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         You've waited until the last minute again. This time it's the end of the term, so all the TechNet terminals in the dorm are occupied. So, off you go
         to the old Comp Center. Too bad it's the worst storm of the winter (Murphy's Law, right?), and you practically froze to death slogging over here
         from the dorm. Not to mention jumping at every shadow, what with all the recent disappearances. Time to find a free machine, get to work, and
         write that twenty page paper. [START TERMINAL ROOM]

Mass. Ave.
This is the main entrance to the campus buildings. Blinding snow obscures the
stately Grecian columns and rounded dome to the east. You can barely make out
the inscription on the pediment (which reads "George Vnderwood Edwards,
Fovnder; P. David Lebling, Architect"). West across Massachusetts Avenue are other
buildings, but you can't see them.
Infinite Corridor (1-west)
The so-called infinite corridor runs from east to west in the main campus building.
This is the west end. Side corridors lead north and south, and a set of doors leads
west into the howling blizzard.
Infinite Corridor (2)                                                                  (north, south) The offices are all closed, locked, and dark.
The so-called infinite corridor runs from east to west in the main campus building.
The corridor extends both ways from here. Many closed and locked offices are to
the north and south.
Infinite Corridor (3)                                                                  (south) Remember, this is one of the doors that's always locked at night. You won't b
The so-called infinite corridor runs from east to west in the main campus building.    able to get back in if you go out.
The corridor extends both ways from here. A stairway leads up, and a door leads        (south) As you leave, the door closes and locks behind you.
out to the Great Court.                                                                (open door) You can open the door, but it shuts automatically immediately thereafte
WALL SOCKET (There is a wall socket on one wall, and a heavy-duty power cord is        (unlock with master key) The key fits perfectly in the lock, but the lock doesn't turn. T
plugged into it. The cord (leads to a large floor waxer away to the east/west)/        master key doesn't work on this lock.
(terminates in a severed stump).
POWER CORD                                                                             (examine cord) The power cord (connects)/(, now a mere stub, formerly connected) a
OUTSIDE DOOR                                                                          wall socket on the wall here with the floor waxer.
                                                                                      (examine cord) The power cord connects a wall socket down the hall to the west with
                                                                                      the floor waxer.
                                                                                      (?) The power cord goes from a wall socket (to the west/east)(to the floor waxer whi
                                                                                      is to the east/west). Of course, the cord is severed.
                                                                                      (unplug cord) You pull at the power cord , but it won't come loose!
                                                                                      (break cord) You'll need more than your hands to sever this cord!
                                                                                      (cut cord with axe) The axe crashes against the floor, and the power cord severs! The
                                                                                      whine of floor waxer slows, and the maintenance man jerks to alertness.
                                                                                      (cut cord with axe, again) You already sliced it once! Trying to make salami?
                                                                                      (cut cord with OTHER) You hit the cord with OBJ, but it has no effect.
                                                                                      (fix cord) It's beyond repair.
Infinite Corridor (4)                                                                 (north, south) The offices are all closed, locked, and dark.
The so-called infinite corridor runs from east to west in the main campus building.
The corridor extends both ways from here. Many closed and locked offices are to       (examine cabinet) It's one of those little cabinets you see in institutional buildings tha
the north and south.                                                                  usually contains a fire hose and a fire axe. It (has)/(had) a transparent window [but
EMERGENCY CABINET (There is a [formerly] glass-fronted emergency cabinet here.)       apparently some vandal smashed it]. There is writing on the cabinet.
[FIRE AXE]                                                                            (open cabinet) You should read the sign.
                                                                                      (read cabinet) "In case of emergency, break glass."
                                                                                      (look inside cabinet) Inside the cabinet you see a fire axe.
                                                                                      (smash cabinet) You hit at the glass with your hands, but you can't hit hard enough to
                                                                                      break it: you might cut yourself on the glass.
                                                                                      (smash cabinet with plastic container) The light plastic bounces off the cabinet.
                                                                                      (smash cabinet with OTHER) The glass survives unscathed.
                                                                                      (smash cabinet while wearing gloves) Wearing the heavy gloves, you confidently sma
                                                                                      the glass with a blow of your hands!
                                                                                      (smash cabinet with crowbar) The glass smashes with a satisfying crash!
                                                                                      (smash cabinet, again) The cabinet is already smashed.
                                                                                      (?) This one seems to only have an axe.
Infinite Corridor (5)
The so-called infinite corridor runs from east to west in the main campus building.
This is the east end. The corridor branches north and south here.
Aero Lobby
This is the lobby of the Aeronautical Engineering Building. Stairs lead down and a
corridor heads south towards the main building. Side corridors lead north and
south, and a set of doors leads west into the howling blizzard.
Engineering Building                                                                   (east, west, south) The offices are all closed, locked, and dark.
This building extends a long way south from the Infinite Corridor. It too is full of   (enter office/open door) The offices are inaccessible.
closed, locked offices.
Great Court                                                                            (north) The door is locked.
In the spring and summer, this cheery green court is a haven from classwork. Right     (open door with master key) The door is securely locked.
now, the majestic buildings of the main campus are almost invisible in the howling
blizzard. A locked door bars your way to the north.
Great Dome                                                                             (up) There is no stairway.
Here a walkway circles the base of a huge ornate dome. Below is the Infinite           (examine rope) The strand is wet and glistening. It extends upward into the dome,
Corridor. From stories of Tech Exploring trips, you recall that there is supposed to   leading to a narrow catwalk.
be a ladder here. On the other hand, there is a shiny rope-like thing hanging near     (take rope) It's wet, and when you touch it, some of the wetness sticks to your
where the ladder used to be, and leading upward. [Below you, in the corridor, you      (gloves)/(hands, and stings). The strand twitches a little when you touch it.
can see a floor waxer, busily waxing the floor.]                                       (climb rope) You start to climb up the strand, but the glistening wet stuff begins to bu
ROPY STRAND                                                                            your hands. You get a few feet up before the pain is too much. You drop back to the
[WOODEN LADDER] (A wooden ladder leads up from here.)                                  floor.
                                                                                       (climb rope, wearing gloves) The wet stuff on the strand sticks to the gloves, but
                                                                                       doesn't otherwise affect you. You have a little trouble climbing up to the catwalk, bu
                                                                                       grab the rail just before your strength gives out. You heave yourself up onto the
Top of Dome                                                                            (first enter emit) You stand up on the catwalk, catching your breath for a moment. Yo
Inside the great dome, near the top, a metal catwalk is precariously perched. There    eyes stray along the strand you climbed. It trails along the catwalk, where it joins
is no way further up, but a small metal door is set in the side of the dome. [Frigid   something large and squishy squatting at the far side. A single, bright-blue eye opens
wind and snow blow through the open door.]                                   the squishy mass, and the tentacle (for that's what it is) retracts. The mass almost flo
                                                                             through the spaces in the catwalk railing and drops to the floor fifteen feet below.
WOODEN LADDER (Where the pulpy mass was squatting, a wooden ladder lies on   Before you can react, it's gone.
the catwalk.)
CATWALK                                                                      (examine ladder) There is the same wet stuff on the ladder as on the tentacle.
DOOR                                                                         (put ladder on catwalk, lower ladder) You lower the ladder to the walkway below. It's
                                                                             just the right length to climb down.
                                                                             (lower ladder) You can’t lower it from here.
                                                                             (lower ladder) Lowered.
                                                                             (raise ladder) With a great effort, the ladder being quite heavy (it's a Type I), you pull
                                                                             the ladder up and lay it on the catwalk.
                                                                             (climb) The ladder doesn’t go anywhere yet.
                                                                             (?) The ladder is already set up.
                                                                             (?) You raise the ladder, leaning it against the catwalk above.
                                                                             (?) You can’t raise a ladder and hold the doors open at the same time!
                                                                             (set up ladder) There isn't much here to climb up to.
                                                                             (?) It's already taken down.
                                                                             (down) You scramble down the ladder.
                                                                             (walk under ladder) You trepidatiously walk under the ladder. Nothing seems to

                                                                             (examine door) It's a small metal door, the same color as the dome.
                                                                             (open door) You open the door, and freezing air, blowing snow, and howling wind en
                                                                             and whip around you.
                                                                             (close door) You close the door, shutting out the blizzard.

                                                                             (emits from this door???)
                                                                             (?) The door opens from this side.
                                                                             (?) The door is not keyed to this key.
Roof of Great Dome                                                                        (up) You scramble up icy surface of the dome, almost slipping a few times, but finally
You are perched precariously on the roof of the Great Dome. A set of narrow               you make it to the top.
indentations in the dome provides a dangerous route to the very tip-top of the
On the Great Dome                                                                         (other DIRECTION) There is nowhere to go but down.
This is the very top of the Great Dome, a favorite place for Tech fraternities to         (take plug) You pry the plug out of its socket, revealing a cylindrical hole about the
install cows, Volkswagen Beetles, giant birthday candles, and other bizarre objects.      same diameter but somewhat deeper. [There is a piece of paper in the hole.]
The top is flat, round, and about five feet in diameter. It's very windy, which has       (put plug in hole) You insert the plug in the hole.
kept the snow from accumulating here. The only way off is down.                           (examine hole) The cylindrical hole contains a piece of paper.
BRONZE PLUG (In the exact center of the flat area is a bronze plug.)                      (examine hole, after removing paper) The hole is empty.
Chemistry Building                                                                        (examine door) This is a standard Tech door. It's made of black-painted wood and ha
This corridor is lined with closed, dark offices. At the south end of the corridor is a   [badly cracked] frosted glass window with "Department of Alchemy" painted on it.
door with a light shining behind it.                                                      [There is a light on inside.]
ALCHEMY DEPARTMENT DOOR                                                                   (read door) Painted on the door, in calligraphy indistinguishable from any other door
FROSTED GLASS WINDOW                                                                      Tech, is the phrase "Department of Alchemy." You always used to wonder what was
                                                                                          behind that door.
                                                                                          (look in door) Every so often, you see a shadow move across the window.
                                                                                          (look in door) You don't see anything in particular, other than that the light is on insid
                                                                                          (open door) It’s locked.
                                                                                          (unlock door with master key) The key fits perfectly in the lock, but the lock doesn’t
                                                                                          turn. The master key doesn’t work on this lock.
                                                                                          (unlock door with other) It doesn’t even fit the lock.
                                                                                          (?) You don’t need to unlock it to open it from this side.
                                                                                          (?) The door is open.
                                                                                          (?) There is something written on the door.
                                                                                          (?) The door closes behind you.

                                                                                          (examine window) It's a frosted glass window. It's more or less opaque. [It's covered
                                                                                       with a maze of cracks.]
                                                                                       (break window) This has no effect, other than your hands getting somewhat sore and
                                                                                       lot of noise being produced.
                                                                                       (break with axe, etc) You smash the glass, and cracks spread all over the pane from th
                                                                                       point of impact. The window remains whole, though, as it's made of wire reinforced
                                                                                       (break window with harmless) The OBJ bounces harmlessly off the glass.
                                                                                       (break after broken) Further attacks do little to worsen the damage.
                                                                                       (knock on door/window) You knock on the door. The hollow sound reverberates dow
                                                                                       the hall. You sort of wish you had knocked more softly.

                                                                                       (wait after knocking) The door opens partway, revealing a professorial man in a white
                                                                                       lab coat. He smiles. ("Good evening! I don't get many visitors this late. You're not one
                                                                                       my students, are you?") / ("Back for another visit, are you?") He ushers you into the
                                                                                       room without waiting for an answer, closing the door behind you.
Department of Alchemy                                                                  (examine door) This is a standard Tech door. It's made of black-painted wood and ha
This office is clinically clean, shiny, and modern. It looks like something out of a   [badly cracked] frosted glass window with something painted on the other side.
science fiction movie. (A closed)/(An open) door to the north leads back into the      (read door) You can’t read it from this side.
corridor and an archway opens to the south.                                            (?) There is no sign of life behind the door.
PROFESSOR (The professor is here.)
SIGN-UP SHEET (Taped to the wall to the right of the archway is a sign-up sheet.)      (examine sheet) This appears to be a sign-up sheet for the lab. Strangely, although fe
ALCHEMY DEPARTMENT DOOR                                                                daytime segments are used, almost all of the nighttime ones are. Most seem to have
ARCHWAY                                                                                been taken by two different people, the professor and another, presumably one of h
[BRASS HYRAX]                                                                          graduate students. (The name of the graduate student is oddly familiar.)/(With a star
                                                                                       you realize that the author of the suicide note was the heavy user of the lab.)
                                                                                       (take sheet) "You can't take that! It's the only way we have to keep track of who's
                                                                                       signed up to use the lab."

                                                                                       (examine archway) This archway, part of the oldest section of Tech, is between a lab
                                                                                       and the headquarters of the Alchemy Department. To the right of the archway is a
sheet of paper. It looks like a sign-up sheet.

(south) The professor stops you, not too gently. "Sorry," he says, although he doesn't
sound too sorry. "There are very delicate experiments going on in the lab. You might
hurt something." All you can see before he guides you away from the archway is a gr
deal of odd apparatus and equipment.
(south, after showing piece of paper) "Ah! You'd like to see the lab?" the professor as
in a rather unctuous tone. "Come right in!" He ushers you through the archway into t
lab, following quickly behind you and turning on the lights.

(examine professor) The man looks like a professor. He's wearing a white lab coat,
rather stained with chemicals, and a G.U.E. Tech class ring. (He watches you with an
ambiguously predatory air.) / (He's working on something at the lab bench in front of
(ask about missing students) "I don't know anything about them. Tech is high-pressu
Some people can't take it."
(ask about lovecraft) "The machines in our department have names like that. Lovecra
wrote some stories about alchemy. We've got Paracelsus, Dunsany, and a couple of
others, too."
(ask about sheet) "We don't have much lab space. Everyone has to sign up for lab
(ask about ring) "Just a trinket."
(ask about vat) "Just a little experiment of mine. The label is just a joke."
(ask about paper1) "What note is that?" he asks, nervously.
(ask about paper, after showing) "Obviously a nut case. He knew he was going to flun
out, and this is clearly an attempt to put the blame somewhere else."
(ask about ???) “You’ll get it. All in good time.”
(ask about OTHER) The professor is uninterested.
(professor, hello) The professor looks at you in much the way a cat looks at a mouse.
                                                                                      (attack) With contemptuous ease, the professor prevents you. ["I'll take this," he say
                                                                                      "Just for safekeeping." He makes the OBJ disappear.]
                                                                                      (show piece of paper) He reads it carefully. "What drivel! This just confirms my
                                                                                      suspicions. He had clearly gone over the edge. Drug use, drinking, insanity. It's only to
                                                                                      bad that I didn't realize what was happening. I might have helped him."
                                                                                      (show knife/stone/hand) "Very interesting! I'll take that!"
                                                                                      (show other) He doesn't seem interested.

                                                                                      (professor emit)
                                                                                          1- The professor (gazes)/(continues to gaze) at you in a bored and distracted wa
                                                                                          2- …at you with a distinctly predatory air.
                                                                                          3- …at you with malign intent. *AFTER EXAMINING RING+

                                                                                      (examine/take ring) He thrusts his hand into his pocket.

