Intro(Key) - Excel 1 by FU84Hzk


									The following is a survey of the cars shown at the SF International Auto Show
on November 23, 2004 for the 2005 Model Year.

This is primarily a survey of automotive headlamps - not of the car makes themselves.
There are a number of automotive makes that use the same headlamp, not all of which will be listed.
Only cars at the show are listed, several models may not have been present so are not listed.

This survey is for informational purposes only. Calcoast - ITL does not guarantee the accuracy of the
information provided.

The following is a brief description of the data categories.

Make:             Vehicle manufacturer

Model:            Vehicle model

Aim Type:         Type of Headlamp Aim as described below.
                  2B1, 2D1, etc.-         Mechanically Aimed Sealed Beams
                  I                       Group I Mechanical Aim
                  II                      Group II Mechanical Aim
                  VHAD                    Vehicle Headlamp Aiming Device, onboard aiming device - typically bubble level
                                          for vertical aim and linear indicator for horizontal aim.
                  VO, VOL, VOR            Visual/Optical Aim - VOL indicates left side of beam aiming,
                                          VOR right side aiming, and VO indicates center of beam aiming.
                  If two aim types are indicated ("VOL/VO") then the lamp's lower beam is aimed
                  independently from its upper beam. The aim type order is LB/UB.

LB Bulb:          Lower Beam bulb, as listed in Part 564

UB Bulb:          Upper Beam bulb, as listed in Part 564
                  If a double filament bulb (HB1, HB2, HB5, H13, etc.) is listed in both LB and UB, then the same bulb is
                  used for both lower and upper beam functions unless noted otherwise.

                  Bulb types separated by '/' indicate vehicle headlamp with standard halogen and optional HID

                  ? Indicates uncertainty of bulb used primarily due to hidden or non-existent bulb markings on lens

Horiz. VHAD?:     Presence of an horizontal aiming mechanism on VO type lamps, required if lamp has a horizontal adjustor.
                  The lamps were not tested to verify if they were able to be horizontally reaimed.
                  ?         denotes unknown adjustor
                  -         denotes no horizontal adjustors so H-VHAD not required
                  Y         denotes an H-VHAD present
                  Dis       denotes the horizontal has been disabled so no H-VHAD required
                  N         denotes ability to horizontally aim but no H-VHAD
                  2         denotes there are 2 adjusting screws,
                                        1 may be horizontal adjustor or secondary "vertical" adjustor
                  V1/V2     denotes deliberate 2 "vertical" adjustors
                  N/A       denotes a non-VO style lamp

LED?:             Indicator if vehicle uses LEDs as light sources for DOT lighting functions. If observed, the functions
                  are denoted using the SAE ID code (S for Stop, T for Tail, etc). Some vehicles listed as having no LEDs
                  (by using a '-') may use LEDs but was not apparent.

