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A Mind Map for Coaches which provides 'Don's Top Tips for Speakers'.

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Don’s Top 10 Tips for Speakers                                                1 BE NERVOUS
                                                                              It’s OK to be nervous. Anyone who says they
                                                                              speak well without nerves is either decieving
                                                                              themselves, secretly an android or most
                                                                              probably a boring speaker!
                                                                                NUMBER 1 PHOBIA
                                                                                Fear of Public Speaking is reportedly the
                                                                                number 1 Phobia
                                                                                EVIDENCE OF ENERGY
                                                                                Nerves are the result of the body preparing
                                                                                itself to perform. They focus the mind and
                                                                                sharpen the senses.
                                                                                MOTIVATES PREPARATION
                                                                                Nerves remind us why we prepared so much
                                                                                or why we should have prepared much more
                                                                                Preparation gives us direction for nervous

                                                                              2 BE READY
                                                                              Preparation is the "Key" to success. Rehearsal is
                                                                              where rough edges are smoothed and hesitation
                                                                              is removed by developing familiarity with the
                                                                              presentation material.
                                                                                REHEARSE PROPERLY BEFORE
                                                                                On stage is usualy not the place to practice.
                                                                                Learn everything you can about your audience
                                                                                before hand, especially their quesions and hot
             MINDSTYLE                      THINKING ON PURPOSE – LIVING BY DESIGN www.mindstyle.co.uk

                                                      Show them you "like them"
                                                       Show them you like them are "human".              5 BE BRIEF
 The ultimate pro's deliver the material they
 have used for years as though they had just
                                                     THEN GET TO WORK!
                                                     Once you have established rapport deliver
 thought of it
                                                     your message don't waste time unecessarily          Always give good value and remember, a brief
 YOU CAN REHEARSE IN YOUR                            "stroking" your audience                            speech is never all bad
 MIND                                                LEAVE THEM HUNGRY!                                   NOT TOO BRIEF
 The Chinese pianist Liu Chi Kung was                Your audience will remember how you made             Be brief. Not nearly so brief as Salvador Dali,
 imprisoned for seven years during the Cultural      them feel not what you said. Leave them              who gave the world's shortest speech. He said
 Revolution, during which time he had no             feeling happy, motivated and that though they        I will be so brief I have already finished, and
 access to a piano. When he returned to giving       got a lot from the presentation, you still have      he sat down.
 concerts again after he was released, his           more to give. i.e. "sorry that's all we have time
 playing was better than ever. Asked how this        for folks."                                          PRESIDENTS
 was possible since he had not practiced for
                                                                                                          "Be sincere, Be Brief and Be Seated" Franklin
 seven years, he replied: ''I did practice, every
 day. I rehearsed every piece I had ever played,
 note by note, in my mind.''                        4 TELL STORIES                                        "The most valuable of all talents is that of
                                                                                                          never using two words when one will do."
                                                    The more stories you have the more options for        Thomas Jefferson

3 BE IN TUNE                                        improvisation and recovery you have
                                                     PERSONAL ANECDOTES
                                                                                                          LASER BEAMS
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