; 2010 – 2011 Annual Report
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2010 – 2011 Annual Report


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									2010 – 2011 Annual Report
Vision    CIPS Alberta is the voice and champion of the IT Community in
                                    Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

Mission     To grow, develop, and represent the IT community of Alberta
              and the Northwest Territories, while protecting the public by
            fostering the highest standards and encouraging professional
                                           growth amongst our members.

                                                      Core Values
                                              4Enhance Professionalism
                     4Strictly Comply with the CIPS Code of Ethics and
                                                  Standard of Conduct
                      4Encourage Volunteers and Member Participation
             4Demonstrate Openness, Transparency, and Accountability
                                                     in Governance
                              4Demonstrate Competence in the Role of
                                              Director of the Society.
CIPS provides the "Portal" to our
Information and Communication
Technology (ICT) community, here in
Alberta, and across the country. A CIPS
membership provides a way to foster your
professional career.
Our focus is:
  4 Networking
  4 Education & Training
  4 Mentoring
CIPS provides services of interest,
through volunteer members, sponsors,
and complimentary associations. CIPS
also provides additional value with our
buying power, internationally recognized
certification, and industry information
white papers.
                                     Table of Contents
2010/2011                            2011 Annual General Meeting Agenda ............................6

Board of Directors                   President's Report .........................................................7
                                     Vice President's Report ..................................................8
Executive Officers                   Treasurer's Report .........................................................8
President                            Secretary's Report .........................................................9
Peter Guest, I.S.P., ITCP            Membership Report ..................................................... 10
Past President                       Mentorship Report ...................................................... 11
Ross Phillips, I.S.P., ITCP
                                     ICE Conference Report ................................................. 11
Vice President                       CIPS Red Deer Liaison Report ...................................... 12
Vincent Chiew, I.S.P., ITCP
                                     2011 CIPS Women in Technology ................................. 13
Secretary                            Information Technology Workforce
Patricia Glenn, I.S.P., ITCP         Market Pressure (ITWMP) ....................................... 14-15
Treasurer                            CIPS Alberta Events ..................................................... 15
Cheryl Dyck, I.S.P., ITCP
                                     Volunteers: Thank You! ................................................ 16
                                     2010-11 CIPS Alberta Financial Statements

Directors                               Auditor's Report ....................................................... 17
                                        Statement of Financial Position .................................. 18
Ken Anderson
                                        Statement of Revenues and Expenses ........................ 19
Vince Anderson, I.S.P., ITCP
                                        Statement of Changes in Net Assets ..........................20
Brian Brandon
Doug Brown, I.S.P., ITCP
                                        Statement of Cash Flow ............................................21

Rob Das, I.S.P., ITCP                   Notes to Financial Statements .............................22-24
Marc Heuman                          2010 AGM Minutes .................................................25-27
Lee Mainman, I.S.P., ITCP
Jeff Pallister
Richard Peacock
Curtis Smorodin, I.S.P., ITCP
Brian Stewart, I.S.P., ITCP
                                     Canadian Information
Lorraine Teel                        Processing Society of Alberta
Erika Rauser
                                     PO Box 4091, Station C
Executive Director
                                     Calgary, AB T2T 5M9
Sarah Edwards
                                     400, 1040 – 7 Avenue SW
Executive Director, ICE Conference
                                     Calgary, Alberta T2P 3G9
                                     T: 1.877.247.7221 (CIPS AB1)
                                     F: 403.244.2340
                                     E: alberta@cips.ca

                                        5                         2010 – 2011 Annual Report
Annual General Meeting                                                       Agenda
Thursday, September 8, 2011                                                  1. Call to Order/Verification of Quorum
6:00 pm                                                                      2. Review of Agenda

Edmonton Petroleum Club                                                      3. Approval of the Minutes for 2010 AGM
11110 - 108 Street                                                           4. President’s Report
Edmonton, Alberta                                                            5. Treasurer’s Report

Conference Call-in Option: Dial 1-866-613-5223                               6. Bylaw Amendment
                                                                             7. Appointment of Auditor
                                                                             8    Nominations and Election
                                                                             9. Closing Remarks and Adjournment

    Proposed change to CIPS Alberta Bylaws
    Currently reads:                                                 Proposed revision:
    5.1 Board of Directors                                           5.1 Board of Directors
    The Association Board of Directors shall include the             The Association Board of Directors shall include the
    President, Vice President, Past President, Secretary,            President, Vice President, Past President, Secretary,
    Treasurer and such public representatives as may be              Treasurer and such public representatives as may be
    required under the Act. In addition, no less than four (4)       required under the Act. In addition, no less than four (4)
    Directors shall be chosen as members of the Board from           Directors shall be chosen as members of the Board from
    the certified membership in good standing.                       the certified membership in good standing. The maximum
                                                                     number of board members shall not exceed fifteen.
    Public representatives shall be appointed by the minister
    in accordance with the regulation.                               Public representatives shall be appointed by the minister in
                                                                     accordance with the regulation.
    Additional members of the board may be chosen from
    the regular membership in good standing.                         Additional members of the board may be chosen from the
                                                                     regular membership in good standing.
    The number of certified board members must always
    exceed the number of non-certified members.                      The number of certified board members must always
                                                                     exceed the number of non-certified board members.
    The Board shall be the governing body of the
    Association responsible for setting direction and policy         The Board shall be the governing body of the Association
    with full authority over all affairs of the Association.         responsible for setting direction and policy with full
    Unless otherwise provided for in the Act, the regulation,        authority over all affairs of the Association. Unless
    or these bylaws, all actions and decisions of the Board          otherwise provided for in the Act, the regulation, or these
    shall be final.                                                  bylaws, all actions and decisions of the Board shall be final.

