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					Ministry of Foreign
Affairs of Lithuania
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                                 Fact Sheet
                                 LITHUANIA’ COOPERATION WITH THE KALININGRAD
                                 REGION OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION
              March 2000
                                 LEGAL FOUNDATION
                                 • Agreement between Lithuania and Russia for the cooperation in economic, social and cultural
                                    development of the Kaliningrad region was signed on 29 July 1991 and entered into force on 4 June
                                 • The agreement on cooperation between Kaliningrad region and regions of Lithuania was signed on June
Inside this Issue                   29, 1999, during the visit of Lithuanian Prime Minister Rolandas Paksas to Moscow. The parties agreed
                                    to follow the principle of non-discrimination in the fields of transit and energy resources’supply.
                                 • Issues of the visa free regime with Lithuania will be regulated according to the bilateral agreements and

                                    international obligations (Lithuania will not abandon the visa free regime for the Kaliningrad region
                                    residents, however as Lithuania integrates into the European Union and adopts the rules and procedures
                                    of the EU it will eventually have to review the issue of the visa free travel with non EU countries.)
                                 Lithuania intensively seeks to contribute to a stable and even development of the Kaliningrad region and to
8FRAMENWORK OF                   assist it in becoming an attractive partner for trade and investment. It is also important to ensure that as
                                 Lithuania and Poland integrate into the EU and NATO, inhabitants of Kaliningrad will not feel isolated and
                                 could benefit from this fact through greater involvement in regional and sub-regional cooperation and
8NORTHERN                        growing people-to people contacts. In close collaboration with the Federal Government of Russia and local
                                 authorities in Kaliningrad Lithuania has initiated projects and activities in the fields of promotion of
     DIMENSION INITIATIVE        investments and creation of favourable climate for investment; training of public administration;

8KALININGRAD AND                 environmental protection; civic security and energy and infrastructure. US, Poland and Nordic countries are
                                 active in support of Lithuania's cooperation projects. Currently, under the initiative of the Prime Ministers,
     CBSS COOPERATION            Lithuania and Russia are preparing joint proposals on how to involve Kaliningrad region into the European

8ECONOMICS                       Union Northern Dimension initiative.

                                 FRAMEWORK OF JOINT INSTITUTIONS
                                 • The agreement on cooperation between Kaliningrad region and regions of Lithuania provides for the
     COOPERATION                    creation of the Lithuanian-Kaliningrad Cooperation Council.

                                 • The existing Lithuanian-Russian Intergovernmental Commission on a ministerial level has held a
                                    number of meetings. On November 27, 1998 the third meeting of the Lithuanian-Russian
     INFRASTRUCTURE,                intergovernmental commission took place in Vilnius. The heads of the intergovernmental commission
     JUSTICE AND CIVIC                                                                          s
                                    the Russian Transport Minister S.O.Frank and Lithuania’ Minister of Foreign Affairs Algirdas
     SECURITY                       Saudargas met in Kaliningrad on April 15, 1999.
                                 • Meetings of the Working Group for cooperation between the regions of the Republic of Lithuania and
8TEACHING PUBLIC                    the Kaliningrad region in the framework of the Lithuanian-Russian intergovernmental commission take
                                    place on a regular basis.
                                 • Regular meetings between Lithuanian parliamentarians and deputies of the Kaliningrad Duma are
8ENVIRONMENT                        taking place.
                                 • On November 12-14, 1999 the Lithuanian-Kaliningrad NGO's conference took place in Vilnius and
                                    Lithuanian-Kaliningrad NGO's Association was created.

                                 NORTHERN DIMENSION INITIATIVE
                                 Lithuania and Russia welcomed the recent decision by the European Union to adopt the Northern Dimension
                                 Initiative, which aims to reduce the gap of possibilities between the regions of Northwestern Russia
                                 neighboring to the European Union, and to increase the cooperation between the enlarging EU and Russia.
                                 In the areas singled out by the EU Council Lithuania and Russia already are cooperating and working on the
                                 implementation of joint infrastructural projects in the fields of transport and energy, to promote economic
                                 and social links, to develop cross - border cooperation and environment protection.
                                  During the visit of Lithuanian Prime Minister to Moscow on June 29, 1999 Lithuania has suggested
                                 preparing joint proposals on the implementation of regional energy and infrastructure projects thus
                                 contributing to the practical implementation of the “Northern Dimension” initiative. This initiative was met
                                 with great interest by the Russian side.
                                 On February 9, 2000 Lithuanian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs V.Ušackas and Russian
                                 Deputy Minister I.Ivanov agreed upon common proposals on the projects within the framework
                                 of the European Union Northern Dimension initiative. On the same day joint proposals were
                                 presented to the European Commission for the purpose of including them in the northern
Tumo-Vaizganto 2
                                 Dimension action plan.
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                                  KALININGRAD AND THE CBSS COOPERATION
Tel./Fax (370 2) 62 16 57
                                  While Chairing the Council of Baltic Sea States (CBSS) in the first half of 1999, Lithuania, with the consent
Email is@urm.lt
                                 of Russia, made it one of its priorities to encourage the participation of Kaliningrad in the organisation’  s
                                 regional projects.
Fact Sheet                                                                                                                     March 2000

