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   SEPTEMBER 2006       ~ Chevelle Mail ~             VOLUME 20
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   VICE PRESIDENT                 Lonnie Wall        316-742-3657        lonniewall67@sktc.net
   ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENT       Brad Wisdom        316-267-1103        prostbrad@yahoo.com
   SECRETARY / TREASURE           David Gohring      316-744-2381        dgohring@pixius.net
   WACO WEB MASTER                JR Dehner          316-204-9910        jrdehner@cox.net
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   WACO NEWS REPORTER             Tammy Stagner      316-832-0209        wstagner@cox.net

                              MINUTES OF THE MEETING
                               MEETING AUGUST 2, 2006
 We talked about cruising to the new location for the Andover Show, but will not change the flyers.
  City of Andover pushing car club to get closer to the festivities.
 We are at $0.00 & donations for Andover Show.
 Trophy alternatives – resin 3-D plaque from Creative Awards. The award can either set on a
  surface or hang on the wall. The cost runs around $2.25 per plaque & includes 2 lines of
 Need attendance of at least 100 cars.
 Buy approx. 40-50 T-shirts w/sponsors listed on back. Need 1-2 days print time, run approx.
  $8.00-10.00 each.
 Give each sponsor a T-shirt & plaque.
 We took a vote and agreed on the plaque – We need something different.
 Lonnie to get w/Scott to get T-shirts for show. It cost $1,335.00 last year for 75-80 T-shirts.
 Deadline to order Andover Shirts 9/6/06.
 Mike to check w/Les about a band for Andover Show.
 Lonnie & Dave to bring generators for power!
 Have poster for sponsors to hang up in their place of business.
 $700.00 profit last year @show put into general fund.
 General fund $3,056.36 – Need $$$ - back from sponsors.
 Door prizes for Andover Show from Regionals
 Regionals – cruise to show together.
 Mike & Dave to work on classifications
 Move out of Convention Center after awards.

                                      NEXT MEETING
                         Wednesday  September 6, 2005  6:30 P.M.
                                        Joe Self Chevrolet
                                8801 East Kellogg  Wichita, Kansas
                                    MIDWEST CHEVELLE REGIONAL
The Regionals were kicked off Thursday Night with a get together mixer. Most of the rest of us got there on Friday. We got se t up,
cleaned up and ready for the show. The girls checked out the local economy and helped it by shopping. The guys hung around and
talked about the old days.

We all met back up about 6:00 p.m. & cruised to Casa Benita’s, which is now called Casa Viva (I think). Quite an experience if you
have never been there. Our group was escorted to the Mansion Room, I guess we looked & acted like Royalty (yea right). After Dinner
we toured the rest of Casa Viva, there was a cave room, a tropical paradise with a real running waterfall, a game room located in the
back, and a mermaid-mystical aquatic theme. The food & company was great. Where else do they have the flag system. If you need
anything raise the flag on your table & the waiters tend to your every need. We waddled out of the restaurant got back in our cruise
formation & headed back to the hacienda (okay hotel). Everyone was too keyed up for bed. To our prevail the Convention Center was
locked up tight for the evening, so we hung out in the pool/game room. Some chose to swim some chose to drink beer. I guess the
Oklahoma guys like to eat the Kansas guys like to drink.

Saturday rolled around we ate breakfast & headed across the catwalk to the Convention Center. The judging began around 9:00 a.m.,
but it was discovered that they were short about three teams, don’t worry the Wichita guys & one girl came to the rescue. Mike, Dave,
Lonnie, Jack, Reuben, Bob, Bill & myself. I learned a lot about judging that day in a short time. Bob, Bill & I were judging a black &
White shoebox (Chevy) and a little old man saw me looking around & underneath the car. He asked me what I was doing & to his
surprise I said I was judging the car. His response was can you do that. My reply was I guess so I’m doing it. I asked out curiosity if
the car belonged to him – he said no just my son-in-law. Man first day on the job and I already encountered a critic. In talking with team
members and other judges I learned I wasn’t too far off in my points, so I would say I done good! We came together as a car club –
GREAT JOB GUYS! Honorable mention – Thanks to Mike & Dave for their efforts on getting all the cars classified for the show.

