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					Window Sheen
                                                          Competes with:
Description and Uses:
If you had to pick just one product that stood            Auto Magic
out in the Mark V line, it would have to be               Car Brite           Hard Surface Cleaner
Window Sheen! Flat out the finest glass                   Granitize
cleaner available anywhere at any price.                  Malco
Proprietary, non-soap surfactants and water               MOC
miscible solvents cut through the oily film on            P and S
auto glass fast, leaving the glass 100%                   Pro
residue free.                                             Production
Use Window Sheen around the home to clean
glass, chrome, appliances and counter tops.               Window Sheen has no competition!
But don’t stop there, use it to remove glue
residue from “shrink wrapped” autos or as pre-
spotter for certain carpet stains.

                                                          Special Tips and Precautions:
                                                          •   Never use fabric softeners or dryer sheets
•   Does not contain soap. No soapy residue,                  when washing window towels. They leave a
    no streaks!                                               residue on the towels, which will cause
•   Dries 100% residue free.                                  windows to streak.
•   Windows stay cleaner longer.                          •   Customers need to implement a “towel
•   Safe for tinted windows.                                  hygiene” program. Have dedicated window
•   Cuts through smoke film and plasticizer                   towels and both wash and dry them
    buildup instantly.                                        separately form other towels.
•   Surfactants prevent reattachment of dirt              •   Use Window Sheen to touch-up new car
    and plasticizers even if you stop wiping                  carpets and velour soiled during PDI or test
    prematurely.                                              drives.
•   Ammonia free.                                         •   Do not use on dyed or freshly painted
•   Can be used straight or diluted.                          surfaces.
                                                          •   Use caution around leather and the clear
                                                              plastic, which covers the instrument panel.
                                                              Damage will result if product comes in
                                                              contact with these surfaces.

Revised 12/31/03

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