                                                               Calcoast - ITL                                   Intro(Key)
                                                Aim           LB         UB       Horiz.
        Make                           Model    Type         Bulb       Bulb      VHAD?    Headlamp Notes                                                                  Headlamp Mfr              LED?                         Rear Lamp Notes
Acura          MDX                              VOL           H11        HB3         -
Acura          NSX                              VOR          D2S         HB3         ?                                                                                     Stanley P2287
Acura          RL                               VOR          D2S         HB3         N                                                                                                              STP2, E2
Acura          RSX                              VOL           H1         HB3        Dis
Acura          TL                               VOR          D2S         D2S         -     Inboard Bulb Not On Lens - Fog?                                                 Stanley P3288             ISTP2
Acura          TSX                              VOR          D2S          H1        Dis
Audi           A4 T SE/Avant                    VOR           H7          H7        Dis    Auto levelers? 2 capped adj.                                                    Valeo 5316/7
Audi           A4/S4 Cabriolet                  VOL          D2S          H7        Dis    Auto Leveler                                                                    ZKW 602-01/02-113-99
Audi           A4/S4 Quattro, Avant             VOR          D1S         H10        Dis                                                                                    Valeo 5434/5
Audi           A6                               VOL         H7/D2S        H1         -                                                                                     Hella SSB 472/473
Audi           A8/Allroad Quattro               VOL         H7/D2S        H7         -     Unknown aim method                                                              Hella SSB 447/448          IST
Audi           TT                               VOL         H7/D2S        H1         N     3 aim screws "LR" "DU", not labeled, "See owners manual for adjustment"         AL702/703
BMW            325i                               ?           H7          H7         N     Single "H7" marking, No cautioning, No air markings                             ZKW
BMW            330Ci                            VOL         H7/D2S        H7         N     No cautioning                                                                   AL                       STIP2 E2 Amber Turn / E2 LED Repeat
BMW            330i                             VOL         H7/D2S        H7         2     Not at show - use 2004 Data , No bulb marking, no cautionary label              ZKW
BMW            545i                             VOL       H7/D1S/D2S      H7         N     cautioning label                                                                Hella SSB 479/80
BMW            645Ci                            VOL          D2S          H7         N     No cautioning                                                                   AL                         STI
BMW            745Li                            VOL          D2S          H7         -                                                                                     Hella SSB 452/3            STI
BMW            M3                               VOL         H7/D2S        H7         N                                                                                     AL                        STP2I     (Amber)
BMW            X3                               VOL         H7/D2S        H7       V1/V2   D2S option, "V1", "V2" 2.5                                                      AL 0302-495002                      RF2 / No cautioning label
BMW            X5                               VOL         H7/D2S        H1       V1/V2   "V" & "V" 4.4i                                                                  Hella SSB 487/8                     cautioning label
BMW            Z4                                 ?         H7/D2S        H7         ?     No "DOT", No "VOL" No cautioning                                                Hella SSB 469/70
Buick          Lacrosse                         VOR           H11         H9         -
Buick          Le Sabre                         VOL          HB4         HB3         -
Buick          Rainier                          VOL          HB4         HB3         -     Not at show - using 2004 data
Buick          Regal/Century                    VOL          HB4         HB3         -
Buick          Rendevous                        VOR          HB4         HB3         -                                                                                     Valeo
Buick          Terraza                          VOL           H11        H11         -                                                                                     Hella 223378 -RH/LH
Cadillac       CTS                              VOL          HB4A       HB3A         Y     6D 3.6L,                                                                        Valeo Sylvania
Cadillac       Deville DHS/DTS                  VOL          HB4A       HB3A         Y     6K                                                                                                         STI
Cadillac       Escalade / ESV / EXT             VOL          D1R         HB3         Y                                                                                     Autosystems              E2 Rear
Cadillac       SRX                              VOL          HB4A       HB3A         -     6E (DIS option)                                                                 Valeo Sylvania             STI
Cadillac       STS                              VOR          D1S         HB3         ?                                               No access                                                        STI
Cadillac       XLR                              VOR          D1S         D1S         -                                                                                     Guide 6Y                   STI
Chevrolet      Astro                              II         HB4         HB3        N/A    Not at show - using 2004 data