   Rationale: With no current maximum number of board members stipulated in the bylaws, this means that the board
   can grow to an unwieldy number. In addition to the improved efficiencies and increased participation that come along
   with a more manageable board size, a large board also makes it more difficult to meet quorum requirements, and incurs
   additional travel costs for in-person board meetings. Therefore, the CIPS Alberta board would like to establish a maximum
   of 15 board members going forward, and encourage increased volunteer participation through committee involvement.

                                                                 6                       2010 – 2011 Annual Report
President’s Report                             Peter Guest, I.S.P., ITCP
At the beginning of my term as president a year seemed like a long time, but it has gone by very fast.
I feel we have achieved some very good results and have also put the pins in place for accomplishing
even more over the coming year. Details on these activities can be found in the portfolio reports, but I
will highlight a few here.
The most significant program activity we host is the ICE Conference. We put on a very well received
conference last year and I believe this year’s conference will draw an even larger audience. We are
also holding one day of the conference in Calgary this year.
From an outreach perspective our volunteers continue to do fantastic work. We held our 11th Women
in Technology event where we hosted 350 grade nine female students and teachers from 23 schools
in Edmonton and surrounding area. The IT is Everywhere program also continued to promote IT as a
career to a number of schools and career events.
Lastly, from a perspective of working with other organizations, we continue to work closely with many
other industry related organizations to help promote and strengthen both our industry and profession.
In the year to come we will continue to focus on these same items, but I expect we will also grow our
membership and improve our marketing and communication approaches. Plans for the coming year will
be pulled together in a Strategic Planning Session taking place next month.

                                                                   7                      2010 – 2011 Annual Report
Vice President's Report                                 Vincent Chiew, I.S.P., ITCP
This has been a very exciting year for me as the Vice President of CIPS Alberta. I have had the
opportunity to see the big picture from perspectives of the executive as well as the various board
members and committees. More importantly, I had learned a lot from President Peter Guest, and am
looking forward to his continued support and advice as he moves into his role as past president.
One of the more important projects I have participated in was the development of CIPS Guide to
the Common Body of Knowledge for Computing and IT (CBOK). Our CBOK now has more domains
that are aligned with industry best practices and contains references to more detailed information.
In addition to my VP role, I have acted as the Contact Liaison with the International Information
Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc., (ISC)²®. As an information security professional, I
worked with both Sarah Edwards and Erika Rauser to promote awareness, practice and discipline of information security within
Alberta by getting guest speakers to come in to give presentations. As a volunteer of Information Technology Workforce Market
Pressure (ITWMP), I had the opportunity to do a presentation at a high school to promote IT and to encourage students to
choose our profession as a career of choice. With my passion in standard work, I am volunteering as co-chair of CIPS National’s
Professional Standards Advisory Council (PSAC) for the next term.
Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those whom have helped CIPS Alberta to create value for our members,
and to promote our profession. I look forward to your continued support in the next term.

Treasurer's Report                            Cheryl Dyck, I.S.P., ITCP
This is the first year after the amalgamation of the Alberta chapters. All are now operating under
CIPS Alberta.
This year was focused on building on existing programs and planning new initiatives for 2011/2012.
Highlights from the financials are:
  4 At year end we are in a positive cash flow position – revenue at year end is $2,667.
  4 CIPS ICE Conference was a success and revenue exceed expenses, with a final revenue of
  4 Membership fees were down in 2010/2011. Budget estimates were $166,100 and actual for the year were $116,795.
  4 The Board worked hard this year on new and existing initiatives to build visibility and membership for CIPS. New initiatives
    and strategies will be carried into 2011/2012 budget year.
Budget highlights are:
  4 Budget for 2011/2012 reflects the plans for new initiatives and strategies.
  4 Board worked hard to have this budget ready prior to the onset of the 2011/2012 fiscal year in order to give the incoming
    board a road map with which to work.
  4 Focus for the upcoming year is on building membership.
  4 There will also be a strong focus on building visibility and credibility in the business community.
  4 Focus on building sponsorship and alliance partnership with related associations.
  4 Budget forecasts expect this to have a positive impact on our revenue.

