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									                                                        The Spire
 Issue 2011 Vol. 6              A Publication of First Presbyterian Church of Warren, Ohio                                              June 2011

                                                               COVENANT GATHERING 2011
                                                              July 3, 4:00 p.m. – July 8, 11:00 a.m.
                                                            Michindoh Conference and Retreat Center

                                                   MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW FOR COVENANT
                                           GATHERING 2011 – This week of learning, laughter and worship, presented
                                           by members and church of PCUSA Synod of the Covenant, will begin Sunday,
                                           July 3, 2011, and continue through Friday, July 8, 2011, at Michindoh
                                           Conference Center near Hillsdale, Mohican. The courses that will be offered
                                           are on the web site Check it out..

        June is here. Wow! It‟s summertime! School‟s out! Parents,
it‟s time to double check that you have signed up your children for the
camps of their choice at Joseph Badger Meadows Camp and Conference
Center. You would not want them to miss out on all the summer fun at
camp. Programs offer a variety of activities and adventures: swimming,
hiking, camping, crafts, games, canoeing and making new friends. Not to be overlooked are the
Christian education and worship activities which encourage young people to grow in their faith.
There is still time to register for an experience that your child will always remember. When we
say camp is “a week that lasts a lifetime”, we really mean it. So many lives have been enriched
and changed by camp experiences. Brochures are available in the Church Office or by calling
the JBM office at (330) 772-63931 or email at

FPC’S WEB PAGE ADDRESS is – come visit us on the „Net! Our
e-mail address is


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                                                                                           June 2011

                                                    designated pastorate. At that point I had already
                                                    preached as an elder, been on the staff of a large
       Many long years ago, I was an elder at       congregation, been a solo pastor, been a interim
First Presbyterian Church of Cambridge, Ohio.       co-pastor and been an interim head of staff with
It was the third congregation on whose session I    and without an associate. In other words, I had
had served, but my time on the session of First,    been almost every kind of pastor it is possible to
Cambridge led me down an odd path.                  be – except a designated pastor. I thought,
       My pastor came to me and asked me to         “Why not?”
preach a few Sundays at a small church about                Tracy, Barb, and Richard, the trio who
ten miles to the north. North Salem Presbyterian    interviewed me, seemed open and genuine and
Church had once been a 150-member rural             pleasant. The church building was impressive.
congregation, but the creation of Salt Fork State   The situation seemed like a good fit. In
Park had caused the state to eminent domain all     September of 2007 I became the Designated
of the farms in the area. Most of those farms       Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Warren.
were owned by Presbyterians. As the owners                  This month, on June 26, I will be
moved away, North Salem‟s membership went           installed again, this time as the called pastor. I
from 150 to 50 in six months‟ time. They no         just wanted you to know where I was coming
longer could afford a full-time pastor and had      from and that I am happy to be right here.
been utilizing part-time retired stated supply
pastors. One of them had needed to leave, and
my own pastor asked me to fill in until they
could find another.
       That was in February of 1985, a little
over twenty-six years ago. By September of that
year I was enrolled at Pittsburgh Theological
Seminary. I stayed at North Salem, as a student
pastor, through my first two years of seminary,            Sunday, June 26, 2011
until May of 1987.
       I worked for almost four years on the                    2:00 p.m.
staff of a thousand-member suburban church,
while slowly finishing seminary part time, then              Installation of
                                                       Rev. Russell L. Cowden, Jr.
was officially ordained as a pastor to a two-
hundred member congregation in a village in
Wayne County. I was there ten years.
       Wanting to try other paths, I took three        First Presbyterian Church
interim pastorates over the next six years. The
congregations and the situations were                 256 Mahoning Avenue, NW
interesting, and it was an enjoyable time. At the        Warren, Ohio 44483
conclusion of the third interim, my presbytery
exec asked me if I would be interested in a
                                                                                               Page 2
                                                                                    June 2011

                 SUNDAY SCHOOL ENDS JUNE 12
                    Sunday School will be continued the first two Sundays in June this year, so
                 that the children can work on a special project for the Secret Pal lunch.
                 Release Time for children Kindergarten through grade five will continue with
                 the exception of Communion Sundays (the first Sunday of each month), when
                 children are invited and encouraged to attend worship with their families. Our
                 nursery room will continue to provide child care during the summer months.

