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									Automotive Technician Salary
The average automotive technician salary range largely depends on the skill level and expertise of the
technician and his experience in the industry. Read on to know more about automotive technician

There are many different careers in the technical field and a job as an automotive technician is one
which demands the most technical capabilities from a person. The demand for cars is increasing, so is
their manufacturing, usage, problems, and hence; the services of automotive technicians.

Who is an Automotive Technician?

The importance of an automotive technician is known to people who have experienced car breakdowns
or car problems. As the name denotes, an automotive technician is a person whose main responsibility
is to repair vehicles and automobiles. He is the one who inspects car problems and carries out the
repair jobs and other car maintenance tasks. He is well-versed in every aspect of how does a car
engine works, what can be the possible problems that can occur, and what repair tasks need to be
performed. Nowadays, automotive technicians even have specializations in problems related to
engines, brakes, body, and other significant car parts.

Automotive Technician - Job Description

As automotive technicians can be employed in a particular facility or even be self-employed, their
duties and responsibilities may differ accordingly. However, there are a few fundamental tasks that
these car repair and maintenance professionals have to do.

When the car comes in the garage for a repair, an automotive technician drafts a rough vehicle
damage and repair estimate. He discusses the automobile problems with the owner, and asks
questions that will help him to realize the exact problem of the car. He then tests the car performance,
understands the problem, and then suggests the tasks to be performed. An automotive technician has
to maintain repair, service, and also maintain replacement records.

Fixing, installation, repairing, and replacing parts and components are the major duties of an
automotive technician. In order to carry out all these procedures on the vehicle, he works manually or
uses advanced tools and equipment. After the job is done, he then takes a test drive of the car to
check if it is running properly and whether the problem has been resolved or not. He may also give
some tips to the car owner regarding how to maintain good condition of the car.

Automotive Technician Salary

There are several factors that have an impact on the automotive technician salary. The basic
determinants of the salary are if the individual is self-employed or working in a facility; the state and
city he is employed in; the technical know-how he possesses regarding automobile repair; the years of
experience in repairing vehicles; technical trainings attended; and most importantly, the contracts
which he may receive.

As per a survey conducted, the per annum average automotive technician salary falls somewhere
around $43,000. The salary prospects also increases with the ability to familiarize with new
advancements in the field. If you are thinking about entry-level automotive technician salary, it may
range from approximately $24,000 to $45,000. Those possessing five to nine years of experience may
receive a per annum pay of around $29,000 to $49,000. Automotive technicians with 10 to 19 years
of experience may get a yearly pay of about $34,000 to $60,000. Read more on auto mechanic salary.

This was some information on automotive technician salary and duties. If you are thinking of
becoming an automotive technician; you would obligatorily need technical skills, ability to do manual
work and that too for a substantial amount of time, problem solving and decision-making skills. You
also need to stay in touch with the latest vehicle repair computerized technologies and systems.
By Stephen Rampur

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