                                                                                      (?) It’s dark inside.
Lab                                                                                   (north) You find it very hard to move. Your feet reach the chalk line and then seem to
The lab is an ultramodern, fully equipped chemistry lab. Unfortunately, or perhaps    meet resistance, though there is nothing there but the chalk.
fortunately, you aren't a chemistry major, so the equipment might as well be          (north, if pentagram broken) You find the archway barred by a force you can't push
magical.                                                                              through.
                                                                                      (down) There is no obvious way down from here.
[The lab is a shambles. It looks like something red and sticky has been spread over   (down) The trapdoor bars your way.
the walls, ceiling, and floor. Much of the equipment, particularly that near the
center of the room, has been destroyed.]
                                                                                          1-    The professor guides you to the center of the lab, where a strange pentagon
                                                                                               symbol is chalked on the floor. He cuts one of the chalk lines with a small kni
LAB BENCH [VAT [TARRY LIQUID]]                                                                 you had not previously noticed, pushes you into the center of the chalked
ALCHEMY DEPARTMENT COMPUTER                                                                    symbol, and redraws the line, muttering softly and rhythmically as he does so
PENTAGRAM                                                                                      "There, that's done. Don't move from there, it'll only make things worse for
CHALK LINE                                                                                     you." He makes some odd gestures at the archway and then goes over to the
[MIST]                                                          lab bench.
METAL PLATE (There is an open metal plate in the floor.)   2-   The professor is preparing something at the lab bench. "Alchemy is my chose
[BRASS HYRAX]                                                   field, and I've gotten ridiculed for it. It's like chemistry, except that chemists
                                                                don't recognize that some natural laws are enforced by persons, not physics.
                                                                Some of them will grant power, or knowledge, but they must be placated, or
                                                                even bribed. They're not of this earth, not demons or devils, and they aren't
                                                                always friendly. To me it's just an unpleasant necessity on the path to power
                                                                When I'm done, they won't laugh anymore!"
                                                           3-   The professor enters another pentagram, and begins a highly choreographed
                                                                ritual. "This may seem a little silly to you, but the symbology is what's
                                                                important. Certain alignments, certain aspects. In a few moments, it won't
                                                                matter anyway," he remarks. "There is very little room for error here, so be
                                                                calm." He chants, he brandishes strange instruments, moves about inside the
                                                                pentagram, and occasionally points to you. It becomes clear exactly what he
                                                                meant by the word "bribe."
                                                           4-   The chant grows more complex[, the professor having difficulty with the alm
                                                                unpronounceable words] , with rhythms and cadences that make you want t
                                                                stop your ears. The room appears to be getting darker. [(?), clearly terrified o
                                                                what may happen)
                                                           5-   A thick black mist begins to form in the room. Parts are darker, and parts
                                                                lighter, and the dark parts form a disturbing shape. The professor chants and
                                                                calls more loudly now[, his voice rising in a kind of hysteria] , and you realize
                                                                the calls are being answered.
                                                           6-   The room is now freezing cold, though the windows are shuttered and tightly
                                                                curtained. Low, bone-rattling vibrations shake the room in cadence with the
                                                                chant. The black mist is growing thicker. The professor (chants more rapidly,
                                                                producing strange guttural sounds, scarcely human.) / (gestures in your
                                                                direction, an overtone of terror in his voice.) / (is alternately looking at you a
                                                                at the mist.) /
                                                           7-   The black mist swirls wildly around the room, and a deep bass voice gibbers o
        of thin air. (The professor’s brow drips with sweat.) / (The professor points
        madly toward you, and the mist follows.)

(?) "No!" screams the professor, and jumps toward you out of his own pentagram. He
realizes what he has done, and tries to reenter, but the mist grabs at him.

    8- A thing like a tentacle with a demonic face wraps slowly around you. The roo
       recedes into a great distance as you are pulled away. Before you die, you see
       what the tentacle is a part of.

(examine pentagram) For want of a better word, call this a pentagram. It isn't
particularly pentagonal, but it's an odd shape chalked on the floor, and it's roughly
(get out) Your feet approach the chalk line, and then stop. You can't push your way o
(get out, if line broken) You push your way through a soft spot just over the scuff ma
and are outside the pentagram. The air is thick and close.
(action pentagram) Your hand won't pass over the chalk line.
(cut pentagram with knife) You cut the outer lines of the pentagram. It no longer
completely encloses you. The professor sees what you've done out of the corner of h
eye. [He quickly slides over and redraws the pentagram. This time he performs a
thorough search, removing all your possessions, tut-tutting all the while.]
(cut pentagram with knife, on stage 3) He stares, horrified. "Stop, don't move!" he sa
between verses of the chant. The chant takes on a pleading tone.
(cut with knife, again) You scuff it up some more.
(cut with crowbar, axe, etc) The OBJ passes over the chalk line, but doesn't have any
effect on it.
(cut with OTHER) The OBJ doesn't even touch the chalk line.
(?) You try, but no part of your body will touch the chalk lines.
(pour coke on) …pours on the ground, spreading towards the lines of the pentagram.
it reaches the nearest line, it begins to smoke and boil away, but never quite touches
the chalk.
(?) The pentagram is now almost entirely effaced.
(?) He repairs from scuff marks on it, muttering about sloppy students. He then…
(close) You don’t have a piece of chalk to close it with. Besides, you don't know the
(enter/exit) You get into/out of the pentagram, being careful not to further scuff the

(?) You hear a deep bass voice, and a softer, pleading baritone.
(?) Around the trapdoor…
(?) …well enough from here to do that.
(?) The professor, none too gently, prevent you. “Plenty of time for that later,” he
cautions you.
(?) The professor watches you in horror, stumbling over his ritual.
(?) There is no reply.
(?) They [(are)/(may be)] beyond help.
(?) The professor is [performing a strange ritual] here.
(?) The professor is intently following his ritual and won’t be distracted.
(?) “I don’t like your insinuations.”
(?) The professor is nervously following his ritual.
(?) The mist protects him, almost possessively.
(?) The professor, in his pentagram, is invulnerable.

(examine bench) The bench is a chemistry lab bench. It has a marble top, and casters
each corner. Various equipment litters the bench, none of which you recognize[but t
lab bench also contains a vat.]
(look under bench) You can see a metal plate beneath the bench. Only part of it is
(look under bench, again) Nothing but concrete floor there.
(move bench) It's heavy, but it moves, revealing a hinged metal trapdoor beneath.
(move bench, again) It rolls a little.

(examine vat) This is a large (a couple of liters, at least) glass or pyrex vat. It has a lab
stuck to it. [The vat contains a tarry liquid.]
(read vat) The text is a long chemical-sounding name typed on a label affixed to the
container. Below is written in pencil "Elixir of Life."
(pour cold liquid in vat) The freezing liquid pours out onto the vat, boiling into cold m
almost immediately, but the vat freezes and then shatters from the cold.

(examine liquid) The elixir is thick and tarry. Torpid bubbles break the surface every s
often, though you can find no source of heat to produce them.
(touch liquid) You touch the liquid with your finger. It's very unpleasant. The liquid is
stingingly hot. You pull your finger out, and it is some time before it feels normal aga
(drink liquid) It would be like drinking road tar.
(pour liquid) Remember those ketchup commercials? Remember how slow the winni
ketchup was? Well, this is a lot slower. The liquid has a very high surface tension, and
pours so slowly that you'd be here all night waiting for it to finish.
(take liquid) You can’t take it, it's a liquid.
(put rat in liquid) You dip the dead rat into the elixir. Almost immediately it convulses
begins to flop around in the liquid, and then springs out onto the floor! It scurries aw
before you can catch it.
(put hand in liquid) When you dip the mummified hand in the liquid, the elixir begins
bubble furiously. You can't really see the hand, except when a finger pokes up every
    1. The hand bobs to the surface. It's odd, but it looked like one of the fingers
    2. The hand splashes to the surface. The fingers are moving!
    3. The hand is trying to crawl out of the vat. [The fingers flex and grab at the
         slippery sides, but in vain.]
(take hand) You grab the wiggling hand and draw it forth, newly animated, from the
                                                                                          vat. As it emerges, the elixir flows off. The hand scuttles up your arm and perches
                                                                                          quietly on your shoulder.
                                                                                          (put hand in vat, again) Nothing unusual happens (compared to the first time, anywa
                                                                                          (put other in liquid) You drop OBJ into the vat, where it is completely covered by the
                                                                                          tarry liquid.
                                                                                          (take other) You reach into the liquid, fish around rapidly due to the horrible feel of t
                                                                                          chemicals, and draw out the OBJ. As it emerges, the elixir flows off.
                                                                                          (?) You feel the thick tarry liquid.

                                                                                          (examine metal plate) It looks like a hinged metal plate. There is a handle on one edg
                                                                                          (open plate) It swings open easily.
                                                                                          (down) From above, you hear a thunderous noise, a maniacal scream, and then the
                                                                                          sound of equipment smashing. The trapdoor slams shut, but around it pours a blindin
                                                                                          flash of light. Finally you hear an almost inaudible whimper, then nothing. The light
                                                                                          fades, leaving you in the dark.
                                                                                          (?) You see a dark tunnel below.
                                                                                          (?) Your X-ray eyes appear to be nonfunctional today.
                                                                                          (?)…the lab bench and goes no further.

                                                                                          (examine computer) This machine looks just like the ones in the terminal room.
                                                                                          Written with a marking pen on the display is "Lovecraft." [It's turned off.]
                                                                                          (turn on computer) You turn the machine on, it performs a quick self-check, and then
                                                                                          displays a message on the screen:
                                                                                          "Unable to boot because: No disk inserted. Please insert a dismountable disk."
                                                                                          (turn on again) It's on, for what little good that will do you.
                                                                                          (?) The professor, who has been watching you, smiles.
Fruits and Nuts
This is the central corridor of the Nutrition Building. The main building is south, and
a stairway leads down.
Cluttered Passage
This cluttered passage leads southeast. It is full of apparently discarded electronic
equipment, old rusty file cabinets, and other detritus. A stairway also leads up.
Brown Basement
This is a cluttered basement below the Brown Building. Discarded equipment nearly
blocks an already narrow hallway that terminates in a stairway leading up. The
passage itself continues northwest.
Brown Building
This is the lobby of the Brown Building, an eighteen-story skyscraper which houses
the Meteorology Department and other outposts of the Earth Sciences. The
elevator is out of order, but a long stairway leads up to the roof, and another leads
down to the basement. A revolving door leads out into the night.
Small Courtyard
This courtyard is a triumph of modern architecture. It is spare, cold, angular,
overwhelming in size, and bears a striking resemblance to a wind tunnel whenever
the breeze picks up. Right now this is true of the whole campus, though. A huge
mass lurks nearby, and an almost featureless skyscraper is to the north.
Top Floor                                                                               (west) The roof door is closed.
This is the top of the stairway. A door leads out to the roof here, and you can hear
the wind blowing beyond. There is a sign on the door.                                   (open door) It’s locked.
ROOF DOOR                                                                               (unlock door with master key) The door is now unlocked.
SIGN                                                                                    (lock door with master key) The door is now locked.
                                                                                        (open door) You push the door open, revealing a windswept, snow-covered roof. Frig
                                                                                        wind whips snow into your face.
                                                                                      (read sign) It says "NO ADMITTANCE!" In smaller, hand-written letters below, it says
                                                                                      "This means you!" and below that in different handwriting, it says "Who, me?"
Skyscraper Roof                                                                       (examine dome) The dome is large and semitransparent. It's made of some sort of
A low parapet surrounds a small roof here. The air conditioning cooling tower and     milky-colored plastic. It dominates the roof. You can climb up to the entrance via a
the small protrusion containing the stairs are dwarfed by a semitransparent dome      short ladder.
which towers above you. The blowing snow obscures all detail of the city across the
river to the south.                                                                   (jump) [The creature sees you preparing to leap, and springs toward you in a despera
DOME                                                                                  effort, blood-red mouth contorted with a cry of frustration, but it's too late.] You leap
ROOF DOOR                                                                             over the edge. Freezing ice crystals hitting you in the face as you fall. Then you hit the
                                                                                      ground, which is more unpleasant still.

                                                                                      (if creature in room)
                                                                                           1. You hear a strange confusion of wings, and then something dark and shapele
                                                                                               smashes against the dome above you!
                                                                                           2. The dark shape moves. Above the howl of the wind you hear a high-pitched
                                                                                               keening noise.
                                                                                           3. The shape drops, crunching into the snow almost next to you. Its scaly head
                                                                                               turns toward you, eyes like coals staring into yours.
                                                                                           4. The shape rises, baring needle-sharp teeth and pumping its wings painfully in
                                                                                               the gale.
                                                                                           5. The creature approaches, hissing at you as it nears.

                                                                                      (east) The dark shape, its foul stench overpowering the wind, [drops from the dome
                                                                                      and] blocks your escape.
                                                                                      (east) The door leading inside is closed.

                                                                                      (? Uncertain OBJ, perhaps “In Dome” or “Skyscraper Roof”)
                                                                                      It’s made of concrete.
                                                                                       It’s made of tiny, tarry cinders.
Inside Dome                                                                            (examine tree) It's a small peach tree planted in a very large tub of earth. It appears
You are inside a large domed area. The dome contains equipment that makes it           healthy, although as it is wintertime, the tree has no leaves.
clear it is a weather observation station. For some reason, it also contains a small   (feel tree) It feels like wood, but there is something slippery on it higher up.
peach tree. Wind whistles outside, and snow blasts against the semitransparent         (cut tree with axe) At the last second, you realize it would be an unspeakable act of
material of the dome.                                                                  vandalism.
EQUIPMENT                                                                              (shake tree) You shake it, but nothing drops. Its branches are bare.
PEACH TREE                                                                             (climb tree) You start to climb the tree, but as you get partway up, your hands
TUB OF DIRT [HUMAN HAND]                                                               encounter a slippery substance which covers the limbs at this height. Not only is it
[DARK SHAPE] (A dark shape watches balefully from nearby.)                             extremely unpleasant to touch, it makes the tree too slippery to climb any further.
[CREATURE]                                                                             (examine tub) The tub is full of dirt and "condo chips" (those pine bark chips that are
                                                                                       spread around condos and shopping centers by the ton). The dirt has been disturbed
                                                                                       (search tub) You root around in the dirt for a while, when you encounter something
                                                                                       hard. Further exploration reveals it to be a dried, chewed looking human hand.
                                                                                       (search tub2) You find nothing further, which is something of a relief.

                                                                                       (if have smooth stone in inventory)
                                                                                            6. Something smashes against the glass of the dome! You turn and see a dark
                                                                                                shape clinging to the outside of the structure.
                                                                                            7. The dark shape moves. Above the howl of the wind you hear a high-pitched
                                                                                                keening noise.
                                                                                            8. The shape drops out of view.
                                                                                            9. You hear, on the ladder outside, hard claws painfully climbing towards the
                                                                                                dome entrance.
                                                                                            10. The creature enters the dome, screaming viciously at you, its claws reaching
        out to grasp and rend.

(examine dark shape) You can’t tell much from here. It's large and dark, but the dom
obscures all detail.
(throw stone at) The stone crashes against the wall of the dome. The shape screams,
hissing fit of anger and frustration.
(take stone after throw) The noisome creature jabs at you with its razor beak, but
appears unwilling to approach the stone.

(examine creature) Like a black sheet flapping in the wind, the dark flier is hard to se
Red eyes glow like coals on its scaly, bullet-shaped head. Human-like hands clench an
unclench. Sharp needles of teeth project wickedly from its twisted jaw.
(smell) Its stench is that of a foul eater of carrion, overlaid with another smell you can
place, but which is even less appetizing.
(listen to) At the moment, the creature is as quiet as a graveyard.
(throw stone at) The stone hits the dark beast, and appears to go completely through
as though the creature was made of air. [The stone tumbles onto the floor. The
creature, hissing vilely, retreats.]/[The smooth stone disappears over the south edge
the building, and the creature (follows it, screaming frustration into the
storm.)/(watches it fall with cunning attention.)]
(throw OBJ at) The creature darts to the side, dodging OBJ.
(attack) Hissing and screeching, the creature fends off your attack. Its head jerks from
side to side, watching you.
(give hand to) In a snake-like strike, the creature attacks! Its toothy jaws close on you
hand! Not your hand, but the mummified hand you dug out of the tub! With a
disgusting gobbling noise, the flier swallows the hand, and then, (its wings beating
feebly against the wind, it sails away into the gale.)/(using its wings to push itself awa
it scuttles out into the cold and away.)
(?) The shape becomes agitated, screeching and cawing as it approaches the stone.
(?) …get close enough.
                                                                                         (down) The creature is blocking your exit.

                                                                                         (examine creature) The creature has disappeared as though it never was.
Computer Center
This is the lobby of the Computer Center. An elevator and call buttons are to the
south. Stairs also lead up and down, for the energetic. To the north is Smith Street.    (open doors)

URCHIN (Slouching nearby is an urchin.) [MOVES AROUND]
Elevator                                                                                 (examine panel) This panel presumably opens to access the inner maintenance contr
This is a battered, rather dirty elevator. The fake wood walls are scratched and         of the elevator.
marred with graffiti. The elevator doors are open/closed. To the right of the doors is   (open) Opening the access panel reveals a flashlight.
an area with floor buttons (B and 1 through 3), an open button, a close button, a        (examine panel) The panel conceals a small space which probably contained
stop switch, and an alarm button. Below these is an access panel which is                maintenance controls for the elevator once, but these have been torn out by someon
closed/open.                                                                             leaving a bare metal cavity. The access panel is empty.