SECRET PAL LUNCHEON – After eight months of “notes and goodies” being shared
between our wonderful adult volunteers and the children and youth of the Church, the children
will finally get to meet heir Secret Pal on Sunday, June 12, 2011. There will be a lunch served
in Badger Hall beginning at 11:30 a.m. Each participant will receive an invitation with more
details about the event.
       Our next celebration of Communion will be Sunday, June 5, 2011, during our regular
10:00 a.m. worship service.

                         PRAYER WALK – JOIN US THURSDAY MORNINGS at 8:30
                         a.m. in Fellowship Hall for our weekly prayer walk. We begin with a
                         guided meditation of scripture and prayer, and then we walk the River
                         Walk directly across the street from the Church (weather permitting).
                         The walk is a time of meditation and reflection. We then return to the
                         Church for reflection and sharing, ending our session in fellowship.
                         Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. For more information,
                         call the Church Office.
                                …let us walk in the light of the Lord         Isaiah 2:5
       The FPC Scholarship Committee wishes to announce that
applications for this year‟s awards are now being accepted. To be
eligible, students must have completed or be completing their first
year of post-high school education and be active in the Church.
Deadline for submission is June 19, 2011. For applications and
instructions, please contact the Church Office at 330-393-1524.

                                                                                       Page 3
                                                                                        June 2011

2¢-A-MEAL – On the first Sunday of each month, the Deacons collect for
the 2¢-A-Meal Offering. This program provides a channel for Presbyterians
to respond to the crisis of hunger at home and abroad. The next 2¢-A-Meal
Offering will be Sunday, June 5, 2011. Don’t forget to bring your coins
to drop in the special buckets.

                         On Monday, June 21, 2011, we will be visiting
                   with our friends and members at Lake Vista in Cortland, beginning at 1:30
                   p.m. We welcome anyone who would like to go along to share time with
                   those at Lake Vista. We meet on the second floor of the apartment building.
                   Remember, we visit with these folks the third Monday of each month.
      Our Sunday, June 26, 2011, visitation to Shepherd of the Valley Howland has been cancelled
due the installation of Rev. Rusty as our pastor. We will resume our visitations in July. Remember,
we visit with these folks the last Sunday of each month beginning at 2:00 p.m.

                        First Presbyterian Church of Warren, Ohio
                                      Mission Statement
             First Presbyterian Church is a worshiping, welcoming Community of
                Faith. We are called by God to be ambassadors of Christ to all
                people through preaching the gospel, teaching discipleship and
                              serving in the name of Christ Jesus.
                                        Vision Statement
                   Glorify and enjoy God through worship, education and service.

“TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE” – Become part of a volunteer-in-mission trip to an
orphanage for physically handicapped children near Moscow, Russia. Trip dates are December
29, 2011 through January 12, 2012. Team members will live and work in the orphanage;
deliver supplies, clothing and gifts to the children; buy needed items for the children and
orphanage; celebrate Orthodox Christmas with the children (Jan. 7); interact with the children
and teens and take them on excursions. Total cost with airfare and all expenses is $3,000, with
three days of sightseeing in Moscow at the end of the trip. For more information, contact Rev.
Kathryn Adams at 330-719-2902 or email:
                                                                                           Page 4
                                                                                         June 2011

