom, X241           Public Works: William McMahon, X3360          Scott and Nancy Hoffman                      Recreation Dir: James Foligno
Tax Assessor: Bernard Haney, X248            Tax Assessor: Edward Mullane, X3345           For all services, see Neptune Twp.           Registrar: Jason Sutton, 732-222-8179
Zoning Board Chair: Robin Price, X278        Zoning Board Chair: Warren Goode                                                           Tax Collector: Mary Jane Yorg,
                                             X3350                                                                                      732-222-8179

                                                                                                                                        Tax Assessor: Helen Ward, 732-222-8179

66 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                                  MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 67
             Borough of                                  Borough of                                  Borough of                                   Borough of
           Red Bank                                     Roosevelt                                    Rumson                                    Sea Bright
90 Monmouth Street, Red Bank, NJ 07701      PO Box 128., Roosevelt, NJ 08555            80 E. River Road, Rumson, NJ 07760          1167 Ocean Avenue, Sea Bright, NJ 07760
Telephone: 732-530-2740 Fax: 732-450-9109   Telephone: 609-448-0539 Fax: 609-448-8716   Telephone: 732-842-3300 Fax: 732-219-0714   Telephone: 732-842-0099 Fax: 732-741-3116
Website:                      Email:           Website:                       Email:
Email:                                                            Email:                 Website:

Council Meetings:                           Council Meetings:                           Council Meetings:                           Council Meetings: 7:30 p.m., 1st & 3rd
2nd & 4th Mondays at 6:30 p.m.              2nd & 4th Mondays at 7 p.m.                 2nd & 4th Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m.             Tuesdays at Cecile F. Norton Comm.Ctr.
Mayor: Pasquale Menna                       Mayor: Elsbeth Battel                       Mayor: John E. Ekdahl                       Mayor: Maria Fernandes
Governing Body:                             Governing Body:                             Governing Body:                             Governing Body:
Edward Zipprich, Sharon Lee,                Peggy Malkin, Ralph Warnick, Jeff           Shaun P. Broderick, Joseph K. Hemphill,     Dina Long, Peggy Bills, Brian P. Kelly,
Kathleen A. Horgan, Michael DuPont,         Ellentuck, Daniel Hoffman, Tom Curry,       Joan P. DeVoe, Frank E. Shanley,            James A. LoBiondo, III, William J. Keeler,
Arthur V. Murphy, III, Juanita Lewis        Arlene Stinson                              Benjamin W. Day, Mark Rubin                 C. Read Murphy
Admin: Stanley J. Sickels, 732-530-2748     Attorney: Richard J. Shaklee,               Admin/Mun: Clerk: Thomas Rogers             Admin/Mun.Clerk/Regristrar/PIO:
                                            732-919-1155                                                                            Maryann M. Smeltzer, X13
Attorney: Daniel O’Hern, Jr.,                                                           Attorney: Martin M. Barger
732-280-2400                                Auditor: Gerald Stankiewicz                                                             Attorney: Joseph W. Oxley
                                                                                        Auditor: Hutchins, Farrell, Meyer &
Auditor: David Kaplan, 732-530-2742         Bond Counsel: John O. Bennett               Allison, 732-409-0800                       Auditor: Robert Allison
Bond Counsel: P. Norcross, 856-985-4067     CFO: George J. Lang                         Bond Counsel: McCarter & English,           Bond Counsel: John Draikiewicz
Code Enf: James Williams, 732-530-2760      Code Enforcement: Ralph Kirkland,                                                       CFO: Michael Bascom
                                            609-448-0539                                CFO: Helen L. Graves
Court Admin: F. Pastonza, 732-530-2716                                                                                              Code Enforcement: Thomas Haege, X30
                                            Court Administrator: Diana Canzanella,      Code Enforcement: Frederick Andre
OEM :Thomas Welsh, 732-530-2762             732-446-6219                                                                            Court Administrator: Carol Smith,
                                                                                        Court Admin: Carol Dice, 732-530-7131       732-222-6517
Engineer: Christine Ballard, 732-671-6400   OEM: April Fierro-Suk
                                                                                        OEM: Mark Rubin, 732-842-3300               OEM: Patrick S. Mason, 732-842-0010
Mun. Judge: W. Himelman 732-530-2716        Engineer: Carmela Roberts
                                                                                        Engineer: T&M Associates, 732-671-6400      Engineer: Jaclyn J. Flor
Municipal Clerk/Registrar: Pamela Borghi    Municipal Clerk/Registrar:
                                            Krystyna Bieracka-Olejnik, X4               Municipal Judge: Richard B. Thompson,       Municipal Judge: Thomas F. X. Foley
Planning Bd: John Cash, 732-530-2752
                                            Municipal Judge: Thomas F.X. Foley          Planning Board: Michael F. Lospinuso        Planning /Zoning Board: C. Lance
PD Chief: Steven McCarthy 732-530-2710                                                                                              Cunningham, X14
                                            Planning Board Chair: Jane Rothfuss         Police Chief: Rich Tobias, 732-842-0500
Public Works: Gary Watson,                                                                                                          Police Chief: John Sorrentino
732-530-2770                                Recreation Dir: Eric Schubiger              Public Works: Mark Wellner                  732-842-0010
Tax Coll: Dale Connor, 732-530-2742         Tax Assessor: Michael Ticktin,              Recreation Dir: John Hird                   Pub Wks: David Bahrle,732-741-7403
Tax Assessor: Mitchell Elias,                                                           Registrar: Jane F. Hartman                  Recreation Dir: Kathy Morris, X27
732-530-2767                                Tax Collector: Salvatore Cannizzaro
                                                                                        Tax Collector: Helen L. Graves              Tax Assessor: Timothy Anfuso
Treas/CFO: Frank Mason, 732-530-2742        Treasurer: Ana Debevec
                                                                                        Tax Assessor: Peter J. Barnett              Tax Collector: Patricia M. Spahr
Zoning Bd: Lauren Nicosia, 732-530-2752
                                                                                        Zoning Board Chair: John J. Conklin, III

68 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                               MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 69
                                                        Borough of                                 Township of                                 Borough of
              Borough of
             Sea Girt                               Shrewsbury                                  Shrewsbury                                 Spring Lake
321 Baltimore Blvd., Sea Girt, NJ 08750    419 Sycamore Avenue                         1979 Crawford Sreet,                      423 Warren Ave, Spring Lake, NJ 07762
Telephone: 732-449-9433                    PO Box 7420, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702           Shrewsbury Township NJ 07724              Telephone: 732-449-0800 Fax: 732-449-3570
Fax: 732-974-8296                          Telephone: 732-741-4200 Fax: 732-741-6549   Telephone: 732-542-0572/0675              Email:
Email:              Email:             Fax: 732-935-1348                         Website:
Website:                   Website:                 Email:

Council Meetings: 2nd & 4th                Council Meetings:                                                                     Council Meetings:
Wednesdays 7:30 p.m. at Sea Girt School.   1st & 3rd Mondays at 7:30 p.m.              Committee Meetings: 7 p.m., 2nd Tuesday   2nd & 4th Tuesdays at 7 p.m.
                                                                                       (Regular) & 4th Tuesday
Mayor: Mark Clemmensen                     Mayor: Don Burden                           (Regular/Workshop) at Municipal Hall.     Mayor: Jennifer Naughton

Governing Body:                            Governing Body:                             Chairman/Mayor: Edward Nolan              Governing Body:
Pres. Fred Niemeyer,                       Michael DeNofa, Bill Dodge, Jeff                                                      Robert Drasheff, Priscilla Reilly,
Frederic Buonocore, Michael Mulroy,        DeSalvo, Tom Menapace, Pete Meyer,          Governing Body:                           Frank Quinn, Gary J. Rich,
Ken Farrell, Don Fetzer, Joseph Bonacci    Anthony Pellegrino                          Rose Astuto, Lynda Lettice                William C. Fay, Janice Venables

Administrator/Manager: Alan C. Bunting     Administrator/Treasurer:                    Attorney: Gene J. Anthony                 Administrator: W. Bryan Dempsey, X614
                                           Thomas X. Seaman
Attorney: Raymond D. Bogan                                                             Auditor: David Kaplan                     Attorney: Joseph Colao, 732-741-7777
                                           Attorney: Martin M. Barger
CFO: Loraine Carafa                                                                    CFO/Treasurer: Adeline F. Schmidt         CFO: Robbin Kirk, 732-449-0800
                                           CFO/Tax Collector: Thomas X. Seaman
Code Enforcement: Jim Quigley                                                          Code Enforcement: Joseph E. Muzetska      Code Enf.: Stephen K. Roe, X613
                                           Code Enforcement: Frank Woods
Court Administrator:                                                                   Court Administrator/Violations Clerk:     Court Admin: Anna Kuntz,732-449-6566
Wall Twp, 732-449-4666                     Court Administrator: Sydney Lineberry,      Francis Pastoriza, 732-530-2716
                                           X100                                                                                  OEM: James Mullen, 732-449-1883
OEM: Tim Harmon                                                                        OEM: William Mego, 732-615-7233
                                           OEM: Jerzy Chojnachi, 732-741-2500                                                    Engineer: Leon S. Avakian, 732-922-9229
Municipal Judge: E. Thomas Brennan                                                     Engineer: Thomas Herits, 732-383-1950
                                           Engineer: David A. Cranmer,                                                           Municipal Clerk: Jane L. Gillespie, X615
Municipal Clerk/Registrar: Lauren Mayer    732-212-8900                                Municipal Judge: William Himelman
                                                                                                                                 Municipal Judge: George Pappas,
Planning Board Chair: Norman Hall          Municipal Clerk/Registrar:                  Municipal Clerk/Admin: Janet Delonardo    732-449-6566
                                           Kathleen P. Krueger, R.M.C., X107
Police Chief: Robert P. Conway.                                                        Registrar: Jan Delonardo, 732-542-0572    Planning Board Chair: Nick Sapnan,
732-449-7300                               Municipal Judge: James Berube                                                         732-449-2843
                                                                                       Tax Assessor: Stephen Walters
Tax Assessor: Mary Lou Hartman             Planning Board Chair: Michael Bell                                                    Police Chief: Edward Kerr, 732-449-1234
                                                                                       Tax Collector: Adeline F. Schmidt
Tax Collector: Karen Brisben               Public Works: Robert Wentway,                                                         Public Works Dir: Frank Phillips
                                                                                                                                 Rec. Dir: Kathy Farr Heine, 732-359-6537
                                           Tax Assessor: Stephen Walters
                                                                                                                                 Registrar: Jane L. Gillespie, X615
                                           Zoning Board Chair: Cheryl Peterson
                                                                                                                                 Tax Collector/Treasurer:
                                                                                                                                 Susan M. Schreck, X616