FLOOR BUTTON                                                                             (open doors) The doors spring open.
B BUTTON                                                                                 (open doors, again) The doors stay open.
2 BUTTON                                                                                 (press alarm) For as long as you hold the button down, an ear-splitting alarm bell ring
OPEN BUTTON                                                                              (read graffiti)
CLOSE BUTTON                                                                                 1. Kilroy was here.
STOP SWITCH                                                                                  2. Tech is hell.
ALARM BUTTON                                                                                 3. I.H.T.F.P.
ACCESS PANEL                                                                                 4. 'God is dead' --Nietzsche
[FLASHLIGHT]                                                                                     'Nietzsche is dead' –God
                                                                                         (misc unassigned elevator text)
The <X> butting is glowing.
You push the button.
The door is already closed.
…moving, the door is closed.
There are only three floors and a basement in this building.
The button doesn’t light.
The button for the <X>
The elevator doors bounce against, <OBJ or “your body”>, trying to close.
The noise stops.
…in the hole stops.
The elevator slows and comes to a stop. The button for the <X> blinks off.
You no longer…
…is moving away from you.
…is moving closer to you. *In fact, it’s very close. It must be just above your head+.
…from the hole is getting…
 The elevator continues to move…
From [the pit] below, you hear a…
You flip the switch, but…
There is an elevator there, unsurprisingly.
You'll have to press one of the call buttons (up or down).
The elevator doors are closed.
The elevator doors are opened.
The elevator doors are wedged open with <OBJ>, revealing [the elevator] / [a dim
elevator shaft] beyond.
You (take)/(pull) <OBJ> away, and the doors spring shut.
It’s already wedged open with <OBJ>
Not while the elevator is moving!
You are looking at the inside of an *open+ elevator door. *It’s held open by <OBJ>.]
The elevator usually does that itself.
You can see the basement of the Computer Center.
                                                                                             You can see the elevator shaft.
                                                                                             <OBJ> is already holding it open.
                                                                                             …until it’s open.
                                                                                             It’s not easy.
                                                                                             You are in the elevator…
                                                                                             …, so the doors will open when you press…
                                                                                             …a call button.
                                                                                             …the basement.
                                                                                             …, revealing the basement of the Computer Center.
                                                                                             …, revealing a lobby.
                                                                                             …, revealing a corridor.
                                                                                             …, revealing a dark elevator shaft.
                                                                                             The whining noise…
                                                                                             The elevator is…
                                                                                             softer / louder
                                                                                             You hear the elevator moving.
                                                                                             You release the…
                                                                                             Holding the doors open is all you can do.
                                                                                             …the interior of the elevator.
                                                                                             That button is already glowing.
                                                                                             …into the elevator shaft.
                                                                                             The elevator is still moving.
                                                                                             The doors shut as soon as you release them…
Smith Street (west)                                                                          (west) Impenetrable snowdrifts block the street.
Smith Street runs east and west along the north side of the main campus area. At             (south) You push your way into the welcoming warmth inside.
the moment, it is an arctic wasteland of howling wind and drifting snow. On the
other side of the street, barely visible, are the lidless eyes of streetlights. The street   (outdoor emit)
hasn't been plowed, or if it has been, it did no good.                                           1- Bitter, bone-cracking cold assaults you continuously. The temperature and th
                                                                                                    blizzard conditions are both horrible.
                                                                                                 2- You can feel the cold worming its way through your layers of clothing and bit
                                                                                                      into your flesh.
                                                                                                 3- You can no longer feel the tips of your fingers. As for your toes, they have lon
                                                                                                      since ceased to report.
                                                                                                 4- Your eyes are icing up.
                                                                                                 5- Each breath you take is like swallowing knives.
                                                                                                 6- You are suffused with a warm, blissful numbness. It is marred only by the
                                                                                                      knowledge that before you wake again, you will die.
                                                                                             (examine snow) It's still coming down. [You are inside.]
Smith Street (east)                                                                          (east) Impenetrable snow drifts block the street.
Smith Street runs west towards the computer center here. To the south is a                   (south) You push your way into the comparative warmth of a laboratory.
dilapidated grey wooden building. The street is an impassable sea of blowing and
drifting snow.
Temporary Lab
This is a laboratory of some sort. It takes up most of the building on this level, all the
interior walls having been knocked down. (One reason these temporary buildings
are still here is their flexibility: no one cares if they get more or less destroyed.) A
stairway leads down, and a door leads north.
Second Floor                                                                                 (press arrow) The down/up-arrow begins to glow.
This is the second floor of the Computer Center. An elevator and a call button are           You hear the elevator begin moving.
on the south side of the hallway. A large, noisy room is to the north. Stairs also lead      The down/up-arrow blinks off.
up and down, for the energetic. To the west a corridor leads into a smaller room.            The elevator doors slide open.
                                                                                             (wait) The elevator doors slide closed.
ELEVATOR DOORS                                                                               (examine doors) The elevator doors are closed.
ELEVATOR SHAFT                                                                               (open doors) You force the doors apart with your hands, barely able to hold them op
TANGLE OF MACHINERY                                                                          Beyond you see the elevator shaft.
                                                                                                 1. [THIRD/FIRST FLOOR] In the elevator shaft a tangle of machinery is visible. Th
        machinery has that malevolent mechanical appearance that means danger.
     2. [SECOND FLOOR] In the elevator shaft a tangle of machinery is visible. One b
        of the tangle is very much like a hook[, and indeed, a chain is hanging from it
        (. You are holding the other end of the chain)/( . The other end of the chain is
        [(on the floor)/(in OBJ)/(dangling in the shaft below)].)]
     3. [BASEMENT] Beyond you see the bottom of the elevator shaft only a few fee
(close doors) You release the doors, which spring shut.
(wedge doors with plastic container) You force the doors apart with OBJ, revealing a
dark elevator shaft. The plastic container holds the doors open for a moment, and th
is crushed by the force. [The contents of the container spill to the ground.]
(wedge doors with crowbar, axe, etc) You force the doors apart with OBJ, revealing a
dark elevator shaft. The OBJ wedges nicely between the doors, holding them securel
open. [The dark shaft opens like a waiting mouth.]
(Look through doors) They're closed, opaque, and otherwise non-transparent.

(open doors, from within elevator)
You force the plates apart with your hands, barely able to hold them open. Beyond y

(examine shaft)
    1. [REGULAR FLOOR] The dark, grimy elevator shaft extends up into dimness an
        down into a dark pit below.
    2. [FLOOR BELOW ELEVATOR] The dark, grimy elevator shaft extends up into
        dimness and down to a tangle of dangerous-looking lifting machinery at abou
        floor level.
    3. [BASEMENT] The dark, grimy elevator shaft extends up into dimness and dow
        to a concrete-lined pit below.
(enter shaft) It's a long way down.
                                                                                      (unassigned text)
                                                                                      You would fall onto the machinery. Not a pretty fate.
                                                                                      A tangle of machinery blocks your way.
                                                                                      It’s too tight a fit carrying…
Kitchen                                                                               (examine counter) On the kitchen counter is X.
This is a filthy kitchen. The exit is to the east. On the wall near a counter are a
refrigerator and a microwave.                                                         (examine fridge) This is a medium-sized refrigerator whose door is open/closed. Ther
                                                                                      is a sign on the front.
FUNNY BONES (Sitting on the kitchen counter is a package of Funny Bones.)             (open fridge) Opening the refrigerator reveals a two liter bottle of Classic Coke and a
KITCHEN COUNTER                                                                       cardboard carton.
REFRIGERATOR                                                                          (look inside fridge) The interior of the refrigerator is appalling. There are soggy lunch
SIGN                                                                                  bags, ancient sandwiches and other less identifiable items. More appetizingly, you se
[TWO LITER BOTTLE OF CLASSIC COKE]                                                    two liter bottle of Classic Coke and a cardboard carton.
MICROWAVE OVEN                                                                        (examine sign) "Everything in this fridge must have a name and date on it!" (The sign
MICROWAVE CONTROLS                                                                    has neither.)
                                                                                      (examine microwave) The microwave oven hangs over the kitchen counter. It has mo
                                                                                      complicated controls than your pc. There is an LED readout above the controls. The
                                                                                      microwave is off/on and it’s closed.
                                                                                      (unplug microwave) You can’t get to the plug.
                                                                                      (open while running) The microwave oven shuts off, and is now open.

                                                                                      (examine controls) There are controls labeled 0 to 9, WM, LO, MED, HI, START, CLEAR
                                                                                      and STOP.
                                                                                      (examine display) The display is currently displaying (the current time)/(X:XX) and the
                                                                                      word “(off)/(warm)/.”
                                                                                        (press #) The timer display now reads X:XX.
                                                                                        (press WM) The bottom of the display now reads “warm.”
                                                                                        (press LO) The bottom of the display now reads “low.”
                                                                                        (press MED) The bottom of the display now reads “medium.”
                                                                                        (press HI) The bottom of the display now reads “high.”
                                                                                        (press START) Nothing happens, as there's a safety interlock engaged when the door
                                                                                        (press START) Nothing happens, as no time set on it yet.
                                                                                        (press START) It's already started.
                                                                                        (press START) The microwave starts up. The timer begins counting down.
                                                                                        (press CLEAR) The timer clears to zero.
                                                                                        (press STOP) It’s already off.
                                                                                        (press STOP) The microwave stops. The bottom of the display now reads “off.”
                                                                                        (if human hand within) The hand scrabbles frantically around inside, and then at last
                                                                                        lies still.
                                                                                        (?) Why don't you try setting the timer to that?
                                                                                        (?) … set it for that long a time.
                                                                                        (?) … on the control panel!
Terminal Room
This is a large room crammed with computer terminals, small computers, and
printers. An exit leads south. Banners, posters, and signs festoon the walls. Most of
the tables are covered with waste paper, old pizza boxes, and empty Coke cans.
There are usually a lot of people here, but tonight it's almost deserted.

PC (A really whiz-bang pc is right inside the door.)
CHAIR (Nearby is one of those ugly molded plastic chairs.)
HACKER (Sitting at a terminal is a hacker whom you recognize.)
Third Floor                                                                             (north) There is a glass wall in the way.
This is the third floor of the Computer Center. An elevator and a call button are on    (up) You push through the door to the roof. You enter the freezing, biting cold of the
the south side of the hallway. Stairs also lead down, for the energetic. To the north   blizzard.
is a glass wall beyond which you can see a computer room crammed with computer
equipment. A stairway leads up.                                                         (open doors) You force the doors apart with your hands, barely able to hold them op
                                                                                        Beyond you see the elevator shaft. The dark shaft opens like a waiting mouth.
This is the roof of the Computer Center. A door leads to the stairway. The roof is
covered with tarred pea gravel and drifted snow. The wind howls around your ears.
To the south and southeast you can dimly see the looming shapes of the Great
Dome and the Brown Building.
DREAM: Place                                                                            (wait) From below, a low noise begins, and slowly builds. You feel yourself drawn
This is a place. Things move about on a broken, rocky surface. Harsh sounds split the   downward by the noise.
air. Something sticky grabs at your feet. There is no color, everything is drained of
brightness, dull and lifeless. A path descends into a shallow bowl of black basalt.
DREAM: Basalt Bowl                                                                      (wait) The crowd around you begins to sway and groan. They are expecting somethin
You are at the bottom of a deeply cut, smooth basalt bowl. Dimly seen shapes            You are drawn forward by the noise.
crowd you on all sides. Ahead, in the focus of the movement, is a rock platform.
DREAM: At Platform                                                                      (up) You are prevented, as the crowd holds you back.
You stand before a low rock platform, more like an afterthought of piled rocks or a     (other DIRECTION) The crowding is such that you can barely move, much less walk.
glacial moraine than a work of artifice. You are pushed against the pile by the crowd   (listen) It sounds like supplication.
around you.
SMOOTH STONE (One small stone stands out in the pile, smooth, shiny, and glowing        (examine platform) The platform is made of the same rocks as the surrounding terrai
with a blazing light.)                                                                  In fact, you can't tell whether it is natural or constructed.
THING                                                                                   (take stone) Suddenly, the dimness becomes darkness, and the crowd around you
                                                                                        explodes with excitement. You are jostled and shoved from all sides. A low keening
                                                                                        begins, building into a deafening, almost mechanical chant. The darkness before you
                                                                                        compacts and deepens.
                                                                                        (wait) The darkness before you, now visible, is a creature. It towers over the now-sile
                                                                                     crowd. The thing jerks this way and that, spraying a foul ichor. Its palps twitch
                                                                                     expectantly, then pound impatiently against the rock. You can feel the smooth stone
                                                                                     vibrating in your hand.
                                                                                     (wait) The thing now turns, sensing the presence of the stone. It quests almost blindl
                                                                                     for it, then those surrounding you thrust you forward. The thing stoops, its mandible
                                                                                     grasping you. You are lifted towards its gaping maw. The stench and the sounds issui
                                                                                     from it are overwhelming, and you fall unconscious.
                                                                                     You are awakened by the thump of your head hitting the terminal in front of you.
                                                                                     Falling asleep over term papers! It must have been a nightmare. Embarrassed, you
                                                                                     glance around. Yes, the hacker is looking in your direction. He must have heard the
                                                                                     thump. (RETURN TO TERMINAL)

                                                                                     (examine thing)
                                                                                         1. You see a visible darkness, in a shape not easily grasped.
                                                                                         2. It is large, smooth and yet scaly. It has too many limbs, and they are not in th
                                                                                              right places. To look at it gives you a headache.
                                                                                     (smell thing) The thing gives off a charnel stench.
                                                                                     (thing, hello) There is no response. You are not even sure that you produced any sou
                                                                                     when you spoke.
Cinderblock Tunnel                                                                   (up) The trapdoor isn’t open.
This is a tunnel whose walls are cinderblock, with a concrete floor and ceiling. A   (up, without light on) One should never assume the dark is safe. Something just
metal ladder leads up to a closed/open metal plate in the ceiling, and the tunnel    grabbed you from behind and dragged you off to its lair.
continues north, where the cinderblock walls become brick.
METAL PLATE                                                                          (examine plate) It looks like a metal plate in the ceiling.
LADDER                                                                               (open/push plate) It lifts a few inches, but then hits something and goes no further.
                                                                                     (open/push plate) It pushes open easily.
                                                                                     (look in plate) Pushing the plate up as far as you can, you can see part of a workroom
                                                                                     lab of some kind.
                                                                                     (look in plate) You see a laboratory.
Brick Tunnel                                                                         (examine manhole) It's a manhole.
This is an ancient tunnel constructed of roughly mortared bricks and stones. A            (look in hole) You can't see much.
slippery and almost invisible set of handholds leads up. The tunnel continues a long
way north and south from here.

Renovated Cave                                                                            (examine slab) The slab is roughly circular, made of indifferently dressed New Englan
You are in a huge, cave-like construction. A path leads down to a floor partly            granite, and about three feet high.
covered with rough concrete. The walls and ceiling are high and reinforced with           (read slab) You aren't close enough.
beams of wood, iron, and steel. In the center of the floor you can see a large, flat
slab of granite. The only exit is behind you to the south.                                (emit while panel open) You can still hear faint groans and snarls from the larger cave
Before the Altar                                                                          (examine slab) The slab is roughly circular, made of indifferently dressed New Englan
You are at the bottom of the cave. The huge slab of granite, in the center is a sort of   granite, and about three feet high. It is carved all over with odd glyphs, symbols, and
altar. It is carved with strange and disturbing symbols, the largest of which looks       strange animal (or part-animal?) figures. The top is covered with a brown stain shadi
very familiar. Some of the symbols are obscured by rusty red stains. Nearby is an         to red at the edges.
iron plate set in the concrete of the floor.                                              (touch/push slab) An inexplicable revulsion prevents you from touching it.
SLAB OF GRANITE                                                                           (?) …slab warily. It is disquieting to look at.
INCISED SYMBOL                                                                            (examine symbol) The symbol appears to be the oldest thing carved on the altar. It is
CARVINGS                                                                                  beautifully incised in the rocks. Its age is apparent from its wear and the overlay of
KNIFE (Lying to one side of the altar stone is a sharp, thin-bladed knife.)               newer carvings and scratchings over it.

                                                                                          (examine carvings) The carvings are in a variety of styles. Some are almost like graffit
                                                                                          and have carved dates as early as 1655 and as recent as last year. Some are creature
                                                                                          or people, or combinations of the two. Some are obscene, or revolting, or just
                                                                                          indescribable. One is a strange incised symbol. Most are at least partly spotted with
                                                                                          brown stains.
                                                                                          (touch carvings) An inexplicable revulsion prevents you from touching it.

                                                                                          (examine plate) The plate is iron, about two feet square, and [looks like it could be sl
                                                                                     open. A curious feature of the plate is that it has upward projecting dents in it which
                                                                                     appear to have been punched from below.
                                                                                     (life plate) It doesn't lift, it slides.
                                                                                     (open plate) You slide open the panel, revealing a dark pit below. Immediately, there
                                                                                     a response from below.
                                                                                     (close plate) You close the panel. You no longer hear the noises, much to your relief.
                                                                                     (look in plate) You peer through the hole, shining your light into the stygian darkness
                                                                                     below. The commotion below is growing louder, and suddenly you catch a glimpse of
                                                                                     things moving in the pit. Without consciously realizing you have done it, you slam the
                                                                                     panel shut, reeling away from the source of such images. Now you know what has be
                                                                                     done with the missing students.
                                                                                     (open plate) You would sooner die than open that panel again.
                                                                                     (listen plate, while closed) You hear very faint noises through the closed panel.
                                                                                     (listen plate, while open) Disturbing noises issue from the open panel.
                                                                                     (drop OBJ in panel) The sounds from below increase in intensity.
                                                                                     (drop FOOD in panel) Sounds of ghoulish excitement issue from the opening.