       Consumed by my loss, I didn‟t notice the hardness of the pew where I sat. I was at the
funeral of my dearest friend – my mother. She finally had lost her long battle with cancer. The
hurt was so intense; I found it hard to breathe at times. Always supportive, Mother clapped loudest
at my school play, held a box of tissues while listening to my first heartbreak, comforted me at my
father‟s death, encouraged me in college and prayed for me my entire life.
       When mother‟s illness was diagnosed, my sister had a new baby and my brother had recently
married his childhood sweetheart, so it fell on me, the 27-year-old middle child without
entanglements, to take care of her. I counted it an honor. “What now, Lord?” I asked sitting in
       My life stretched out before me as an empty abyss. My brother sat stoically with his face
toward the cross while clutching his wife‟s hand. My sister sat slumped against her husband‟s
shoulder, his arms around her as she cradled their child. All so deeply grieving, no one noticed I
sat alone.
       My place had been with our mother, preparing her meals, helping her walk, taking her to the
doctor, seeing to her medication, reading the Bible together. Now she was with the Lord. My work
was finished, and I was alone. I heard a door open and slam shut at the back of the church. Quick
footsteps hurried along the carpeted floor.
       An exasperated young man looked around briefly and then sat next to me. He folded his
hands and placed them on his lap. His eyes were brimming with tears. He began to sniffle. “I‟m
late,” he explained, though no explanation was necessary. After several eulogies, he leaned over
and commented, “Why do they keep calling Mary by the name of Margaret?” „Because, that was
her name, Margaret. Never Mary, no one called her Mary,” I whispered. I wondered why this
person couldn‟t have sat on the other side of the church. He interrupted my grieving with his tears
and fidgeting. Who was this stranger anyway?
       “No, that isn‟t correct,” he insisted, as several people glanced over at us whispering. “Her
name is Mary, Mary Peters.” “That isn‟t who this is.” “Isn‟t this the Lutheran Church?” “No, the
Lutheran Church is across the street.” “Oh.” “I believe you‟re at the wrong funeral, Sir.” The
solemness of the occasion mixed with the realization of the man‟s mistake bubbled up inside me
and came out as laughter. I cupped my hands over my face, hoping it would be interpreted as sobs.
The creaking pew gave me away. Sharp looks from other mourners only made the situation seem
more hilarious. I peeked at the bewildered, misguided man seated beside me. He was laughing,
too, as he glanced around, deciding it was too late for an uneventful exit. I imagined Mother
laughing. At the final „Amen,‟ we darted out a door and into the parking lot. “I do believe we‟ll be
the talk of the town,” he smiled. He said his name was Rick and, since he had missed his aunt‟s
funeral, asked me out for a cup of coffee.
       That afternoon began a lifelong journey for me with the man who attended the wrong funeral
but was in the right place. A year after our meeting, we were married at a country church where he
was the assistant pastor. This time we both arrived at the same church, right on time.
       In my time of sorrow, God gave me laughter. In place of loneliness, God gave me love.
This past June, we celebrated our twenty-second wedding anniversary. Whenever anyone asks us
how we met, Rick tells them,, “Her mother and my Aunt Mary introduced us, and it‟s truly a match
made in heaven.”
       REMEMBER, God doesn‟t make mistakes. He puts us where we are to be.
                                                                                             Page 5
                                                                                            June 2011

                                  Another school year is coming to a close and that means
                           many of our family members are graduating and moving to another
                           phase of their lives. Please let the Church Office know who these
                           folks are, so that the happy news may be included in the next issue
                           of the Steeple People. Tell us the name of your graduate(s),
                           relationship to you, from where are they graduating, what their
                           future plans are, etc. Put a note in the Carol‟s mailbox or email her
                           the information at We want to honor all
                           graduates: elementary, secondary and college. Each phase is a
                           milestone to be celebrated.

Happy Birthday to…
06/02 Emily Oswald            06/17 Carol Haering
      Brianna Wistar                Rachael Herriman
06/05 Dylan Wistar            06/18 Tracy McLean Ehrler
06/06 Kathi Ensweiler         06/20 Jason Hudak
06/07 Matthew Ward            06/21 Tyler Spicher
06/08 Sarah Ries              06/23 Emilie Fritch
      Dallas Woodall                Sally Thomas
06/09 Michael Buzulencia      06/24 Michael Scala
06/10 Emily Kiracofe          06/27 Brandon Holk               If we have overlooked anyone’s birthday, we
      Bethany Sasanecki       06/28 Louise Gilbert                apologize. Please contact the Church
                                                                 Office so that we may update our records.
06/12 John Athya                    JoAnne Larmi
      Mary Bate                     Patrick Shannon
      Marge Chalker           06/30 Eileen Martindale
06/13 Andrea Caputo
06/14 Lynn Griffith, III
      Addison Schubert
THE CONGREGATION OF FPC would like to extend its deepest sympathy to the family
and friends of member George Hebberts, who passed away March 27, 2011. George joined our
family of faith November 19, 1959.
WE ALSO SEND OUT OUR SYMPATHY TO the family and friends of Andy Elliott, who
passed away April 8, 2011. Andy was the son of FPC member Edith Elliott and the late Bill