                                                                8                      2010 – 2011 Annual Report
Secretary’s Report                             Patricia Glenn, I.S.P., ITCP
CIPS Alberta held 14 board meetings during the last fiscal year, July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011. The
Annual General Meeting for this fiscal year is being held on September 8, 2011 in Edmonton. There
were no special meetings of the Society during the fiscal year.
There were 17 board members, with one appointment to the board in March 2011. Members may be
appointed to the board during the year and serve until the next annual meeting. Currently, we have no
upper limit for the number of board members. In a discussion of the Board, it was decided to put to
the membership for a vote, a limit of 15 board members. The number of certified and non-certified
members will remain in accordance with the bylaws.
In general, directors are elected for two years. Officers of the Association (President, Vice President, Past President, Secretary
and Treasurer) serve for only one year.
The retiring board members are: Ken Anderson, Marc Heuman, Jeff Pallister (public member), Ross Phillips, Curtis Smorodin and
Brian Stewart. We thank these board members for the time and contributions that they have made to CIPS. We look forward to
their continued support as members of our Association.
Board members continuing their terms are: Peter Guest (Past President): certified, Vincent Chiew (President): certified, Rob Das:
certified and Lee Mainman.
Board members standing for re-election are: Vince Anderson: certified, Brian Brandon, Doug Brown (as Vice President): certified,
Cheryl Dyck: certified, Patricia Glenn: certified, Richard Peacock (as Vice President) and Lorraine Teel.
Nominations for the Board are: Maria Anderson: certified and William Turgeon: certified.
One of the board members (the Public Member) is appointed by the minister in accordance with the regulation under the
Professional and Occupational Associations Registration Act. The CIPS Public Member has been Jeff Pallister, who has served
for three terms, the maximum number of terms allowed. Jeff has been an excellent appointment and has served CIPS well with
his thoughtful, insightful and appropriate questions and comments. We wish to thank Jeff for his time and all that he has brought
to CIPS.
Johnny Mo has been selected by the Minister as the new Public Member for CIPS Alberta.
CIPS Alberta currently has 1223 members, of which 517 are certified, 541 are non-certified and 165 are student members. Our
membership numbers are down from last year when we had 1252 members, with 501 certified members, 655 non-certified
members and 96 students.
The increase in student members may be attributed to the work of Doug Brown, Director, Student Liaison and that the students
in CIPS accredited programs can have a free CIPS membership.
CIPS Alberta is recognizing more that 55 volunteers, across the province, who have provided time and support to CIPS initiatives
and events. Many more CIPS member volunteer hours were spent in the initiative to raise the awareness of IT and IT-related
careers with high school students.

                                                                 9                      2010 – 2011 Annual Report
Membership Report                                  Richard Peacock, Director
Since joining the board as Membership Director in Q1/11, most of Q2/11 was spent getting up to speed on
CIPS past activities in 2009 and 2010. One of the challenges I am seeing is defining a value proposition that
will retain existing members and attract new ones. CIPS is seeing increased competition for memberships
from associations such as the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the International Association of
Business Analysts (IIBA). Members are questioning why they should belong to multiple associations.
With this in mind, the CIPS Alberta 2011/2012 strategic planning will provide an opportunity to evaluate how
CIPS is currently serving the IT community; determine what services the IT community needs and how CIPS
can provide those services.
There is a role for CIPS in the IT community and am looking forward to working with the board to define the new role and build the
memberships campaigns to support it.
Activities to Date Include:
  4 Participating on the CIPS National Membership Council
  4 Preparing and presenting an overview of current CIPS membership demographics, membership trends and recommendations to the
    CIPS Alberta Board.
  4 Working with our liaison (Erika Rauser) at Associations Plus to develop a new member welcome letter which provides an overview of
    CIPS, how to get engaged and a list of upcoming events.
  4 Conducting a student member survey to determine the needs of new student members with the goal of developing strategies to
    convert student memberships into full CIPS members.
2012 Membership Plan
The goal for 2011 – 2012 will be to increase membership by 5% or 60 members.
This will be accomplished by focusing on these three groups:
  4 Retain existing members – slow the attrition
  4 Attract new members – value proposition and marketing
  4 Convert students to Candidate Members – networking and mentoring
Four themes have been defined for 2012.
1. Promote Value of CIPS Membership
   As we see with other organizations such as PMI, there is a need to promote and market the value of the CIPS membership. There
   needs to be perceived value in the CIPS membership. Members need to feel valued and feel ownership in the organization.
    The best recruiting tool will be to get members recruiting new members.
2. Invest in Membership
   In the proposed 2011-2012 budget, funding has been allocated for:
  4    Anniversary recognition – recognize long standing members (levels to be determined)
  4    Gifts and awards – promote accomplishments of CIPS members
  4    Promotional items – for membership and student events
  4    Membership campaign events – three campaigns are proposed:
          Fall (September)
          Christmas Gift (“CIPS for XMAS”)
          Spring (April - May) Graduation gifts
3. Increase Corporate Involvement
   Work with Marketing to define the CIPS value proposition for corporations and increase our corporate membership base by two new
   corporate sponsors.
4. Convert Student Members to Candidate Members
   Work with Doug Brown (Director, CIPS Alberta & NWT Student Liaison Portfolio) to build synergy and align campaigns

