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					                                     The American Legion
                                     Department of Maine
                                        P.O. Box 900, Waterville, ME 04903
                                                Tel: (207) 873-3229

                                          Weekly Update
                                            November 16, 2007

              If you do not know what you want, you will not recognize it when you get it.

                                         SMILE 
                                             Healing Fields A
                                             Rousing Success

The tremendous displays of American flags across Maine this past weekend and throughout this week has
been a wonderful thing, not only for The American Legion, but for everyone who had the opportunity to be a
part of them. Co-chairmen Past Department Commander Herman Wright and Orono Unit 84 member Donna
Sailor are to be commended for an outstanding job.

There were many individuals who contributed to this success, like the Field Coordinators Detachment Com-
mander Don Allisot in Bath, Tom Naragon in Augusta, Rod Green in Lubec, John Weatherby in Rockland,
and of course Donna in Portland and many, many other noteworthy individuals who gave a lot to insure these
events went off smoothly. Also, I must mention the 200 flags posted along the Maine Turnpike, which drew
a lot of attention, were able to be posted because of the excellent cooperation of the Maine Turnpike person-
nel. Kudos to everyone involved with this venture.

The Healing Field project, the brainchild of PDC Herman Wright, garnered state-wide notoriety in the media,
brought many Legion family members together in a common cause, and in general gave many Legion family
members a reason to be proud to belong to a winning organization. The stories about these fields will live on
for a long time (please see Detachment Commander Don Allisot’s column at the end of this newsletter) to
bring our organization closer together. For anyone who had the opportunity to see these flag displays, it was
truly a wonderful, heart-warming experience. Hopefully we will have some great pictures for the Legion
Newspaper’s next issue for all to share.

This project, which was initiated by the Sons of The American Legion and supported by all Legion family
members, ultimately drew many other individuals to join us in support of one of the most outstanding
projects the Legion family has ever accomplished. To Herman and Donna and the many others who made
this project a rousing success, my cap is off to you. You have given many of us another reason to be proud to
belong to The American Legion, The American Legion Auxiliary, and the Sons of The American Legion.

The Healing Field project will continue through to Memorial Day with all of our flags posted at veterans’
gravesites on that day. From there we will be offering these flags through the concluding project of “A Flag
in Every Classroom”, where Healing Field flags can watch over our most precious asset; the students in every
Maine classroom.
                                         Ten Thousand Wreaths
                                         To Arlington Cemetery

The Worcester Wreath Company will begin its annual fall pilgrimage to Arlington National Cemetery on De-
cember 9, 2007. What began in 1992 as a trailer-load of wreaths for the Nation’s Veterans Cemetery in
Washington D.C. has grown to 10,000 wreaths. Morrill Worcester will lead the caravan departing Harring-
ton at 12:00 noon on December 9th along Route 1 with stops in Sullivan (12:45), Rockland (3:00), Wiscasset
(4:30), Freeport (5:30) and Falmouth (6:30) before spending the night in South Portland. The journey on
Monday December 10th will depart the Merry Manor in So. Portland at 8:00 a.m. and make stops at the Vet-
erans Home in Scarborough (8:30), as well as Old Orchard Beach (9:30), Wells (10:30) and the Kittery Trad-
ing Post (11:30) before moving on to New Hampshire. The caravan is always encouraged by groups of vet-
erans who show their appreciation by cheering them on as they pass through local towns.

                                         Operation Care Package
                                           At Bangor K-Mart

Although it was cold, the shoppers at the K-Mart store had very warm hearts. It was wonderful to see so
much participation in the care package collection. People amazed us with their generosity and we’d like to
recognize them. We'd also like to recognize the many people representing many organizations who helped
collect the items, as follows:

Bob & Marylou Lee, Janet Kluj, Lee Leeman, Frank Cochrane, Buddy Daggett, and Michelle Lemik, from
Milo Post and Unit 41 - Pete Johnson, Greenville Post 94 – Jeff Barnes, Ellsworth Post 63 – Bill Dean, Jr.
and Bill Dean Sr., Bangor Post 12 – Carroll Adams, Brewer Post 98 – Ed Conroy, Dover-Foxcroft Post 29 –
DAV Commander Wayne Desjardin – Brownville Unit 92 Junior Auxiliary members – Troop Greeters –
S.O.A.R. members – and Three Rivers Kiwanis.

