Marvin Ridge High School Academic Booster Club Agenda by om9NmC


									         Marvin Ridge High School Academic Booster Club Meeting
                             March 11, 2010

   Welcome – Laura

   Review/Approve February 18, 2010 Meeting Minutes – Annette

   Treasurer’s Report – Liza
        o Current balance update
        o Matching Gift Form

   Membership/Bylaws Update – Lee-Anne
      o New members in February/March
               Results from Rising 8th Graders Night
      o Bylaws Update - Review for revisions to be voted on in May
      o Grant Application Proposal Progress

   Website – Liza
       o MRHS Academic Booster Website available via link from MRHS main website
           and the following direct link:

   Student Participation in MRHS ABC – Lee-Anne
        o Plans for March 19th meeting

   Funding Raising – Laura/Annette/Jeanne
       o 2010 -2011 Student Agendas Purchase Planning
                Administration requests 321 Freshmen plus special needs students to
                   receive agendas free of charge
                        Still need number of special needs students - have assumed 50
                Other Sales
                        IB Students will be required to purchase an agenda - that is 75
                           more agendas
                        Will pre-sell for $10 ($12 in fall)
                Presale process discussion
                        Pre-sell form to be made available at the beginning of March -
                           see form attached to email
                        Will send home fliers and email form
                        Also provide ability to purchase at various school events
                Meridian can provide agendas at basically the same price as 2009 -
                   order will be due by June 29th to ensure August 10th delivery
                        Add IB Logo to cover
                        Can add 4 pages up front for no extra charge - this includes
                                 A tear out MRHS membership form (we could also
                                    potentially include the student application form)
                                 An overview of MRHS ABC
                                 Additional school information
       o Other Fund Raising Ideas
                Update on Donkey Basketball Game
                        In order to proceed need to obtain $1MM liability coverage
                                 Latest info on insurance quest
   Academic Programs/Recognition – Multiple
       o Academic Awards 2 Semester 2008-2009 – Sonia
               Mailed 2 Semester Award Letters
               Provided certificates to students via homerooms
       o Academic Awards for 1 Semester 2009-2010 – Sonia
               All recipients have been named
               Wall plaque under construction
       o Academic Awards for 2 Semester (Spring 2010)
               Pulled master class list - some changes expected
       o Academic Athletic Awards – Laura
                      Winter Awards Ceremony - March 22nd
                      Certificates complete
       o Faculty Awards
               Put on hold

   Discussion around Event Ideas to drive membership and awareness of MRHS ABC -
    Jeanne Ann
        o Career Fair
        o On Line Learning
        o Computer Basics for parents

   New Business

   Next Meeting – Thursday, April 15th at 7PM Media Center
       o Student Meeting – Friday, March 19th at 7:15AM in the Media Center

   Close

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