Chevrolet      Avalanche/Silverado/1500/2500    VOR          HB4         HB3         -                                                                                     GM/Guide 16530937/8      E2 Rear 1500 series does not have E2 LED mirrors, some do
Chevrolet      Aveo                             VOL          HB2         HB2        Dis                                                                                    Sungsan 0301-002029/30
Chevrolet      Cavalier                         VOR          HB5         HB5         ?     Not at show - using 2004 data
Chevrolet      Cobalt                           VOR          HB5         HB5         -
Chevrolet      Colorado                         VOR          HB4         HB3         -
Chevrolet      Corvette                         VOR          D1S          H9         ?     No access to light
Chevrolet      Equinox                          VOR          HB5         HB5         -                                                                                     Stanley P2812
Chevrolet      Impala                           VOR          HB4         HB3         -                                                                                     Autosystems?
Chevrolet      Malibu                           VOR           H11         H9         -     in H9                                                                           Guide
Chevrolet      Monte Carlo                      VOR          HB4         HB3         -                                                                                     Autosystems?
Chevrolet      Silverado                        VOR          HB4         HB3         ?                                                                                     GM/Guide 16530937/8
Chevrolet      SSR                              VOL           H11       HB3A         ?     No access to lights
Chevrolet      Suburban / Tahoe                   II         HB4         HB3         N     Autosystems?                                                                                              E2 rear
Chevrolet      Trailblazer                      VOL          HB4         HB3         -     SAE 40292999B
Chevrolet      Venture                            II         HB1         HB1        N/A    Not at show - using 2004 data
Chrysler       300                              VOL          HB4A        HB3         -     Markings difficult to read                                                      Valeo Sylvania
Chrysler       Crossfire                        VOL           H7          H7        Dis                                                                                    Valeo
Chrysler       Pacifica                         VOL         H7/D2S        H7         -
Chrysler       PT Cruiser                       VOR          HB4A       HB3A         -
Chrysler       Sebring                          VOR          HB5         HB5         -
Chrysler       Town & Country                   VOR           H13        H13         -
Dodge          Dakota                           VOR           H13        H13         -
Dodge          Durango                          VOR           H13        H13         -     Markings difficult to read
Dodge          Grand Caravan                    VOR          HB5         HB5        Dis    Not at show - using 2004 data
Dodge          Magnum                           VOR          HB4         HB3         -                                                                                     Valeo Sylvania
Dodge          Neon/SRT-4                       VOR          HB5         HB5        Dis                                                                                    Valeo Sylvania
Dodge          Ram 1500/2500                    VOR          HB5         HB5         -
Dodge          Stratus                          VOR          HB5         HB5         -
Ford           Crown Victoria LX                  II         HB5         HB5        N/A
Ford           Escape                           VOR           H11         H7         ?
Ford           Excursion/F-250/F-350            VOR           H13        H13         -                                                                                                                 E2
Ford           Expedition                       VOR          HB4         HB3         -     Not quick release
Ford           Explorer                         VOR          HB4         HB3         -     Quick Release
Ford           Explorer Sport Trac              VOR          HB5         HB5         -     Quick Release
Ford           F-150                            VOR           H13        H13         ?     "DOT", "VOR" on inside edge of lens
Ford           Five Hundred                     VOR          HB4         HB3         -     "SUV Sedan" "Volvo XC90"
Ford           Focus ZX4, ZTW, ZX5              VOR          HB5         HB5         -
Ford           Freestar                         VOR           H13        H13         -     Quick Release
Ford           Freestyle                        VOR           H13        H13         -
Ford           Mustang                          VOR           H13        H13         -
Ford           Ranger                              I         HB5         HB5        N/A
Ford           Taurus                           VOR          HB5         HB5         -     Quick Release
Ford           Thunderbird                      VOR          HB5         HB5         -
GMC            Canyon                           VOR          HB4         HB3         -                                                                                     Guide 03 85
GMC            Envoy                            VOL          HB4         HB3         -                                                                                     AL                       E2 Front
GMC            Safari                           2B1/I      2B1/HB4     2B1/HB3      N/A
GMC            Savana                           2B1/I      2B1/HB4     2B1/HB3      N/A
GMC            Sierra 1500, 2500/Yukon            II         HB4         HB3         -                                                                                     Guide 8C
GMC            Yukon Denali                     VOR          HB3         HB3         -     L.B. - Projector                                                                                         E2 Rear