                                                                                                                                 Tax Assessor: Brian Enright, X612

70 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                            MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 71
               Borough of                                Borough of                                   Borough of                                Township of
   Spring Lake Heights                               Tinton Falls                                Union Beach                              Upper Freehold
555 Brighton Ave,                           556 Tinton Ave, Tinton Falls, NJ 07724      650 Poole Avenue, Union Beach, NJ 07735     314 Route 539, Cream Ridge, NJ 08514
Spring Lake Heights, NJ 07762               Telephone: 732-542-3400 Fax: 732-460-9115   Telephone: 732-264-2277 Fax: 732-264-1267   Telephone: 609-758-7738 Fax: 609-758-1183
Telephone: 732-449-3500 Fax: 732-449-8264   Email:         Email:            Email:
Email:            Website:                Website:                     Website:
                                                                                        Council Meetings:
Council Meetings:                           Meetings: 1st & 3rd Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m.   1st & 3rd Thursdays at 8 p.m.               Committee Meetings:
2nd & 4th Mondays at 8 p.m.                                                                                                         1st & 3rd Thursdays at 7 p.m.
                                            Mayor: Michael Skudera                      Mayor: Paul J. Smith, Jr.
Mayor: Frances Enright                                                                                                              Mayor: Lori Sue Mount
                                            Governing Body:                             Governing Body:
Governing Body:                             Gary A. Baldwin, Duane M. Morrill,          Robert M. Howard, Jr., Victor A.            Governing Body: Stanley Moslowski, Jr.,
Thomas Vorbach, Richard Diver,              Scott Larkin, Nancyanne Fama,               Tuberion, Louis Andreuzzi, Albin J.         Robert Faber, Dr. Robert A. Frascella,
Sara King, Gavino Maccanico,                Andrew J. Mayer                             Wicki, Charles W. Cocuzza, David Estelle    Stephen J. Alexander
John P. Brennan, Jr., Patricia N. Cindea
                                            Admin: Gerald M. Turning, X211              Attorney: John T. Lane, Jr.                 Administrator: Dianne Kelly, x211
Attorney: John Lane, 732-280-9200
                                            Attorney: Brian Nelson, 732-741-9993        Auditor: Robert A. Hulsart                  Attorney: Magee & Magee
Auditor: Robert Allison
                                            Auditor: Hutchins, Farrell, 732-409-0800    Bond Counsel: Peter Carton                  Auditor: Michael Cesaro-Bowman & Co.
Bond Counsel: Kerry Morgan
                                            Bond Counsel: Gribbons, P.C.                CFO/Treasurer: Joseph Faccone               Bond Counsel: Edward McManimon, III
CFO: Colleen Lapp
                                            CFO/Treasurer: Stephen Pfeffer, X224        Code Enforcement: Robert Parsells,          CFO/ Treasurer: Dianne Kelly, X211
Code Enf: Joseph May 732-974-7214                                                       William Parsells, 732-264-1208
                                            Code Enforcement: Lori Paone, X240                                                      Code Enf: Ronald Gafgen, X222
Court Admin: Anna Kuntz, 732-449-6566                                                   Court Administrator: Alice Ostervich,
                                            Court Admin: Megan Thomas, X 373            732-264-9098                                Court Administrator: Lynn Richards,
Engineer: Peter Avakian, 732-922-9229                                                                                               609-758-0262
                                            OEM: John Mack, X238                        OEM: Michael Harriott 732-264-3773
OEM: William Graetz, 732-449-3500                                                                                                   OEM: William Wentzien, X 220
                                            Engineer: David Marks, X214                 Municipal Judge: Richard Thompson
Mun. Judge: George Pappas732-449-6566                                                                                               Engineer: Glenn Gerken
                                            Mun. Judge: Richard B. Thompson, X373       Municipal Clerk: Ann Marie Friscia
Planning Board Chair: Frank Russo-Alesi                                                                                             Municipal Judge: Bonnie Goldman
                                            Mun. Clerk: Maureen L. Murphy, X260         Planning Board Chair: Charles Steiner,
Police Chief: David Petriken                                                            732-739-1503                                Mun. Clerk/Registrar: Dana Tyler, X210
732-449-6172                                Planning Board Chair: John Cunningham,
                                            X232                                        Police Chief: Scott Woolley 732-264-0313    Planning Board Chair: John Mele
Pub Wks: Art Herner, 732-449-6983
                                            Public Works: Gary Gebele, X380             Public Works: John Haines, 732-264-1133     Pub. Works: Wayne Golden 609-758-7715
Recreation Coordinator: Shawn Heeter
                                            Rec.Sup’t: Sherri Eisele, X263              Registrar: Donna Purell, 732-739-5136       Recreation Dir: Gail Mele, X212
Registrar: Janine Gillis
                                            Registrar: Shanon Rathyen, X252             Tax Assessor: George Lockwood,              Tax Collector: Barbara Pater, 214
Tax Collector: Mary Grace Neuhaus                                                       732-264-2360
                                            Tax Assessor: Scott Imbriaco, X223                                                      Tax Assessor: Stephen Walters, X219
Tax Assessor: Mitchell Elias,                                                           Tax Collector: Desiree Durkin,
732-449-3501                                Tax Collector: Carol Hussey, X360           732-264-5662                                Zoning Board Chair: James Waskovich

Zoning Board Chair: Donald Eilenberger      Zoning Bd. Chair: Ronald Palmieri, X215

72 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                              MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 73
            Township of                                  Borough of                                          Monmouth County’s
                Wall                           West Long Branch                                           Towns and Neighborhoods

2700 Allaire Road, Wall, NJ 07719           965 Broadway, W. Long Branch, NJ 07764      ABERDEEN                       Elberon
Telephone: 732-449-8444 Fax: 732-449-8992   Telephone: 732-229-1756 FAX 732-571-9185    Neighborhoods:                 North Long Branch
Email:           Email:
Website:                                                                     Cliffwood                      West End
                                                                                        Cliffwood Beach
Meetings: 2nd Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.        Meetings: 1st & 3rd Wednesday at 8 p.m.                                    MANALAPAN
Mayor: Ann Marie Conte                      Mayor: Janet W. Tucci                       COLTS NECK                     Neighborhoods:
                                                                                        Neighborhoods:                 Cahills Corner
Governing Body:                             Governing Body:                             Montrose                       Gordon’s Corner
Clinton C. Hoffman, Jeffrey W. Foster,      John Aria, Jose Villa, J. Thomas DeBruin,   Scobeyville                    Lafayette Mills
George K. Newberry, Todd W. Luttman         Steven F. Cioffi, Christopher Neyhart,
                                            Barbara Ruane                                                              Millhurst
Administrator: Joseph L. Verruni                                                        EATONTOWN                      Oakland Mills
                                            Administrator: John J. Kennedy              Neighborhoods:                 Tennent
Attorney: Joseph Oxley, Esq.                                                            Locust Grove                   Woodville
                                            Attorney: Gregory Baxter, 732-542-2236                                     Yorketowne
Auditor: Robert W. Allison
                                            Auditor: Robert Oliwa, 732-780-5106         FREEHOLD TOWNSHIP
Bond Counsel: John M. Cantalupo                                                         Neighborhoods                  MARLBORO
                                            Bond Counsel: John Hudak,                   Blue Ball                      Neighborhoods:
CFO/Treasurer: Steve Mayer                  908-925-0784                                East Freehold                  Claytons Corner
Code Enforcement: Matthew Zahorsky          CFO/Treas: Gail M. Watkins,                 Elton                          Herberts Corner
                                            732-571-5989                                Georgia                        Morganville
Court Administrator: Gail Conners,                                                      Siloam                         Pleasant Valley
732-449-4666                                Code Enforcement: James Miller,             Smithburg                      Robertsville
                                            732-229-1756                                West Freehold                  Spring Valley
OEM: Robert Brice, 732-449-4500
                                            Court Admin: Kathleen McCann,                                              Wickatunk
Engineer: Matthew Zahorsky,                 732-531-0291                                HAZLET
732-449-8444                                                                            Neighborhoods:                 MATAWAN
                                            OEM: Fred Migliaccio, 732-229-5000          Natco                          Neighborhoods:
Municipal Judge: Joseph Defino
                                            Engineer: Francis Mullan, 732-671-6400      West Keansburg                 Freneau
Municipal Clerk/Registrar:
Lorraine Kubacz                             Municipal Judge: Louis Garippo,             HOWELL                         MIDDLETOWN
                                            732-531-0291                                Neighborhoods:                 Neighborhoods:
Planning Board: Dominick DiRocco                                                        Adelphia                       Belford
                                            Municipal Clerk: Lori Cole
Recreation Dir: Ed Grill, 732-449-8444                                                  Ardena                         East Keansburg
                                            Planning Board Chair: Richard Cooper, Jr.   Freewood Acres                 Holland
Tax Assessor: Denise Seigel                                                             Jerseyville                    Ideal Beach
                                            Public Works: Earl S. Reed, 732-571-5967    Ramtown                        Leonardo
Tax Collector: Theresa Vola
                                            Registrar/Tax Collector:                    Southard                       Lincroft
Zoning Board: Mary DeSarno                  Charlotte C. Rolly, 732-571-5984            Squankum                       Locust
                                                                                        Sylvan Gardens                 Navesink
                                            Tax Assessor: Scott Imbriaco,                                              New Monmouth
                                            732-571-5985                                LONG BRANCH                    Port Monmouth
                                            Zoning Board Chair: John M. Aria, Jr.       Neighborhoods:                 River Plaza

74 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 75
                        Monmouth County’s
                     Towns and Neighborhoods

MILLSTONE                        UPPER FREEHOLD
Neighborhoods:                   Neighborhoods:
Baird                            Arneytown
Bergen Mills                     Burksville
Carrs Tavern                     Cream Ridge
Charleston Springs               Davis
Clarksburg                       Ellisdale
Disbrow Mill                     Hornerstown
Elys Corner                      Imlaystown
Perrineville                     Nelsonville
Pine Hill                        New Canton
Stone Tavern                     New Egypt
                                 New Sharon
NEPTUNE TOWNSHIP                 Polhemustown
Neighborhoods:                   Prospertown
Bradley Park                     Pullentown
Hamilton                         Red Valley
Ocean Grove                      Sharon
West Grove                       Walnford
Neighborhoods:                   WALL TOWNSHIP
Cold Indian Springs              Neighborhoods:
Oakhurst                         Allenwood
Wanamassa                        Baileys Corner
Wayside                          Carmerville
West Allenhurst                  Collingswood Park
Whitesville                      Glendola
                                 Old Mill
TINTON FALLS                     Osbornes Mills
Neighborhoods:                   West Belmar
Cooks Mill
Pine Brook
Shafto Corners
Wileys Corner

                           PUBLIC SCHOOLS
                                  MONMOUTH COUNTY

                             State Department of Education
                        60 Neptune Boulevard, Neptune, NJ 07753
                        Telephone: 732-431-7810 Fax: 732-776-7237

 ASBURY PARK                                  BELMAR
Antonio Lewis, Superintendent                Robert Mahon, Superintendent
407 Lake Avenue, Asbury Park NJ 07712        732-280-9218
732-776-2606                                 Belmar Elementary School Pre- K-8
                                             1101 Main Street, Belmar NJ 07719
Asbury Park High School 9-12                 732-681-2435
1003 Sunset Avenue, Asbury Park NJ 07712
732-776-2638                                  BRADLEY BEACH
                                             Wayne W. Turner, Superintendent
Asbury Park Middle School 6-8                Bradley Beach Elementary School Pre K-8
1200 Bangs Avenue, Asbury Park NJ 07712      515 Brinley Avenue, Bradley Beach NJ 07720
732-776-2559                                 732-775-4413

Asbury Park Early Learning Center Pre K       BRIELLE
1209-11 Bangs Avenue,                        Christine Carlson, Superintendent
Asbury Park NJ 07712                         Brielle Elementary School K-8
732-776–2282                                 605 Union Lane, Brielle NJ 08730
Bangs Avenue School K-5
1300 Bangs Avenue, Asbury Park NJ 07712       COLTS NECK TOWNSHIP
732-776-2545                                 Ross Kasun, Superintendent
                                             Conover Road Elementary School 3-5
Bradley Elementary School K-5                80 Conover Road, Colts Neck NJ 07722
1100 Third Avenue, Asbury Park NJ 07712      732-946-0055 ext 4301
                                             Cedar Drive School 6-8
Thurgood Marshall School K-5                 73 Cedar Drive, Colts Neck NJ 07722
600 Monroe Avenue, Asbury Park NJ 07712      732-946-0055 ext 4500
                                             Conover Road Primary School K-2
Goody Center for Child Development K         56 Conover Road, Colts Neck NJ 07722
Grand and Asbury Ave, Asbury Park NJ 07712   732-946-0055 ext 4700
 ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS                          A.F. Moro, Jr., Superintendent
Christopher J. Rooney, Superintendent        Deal Elementary School K-8
Atlantic Highlands Elementary School K-6     201 Roseld Avenue, Deal NJ 07723
140 First Avenue,                            732-531-0480
Atlantic Highlands NJ 07716
732-291-2020                                  EATONTOWN
                                             Scott McCue, Superintendent
 AVON                                        5 Grant Avenue, Eatontown, NJ
Helen Payne, Superintendent                  732-542-1310
Avon Elementary School K-8
Lincoln and 5th Avenues, Avon NJ 07717       Margaret L. Vetter School K-6
732-775-4328                                 3 Grant Avenue, Eatontown NJ 07724