                                                                                     (emit while plate open) A low, guttural, groaning and snarling issues from the openin

                                                                                     (search for students) You no longer need to look for them. You now understand the
                                                                                     stains on the altar.
                                                                                     (?) You're joking.
Ancient Storage                                                                      (down) There is a steel cover on the manhole.
What's deader than dead storage? That's what's in this room. Most of the contents    (down) You push your way through cobwebs, damp fungus, and other obstructions.
have collapsed or rusted back to the primordial ooze. There is mold growing on
some of the unidentifiable piles. Stagnant puddles of water pollute the floor. You   (examine manhole) It's a steel ring set in the floor. It's probably a manhole.
can now believe how old some of these foundations are said to be.                    (examine manhole) It's very dark inside, but you can see that crude brick handholds
MANHOLE (There is a closed, disused-looking manhole here. / There is an open         provide a slippery path down. Cool air rises out of the hole.
manhole here.)                                                                       (open manhole) The only way would seem to be to remove the manhole cover.
MANHOLE COVER (In one corner of the room a manhole cover is partly buried in the     (look in hole) You see only the cover.
dirt and crud.)                                                                           (look in hole) You can see a dark, grimy tunnel below.
POOL                                                                                      (drop in hole) The manhole is covered right now.
                                                                                          (drop in hole) You drop OBJ, and it hits the ground not far below.
                                                                                          (examine cover) It's an old, rusty, steel manhole cover set in a steel ring embedded in
                                                                                          the floor.
                                                                                          (move cover) It doesn't budge.
                                                                                          (take cover) You can’t get a good grip on it; it; it's heavy and in a steel ring; impossibl
                                                                                          to (just drag it away)/(push it off).
                                                                                          (push cover) It's sitting inside a steel ring, so pushing it does nothing.
                                                                                          (move cover with crowbar) You lever the manhole cover aside, and crusted dirt falls
                                                                                          into a dark, partly obstructed hole below.

                                                                                          (examine pool) It's a pool of rather yucky water.

                                                                                          [FLOOR/CEILING for manhole and cover]
                                                                                          (?) You manage to shove the manhole cover back over the hole.
                                                                                          (?) An interesting idea, but how?
                                                                                          (?) You move it a little way, but it’s very heavy.
                                                                                          (?) The cover is heavy.
                                                                                          (?) Your <OBJ> won’t thank you for this.
                                                                                          (?) …manhole cover blocking your way.
Dead Storage                                                                              (east) You climb around on the junk for a while, and you get the impression that ther
This is a storage room. It contains an incredible assemblage of discarded junk. Some      is an opening 'way on the east wall, but there is so much stuff in the way that you can
of it is so old and mouldering that you can't be sure where one bit of junk stops and     get to it.
the next begins. It's piled to the ceiling on ancient, rotting pallets(; you can't even   (east) There is still no path all the way through the junk, but you can now tell for sure
see the east wall.)/(. A narrow path winds eastward through the junk.)                    that there's a room to the east.
JUNK                                                                                      (east, on forklift) There is no path through the junk for you, much less for a forklift.
                                                                                          (east, on forklift) You’ll have to move some more junk first, I'm afraid.
                                                                                          (examine junk) Looking more closely only emphasizes how completely entropy has
                                                                                          taken over this room.
                                                                                          (move junk) You have obviously underestimated the amount of junk in here. It's not
                                                                                          only voluminous, it's heavy.
                                                                                          (search junk) You find many worthless items of hardware, old discarded memos and
                                                                                          papers, but nothing of any use or value.
                                                                                          (move junk, forklift1) You have a little trouble using the forklift, but it's not really all
                                                                                          that hard. You start clearing junk, moving it around and trying to create a passage.
                                                                                          (move junk, forklift2,3) You continue moving junk, becoming more proficient with th
                                                                                          (move junk forklift4) You've built a fairly narrow (about one forklift wide) path throug
                                                                                          the junk. You can see an opening into a further storage room beyond this one.
                                                                                          (move junk, forklift5) I suppose you're planning to clear the entire room? You've mad
                                                                                          a nice path to the next room already.
Temporary Basement
During the Second World War, some temporary buildings were built to house war-
related research. Naturally, these buildings, though flimsy and ugly, are still around.
This is the basement of one of them. The basement extends west, a stairway leads
up, and a large passage is to the east.
Basement                                                                                  (examine cable) From floor to ceiling run wire channels and steam pipes.
Bare concrete walls line a wide corridor leading east and west. An elevator and call      (climb cable) You leap, grab the damp and moldy bundle of cable, and hang suspende
button are to the south. Stairs also lead up, for the energetic. From floor to ceiling    off the floor.
run wire channels and steam pipes.                                                        (wait) Your grip on the cable, never too secure, loosens [fatally as an Einstein among
COAXIAL CABLE                                                                             rats, who was crawling along the cable itself, bites your fingers] (, and you drop to th
STEAM PIPES                                                                               floor.)/ (You fall, landing among the delighted rats.) [They swarm over you, a small ar
[HOOK]                                                                                    of furry bodies, and you are consumed in short order.]
[TANGLE OF MACHINERY]                                                                     (cut able with OTHER) You can’t expect to cut cable with OBJ.
                                                                                     (open doors) You force the doors apart with your hands, barely able to hold them op
                                                                                     Beyond you see the bottom of the elevator shaft only a few feet below. In the elevat
                                                                                     shaft a tangle of machinery is visible. One bit of the tangle is very much like a hook.

                                                                                     (down) You drop to the floor below, which isn't all that far down.

                                                                                     (examine tangle of machinery) The tangle of machinery is most notable for a metal
                                                                                     hook [with a chain hanging on it].
                                                                                     (?) Only the hook seems capable of such a use, so you try that.
                                                                                     (?) …just above the ceiling level…
                                                                                     (?) …includes a hook-like protrusion just inside the door. [A greasy chain is hooked on
                                                                                     the protrusion, (terminating in your hands)/(dropping into the pit).]

                                                                                     (examine hook) The hook is actually a very strong looking welded protrusion on the
                                                                                     bottom of the elevator, but it is hook-like. [One end of a chain is hooked onto it, in

                                                                                     (put chain on hook) You hook the chain to the hook, where it looks quite secure.
                                                                                     (pull chain) It's pretty securely hooked. In fact, it feels pretty secure all around.
                                                                                     (unhook chain) You remove the chain from the hook.

                                                                                     (?) A greasy chain descends out of the shaft into a pile at your feet.
Aero Basement
This basement level room is made of smooth, damp-seeming concrete. Fluorescent
lights cast harsh shadows. To the west is a stairway, and to the east the basement
area continues.
A dimly lit stairway leads up and down from here. A corridor continues east.
This is the subbasement of the Aeronautical Engineering Building. A stairway leads
up. A narrow crack in the northwest corner of the room opens into a larger space.
Tomb                                                                                       (read graffiti) It reads "The Tomb of the Unknown Tool."
This is a tiny, narrow, ill-fitting room. It appears to have been a left over space from
the joining of two preexisting buildings. It is roughly coffin shaped. The walls are       (examine hatch) The hatch is made of stamped, ridged steel. It was originally painted
covered by decades of overlaid graffiti, but there is one which is painted in huge         institutional grey, but has been the victim of innumerable graffiti artists since. You ca
fluorescent letters that were apparently impossible for later artists to completely        still make out the stencilled warning "Authorized personnel only" which has been
deface. On the floor is a rusty access hatch (locked with a huge padlock)/(which is        carefully prefixed by "UN," and suffixed by "This means you!" both in a disgusting fie
open).                                                                                     red. The hatch is (locked with a padlock)/(unlocked).
HATCH                                                                                      (open hatch) The padlock locks the hatch in place.
PADLOCK                                                                                    (open hatch) The hatch is heavy, and its hinges are rusty, but you pull and strain and
GRAFFITI                                                                                   opens with a scream of metal. Revealed below is a rusty ladder leading down. Warm
[LADDER]                                                                                   fetid air coils up out of the hole. There is a burned out (no, smashed) utility light set i
                                                                                           the wall a few feet down.
                                                                                           (lock hatch with padlock) Locked up safe and secure!
                                                                                           (look in hatch) You see a dark hole leading down.
                                                                                           (?)n oddly shaped small room.

                                                                                           (examine ladder) It's a rusty ladder made of welded iron set in the wall.
Steam Tunnel (1-east)                                                                      (east) The tunnel ends here, in a dank, dripping brick wall.
The steam pipe and coaxial cable turn upwards and disappear into the ceiling here.         (south) You are trying to walk through a brick wall.
The tunnel itself comes to an end in a grimy, damp, and dripping triad of crumbling
brick walls. [The south wall looks particularly decrepit.]                                 (feel wall) The wall is slimy, dank, and damp. [You feel a weak current of cool air com
BRICK WALL                                                                                 from between some of the bricks.]
[BROKEN BRICK]                                                                              (listen to) , and you can hear mechanical noises on the other side.
[NEW BRICK]                                                                                (examine wall1) The brick wall is in terrible shape. It's aged and crumbling, with groo
[HOLE] (The southern brick wall has a hole in it. [There is a vertical reinforcing rod     between bricks where the mortar has fallen out.
visible in the middle of the hole.])                                                       (examine wall2) (?)loose brick in the wall, but you can't remove it with your hands.
[REINFORCING ROD]                                                                          (examine wall3) The brick wall has a brick-size hole in it where a brick was removed.
                                                                    You can see a new-looking brick in the hole. The rest of the wall is in pretty bad shap
                                                                    (examine wall4)
[HOLE] The southern brick wall has an enormous hole ripped in it.   (attack wall) It doesn't do much but loosen a brick in the wall.
                                                                    (attack wall, after taking brick) It doesn’t do much.
                                                                    (examine wall after destruction) The brick wall is demolished. There is now a large ho
                                                                    leading south into another room.

                                                                    (examine broken brick) It's a crumbling, broken brick. Little bits of mortar still cling to
                                                                    (take brick) You can’t get a good grip on the broken brick with your fingers.
                                                                    (?) Though there are loose bricks, they aren't loose enough for you to just pry them o
                                                                    with your fingers.
                                                                    (?) There aren't any more loose bricks.
                                                                    (pry brick with crowbar) The wall grudgingly yields to your efforts. A brick, less well
                                                                    mortared than its fellows, pulls out of the wall.
                                                                    (pry brick with crowbar, again) You already pried that brick loose, maybe you should
                                                                    attack the wall again.

                                                                    (examine new brick) It's a new brick. It appears to be of relatively recent vintage.
                                                                    (take brick) You can’t get a good grip on the new brick with your fingers.
                                                                    (pry brick with crowbar) The wall grudgingly yields to your efforts. A brick, less well
                                                                    mortared than its fellows, drops to the floor on the other side, making a hole throug
                                                                    the wall. You can see a rusty steel reinforcing rod in the hole.

                                                                    (examine hole) There is a small hole in the wall where a brick was removed.
                                                                    (look in hole) You see another loose brick inside the hole.
                                                                    (examine hole2) There is a large hole here, with a reinforcing rod running through it.
                                                                    (look in hole2) There is an open space, a small room containing some machinery. You
                                                                    can't see too well, though.
                                                                    (enter hole) The hole is the size of a brick. You are somewhat larger.
                                                                    (reach in hole) You reach in and touch the reinforcing rod.
                                                                                          (put brick in hole) You put the broken brick in the hole, but it doesn't fit very tightly a
                                                                                          more, so it falls out again and drops to the floor.
                                                                                          (put OTHER in hole) You put the OBJ in the hole, but as the hole is irregular, it falls ou
                                                                                          again and drops to the floor.
                                                                                          (?) You hear a whining noise through the hole.
                                                                                          (?) through it where bricks have been pried out. A steel rod is visible
                                                                                          (?) comes loose and drops to the ground

                                                                                          (examine reinforcing rod) It's rusty, obviously didn't help the wall all that much, and
                                                                                          runs up and down through the hole you have made. [There is a length of greasy chain
                                                                                          wrapped around it.]

                                                                                          (follow cable) It runs down from the ceiling and off to the west.
Concrete Box                                                                              (up) You climb up the gritty wall and out into the basement.
This small room is pretty bare and featureless. The north wall is brick and the other     (up, if rats) You leap up the wall towards the basement, but the rats are faster! They
three walls are concrete. The east and west walls are adorned with rails not unlike       bite your fingers[, and you release your hold, tumbling back to the pit!]
railroad rails. Above you (and out of reach, the shaft is blocked by something.)/( is     (up, if doors closed) There is no apparent way through the closed elevator doors.
an empty shaft. On the north side of the shaft is an [elevator door wedged open by        (up, if holding doors) You try to climb up while holding the doors open, but it's just
OBJ]/[elevator door which you are holding open].)                                         outside the realm of possibility.

BRICK WALL                                                                                (examine brick wall)
RAILS                                                                                         1. The brick wall is in pretty good shape. It's relatively new, and you can only se
[HOLE] (The brick wall has a hole in it. There is a vertical reinforcing rod visible in          one or two loose-looking bricks.
the middle of the hole. [A chain is looped around the rod.] [A padlock secures the            2. There is some sort of tunnel. You can’t see too wall, though.
chain.]                                                                                       3. You see and dark and grimy tunnel leading west.
GREASY CHAIN (There is [one end of] a greasy length of chain [coiled] on the floor
here.)                                                                                    (listen to wall) You place your ear to the wall, slimy and dank as it is, and hear nothin
REINFORCING ROD                                                                           However, you feel a weak current of cool air coming from between some of the brick
                                                                                          (?) The hole is already quite large, and further demolition would have to involve
[HOLE] The brick wall has an enormous hole ripped in it.                                  structural supports.
(?) small rectangular room on the other side of the wall.
(?) You aren't strong enough to pull down a brick wall.
(?) There don't seem to be any more bricks as loose as the first two.
(?) There is a huge hole here, where the wall has collapsed.
(?) The hole that's there now is big enough for you to walk through. Hence, no such
(?) Plenty of room there.
(?) When you reach in you get the impression there is some metal in the hole.
(?) There is cool air flowing out of the hole…
(?) The cracks and crumbled mortar only go partway through.
(?) a new-looking / pretty bad / an older, crumbly / okay
(?) You hear the chittering of rats.

(take brick) You can’t get a good grip on the new brick with your fingers.

(examine after destruction) The brick wall is quite ruined. Fortunately it wasn't
structural. There are big chunks of brick and concrete all over the floor here.

(tie chain to rod) You wrap the chain around the rod, but find it too thick to actually t
(lock chain with padlock) You lock the chain with the padlock. It now forms a secure
loop around the rod.
(pull chain, with padlock) You pull as hard as you can, but you can't pull the rod
out. In fact, it feels pretty secure all around.
(pull chain, without padlock) It clatters along the rod and then falls off.

(trying to leave basement with chain attached to rod) You reach the end of your chai
pretty quickly.
(other unassigned padlock/rod/chain emits)
(?) <OBJ> is already locked to <OBJ>.
(?) <OBJ> can’t lock onto <OBJ>.
(?) …isn’t that broken.
The hasp of the padlock won't fit around the rod.
You don't seem to have anything to lock it with.
It's pretty solidly mortared in.
…and disappears up into the shaft *and trails down onto the floor+.
(?) The chain is locked with a padlock.
…and it disappears up… … and it’s…
(unhook)/(unlock)/(unwrap) it first.
The chain is too greasy to climb[, even wearing the gloves].
That’s pretty pointless, as the chain isn’t currently securing anything.
…attached the ends of the chain to the hook at the rod.
…retrieve one first.
There isn’t enough extra chain to reach that far.
A few feet hangs on one side of the rod, and the rest curves up from the rod towards
the floor of the elevator.
…wrapped the chain around the rod.
You stretch out towards the hook, find the whole chain is just too much weight, and
most of it on the floor. Much easier!
One end of the chain is all that will fit.
The chain won’t attach to <OBJ>.
…and it dangles in the elevator shaft.
…and it’s hooked to the hook.

                                                                                         A loud mechanical whining begins above you.
                                                                                         A loud mechanical whining is audible through the hole.
                                                                                         The elevator begins to move (upward)/(downward).
                                                                                         You see an elevator shaft.
                                                                                         You hear the whine of powerful machinery.

                                                                                         (if in box when moving down) The machinery stops. Unfortunately, before doing so it
                                                                                         squashed you into the concrete floor. Yuck!