                                                                                                Page 6

BE SURE TO GREET THE FOLLOWING folks who will be in
Church to welcome you during the month of June. Usher Captain will be
Brian Annandono. Greeters will be Marilyn Johnson, Delores
Morrison, John and Marilyn Pogue. Please take a few minutes to thank
these fine folks for all their hard work and dedication. If you would like
to serve your Church family as an Usher Captain or Greeter, please sign
up on the sheet on the bulletin board in the main hallway or see Zam
CONGRATULATIONS to Shelley (Taylor) and Nicholas Odille on the birth of their
daughter, Jane Evelyn Odille, born Thursday, April 21, 2011, at 3:45 p.m. She weighed 7 lbs.,
4 oz. and was 20 inches long. Proud grandparents are FPC members, John and Sally Taylor.
CONGRATULATIONS ALSO to Caryn (Devanny) and Tony Ewell on the birth of their son,
Jacob Anthony Ewell, born Friday, May 13, 2011. He weighed 7 lbs., 9 oz. and was 20 ½
inches long. Proud grandparents are Lynnette and John Devanny.
WITH DEEPEST GRATITUDE – THANK YOU – Pastor Rusty and my Church family, thank you for
your kind thoughts, cards and prayers on the passing of my son, Andy. Your kindness and concern during this
difficult and emotional time were greatly appreciated. (From Edith Elliott)

Dear Friends, I want to thank all of my church family for the support my family and I received from all of you during
this difficult time after George died. A special thanks to the FPC Staff, the Choir members who sang so beautifully
at the service and the men who were ushers; to Art Straitiff who arranged the flowers, Bob Stahl for the pictures
before the services, and the ladies who helped with the luncheon and baked cookies. Your acts of kindness and
concern are greatly appreciated by all of the family. Love, Pat Hebberts

                                      VBS – PRESERVING GOD’S BEAUTIFUL WORLD
                                                      Starts: Friday, June 24 at 4:00 p.m.
                                                     Ends: Saturday, June 25 at 4:00 p.m.
                                               Place: FPC, Badger Hall and the „great outdoors‟
                                       The theme, "Preserving God‟s Beautiful World", will be
                                based on God‟s creation of the world and how we can protect
                                and preserve this beautiful creation. We will be studying
                                different recycling ideas and “good” ways to use our trash. Our
JBM program last year worked so well that we‟re trying it again, just in a different location.
Kids will need to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, change of clothes, etc. for the 24-hour event.
There will be lessons, games, movies, food, crafts and fun. Children will be receiving a letter in
early June to give more details about this year‟s Bible School.

                                                                                                             Page 7
                                                                                       June 2011

Mary Chuirazzi Rachael Herriman                      Frank Morrison          Jim Sherwood
Barb Cribley   Marilyn Johnson                       Susan Nadenichek        Susan Stahl
Pam Gray       Beverley Kiefer                       Marilyn Pogue           Shelly Straitiff
Virginia Hatch Becky Lough                           Debbie Ries             Suellen Wireman
                                                     Pat Rogers              Betty Kay Womer

                                 During the April Community Lunch, our Mission Committee
                        and friends fed 104 people a delicious meal of hamburger-corn bake,
                        tossed salad, fresh bread, ice cream and cookies and beverages. In
                        addition to the meal, forty-eight (48) bags of groceries were distributed
                        to community families. In May we served 84 people a meal of
                        beef and shells, tossed salad, bread and butter, beverages and
                        applesauce cake with whipped cream and 47 bags of groceries were
                        distributed. Our next luncheon will be served on Tuesday, June 15,
                        2011. If you would like to volunteer your time, please contact Pat
                                 The flavor of the month for May will be any macaroni „n‟
cheese and bar soap. Next time you‟re out shopping, pick up a few “extra” items for the Food
Pantry. You can drop off your donations in the Deacons‟ wooden box in Fellowship Hall.
       We continue to visit our members and friends at Lake Vista on the third Monday of each
month at 1:30 p.m. Our next visitation day will be June 20, 2011; we will meet on the second
floor of the apartment building. We welcome anyone who would like to go along to share time
with those at Lake Vista. Our next Shepherd of the Valley (Howland) visitation is June 26,
2011, beginning at 2:00 p.m. We welcome anyone who would like to go along to share time
with those at Shepherd of the Valley-Howland.
       Remember, if you are aware of any members or needs we should be addressing, please let
one of us know.
Sincerely, Susan Stahl, Moderator