                                                    MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 77
                           PUBLIC SCHOOLS                                                                     PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Meadowbrook School K-6                 Colts Neck High School 9-12                Laura Donovan School K-5               Hazlet MiddleSchool 7-8
65 Wyckoff Road, Eatontown NJ 07724    59 Five Points Road, Colts Neck NJ 07722   237 Stonehurst Boulevard,              1639 Union Avenue, Hazlet NJ 07730
732-542-2777                           732-761-0190                               Freehold NJ 07728                      732-264-0940
Memorial School 7-8                    Freehold Borough High School 9-12                                                  HENRY HUDSON REGIONAL
7 Grant Avenue, Eatontown NJ 07724     2 Robertsville Road,                       Marshall W. Errickson School K-5        SCHOOL DISTRICT
732-542-5013                           Freehold NJ 07728                          271 Elton-Adelphia Road,               Vincent Capraro
                                       732-431-8360                               Freehold, NJ 07728                     732-872-0900
Woodmere School K-6                                                               732-431-8022                           Henry Hudson Regional School 7-12
65 Raleigh Court, Eatontown NJ 07724   Freehold Township High School 9-12                                                1 Grand Tour, Highlands NJ 07732
732-542-3388                           281 Elton-Adelphia Road,                   West Freehold School K-5               732-872-0900
                                       Freehold NJ 07728                          100 Castronova Way
 FAIR HAVEN                            732-431-8460                               Freehold, NJ 07728                      HIGHLANDS
Kathi Cronin, Superintendent                                                      732- 431-5101 Fx: 732-308              William O. George III, Superintendent
Knollwood School 4-8                   Howell High School 9-12                                                           Highlands Elementary School K-6
224 Hance Road, Fair Haven NJ 07704    405 Squankum-Yellowbrook Road,              HAZLET                                360 Navesink Avenue,
732-747-0320                           Farmingdale NJ 07727                       William O. George, Superintendent      Highlands NJ 07732
                                       732-919-2131                               732-264-8402                           732-871-1476
Viola L. Sickles School K-3                                                       Administrative Offices
Willow Street, Fair Haven NJ 07704     Manalapan High School 9-12                 421 Middle Road, Hazlet NJ 07730        HOLMDEL
732-741-6151                           30 Church Lane, Englishtown NJ 07726                                              Barbara Duncan, Superintendent
                                       732-792-7200                               Raritan High School 9-12               732-946-1800
  FARMINGDALE                                                                     419 Middle Road, Hazlet NJ 07730       4 Crawford's Corner Road,
John Lorentz, Superintendent           Marlboro High School 9-12                  732-264-8411                           PO Box 407, Holmdel NJ 07733
516-752-6510                           95 North Main Street, Marlboro NJ 07746
Farmingdale Elementary School K-8      732-617-8393                               Beers Street School K-6                Holmdel High School 9-12
Academy Street,                                                                   610 Beers Street, Hazlet NJ 07730      36 Crawford's Corner Road,
Farmingdale NJ 07727                    FREEHOLD TOWNSHIP                         732-264-1107                           Holmdel 07733
732-938-9611                           William J. Setaro, Superintendent                                                 732-946-1832
                                       384 West Main Street,                      Cove Road School K-6
 FREEHOLD BOROUGH                      Freehold NJ 07728                          8 Cove Road, Hazlet 07730-2120         Indian Hill School 3-6
Elizabeth O’Connell, Superintendent    732-462-8400                               732-264-5050                           735 Holmdel Road, Holmdel NJ 07733
732-761-2102                                                                                                             732-946-1045
Freehold Learning Center PreK-5        C. Richard Applegate School K-5            Lillian Drive School K-6
30 Dutch Lane, Freehold NJ 07728       47 Jeanne Brennan Drive,                   28 Lillian Drive, Hazlet NJ 07730      Village School K-2
732-761-2239                           Freehold NJ 07728                          732-787-2332                           67 McCampbell Road,
                                       732-431-5460                                                                      Holmdel NJ 07733
Intermediate School 6-8                                                           Middle Road School K-6                 732-946-1820
280 Park Avenue, Freehold NJ 07728     Clifton T. Barkalow School 6-8             305 Middle Road, Hazlet NJ 07730
732-761-2156                           498 Stillwells Corner Road,                732-264-9012                           William R. Satz Intermediate School 7-8
                                       Freehold NJ 07728                                                                 24 Crawford's Corner Road,
Park Avenue Elementary School K-5      732-431-4403                               Raritan Valley School K-6              Holmdel NJ 07733
280 Park Avenue, Freehold NJ 07728                                                37 Cresci Boulevard, Hazlet NJ 07730   732-946-1808
732-761-2124                           Dwight D. Eisenhower School 6-8            732-264-1333
                                       279 Burlington Road,                                                               HOWELL
 FREEHOLD REGIONAL HIGH                Freehold NJ 07728                          Sycamore Drive School K-6              Dr. Enid Golden, Superintendent
 SCHOOL DISTRICT                       732-431-3910                               37 Sycamore Drive, Hazlet NJ 07730     200 Squankum-Yellowbrook Road
Charles Sampson, Superintendent                                                   732-264-2180                           Farmingdale, NJ 07727
732-792-7300                           Joseph J. Catena School K-5                                                       732-751-2480 ext. 3828
11 Pine Street, Englishtown NJ 07726   275 Burlington Road, Freehold NJ 07728

78 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                    MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 79
                           PUBLIC SCHOOLS                                                                           PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Adelphia School K-5                         Taunton School K-5                         Point Road School K-4                              Amerigo A. Anastasia Elementary School K-5
495 Adelphia Road, Freehold, NJ 07728       41 Taunton Drive, Howell NJ 07731          Little Silver Point Road, Little Silver NJ 07739   92 -Seventh Avenue,
732-919-1553                                732-751-2497                               732-741-4022                                       Long Branch NJ 07740
Aldrich School K-5                           KEANSBURG                                   CITY OF LONG BRANCH
615 Aldrich Road, Howell NJ 07731           Nicholas M. Eremita, Superintendent        Joseph M. Ferraina, Superintendent                 Long Branch Middle School 6-8
732-751-2483                                100 Palmer Place, Keansburg NJ 07734       540 Broadway,                                      364 Indiana Avenue, Long Branch NJ 07740
                                            732-787-2007                               Long Branch NJ 07740                               732-229-5533
Ardena School K-5                                                                      732-571-2868
355 Adelphia Rd,                            Keansburg High School 9-12                                                                    West End School 3-5
Farmingdale NJ 07727                        140 Port Monmouth Road,                    Long Branch High School 9-12                       132 W End Avenue, Long Branch NJ 07740
732-751-2485                                Keansburg NJ 07734                         391 Westwood Avenue,                               732-222-3215
                                            732-787-2007                               Long Branch 07740-5557
Edith M. Griebling School K-5                                                          732-229-7300                                         MANALAPAN-ENGLISHTOWN
130 Havens Bridge Road,                      Joseph R. Bolger Middle School 5-8                                                             REGIONAL SCHOOLS
Farmingdale NJ 07727                        100 Palmer Place, Keansburg NJ 07734       Long Branch High School/Middle School              John J. Marciante, Jr., Superintendent
732-751-2487                                732-787-2007                               Annex 6-12                                         54 Main Street, Englishtown NJ 07726
                                                                                       Chelsa and Third Avenue,                           732-786-2500
Greenville School K-5                       Joseph C. Caruso School 3-4                Long Branch 07740-5557
210 Ramtown-Greenville Road,                18 Frances Place, Keansburg NJ 07734       732-728-0368                                       Clark Mills School K-3
Howell NJ 07731                             732-787-2007                                                                                  34 Gordons Corner Road,
732-202-1745                                                                           Morris Avenue School K-2                           Manalapan NJ 07726
                                            Port Monmouth Road School PreK-2           318 Morris Avenue, Long Branch NJ 07740            732-786-2720
Howell Township Middle School North 6-7-8   142 Port Monmouth Road,                    732-571-3396
501 Squankum-Yellowbrook Road,              Keansburg NJ 07734                                                                            Lafayette Mills School 4-6
Farmingdale NJ 07727                        732-787-2007                               Audrey W. Clark School 3-5                         66 Maxwell Lane, Manalapan NJ 07726
732-919-0095                                                                           192 Garfield Ave Long Branch NJ 07740              732-786-2700
                                             KEYPORT                                   732-571-4677
Howell Township Middle School South 6-7-8   Lisa M. Savoia, Superintendent                                                                Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School 7-8
220 Ramtown Greenville Road,                335 Broad Street, Keyport NJ 07733         Gregory School K-2                                 155 Millhurst Road,
Howell NJ 07731                             732-264-2840 Fax: 732-888-3343             Seventh and Joline Avenue,                         Manalapan NJ 07726
7320 836-1327                                                                          Long Branch NJ 07740                               732-786-2650
                                            Keyport High School 8-12                   732-222-7048
Land O'Pines School K-5                     351 Broad Street, Keyport NJ 07735                                                            Milford Brook School K-3
1 Pirates Way, Howell NJ 07731              732-264-0902                               Joseph M. Ferraina Early Childhood Learning        20 Globar Terrace, Manalapan NJ 07726
732-751-2489                                                                           Center Preschool                                   732-786-2780
                                            Central School PreK-7                      80 Avenel Boulevard,
Newbury School K-5                          335 Broad Street, Keyport NJ 07735         Long Branch NJ 07740                               Pine Brook School 4-6
179 Newbury Road, Howell NJ 07731           732-264-0561                               732-571-4150                                       155 Pease Road, Manalapan NJ 07726
732-751-2491                                                                                                                              732-786-2800
                                             LITTLE SILVER                             Joseph M. Ferraina Early Childhood Learning
Ramtown School K-5                          Carolyn M. Kossack, Superintendent         Center                                             Taylor Mills School K-3
216 Ramtown- Greenville Road,               732-741-2188                               Preschool Annex                                    77 Gordons Corner Road,
Howell NJ 07731                             124 Willow Drive, Little Silver NJ 07739   125 Myrtle Avenue, Long Branch NJ 07740            Manalapan NJ 07726
732-751-2493                                                                           732-571-6288                                       732-786-2760
                                            Markham Place School 5-8
Southard School K-5                         Markham Place, Little Silver NJ 07739
115 Kent Road, Howell NJ 07731              732-741-7112

80 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                                     MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 81
                           PUBLIC SCHOOLS                                                                             PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Wemrock Brook School 4-6                  Robertsville School 1-5                       Middletown High School South 9-12            Ocean Avenue School K-5
118 Millhurst Road, Manalapan NJ 07726    36 Menzel Lane, Morganville NJ 07751          900 Nut Swamp Road,                          235 Ocean Avenue, Middletown NJ 07748
732-786-2600                              732-972-2044                                  Middletown NJ 07748                          732-787-0092
 MANASQUAN                                 MATAWAN-ABERDEEN                                                                          Port Monmouth School K-5
Geraldine Margin, Superintendent           REGIONAL SCHOOLS                             Bayshore Middle School 6-8                   202 Main Street, Port Monmouth NJ 07758
169 Broad Street, Manasquan 08736         David M Healy, Superintendent                 834 Leonardville Road,                       732-787-0441
732-528-8800                              Cambridge Park School,                        Middletown NJ 07748
                                          One Crest Way, Aberdeen NJ 07747              732-291-1380                                 River Plaza School K-5
Manasquan Elementary School K-8           732-290-2705                                                                               155 Hubbard Avenue, Red Bank NJ 07701
168 Broad Street, Manasquan NJ 08736                                                    Bayview School K-5                           732-747-3679
732-528-8810                               Matawan Regional High School 9-12            300 Leonardville Road, Belford NJ 07718
                                          450 Atlantic Avenue, Aberdeen NJ 07747        732-787-3590                                 Thompson Middle School 6-8
Manasquan High School 9-12                732-290-2800                                                                               1001Middletown-Lincroft Road,
167 Broad Street, Manasquan NJ 08736                                                    Fairview School K-5                          Middletown NJ 07748
732-528-8820                              Cliffwood Avenue School K-5                   230 Cooper Road, Red Bank NJ 07701           732-671-2212
                                          422 Cliffwood Avenue, Cliffwood NJ 07721      732-747-3308
 MARLBORO                                 732-290-2770                                                                               Thorne Middle School 6-8
David C. Abbott, Superintendent                                                         Harmony School K-5                           70 Murphy Road, Port Monmouth NJ 07758
732-972-2000                              Cambridge Park School Pre K                   100 Murphy Road, Middletown NJ 07748         732-787-1220
1980 Township Drive, Marlboro NJ 07746    (Preschool Handicpped/Multiple Handicapped)   732-671-211
                                          1 Crest Way, Aberdeen NJ 07747                                                               MILLSTONE
Asher Holmes School 1-5                   732-290-2713                                  Leonardo School K-5                          John J. Szabo, Superintendent
48 Menzel Lane, Morganville NJ 07751                                                    14 Hosford Avenue,                           Millstone Township Elementary School K-4
732-972-2080                              Lloyd Road School K-5                         Leonardo NJ 07737                            Schoolhouse Road, Clarksburg NJ 08510
                                          401 Lloyd Road, Aberdeen NJ 07747             732-291-1330                                 732-446-2990
Frank Defino Central School 1-5           732-290-2760
175 Rt.79 N., Marlboro NJ 07746                                                         Lincroft School K-5                           Millstone Township Middle School 5-8
732-972-2099                              Matawan Avenue Middle School 6-8              729 Newman Springs Road, Lincroft NJ 07738   308 Millstone Road, Clarksburg NJ 08510
                                          469 Matawan Avenue, Cliffwood NJ 07721        732-741-5838                                 732-446-6802
Frank J. Dugan School 1-5                 732-290-2850
48 Topanemus Road, Marlboro NJ 07746                                                    Middletown Village School K-5                 MONMOUTH BEACH
732-972-2110                              Ravine Drive School K-5                       147 Kings Highway, Middletown NJ 07748       Mr. Frankenfield, Superintendent
                                          170 Ravine Drive, Matawan NJ 07747            732-671-0267                                 Monmouth Beach Elementary School K-8
Marlboro Early Learning Center PreK-K     732-290-2780                                                                               7 Hastings Place,
171 Tennent Road, Morganville, NJ 07751                                                 Navesink School K-5                          Monmouth Beach NJ 07750
732-972-7100                              Strathmore School K-5                         151 Monmouth Avenue,                         732-222-6139
                                          282 Church Street, Aberdeen NJ 07747          Atlantic Highlands NJ 07716
Marlboro Elementary School 1-5            732-290-2790                                  732-291-0289                                 Monmouth Regional High School 9-12
100 School Road West, Marlboro NJ 07746                                                                                              One Norman J. Field Way,
732-972-2095                               MIDDLETOWN                                   New Monmouth School K-5                      Tinton Falls NJ 07724
                                          Thomas M. Pagano, Superintendent              121 New Monmouth Road,                       732-542-1170
Marlboro Memorial Middle School 6-8       59 Tindall Road, Middletown NJ 07748          Middletown, NJ 07748
71 Nolan Road, Morganville, NJ 07751      732-671-3850                                  732-671-5317                                  NEPTUNE CITY
732-972-7115                                                                                                                         Thomas Campbell, Administrator
                                          Middletown High School North 9-12             Nut Swamp School K-5                         Woodrow Wilson School K-8
Marlboro Middle School 6-8                63 Tindall Road, Middletown NJ 07748          925 Nut Swanp Road, Middletown NJ 07748      210 W. Sylvania Avenue,
355 County Road 520, Marlboro NJ 07746    732-706-6061                                  732-671-5795                                 Neptune City NJ 07753
732-972-2100                                                                                                                         732-775-5319

