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In Style Fashions

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									By: Chhaya Sanghavi
InStyle Fashions endeavors to bring Bollywood fashions to Tampa. Purnima Painter is a well known entity in Orlando and when her husband, Dr. Hemant Painter, decided to open up a second office here in Tampa, this business entrepreneur decided to set up another location for herself in the same shopping area. The gorgeous attires and the beauty services proCM: Purnima, tell us a little bit about your background. Purnima: I am originally from Bombay. I grew up in the fashion world of Bollywood. I came to New York in 1993, at which time I used to do conventions and shows. I did that for the first 7 years in the U.S. and built a strong business base. We moved to Orlando later and I was involved with the Gujarati Samaj. I have been in the fashion and entertainment business all my life. I have been very fortunate to have had the full support of my family, my husband and my two sons. I usually have a very tight schedule since I want to expand my business. It is really wonderful to have a family that is so supportive. vided at her store really do make it a one stop shop for ladies. A gift certificate from her store would make any mother extremely happy. Fathers, husbands and children - here is yet another fantastic gift idea for mom. Tampa is coming alive with the fashions of InStyle! designers from Bombay. InStyle Fashions offers a wide variety of different designer outfits under one roof. We also offer onsite alteration services. My business is a service oriented business. I have clients who used to drive to Orlando from Tampa for my outfits and beauty treatments because of the quality of service I offer. Now that I have an establishment in Tampa, it has been easier for those clients.

CM: What made you incorporate beauty services with your boutique? Purnima: I have a license in Cosmetology from the state of Florida. I wanted to be able to CM: How did you get into the world offer a full range of beauty services to my clients and what of fashion? better way to do this than to Purnima: I had my first fashion combine fashion with skin care? exhibition when I finished my 12th We offer various beauty services at both my Orlando and Tampa locations, grade and ever since then I have the biggest draw is of course, threading. Facials, henna and waxing are also tried to stay absolutely at par with the fashion industry. I feel that fash- very popular. We also offer packages for Bridal makeup and we use only the ion is a part of my personality. I like very best products, like Mac cosmetics. to dress well and feel good and I like CM: What do you think about the desi fashion scene in Florida? to see people dress well too. AccordPurnima: Well, some people don’t want to change their style and some do. ing to me, fashion gives you a differMost people feel that they cannot find great outfits here. They either go up ent kind of identity at different north to shop or they get their outfits made in India. Generally speaking, stages in your life. You are consouth Asian people in Florida are very fashion conscious and they want to stantly changing your style right dress in the latest style. from when you were a little girl, to a CM: What are some of the drawbacks and advantages in your line of busiyoung woman, to becoming a mother or a mother-in-law and then ness? Purnima: There really are no drawbacks. We have no dead stock since we a grandmother. I want to facilitate do shows and exhibitions everywhere and I make sure I participate in all these differences in style. desi festivals. The stumbling block is getting your name out there and stayCM: How do you feel about the ing in the public eye. Once I get customers in, they stay competition that exists in your business and how with me and often refer other customers. do you handle it? Coming to Tampa has been a very good experience. It is Purnima: Competition is good. It gives customers very rewarding when my customers tell me that it is great to a wider choice and better service. I have a good have a store like InStyle in Tampa because they can get relationship with people in my business, even my what they want right here and don’t need to travel up north competitors. We usually work off of each other, or even to Orlando any more. sending referrals and making sure that the customer is taken care of. CM: What is your advice to people who want to be in the CM: What sets you apart from your competitors? Purnima: The fact that I am the pioneer of desi fashion in the state of Florida sets me apart. I was the first one to open a store that caters to the needs of south Asian fashion. I am different because I cater mainly to people who want to dress differently and stay current with the latest fashion trends. We buy outfits from some of the biggest names and fashion and beauty business? Purnima: First of all, you need to have confidence in yourself, no matter what line of business you are exploring. You need to keep current with your industry. If you are thinking about a salon, definitely get a license and have a professional approach in what you do. The market is big, there is always room for more boutiques and salons to open, thrive and prosper.



May 2007

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