                                                                   10                                2010 – 2011 Annual Report
Mentorship Report                               Lorraine Teel, Director
In response to membership demand, this spring CIPS Alberta partnered with the e-mentoring program
MentorNet to facilitate mentorship relationships between college students (protégés) and IT professionals
So far two matches have been made through the program, giving CIPS members the opportunity to
share their experience and impart their enthusiasm for the IT profession with the next generation of IT
workers. If you are interested in participating in this mentorship program, as either a mentor or a mentee,
I encourage you to visit the CIPS website for further details.
A full report on the CIPS Alberta and MentorNet partnership will be available in April 2012.
On May 19 I was delighted to attend “Fusion 2011 YEG – Edmonton”, a celebration of another successful program year for
CyberMentor, a home grown e-mentoring program for Alberta students aged 11 to 18 years. I met a dozen girls and their mentors from
the Greater Edmonton area, all of them enthused about their CyberMentor experiences. It was swell to see many of the mentees and
mentors meeting in “real life” for the first time. Check out http://www.cybermentors.ca/ for more information.
Of interest to CIPS members who work with or hire foreign IT professionals is the e-mentoring initiative Canada Infonet. Funded by
Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC), this program is designed to match new immigrants with IT skills with
experienced mentors to facilitate integration into the Canadian job market. See http://www.canadainfonet.org/ for more information.
Keep an eye out for more mentorship information in CIPScene and the CIPS Alberta website.

ICE Conference Report                                    Lee Mainman, Director
We are excited about ICE 2011 and our theme this year is Transformation! We are encouraging
everyone to take some time out from their busy schedules to learn how to Ignite Growth and Ignite
Innovation. In line with our theme of Transformation we are making some changes to the conference
this year. As CIPS has now transformed into CIPS Alberta we have turned the ICE Conference into
a provincial event with two days being held in Edmonton on November 1st and 2nd as well as a full
day in Calgary on November 3rd. As always the conference is here to help you Innovate, Connect and
Educate and this year we are striving to have a top quality lineup of presenters.
Our primary keynote speaker this year is the former Chief Information Officer at Google. Douglas
Merrill championed innovation at the company as it grew from Internet start up into one of the world's
most admired organizations. His latest project is ZestCash.com, a short-term loan service that provides customers with an
affordable alternative to traditional payday loan companies. He brings to his keynotes a rich real world perspective on innovation
as strategy, as culture, while delivering an overview of how new technologies have changed the way we live, and the way we
work. Informed, passionate and brilliantly counter-intuitive, Merrill now helps companies around the world learn how to build their
own sustainable cultures of innovation.
As well, this year the ICE Conference has partnered with the Autism Calgary Association to support fundraising efforts to improve
employment and opportunities for adults diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. Individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome have an
85% adult unemployment rate, in spite of their higher than average IQ and (often) unique mental capabilities. The Specialisterne
Canada Advisory Board is a project of Autism Calgary Association, which seeks to start a non-profit operation in Alberta to help
create employment opportunities in IT.

ICE Conference 2011
November 1 & 2, 2011                       November 3, 2011                      Register now at:
The Shaw Conference Centre                 MacEwan Centre                        www.iceconference.com
Edmonton, Alberta                          Calgary, Alberta