82 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                                MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 83
                           PUBLIC SCHOOLS                                                                      PUBLIC SCHOOLS

 NEPTUNE                                  Ocean Township Elementary School K-5      RUMSON                                       TINTON FALLS
David A. Mooij, Superintendent            Dow Avenue, Oakhurst NJ 07755            Scott Feder, Superintendent                 John Russon, Superintendent
3301 B Route 66,                          732-531-5690                             732-842-1597                                658 Tinton Avenue, Tinton Falls NJ 07724
Neptune NJ 07753                                                                   Deane-Porter School K-3                     732-460-2400
732-776-2000                              Wanamassa School K-5                     Blackpoint Road, Rumson NJ 07760
                                          Bendermere Avenue, Wanamassa NJ 07712    732-842-0330                                Mahala F. Atchison School K-3
 Neptune High School 9-12                 732-531-5700                                                                         961 Sycamore Avenue, Tinton Falls NJ 07724
55 Neptune Boulevard, Neptune NJ 07753    Wayside School K-5                       Forrestdale School 4-8                      732-542-2500
732-776-2200                              Bowne Road, Ocean NJ 07712               Forrest Avenue, Rumson NJ 07760
                                          732-531-5710                             732-842-0383                                Swimming River School 4-5
Gables School PreK-5                                                                                                           220 Hance Avenue, Tinton Falls NJ 07724
1 Gables Court, Neptune NJ 07753-4299      OCEANPORT                                RUMSON-FAIR HAVEN REGIONAL                 732-460-2416
732-776-2230                              Andrew Orefice, Superintendent            HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT
                                          732-229-8851x1122                        Pete Righi, Superintendent                  Tinton Falls Middle School 6-8
Green Grove School PreK-5                 Maple Place School 5-8                   732-842-5456                                674 Tinton Avenue, Tinton Falls NJ 07724
909 Green Grove Road, Neptune NJ 07753    Maple Place, Oceanport NJ 07757          Rumson-Fair Haven Regional                  732-542-0775
732-776-2090                              732-229-0267                             High School 9-12
                                                                                   74 Ridge Road, Rumson NJ 07760              UNION BEACH
Neptune Middle School 6-8                 Wolf Hill School K-4                     732-842-1597                                Joseph J. Annibale, Superintendent
2300 Heck Avenue, Neptune NJ 07753        Wolf Hill Avenue, Oceanport NJ 07757                                                 1207 Florence Avenue, Union Beach NJ 07735
732-776-2100                              732-542-0683                              SEA GIRT                                   732-264-5405
                                                                                   Mr. LaValva, Superintendent
Midtown Community School K-5               RED BANK                                Sea Girt Elementary School K-8              Memorial School K-8
1150 Embury Avenue, Neptune NJ 07753      Laura C. Morana, Superintendent          451 Bell Place, Sea Girt NJ 08750           221 Morningside Avenue,
732-776-2000                              76 Branch Avenue, Red Bank NJ 07701      732-449-3422                                Union Beach NJ 07735
                                          732-758-1506                                                                         732-264-5400
Shark River Hills School PreK-5                                                     SHORE REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL
312 Brighton Avenue, Neptune NJ 07753     Red Bank Middle School 4-8               Leonard Schnappauf, Superintendent           UPPER FREEHOLD REGIONAL
732-776-2150                              101 Harding Road, Red Bank NJ 07701      Monmouth Park Highway,                       SCHOOLS
                                          732-758-1515                             West Long Branch NJ 07764                   Richard M. Fitzpatrick, Superintendent
Summerfield School PreK-5                                                          732-222-9300                                27 High Street, Allentown NJ 08501
527 Green Grove Road, Neptune NJ 07753    Red Bank Primary School PreK-3                                                       609-259-7292
732-776-2080                              222 River Street, Red Bank NJ 07701       SHREWSBURY
                                          732-758-1530                             Brent A. MacConnell, Superintendent         Allentown High School 9-12
Early Childhood Center                                                             Shrewsbury Borough Elementary School K-8    27 High Street, Allentown NJ 08501
11 Memorial Drive, Neptune NJ 07753        RED BANK REGIONAL HIGH                  20 Obre Place, Shrewsbury NJ 07702          609-259-2160
732-776-9860                               SCHOOL                                  732-747-0882
                                          Edward Westervelt, Superintendent                                                    Imlaystown School 9-12
  OCEAN                                   101 Ridge Road, Little Silver NJ 07739    SPRING LAKE                                Main Street, Imlaystown NJ 08526
John Lysko, Superintendent                732-842-7884                             Patricia Wright, Superintendent             609-259-0224
163 Monmouth Road, Oakhurst NJ 07755                                               H.W. Mountz Elementary School K-8
732-531-5600                              Red Bank Regional High School 9-12       411 Tuttle Avenue, Spring Lake NJ 07762     Upper Freehold Regional
                                          101 Ridge Road, Little Silver NJ 07739   732-449-6380                                Elementary School K-8
Ocean Township High School 9-12           732-842-8000                                                                         27 High Street, Allentown NJ 08501
550 West Park Avenue, Oakhurst NJ 07755                                             SPRING LAKE HEIGHTS                        609-259-7369
732-531-5650                               ROOSEVELT                               Mrs. Ziznewski, Superintendent
                                          Mary Beyda, Superintendent               Spring Lake Heights Elementary School K-8     WALL
Ocean Township Intermediate School 6-8    Roosevelt Elementary School K-6          1110 Highway #71,                           James R. Habel, Superintendent
1200 West Park Avenue, Ocean NJ 07712     School Lane, P.O. Box 160,               Spring Lake Heights NJ 07762                1630 18th Avenue,
732-531-5630                              Roosevelt NJ 08555                       732-449-6149                                Wall NJ 07719
                                          609-448-2798                                                                         732-556-2006

84 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                          MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 85
                               PUBLIC SCHOOLS                                                                          PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Wall High School 9-12                         High Technology High School                Adult Education Center/Class Academy              MAECOM Adult High School
1630 18th Avenue, Wall NJ 07719               Brookdale Community College,               255 West End Avenue,                              732-542-3439
732-556-2041                                  P.O. Box 119, Lincroft NJ 07738-0119       Long Branch NJ 07740                              100 Tornillo Way,
                                              732-842-8444                               732-229-3019                                      Tinton Falls, NJ 07712
Allenwood School K-5
3301 Lakewood-Allenwood Road, Allenwood,      KIVA High School                           Culinary Education Center                          Huntowski Academy
Wall NJ 07719                                 537 Tinton Avenue,                         Drury Lane,                                       20 County Road 537 East,
732-556-2153                                  Tinton Falls NJ 07724                      Asbury Park NJ 07712                              Colts Neck NJ 07722
                                              732-542-5455                               732-988-3299                                      732-308-1292
Central School K-5
2007 Allenwood Road, Wall 07719               Marine Academy of Science and Technology   Licensed Practical Nursing                        Meridian Academy at Lakewood
732-556-2546                                  Building 305,                              Program/Technology Annex                          150 Oberlin Avenue North,
                                              Sandy Hook NJ 07732                        105 Neptune Boulevard,                            Lakewood NJ 08701
Old Mill School K-5                           732-291-0995                               Neptune, NJ 07753                                 732-905-1228
2119 Old Mill Road, Sea Girt,                                                            732-869-1181
Wall 07719                                    Monmouth County Career Center                                                                Nonpublic Services
732-556-2142                                  Kozloski Road, Freehold NJ 07728           Monmouth County Correctional Institution          100 Tornillo Way,
                                              732-431-3773                               Youth Detention Center                            Tinton Falls, NJ 07712
Wall Intermediate School                                                                 Freehold, NJ 07728                                732-389-3192
2801Allaire Road, Wall 07719                  Vocational Education Building/Aberdeen     732-229-3019
732-556-2507                                  Atlantic Avenue,                                                                             CHOICES- Regional Alternative School
                                              Aberdeen NJ 07747                          Monmouth County Academy of                        100 Tornillo Way,
West Belmar School K-5                        732-566-5599                               Allied Health & Science                           Tinton Falls, NJ 07712
925 17th Avenue, West Belmar, Wall NJ 07719                                              2325 Heck Avenue,                                 732-542-3439
732-556-2563                                  Vocational Education Building/Freehold     Neptune NJ 07753
                                              Robertsville Road,                         732-775-0058                                      Transportation
Wall Primary School                           Freehold NJ 07728                          Check out the Monmouth County Vocational School   20 County Road 537 East,
2500 Bedford Corner Lane, Wall NJ 07719       732-462-7570                               website:                     Colts Neck NJ 07722
732-681-3223                                                                                                                               732-409-6060
                                              Vocational Education Building/Hazlet                                                         Fax 732-683-0893
 WEST LONG BRANCH                             Middle Road,                                MONMOUTH-OCEAN
Karen M. Wood, Superintendent,                Hazlet NJ 07730                             EDUCATIONAL SERVICES                             Child Study Team Services
732-222-5900, ext 1302                        732-264-4995                                COMMISSION                                       20 County Road 537 East,
Frank Antonides School 4-8                                                                                                                 Colts Neck NJ 07722
135 Locust Avenue,                            Vocational Education Building/Keyport      Timothy Nogueira, Superintendent                  732-409-6061
West Long Branch NJ 07764                     Atlantic Avenue,                           100 Tornillo Way, Tinton Falls, NJ 07712
732-222-5080, ext. 1151                       Keyport NJ 07735                           732-389-5555                                      Enhancement Program/Lakehurst
                                              732-739-0592                                                                                 PO Box 1125, NAES,
Betty McElmon Elementary School K-3                                                      Adult Education                                   Lakehurst, NJ 08701
20 Parker Road, West, Long Branch NJ 07764    Vocational Education Building/Middletown   100 Tornillo Way, Tinton Falls, NJ 07712          732-657-8198
732-222-6500, ext. 1250                       Swartzel Drive,                            732-542-3439
                                              Middletown NJ 07748
 MONMOUTH COUNTY                              732-671-0650
Administrative Offices,                       Communications High School/Wall
4000 Kozloski Road, Freehold, NJ 07728        1740 New Bedford Road,
732-431-7942                                  Wall NJ 07719

86 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                                      MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 87
                              PRIVATE SCHOOLS                                                                                   PRIVATE SCHOOLS
                                          IN MONMOUTH COUNTY