MIRIAM-ESTHER CIRCLE – The Miriam-Esther Circle will meet Thursday, June 9, 2011, at
12:00 noon at the Vlad home for their annual picnic. Orders for the next study and Beatitude will
be taken. For directions or more information, contact M.A. Vlad at 330-856-3119.
                                                                                           Page 8
                                                                                        June 2011

       The Covenant Gathering (Synod School) will be
July 3-8, 2011, at Michindoh Conference Center near
Hillsdale, Michigan. The registration for the event is now
open on the web site . Check it out and register. We are rapidly
approaching the date when a late registration fee is imposed.
       The Relay for Life was May 6-7, 2011. The Church team raised $4117.00 for the walk.
We wish to thank everyone for their support. We were a little short of our goal but still did very
well. We are still selling the discount cards. The money from the cards and any late
contributions will be held for the 2012 walk.
       The committee is continuing the letter-writing campaign for Bread for the World. This
campaign asks citizens to write to the members of Congress on issues that are important to
hungry people. These are not form letters, but your thoughts on the issue of hunger. Completed
letters are to be given to Barb Copeland or Nina Pykare. The letters do not need postage but
must be addressed and have a return address.
       We have made the following donations:
           Presbyterian Women‟s Mission: FPC Adopt-a-School                   $300.00
                                            Long Beach Children‟s Outreach 300.00
                                            Camelot Handicapped Riders          500.00
           Capital Campaign - Local Mission: JBM                             $1000.00
                                               Trumbull Mobile Meals            500.00
       The Household Hazardous Waste Recycling Facility at 5138 Enterprise Drive has
announced the 2011 schedule. There are special Saturday one-day collection events from 9:00
a.m. to 12:00 noon: June 4, 2011 - Household hazardous waste such as paint, oil, anti-freeze
and electronics. August 6, 2011 - Household hazardous waste (i.e.: paint, oil, anti-freeze and
electronics). September 17, 2011, - Document Destruction. The facility will be open every
Wednesday from June 1, 2011, to September 28, 2011, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. The facility
will accept hazardous waste such as paint, oil, anti-freeze, propane tanks, etc., and electronic
equipment (It is recommended to destroy the hard drive(s)).
       The recycling center on North River Road in Howland is open on Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday. There are other sites in Warren and around the county.
       Next Meetings: June 1, 2011, at 7:00 p.m., if needed, and August 3, 2011, at 7:00 p.m.
Mission Committee of FPC: Chris Chuirazzi, Barb Copeland, Nina Pykare and Ray Rubrake

                                                                                            Page 9
                                                                                                       June 2011

                                                          CLERK’S CORNER
                                       Actions from the regular meeting of Session on April 20, 2011:
                            The Presbytery Committee on Ministry has scheduled the first of a series of
                            meetings to discuss or ask questions about the work of this committee. All Elders
                            and Pastors are invited. The meetings will be on May 12, 2011, at 7:00 pm, at the
                            Presbyterian Church of Kent or May 15, 2011, at 2:30 pm, at the First Presbyterian
                            Church of Mineral Ridge.
                                    Building and Grounds reported that Carol‟s office, the safe room and the
outer office will be painted starting April 25, 2011. There will be a cleanup of Church grounds the following
Saturday. The committee is awaiting the appraisal of our stained glass windows before making a decision on
our current insurance. The committee is considering changing to LED lights to light the Sanctuary. There will
be a significant cost saving over the expected life of the lights if it is feasible. This might include lighting the
Rose Window.
        Our income for March was $38,959.00 with YTD of $82,911.76; expenses for March were $29,588.12
and YTD of $72,731.43.
        The Church Officers‟ retreat will be on May 13-14, 2011, at JBM. We will be using the Boyd House.
The cost per person will be $15.00.
        The Baptism of Brennan Thomas Storey, born December 22, 2010, in Warren, Ohio, to Robert and
Nicole Storey was approved for May 29, 2011, during worship.
        The Church Officer Nominating Committee continues to meet. We are hoping to have a complete slate
of officers by May.
        Session was advised of microphones in the Sanctuary that have failed. The purchase of replacement
microphones and additional hearing devices with up to $1000.00 from Undesignated Memorials was approved.
        The death of George Hebberts reduced our membership to 298.
        We have not received a response from the Pittsburgh Seminary on our posting of a summer intern
position. Rusty announced that Drew Himes has been hired as a student pastor at the Kinsman church for the
summer. Rusty will also be his mentor.
Ray Rubrake, Clerk of Session
                          Actions from the special meeting of Session on May 4, 2011:
       The Church Officer Nominating Committee requested and was granted a call to have a congregational
meeting for the purpose of electing officers on May 22, 2011, following worship.
       The committee has completed the slate of officers as follows:
           Session Class of 2013-2014                               Deacons Class of 2013-2014
       Andrea Caputo          Cliff Straitiff                    Linda Conway           Susan Stahl
       Barbara Copeland     Gary Wireman                         Rachael Herriman    Shelly Straitiff
       Sue Dennis                                                Heidi Holk       Marilou Zampedro
                                 Endowment Fund Committee 2013-2014
                                    Amy Burd       Lynn Griffith, III
Session also approved the Mission Committee request to solicit letters from the congregation in support
of concerns of Bread for the World.
Peace, Ray Rubrake, Clerk of Session
                                                                                                           Page 10
                                                                                        June 2011

