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            apoli Bern Ripka Shkolnik, LLP is a
            nationally known and well-recognized
            law firm that focuses on all types of
      catastrophic injury, consumer class
      actions, asbestos, and toxic environmental
      cases. The firm’s dedicated and hard-
      working lawyers are led by Paul J. Napoli,
      Marc J. Bern, and Alan Ripka, as well as
      Hunter J. Shkolnik, who recently joined the
      firm as a senior partner.
           All four senior partners are
      accomplished trial attorneys with the
      expertise to handle the most complex
      cases in personal injury, mass torts,
      securities, asbestos, and consumer class
      actions. Shkolnik has specialized in
      litigating significant personal injury cases
      involving drug, medical device,
      automobile, heavy truck- and aviation-
      related product liability, and medical
      malpractice actions for 25 years. His
      decision to join the firm stemmed from
      his respect for its successes, legal talent,
      and resources, as well as the integrity
      and work ethic of its partners.
           In addition to adding a new senior
      partner, the firm recently opened three
      new offices in Florida, California and
      Illinois. “With Hunter Shkolnik as a senior
      partner, and the addition of three new
      offices, we’ve brought greater depth to
      our practice, and we are now able to
      better serve our clients. At the same time
      we are expanding our team of skilled
      attorneys and staff, which our clients have
      always depended on,” Mr. Napoli says.
           Since Napoli and Bern founded the
      firm in 1997, it has settled nearly $3 billion
      worth of claims on behalf of its clients.
      Much of the firm’s success has been
      established by taking on difficult or
      unpopular cases that other lawyers would
      not or could not handle. Led by senior
                                                        Standing from Left: Alan S. Ripka, Hunter J. Shkolnik
      partner Napoli, the firm recently settled         Sitting from Left: Paul J. Napoli, Marc J. Bern
      the groundbreaking and historic World
      Trade Center litigation for $817 million,
      after eight years of hard-fought litigation on behalf of 10,000 rescue             the MTBE litigation against most major gasoline and oil
      and recovery workers who developed illnesses caused by exposure                    companies for contaminating underground water supplies.
      to toxic dust.                                                                     Currently the firm is focusing its efforts on suing gas
           The firm’s impressive track record is also a product of its                   companies for contaminating water and air from gas drilling
      ambition to be at the forefront of litigation. Senior partner Bern and operations and fracking.
      the firm were the first to file a lawsuit against Takeda                               While results are important to the firm, it is also very
      Pharmaceuticals over the company’s diabetes medication Actos for                   involved in giving back to the community. Attorneys at the
      causing bladder cancer. The firm’s securities and commercial                       firm have made significant donations to the Hall of Heroes
      litigation department also recently filed an arbitration claim against             at the New York City Police Museum, the 9/11 Responders
      David Lerner Associates, Inc. for violations in connection with the                Remembered Memorial Park, the FealGood Foundation,
      Apple Real Estate Investment Trusts. The firm is active in                         and the Remembering 9/11 exhibit at the International
      environmental cases, having represented more than 25                               Center of Photography.
      municipalities and cities in New York, Rhode Island, and Florida in

      Headquarters             New York                New Jersey           Pennsylvania             Miami                     California                 Illinois
      Empire State Building    3500 Sunrise Highway    1 Greentree Centre   2 Penn Center            2665 S. Bayshore Drive    2361 Rosecrans Avenue      241 N. Main Street
      350 5th Avenue           Suite T-207             Suite 201            Suite 200                Suite 220                 Suite 450                  Edwardsville, IL 62025
      New York, NY 10118       Great River, NY 11739   Marlton, NJ 08053    Philadelphia, PA 19102   Coconut Grove, FL 33133   El Segundo, CA 90245       ph: 888.529.4669
      ph: 212.267.3700         ph: 631.224.1133        ph: 856.261.8676     ph: 856.261.8676         ph: 786.837.5442          ph: 310.536.1040

                                                              | 888-529-4669

For more info go to                                                                        New York’s Top VerdicTs & seTTlemeNTs / persoNal iNjurY liTigaTors | 1

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