     The high priority action list included the following areas:
     - regional economic cooperation, especially in the fields of investment, and growth of small and medium-sized enterprises;
    - transport and energy infrastructure development focusing on sustainable energy supply, integration of energy markets and
    networking in the Baltic region;
     - regional cooperation in the area of home and justice affairs and civic security, especially emphasising efforts aimed at creating a
    network of agreements on readmission between the countries in the region, combating illegal migration, organised crime, human as
    well as drug trafficking.
     On February 17-18, 1999, the meeting of the Committee of Senior Officials (CSO) of CBSS was held in Kaliningrad.

    Lithuania has become one of Kaliningrad’ principal trade partners. Trade with Kaliningrad constitutes around 12 percent of
    Lithuania’ overall trade with Russia. As of 1 July 1999, Lithuania was third in terms of the number of established joint ventures in
    The conference on the Investment Promotion in the Baltic Sea Region - Lithuania, Poland, Russia (Kaliningrad region) Took place in
    May 1999 in Kaunas, with the participation of representatives of the Kaliningrad region.
     Presently, projects dealing with Lithuanian electric energy exports to the Kaliningrad region, as well as gas and oil transit from Russia
    to the Kaliningrad region are being negotiated.

     The Klaipeda region of Lithuania and the Kaliningrad region are participating in the Euroregion "Baltija" activities. On February 23,
    1998, in Elblong (Poland), representatives of Lithuania, Denmark, Poland, Latvia, Russia and Sweden signed the agreement on the
    establishment of the Euroregion “Baltija”. The agreement provides for the implementation of joint cooperation projects in the fields of
    industry, agriculture, transport, communication, environmental protection, education and tourism.
    On September 2, 1999, the agreement on the establishment of the Euroregion “Saule” was signed. The Euroregion was established by
    Lithuania, Latvia and the Kaliningrad region. Germany, Poland and Sweden are going to participate.
    International conference “Trans-border Cooperation Around the Baltic Sea: Realities and Perspectives” was held in Klaipeda in
    October, 1998. Representatives from the Kaliningrad region administration were among the participants of the event.
    On April 15-16, 1999, a conference on Regional Transport Integration was held in Klaipeda. The government of the Kaliningrad
    region met with the Presidents of Lithuania, Poland and the Ukraine.

    The following cooperation ventures have been identified:
    • Improving infrastructure of the border crossing posts: Kybartai (Lithuania) - Chernyshevskoe (Russia) and Nida (Lithuania) -
       Morskoe (Russia).
    • Cooperation between border patrols for reinforcement of Lithuanian-Russian border control.
    • Cooperation projects between the Lithuanian Ministry of the Interior and the Board of Interior Affairs of the Kaliningrad region.

    In order to encourage democratic cooperation between local governments in the KR and Lithuanian Municipal Training Centre (MTC)
    at Kaunas University of Technology in cooperation with the Association of Municipalities of the Kaliningrad region and the Baltic
    Institute of Economics and Finance is executing a program of teaching public administration in the Kaliningrad region. The aim of
    this program is to facilitate the development of local governments in the KR by improving knowledge within the public administration
    and strengthening organizational capabilities. The program was introduced by the conference “Lithuania and Kaliningrad: Working
    Together Toward Effective Local Government and Democracy” held in Juodkrante on February 4-5, 1999. Since then series of
    seminars and training sessions were organized in the municipalities of the Kaliningrad region.
    The program gained big popularity in the KR. Therefore it will be continued next year. Necessary funds are already assigned by the
    US foundation “National Endowment for Democracy".

     Lithuania in co-operation with the Kaliningrad region and Belarus and with the assistance of the US and Sweden is preparing a
    project on "Management of Nemunas River Basin".
     Initiatives concerning the incorporation of the Kuronian Spit into the World heritage list (UNESCO) are underway. In the final
    declaration of the international conference which took place on May 7-8, 1998, it was recommended that the Republic of Lithuania
    and the Russian Federation prepare an application for the International Committee for the Protection of World Culture and Natural
    Heritage concerning the incorporation of the Kuronian Spit into the World Heritage List. The preparation of joint application to
    UNESCO was completed in June, 1999.
     The Lithuanian - Russian (Kaliningrad region) Expert Group was created to prepare an action plan for the following problems
    regarding environmental protection:
              • pollution of the Nemunas river by the sewage water, including the preparation of common programs,
              • protection of natural resources,
              • monitoring of surface water,
              • exchange of information on natural disaster cases,
              • well coordinated protection of the Vištytis lake.


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