       The following is a listing of private, parochial, nursery and
 pre-schools located in Monmouth County. This listing was compiled by
   the office of the Superintendent of Schools of Monmouth County.
                                                                                                    The Growing Tree of Holmdel                     Hillcrest Academy
                                                                                                    12 Hillcrest Road, Holmdel, NJ 07733            23 Grove Street, Bayville, NJ 08721
                                                                                                    732-264-1750                                    732-269-8585 fax: 732-269-7594
ABC Spectrum Preschool, Inc (Infants-K)             Children of the King Academy (2yrs-3rd grade)
78 Millhurst Road Manalapan, NJ 07726               167 Cedar Avenue, Long Branch, NJ 07740         The Goddard School                              Holmdel PreSchool (6 wks-10 yrs)
Mail address: PO Box 41 Tennent, NJ 07763           732-571-2223                                    1981 Highway 34, Wall, NJ 07719                 674 North Beers Street
732-446-4747 or 732-462-4004                                                                        732-974-8314                                    Holmdel, NJ 07733
                                                    Christ Church Nursery School                                                                    732-888-1919 fax:732-888-9547
A Child's Place School (Pre-K-1)                    (3-4 yrs., kindergarten enrichment program)     The Goddard School
1409 West Front Street, Lincroft, NJ 07738          90 Kings Highway Middletown, NJ 07748           230 Schanck Road, Freehold, NJ 07728            Holy Cross School (K-8)
732-747-0141 fax: 732-842-9599                      732-671-1060                                    732-431-2555                                    40 Rumson Road, Rumson, NJ 07760
                                                                                                                                                    732-842-2480 fax: 732-741-3134
Alphabet Avenue Nursery School at                   Christian Brothers Academy (9-12)               The Goddard School
Freehold Jewish Center                              850 Newman Springs Road,                        65 Kent Road, Howell, NJ 07731                  Holy Innocents School (Pre-K-8)
59 Broad Street, Freehold, NJ 07728                 Lincroft, NJ 07738                              732-886-7100                                    3455 West Bangs Avenue, Neptune, NJ 07753
732-462-0254                                        732-747-1959 fax: 732-747-1643                                                                  732-922-3141 fax: 732-922-6531
                                                                                                    The Goddard School
AM2PM Childcare Learning Center                     Chrismont Montessori Academy (Pre-K-4)          4 Hartford Dr., Ste 6, Tinton Falls, NJ 07701   Home Away From Home Academy
(Infants, Pre-school, K-1/2 & full day)             503 7th Avenue, Belmar, NJ 07719                732-933-4888 fax: 732-933-4925                  (Accredited by Middle States Commission on
1000 Rt. 36 So., Hazlet, NJ 07730                   732-681-5641 fax 732-894-3006                                                                   Elementary Schools)
732-264-3200 Fax: 732-264-1312                                                                      The Goddard School                              1182 Highway 34 Aberdeen, NJ 07747
                                                    Colts Neck Reformed Church Nursery School       560 Holmdel Road, Hazlet, NJ 07730              732-290-0033 fax: 732-441-9085
Atlantis Preparatory School (2 yrs-K)               (2 1/2 - 6 years; 1/2 day program)              732-335-4400
1904 Atlantic Avenue, Manasquan, NJ 08736           72 Route 537 West, Colts Neck, N.J.07722                                                        Ilan High School
732-528-5437 fax: 732-223-1507                      732-462-4662; fax: 732-866-9545                 Gym Jams Nursery School                         250 Park Avenue, Elberon, NJ 07740
                                                                                                    201 Broad Street, Matawan, NJ 07747             732-870-2800 fax: 732-870-0885
Bridges at St. Thomas More School(Nursery-K)        Community Y Children's Learning Center          732-566-9266 fax: 732-441-0122
186 Gordon's Corner Road,                           201 Broad Street, Matawan, NJ 07747                                                             Islamic Academy Day School
Manalapan, NJ 07726                                 732-566-9266 fax: 732-441-0122                  Hill & Dale School                              513 Second Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ 07712
732-446-3107 fax: 732-446-6507                                                                      6 Osborn Avenue, Manasquan, NJ 08736            732-775-2306 fax: 732-775-1951
                                                    Creative Campus Nursery School                  732-223-0755
Brookside School (Infants-K-8)                      (2 1/2 -4 yrs; 1/2 day programs)                                                                Jersey Shore Jewish Academy (Pre-8th)
2135 Highway 35, Sea Girt, NJ 08750                 215 Middle Road, Hazlet, NJ 07730               Hillel Yeshiva Elementary (Nursery-8)           395 Kent Road, Howell, NJ 07731
732-449-4747 fax: 732-449-4547                      732-264-8050                                    1025 Deal Road, Ocean, NJ 07712                 732-370-1767 fax: 732-370-2122
                                                                                                    732-493-9300 fax: 732-493-8930
Center Play School-Jewish Community Ctr.            Deal Yeshiva for Boys                                                                           KinderCare Learning Center
100 Grant Avenue, Deal Park, NJ 07723               1515 Logan Road, Wanamassa, NJ 07712            Hillel Yeshiva High School (9-12)               245 Leonardville Road, Belford, NJ 07718
732-531-9100 fax: 732-531-4718                      732-663-1717 fax: 732-663-1700                  1027 Deal Road, Ocean, NJ 07712                 732-787-7000
Chesterbrook Academy (Pre-school-8th)               Deal Yeshiva for Girls                                                                          KinderCare Learning Center
108 Woodward Road, Manalapan, NJ 07726              200 Wall Street, West Long Branch, NJ 07764     Hilltop Nursery School & Kindergarten           205 Elton Adelphia Road, Freehold, NJ 07728
732-446-1379 fax: 732-446-0723                      732-229-1717 fax: 732-728-1400                  1917 Rt. 37 West, Toms River, NJ 08757          732-577-9254

88 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                                                MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 89
                            PRIVATE SCHOOLS                                                                                 PRIVATE SCHOOLS

KinderCare Learning Center (6 wks-12 yrs)        Mesivta Keser Torah of Central Jersey            Oakwood School                              Rumson Country Day School (Nursery-8)
293 Gordon's Cr. Rd, Manalapan, NJ 07726         503 11th Avenue, Belmar, NJ 07719                62 Hance Avenue, Tinton Falls, NJ 07724     35 Bellevue Avenue, Rumson, NJ 07760
732-536-9162                                     732-681-5656                                     732-747-8746 fax: 732-933-0545              732-842-0527 fax: 732-758-6528

Kinderland Learning Center (Nursery-3rd grade)   Monmouth Academy (K-12)                          Meridian Early Childhood EducationCenter    St. Benedict School (K-8)
123 South Main Street, Marlboro NJ 07746         152 Lanes Mills Road, Howell, NJ 07731           at Jersey Shore University Medical Center   165 Bethany Road, Holmdel, NJ 07733
732-431-0718 fax: 732-577-8194                   732-364-2812 fax: 732-364-4004                   1945 Rt. 33, Neptune, NJ 07753              732-264-5578 fax: 732-264-8679
                                                                                                  732-776-4400 fax:: 732-776-4729
Liberty Christian School (K-4yr-12)              Vincent S. Mastro Montessori Academy (Pre-K-6)                                               St. Catharine School (K-8)
521 Lakewood-Farmingdale Rd.,                    36 Birch Avenue, Little Silver, NJ 07739         Our Lady of Mount Carmel School             301 Second Avenue,
Howell, NJ 07731                                 732-842-5816                                     1212 First Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ 07712    Spring Lake, NJ 07762
732-938-7777                                                                                      732-775-8989 fax: 732-775-0108              732-449-4424 fax: 732-449-7876
                                                 Marlboro Montessori Academy
Little Village Daycare Center                    (18 mos, Pre-K, K-8)                             Peppermint Tree Nursery School              St. Denis (Pre-K-8)
(6 wks-K and latch key though age 12)            Highway 79, Wickatunk, NJ 07765                  140 Gordon's Corner Road,                   119 Virginia Avenue, Manasquan, NJ 08736
18 Kings Highway, Middletown, NJ 07748           732-946-8887                                     Manalapan, 07726                            732-223-4928 fax: 732-223-1807
                                                 Montessori Academy of New Jersey                 Power of Christ's Gospel Academy            St. James Grammar School
Living Word Child Care Center                    (Nursery-Pre-K)                                  344 Joline Avenue, Long Branch, NJ 07740    30 Peters Place, Red Bank, NJ 07701
81 Highway 35, Neptune, NJ 07753                 3504 Old Asbury Avenue,                          732-870-3324                                732-741-3363 fax: 732-933-4960
732-775-1947 fax: 732-502-8848                   Neptune, NJ 07753                                                                  
                                                 732-922-9171                                     Presbyterian Nursery School
Luther Memorial Christian Preschool                                                               883 Highway 34, Matawan, NJ 07747           St. Jerome School (Pre-K-8)
818 Tinton Avenue, Tinton Falls, NJ 07724        Mother Teresa Regional School (Pre- K-8)         732-566-9246 fax: 732-566-6491              250 Wall Street, West Long Branch, NJ 07764
732-542-7447 fax: 732-542-6087                   55 South Avenue,                                                                             732-222-8686 fax: 732-263-0343
                                                 Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716                     Ranney School (Pre-K-12)
Maranatha Christian Academy (1-12)               732-291-1050 fax: 732-872-2293                   235 Hope Road, Tinton Falls, NJ 07724       St. John Vianney High School
665 Holmdel Road, Hazlet, NJ 07730                                                                732-542-4777 fax:732-544-1629               540A Line Road, Holmdel, NJ 07733
732-739-4201                                     New School of Monmouth County (K-8)                                                          732-739-0800 fax: 732-739-0824
                                                 301 Middle Road,                                 Red Bank Catholic High School
Marlboro Jewish Center Pre-School                Holmdel, NJ 07733                                112 Broad Street, Red Bank, NJ 07701        St. Leo the Great School (Pre-K-8)
46 Topanemus Road, Marlboro, NJ 07746            732-787-7900 fax: 732-787-1165                   732-747-1774 fax:732-747-1936               550 Newman Springs Road, Lincroft, 07738
732-536-2303                                                                                                                                  732-741-3133 fax: 732-741-2241
                                                 Oak Hill Academy (Pre-K-8)                       Red Oak School
Mater Dei High School (9-12)                     347 Middletown-Lincroft Road,                    94 Tindall Road,                            St. Mary School (Pre-K-8)
538 Church Street,                               Lincroft NJ 07738                                Middletown, NJ 07748                        538 Church Street,
New Monmouth, NJ 07748                           732-530-1343 fax: 732-530-0045                   732-741-9006 fax:732-842-3807               New Monmouth, NJ 07748
732-671-9100 fax: 732-671-9214                                                                                                                732-671-0129

90 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                                         MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 91
                          PRIVATE SCHOOLS                                                            SCHOOLS FOR THE DISABLED

                                                                                        The following is a listing of approved private schools for the disabled
                                                                                         provided by the Superintendent of Schools of Monmouth County.
St. Rose of Lima School (Pre-K-8)              Summer Hill Preschool & Day Camp
51 Lincoln Place, Freehold, NJ 07728           1107 Gully Road, Wall, NJ 07753
732-462-2646 fax: 732-462-0331                 732-681-3483 Fax: 732-681-3502
                                                                                      Arc/Dorothy B. Hersh H.S.              Harbor School
                                                                                      Barry Wiener,                          Anne Gunteski,
St. Rose Grammar School (Pre-K-8)              Sisters Academy
                                                                                      1158 Wayside Road                      240 Broad Street, Eatontown NJ 07724
605 6th Avenue, Belmar, NJ 07719               1416 Springwood Avenue,
                                                                                      Tinton Falls NJ 07712                  732-544-9394
732-681-5555 fax: 732-691-5890                 Asbury Park, NJ 07712
                                               732-774-9056 fax: 732-774-5552
St. Rose High School                                                                                                         Oakwood School
                                                                                      Children’s Center of Monmouth County   Dr. Robert E. White,
607 7th Avenue, Belmar, NJ 07719               Talmudical Academy
                                                                                      George Scheer,                         62 Hance Avenue
732-681-2858 fax: 732-280-2745                 Route 524, PO Box 7,
                                                                                      1115 Green Grove Road                  Tinton Falls NJ 07724
                                               Adelphia, NJ 07710
                                                                                      Neptune NJ 07753                       32-747-8746
St. Veronica School (Pre-K-8)                  732-431-1600 fax: 732-431-3951
4219 Highway 9 N., Howell, NJ 07731
732-364-4130 fax: 732-363-4932                 Torah Academy of Monmouth County                                              Rugby School
                                                                                      Coastal Learning Center-North          Dolores A.. Desanto,
                                               1 Meridan Road, Eatontown, NJ 07724
                                                                                      Edward Kouzoujian, M.Ed.0.             1604 Belmar Boulevard & Woodfield Ave.
School on the Hill Nursery School              732-460-1700 fax: 732-663-1590
                                                                                      422 Route #79                          PO. Box 1403, Wall NJ 07719
10 Cold Indian Springs Road,
                                                                                      Morganville NJ 07751                   732-681-6900
Ocean Township, NJ 07712                       Tower Hill School (2 1/2 yrs.-K)
732-493-4448 fax: 732-493-1780                 255 Harding Road, Red Bank, NJ 07701
                                               732-747-1393 fax 732-747-0819                                                 School for Children
                                                                                      Coastal Learning Center-South          Vincent J. Renda,
Shalom Torah Academy of Western
                                                                                      John E. Melloy,                        270 Industrial Way West
Monmouth County ( Day Care,Pre-K thru 8th)     Wesley Nursery School (3-5 yrs)
                                                                                      38 Arnold Boulevard                    Eatontown NJ 07724
70 Amboy Road, Morganville, NJ 07751           103 Monmouth Road
                                                                                      Howell NJ 07731                        732-542-2525
732-536-0911                                   Oakhurst, NJ 07755
Seashore School (Pre-school thru 8th)                                                                                        Search Day Program
                                                                                      Collier High School                    Katherine M. Solona,
410 Broadway, Long Branch, NJ 07740            Willow Tree Nursery School
                                                                                      Aideen Bugler,                         73 Wickapecko Drive
732-229-4398 fax: 732-222-7101                 1700 Allenwood Road, Wall, NJ 07719
                                                                                      160 Conover Road                       Ocean NJ 07712
                                                                                      Wickatunk, NJ 07765                    732-531-0454
Solomon Schechter Day School
 of Greater Monmouth County                    Winding Brook School (2-1st Grade)
22 School Road East, PO Box 203,               1044 Sycamore Avenue,                                                         LADACIN Network
                                                                                      CPC High Point Adolescent School       Schroth School
Marlboro, NJ 07746                             Tinton Falls, NJ 07724
                                                                                      Barbara Strickarz, M. Ed.              Patricia Carlesimo,
732-431-5525 fax: 732-431-2562                 732-542-0575
                                                                                      1 High Point Center Way                1701 Kneeley Boulevard
                                                                                      Morganville NJ 07751                   Wanamassa NJ 07721
Sons of Israel Nursery School & Kindergarten
                                                                                      732-591-1750                           732-493-5900
PO Box 369, Manalapan, NJ 07726
                                                                                      CPC High Point Elementary School       Woodcliff Academy
                                                                                      Barbara Strickarz, M. Ed.              Scott J. Corbett
                                                                                      1 High Point Center Way                1345 Campus Parkway
                                                                                      Morganville 07751                      Wall NJ 07753
                                                                                      732-591-1750                           732-751-0240

92 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                        MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 93
                         POPULATION                                                     NEW JERSEY COUNTIES

ABERDEEN                    18,210      LONG BRANCH               30,719
                                                                           COUNTY           COUNTY SEAT                    TELEPHONE
ALLENHURST                     496      MANALAPAN                 38,872
ALLENTOWN                    1,828      MANASQUAN                  5,897   Atlantic         Mays Landing                      609-641-7867