                                                                  11                                2010 – 2011 Annual Report
CIPS Red Deer Liaison Report
Brian Brandon, Director
Over the years, the CIPS Red Deer Community had experienced periods of active participation as well
as leaner ones where participation/volunteerism waned, with the Community coming close to dissolving
just prior to the amalgamation of all sections under the CIPS Alberta framework, with dinner meetings
averaging less than 12 attendees. After working through the CIPS Alberta transition, it was determined
that the approach to having CIPS remain the voice and champion for Central Alberta IT practitioners
needed to be revisited. This past year represented a period of reflection and further change for the
Red Deer area which included altering the timing of dinner meetings and emphasizing the benefits of
participating in CIPS as a method to increase volunteer involvement.
A decision was made to forego the annual golf tournament and dinner meetings for the 2010 fall timeframe to enable some of
the longstanding volunteers to take a well deserved break from CIPS activities and to have efforts focused on rejuvenating the IT
community in Central Alberta from a CIPS perspective. This ultimately resulted in the decision to hold CIPS meetings every other
month to make them more of an “event”, adjust the date/days of the meetings to be the second Wednesday to help keep the
dates away from more long weekends and enabling one of the larger IT shops attend more frequently, and reduce the “monthly”
time commitment for the core group of volunteers.
The following is a recap of the dinner meetings held this past year:
4 January 2011 meeting (Topic: Service Orient Organization) - 42 attendees
  This meeting was well attended by Red Deer College (RDC) students, with eight membership applications completed.
4 March 2011 meeting (Topic: Hacker Tools Talk) - 36 attendees
4 May 2011 meeting (Topic: LinkedIn Representative) – 30 attendees
4 June 2011 meeting (Annual Golf Tournament) – 31 attendees
  Great support from sponsors was received, with great prizes for all.
The following reflects the proposed schedule for events for this coming year:
4 September 14, 2011 meeting – Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Web
4 November – no local meeting – will be promoting ICE Conference events
4 January 11, 2012 meeting – Next Generation Testing (to be confirmed)
4 March 14, 2012 meeting – Green IT (to be confirmed)
4 May 11, 2012 meeting – Student Lead Presentations (to be confirmed)
There were a few other highlights from this past year worth noting:
4 Reestablished a working relationship with some of the RDC faculty. This has resulted in an increased number of students
  attending dinner meetings and plans to have at least one of the yearly dinner meetings tie into their program curriculum.
  Consideration is also being given to having one of the meetings be hosted by the top students, which would involve the students
  presenting some of their work.
4 Established contact with the public high schools in support of the ITWMP and participated in the Career Expo on April 28th which
  drew over 3200 students (grades 9-12). The CIPS booth was represented by IT professionals representing IT Security, Mobile
  Development, and IT careers in general. CIPS (IT is Everywhere) swag was distributed and well received by the students, with
  approximately 400 students being talked with directly. These practitioners enjoyed the event and have committed to participating
  again next year.
4 Increased interest by practitioners to get involved and volunteer in CIPS this coming year. Being part of CIPS Alberta has reduced
  the administrative support required at the local level, which has helped generate interest and commitment. This has resulted in
  new volunteers expressing interest as well as past volunteers renewing their commitments.
The changes to the local meeting schedule, the ability to secure high caliber speakers through working with the other Alberta
Communities, and the increased interest in local volunteers has repositioned the Red Deer Community well to have CIPS continue to
be the cohesive voice and champion for IT practitioners in Central Alberta.

                                                                   12                             2010 – 2011 Annual Report
2011 CIPS Women in Technology
Leap Toward Information Technology One-Day Conference
The eleventh annual CIPS Women in Technology event was held on February 25, 2011 and once
again, was a huge success. We hosted 350 Grade 9 female students and teachers from 23
schools in Edmonton and surrounding area. The feedback from the attendees was very positive:
94.3% of our attendees agreed that we achieved our objective of teaching them the benefits of
studying math and science, and 94.7% of them indicated that we helped them to understand the
benefits of a career in Information Technology.
University of Alberta Computing Science, IBM and CIPS Alberta were once again the primary
sponsors donating (or pledging to donate) over $5000 in cash or in-kind contributions. Glenora
                                                                                                      A focused attendee tests the
Rotary, WCB Alberta, Anisoft, Basaraba Enterprises (requested no publicity for this donation),        programming for her robot.
Sierra Systems, Accenture, CGI, The City of Edmonton, Executrade, NACG, Oracle and ATCO-
ITEK provided cash contributions. In-kind sponsors included Acrodex, Allegro, Funky Pickle, UofA Engineering, Fujitsu, and Westcan
Wireless. Interactive workshops were provided by: Department of Computing Science, UofA (6 workshops), IBM Canada Ltd.
(2 workshops), Deloitte (2 sessions), Engineering UofA, TELUS, Device Media, Service Canada, NAIT (2 sessions), Executrade,
Manpower, MacEwan University.
Once again, in 2011, we had a strong year of sponsorship support. We raised $14,000 in sponsorship and were supported by several
new sponsors: the City of Edmonton, Executrade and NACG. Our expenses were kept manageable at $11,368. With seed money
from 2010 of $6772 to help defray the 2011 expenses we are able to “carry forward” $9400 to fund our 2012 event. The cash
contribution that supports this event is relatively small – but the in-kind support is tremendous and estimated to be over $125,000.
In addition, we enjoyed another year in partnership with the UofA, and had nearly 100 volunteers for our event including our
committee, UofA students/researchers, and women from the industry and from CIPS who believe in the objectives of this initiative.
This is great name recognition for CIPS among this group including awareness with our key sponsors: UofA Computing Science,
Glenora Rotary, IBM and the teachers/principals in K-12.
                                                           We have again secured University of Alberta as the venue for February 2012 as
                                                           an in-kind donation. The momentum of this program has certainly grown and
                                                           has a high degree of awareness and acceptance in Edmonton with the CIPS
                                                           name positively positioned as providing the leadership for this event. We have
                                                           high demand and recognition for this program from the schools.
                                                           The entire Committee has agreed to return in 2012 and we expect to host
                                                           another successful event.

A student, spokesperson from the Victoria School for the
Performing Arts, talks about what the students from that
school learned at the conference.