                                                                                         (if chain padlocked to rod and hooked to hook, and press up arrow on elevator)
                                                                                         From below you hear tearing, rending sound, then a rumbling crash.
                                                                                         (if in concrete room when the above happens) The length of chain grows taut, pulling
                                                                                         the rod. Suddenly, the bricks give up, and a steel reinforcing rod pulls free of the
                                                                                         shattered wall. It flies across the room, impaling you with uncanny precision.
                                                                                         (?) …metallic sliding sound, then silence.
                                                                                         (if chain not padlocked) The chain slides off the rod and away into the air.
                                                                                         (if holding chain) Suddenly, the chain is torn from your grasp!
Steam Tunnel (2)                                                                         (follow cable) It runs east and west along the ceiling.
The steam tunnel is narrow here, and its construction is more archaic. It's now
mostly brick, although the floor is concrete. The steam pipe and coaxial cable
continue along their appointed paths. The tunnel is damp and even a little muddy.
Steam Tunnel (3)                                                                         (examine valve) It looks pretty rusty, but appears to be in working order. (It’s closed)
This dank and grimy tunnel is largely filled with an imperfectly insulated steam pipe.   (It seems to be partly open.).
The tunnel is uncomfortably hot and damp. A thick bundle of coaxial cable runs east      (open valve) It's too rusty. You pull and strain, but nothing happens.
to west along the ceiling. There is a pressure release valve on the steam pipe here.     (close valve) The valve closes, more easily than it opened.
STEAM PIPES                                                                              (hit with crowbar) The valve, with a horrible scream of tortured metal, gives a little, a
COAXIAL CABLE                                                                            a small trickle of steam issues forth. [This further agitates the rats.]
PRESSURE VALVE                                                                           (examine steam, closed) It’s closed.
[DEAD RAT]                                                                                (examine steam, partly open) It's just a trickle.
                                                                                          (examine steam, open) It looks like live steam.
                                                                                          (open valve, after hit) The valve screeches open. A jet spray of live steam issues from
                                                                                          filling the tunnel in front of you. [The rats are caught in the full force of the blast.
                                                                                          Horrible squeals can be heard from the midst of the steam cloud, and scalded rats
                                                                                          charge past you, all interest in anything but flight forgotten. One of their number
                                                                                          remains, dead.]
                                                                                          (?) …wide open and spewing live steam.

                                                                                          (west, if valve open) You would be plunging into scalding steam. Not such a smart ide
                                                                                          if you ask me.

                                                                                          (follow cable) It runs east and west along the ceiling.
Steam Tunnel (4)                                                                          (up, if rats in room) From below you can hear the chittering of the rats.
This dank and grimy tunnel is largely filled with an imperfectly insulated steam pipe.    (up`) You force your way through the mass of rats, grabbing onto the rusty ladder like
The tunnel is uncomfortably hot and damp. You have gone from the arctic to the            mast on a stormy sea, and begin to pull your way up. A few rats drop off, squealing in
tropics. The concrete tunnel has odd molds and fungi growing on its walls and             anger. You climb higher, reaching the hatch, as the last of the rats drops to the floor
ceiling, and the floor is squishy. Torn clots of insulation litter the floor. Along the   below.
ceiling runs a thick tangle of coaxial cable. The tunnel heads east and west. A rusty
metal ladder leads up.                                                                    (examine cable) The cable runs overhead in a fat bundle. It looks like the kind you've
LADDER                                                                                    seen connecting nodes of the local net. This clump is pretty grotty looking, festooned
STEAM PIPES                                                                               with damp cobwebs, and stained with something that dripped from the ceiling. [It is
COAXIAL CABLE                                                                             somewhat out of reach of the rats.]
                                                                                          (cut cable with cutters) You begin cutting the cables, and after a while you realize tha
                                                                                          the inner cables look different, sort of dead white and slimy. Then you notice that the
                                                                                          cables you have cut are knitting back together.
                                                                                          (follow cable) It runs east and west along the ceiling.
Steam Tunnel (5-west)                                                                     (west) You plunge into the mass of rats, but there are too many of them, and you can
This dank and grimy tunnel is largely filled with an imperfectly insulated steam pipe.    force your way past.
The tunnel is uncomfortably hot and damp. A bundle of coaxial cable runs along the
ceiling, festooned with damp mold and cobwebs. The tunnel continues west.   (follow cable) It runs east and west along the ceiling.
STEAM PIPES                                                                 (emit1) You can hear, in the distance, a chittering, scratching sound.
COAXIAL CABLE                                                               (emit2) The sound is louder. It sounds like small animals. Is it rats?
                                                                            (emit3) The sound continues. It's almost certainly rats.
                                                                            (emit4) The rat sounds are growing louder, but you still can't see any rats.
                                                                            (emit5) A troop of rats appears out of the darkness. The rats are momentarily startle
                                                                            by your presence, but soon the bolder ones begin to approach. There are more rats
                                                                            here than you have ever seen.
                                                                            (emit6) The rats attack! Slimy, snarling, and hungry, they swarm over your feet, biting
                                                                            at your legs and clinging desperately to your feet.
                                                                            (emit7) The troop of rats surges around you, scenting blood and the kill. There are ra
                                                                            clinging all over you, their nasty teeth biting down in a dozen places.
                                                                            (emit8) A particularly nasty rat, wise in the ways of death, makes its way up your arm
                                                                            your neck. For a moment it stares at you, its yellow eyes hungry, and then it reaches
                                                                            your jugular. As you lose consciousness, you think for a moment that you see the rat
                                                                            laugh, exposing its own neck, and on its neck is branded a symbol.
                                                                            (if leaving) The rats follow, surging around you. [FOLLOWED BY NEXT EMIT]
                                                                            (climb cable) The rats leap toward you, maddened that you are out of reach!"
                                                                            (step on rat) You smash a rat, but it's one of hundreds.
                                                                            (attack rat) You strike out at the rats, but several clamp onto your hand. The pain is
                                                                            horrible. The rest are all the more frenzied by the drops of blood.
                                                                            (kick rat) You kick, throwing off a few biting at your foot and leg. These smash squeal
                                                                            into the wall, but others take their places.
                                                                            (listen to rats) The sewer rats sound annoyed and hungry.
                                                                            (smell rats) You catch a sharp odor over the background of damp and sewage. It's
                                                                            metallic, almost stinging. It's the odor of fresh blood.
                                                                            (examine rats) These are strange rats. They don't look like the usual sewer rats. There
                                                                            more white in their fur, even dirty and encrusted as it is. Some are furless, and other
                                                                            piebald. Many of the older ones are scarred and look particularly cunning.
                                                                                       (give FOOD) A small contingent of rats falls greedily upon FOOD, biting and scratching
                                                                                       fighting desperately for it. The rest of the rats are not distracted, however."
                                                                                       (?) <OBJ> hits [(a rat)/(the rat)] with a satisfying squish.

                                                                                       *ACTION ROUTINE FOR ‘DRIVE OBJ’+
                                                                                       (?) You go hand-over-hand along the cable. [You reach the end, drop, and continue o
                                                                                       [The rats follow, red eyes staring upward. Some of the bolder ones leap at your feet,
                                                                                       and one hits with a thump.]
                                                                                       (?) You let go of the cable and drop to the floor [among the now-frenzied rats].
Tunnel Entrance                                                                        (follow cable) It runs down from the ceiling and off to the east.
The tunnel continues west from here, becoming narrow, muddy, and forbidding.
The walls no longer seem to be as finished as they were. The steam pipe and coaxial
cable disappear into the ceiling at this point. The temperature has dropped
considerably, as well.
Muddy Tunnel
The tunnel you came through continues down, barely large enough to enter. It is
made of sticky gelatinous mud that's been pushed by something into a semblance
of a passage.
Large Chamber                                                                              1- A small, furtive motion attracts your attention to the slots.
This is a wide spot in the tunnel, just as wet and muddy as elsewhere. The walls are       2- There is motion in the slots. In fact, there is motion in almost all of them.
slimy as well. Numerous slots or indentations about two feet wide and a foot high          3- Slowly, painfully, things emerge from the slots. They are pale, thin creatures
open here and there. (Thin, wire or ropelike growths emerge from a hole                       with red mouths and staring eyes. Mold grows in their hair and wirelike
further down and) / (Stubs of the wire still) (enter each of the slots. There is              streamers wrap their heads and join a bundle on the floor. You realize that
background noise here, almost loud enough to hear clearly.) / (envelop the head of            these are urchins.
each urchin. The urchins are [catatonic. / saying or chanting something repetitive
and monotonal, almost machinelike.])
SLOT                                                                                   (examine slot) The slots are narrow burrows apparently dug by hand out of the mud
WIRE                                                                                   the chamber walls. [Most of the slots have a thin wire or rope heading into them. Yo
HOLE                                  begin to be quite certain that there is something moving inside the slot you are looki
[URCHINS] (There are urchins here.)   at.]
                                      (enter slot/north/east/west/south) You squeeze your way into one of the slots. The
                                      mud coats you with a cold, slimy coat which makes it barely possible to breathe. (You
                                      are about halfway in when your hands touch something fleshy in front of you. It's col
                                      and dead. On the other hand, it moves.) / (You slide out with all the speed you can
                                      (look in) You can’t anything but the wet walls of the burrow.
                                      (reach in) You reach inside, oblivious to the cold clammy mud. At first you feel nothin
                                      but just at the limit of your stretch, you feel flesh. It's cold and dead. You jerk your ha
                                      back out.
                                      (reach in, after urchins leave) There is nothing in the slots but cold, wet mud.
                                      (listen, before urchins leave) The noise, as you listen more carefully, resolves itself in
                                      voices. They are chanting, but the words are unknown to you.

                                      (examine hole) It's a slimy, muddy hole, but it's the only way down.
                                      (down) The urchins lurch, almost as one, into your way, grabbing at you feebly but
                                      effectively. Their pale, limp hands can't grab you, but they can stop you. There is no
                                      way past.

                                      (examine wire) These are thin, fibrous, ropy growths. They look very tough.
                                      (follow wire) They go from the (slots)/(urchins) down the tunnel.
                                      (cut wire with knife/axe) The knife/axe drives the wire into the mud, but doesn't cut

                                      (examine urchins) These are not normal looking urchins. Their clothes are muddy and
                                      tattered. They are barefoot in midwinter, and covered with mud. Around their heads
                                      are draped the [stubs of the] ropy growths that you've been noticing in this area.
                                      Although their eyes are open, they stare catatonically.
                                      (?) It's as though they don't hear you.
                                      (attack) They ignore you.
                                                                                  (urchins, hello) The urchins turn to you in unison. They smile, revealing red, broken
                                                                                  teeth. They never stop their deep-voiced, incomprehensible chant.
                                                                                  (listen to) The strange chant never stops. They don't move their lips to make it. It
                                                                                  resonates deep within their chests.
                                                                                  (wake) They seem quite awake.
                                                                                  (give OBJ) They ignore your offer, caught up in something only they can sense.

                                                                                  (cut wire with bolt cutter) You strain and push the two handles of the bolt cutter
                                                                                  together with all your strength. At first it looks like nothing will happen, but then, wit
                                                                                  loud click, the jaws cut the wire! The wire, as though under tension, rapidly begins to
                                                                                  curl up, disappearing down the tunnel and away. [Urchins burst forth from the slots.]
                                                                                  The effect on the urchins is electric (perhaps literally). They twitch, jerk spasmodicall
                                                                                  and fall to the ground almost in unison. They have lost all interest in you.

                                                                                  (down, after cutting wires) A few of the urchins grab feebly at you as you pass, but
                                                                                  none is a serious barrier.
                                                                                  (down, ?) Something is blocking the downward passage. It's moving, slowly and
                                                                                  painfully, trying to climb up.
Wet Tunnel (1)
You are lost in narrow, wet tunnels burrowed through the mud. Muddy, oily water   The hand points its mutilated ring finger north and grips your shoulder tightly.
covers the floor.
Wet Tunnel (2)
You are lost in narrow, wet tunnels burrowed through the mud. Muddy, oily water   The hand points its mutilated ring finger down and grips your shoulder tightly.
covers the floor.
Wet Tunnel (3)
You are lost in narrow, wet tunnels burrowed through the mud. Muddy, oily water   The hand points its mutilated ring finger south and grips your shoulder tightly.
covers the floor.
Wet Tunnel (4)
You are lost in narrow, wet tunnels burrowed through the mud. Muddy, oily water   The hand points its mutilated ring finger south and grips your shoulder tightly.
covers the floor.
Wet Tunnel (5)
You are lost in narrow, wet tunnels burrowed through the mud. Muddy, oily water    The hand points its mutilated ring finger down and grips your shoulder tightly.
covers the floor.
Wet Tunnel (6)
You are lost in narrow, wet tunnels burrowed through the mud. Muddy, oily water    The hand points its mutilated ring finger west and grips your shoulder tightly.
covers the floor.
Wet Tunnel (7)
You are lost in narrow, wet tunnels burrowed through the mud. Muddy, oily water    The hand points its mutilated ring finger east and grips your shoulder tightly.
covers the floor.
Wet Tunnel (8)
You are lost in narrow, wet tunnels burrowed through the mud. Muddy, oily water    The hand points its mutilated ring finger east and grips your shoulder tightly.
covers the floor.
Wet Tunnel (9)
You are lost in narrow, wet tunnels burrowed through the mud. Muddy, oily water    The hand points its mutilated ring finger up and grips your shoulder tightly.
covers the floor.
Wet Tunnel (10)
You are lost in narrow, wet tunnels burrowed through the mud. Muddy, oily water    The hand points its mutilated ring finger west and grips your shoulder tightly.
covers the floor.
Wet Tunnel (11)
You are lost in narrow, wet tunnels burrowed through the mud. Muddy, oily water    The hand points its mutilated ring finger east and grips your shoulder tightly.
covers the floor.
Wet Tunnel (12)
You are lost in narrow, wet tunnels burrowed through the mud. Muddy, oily water    The hand points its mutilated ring finger south and grips your shoulder tightly.
covers the floor. (A curtain of moldy slime covers the south wall.)/(There is an
ancient door in the south wall. The ancient door is [closed]/[open].)              (examine slime) The entire south wall is covered with a curtain of moldy
SLIME CURTAIN                                                                      phosphorescent slime. There is something about the slime that makes it appear
[CRAWLING SLIME] (There is slime crawling up your arm. It has reached your X.)     unhealthy, as though the influences here are bad for anything living.
[ANCIENT DOOR]                                                                     (take slime) The feel is greasy, wet, and at first cold. Then you get a burning sensatio
like that from a sea-nettle sting. You jerk away, but some of the slime sticks to you!
(take slime, wearing gloves) The curtain is very slick and wet. Some of it sticks to you
gloves. The slime eats through your gloves! It begins to attack your hand, and you fee
hot, stinging sensation, like a sea-nettle sting.
(take again) More slime flows onto [your hand].
(take again?) You already did that once. Twice would be stupid!
(emit1) The slime is creeping slowly up your arm! It's reached your wrist.
(emit2) The slime is creeping slowly up your arm! It's reached your elbow.
(emit3) The slime is creeping slowly up your arm! It's reached your bicep.
(emit4) The slime is creeping slowly up your arm! It's reached your shoulder.
(emit5) The slime is creeping slowly up your arm! It's reached your neck.
(emit6) The slime engulfs your nose! You cough, choke, and begin to suffocate! You f
to the floor, splashing in the water. You either suffocate or drown. After you're dead
makes no difference.

(attack slime with OBJ) OBJ touches the curtain, and immediately some of the slime
attacks, flowing almost intelligently onto it. OBJ is now covered with slime.
(wait) The slime has now flowed from OBJ[, devoured your gloves] , and begun
attacking your hand.

(examine crawling slime) It's flowing, dark-green, and undulates slowly as it crawls up
your arm.
(remove crawling slime) You try to scrape it off, but to no avail. It just flows back into
place around your arm. [You only succeed in hurting your arm.]
(pour flask on crawling) You succeed in pouring the freezing liquid all over your arm.
This kills the slime. It also kills you, but then, one must make sacrifices, right?

(pour flask on slime curtain) The liquid splashes onto the curtain, and a cold mist fills
the room. The slime begins to freeze. (Patches of it shatter and fall, but the rest of th
slime oozes into the ruined spots, and the curtain appears unharmed.)/(Nearly the
                                                                                       entire curtain solidifies, shatters, and drops to the ground, revealing an ancient wood

                                                                                       (examine ancient door) This door, blackened by age, is built of ancient, rotting timbe
                                                                                       but still looks very strong. It is set in a rough-hewn arch. Oddly, in addition to an old,
                                                                                       rusted-away lock, there is another which looks new and shiny. The ancient door is
                                                                                       (open door) It’s locked.
                                                                                       (hit door) You only bruise your hands.
                                                                                       (hit door with OBJ) The door is surprisingly solid.
                                                                                       (unlock door with key) The door is now unlocked.
Inner Lair                                                                             (if entering with human hand) Suddenly, the hand leaps from your shoulder into the
The floor here is a stagnant, slime infested pool of water. It feels [to your sodden   slime-encrusted puddle. It dives beneath the water.
feet] to be about six inches deep. Ropes or wires tumble down the slope, where         (emit) The hand repeatedly dives and bobs to the surface in one part of the pool nea
they enter a large whitish mass which takes up much of the chamber. The noise is       your feet.
loud here, and comes from the mass, which undulates in synchrony with the noise.       (take hand) The human hand, muddy and wet, wiggles out of your grasp.
Wan, sourceless light illuminates the chamber.
METAL BOX (Set on the wall, incongruous in its surroundings, is a metal box. On one    (open door) It’s locked.
side a coaxial cable enters the box. On the other, leads from the box to the mass.     (unlock door with key) The lock doesn't appear to work from this side!
(There is a metal cover on the box.)/(The cover is off the box, revealing electronic
innards.)                                                                              (examine socket) It has a coaxial cable plugged into it.
METAL COVER                                                                            (examine socket) It's empty.
WHITISH MASS                                                                           (put line in socket) There's already OBJ in the socket.
COAXIAL CABLE                                                                          (examine coaxial cable) This looks like pretty standard coax to you. It appears almost
CABLELIKE APPENDAGE                                                                    spontaneously from high in the wall, and enters the box, where [it disappears from
SOCKET                                                                                 sight.]
POOL                                                                                   [ends next to an empty socket.]
[POWER LINE]                                                                           [cut.]
[HACKER]                                                                               [hanging loose next to a socket.]
[THING]   [plugged into the socket.]
          (take cable) You unscrew the cable. It now hangs unconnected inside the box.
          (?) It's threaded through the box: impossible to take.
          (cut with axe) You neatly snip the cable in two.