On Saturday, Nov. 24th at 10 a.m. we will be assembling the care packages at the Milo American Legion
post home on West Main St. Everyone is welcome to help on this project at the Milo Post.

Any post that has addresses of servicemen deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan is encouraged to submit these ad-
dresses so they can receive a package for Christmas. Please e-mail the complete address to Randy Kluj at: Thank you all for your participation!

Randy Kluj, Chairman
Troop Greeters Liaison Committee

                                            Directory Changes

Pg. 56, Millinocket Post 80, Adjustant, Leo Kittrick, 120 Wassau St., Apt. 3, Millinocket 04462.

Pg. 35, Lewiston Post 22 meeting time changed from 7 p.m. to 6 p.m.

                                         Mid-Winter Conference

The annual Mid-Winter Conference will be held at the Fireside Inn and Suites just off Exit 75 of the Maine
Turnpike in Auburn on Saturday, January 19, 2008. The American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary, and
Sons of The American Legion will all hold their conferences at this event.

There will be a representative of the Post Insurance Program to talk about the various pitfalls for which we
need to be covered, a representative from the Internal Revenue Service to address the new post filing re-
quirements, and Barry Hathaway from the Maine State Police to discuss the new Texas Holdem laws as well
as bingo and sealed ticket operations, as well as many other informative presentations for all groups.

Department Commander Paul L’Heureux and Department Second Vice Commander Andy Olson are putting
together an agenda that should have something to offer everyone. There will be a social event at the motel on
Friday evening and Sunday morning is reserved for Department Executive Committee meetings by both the
Legion and the Auxiliary.

Reservations for both the Saturday evening dinner (ham or fish) and motel rooms should be made through
the Legion headquarters office in Waterville. Motel rooms are $65.27 (tax included), single or double occu-
pancy or $86.67 (tax included) for suites. Saturday evening’s dinner will offer broiled haddock or baked ham
for $20 per person and lunch will be available at the motel for $10 per person.

Please see form at the end of this newsletter for room reservations. All room reservations should be
made through this office. Also, please send your dinner reservations to Department of Maine, P. O. Box 900,
Waterville 04903 indicating either baked haddock or baked ham as your selection.


            THANK YOU         THANK YOU          THANK YOU         THANK YOU          THANK YOU

Milo Post 41                                                $200.00 – Maine Troop Greeters
Judy Johnson                                                $100.00 – Maine Troop Greeters
Wilton Post 117                                             $50.00 – Beals House

Milo Auxiliary Unit 41        $50.00 – Healing Field        Valerie Dargie        $20.00 – Healing Field
Patrick Conley                $20.00 – Healing Field        Robin Lebel           $20.00 – Healing Field
Paul Farrin                   $15.00 – Healing Field        Dave Clark            $15.00 – Healing Field
Marjorie Rosenbecker          $20.00 – Healing Field        Janet Cloutier        $15.00 – Healing Field
David Brooks                  $20.00 – Healing Field        Paul Lebel            $20.00 – Healing Field
Frank Talbot                  $20.00 – Healing Field        Gayle Gifford         $20.00 – Healing Field
Linda Cornish Talbot          $20.00 – Healing Field        Peter Fiori           $20.00 – Healing Field
The Corey Family              $20.00 – Healing Field        Carol Owen            $20.00 – Healing Field
Wanda Corey-Fitzsimmons       $20.00 – Healing Field        Ted Raedel            $15.00 – Healing Field
William Corey, Jr.            $20.00 – Healing Field        Rumford Unit 24       $15.00 – Healing Field
Louise McFadden Corey         $20.00 – Healing Field        Bonnie Moore          $40.00 – Healing Field
Mona Naragon                  $105.00 – Healing Field       Bob Rich              $45.00 – Healing Field


Fourth District Commander Charlie Bennett and the posts in Franklin County who pulled together to set up a
$1,000 scholarship through a raffle of 100 gallons of heating oil drawn on Veterans Day.

                                           What’s Happening?

Rockland Post 1: Nov. 16, 10 a.m., Rockland Middle School, Awareness Program to award $100 each to
the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade winning essays on “What does a veteran mean to me?”.

