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					    Exploring the Human Body - The Fantastic Voyage
I. The class will be divided into 8 groups of 3 or 4 students each. Each group will
research a system of the body and be responsible for reporting to the rest of the class.
Due dates will be assigned at a later date.

II. Reports should be as creative as possible but must cover the material so that students
will be able to pass a test over that system. You may make a power point, a video (must
be done in the time frame), a lecture with notes, or whatever idea you think will reach
your fellow students. You may use transparencies and other material collected by Ms.
D., internet research, the book, etc. I will be the resource librarian for this unit.

THIS IS YOUR BIG CHANCE! If you think school is boring, give us something
creative and interesting. Your group may work on all of this together or split up the
work, however each student is responsible for his/her notes and questions for the
presentation and test. If you wish to have the students read about your system in
advance, you must give Ms. D. 2 days notice before you present. Grading will be
explained on the rubric.

III. Each group will present the following:

Person 1       Explains structures (parts) of the system, names and locations and types
               test questions (from the whole group) for the final test. Questions must be
               relevant and not obscure little facts. They should show that the students
               understand what your group has presented and they may include a diagram
               to label if you wish.

Person 2       Presents functions of the system – what are its jobs in the human body.
               You are also responsible for collecting from the group what notes the
               students should take and prepare handouts if needed. You must give Ms.
               D. three days advance notice in order to duplicate handouts.

Person 3       Explains how the structures work together to accomplish the functions of
               the system.

Person 4       Present recommendations for keeping this system healthy and 2
               interesting diseases associated with the system, giving symptoms, causes
               and treatments, if any.

                                   Systems and Topics
Respiratory System             Skeletal System             Excretory System
Muscular System                Circulatory System          Endocrine System
Nervous System                 Immune System, Skin, Hair, etc.

Additional Requirement: Each student must learn the major bones of the body.
Ms. D. will present the Digestive and Reproductive Systems.


           Exploring the Human Body - The Fantastic Voyage


  Each Category is worth 20 points. The scale corresponds to the grading scale as follows:

                               20 = 100              15 = 75
                               19 = 95               14 = 70
                               18 = 90               13 = 65
                               17 = 85               12 = 60
                               16 = 80

             You should earn above a 60 unless you do not complete your work.

Person’s      Completion      Work        Effort    Questions    Presentation    Total
 Name         of Assigned    Habits in              and Notes
                 Task         Class





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