          (examine appendage) This is a cablelike appendage of the mass in the end of the cav
          It enters the box and [disappears from sight.]/[connects to a connector inside it.]/[is
          cut.] The cable twitches periodically.
          (cut/throw) The tentacle whips out of your way.
          (cut while box open) You cut the tentacle in two inside the box, where it can't get aw
          precipitating a deafening shriek from the direction of the mass.
          (unplug while box open) There is no way to do that. The appendage and its socket
          blend together indistinguishably.

          (examine whitish mass) The mass is strangely, even wrongly, shaped. It is hard to get
          fix on what's wrong with it, but it doesn't look like it could or should exist in any sane
          universe. It quivers and bubbles as though air were pumping through it. Many wires,
          tentacles, and combinations of the two enter the mass from all sides, making it almo
          fuzzy in appearance.
          (listen to) You listen closely to the sounds, which are loud and at first seem random.
          The more you listen, the more you sense a strange regularity to them. You get
          impressions, one after another, of electronic music, a simple sine wave pattern, and
          telephone crosstalk. They are all overlaid with speech, or something like speech, nea
          random babbling, or many people talking at once. You can't understand any of it, but
          it's so near intelligibility that you feel that if you moved closer, you just might get it.
          (touch) You approach the mass and grab onto it. Immediately, your mind is
          overwhelmed with visions and vistas it cannot assimilate. As the mass pulls you into
          itself, it all becomes clearer, but it's much too late by then.
          **** You have changed ****
          (attack with OBJ) The OBJ is engulfed by the mass and disappears. The mass itself is
(talk to) When you speak, the noise stops, if only briefly. When it resumes, it's more
(give OBJ) There is no reaction that you can detect.
(touch mass with cut line) Deftly avoiding the exposed wire, the tentacles grab you a
pull you into the rippling slime.

(examine metal box) On one side a coaxial cable enters the box. On the other, leads
from the box to the mass. (There is a metal cover on the box.)/(The cover is off the b
revealing electronic innards.)

(examine metal cover) It's a metal cover with simple finger screws to hold it on.
(close cover) It's already screwed on tightly.
(open cover) You remove the cover, revealing a plethora of electronic innards. Most
prominent are a socket [into which the coaxial cable is plugged]/[ (now empty) next t
which a coaxial cable hangs] [, and a connector into which the glistening cablelike
appendage disappears.]
(open cover2) You already opened it.
(close cover) You screw it back on.

(examine pool) The floor is covered by a pool of stagnant water. Near your feet there
a slightly deeper part that seems to have something in it.
(enter pool) You’re already in it. It covers most of the floor!
(drink pool) You couldn't bear to drink the water from this pool.
(reach in pool) You root around blindly in the gooey, slimy water. You feel something
thick and slippery! A tentacle? No, it's cold and dead. It seems to be a line of some ki
just below the surface.
(reach in pool2) You find nothing you would wish to touch again.
(look in pool) You can’t see a thing, as the water is foul and murky.
(?) …gets wet.
(?) It's about as clear as mud.
(?) It feels greasy, cold, and generally unpleasant.
(?) The pool isn't that deep!

(examine power line) It's still under the water.
(examine) This is a thick, hard cable. It reminds you of a high voltage power line.
(take) You pull a length of the line out of the water. It's like holding a large, heavy
(pull) You can’t pull any more of it out.
(plug in socket) There's no end to the line that you could plug in.
(break) You'd probably have as much success trying to bite it in two.
(cut with cutters) The jaws of the bolt cutter won't open far enough to fit around the
(cut with axe1) You strike the line with the axe, making a deep gash in the insulation.
(cut with axe2) Your blow cuts through more insulation and into the conductors.
(cut with axe3) The line parts! The two ends begin to sink towards the water as they
straighten out.
(take line after cutting) You carefully grab the line just as it's about to drop into the
(examine after cutting) This is one end of a high voltage power line. The conductors a
visible within the slashed outer insulation.
(wait after cutting, not wearing boots) The exposed ends of the high voltage line drop
into the water! Four thousand volts of electricity, only slightly attenuated by the
resistance of the water, course through your body! The result is shocking.
(wait after cutting, wearing boots) The exposed ends of the high voltage line drop int
the water! Sparks and bubbles burst from the electrified water.
(?) You splash around in the water, to no avail. You can't see the line.
(take line if not wearing gloves) As you foolishly reach into the water for the line, you
hands become electrified. Nanoseconds later, the rest of you does as well.
(?) You are standing in electrified water. You are even grounded. Do you know what
this means? Can you say "dead?"

(hacker arrives emits)
    1. You hear noises outside the door.
    2. You hear a stumbling noise behind you, turn and see the hacker staggering in
        the cavern. The hacker stares at you, shocked. "It's you! When I gave you my
        key, I never suspected you'd get this far!"
    3. The hacker stares at the thing in the cave. "I got very suspicious about your
        problems with the net. I began to trace some coax, found some repeaters an
        bridges that weren't on the layout charts, and started following them. Anywa
        here I am. That thing there, whatever it is, and those wires, are interfaced to
        the whole campus net. And that means it's tied into all the nets, commercial,
        government, even military, potentially."
    4. "I guess I better do something. It could be a serious compromise of system
        integrity if this thing isn't dealt with." He peers at the mass, as if evaluating it
        He then reaches into a pocket and pulls out a small pair of wire strippers.
    5. The hacker advances on the mass, apparently planning to cut some of the wi
        leading into it. As he approaches it, the sound stops completely, and the wire
        begin a frantic, looping, twining dance. The mass begins to flow towards the
        hacker almost as quickly as he walks toward it. They reach each other and be
        to merge together. He screams; a long, ululating cry that echoes through the
        cavern. Then he is engulfed.
    6. The mass is bulging, vibrating, and rippling.
    7. The mass is bulging, vibrating, and rippling.
    8. The mass is bulging, vibrating, and rippling. A huge tear is forming near wher
        the hacker was absorbed.
    9. The hacker pulls himself out of the side of the mass. As he does, you think yo
        can see many pairs of eyes appear briefly in the semitransparent mass,
        watching curiously. Wires and tentacles trail from his body, and tiny, almost
        rat-like creatures cling to his body everywhere, crawling about like ants. He
        walks slowly, jerkily towards you. "Be one!" he says, haltingly but fervently.
    10. The hacker grabs for you. "Join us! Serve the master!" he croaks. Some of the
        creatures leap onto you, biting at exposed skin.
    11. The hacker is surprisingly strong. He drags you toward the thing in the corner
        exhorting you to join it, and at last, forcibly, you do. You are not the first, or t
        **** You have changed ****
        Sometimes, during your future existence, you remember your old life. At the
        times, you wish you had died instead.

(examine hacker) He's muddy, wet, and tired looking.
(?) A muddy, scratched-up hacker stands tiredly here.
(?) He looks vacant-eyed and dangerous.

(put power line in socket after cutting it and removing the coaxial able)
You shove the exposed conductors into the socket, producing a shower of sparks!
    1. (if no gloves) The sparks burn your hands! You jerk back, dropping the line!
    2. (if gloves, if tentacle cut) The stump of the tentacle still connected to the
       connector shrivels and fries.]
    3. (if gloves, if tentacle not cut) The tentacle connected to the other socket beg
       to jerk and twitch spasmodically. The mass it's connected to quivers, and a
       horrible noise, almost like a huge machine running without oil, issues from th
       The mass begins to change shape, compacting, darkening. You can briefly see
       human outlines within the grey, gelatinous mass. They surround something
       larger, of a shape not human, not animal, like nothing you've seen before.
       [The hacker screams soundlessly and drops into the water.]
       [Both ends of the line disappear into the water and mud of the lair.]
       The gelatinous mass solidifies and compacts, leaving behind a litter of smokin
        debris. In the debris squats a being. Huge, misshapen, it stares at you with
        baleful yellow eyes. Its scaly wings beat slowly, driving a fetid stench through
        the stale air of the cavern. A barbed tongue slides across its broken, daggerli
        The smooth stone vibrates. It starts to feel warm.

    1. The thing tenses, preparing to leap. Its mouth opens, revealing not the
       glistening interior, but a dead-black outline like a hole into nothingness.
       The smooth stone is now glowing with a bright-red heat that nevertheless fa
       to burn you.
    2. The creature leaps, a mountain falling on you, and the darkness swallows you
       never to brighten again.
       The smooth stone, all that's left where you were standing, drops quietly into
       the pool.

(examine thing) It is not from any wholesome place. It is the stuff of nightmares. It is
the thing that waits in the dark, the thing that scratches at your windows late at nigh
It is not death, for next to this, death is a friend to be cherished.
(attack) Defiantly, the creature shrugs off your puny attack.
(?) … force yourself to get that close to it.
(throw stone, before emit #1) The stone hurtles through the air and is swallowed by
black nothing at its center. The creature howls in pain!
(throw stone, before emit #2) The stone smashes into the creature, sticking to its
ichorous hide. The thing thrashes about, trying to bite at the stone, which is glowing
brighter and brighter. Small hands issue from beneath its scales to tug in vain at the
irritant. The creature begins to show gaping holes of dark, light-devouring nothingne
around the stone. Its wings spread painfully, as though it were trying to fly away, and
then fold. It widens its jaw in an almost human scream of agony. The black hole of its
maw overwhelms it, and indeed the creature appears to be swallowing itself. At last,
                                                                                       grey cloud of greasy smoke surrounds the glowing stone, still suspended in midair. Th
                                                                                       even that vanishes, and the stone drops to the ground, no longer glowing. The thing

                                                                                       (examine stone) The stone sits on a hummock of mud. From here it appears to have
                                                                                       crack in it.
                                                                                       (take stone) You pick up the stone. It has a long jagged crack that almost breaks it in
                                                                                       half. As you pick it up, you feel it bump to one side. Then, as you are holding it in you
                                                                                       hand, something pushes its way out through the crack, breaking the stone into two
                                                                                       pieces. Something small, pale, and damp blinks its watery eyes at you. It hisses, gaini
                                                                                       strength, and spreads membranous wings. It takes to the air, at first clumsily, then w
                                                                                       increased assurance, and disappears into the gloom. One eerie cry drifts back to whe
                                                                                       you stand.
                                                                                       Something rises out of the mud, slowly straightening. The hacker, mud-covered and
                                                                                       weak, staggers to his feet. "Can I have my key back?" he asks.

Laser printed on creamy bond paper, the assignment is due tomorrow. It's from
your freshman course in "The Classics in the Modern Idiom," better known as
"21.014." It reads, in part: "Twenty pages on modern analogues of Xenophon's
'Anabasis.'" You're not sure whether this refers to the movie "The Warriors" or
"Alien," but this is the last assignment you need to complete in this course this
term. You wonder, yet again, why a technical school requires you to endure this sort
of stuff.
PC                                                                                     (turn on PC) The computer powers up, goes through a remarkably fast self-check, and
This is a beyond-state-of-the-art personal computer. It has a 1024 by 1024 pixel       greets you, requesting "LOGIN PLEASE:". The only sound you hear is a very low hum.
color monitor, a mouse, an attached hard disk, and a local area network connection.    (turn on PC) It's on. Maybe you didn't notice.
Fortunately, one of its features is a prominent HELP key. [On the screen you see a     (turn on PC while unplugged) It's unplugged. You should plug it in first.
(mouse)/(menu box)/(YAK editor)/(classics paper).]                            (unplug PC) Okay, it's unplugged now.
                                                                              (plug in PC) You plug in the computer.
HELP Key                                                                      (turn off PC) The computer powers off. It no longer makes a sound.
It says "HELP" in reassuring blue letters.                                    (input <OBJ>) Nothing interesting happens, except that a yellow smiling face appears
                                                                              a small box next to the legend. “Sorry, Syntax Error. Hope you have a nice day
MOUSE                                                                         anyway.” as the computer is powered off.
It's a plastic pointing device.
                                                                              (press HELP) Well, nothing happens. Perhaps you should turn on the computer?
SCREEN                                                                        (press HELP) You push the friendly-looking HELP key. A spritely little box appears on t
   1. There’s nothing to read on the screen now.                              screen, which reads: “You should "LOGIN your-user-id" and then "PASSWORD your-
   2. “Edit Classics Paper.”                                                  password"."
   3. "YAK 5.3"                                                               (login computer) The computer responds, "PASSWORD PLEASE:"
   4. There’s one for your paper.                                             (login computer) It would help if you turned on the computer first.
                                                                              (password WRONG) The computer responds, "INVALID LOGIN" and then "LOGIN
MENU BOX                                                                      PLEASE:".
  1. The most immediate thing you see is the red menu box that refers to an   (login 872325412 / password uhlersoth) The computer responds, "Good evening.
      urgent task.                                                            You're here awfully late." It displays a list of pending tasks, one of which is in blinking
  2. There’s one for your paper.                                              red letters, with large arrows pointing to it. The task reads "Classics Paper," some
                                                                              particularly ominous words next to it say "DUE TOMORROW!" and more reassuringly
YAK EDITOR                                                                    menu box next to that reads "Edit Classics Paper.”
You’ll have to touch the box for it first.                                    (press menu) The menu box is replaced by the YAK text editor and menu boxes listing
                                                                              the titles of your files. The one for your paper is highlighted in a rather urgent-lookin
CLASSICS PAPER                                                                shade of red.
   1. You’ll have to touch the box for it first.                              (press yak) You click the box for your paper, and the box grows reassuringly until it fil
                                                                              most of the screen. Unfortunately, the text that fills it bears no resemblance to your
MORE BOX                                                                      paper. The title is the same, but after that, there is something different, very differen
                                                                              (press yak, after dream) You click the box for your paper, and nothing happens. "You
                                                                              paper is lost!" reminds the hacker.”
                                                                              (press classics) The paper appears to be a facsimile overlaid with occasional typescrip
                                                                              The text is mostly in a sort of "Olde English" you've never seen before. What you read
a combination of incomprehensible gibberish, latinate pseudowords, debased Hebre
and Arabic scripts, and an occasional disquieting phrase in English.
(press classics, after dream) It’s been lost!
(? Press more) You click the "MORE" box and read what appears.
(emit1) As you look at it more closely, you find it hard to focus on the screen, but
impossible to look away. Your finger strays toward the "MORE" box..."
(emit2) Instead, you find your finger moving towards the MORE box, and you touch i
The screen feels oddly cold.
The second page is much like the first, but around the edges, not when you look at it
straight, it's almost readable. There is something about a "summoning," or a "visitor
(emit3) Instead, you find your finger moving towards the MORE box, and you touch i
The screen feels oddly cold.
The third page is in the same script as the first, but laid out like a poem. There are
woodcut illustrations which are queasily disturbing.
There is a translation, or notes for one, typed between the lines of the poem:

"He returns, he is called back (?)
The loyal ones (acolytes?) make a sacrifice
Those who survive will meet him (be absorbed? eaten?)
They will live, yet die
Forever will be (is?) nothing to them (to him?)

"His place (lair? burrow?) must be prepared
His food (offerings?) must be prepared
Call him forth (invite him?) with great power
Only an acceptable (tasteful?) sacrifice will call him forth
He will be grateful (satiated?)"

The rest is even more fragmentary.
(emit4) Instead, you find your finger moving towards the MORE box, and you touch i
The screen feels oddly cold.
The fourth page is a photograph. You try to recoil from the screen, but cannot.
Fascinated and repelled at the same time, you wonder: is that a mouth, and what is i
(emit5) Instead, you find your finger moving towards the MORE box, and you touch i
The screen feels oddly cold.
You faint, and when you awaken... *GOTO “PLACE”+

(press) It's already displayed. It hasn't changed, either.