Bill & I headed off after judging to get a bite to eat – sounds simple right. Saturday afternoon in Downtown Tulsa, we couldn’t find
anything close. We were looking for a BBQ place, which was supposed to be about a mile from the hotel. Well to get from point A to
point B you have to go through point C, D&E to get back to B. We missed our street & ended up in the industrial part of Tulsa. Finally
we came onto a place called Billy Ray’s which happened to be a BBQ place. It didn’t look very nice from the outside, but as you
entered through the front door it was another story and the food – well the food was great.

It was 6:30 p.m. and the awards were about to start. Bill & I sat near the front so we could take pictures of our guys when they wo n.
The awards go as follows:

         1964 Chevelle Custom                 Rueben & Joann Araiza
         1965 Chevelle Modified               Earl & Linda Johnstonbaugh
         1967 Chevelle Custom                 Bob & Gretchen Cox
         1968 Chevelle Modified               Mark Burks
         1969 Chevelle Restored II            Bill & Linda Schweers
         1972 Chevelle Custom                 Bill & Tammy Stagner
         68-69 El Camino/Wagon                Bill & Linda Schweers
         66-72 Survivor Unrestored            David & Sandy Gohring
         I don’t care award                   Jack & Gail Blackwill

I counted 84 cars without counting the late greats or corvettes that were in attendance.

After the awards Saturday we moved our rides from the Convention Center to the hotel across the street. We cruised to the parking
garage where security was on hand to watch over them through the night. Who couldn’t resist laying down a little rubber in a parking
garage? We had to go up six stories to the rooftop & down 1 story. Jack, Bob & then Bill were the culprits. It sounded pretty awesome
with the echoes of laid rubber. We secured our rides & met in the lobby, were we cruised to Carraba’s. For most it was anoth er new
experience in itself. There were 12 of us so we had to wait. After we were seated the owner of the joint came over and introduced
himself & sent over a complimentary pizza for being patient. Our waiter was great he took his time explaining the food & what was in it.
He made sure our glasses were never empty or stomachs. After dinner we motored off for the hotel, this time everyone was pretty
exhausted, so we headed off to our rooms.

All in all it was a pretty good show. There was one minor thing that anyone would agree on; that you need a map, navigator an d it
probably wouldn’t hurt to have a GPS System. The highways & streets are a little hard to find.

Motoring off from Oklahoma, See you back in Kansas Toto!

A special thanks goes out to all involved in keeping our cars safe, those guys spent many a sleepless hours looking after the m & the

Tammy (Tear em up) Stagner
                               SECRETARY & TREASURE NOTES
Everyone should realize that the first meeting in the month of September we hold our elections for officers. We
have had the same officers for a long time now and I know that several of them are going to retire immediately.
Please come to the next meeting or call me and volunteer to be and officer for the next year and help your club out.
We really need some new blood with new ideas at the top to keep everything moving in the right direction. Please
do not avoid coming to the next meeting because you think you will be drafted for something that you do not want to
do. That will not happen. I think that after the next meeting is over we need to cruise somewhere and have ice
cream or something on WACO. Bring the whole family and let’s have a good time.

Many of our WACO members made the drive to Tulsa for the Regionals. I would like to share my thoughts on the
All of the Regionals that I have attended have had their good points and their not so good points. This show had
both. The weather outside was 103 degrees and the weather inside the convention center was 75 degrees. That
made it real nice for those who volunteered to classify and judge the cars. That was a very big plus. The downside
that I saw was that they locked the doors to the convention center before I could get my ice-cold beer out of the
trunk of the car so I had to drink some else’s beer. Maybe that wasn’t a down side. I guess overall I had a good time
because I got to visit with a lot of my friends that I only get to see once a year.

I hope everyone is getting on out website and noticing the great job that JR is doing. To me it looks like he is
updating everything as quickly as we are sending him things to post. The next time you see JR thank him for the
good job he is doing.

I had Steve Fowler (744-3916) with the Chevrolet Vintage Car Club call me the other day and invite everyone from
WACO to join their club and other Chevy related clubs for a picnic. It is going to be on Sunday September 24th from
around 2:00 until around 5:00. Everyone will meet at Steve’s place, 310 West 69th street North (69th N. & Broadway)
and park in his great big yard. They have been doing this for several years and it is a nice relaxing get together. It is
not really a car show because there are no door prizes or entry fees. It is just a good time to get together, visit and
relax. I hope to see you all there.