Honda          Accord 2 Dr/4 Dr/Hybrid          VOL          HB4         HB3         -                                                                                     Stanley P2754
Honda          Civic 3 Dr                       VOL          HB4         HB3        Dis                                                                                    Stanley P4055
Honda          Civic 4 Dr /2 Dr/Hybrid          VOR          HB4         HB3        Dis                                                                                    Stanley P3269
Honda          CR-V                             VOR           H1          H1         -                                                                                     Stanley P4864
Honda          Element                          VOR          HB2         HB2         ?
Honda          Insight                          VOR          HB2         HB2        Y?     Not at show - using 2004 data                                                   Stanley P0701                       Ichikoh 7478
Honda          Odyssey                          VOL          HB4         HB3        Dis                                                                                    Stanley P3557
Honda          Pilot                            VOR          HB2         HB2        Dis                                                                                    Stanley P2353
Honda          S2000                            VOL          D2S          H1         -                                                                                     Koito                     STP2
Hummer         H1                                2D1          2D1        2D1        N/A    Not at show - using 2004 data
Hummer         H2                               VOR          HB5         HB5         -                                                                                     Visteon
Hummer         H3                               VOR           H13        H13         ?     No Access
Hyundai        Accent GLS/GT                    VOL          HB2         HB2        Dis                                                                                    Samlip 101-1101
Hyundai        Elantra                          VOL           H7          H1        Dis                                                                                    Samlip 101-1702
Hyundai        Santa Fe                         VOL          HB2         HB2        Dis                                                                                    Samlip 101-1194
Hyundai        Sonata                           VOL           H7          H1        Dis    (D2R option)                                                                    Samlip 101-1300
Hyundai        Tiburon                          VOL           H7          H7        Dis                                                                                    Samlip 101-2303
Hyundai        Tucson                           VOL          HB2         HB2        Dis                                                                                    Samlip 101-1403
Hyundai        XG350                            VOL           H7          H1        Dis    No low beam markings, LB Bulb data from OSI Replacement Bulb Website (MY2004)   Samlip 101-7497
Infiniti       FX35/FX45                        VOR          D2S         D2S         -                                                                                                               ISTP2     Ichikoh 4961A 3I 3S 3T
Infiniti       G35 Coupe                        VOR          D2R         HB2         -                                                                                                               ISTP2     Ichikoh 4966
Infiniti       G35 Sedan / G35X                 VOR          D2R         HB2         -                                                                                                               ISTP2
Infiniti       M45/M35                                                                     Concept - Due SPR 2005/ Moveable Beam                                                                     ISTP2     Yellow I?
Infiniti       Q45                               VOL        D2S          HB3        -      Gatling gunstyle HID                                                            Stanley P4252              STP2
Infiniti       QX56                             VOR         D2R          HB3        -                                                                                                                 ST?
Jaguar         S-Type                            VOL       H7/D2S        HB3        N      No cautioning                                                                   Hella SSB 418/9
Jaguar         XJ 8L                             VOL         H7           H7       Dis     No DOT marking visible                                                          Valeo                       ST
Jaguar         XJ SV8                             ?         D1S           H7        ?      No access                                                                                                   ST
Jaguar         XK                                VOL       H1/D2S      HB3/HB3A     -      Glass                                                                           Valeo
Jaguar         X-Type                            VOL       H1/D2S         H1        N      No cautioning                                                                   Hella SSB 438/9
Jeep           Grand Cherokee                   VOR         HB4          HB3        -
Jeep           Liberty Renegade                 VOR         HB5          HB5        -
Jeep           Wrangler/Sport/Rubicon            2D1        2D1          2D1       N/A
Kia            Amanti                            VOL       H7/D2R         H7      V1/V2                                                                                    Sam Lip
Kia            Optima                          VOL / VO      H7           H7        -      P1
Kia            Rio                               VOL        HB2          HB2      V1/V2
Kia            Sedona                            VOL         H7           H7       Dis
Kia            Sorento                           VOL         H7           H1       Dis     chrome & matte gray                                                             Sam Lip
Kia            Spectra 5/5X                      VOL        HB2          HB2      V1/V2    Also has H4 markings / U<->D appears to be diagonal