ASBURY PARK                 16,116      MARLBORO                  40,191   Bergen           Hackensack                        201-336-6000
ATL. HIGHLANDS               4,385      MATAWAN                    8,810   Burlington       Mount Holly                       609-265-5000
AVON                         1,901      MIDDLETOWN                66,522
                                                                           Camden           Camden                            856-225-5000
BELMAR                       5,794      MILLSTONE                 10,566
                                                                           Cape May         Cape May Court House              609-465-1000
BRADLEY BEACH                4,298      MONMOUTH BEACH             3,279
BRIELLE                      4,774      NEPTUNE                   27,935   Cumberland       Bridgeton                         856-451-8000

COLTS NECK                  10,142      NEPTUNE CITY               4,869   Essex            Newark                            973-621-5000
DEAL                           750      OCEAN                     27,291   Gloucester       Woodbury                          856-853-3200
EATONTOWN                   12,709      OCEANPORT                  5,832
                                                                           Hudson           Jersey City                       201-795-6000
ENGLISHTOWN                  1,847      RED BANK                  12,206
                                                                           Hunterdon        Flemington                        908-788-1102
FAIR HAVEN                   6,121      ROOSEVELT                    882
FARMINGDALE                  1,329      RUMSON                     7,122   Mercer           Trenton                           609-989-6090

FREEHOLD BORO.              12,052      SEA BRIGHT                 1,412   Middlesex        New Brunswick                     732-745-3000
FREEHOLD TWP.               36,184      SEA GIRT                   1,828   Monmouth         Freehold                          732-431-7000
HAZLET                      20,334      SHREWSBURY BORO.           3,809
                                                                           Morris           Morristown                        973-285-6700
HIGHLANDS                    5,005      SHREWSBURY TWP.            1,141
                                                                           Ocean            Toms River                        732-244-2121
HOLMDEL                     16,773      SPRING LAKE                2,993
HOWELL                      51,075      SPRING LAKE HTS.           4,713   Passaic          Paterson                          973-881-4000

INTERLAKEN                     820      TINTON FALLS              17,892   Salem            Salem                             856-935-7510
KEANSBURG                   10,105      UNION BEACH                6,245   Somerset         Somerville                        908-231-7000
KEYPORT                      7,240      UPPER FREEHOLD             6,902
                                                                           Sussex           Newton                            973-579-0200
LAKE COMO                    1,759      WALL                      26,164
                                                                           Union            Elizabeth                         908-527-4000
LITTLE SILVER                5,950      WEST LONG BRANCH           8,097
LOCH ARBOUR                    194                                         Warren           Belvidere                         908-475-6200
                                        2010 Total Population    630,380

               Provided by the Monmouth County Planning Board.

94 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 95
                             MEDIA OUTLETS                                                                           MEDIA OUTLETS

PRINT NEWSPAPERS                             The Two River Times                          RADIO STATIONS                               CABLE TV STATIONS & TV NEWS
                                             46 Newman Springs Rd. Red Bank, NJ 07701
Asbury Park Press                            Phone: 732-219-5788 Fax: 732-747-7213        WRAT (95.9FM)                                Cablevision of Monmouth
3601 Highway 66, Box 1550                                                                 1731 Main Street, Lake Como, NJ 07719        1501 18th Avenue, Wall, NJ 07719
Neptune, NJ 07754-1550                       Tri-City News,                               Phone: 732-681-3800 Fax 732-681-9298         Phone: 732-681-8222 Fax: 732-922-6955
Phone: 732-922-6000 Fax: 732-922-4818        601 Bangs Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ 07712
Website:                         Phone: 732-897-9779 Fax: 732-897-0254        WBJB (90.5 FM) Brookdale C.C.                Comcast Cablevision of Monmouth County,
                                                                                          765 Newman Springs Road,                     403 South St., Eatontown, N.J. 07724
The Star Ledger                              Greater Media Newspapers:                    Lincroft, NJ 07738                           Phone: 732-542-8107 Fax: 732-935-5495
1 Star Ledger Plaza, Newark, NJ 07102        P.O. Box 5001 3499 Route 9 North, Suite 1B   Phone: 732-224-2490 Fax: 732-224-2494
Phone: 888-772-7533                          Freehold, New Jersey 07728                                                                Cablevision of Hamilton
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                                                                                                                                       News 12 New Jersey
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Phone: 732-842-0050                                                                       Phone: 732-897-8282 Fax: 732-897-8283
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The Coaster                                  659 Broadway, Long Branch, N.J., 07740                                                    ELECTRONIC NEWS
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96 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                                  MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 97
       FREEHOLDER MEETING SCHEDULE                                                                             FREEHOLDER MEETING SCHEDULE

                                                                                                       6/09     Thursday Workshop   2 PM         Hall of Records
                                                                                                                         Regular    7 PM         Hall of Records

                                                                                                       6/23     Thursday Workshop   1 PM         Hall of Records
                                                                                                                         Regular    7 PM         Neptune City

                                                                                                       7/14     Thursday Workshop   2 PM         Hall of Records
                                                                                                                         Regular    7 PM         Hall of Records

                                                                                                       7/28     Thursday Workshop   1 PM         Hall of Records
                                                                                                                         Regular    7 PM         Rumson

                                                                                                       8/11     Thursday Workshop   2 PM         Hall of Records
                  Hall of Records 1 East Main Street, Freehold, NJ 07728                                                 Regular    7 PM         Hall of Records
      In the early part of each year, the Board of Chosen Freeholders adopts a resolution
establishing a schedule of meetings for the entire year. Most meetings are held in the Freeholders’    8/25     Thursday Workshop   1 PM         Hall of Records
Meeting Room on the second floor in the Hall of Records, 1 Main Street, Freehold. From March                             Regular    7 PM         Farmingdale
through September, the second regualr meetings are held in various municipalities throughout the
county, generally in the town halls of the respective towns.
      Workshop Meetings are informal discussions between freeholders, staff, counsel                   9/08     Thursday Workshop   2 PM         Hall of Records
and advisors. Once a matter is settled, it is placed on the agenda of a Regular Meeting; the meeting                     Regular    7 PM         Hall of Records
in which the Board takes formal action. The public is invited to all meetings.
      The 2011 Schedule of Freeholders’ Meetings is as follows:                                        9/22     Thursday Workshop   1 PM         Hall of Records
                                                                                                                         Regular    7 PM         Wall
DATE       DAY          MEETING                    TIME              LOCATION
                                                                                                       10/13    Thursday Workshop   2 PM         Hall of Records
                                                                                                                         Regular    7 PM         Hall of Records
3/10       Thursday Workshop                  2 PM                   Hall of Records
                    Regular                   7 PM                   Hall of Records
                                                                                                       10/27    Thursday Workshop   2 PM         Hall of Records
                                                                                                                         Regular    7 PM         Hall of Records
3/24       Thursday Workshop                  1 PM                   Hall of Records
                    Regular                   7 PM                   Shrewsbury
                                                                                                       11/09    Wed.    Workshop    2 PM         Hall of Records
                                                                                                                        Regular     7 PM         Hall of Records
4/13       Wed.        Workshop               2 PM                   Hall of Records
                       Regular                7 PM                   Hall of Records
                                                                                                       11/22    Tuesday Workshop    2 PM         Hall of Records
                                                                                                                        Regular     7 PM         Hall of Records
4/27       Wed.        Workshop               2 PM                   Hall of Records
                       Regular                7 PM                   Hall of Records
                                                                                                       12/08    Thursday Workshop   2 PM         Hall of Records
                                                                                                                         Regular    7 PM         Hall of Records
5/12       Thursday Workshop                  2 PM                   Hall of Records
                    Regular                   7 PM                   Hall of Records
                                                                                                       12/22    Tuesday Workshop    2 PM         Hall of Records
                                                                                                                        Regular     7 PM         Hall of Records
5/26       Thursday Workshop                  1 PM                   Hall of Records
                    Regular                   7 PM                   Eatontown

98 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                               MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 99
                              FIRE COMPANIES                                                                       FIRE COMPANIES

             ALL TELEPHONE NUMBERS LISTED IN THIS SECTION                              MANALAPAN:                                988-1434/775-9784
                                                                                      Gordon’s Corner Fire Co., 536-2881         Wayside Fire Dept., 493-4466
                            ARE BUSINESS NUMBERS A
                                                                                      Millhurst Fire Co., 462-1112                RED BANK:
                        AND ARE NOT FOR EMERGENCY USE.
                                                                                       MANASQUAN:                                Red Bank Fire Dept., 530-2788
                                                                                      Engine Co. No. 2, 223-0997                 Navesink Hook and Ladder Fire Co.
                                                                                      Hook and Ladder Co. No. 1, 223-0929        Independent Engine Co. No. 2
 ABERDEEN TOWNSHIP:                        FREEHOLD TOWNSHIP:                          MARLBORO:                                 Liberty Hose Co.
Aberdeen Twp. Hose &                      East Freehold Fire Co., 431-0774/780-2727   Marlboro Fire Co.,462-1829                 Relief Engine Co. No.1
Chemical Co. No.1, 566-4172               Independent Fire Co. No. 1                  Morganville Independent Fire Co.           Union Hose Fire Co.
Cliffwood Volunteer Fire Co. No. 1        462-4939 (Smithburg)                        591-9616                                   West Side Hose Fire Co.
566-8920/9448                             431-3663 (Stillwells Cor. Rd.)              Morganville Vol. Fire Co., 591-1411         ROOSEVELT:
 ALLENHURST:                               HAZLET:                                    Robertsville Volunteer fire Co.,536-3565   Roosevelt Fire Dept., 609 448-0539
Allenhurst Fire Dept.,531-7239            Hazlet Fire Co., 264-1552                    MATAWAN:                                   RUMSON:
 ALLENTOWN:                               North Centerville Fire Co., 264-9761        Matawan Fire Co., 566-1010                 Rumson Fire Co., 842-0500
Allentown Fire Dept.,609-259-7200         West Keansburg Fire Co., 787-9612           Freneau Fire Co.                           Oceanic Hook and Ladder Co., 842-0500
 ASBURY PARK:                              HIGHLANDS:                                 Haley Hose Co.                              SEA BRIGHT:
Engine Co. No. 1                          Columbia Hose Co. No. 1, Star Hook and      Hook and Ladder Fire Co.                   Ocean Fire Co., 576-1533
Enterprise Fire Co.775-6300               Ladder Co., 291-4135                        Midway Hose Co.                            Sea Bright Hook and Ladder Co.
 ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS:                       HOLMDEL:                                   Washington Engine Co.                       SEA GIRT:
Hook and Ladder Co.                       Holmdel Township Fire Co., 946-4123          MIDDLETOWN:                               Sea Girt Fire Co. No. 1,449-5752
Mantel Hose Co.291-2002                    HOWELL:                                    Middletown Twp Fire Co. No. 1, 615-2273     SHREWSBURY:
 AVON-BY-THE-SEA:                         Adelphia Fire Co.No.2, 462-8846             Brevent Park and Leonardo Fire Co.         Shrewsbury Hose Co. No. 1
Avon Fire Dept.774-9602                   Freewood Acres Fire Co., No.5, 363-3880     Community Fire Co.                         741-0522 (PublicWorks)
 BELMAR:                                  Ramtown-Howell Fire Co. No. 2, 458-0222     East Keansburg Fire Co.                     SOUTH BELMAR:
Goodwill Fire Co., 681-8519               Southard Fire Dept. No. 3, 364-3399         Lincroft Fire Co.                          South Belmar Fire Dept., 681-1700
Union Fire Co., 681-6353                  Squankum Fire Co. No. 1, 938-2630           Navesink Hook and Ladder Co.                SPRING LAKE:
Volunteer Hook and Ladder Co., 681-6353    KEANSBURG:                                 Old Village Fire Co.                       Spring Lake Fire Dept., 449-1234
 BRADLEY BEACH:                           Manning Place Fire Co., New Point Comfort   Port Monmouth Fire Co. No. 1               Goodwill Fire Co., 449-1234
Bradley Beach Fire Dept., 776-2988        Fire Co.,787-0600                            MILLSTONE:                                Spring Lake Engine Co. No. 1, 449-7010
 BRIELLE:                                  KEYPORT:                                   Clarksburg Fire Co., 259-2560               SPRING LAKE HEIGHTS:
Brielle Fire Dept.,528-5856               Keyport Fire Dept., 264-0988                 MONMOUTH BEACH:                           Spring Lake Heights Fire Dept.
 COLTS NECK:                              Eagle Hose Co., 264-1126                    Monmouth Beach Fire Co., 229-2330          449-2826
Colts Neck Fire Co. No. 1, 431-1100       Engine Co. No. 1, 264-3475                   NEPTUNE CITY:                              TINTON FALLS:
Colts Neck Fire Co. No. 2, 946-3662       Fire Patrol, Hook and Ladder, Liberty       Neptune City Fire Dept., 775-9762          Tinton Falls Fire Co. No 1, 542-9695
Naval Ammunitions Depot/Earle 866-2260    264-1528                                     NEPTUNE TOWNSHIP:                         North Side Fire Co., 741-3205
DEAL:                                     Lincoln Hose Co., 264-0424                  Hamilton Fire Co., 922-9715                Wayside Fire Co., 493-4466
Deal Fire Co. No.1 531-1994               Raritan Hose Co.,264-0124                   Liberty Fire Co., 988-8000                 Pine Brook Fire Co., 544-1015
 EATONTOWN:                                LITTLE SILVER:                             Shark River Hills Fire Co., 775-9884        UNION BEACH:
Hose and Engine Co. No. 1, 389-7650       Volunteer Fire Co. No. 1, 741-0934          Unexcelled Fire Co., 774-9577              Union Beach Fire Co. No. 1, 264-7575
Fort Monmouth Fire Co. 532-1365            LONG BRANCH:                                OCEAN GROVE:                              Harris Gardens Fire Co.
 ENGLISHTOWN:                             Long Branch Fire Dept., 571-5660            Washington Fire Co. No. 1, 774-2516        Union Gardens Fire Co.
Englishtown Fire Dept., 446-4818          Atlantic Fire Co.                           Eagle Hook and Ladder Co. No. 1            Union Hose Co.
 FAIR HAVEN:                              Branchport Fire Co.                         988-9289                                    UPPER FREEHOLD
Volunteer Co. No. 1, 741-2939             Elberon Fire Co.                            Stokes Fire Co. No. 3, 774-0306            Hope Fire Co., 609-259-7200
 FARMINGDALE:                             Independent Fire Co.                         OCEANPORT:                                 WALL:
Farmingdale Fire Co.,938-4785             Neptune Fire Co.                            Oceanport Fire Co., 222-6300               Glendola Fire Co. No. 1, 681-6435
 FREEHOLD BOROUGH:                        Oceanic Fire Co.                            Port-au-Peck Fire Co., 229-9771            South Wall Fire Co. No. 1, 223-3178
Freehold Fire Dept., 462-0164             Oliver Byron Fire Co.                        OCEAN TOWNSHIP:                           West Belmar Fire Co. No. 1, 681-5955
Engine Co. No.1                           Phil Daly Fire Co.                          Oakhurst Fire Dept., 222-4624               WEST LONG BRANCH:
Goodwill Hook and Ladder Co.              West End Fire Co.                           Wanamassa Fire Dept.                       West Long Branch Fire Co. No. 2
Monmouth Hose Co.                                                                                                                Borough Chemical and Truck Co. No. 1
Richardson Engine Co. No. 2

