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English 7


                                            Parts of Speech

Definitions – Match the letter of the definition to the part of speech it defines.

    ________ 1) noun                A. a word that is used to join words, phrases, or clauses

    ________ 2) pronoun             B. a word that names a person, place, thing, or idea

    ________ 3) adjective           C. a word used to express strong feeling or emotion

    ________ 4) adverb              D.   a word that expresses action or state of being

    ________ 5) verb                E.. a word used to modify nouns or pronouns

    ________ 6) conjunction         F. a word used to modify verbs, adjectives or adverbs

    ________ 7) interjection        G. a word that takes the place of a noun or pronoun

    Identification - On the line provided, write N for noun, PRO for pronoun, or ADJ for
    adjective V for verb, ADV for adverb, CON for conjunction, or I for interjection.

    ________ 1)      During summer vacations I generally go to camp.

    ________ 2)      He ordinarily jogs four miles.

    ________ 3)      I try to avoid horror movies, as they frighten me badly.

    ________ 4)      The actor would not wear the ridiculous costume that the director had
                     chosen for him.

    ________ 5)      Occasionally, good students have problems in school.

    ________ 6)      "If you want to win a fantastic vacation, answer quickly," the announcer

    ________ 7)      The greedy dog is always begging for food.

    ________ 8)      The little girl crossed the street carefully.

                                                                                           Grammar page
________ 9)    The swirling river tossed the boat wildly.

________ 10) Dangerously strong winds threatened the town during the storm.

________ 11) I feel very disorganized whenever I misplace an important paper.

________ 12) On summer vacations I often swim all day and then become sleepy
             earlier than usual.

________ 13) "A stitch in time saves nine" is one of my aunt's favorite sayings.

________ 14) I am a clumsy piano player, even though I practice daily.

________ 15) Before we reached the resort area, the weather became ugly.

________ 16) Football's most important contest is the annual Super Bowl game.

________ 17) Thousands attend the game at the stadium, and millions watch it on

________ 18) Professional football began with no system for fairly choosing a
             championship team.

________ 19) Later, the National Football League was formed.

________ 20) The two NFL teams with the best records played a championship game.

________ 21) In the late 1950s the American Football League was formed, and it also
             held a championship game every year.

________ 22) Eventually, the AFL and NFL championship teams played each other at
             the end of the season.

________ 23) Since the first Super Bowl was played in Los Angeles in 1967, the
             competition has continued to improve.

________ 24) Do you know any amazing records set during Super Bowl games?

________ 25) Fantastic! Fran Tarkenton threw eighty-nine passes in three Super Bowl

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