               Calcoast-ITL                                                                                                   2                                                                                                             Data
                                                                    Aim     LB        UB      Horiz.
      Make                               Model                     Type    Bulb      Bulb     VHAD?    Headlamp Notes                                                                                 Headlamp Mfr             LED?                          Rear Lamp Notes
Land Rover        Discovery                                           I     HB2       HB2        -
Land Rover        Freelander                                        VOL     H7        H7         ?
Land Rover        LR3                                               VOL     H7        H7       V1/V2                                                                                                  Koito
Land Rover        Range Rover HSE                                   VOL   H7/D2S      H7         2                                                                                                                               I
Lexus             ES330                                             VOL     D2S       HB3      V1/V2   Aim sticker (Aim stickers similar between manufacturers)                                       Koito
Lexus             GS300                                            VHAD     D2R       HB3        N     VHAD bubbles not level, No H-VHAD (required)
Lexus             GX470                                             VOL     H11       HB3        -     Blue/green lens tint                                                                                                              Blue/green lens tint (R)
Lexus             IS300                                             VOL     D2R       HB3        2     Aim Instruction Label
Lexus             LS430                                            VOR      D2S       HB3        -     Aim Sticker                                                                                    Stanley 50-67
Lexus             LX470                                            VOR      H1        HB3        -     Blue/Green Lens tint
Lexus             RX330                                             VOL     D2S       HB3      V1/V2   Aim sticker                                                                                                              S
Lexus             SC430                                            VOR      D2S       HB3        2     'D2S' not on lens                                                                              Koito mfg
Lincoln Mercury   Aviator                                          VOR      H11       HB3        -
Lincoln Mercury   Grand Marqvis                                    VOR      HB5       HB5        -
Lincoln Mercury   LS                                                 ?    HB4/D2R     HB3        -     No bulb markings on Lens, D option? Bulb Data from OSI Replacement Bulb Website (MY2004) NAL
Lincoln Mercury   Mariner                                          VOR      H13       H13        -
Lincoln Mercury   Mark LT                                          VOR      H13       H13        -     P/U - Same H/L as F150 - concept 06 production
Lincoln Mercury   Montego                                          VOR      D1R       HB3        -                                                                                                                              ST       15 Leds for ST
Lincoln Mercury   Monterey                                         VOR      H13       H13        -     Quick Release
Lincoln Mercury   Mountaineer                                      VOR      HB5       HB5        -     Quick Release
Lincoln Mercury   Navigator                                        VOR    HB4/D1R     HB3        -
Lincoln Mercury   Sable                                            VOR      HB5       HB5        -
Lincoln Mercury   Town Car                                         VOR      D1R       HB3        -
Mazda             3                                                 VOL     H7        HB3       Dis                                                                                                   Stanley P2953                      P3868/69
Mazda             6                                                VOL    H1/D2S      H1         2     H3 Fog?; 2nd aim maybe for fog, VO UB?; Low slung                                              AL                                 NAL
Mazda             B3000                                              II     HB5       HB5        -                                                                                                                                       Visteon
Mazda             Miata / MX5                                       VOL     HB4       HB3        -     Miata trim covers DOT markings                                                                 Koito                              Ichikoh
Mazda             MPV                                               VOL     HB2       HB2        -                                                                                                    Stanley P3813                      P3772
Mazda             RX-8                                              VOL     D2S       H9         -                                                                                                                                       No Markings
Mazda             Tribute                                          VOR      HB2       HB2        -                                                                                                                                       Visteon
Mercedes          C230                                              VOL     H7        H7         -                                                                                                                              E2
Mercedes          CLK 320/CLK 500/ C320                             VOL     D2S       H7         -                                                                                                                              E2
Mercedes          E320/E500                                         VOL   H7/D2S      H7         -                                                                                                                              E2
Mercedes          E55/ E320                                         VOL   H7/D2S      H7         -                                                                                                                              E2
Mercedes          G500                                              VOL     HB2       HB2        2     Has H4 bulb - not HB2 / no bulb marking on lens                                                                          E2
Mercedes          ML350/ML500                                       VOL   H7/D2S      H7         -
Mercedes          S430                                              VOL   H7/D2S      H7         -                                                                                                                             E2T?
Mercedes          SL500/CL500/S45                                   VOL     D2S       H7         -     CL & SL Have different LB shroud inserts                                                                                 ST
Mini              Cooper / Cooper S                                 VOL   H7/D2R     H7/H9     V1/V2                                                                                                    lamp
