Last Will And Testament And How To Make The Entire Process Simpler

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                 <p>Many individuals have always expressed their concern
with the difficulty have having their Last Will and Testament prepared.
Because of the cost and complications many individuals have actually been
deterred from ever having their Will prepared. However there has been
recently an advent of services that use technology to not only make the
process much simpler but also to significantly reduce the costs. The main
reason why you would need to prepare a Will is to not only designate your
beneficiaries but to also avoid probate court. If you are not specific in
your designation of beneficiaries and the assets those individuals are to
receive then you will run the risk of your heirs incurring high legal
costs in order to defend their right in court. </p> <p>With today's
technology all you need is to provide the attorney with the exact lists
of the assets which you wish to leave and to which people you want to
leave them to. This will enable the legal professional to prepare the
legal document accurately which will encompass exactly your true
intention. It is that true intention that the courts will look at when
they try to determine if the Will is actually valid. Should it not
clearly express your intent then the court will be given the
responsibility of determining based on the facts and circumstances of the
case who is to receive what. Thus, it is especially important to provide
all the information in detailed form to the attorney so that they can
properly prepare your Will. Once the legal document is created you really
do not have to do anything else with it unless you desire to make some
changes to it. At that point you will need to contact the person who
created it for you and they will be able to advise you on how to make the
changes to better reflect your desire.</p>                 <!--

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