Hermon Post 200: Nov. 17, Bean Supper, Rescue Squad Building, Billings Rd., Hermon, 4:30 – 630 p.m.,
Adults: $5, Children: $2.50. Beans, Chop Suey, Hot dogs, Cole slaw, assorted breads and desserts.

Mechanic Falls Post 150: Nov. 30, POW/MIA dinner/ceremony, 5 p.m. social, 6 p.m. dinner. This event
will be to honor a former POW of Vietnam. Special guests are Dept. Commander Paul L”Heureux and
POW/MIA Chairman Richard Nest. There will be a dance following the evening’s ceremony. FMI please
call Post 150 at 345-9587,

                                             District Meetings

14th District – Piscataquis: Nov. 17, Dexter Post 53, 6:30 p.m. supper

3rd District – Androscoggin: Nov. 18, Sabattus Post 135, 2 p.m.

15th District – Washington: Nov. 18, Machias Post 9, 2 p.m., dinner to follow.

11th District – Waldo: Nov. 18, Palermo Post 163, 2 p.m.

5th District – Oxford: Nov. 20, Bethel Post 81, 7 p.m.

                                                 Sick Call

Richard Prince, Gray Post 86, P. O. Box 431, Gray 04039

Ronald Bolduc, Topsham Post 202, Mid-Coast Hospital, Rm. 228, 123 Medical Center Dr., Brunswick

                                        Sons of The American Legion
                                             Detachment News

What a time we have had. If you did not get to see a Healing Field, I am sorry that you could not take advan-
tage of the opportunity. We that did are still overwhelmed by the feeling of the creation of something that
really lives. There are many stories that I can tell of the people and different situations that made it their
field. There was a man who couldn’t sleep and toured the field in Bath every hour, on the hour, at night; a
Boy Scout troop who slept with the flags for two nights in a row at 25 degrees; a man who could not take a
picture because of the tears streaming down his face and his comment was, “I am fine I just cannot believe
what I am seeing and I will be okay”; a woman who climbed a ten-foot chain link fence to get a picture of the
field; and it goes on and on. There are still so many people visiting the field every day there is really no time
when it is empty. I spoke to a group of older people today that thanked all of us for providing this opportuni-
ty for them.

THANK YOU to everybody who helped on this project. It is very labor intensive and with all that we pro-
vided at these fields, I know it was really difficult. I do know that it is appreciated and I know that we did the
best we could. There is certainly a lot to learn and I hope that this will assist us later. For now we will need
some help in picking these flags up. Most fields will be picked up on Saturday, so please if you have some
time, give a hand at your closest field.

Membership seems to have slowed! We should be hitting our stride at this point and I am a little concerned
about this. Bruce Pierce went to the York post on Monday and reported they are building a new Post home
and the food was fantastic! Good luck with that and I hope to attend their Grand Opening. I think now
would be a good time to hit the woods and do some deer hunting that has been calling to me.

Don Allisot
Detachment Commander

                                                  Best Wishes,

                                                  Ron Sailor
                                                  Department Adjutant

                           MID-WINTER CONFERENCE HOUSING FORM
                               FIRESIDE INN & SUITES, AUBURN
                                 RETURN BY JANUARY 11, 2008

Return to: The American Legion, Department of Maine
           P.O. Box 900, Waterville, ME 04903-0900

Room rates: $65.27 – single or double (tax included)
             $86.67 – suites (tax included)

_____ I will NOT require a room for Mid-Winter Conference, January 18-20, 2008.

_____ Yes, I would like to reserve a room at the Fireside Inn.

Please make the following reservations for me at the Fireside Inn to attend the Mid-Winter Conference in
Auburn, Maine, January 18-20, 2008:

I will arrive on ___________________________, and depart on ________________________.

There will be __________ persons in my party.

Names: _______________________________________________________________________

I will require _____ single room ($65.27)

I will require _____ suite ($86.67)

Check enclosed (made payable to the Fireside Inn).

(OR) Credit card no. _____________________________ Type _________ Exp. Date ________

NOTE: you must fill in all credit card information requested.

__________ Smoking                           __________ Non-Smoking

SPECIAL REQUESTS (I will do my best to fulfill):



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