                                                                                                       Auto levelers, "L<->R", 1 adjust labeled "U<->D", lamp mounted to hood - need to open hood to aimAL
Mitsubishi        Eclipse GT/GS/Spyder                              VOL     HB2       HB2        Y                                                                                                      Stanley R7458
Mitsubishi        Endeavor                                         VOR      HB5       HB5        N     Not visibly disabled                                                                             Stanley P2089                    NAL2XL 949200 RR?
Mitsubishi        Galant ES/LS                                     VOR      HB5       HB5       Dis                                                                                                     Stanley P2559
Mitsubishi        Lancer Evolution                                 VOR      D2S       HB3       Dis                                                                                                     Stanley P3393
Mitsubishi        Lancer Ralliart                                  VOR      HB5       HB5        -                                                                                                      Stanley P3523
Mitsubishi        Lancer/Lancer Wagon                              VOR      HB5       HB5        -                                                                                                      Stanley P3523
Mitsubishi        Montero                                           VOL   HB2/D2R   HB2/D2R     Dis    H4 marking                                                                                       Koito 100-87434
Mitsubishi        Outlander LS/ Limited 2WD                        VOR      H1        HB3       Dis                                                                                                     Stanley P4325
Nissan            350Z/Z Roadster                                  VOR      D2R       H7        Dis
Nissan            Altima                                            VOL     D2R       HB3        -                                                                                                    Stanley P4038
Nissan            Armada/Titan                                     VOR      HB4       HB3        -                                                                                                    Visteon
Nissan            Frontier                                         VOR      HB5       HB5        ?
Nissan            Maxima                                            VOL     D2S       D2S        -                                                                                                    Stanley P2640
Nissan            Murano                                           VOR      D2S       D2S        -                                                                                                    Koito
Nissan            Pathfinder                                       VOR      HB5       HB5        -
Nissan            Quest                                            VOR      HB4       HB3        -
Nissan            Sentra                                           VOR      H13       H13        -                                                                                                    Valeo/Sylvania
Nissan            Xterra                                           VOR      HB5       HB5        -     Not at show - using 2004 data                                                                  NAL 947 400
Pontiac           Aztek                                            VOR      HB4       HB3        -     Not at show - using 2004 data
Pontiac           Bonneville GXP                                    VOL     HB4      HIR-1      Dis
Pontiac           G6                                               VOR      H11       H9         -                                                                                                    AL 2Z GM
Pontiac           Grand Am                                           II     HB5       HB5       N/A    Not at show - using 2004 data
Pontiac           Grand Prix GT                                    VOR      HB4       HB3        -                                                                                                    Guide
Pontiac           GTO                                              VOR      H11       H9         -                                                                                                    Sam Lip 2V
Pontiac           Montana                                          VOR      HB4       HB3        -                                                                                                    Hella
Pontiac           Sunfire                                          VOR      H11       H9         -
Pontiac           Vibe                                              VOL     HB2       HB2       Dis                                                                                                   Stanley 01-13
Porsche           911 Cabriolet/GT3/Carrera Targa/ Turbo S Coupe    VOL   H11/D2S    H7/H9       ?                                                                                                    Hella
Porsche           Boxter                                            VOL   H7/D2S      H9         Y                                                                                                    AL
Porsche           Carrera                                           VOL     D2S       H11        ?                                                                                                    Koito
Porsche           Cayenne                                            ?    H7/D1S      H7         ?     Blue coated parking/city light; No Lens markings indicating bulb type - info from OSI          Valeo
Saab              95                                                VOL     D1S       H7         -                                                                                                    Valeo lth23/21h37                  IB02 RF2 (2) TIA P2A
Saab              92X                                              VOR      H1        HB3        -                                                                                                    Ichikoh 1736
Saab              93X                                               VOL   H7/D2S      H7         N                                                                                                                                       AL P2 ST 02/FR R 02
Saturn            Ion 1,2,3 Sedan/Red Line                         VOR      HB5       HB5        -                                                                                                    Guide ZAI
Saturn            Ion 3 Quad                                       VOR      HB5       HB5        -                                                                                                    Stanley ZA2
Saturn            L300                                              VOL     H11       HB3        -     Not at show - using 2004 data
Saturn            Relay
Saturn            Vue                                              VOR      HB4       HB3        -                                                                                                    Visteon ZL
Scion             tC                                               VOL      HB4       HB3        -                                                                                                    Koito 2162
Scion             Xa                                               VOL      HB2       HB2        N                                                                                                    Ichikoh 52-14
