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					                      tips to prevent heartburn overcome
As we all know where ulcer disease is a disease that interferes with our digestive system
"stomach. This disease occurs due to increased gastric acid and damage the stomach wall.
Actually, stomach acid is needed by us in helping the process of digestion, but if excessive
clearly disturbing and dangerous that eventually lead to ulcer disease is ..

maan disease

Often times we do not realize this (either mild disease or chronic gastritis), probably because
too busy or for other reasons, so time to eat neglected. Maybe tips to avoid the following
Ulcer Disease is beneficial for you so that you can avoid ulcer disease.

  Meals: Keep your habits to delay a meal if the meal you have arrived because if stray from
your eating schedule will result in increased production of stomach acid that will cause
interference on your stomach.

  Type of Food: Reduce consumption of foods that are sour, spicy foods, because it can
trigger stomach acid especially when you eat too late and should also have this disease it
would be nice to avoid these foods.

  Number of Food: If you are already affected by this disease (ulcer disease) while you eat
late you should not consume too much food when you eat late.

  Take Stock: Sometimes due to heavy activity often causes the time to eat late or missed.
So that you do not kambu ulcer would be nice if you bring lunch from home so you do not
relapse alias disease from getting worse. It is also great for those who do not yet affected by
this disease.

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