(take mouse) It's attached to the computer.
(push mouse) You’ll have to click something with the mouse.
(move mouse) It rolls smoothly.

(?) "Who's the hacker here?" he snarls.
(?) Your throat tightens, and no sound issues forth.
(?) Your body refuses to obey your brain's command.

  1. The hacker wanders over, trying to look nonchalant as he takes over your cha
      "Losing, huh?" he asks wittily. He (glances at)/(turns on) your terminal, which
      displays a pattern of snow and unusual characters. He appears somewhat
  2. The hacker, mumbling under his breath, begins a flurry of activity. First the
      screen returns to something nearly normal, then windows begin popping up
      like toadstools after a rain. The screen looks a lot like the top of his terminal
                                                                                                     table (or the bottom of a trash can).
                                                                                                  3. The hacker types furiously, and the screen displays what to you looks like an
                                                                                                     explosion in a teletype factory. After a while he says. "Chomping file system.
                                                                                                     Your directory has gone seriously west. I fixed it." He checks the screen. "It w
                                                                                                     mixed up on the file server with some files from the Department of Alchemy
                                                                                                     He grunts. "People's names for their nodes are getting weird. This one is calle
                                                                                                     'Lovecraft.'" He pauses. "Your paper is gone, though. Sorry. Maybe they coul
                                                                                                     help you down there."
                                                                                                  4. The hacker wanders back to his terminal and returns to his hacking.

                                                                                              (read more box) It says "MORE" in a subdued typeface.
                                                                                              (press more box) You haven't read the page yet. You probably shouldn't touch the
                                                                                              MORE box until then.
                                                                                              (press more box) You touch the MORE box, and a new page appears.

                                                                                              (press help)
                                                                                                    1. Please [read the page on the screen and then] click the MORE box.
                                                                                                    2. Please click the box representing the file you wish to edit or view. I notice tha
                                                                                                         one file is marked as urgent, so you should probably click its box.
                                                                                                    3. You should click the menu box, as you previously set it up as an urgent task.
                                                                                                    4. I can't help you at this point.
CHAIR                                                                                         (get up) You get out of the chair.
It's a molded plastic chair, a cheap knock-off of a designer chair, and even more             (sit in, if hacker using it) The hacker is already using it.
                                                                                              (take chair, if hacker using it) It’s in use.
HACKER                                                                                        (smell hacker) Either the hacker, his clothing, or both are in need of cleaning.
The hacker sits comfortably on an office chair facing a terminal table, or perhaps it's       (listen to hacker) He is humming something. It sounds classical, perhaps Bach?
just a pile of old listings as tall as a terminal table. He is typing madly, using just two   (ask about hacker) He's reluctant to boast.
fingers, but achieves speeds that typists using all ten fingers only dream of. He is          (ask about missing students) "Missing students? I knew one of them slightly. Not the
apparently debugging a large assembly language program, as the screen of his                  sort who would go away, you know? He was sort of hackeresque, not dumb for an
terminal looks like a spray of completely random characters.                              undergrad, either. Not the type to disappear."
                                                                                          (ask about urchins) "There are always urchins around. I remember one or two who
The hacker is staring/sitting at your terminal[, typing furiously] . Every so often, he   became hackers."
pauses briefly and twirls a lock of his hair. He is also humming under his breath.        (ask about keys) "I've accumulated a few keys over the years. I'm a licensed locksmith
                                                                                          which helps. I can get into any room at Tech." He pulls the keyring out on its chain, an
The hacker is dressed in blue jeans, an old work shirt, and what might once have          shows off a key you hadn't noticed before. "This is a master key," he says.
been running shoes. Hanging from his belt is an enormous ring of keys. He is in need          1- The hacker turns to you and says, "I don't know where I can get something to
of a bath.                                                                                         eat, what with all the snow."
                                                                                              2- "I'd hate to leave, with the machines so empty. On the other hand, I'm seriou
                                                                                              3- "Why don't you see if you can cons up some food? Then I might be able to do
                                                                                                   something for you."
                                                                                          (ask about master key) "That's one of my best keys. It's a Tech master key. Not that it
                                                                                          really opens every door at Tech, but I'd say three out of five, at least. Naturally, some
                                                                                          labs are off-limits even to this key."
                                                                                          (ask about master key, before asking about keys) "Who said anything about any mast
                                                                                          keys?" he asks suspiciously.
                                                                                          (ask about food) "Yeah! I'd love some yummy Chinese food. Szechuan style. Ummm!
                                                                                          (ask about stone) "I've never seen one like that. Pretty tasteful, I'd say."
                                                                                          (ask about computer) "You should consult the documentation." He's preoccupied wit
                                                                                          his own debugging.
                                                                                          (ask about computer2) "I'm looking at it. Be patient. This isn't some little micro. We'r
                                                                                          on a hairy OS on a hairy net."
                                                                                          (ask about computer3) "I already looked at it. The bug is fixed in the sources. Your
                                                                                          paper is gone, unless those Alchemy chompers have a copy."
                                                                                          (ask about lovecraft) "Wasn't he a fantasy author?"
                                                                                          (ask about other) The hacker studiously ignores you, loath to admit there is somethin
                                                                                          he doesn't know about.
                                                                                          (hacker, hello) "Greetingage." He turns back to his hacking.
                                                                                          (hacker, help me) "Be patient!"
(hacker, OTHER) "Mumble. Frotz."
(take key) "Hey! No snarfage, loser!" You determine that this means, "Stop!"
(give funny bones) "Hey, thanks!" He stuffs it down in no time. "I could really do with
some Chinese food, though."
(give coke) "I only drink Diet Coke," he complains. "I could really do with some Chine
food, though."
(give carton) "Yuck! This is cold!" He thrusts it back into your hands.
(give carton) "Yuck! This isn’t warm enough!" He thrusts it back into your hands.
(give carton) "Ouch! This is ridiculous! You've overcooked it. Look at those poor shrim
It's ruined, chomper!" He throws it away.
(give carton) "Ah! Serious food!" He plunges into the food with all the delicacy and
table manners of a shark at a feeding frenzy. Soon a satisfied expression appears on h
face. "Now, what was it you were wanting?" he asks.
(give OBJ) "No thanks, keep it for now."
(attack) The hacker retreats. "I know karate!" he says, somewhat unconvincingly.
(leave with PC) The hacker prevents you. "You can’t walk off with that! It's Tech
(ask hacker for keys) "Well, I can't give you [all] my keys, I need them." He fondles his
keyring proudly.
(ask hacker for master key) "Fat chance! This is a master key! What have you done fo
me lately?"
(ask hacker for master key, after giving carton) "Well, I suppose I could loan you the
master for a while. Just don't get into trouble, okay? I'll find you later, when I'm done
with all this, and get it back." He hands you the key.
(ask hacker for other keys) "Those are boring old keys. They don't open anything
(ask hacker for stone) "I don't have that."
(show Funny Bones, coke, carton) "Winnage! I could do with some of that."
(show dead rat) "I have enough of those in my basement. Get rid of it!"
(show stone) "Odd-looking thing. Are you a rock-jock?"
                                                                                          (show hand) "Mondo grosso!"
                                                                                          (show OBJ) He more or less grunts at you, but shows little interest in OBJ.
                                                                                          (trade OBJ for OBJ) "That's not a good trade."
                                                                                          (trade carton for key) "You give me the food first."
                                                                                          (thank hacker) He blushes.
                                                                                          (?) It doesn't impress him.
                                                                                          (?) He sounds like an insincere Moonie.
                                                                                          (?) He doesn't appear to be listening.
                                                                                          (?) He listens, more or less. The impression he gives is that non-hackers don't know
                                                                                          anything about the bugs they cause.
                                                                                          (?) The hacker isn't too interested, and doesn't bother to get up and investigate more
                                                                                          closely. He mumbles something about sending him a bug message, and returns to his
                                                                                          (?) The hacker shows little interest in your remarks.
                                                                                          (?) He is unharmed. "It is peaceful within," he remarks.
                                                                                          (?) "Chomp!" he says.
                                                                                          (?) You don't want to get that close to him.
                                                                                          (?) The hacker replies, "Meld!"
                                                                                          (?) "Help? I'm not a T.A. I've got work to do."
                                                                                          (?) "I'll fix it!"
                                                                                          (?) "I'm here, aren't I?"
                                                                                          (?) "I haven't got time. I have new versions of the system, the assembler, the editor,
                                                                                          and the debugger to finish hacking."

                                                                                          (turn off PC while hacker working on it) The hacker stops you. "You'll mung the bits,
Hanging from the hacker's belt is a watchman's keyring. The large and almost full
ring is connected by an extensible chain to a reel attached to the hacker's belt. It is
difficult to lose such a keyring. There are multitudinous keys hanging on the keyring.
Among them are a master key, a green aluminum Medeco key, a green brass Yale
key, a green aluminum Yale key and a red aluminum Yale key

MASTER KEY                                                                                (?) You haven't seen any master key.
The key appears to be a master key. There is no indication of what locks it might fit,
SMOOTH STONE                                                                              (feel stone) The stone is smooth and cool/warm.
It is a (cracked)/(smooth, shiny) piece of what might be obsidian. Scratched on it is a   (examine symbol) The symbol, on close examination, appeared to have been carved
symbol.                                                                                   into the smooth stone, perhaps with a claw. The symbol (is like nothing you've ever
                                                                                          seen, and yet somehow you know it has meaning.)/(seems just as odd as
                                                                                          before.)/(looks oddly familiar.)
                                                                                          (feel symbol) The symbol is rough.

                                                                                          (drop stone) You can't. You go through the motions, but the stone doesn't leave your

FUNNY BONES                                                                               (eat ) You [tear open the package and] devour the delicious food-like substance.
This is a[n empty/open] package of Funny Bones, a snack food made with peanut             (eat, heated) You tear open the package and discover that they are too hot to eat.
butter and chocolate cake.                                                                (eat again) You already did. There's nothing left but the wrapper.
                                                                                          (open) You open the package, revealing yummy junk food inside.
CARDBOARD CARTON                                                                          (examine symbol) It doesn’t look like Chinese, English, or any other language you kno
This is a cardboard carton with an incomprehensible symbol scrawled on the top.           The symbol (is like nothing you've ever seen, and yet somehow you know it has
[CHINESE FOOD]                                                                            meaning.)/(seems just as odd as before.)/(looks oddly familiar.)
                                                                                          (open carton) Opening the cardboard carton reveals Chinese food.
                                                                                          (eat) You might find the contents more agreeable than the carton itself.
                                                                                         (?) The carton feels warm.
CHINESE FOOD                                                                             (take) If you take it out, it will spill all over you. Why not take the carton instead?
This is a carton of Szechuan shrimp. Lovely red peppers poke out of the sauce.           (eat) It's very (chemically) hot, spicy, and (cold)/(x). You immediately want to drink
                                                                                         something to wash it down.
TWO LITER BOTTLE OF CLASSIC COKE                                                         (taste) Tastes like the real thing.
This is a…                                                                               (shake) The Coke fizzes up.
    1- full                                                                              (open) You fiddle with the cap for a while. What fun! Much better than working on y
    2- partly empty                                                                      paper.
    3- partly full                                                                       (look inside) It looks like the inside of a Coke bottle.
    4- nearly empty                                                                      (drink) Delicious! Contains caffeine, one of the four basic food groups. Too bad they
    5- an empty                                                                          make it with fructose these days, instead of sucrose. You feel much more alert and
…two-liter bottle of cold/lukewarm/warm/hot/volcanic/radioactive Classic Coke.           awake now.
                                                                                         (drink) The bottle is empty.
                                                                                         (eat) It tastes cold.
                                                                                         (pour) You pour the Coke on the ground, wasting it.
                                                                                         (pour) There is none left in the bottle.
PAIR OF ELECTRICIAN’S GLOVES                                                             (look inside) They're kind of dirty inside, but there's nothing nasty hidden there.
This is a pair of electrician's rubber gloves. They look well used but serviceable.      (wear) You put on the gloves. They're a little big, but not really such a bad fit at all.
                                                                                         (?) It's much too big.
FORKLIFT                                                                                 (?) You're trying to operate the forklift by telepathy?
This is a rusty [and wheezing] old forklift. It looks like you could control it fairly   (turn on) The forklift sputters to life.
easily, though.                                                                          (turn on) It's wheezing away already.
                                                                                         (turn off) The forklift coughs once, and dies.
                                                                                         (DIRECTION) You can’t go anywhere in a forklift that isn't running.
                                                                                         (DIRECTION) The forklift won't fit into the stairwell/elevator/shaft.

                                                                                         (?) The forklift isn't that powerful.
                                                                                         (?) … move anything with…
                                                                                         (?) … on pallets here, hence the forklift is useless.
                                                                                         (?) The forklift is ineffective in manipulating…
PADLOCK                                                                                  (read padlock) The padlock has no identifiable brand or symbol on it.
The padlock has been spray painted many times by graffiti artists. It's currently        (open padlock) You’ll have to use a key for that.
fluorescent purple. In spite of the many coats of paint, the lock manages to be rusty    (unlock padlock with master key) The lock, though rusty and unwilling, opens, releasi
and, in fact, almost slimy-looking. The padlock is (locked to the hatch)/(unlocked).     the hatch.
                                                                                         (close padlock) Okay, you've now closed the padlock.
                                                                                         (hit padlock with stone) You smash against the padlock with the stone. As expected,
                                                                                         there is no result. In fact, both stone and padlock are unmarred.
                                                                                         (hit padlock with axe) All you succeed in doing is blunting the axe a little.
                                                                                         (?) In spite of its present defacement, this is a good padlock. Your feeble attempts ha
                                                                                         no effect.
PLASTIC CONTAINER                                                                        (read) "Frobozz Magic Floor Wax (and Dessert Topping)"
It's a plain plastic container with something written on it. (The plastic container is   (open) You pull off the seal and open the container, revealing a smelly, viscous liquid
closed/open.)/(It appears to be empty.)                                                  (close) The container isn't open.
                                                                                         (close) The container can't be resealed.
                                                                                         (look in) The plastic container contains floor wax.
                                                                                         (put large OBJ in container) You can’t get OBJ into the container.
MAINTENANCE MAN                                                                          (show OBJ) He doesn't react.
A maintenance man is here, riding a floor waxer.                                         (throw OBJ) The OBJ misses by a mile!
The maintenance man is very annoyed with you.                                            The maintenance man's down the hall, not here.
                                                                                         (man, hello) He replies in a language you do not recognize. The words are guttural an
He looks tired, bored, almost zombie-like.
                                                                                         (after axe cuts cord…)
                                                                                             1- The maintenance man, growling foul-sounding imprecations, descends from
                                                                                                  the floor waxer and (heads towards you.)/(blocks your way.) [But almost
                                                                                                  immediately, he slips on the floor wax.]
                                                                                             2- The maintenance man stares with maniacal intensity at your throat.
                                                                                             3- The maintenance man stares with maniacal intensity at your throat. He grabs
                                                                                                  you by the throat and lifts you off the ground with one hand. The hand feels
         very cold. Just as you expire, you realize you have never seen him blink.
(try to escape) The maintenance man lurches toward you with surprising speed. (He
nearly upon you.) / (Just as he is about to grab you he slips on the wax. His hand whip
by, inches from your throat, and he drops to the floor, screaming in frustration.) / (H
encounters the floor wax, slips, and drops to the floor, screaming in frustration.)
(?), attempting to get closer to you, enters the waxed part of the floor. He begins to s
and slide, barely able to maintain his balance, much less advance.

(Man, hello) He snarls at you angrily. The words are guttural and jarring.
(attack) You can’t hurt him with your hands!
(attack with knife/crowbar, etc) The knife is pushed contemptuously aside, barely
slowing his advance.
(attack/throw with axe) The fire axe (chops into)/( sails through the air, end over end
and makes a direct hit in) his chest, where it sticks. Ed Ames would be proud. The for
of the blow staggers him a bit. He looks down at the axe with a certain perplexity, the
pulls it free, the wound making a sickening sucking sound.
(pour liquid on) The cold liquid makes a good show, but none actually gets on him.
(throw stone at) The smooth stone hits him right between the eyes. He falls to the
ground, stunned. There is now what looks like a large burn mark on his forehead. He
ignores it and rises.
(?) The ??? sails toward him, but he bats it…
(?) … is pushed…
(attack with non-weapon) The OBJ does about as much damage as a piece of
(go around) You can’t evade him.

(if go outside) The maintenance man waits patiently inside.

(if wax on floor) The maintenance man reaches the wax and immediately slips and fa
He reminds you of a badly made windup toy.
                                                                                           (more) The maintenance man continues slipping, falling, standing, and so on. He
                                                                                           reminds you of a badly made windup toy.
                                                                                           (more) The maintenance man appears to shorten and almost dissolve. There is a grea
                                                                                           commotion, as though he is undergoing a convulsion of some sort, and then he appe
                                                                                           to explode into a crowd of small squealing creatures. These, seeing you, scuttle off in
                                                                                           the opposite direction and disappear.