                                                                     13                               2010 – 2011 Annual Report
Information Technology Workforce Market
Pressure (ITWMP) Patricia Glenn, I.S.P., ITCP
ITWMP was initiated in response to the labour market results published by the Information and
Communications Technology Council (ICTC) in 2008. That report estimated that over the period
2008-2015, employers in Alberta would need to recruit between 12,326 and 17,702 ICT workers.
For individual employers, hiring needs could be even higher as a result of staff turnover.
Alberta Advanced Education and Technology (AET) brought industry, education and governments
together to identify specific issues and develop an action plan. The unpublished action plan included
some initiatives that were already in place or proposed.
In the meantime, CIPS in Calgary also responded to the ICTC report with an initiative called “IT is Everywhere”. The initiative
was taken on and developed by Patricia Kaiser, a director of CIPS-Calgary. The initiative included contacting the school boards
in Calgary and offering to attend career days and events and making presentations at schools. Pat recruited a number of
volunteers to participate in these events. With volunteers and support from their companies and AET, a DVD of ‘cool’ ICT careers
was developed.
With some grant money from AET, we re-vamped the website www.checkoutIT.ca and linked www.ITisEverywhere.ca to it. The
content needs to be refreshed to maintain interest from our target audience; students, parents and educators. The updating
process is continuing and is a continual process. While it is important to attract high school students to IT and IT-related
careers, it is also important to have them graduate in computer science, computer engineering and related disciplines. Some of
the content on the website, such as career opportunities, scholarships and course offerings are relevant to secondary and post-
secondary students.
Swag has been purchased and references ‘checkoutIT’ and “ITisEverywhere”. This swag is available to volunteers for take to
school career events. A limited amount of swag has been purchased for industry people and teachers as a reminder of the issue
and opportunity of IT careers.
A student brochure and an industry brochure have been designed. The student brochure can be sent to career practitioners or
the equivalent in the high schools around the province. It highlights the career opportunities in IT-related careers. These will
be available for activities involving students and available for teachers and parent associations. The industry brochure focuses
more on the issue of the lack of required talent. It is a call to action of industry, government and education to partner to attract
and educate new talent. It looks for support in raising awareness, developing workshops and in-class experiences and providing
financial support to sustain the initiative.
CIPS members have manned booths at Skills Alberta (Edmonton) and Career Expo (Red Deer). 271 came to the It is Everywhere
booth in Edmonton and 400 in Red Deer.
In Calgary, volunteers have participated in 20 career days at 10 schools in Calgary. They have made dozens of presentations
both in class and at the Career Seminars that are held annually. Perhaps one of the most successful activities is the IT Career
Discovery Program in Calgary. This year 11 students will be placed in 8 companies for 2 weeks of job shadowing.
We found that we needed interactive material to take to the classroom and to the events. Two PhD students from the UofA
developed engaging ‘games’ that will allow students to ‘program’ computers to solve a problem or show them some of the
capability of computers to quickly do what takes human longer to do. These will be used in the classroom or at events.
We have also taken a success from the Women in Technology event and purchased Lego Mindstorms packages. These are
a tremendous hit with students. It allows them to build CPU based ‘hardware’ or robotics. The sets can be used for in-class
competitions or as a workshop activity. If schools like the concept, they could purchase packages and students could participate
in Lego Challenges and competitions at the city, provincial and national level. These competitions are supported by government
and companies across the country.


                                                                14                                2010 – 2011 Annual Report
CIPS Alberta                      Events
In a survey of CIPS members conducted in November 2010, networking opportunities was identified as a primary benefit of
membership in CIPS. CIPS Alberta has met this need by offering a variety of different educational and networking events across
the province:
ICE Conference: This three-day multi-stream conference, celebrating its 28th year in 2010, took place at the Shaw Conference
Centre in Edmonton November 1-3 and welcomed hundreds of IT professionals through its doors.
Luncheon and Dinner Meetings: Monthly luncheon meetings are held in Calgary, monthly dinner meetings are held in
Edmonton and quarterly dinner meetings are held in Red Deer – there were nearly 700 attendees at these luncheon and dinner
meetings across the province this past year.
SIG Meetings: Free lunch ‘n’ learn meetings for three CIPS SIGS (Data Warehousing, Project Management and Business
Analysts) are held in Calgary ten times per year. This past year over 950 attendees took in these SIG lunch ‘n learns.
Management Forums: The management forum is aimed at manager and director-level IT professionals. Two such events were
held this past year for CIPS members, with 55 in attendance at the August forum and 75 in attendance at the January forum.
Golf Tournaments: The staple of corporate life, CIPS Alberta holds two golf tournaments each year, one in Calgary and one in
Red Deer.