Scion             Xb                                               VOL      HB2       HB2        -                                                                                                    koito 52-104
Subaru            Baja                                             VOR      H1        HB3        -                                                                                                    Nal IEJ 935701-02
Subaru            Forester                                         VOL      HB2       HB2        -                                                                                                    Ichikoh 17-02
Subaru            Impreza WRX Sedan                                VOR      D2R       HB3       Dis                                                                                                   Ichikoh 1727
Subaru            Legacy                                           VOL      H7        HB3        -                                                                                                    Nal IEJ 946040            E2
Subaru            Outback 2.5 I/30R                                VOL      H7        HB3        -                                                                                                    Nal IEJ 946040                     Different tail lamps
Suzuki            Aerio / Sedan LX                                 VOL      HB2       HB2        -                                                                                                    Koito 100-32663                    Standard different from LX
Suzuki            Forenza                                          VOL      H7         H1       Dis                                                                                                   SungSan 0301-1909
Suzuki            Grand Vitara                                     VOL      HB2       HB2        ?     Component blocked?                                                                             Koito 100-32078/79/80
Suzuki            Reno LX                                          VOL      H7         H7       Dis                                                                                                   Sungsan 00000647/648               No outboard markings / R252T Dae Heung 31-1194
Suzuki            Verona                                           VOL      H7        HB3       Dis                                                                                                   SungSan 0301-001357
Suzuki            XL7                                              VOL      HB2       HB2       Dis                                                                                                   Koito 100-59042
Toyota            4Runner                                          VOR      HB4       HB3       Dis
Toyota            Avalon                                           VOL      HB4       HB3       Dis                                                                                                   Stanley 07-22
Toyota            Camry                                            VOR      HB2       HB2        -                                                                                                    NAL 06-90
Toyota            Camry Solara                                     VOL      H11       HB3        -     Convertible = Standard                                                                         NAL
Toyota            Celica 2 dr                                      VOR      H7        HB3        -
Toyota            Corolla                                          VOR      HB4       HB3        -                                                                                                    NAL 02-95                          R/AIP2ST
Toyota            Echo                                              ?       HB2       HB2        ?     not at show
Toyota            Highlander                                       VOR      HB4       HB3       Dis
Toyota            Land Cruiser                                     VOR      HB4       HB3       Dis                                                                                                                                      2S2T/AIP2R 2S2T
Toyota            Matrix (Corolla)                                 VOL      HB4       HB3        -
Toyota            MR2 Spyder                                       VOR      H7        HB3        ?     No access to rear of lamp                                                                      Koito 17-99
Toyota            Prius                                            VOL      D2R       D2R        -     Lever controlled UB/LB                                                                         Koito 47-21
Toyota            Rav4                                             VOL      HB2       HB2        -                                                                                                    Ichikoh 42-30
Toyota            Sequoia                                          VOR      HB2       HB2        -                                                                                                                                       R/AISTP2
Toyota            Sienna                                           VOR    HB4/D2R   HB3/D2R      -                                                                                                                                       FR/ITSAP2
Toyota            Tacoma Prerunner                                 VOL      HB2       HB2       Dis    Poorly disabled /Reg. double                                                                   NAL 04-45
Toyota            Tundra 4x4 V8 / Sequoia                          VOR      HB2       HB2       Dis    Poorly disabled                                                                                NAL 34-24
Toyota            Tundra SR5/4x2                                   VOR      HB2       HB2       Dis    Poorly disabled                                                                                NAL 34-26
Volkswagen        GTI, Golf                                        VOL      H7         H7        2     "For adjustment see owners manual"
Volkswagen        Jetta                                            VOL      HB5       HB5        2     "For adjustment see owners manual"
Volkswagen        New Beetle                                       VOL    H1/D2S       H1        2
Volkswagen        Passat 4Dr, Wagon                                VOL      H7         H7        2     "For adjustment see owners manual "                                                            Hella
Volkswagen        Phaeton                                          VOL      D1S       HB3        ?     Blue coated (W5W?) City/Parking Bulb                                                                                   STP2 E2
Volkswagen        Touareg                                          VOL    H7/D1S     H9/H7     2, 3?   "Close  Open"?, No DOT markings on lens - "VOL DIS, H7" on housing sticker                    Valeo                     E2
Volvo             C70                                              VOL      H11       HB3       Dis
Volvo             S40/V50                                          VOL      H11       HB3        -     Quick release, "For bulb change see owners manual"
Volvo             S80                                              VOL      H7         H7        -
Volvo             XC70/V70/S60                                      ?        ?         H9        -     No lens markings, new series - can't use OSI bulb replacement website                          Valeo
Volvo             XC90                                              ?      D2S?       H7?        N     Quick release, "For bulbchange see owners manual" No DOT lens markings, new series             Valeo

