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					                                                 THE SELFISH GIANT
THE SELFISH GIANT                                friendship.
                                                                                                                  AFTER VIEWING ACTIVITIES
by Oscar Wilde, ill. by Gertraud & Walter                                                                              Supply twigs or tongue depressors,
Reiner                                           BEFORE VIEWING ACTIVITIES                                        sheets of posterboard, crayons and paste
Themes: Fairy Tales, Seasons                           Share the book, THE SELFISH GIANT, with                    that children can use to create the giant’s
Grade Level: K-2                                 children. Then ask:                                              garden. Have children paste the
Running Time: 14 minutes, animated, B&W          • Why do you think springtime always came                        twigs/tongue depressors onto the poster-
                                                 to the giant’s garden when the children                          board to create four separate squares, each
   This is the story of a giant who returns to   played there?                                                    representing the giant’s garden during a dif-
his home after many years to discover that            Talk with children about the seasons. Ask:                  ferent season. Help children label each sec-
children have been using his garden to play      • Which season is your favorite? Why?                            tion of the garden summer, winter, spring and
in. This upsets the giant, who erects a wall     • What kinds of weather do you enjoy most?                       fall. Have children use their crayons to draw
to keep the children out. The cold winter        • What kinds of things do you do outdoors in                     within each square what the garden might
refuses to give in to the brilliance of spring   the summer? winter? spring? fall?                                look like during each season.
without the children. One day, the giant         • What colors do you see during each                                  Have children perform a dramatization of
notices sunshine coming in through his win-      season?                                                          the story, THE SELFISH GIANT. Children can
dow. He discovers that children have             • What are some of the signs you see that                        paint a large garden scene on kraft paper to
crawled through a hole in the wall, entered      tell you that spring is on the way? That win-                    use as a backdrop. Attach cotton balls to a
the garden and climbed into the trees, mak-      ter is coming? That summer is almost here?                       triangular piece of construction paper, attach
ing them blossom. In the farthest corner of      That fall is arriving? (Ask children who live in                 string to the paper and let the “giant” wear it
the garden, the giant notices one little boy     areas where seasonal changes are not dra-                        as a beard. Encourage children representing
who is crying because he cannot climb up         matic to describe the subtle changes that                        the children in the story to describe the many
into a tree. The giant helps the boy up and      occur.)                                                          different signs of spring they see as they
discovers that his life is much more pleasant         Have children describe the kinds of things                  romp and play in the giant’s garden.
this way. The children once again enjoy the      they like to share with their friends and fami-                       Discuss the ways the children in the story
garden and springtime fills the giant’s yard.    ly. Ask:                                                         felt about the giant in the beginning and at
The story ends with the passing of the elderly   • How do you feel when you share these                           the end of the story. Ask children what kinds
giant, who lies under a tree in his garden       things?                                                          of things they think the giant and the children
covered with blossoms.                           • How do you feel when others share with                         in the story enjoyed doing together once they
                                                 you?                                                             got to know one another.
OBJECTIVES                                       • What can you do if a friend wants to use                       Other videos about seasons available from
• Children will learn about the joys of          something of yours that is very special and                      Weston Woods include:
sharing.                                         important to you?                                                Miss Rumphius by Brabra Cooney
• Children will explore the seasons.             • What are some good ways to deal with                           The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
• Children will investigate the meaning of       sharing problems?                                                Time of Wonder by Robert McCloskey

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