100 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                     MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 101
                          ZIP CODES                                                          HOSPITALS

                                                                                        MONMOUTH COUNTY AREA

Aberdeen                07747   Manalapan            07726
Adelphia                07710   Manasquan            08736   Bayshore Community Hospital            Ocean Medical Center
                                Marlboro             07746   727 North Beers Street                 425 Jack Martin Boulevard
Allenhurst              07711                                Holmdel, NJ 07733-1598                 Brick, NJ 08724
Allentown               08501   Matawan              07747   732-739-5900                           732-840-2200
Allenwood               08720   Middletown           07748   Fax:732-739-5887             
                                Millstone Township   08510
Asbury Park             07712
                                                                                                    Patterson Army Community Hospital
Atlantic Highlands      07716   Millstone Township   08535   CentraState Healthcare System          Fort Monmouth,
Avon by the Sea         07717   Monmouth Beach       07750   901 West Main Street                   NJ 07703-5607
                                Morganville          07751   Freehold, NJ 07728                     732-532-1266
Belford                 07718                                732-431-2000
Belmar                  07719   Navesink             07752   Fax:732-462-5129                       Rehabilitation Hospital of Tinton Falls
Belmar                  07715   Neptune              07753                    2 Centre Plaza
Bradley Beach           07720   Neptune              07754                                          Tinton Falls, NJ 07724
                                                             Community Medical Center               732-460-5320
Brielle                 08730   Ocean                07712   99 Highway 37 West           
Cliffwood               07721   Ocean Grove          07756   Toms River, NJ 08755
                                Oceanport            07757   732-557-8000                           Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
Colts Neck              07722
                                                                                                    One Robert Wood Johnson Place
Cream Ridge             08514   Oakhurst             07755   Kimball Medical Center                 New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Deal                    07723   Port Monmouth        07758   600 River Avenue                       732-828-3000
                                Red Bank             07701   Lakewood, NJ 08701
Eatontown               07799                                732-363-1900                           Saint Peter's University Hospital
Eatontown               07724   Red Bank             07702                                          254 Easton Avenue
Englishtown             07726   Red Bank             07703   Meridian Hospitals Corporation         New Brunswick, NJ 08901
                                Red Bank             07704   Riverview Medical Center Division      732-745-8600
Fair Haven              07704                                One Riverview Plaza
Farmingdale             07727   Red Bank             07709   Red Bank, NJ 07701                     Saint Barnabas Behavioral Health Center
Fort Monmouth           07703   Roosevelt            08555   732-741-2700                           1691 U.S. Highway 9
                                Rumson               07760   Fax:732-224-8408                       Toms River, NJ 08754
Freehold                07728                                       732-914-1688
Hazlet                  07730   Sea Bright           07760
Highlands               07732   Sea Girt             08750   Meridian Hospitals Corporation         Shore Rehabilitation Institute
                                Shrewsbury           07702   Jersey Shore Medical Center Division   425 Jack Martin Boulevard
Holmdel                 07733                                1945 Route 33                          Brick, NJ 08724
Howell                  07731   Spring Lake          07762   Neptune, NJ 07754                      732-836-4500
Imlaystown              08526   Tennent              07763   732-775-5500                 
                                Tinton Falls         07701   Fax:732-776-4583                       Services/ShoreRehab
Interlaken              07712                      
Keansburg               07734   Tinton Falls         07712                                          Specialty Hospital at Monmouth
Keyport                 07735   Tinton Falls         07724   Monmouth Medical Center                300 Second Avenue,
                                Tinton Falls         07727   300 Second Avenue                      Greenwall 6
Lake Como               07719                                Long Branch, NJ 07740                  Long Branch, NJ 07740
Leonardo                07737   Tinton Falls         07753   732-222-5200                           732-923-5037
Lincroft                07738   Union Beach          07735   Fax:732-823-7570             
Little Silver           07739   West Long Branch     07764
Loch Arbour             07711   Wickatunk            07765
Long Branch             07740

102 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                           MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 103
                       FACTS AND SITES                                                                    FACTS AND SITES

                                                                                 Where do I apply for citizenship?
                                                                                 Immigration and Naturalization Service - Newark or Philadelphia
       FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS OF OUR DEPARTMENT.                             Where do I go to have a will probated?
            INCLUDED IN THESE PAGES ARE SEVERAL                                  County Surrogate's Office, Hall of Records, 1 East Main Street, Freehold, NJ
                  THAT PROVIDE USEFUL INFORMATION.                                           BIRTH / MARRIAGE / DEATH CERTIFICATES

                                                                                 Where can I obtain a copy of a birth certificate?
Website for Social Security Information:                            Municipal Clerk's Office in the town in which the birth took place. (Where the
                                                                                 hospital was located)
Websites for Veterans Benefits and Services:
                                                                                 Where can I find Birth Certificates for Ft. Monmouth
Website for the State of New Jersey:                            For those people who were born in Ft. Monmouth at the Army Hospital, you
                                                                                 must go to the Registrar at Oceanport Borough Hall for your birth certificates.
Website Listing for New Jersey Turnpike Authority --   (Except for the years from 1950-1960, then the information is only obtainable at the
                                                                                 Bureau of Vital Statistics in Trenton 609-292-4087.)
Website for N.J. Motor Vehicle Commission--
         • Telephone: 888-486-3339                                               Where can I obtain a copy of a marriage certificate?
         • Telephone / Vehicle Inspection Stations : 888-656-6867                Municipal Clerk's Office in the town of the bride /or the town in which the
                                                                                 marriage took place. (catering hall, church, restaurant)
Locations of Motor Vehicle Offices in Monmouth County
• Asbury Park: 1010 Comstock St., Asbury Park, NJ 07712                          Where can I obtain a copy of a death certificate.
• Eatontown: 109 Route 36. (East of Route 35) Eatontown,                         In Municipal Clerk's Office in the town where the death occurred. (Where the
         (Office and Vehicle Inspection Station)                                 hospital was located)
• Matawan: Rte. 34 and Broad St., Matawan, NJ 07747
• Freehold: 801 Okerson Road, Freehold, NJ 07728                                 Where can I find death rates or birth rates?
         (Office and Vehicle Inspection Station)                                 State Office in Trenton- (609) 292-7843.

Location for Social Security Office: 3310 Route 66, Neptune NJ                                                           DIVORCE
                                                                                 Where do I go for divorce records?
Website for Unemployment, Disability and Workman's Comp:                         Call the Family Division directly at 732-677-4050, or write:                           Monmouth County Court, Family Division, PO Box 1252, Freehold NJ 07728
                                                                                 or: visit the courthouse directly - in the Basement of the West Wing, Rm. L-7
        RECYCLING/HAZARDOUS WASTE DISPOSAL SITES                                 For a copy of divorce papers, you will need the following information:
The Household Hazardous Waste Facility is open year round on Tuesdays            First and Last Names of both parties, Date of Divorce, Docket Number (if possible)
through Saturdays, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. (closed for lunch) 1- 4 p.m. Persons
wishing to dispose of hazardous materials are asked to call in advance for an                                       VOTING
appointment, to insure that personnel and equipment are available to deal with   Where do I go to register to vote?
the materials being transported and to avoid delays. The telephone number is     Municipal Clerk's Office (in your town)/Commissioner of Registrations Office,
732-922-2234.                                                                    300 Halls Mill Road, Freehold, NJ or by mail.

Where do I file for unemployment?                                                Where do I vote?
If you are a resident who would normally report to an unemployment office in     Contact the Municipal Clerk in your town for your polling place.
Neptune, New Brunswick, Perth Amboy, Trenton, or Toms River you may file
a claim by telephone. To file your claim, call: 732-761-2020 -Monday - Friday,   How long must I live in Monmouth County before I can register and/or vote?
8:30 a.m. -4:30 p.m. Persons with hearing impairment or TTY users 732-761-       You can register to vote at any time, but you must reside in Monmouth County
2035.                                                                            for at least 30 days before you can vote.

104 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                      MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 105
                        FACTS AND SITES

When is Election Day?
General Election day is always the first Tuesday after the first Monday in
November. Primary Election day is always the first Tuesday after the first
Monday in June.


The County Clerk is required to keep a registry of all licensed physicians,
judgments, military discharges, identification cards, maps, deeds and property

   For information relative to the services performed by the County Clerk's
                       Office, please call: 732-431-7324

          The County Clerk's Office, located at 33 Mechanic Street
    in Market Yard, Freehold is the place to go for the following questions:

• Where can I get something notarized/take the oath to
        become a notary public?
• Where do I register a trade/business name or see if a trade name is
        already being used?
• Where do I get an identification card?
• Where do I get information on passports?
• Where can I get a copy of my deed?
• Where do I find information on land ownership/title deeds and liens?


Where is the Monmouth County Small Claims Court?
First floor, west wing of the Superior Court on Monument Street
          in Freehold.

Where do I go for passport pictures?
Passport photos are taken at camera stores, pharmacies or by a photographer.

Where can I find a listing of municipal tax rates?
Board of Taxation or Planning Board.
I need information on lot and block number, where can I go?
At the town hall of the municipality in question, or County Clerk's office.

                CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE
                                     in Monmouth County

Allentown Business Commerce                    Bradley Beach Chamber of
Association                                    Commerce
P.O. Box 432, Allentown, NJ 08501              501 Main Street, Bradley Beach, NJ 07720
609-208-1141                                   732-869-1020
Website:                   Fax: 732-481-5170
Asbury Park Chamber of Commerce                email:
308 Main Street, Asbury Park, NJ 07712
732-775-7676 Fax: 732-775-7675                 Brielle Chamber of Commerce
email:              PO Box 162, Brielle,
Website:              NJ 08730-0162
Atlantic Highlands Chamber of        
P.O. Box 141,                                  Eastern Monmouth Area Chamber
Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716                   of Commerce
732-872-8711 Fax: 732-291-9849                 47 Reckless Place,
Website:             Red Bank, NJ 07701
Avon-by-the-Sea Business                       Fax: 732-741-6778
539 Main Street, #65
Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ 07717
                                               Farmingdale Chamber of Commerce
                                               PO Box 534, Farmingdale NJ 07727
Belmar Chamber of Commerce
1005-1/2 Main Street, Belmar, NJ 07719
732-681-2900 (C.O.C.)
                                               Freehold Center Partnership
Fax: 732-681-8471
                                               17 Broad Street, Freehold, NJ 07728
                                               Fax: 732-462-2123
Belmar Tourism Commission
601 Main St.,Belmar, NJ 07719
732-681-3700 x229
Fax: 732-681-3434                              Greater Long Branch Chamber of
Website:                        Commerce
                                               228 Broadway, PO Box 628
Bradley Beach Tourism Commission               Long Branch, NJ 07740
701 Main Street, Bradley Beach, NJ 07720       732-222-0400
732-776-2999 x27 Fax: 732-775-1782             Fax: 732-571-3385
Website:             Website:

                                                    MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 107
               CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE                                                               CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE

Greater Ocean Township Chamber of          Keyport Business Alliance                Northern Monmouth Chamber of              Sea Girt Chamber of Commerce
Commerce                                   14 W. Front Street, PO Box 636          Commerce                                   600 Sea Girt Ave.,
2002 Bellmore St.,                         Keyport, NJ 07735                       1041 Hwy. 36, PO Box 521                   PO Box 479
Oakhurst, NJ 07755-0656                    732-739-0690 Fax: 732-739-6316          Navesink, NJ 07752                         Sea Girt, NJ 08750
732-660-1888                               Website:             732-291-7870                               732-449-7079
Fax: 732-660-1688                                                                  Fax: 732-291-7871
E-mail:           Lake Como Tourism Commission            email:                    Shore Region Tourism Council
Website:           1740 Main Street, Lake Como, NJ 07719   Website:           P.O. Box 1162,
                                           732-681-3232 Fax: 732-681-8981                                                     Toms River, NJ 08754
Greater Spring Lake Chamber of             Website:
Commerce                                                                           Ocean Grove Camp Meeting                   732-BIG-WAVE
304 Washington Avenue, Suite 104                                                   Association                      
                                           Latino Chamber of Commerce              P.O. Box 248
Spring Lake, NJ 07762                      of Monmouth                             Ocean Grove, NJ 07756                      Southern Monmouth Chamber of
732-449-0577                               P.O. Box 279,                                                                      Commerce
E-mail:                                                      732-775-0035 • Fax: 732-775-5689
                                           Marlboro, N.J. 07746                    Website:                2510 Belmar Blvd. Suite 20
Website:                732-761-0854                                                                       PO Box 1305
                                           E-mail:               Ocean Grove Area Chamber of                Wall, NJ 07719
Highlands Business Partnership, Inc.       Website:        Commerce                                   732-280-8800
PO Box 375,                                                                        45 Pilgrim Pathway, P.O. Box 415           Fax: 732-280-8505
Highlands, NJ 07732                        Manasquan Chamber of Commerce           Ocean Grove, NJ 07756                      E-mail:
732-291-4713                               PNC Bank, Main St., PO Box 365          732-774-1391                               Website:
Fax: 732-872-1031                          Manasquan, NJ 08736                     Toll free: 800-388-4768
E-mail:                732-223-8303 Fax: 732-223-8303          Fax: 732-774-3799                          West Long Branch Chamber of
Website:                                                       Website:              Commerce
                                                                                                                              P.O. Box 364
Howell Chamber of Commerce                 Matawan-Aberdeen Chamber of             Red Bank River Center                      West Long Branch, NJ 07764
PO Box 196, Howell, NJ 07731               Commerce                                20 Broad Street, Red Bank, NJ 07701        732-229-7409
732-363-4114                               PO Box 522, Matawan, NJ 07747           732-842-4244 • Fax: 732-842-7615
Fax: 732-363-8747                          732-290-1125                                                                       Western Monmouth Chamber of
                                                                                   E-mail:           Commerce
E-mail:             Fax: 732-290-1125                       Website:        17 Broad Street,
                                           Monmouth-Ocean Development                                                         Freehold, NJ 07728
                                           Council                                 Red Bank Visitors' Center                  732-462-3030
The Jersey Shore Partnership                                                       17 East Front Street, Red Bank, NJ 07701
                                           2520 Hwy 35, Suite 205,                                                            Fax: 732-462-2123
26 Lawson Lane, PO Box 535                                                         732-741-9211
                                           Manasquan, NJ 08736                                                                E-mail:
Sandy Hook, NJ 07732                                                               Fax: 732-741-9216
                                           732-223-MODC Fax: 732-223-1516                                                     Website:
Fax: 732-708-9015                          Website:
Website:   email:

108 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                                      MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 109
                                  INDEX                                                                   INDEX

4-H Department                    35   Bridges                       33    County Counsels                  45    FAQs and Sites                    104
53 Municipalities -                    Brielle                       52    Court Administrator              43    Farmingdale                        55
    One Community                 47   Brookdale Community College 33      Court Reporters                  44    Finance & Administration          24
Aberdeen                          48   Brown, Charles III            24    Court, Superior                  42    Finance Division - Courts         44
Addiction Services                30   Buildings & Grounds           33    Criminal Division, Courts        44    Fire Companies                    100
Adjuster                          30   Burry, Lillian G., Freeholder  6    Curley, John P., Deputy Director 5     Fire Marshal/Academy              34
Administrative Departments        24   Cable TV Stations             97    Deal                             53    Fisheries & Aquaculture
Administrative Services &              Care Centers                  32    Deed Room                        36        Department                    35
    Public Safety                 24   Chambers of Commerce          107   Development Review                     Fitzgerald, Amy                   26
Administrator                     24   Child Support Enforcement     44        Committee                    27    Fleet Services                    33
Aging, Office On                  30   Christie, Gov. Chris          15    Directory Reorder Form           118   Freehold Borough                  55
Aging, Disability & Veterans’          Civil Division, Courts        44    Disabilities, Office On          30    Freehold Township                 56
    Interment Services            30   Clark, Robert W.              27    Eatontown                        53    Freeholders, Board of Chosen       3
Agriculture                       35   Clark, Matthew S.             25    Economic Development &                 Freeholders Meeting Schedule      98
Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services     30   Clerk of Elections            36        Tourism                      26    French, M. Claire                 36
Allenhurst                        48   Clerk to the Board of               EEO/AA Officer - Courts          43    French, M. Claire, County Clerk    11
Allentown                         49       Chosen Freeholders         24   Elected Officials                 9    From The Director's Desk           2
Amendment Review Committee        27   Clifton, Robert D., Director   4    Elections                        36    General Operations Manager,
Archives                          36   Colts Neck                     52   Emergency Management             26        Court                         43
Arnone, Thomas A., Freeholder      8   Commerce, Planning &                Employment & Training            26    Geraldine L. Thompson Division    32
Asbury Park                       49       Education                 26    Engineering                      33    Golden, Shaun                     12
Assignment Judge, Lawrence M.          Communications Division       39    Englishtown                      54    Golden, Shaun, Sheriff            39
    Lawson                        42   Community Development               Environmental Council            27    Grand Jury Clerk                  44
Atlantic Highlands                50       Program                   27    Ettore, Joseph M.                33    Greenhouse Gas Reduction
Audio Visual Aids Commission      29   Construction Board of Appeals 35    Executive Superintendent of                Advisory Committee            27
Aumack, Thomas                    26   Consumer Affairs              36        Schools                      28    Hazlet                            56
Authorities, Regional Utilities   29   Contract Administration Unit  31    Facts About Monmouth                   Health Departments                40
Avon-By-The-Sea                   50   Cooperative Research &                  County                       21    Health, County                    33
Bayshore Regional Sewerage                 Extension of Rutgers      35    Fair Haven                       54    Heine, William K.                 25
    Authority                     29   Correctional Institution-MCCI 39    Fair Housing Board               27    Highlands                         57
Bayshore Outfall Authority        29   County Adjuster               30    Falzon, Dr. Andrew               37    Highways                          33
Bazer, Esq., Andrea I.            24   County Prosecutor             39    Family Consumer Health Sciences        Historical Commission             36
Belmar                            51   County Clerk                  36        Department                   35    Holmdel                           57
Bradley Beach                     51   County Counsel                24    Family Division - Courts         44    Holt, Rep. Rush                   15

110 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                          MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 111
                                 INDEX                                                                  INDEX

Hospitals                        103   Long Branch                     61   Neighborhoods and Towns       75   Probation, Adult Supervision       44
Howell                           58    Mallet, Amy A., Freeholder       7   Neptune City                  65   Prosecutor                         39
Human Services Advisory                Manalapan                       62   Neptune Township              66   Public Information &
    Council                      31    Manasquan                       62   New Jersey's 21 Counties      95       Communications                 25
Human Services                   30    Manasquan River Regional             Norman, Mary Lou              30   Public Schools                     77
Human Relations Commission       31        Sewerage Authority          29   O’Connor, Teri                24   Public Works & Engineering         24
Human Resources - County         24    Map Room                        36   Ocean Grove                   67   Purchasing                         25
Human Resources - Courts         44    Marlboro                        63   Ocean Township                66   Quick Reference Guide              22
Improvement Authority            24    Mason, Glenn                    26   Oceanport                     67   Radio Stations/Cable TV:           97
Independent Auditors             24    Matawan                         63   Office on Aging               30   Reclamation Center                 29
Information Technology                 Meddis, Michael                 33   Office on Disabilities        30   Recording                          36
    Services                     25    Media Outlets                   96   Official Court Reporters      44   Records Management                 25
Insurance & Risk Management      24    Medical Examiner                37   Ombudsman, Courts             43   Recreation Commissioners           37
Interlaken                       58    Meeting Schedule, Freeholders   98   Pallone, Rep. Frank           15   Red Bank                           68
John L. Montgomery Division      32    Members of the Planning Board   26   Park Staff                    38   Regional Authorities               29
Judges                           42    Menendez, Sen. Robert           14   Park System                   37   Roosevelt                          68
Jury Coordination Office         44    Mental Health Board             30   Parks/Locations               38   Rumson                             69
Juvenile Detention                     Mental Health & Addiction            Parks, Library & Public            Rutgers, Cooperative Research
    Alternatives                 32        Services                    30       Services                  35       & Extension                    35
Juvenile Probation Supervision   44    Mental Health                   30   Passports                     36   Schools for the Disabled           93
Keansburg                        59    Middletown                      64   Perkins, Marci L.             43   Sea Girt                           70
Keyport                          59    Millstone                       64   Peters, Rosemarie             10   Sea Bright                         69
Lake Como                        60    Monmouth Beach                  65   Peters, Rosemarie, Surrogate  39   Senior Centers & Nutrition Sites   41
Lautenberg, Sen. Frank           14    Monmouth-Ocean Educational           Pivinski, Thomas F.           30   Senior Citizen & Disabled
Law Enforcement Division         39        Services Commission         87   Planning & Contracting        31       Resident Transportation        32
Lawson, A.J.S.C., Lawrence M.    42    Morris, David                   39   Planning Board & Staff        26   Shade Tree Commission              26
Library Headquarters &                 Mosquito Extermination               Planning, Economic Development     Sheinbaum, Kenneth                 36
    Branches                     36        Commission                  25       & Regulatory Affairs      24   Sheriff                            39
Library Commissioners            36    Municipal Land Use Law          35   Police Academy                39   Shrewsbury Borough                 70
Little Silver                    60    Municipal Division, Courts      44   Police Radio                  39   Shrewsbury Township                71
Loch Arbour                      61    Municipal Alliances             34   Popkin, Gerri C.              25   Siskel, Hedra                      36
Lodato, Kathleen                 32    Municipalities                  47   Population Estimates          94   Smith, Rep. Christopher            15
                                                                            Private Schools               88   Social Services                    32

112 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                                                       MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 113
                                 INDEX                                           NOTES

Solid Waste Advisory Council     28   Treasurer                            25
South Monmouth Regional               Truncer, James J.                    38
    Sewerage Authority           29   Two Rivers Water Reclamation
Special County Counsels          45       Authority                        29
Spring Lake                      71   U.S.Legislators, State Legislators
Spring Lake Heights              72       & Constitutional Officers         9
State Department of Education,        Union Beach                          73
    County Office                77   Upper Freehold Township              73
State Legislators District 10    16   Veterans’ Services                   30
State Legislators District 11    17   Vocational Schools                   86
State Legislators District 12    18   Vocational Board of
State Legislators District 13    19   Education                            25
State Legislators District 30    20   Volunteer Coordinator -Courts        44
Storm Water Technical Advisory        Voting Machine Warehouse             36
    Committee                    28   Wall Township                        74
Sumick, Bertha                   36   Warshaw, Jr., Peter E.               13
Superintendent of                     Warshaw, Jr., Peter E., County
Elections/Commissioner of             Prosecutor                           39
    Registration                 36   Watson, Patricia                     36
Superintendent of Schools        28   Weights & Measures                   29
Superior Court                   42   West Long Branch                     74
Surrogate                        39   Western Monmouth Utilities
Taxation                         25       Authority                        29
Tinton Falls                     72   Workers Compensation
Tobia, John W.                   24       Counsels                         46
Towns                            75   Workforce Investment Board           26
Traffic Safety Unit              33   Youth Detention Center               39
Transportation                   32   Youth Services Commission            31
Transportation Council           28   Youth Services Planning              31
                                      Zip Codes                            102

114 MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY                                                            MONMOUTH COUNTY DIRECTORY 115
                                NOTES   NOTES

                                                                      RE-ORDER FORM

                                Name of Company / Organization


                                Telephone Number

                                Attention of:
                                Number of copies desired
                                How many did you receive last year?
                                Comments on previous directory

                                                                         MAIL OR FAX RE-ORDERS ONLY
                                                    Mail to: Monmouth County Department of Public Information, 1 East Main Street
                                                              Freehold, New Jersey 07728 or Fax to 732-866-3696
                                                                     PLEASE RE-ORDER BY DECEMBER 2011

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