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									MOTION IN 2D PRACTICE PROBLEMS: Complete all work on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to this
sheet. Write all answers (including units) in the space provided.
Displacement                                                  Practice Problems in Projectile Motion
                                                              1. Consider these diagrams in answering the following
    1. An airplane flies due north at 100 m/s                 questions.
         through a 30 m/s cross wind blowing from
         the east to the west. Determine the resultant
         velocity of the airplane. _____
                                                              Which diagram (if any) might represent ...
    2. A mountain climbing expedition establishes
         a base camp and two intermediate camps, A                 a. The initial horizontal velocity? _______
         and B.                                                    b. The initial vertical velocity? _______
         Camp A is 11,200 m east of and 3,200 m                    c. The horizontal acceleration? ______
         above base camp. Camp B is 8,400 m east                   d. The vertical acceleration? _____
         of and 1,700 m higher than Camp A.
         Determine the displacement between base              2. Supposing a snowmobile is equipped with a flare
         camp and Camp B. _____                               launcher which is capable of launching a sphere
                                                              vertically (relative to the snowmobile). If the
     3.   I went for a walk the other day. I went four        snowmobile is in motion and launches the flare and
          avenues east (0.80 miles), then twenty-four         maintains a constant horizontal velocity after the
          streets south (1.20 miles), then one avenue         launch, then where will the flare land (neglect air
                                                              resistance)? Hint: Check out the Dude Perfect videos.
          west (0.20 miles), and finally eight streets
          north (0.40 miles).
                                                                   a.   in front of the snowmobile _____
               a. What distance did I travel? _____                b.   behind the snowmobile _____
               b. What's             my        resultant           c.   in the snowmobile _____
                     displacement? _____
     4.   A plane intends to fly north with a speed of        3. Suppose an airplane drops a flare while it is moving
          250 m/s relative to the ground through a            with a constant horizontal speed at an elevated height.
          high altitude cross wind of 50 m/s coming           Assuming that air resistance is negligible, where will
                                                              the flare land relative to the plane?
          from the east. Determine …
               a. the bearing that the plane should
                                                                   a.   directly below the plane _____
                     take (relative to due north) _____            b.   below the plane and ahead of it _____
                     and                                           c.   below the plane and behind it. _____
               b. the plane's speed with respect to
                     the air. _____                           4. Anna Litical drops a ball from rest from the top of
                                                              80-meter high cliff. How much time will it take for the
Vector Components                                             ball to reach the ground and at what height will the ball
                                                              be after each second of motion? _____
1. The airspeed of a plane is 256 km/h and the pilot
keeps the plane pointed north. A wind is blowing 55.6         5. A cannonball is launched horizontally from the top
km/h from the west. Determine the speed (in km/h) of          of an 80-meter high cliff. How much time will it take for
the plane relative to the ground. _____                       the ball to reach the ground and at what height will the
                                                              ball be after each second of travel? _____
2How many degrees east of north is the airplane in
the previous question traveling relative to the ground?       6. Fill in the table below indicating the value of the
_____                                                         horizontal and vertical components of velocity and
                                                              acceleration for a projectile.
3. The airspeed of a plane is 214 km/h and the pilot
keeps the plane pointed [N 27.5 ºE]. A wind is blowing
61.5 km/h from the west. Determine the speed (in
km/h) of the plane relative to the ground. _____

4. For the plane in the above question, how many
degrees east of north is the plane's velocity relative to
the ground? _____

7. The diagram below shows the trajectory for a                         e) What is the x-velocity just before it hits
projectile launched non-horizontally from an elevated                   the ground? _____
position on top of a cliff. The initial horizontal and                  f) At what point in the Bozo's path is the
vertical components of the velocity are 8 m/s and 20                    velocity highest? _____
m/s as shown in the diagram. Positions of the object
at 1-second intervals are shown. determine the                14) A rock is thrown with an initial vertical velocity
horizontal and vertical velocities at each instant shown      component of 30 m/s and an initial horizontal velocity
in the diagram. Draw the vectors and their scalar             component of 40 m/s.
quantities on the diagram.                                              a. What will these velocity components be
                                                                        one second after the rock reaches the top of
                                                                        its path? _____
                                                                        b. Assuming the launch and landing heights
                                                                        are the same, how long will the rock be in
                                                                        the air? _____
                                                                        c. Assuming the launch and landing heights
                                                                        are the same, how far will the rock land from
                                                                        where it was thrown? _____

                                                              15) A brick is thrown upward from the top of a building
                                                              at an angle of 25 degrees above the horizontal and
                                                              with an initial speed of 15 m/s. If the brick is in the air
                                                              for 3 seconds, how high is the building? (Draw a
                                                              picture.) _____
8. A tennis ball is kicked horizontally off a 35.0-meter
high hill and lands a distance of 40.0 meters from the
                                                              16) A daredevil tries to jump a canyon of width 10 m.
edge of the hill. Determine the initial horizontal velocity
                                                              To do so, he drives his motorcycle up an incline
of the tennis ball. _____
                                                              sloped at an angle of 15 degrees. What minimum
                                                              speed is necessary to clear the canyon? _____
9. A basketball player leaves the ground with an initial
velocity of 10 m/s at an angle of 30-degrees above the        17) A projectile is released at an angle of 37º above
horizontal. Determine the time of flight, the horizontal      the horizontal at a speed of 15 m/sec.
distance, and the peak height of the basketball                    a. What are the horizontal and vertical
player_____                                                             components of its original release velocity?
10. .Nucleo, the physicist, throws a pie at a velocity of          b. How much time does the projectile spend
12 m/s. It makes an angle of 30 degrees with the                        rising to its apex? _____
horizon as it leaves his hand. How far will the pie                c. How high is its apex above the release
travel before hitting a politician at the same height as                position? _____
the pie was thrown? _____                                          d. How fast is it moving as it passes through its
                                                                        apex? _____
 11.If a ball is thrown with a velocity of 25 m/s at an            e. How much total time does it spend in the
angle of 37 degrees above the horizontal, what is its                   air? _____
horizontal velocity component? _____                               f. What is its final range? _____
                                                                   g. What is its resultant impact velocity and
12. What is the speed of the ball in # 11 when it                       angle of impact just as it is about to strike
returns to the same horizontal level? _____                             the ground? _____

                                                              18. . A girl runs straight off a cliff with a horizontal
13. Nucleo, the physicist, gets zapped with a Tesla
                                                              velocity of 2.6 m/s and falls for 1.79s before landing
coil as he stands on top of his lab building. This            on the ground. What is the vertical component of her
causes him to jump over the edge at a velocity of 5
                                                              velocity (in m/s) just before she hits the ground? ____
m/s. The building is 3 meters high. As he jumps,
                                                              19. What is the horizontal component of her velocity
Nucleo makes a 20 degree angle with the horizon.              (in m/s) just before as she hits the ground? _____
           a) How high does he go? _____
                                                              20 . How high was the cliff (in m) in the previous
           b) How long does it take to reach the top?
                                                              question? _____
           _____                                              21 What was the girl’s acceleration (in m/s/s) just
           c) What is the horizontal velocity at the top?
                                                              before the she reached the ground in the previous
           _____                                              question? _____
           d) How far does it travel horizontally before
           hitting the ground? _____


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