                                                                                           Who is the maintenance man?
                                                                                             1- He is nearly upon you.
                                                                                             2- He is some ways down.
                                                                                             3- He is quite a way down at the far end of the corridor.
                                                                                             4- He's not here, but he might be soon!

                                                                                           (?) … , grasping and panting. There is no way to go around him.
                                                                                           (?) … as… slips again!
                                                                                           (?) You can't reach him in…

                                                                                           (?) You slip and slide on the wax. It's like walking on wet ice. You can barely keep
                                                                                           upright, but [it's worse for the maintenance man. His gait is so jerky that each time h
                                                                                           takes a step he falls! His persistence is impressive, but you slip (literally) by before he
                                                                                           can grab you.]/[ you manage to lose your balance in just the right way to keep going.
FLOOR WAXER                                                                                (listen to) It's very quiet.
There is a largish machine being operated down the hall to the (east)/(west).              (listen to) It makes a ghastly whirring, whining sound. [This close, it's almost
A disabled floor waxer looms nearby.                                                       unbearable.]
                                                                                           (ride) The maintenance man prevents you. He says something that probably means "
You can’t see it too clearly, but it looks like a large waxing machine.                    riders, buddy" (freely translated).
It's a large floor waxer, big enough to ride in[, and in fact there is a maintenance       (?) The maintenance man catches you with a surprisingly strong punch as you try to
man riding it]. It actually looks sort of like a small bulldozer. (A power cord connects   climb aboard. You fall to the floor, taken aback.
it to the wall.)/(The severed remnant of a power cord graces one end.)                     (turn off) You'd have to be riding in it to turn it off.
                                                                                           (break) The waxer is pretty sturdy. These things have been waxing the floors here for
                                                                                        (go around) You can’t evade it.
                                                                                        (?) You see a nice, shiny floor.
                                                                                        (DIRECTION while riding) The power cord is severed. It's not going anywhere.

                                                                                        (emit) The floor waxer continues waxing a section of floor nearby. The maintenance
                                                                                        man operating it stares at you suspiciously.
                                                                                        (emit) The floor waxer waxes away to the east/west.
                                                                                        (emit) The floor waxer, approaching from the east/west, is now here.
                                                                                        (if moving in a room, random) In a deft maneuver, the maintenance man steers the
                                                                                        floor waxer into your path, blocking your advance.
FLOOR WAX                                                                               (smell) It smells very pungent.
It seems to be floor wax.                                                               (touch) It feels like floor wax. It's very slippery.
The floor here is covered with slippery, messy floor wax.                               (pour into coke) Without a funnel, you are doomed to failure. It'll end up all over
                                                                                        (step on, while on floor) It's pretty slippery, all right. You can't walk on it very easily.

                                                                                        (pour wax) It pours out and spreads like ants at a picnic. The floor is now covered fro
                                                                                        wall to wall with slippery floor wax.
                                                                                        (?) The wax cascades down onto the corridor floor below, like Quasimodo's molten
                                                                                        (?)You pour it all over OBJ, and of course it pours right off onto the floor.
                                                                                        (pour wax) There is no more wax to pour.

This is a cylindrical bronze plug about two inches in diameter and one inch high. [It
is set in the center of the flat part of the dome.]
PIECE OF PAPER                                                                          (wait emit) Suddenly, you remember why the graduate student's name was familiar.
You unroll the piece of paper and read the shaky handwriting:                           was a missing student, until his body was found smashed and broken at the base of t
                                                                                        tallest building on campus.
"I can no longer face what I've been doing. I can't sleep, I start at the
slightest noise, and even dulling my senses with alcohol or drugs is no longer
enough. I refuse to participate in what he is doing any more. Either he is
insane, or I am insane, or (and this is what I fear most) the universe itself
is insane. I have only one final warning: I am the only suicide, but I will not
be the final death."

The name signed to it is (oddly familiar.)/(that of the Alchemy Department graduate
WOODEN LADDER                                                                         (take) It's a heavy ladder, but you manage to take it.
   (A wooden ladder leads down from here.                                             (climb while in inventory) Climbing it while holding it would be a neat trick.
   (A wooden ladder leads up from here.
   (A wooden ladder rests here.                                                       (?) The ladder extends <X> from here, not <X>.
                                                                                      (?) It’s only a few feet (up)/(down). You don’t need a ladder for that!
                                                                                      (?) The ladder doesn’t go anywhere yet.
FLASHLIGHT                                                                            (turn on) The flashlight clicks on.
The flashlight is a heavy-duty shop-style light. [It is currently on.]                (turn off) The flashlight clicks off.
                                                                                      (open) It doesn't open. It appears to be one of those rechargeable lights, so you can't
                                                                                      easily get at the battery.
                                                                                      (?) …burned out.
                                                                                      (?) … has burned out.

                                                                                      The flashlight is a little dimmer now.
                                                                                      The flashlight is producing much less light.
                                                                                      The flashlight is very dim.
                                                                                      The flashlight is flickering.
                                                                                      The flashlight is practically out.
                                                                                      The flashlight fails.
METAL FLASK                                                                           (open) You open the flask, and a cold, white mist boils out.
This is a large metal flask, about the size of a water cooler bottle. (The metal flask is   (close) You screw the flask closed.
closed.)/( The flask is open, and a thin, cold mist flows out of it.)                       (put OBJ in flask) The neck of the metal flask is too small.
[MIST]                                                                                      (feel) The metal of the flask is [very] cold.

                                                                                            (examine mist) The mist is boiling up (out of the flask)/(off of the ground). It is thin,
                                                                                            white, and cold.
                                                                                            (smell mist) The mist is odorless.
                                                                                            (touch mist) The mist is very cold.
                                                                                            (wait) Cold white mist continues to boil out of the flask.
                                                                                            (wait) The mist dissipates.

                                                                                            (examine liquid) The flask contains a clear, cold liquid with a thin white mist boiling o
                                                                                            of it.
                                                                                            (take) The liquid is extremely cold. In fact, you burn your finger on it.
                                                                                            (take??) You manage to fish XX out without freezing your fingers somehow, but it's
                                                                                            frozen solid. It's also fragile. It shatters into a million pieces, and is gone.
                                                                                            (smell) The liquid has no smell.
                                                                                            (pour out) The freezing liquid pours out [onto OBJ], boiling into cold mist almost
KNIFE                                                                                       (hone knife) The blade doesn't look any different after this operation.
This small knife is clean, sharp, and has a long, thin blade and a wooden handle.
Only the tip of the blade appears at all dull or used.
PAIR OF RUBBER BOOTS                                                                        (wear) Snug, but okay.
They are well-used rubber boots.
BRASS HYRAX                                                                                 (wear) The brass hyrax won't go on over the gloves.
The G.U.E. Tech class ring is a gold ring depicting a hyrax eating a twig. Such rings       (remove ring, if gloves on second) You’ll have to take off your gloves first.
are familiarly known as "brass hyraxes."                                                    (wear) It fits surprisingly well.
DEAD RAT                                                                                    (eat) You dangle the rat over your mouth by its tail. You think about it. You lower the
This rat appears to have been stepped on. A small trickle of blood has clotted              rat towards your face. You think some more. Fortunately for your health, you change
around its mouth. Branded into its neck is a strange symbol.                             your mind.
                                                                                         (step on) You crush the rat. You hear its bones snap. What a sadist!
[BRANDED SYMBOL]                                                                         (take rat) As you take the dead rat, it moves, but then you realize that it's only lice an
The symbol, on close examination, appears to have been scarred into the hide of          fleas bailing out.
the rat. There is no hair growing on it, and although it looks like scar tissue, the
color is wrong – a sort of purplish green. The symbol looks oddly familiar
HUMAN HAND                                                                               (feel) It's dry and cold. In fact, it's mummified.
The hand is very old. It's dry and very light, mummified in fact. There are stains,      (put ring on) You can’t get the ring onto the dry flesh of the hand.
scars, and dried blood on it. There is a tattoo on the back of it. The hand appears to
have been severed by the application of very sharp teeth, perhaps an animal's.           (feel) The human hand scuttles away to your other shoulder.
                                                                                         (put ring on) The ring fits the hand perfectly.
There are stains, scars, [a brass hyrax,] and a tattoo on the hand. [It's splashing in   (hand, hello) As you speak, the hand sits still, but there is no other noticeable result.
X.] It looks perfectly normal and alive, ignoring the fact that there is no arm
attached to it. It doesn't appear to mind, so why should you?                            (examine symbol) The tattoo is old and faded. It was done in red ink and is very
                                                                                         artistically drawn. [SYMBOL MESSAGE]
                                                                                         (feel symbol) This part of the hand feels particularly cold.

                                                                                         (give OBJ, if in vat) The hand is preoccupied.
                                                                                         (give OBJ) The hand doesn't react.
                                                                                         (give OBJ) The hand scurries to OBJ and touches it all over, much as a blind person
                                                                                         would examine something.

                                                                                         (?) It's warm and dry.
BOLT CUTTER                                                                              (cutting something too thick) It’s too thick.
This is a heavy duty bolt or chain cutter, standard equipment for local bicycle
thieves. It will defeat any but the heaviest bicycle chains.
This is a length of rather greasy chain. It looks strong *and it’s looped around the
URCHIN                                                                                (urchin, hello) "I don't hafta say anything. I ain't done nothing." He seems very nervo
This is an urchin. He’s a youngish teenager wearing a ski hat, running shoes, and a   about talking to you.
bulky, suspiciously bumpy, threadbare parka. He's jumpy, and looks suspiciously at    (urchin, COMMNAD) "I don't take no orders from bozos!" He seems very nervous abo
you.                                                                                  talking to you.
                                                                                      (attack urchin) The urchin backs off, and then draws a very large switchblade out of h
                                                                                      coat pocket. "You watch out," he says, "I know how to use this. Get outa here!"
                                                                                      (attack urchin2) The urchin laughs in your face, fending you off with his switchblade.
                                                                                      (throw OBJ at) "I told you to back off, you clown! You guys been takin' my friends! W
                                                                                      I'm gonna take one of you!" He knifes you with surprising dexterity. You exsanguinat
                                                                                      (show master key) "I got one already."
                                                                                      (show human hand1) He stares at the hand, scared but holding his ground. "What's
                                                                                      that?" he says, voice quavering.
                                                                                      (show human hand2) The urchin sees the hand twitching. "I heard what happens
                                                                                      around here! I'm not gettin' fed to a monster!" He lets loose a scream of fear and
                                                                                      zooms away. [Something drops]/[Somethings drop] from beneath his parka as he
                                                                                      departs. He slows for a moment, decides not to retrieve [it]/[them], and disappears i
                                                                                      the distance.
                                                                                      (show ?) "I seen a lot of those."
                                                                                      (show ?) "You expect me to believe garbage like that?" the urchin sneers.
                                                                                      (show OBJ) He makes an unconvincing show of disinterest.
                                                                                      (give OBJ) "My momma said never take nothin' from no stranger." [He takes FOOD O
                                                                                      anyway, disposing of it in record time. "On the other hand, I'm hungry," he remarks.]
                                                                                      (ask about urchin) "I just came in to get out of the snow. I wouldn't come in here if it
                                                                                      wasn't snowing."
                                                                                      (ask about missing students) "Hey, you guys got students gone missing? We got kids
                                                                                      gone missing!" He looks at you suspiciously. "You ain't the one done it, are ya?"
                                                                                      (ask about missing urchins) "The word is out on the street, man. Don't go to Tech, or
                                                                                      you're gonna be gone, ya know? I wouldn't be here myself if I had a warm place to go
                                                                                      (ask about other) He doesn't reply. He seems very nervous about talking to you.
                                                                                      (smell) He smells damp. There is also a slight odor of fast food.
                                                                                   (examine clothing) It bulges in odd places.
                                                                                   (take clothing) "Hey! Keep off, sucker! You can’t scare me!”
                                                                                   (random entrance) The urchin saunters nonchalantly into the room, notices you, and
                                                                                   beats a hasty retreat.
                                                                                   (random emit) The urchin looks around nervously, obviously thinking of flight, but
                                                                                   decides against it.
                                                                                   (random emit) The urchin has disappeared.

                                                                                   (?) "Hey! You go away, sucker."
                                                                                   (?) "I didn't take it!"
                                                                                   (?) How do you propose to do that?
                                                                                   (follow?) He got away clean. You can’t follow him.

Who is OTHER?
An excellent question.

Who is lovecraft?
I suggest you consult your local library or any practitioner of the occult arts.

Who is the professor?
The professor is no more.

Who is the missing urchins?
That's what students call the local children who sometimes hang around Tech. They are usually blamed when anything is stolen, generally
mistrusted, and often booted off campus by the campus police.
(GAZE AT ?slimed-covered object?) First, it's covered with slime.
(?) You're getting ahead of yourself.
(?) You never did master X-rays. Freshman physics was such a drag.

(death) At first, you think "Maybe it was all just a bad dream," but no such luck. It appears to be for real. That's too bad, although something
gnawing on your…
    1. fingertips
    2. toes
    3. nose
    4. ears
    5. tongue
…thinks it's pretty wonderful, or at least fairly tasty.

(COMPARE SYMBOLS) Allowing for the different media in which the symbols are executed, they are identical.
(TIME) It seems like three o'clock in the morning.
(DAMN) Language like that was until recently grounds for probation!
(SHOOT OBJ) This explains why you aren't in ROTC.
(HOP) Not as fun as skipping class.
(SWING OBJ) Whoosh!
(SCREAM) The scream echoes back to you, subtly changed.
(BURY OBJ) You can never tell what will happen to something you bury.
(BARGAIN WITH OBJ) What are you, an M.B.A. student?
(HACK OBJ) Your use of such jargon is unconvincing.
(PRAY) You get an empty feeling.
(TALK TO ME) Talking to yourself is a sign of impending mental collapse.
(LOOK BEHIND ME) You look back over your shoulder.
    1. Was that a flicker of movement in the distance?
    2. You see something duck back into the shadows.
    3. There’s nothing there.
(CONSUME OBJ) The food here is terrible, but this is ridiculous!
(THROW OBJ) You miss. (Now you know why few technical schools make it to the Rose Bowl.)
(SLEEP, if not tired) You try to sleep, but you can't relax.
(SLEEP, if outside) You would freeze to death before you woke.
(SLEEP) You've been up for a long time, and it was turning into an all-nighter. You can use the rest. You stretch out as best you can. You toss and
turn fitfully, sleeping only in snatches.
You dream of…
    1. …being late for class. First you can't find the classroom, and when you finally find it you realize they're giving an exam.
    2. …standing on the roof of the Brown Building, looking down at the ground. You lose your balance...
    3. … a dark curtain, blown gently in a breeze you don't feel. You try to rip it aside, but you can't, because you know what's behind it.
    4. …being pursued. You trip, slip, fall, and can't make headway. It's not coming very fast, but you can't get away.
Your dream ends, and another begins. Something clawed and fanged grabs you, and you try to wake, but you already are!

You hear nothing unsettling.
(?) The sounds here are harsh and discordant.
(?) You hear a very odd noise, sort of like breathing.

Graved on the curve, you are in the class of…
    1. Freshman
    2. Sophomore
    3. Junior
    4. Senior
    5. Graduate Student
    6. Post-doc Student
    7.    Assistant Professor
    8.    Professor
    9.    Department Head
    10.   Dean of Engineering
    11.   President of the Institute

(examine me)
You are…
        1. …wide awake…
        2. …beginning to tire…
        3. …feeling tired…
        4. …getting more and more tired…
        5. …worn out…
        6. …dead tired…
        7. …so tired you can barely concentrate…
        8. …moving on your last reserves of strength…
        9. …practically asleep…
        10. …barely able to keep your eyes open…
        11. …about to keel over from exhaustion…
…, and are in…
        12. …good health.
        13. …good health by getting cold.
        14. …danger of freezing to death.
        15. …imminent danger of freezing to death.

You are so exhausted you can't stay awake any longer.

OBJ flags:
(providing light) [[for objects like flashlight]]
(slimed) [[for objects that have touched slime curtain?]]
(perched on your shoulder) [[for human hand]]

(?) It’s “Floppy Triangles,” a work of modern sculpture. [[in shaft??]]
(?) Verdict: suicide while the balance of the mind was disturbed.
(?) You make your way along the long tunnel.
(?) You find yourself unable to…
(?) …, but not before it freezes you as well.
(?) It was a long way down. It was quick, though.
(?) It lifts a few inches, but then hits…
(?) He is totally unresponsive.
(?) I could stand a little snack, though.
(?) There is no response.
(?lurking horror) …ends in a blackened stump.
(?professor) All in good time…
(?professor) They’re not expected any time soon.
(?professor) He’s not expected any time soon.

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