                  Calcoast-ITL                                                                                                              3                                                                                                                           Data
Bulbs                                                     Aim Types
Sealed Beams                                                          ?                       8
                   LB           UB                                    2A1/1A1
2B1/HB4                  2              D                             2B1/I                   2
2B1/HB3                                2D                             2D1                     2
2D1                      2             2D                             I                       2
                                                                      II                      7
Replaceable Bulbs                                                     VHAD                    1
Bulbs             LB            UB                                    VOL                   110
          ?              1                                            VOL/VO                  1
        HB1              1             1D                             VOR                   109
        HB2             28            30 D                            VOR/VO                  0
   HB2/D2R               1             1D
        HB3              1            79                              Total                 242
   HB3/D2R                             1
 HB3/HB3A                              1                  Horizontal VHADs for VOL/VOR/VO lamps
      HB3A                             5                             ?                    21
        HB4             39                                           -                   127
   HB4/D1R               1                                           Y                     5
   HB4/D2R               2                                           Y?                    1
      HB4A               5                                           Dis                  44
        HB5             31            31 D                           N                    15
         H1              6            14                             2                    11
     H1/D2S              4                                           V1/V2                 9
         H3                                                          N/A                   9
         H7             25            39
    H7/D1S               2                                            Total                 242
H7/D1S/D2S               1
    H7/D2R               2
    H7/D2S              18                                Vehicles Using LEDs for DOT lighting:
      H7/H9                            3                                                    25
        H7?                            1
         H9                            9
        H10                            1
        H11             15             2
   H11/D2S               1
        H13             13            13 D
      HIR-1                            1
        D1R              3
        D1S              7             1
        D2R              9             1
        D2S             21             4
      D2S?               1

        Total           242          242

D - Dual Filament Bulb, single bulb for both LB and UB.
If number of LB & UB is unequal, second filament used for alternate purpose.

An HID bulb (D-series) in UB indicates some sort of mechanical or electrical shifting of
bulb, reflector, or bulb shield in order to increase light output for UB.

                                                Calcoast - ITL                                         Stats

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