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We have met with representatives of the Edmonton Public School Board and the Edmonton Catholic School District. We have had
meetings with the Red Deer senior high schools. The earlier start in Calgary has formed a good working relationship with both
school boards. We now have volunteers to carry the initiative into Lethbridge.
While a meeting has taken place with the Alberta ICT Council more has been done through email and information support. They
have provided guidance in the discussions with the Canadian Coalition for Information and Communications Technology, sources
of industry market information and referrals from their network. We are in regular touch with the ICT Council as a stakeholder
in activities that develop ICT-related skills in Alberta. We will continue to work with them in engaging industry in raising the
awareness of IT and supporting it through in-kind support and sponsorship.
Meetings or conversations have been held with relevant departments at the Universities of Alberta, Calgary, and Lethbridge,
Mount Royal University and NAIT and SAIT. Many of these institutes have outreach programs and are trying to raise the
awareness of IT careers. We will work with them to see how we might leverage our resources to raise awareness of IT careers in
the high schools in Alberta.
During the past year, volunteers have spent in excess of 1800 hours on various activities, meetings and processes of ITWMP.
That equates to 225,000 dollars (at an average rate of $1000/day). This number does not include an estimated 120 hours that
were spent on activities in Calgary as those hours were not reported. There are numerous other hours that have been spent in
emails, conversations etc that were not recorded
We wish to thank all the volunteers that participated in this initiative - it is an ongoing initiative and we hope that we will have
your support – and the support of others in the coming year.

                                                                  15                                 2010 – 2011 Annual Report
Volunteers                  Thank you!
CIPS Alberta is grateful to the many volunteers who help to govern the organization and carry out its numerous programs.
Kudos go out to the volunteers listed on this page...

Calgary Golf Tournament     Doug Campanaro (Calgary)            ITWMP                       David Armstrong (Edmonton)
                            Ismail Dandia (Calgary)                                         Rick Arter (Edmonton)
                            Mark Perry (Calgary)                                            Sandy Eaton (Edmonton)
                            Ed Peters (Calgary)                                             Preetika Grewal (Calgary)
Calgary Luncheons           Nancy Taylor (Calgary)                                          Chris Hammond-Thrasher (Edmonton)
Calgary Management          Sandy Virgo (Calgary)                                           Patricia Kaiser (Calgary)
                                                                                            Colin Kang (Calgary)
CCITP Chair                 Trekker Armstrong (Calgary)
                                                                                            Evan Kirkwood (Edmonton)
CIO Breakfasts              Kevin Brown (Calgary)
                                                                Past President              Ross Phillips (Edmonton)
Directors                   Ken Anderson (Edmonton)
                                                                President                   Peter Guest (Edmonton)
                            Vince Anderson (Edmonton)
                                                                Public Member               Jeff Pallister (Calgary)
                            Brian Brandon (Red Deer)
                                                                Red Deer Events             Diana Balkwill (Red Deer)
                            Doug Brown (Calgary)
                                                                                            Rhonda Derouin (Red Deer)
                            Rob Das (Edmonton)
                                                                                            Maligne Kroeker (Red Deer)
                            Marc Heuman (Edmonton)
                                                                                            Colin Loughlin (Red Deer)
                            Lee Mainman (Edmonton)
                                                                Secretary                   Patricia Glenn (Calgary)
                            Richard Peacock (Calgary)
                                                                Treasurer                   Cheryl Dyck (Calgary)
                            Curtis Smorodin (Calgary)
                                                                Vice President              Vincent Chiew (Calgary)
                            Brian Stewart (Edmonton)
                                                                Women in Technology         Brenda Barron (Edmonton)
                            Lorraine Teel (Edmonton)
                                                                                            Debbie Bassett (Edmonton)
ICE Conference Committee Halah Alhussaini (Edmonton)
                                                                                            Lynda Chan-Mulloy (Edmonton)
                            Patrick Binns (Edmonton)
                                                                                            Katy Godfrey (Edmonton)
                            Don Burdeyney (Calgary)
                                                                                            Janelle Harms (Edmonton)
                            Rosalea Campbell (Edmonton)
                                                                                            Deborah Harrop (Edmonton)
                            Al Gibson (Calgary)
                                                                                            Bernie Kollman (Edmonton)
                            John McCarron (Calgary)
                                                                                            Angela Kouritzin (Edmonton)
                            Larry Walker (Edmonton)
                                                                                            Shirley Mah (Edmonton)
                                                                                            Tara Reimche (Edmonton)
                                                                                            Aimee Zimaro (Edmonton)

                                                              16                              2010 – 2011 Annual Report
Financial Statements   Auditor's Report

                              17          2010 – 2011 Annual Report
Financial Statements   Statement of Financial Position

                             18                   2010 – 2011 Annual Report
Financial Statements   Statement of Revenues and Expenses

                             19                2010 – 2011 Annual Report
Financial Statements   Statement of Changes in Net Assets

                             20                  2010 – 2011 Annual Report
Financial Statements   Statement of Cash Flow

                             21                 2010 – 2011 Annual Report
Financial Statements   Notes to Financial Statements

                             22                   2010 – 2011 Annual Report
Financial Statements   Notes to Financial Statements

                              23                  2010 – 2011 Annual Report
Financial Statements   Notes to Financial Statements

                              24                  2010 – 2011 Annual Report
Annual General Meeting of the Membership                                                  Minutes
Monday, November 1, 2010
9:45 am | Shaw Conference Centre, Edmonton, Alberta