                             LV NAVIGATING THE WATERS

       First Presbyterian Church of Warren and Lake Vista Retirement community enjoy a
special relationship. This relationship is now even stronger as FPC of Warren has become a
“partner church” with Lake Vista. A partner church is one which will receive the full resources
of Lake Vista, Senior Independence Home Health Care, and their parent company, Ohio
Presbyterian Retirement Services (OPRS) in order to guide older adults in the congregation and
their families with aging issues and questions.
       This guidance will include brochures on resources that are available in the greater
community for our seniors. In addition, presentations on topics relating to aging will be hosted
either here at our Church or Lake Vista.
       Our partnership will kick off on June 9, with a presentation at our Church, “Navigating
the Waters of Aging Services.” The program will be presented jointly by Karen Ambrose,
Executive Director of Senior Independence, OPRS‟ home health agency, and Troy Snyder,
Executive Director of Lake Vista Retirement Community. This presentation will provide an
overview of what most of today‟s seniors want and need to remain independent and productive.
We will also learn about the varieties of services and care that are available for older adults in
our community, not just those offered by OPRS.
       We hope you will join us for this informative discussion, whether you are an older adult
or have a family member or friend whom you feel may benefit from this knowledge. Mark the
date on your calendar, Thursday, June 9, 2:00 PM, here at First Presbyterian Church, and RSVP
to Diane at 330-746-2944, ext. 1557 or email her at “”.
Refreshments will be served. We hope to see you there!

                   We will have the calendar for June 2011 to May 2012 posted in
            Fellowship Hall during the month of June so events can be entered. The
            calendar will have board and regular group events posted (Kirk Club, circles,
            AA, NA, etc.) The extra events are the entries that are to be added. Session
            has decided that FPC events will have precedence over non-Church events if
            there is a conflict.

                                                                                          Page 11
                                                                                                         June 2011

First Presbyterian Church                                                                       Non-Profit Org.
256 Mahoning Avenue NW                                                                           U.S. Postage
Warren, OH 44483                                                                                    PAID
                                                                                                 Warren, Ohio
(330) 393-1524 (330) 393-1526 fax
                                                                                                   No. 151
WHKZ 1440 AM Sundays 10:00 a.m.
                                                               ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

                    HARDING GIRLS’ GOLF
                          "If you have done, or are going to do, your spring cleaning, please don't throw out that
                    old golf equipment. Once again, the Warren G. Harding Girls Golf team may be able to use
                    whatever you can't. We can use clubs, bags and especially balls. With budget cuts and
                    deficits, golf is pretty low on the list of priorities since it is a sport that doesn't generate
                    revenue. So, whatever you may be able to donate to help get a few more young people
                    involved in this wonderful game also helps to give these young ladies one more opportunity
                    to become involved in a positive extra-curricular activity. If you have any items that may be
                    of use to our program, please see Tom Burd, Girls' Golf Coach, Warren G. Harding High
School. Any help is very greatly appreciated.

  Happy Fathers’ Day
                      Sunday, June 19, 2011

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