Citizen Centered Governance For Civic Ecology by AyalaRahav


Icentered is about the individual user at the center, actively controlling personalization, web relations with providers and social spheres, and privacy handles – for a transparent, context based new web paradigm that enhances trust, and strives for cleaner web ecology

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									Citizen Centered Governance For
Civic Ecology
In the corporate world customer is king, all the more so in the civil democratic systems where the
citizen holds the scepter. Elected representatives and governors that will not realize that the
people have crowned a new the people and its well being, are jeopardizing their political validity.

In a very fragile world economy, where tectonic shifts threaten countries, activism and sympathy
are not enough to draw the blueprint for citizen centered social justice and solidarity based . The
process of dethroning and crowning may be two phased. Where first new political powers will
emerge, based on anger and frustration and on the call for change.

Stealth leaders with no central political backbone, lead the protests, while political leaders that
were formerly trusted , are rapidly losing the faith of the public.

New leaders may arise, mastering the language of
civil ecology based on solidarity, social responsibility, but lacking the tools, skills and political
craftsmanship needed for implementing it responsibly without throwing the baby out with the
bath water.

A real citizen centered governance culture will revive the original and natural increasing returns
dynamics where the people elect representatives appointed to really take care of their needs and
act on their behalf, those who truly prove to fulfill this, earn the constituents’ trust, will enjoy a
greater “rating” (the equivalent to share owner’s value in the corporate world) and will thus
ensure their future credibility and their central place in continuing and serving the people.


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