Ken Anderson                              Cheryl Dyck, ISP, ITCP                Darcy Lang
Vince Anderson, ISP                       Sandy Eaton, ISP, ITCP                Neil Lang, ISP, ITCP
Trekker Armstrong, ISP, ITCP              Fred Gaumont                          Jackson Li
David Armstrong, ISP, ITCP                Patricia Glenn, ISP, ITCP             Lee Mainman
Kelly Bernston                            Peter Guest, ISP, ITCP                Greg Metzer, ISP, ITCP
Neil Bjorklund, ISP, ITCP                 Roger Harris, ISP, ITCP               Ross Phillips, ISP, ITCP
Brian Brandon                             Ken Hennessey                         Sabina Posadziejewski, ISP, ITCP
Andrew Bryson, ISP, ITCP                  Marc Heuman                           Sangira Seminowich
Don Burdeyney, ISP, ITCP                  Dave Hrenewich, ISP, ITCP             Ming Su
Jody Burgess, ISP, ITCP                   Jim Humphries, ISP, ITCP              George Thomson
Rosalea Campbell, ISP, ITCP               Iain Kyte                             Brent Traverse, ISP, ITCP
Helene Darcel                             Margaret Lair                         Brian Stewart, ISP, ITCP
Rob Das, ISP, ITCP                        Sandy Eaton, ISP, ITCP                Robert Warren, ISP, ITCP
Jefferey Davis, ISP, ITCP

1. Call to Order/Verification of Quorum
Ross Phillips, CIPS Alberta President, called the meeting to order at 9:45 am and confirmed that quorum had been met.
2. Review of Agenda
Moved by Jody Burgess, Seconded by Cheryl Dyck
Approval of agenda
Motion carried.
3. Approval of the Minutes for 2009 AGM
Moved by Trekker Armstrong, Seconded by Brian Stewart
Approval of minutes
Motion carried.
4. President’s Report
R. Phillips extended his thanks to the 2009/2010 Board:
  4 Don Burdeyney, Past President
  4 Peter Guest, Vice President
  4 Cheryl Dyck, Treasurer
  4 Al Gibson, Secretary
  4 Ken Anderson, Director
  4 Vince Anderson, Director

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                                                              25                             2010 – 2011 Annual Report
Minutes of the 2010 Annual General Meeting

  4 Brian Brandon, Director
  4 Doug Brown, Director
  4 Vincent Chiew, Director
  4 Carol Gerber, Director
  4 Patricia Glenn, Director
  4 Curtis Smorodin, Director
  4 Brian Stewart, Director
  4 Lorraine Teel, Director
  4 Jeff Pallister, Public Member
R. Phillips also thanked Sarah Edwards and Erika Rauser for their support during the past year.
5. Treasurer’s Report
The final audited statements were not finalized by the auditing firm in time for the meeting, however the draft statements were
reviewed by the membership. The auditing firm has advised that it is very unlikely that there will be any changes made to the
final version from the draft version as reviewed by the membership.
Moved by Don Burdeyney, Seconded by Peter Guest
That the draft financial statements be approved as presented, with any subsequent material changes made to the final audited
statements to be approved by the membership electronically
Motion carried.
No subsequent changes were made to the final audited version of the financial statements.
6. Appointment of Auditor
Moved by C. Dyck, Seconded by Neil Lang
GryzkoHarperBouw be appointed as auditor for the 2010/2011 fiscal year
Motion carried.
7. Nominations and Election
R. Phillips advised that the following three board members were retiring from the board, and thanked them for their efforts: Don
Burdeyney, Al Gibson and Carol Gerber.
The following two nominations were announced for the position of Vice President:
  4 Vincent Chiew
  4 Marc Heuman
There were no additional nominations from the floor and therefore the nominations were closed, and an election was held.
Three individuals allowed their name to stand for director, and were declared elected by acclamation: Rob Das, Marc Heuman
and Lee Mainman.


                                                               26                                 2010 – 2011 Annual Report
Minutes of the 2010 Annual General Meeting

R. Phillips declared the 2010/2011 Board of Directors as:
  4 Peter Guest, President
  4 Ross Phillips, Past President
  4 Vincent Chiew, Vice President
  4 Cheryl Dyck, Treasurer
  4 Ken Anderson, Director
  4 Vince Anderson, Director
  4 Brian Brandon, Director
  4 Doug Brown, Director
  4 Rob Das, Director
  4 Patricia Glenn, Director
  4 Marc Heuman, Director
  4 Lee Mainman, Director
  4 Curtis Smorodin, Director
  4 Brian Stewart, Director
  4 Lorraine Teel, Director
  4 Jeff Pallister, Public Member
Moved by D. Burdeyney, Seconded by T. Armstrong
The slate of directors be accepted as presented
Motion carried.
Peter Guest was introduced as the new President, and presented thank you gifts to R. Phillips and D. Burdeyney.
8. Closing Remarks and Adjournment
Having completed all business, R. Phillips declared the meeting adjourned at 10:15 am.

                                                              27                              2010 – 2011 Annual Report
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