At the last meeting we talked about saving the club some money and just putting the newsletter on line instead of
mailing it out each month. I am starting to think that this is what we need to do. I do not know how it needs to be
done but I think we need to find a way. I think that there are some people that may not have easy access to the
internet so we would need to identify those people to make sure that they still received their newsletter. I guess that
they could call me and I could put them on a list. I guess the main point for right now is that you need to come to the
next meeting so we can discuss how to make this happen. See you at the next meeting.

Please do not forget to volunteer to help at the Greater Andover Days Car Show. This is the only thing we have
going to raise money for WACO. If you have collected door prizes or money please bring your stuff to the next
meeting. Please check out our flier as a reminder of the date and time of OUR show.

If you have not paid your DUES please get it taken care of. Next month I will be deleting the people from our list
who are way behind. If you have paid and I have not recorded it, please let me know.

I hope to see everyone at the next meeting.
               David E. Gohring
               Your humble servant.
                                     CAR SHOWS AND EVENTS
   9/1-3 Fri-Sun – GoodGuys 5th Annual Mid-West Nationals Car Show – Ks Speedway, Ks City, KS
   9/2 Sat – 18th Annual All Wheels Super Saturday Car Show & Poker Run. City Park, Caldwell, KS
   9/9 Sat – Great American Flea Market/Car show Downtown Emporia.
   9/9 Sat – Moonlight Rod Run 5 – A.J. Sports Grill 3232 N Rock Road – Wichita, Ks.
   9/9 Sat – 8th Annual Big Mac (McPherson Area Cruisers) Rod Run, McPherson, Ks.
   9/16 Sat – “Star Spangled Banner” Cruise Night. Sonic Drive In, Hays, Ks.
   9/15-17 Fri-Sun – The Big Cruise & Car Show – Downtown Alva, OK.
   9/16 Sat – Milford Volunteer Fire Dept. 8th Annual Auto Show. City Park, Milford, Ks.
   9/16-17 Sat-Sun – 9th Annual All Charger Meet. Eldorado, Ks.
   9/16-17 Sat-Sun – 20th Annual Ol’ Marias River Run. Ottawa, Ks.
   9/22 Fri – Valley Center Lions Fall Festival Car Show – Leeker’s Parking Lot.
   9/22-24 Fri-Sun – 30th Annual “Last Run” Paris Park, Arkansas City, Ks.
   9/23 Sat – Colwich Heritage Festival & Car Show. Colwich, Ks.
   9/23 Sat – 4th Annual Good Shepherd Lutheran Car Show, 1451 E. 47 th St. So.
   9/23 Sat – Conway Springs All Wheels Car Show & Fall Festival. Conway Springs, Ks.
   9/24 Sun – Fall Twilight Car Show – Star Lumber SW Street. Wichita, Ks.
   9/29-Oct 1 Fri-Sun – GoodGuys 14th Annual Lone Star Nationals Car Show. TX Motor Speedway
   9/30 Sat – WACO Greater Andover Days Car Show – Andover, Ks – Don’t miss this one it’s our
    money maker

                                 LORI STIGERWALD PROGRESS
Lori had a bone graf from her hip put into her left femur on July 26th. The doc also extracted marrow from her hip
and injected it into the graf site along with a man made protein that promotes bone growth. All this was neccessary
because the femur was not healing on its own. It will be at least two months before we know if it is healing from this
procedure. She is still in a wheel chair for the most part with occasional use of crutches or a walker. Please keep
her in your prayers she needs all the help she can get. Thank you all and God bless.

                                                 “ROUTE 66”
Subject: Fw: News - Link to" Route 66 could land eatery on historic register"

Just a bit of nostalgia - we've eaten at both of these locations MANY, MANY times, and even went to the glendstone
street restaurant on our Saturday night cruise-in when we were at the Midwest Chevelle Owner's car show
convention there (some years back). We have photos (Jack Blackwell took) of us and our Chevelle convertible
against that wooden sign at the back of the lot that isn't mentioned in the article. We have also eaten at the other
three Steak-and-Shakes in Springfield, but these two are our favorites. At the St. Louis store they also still have
drive-in service with a car-hop and the old-fashioned trays that fasten onto the windows. I think we'd trade a
Chevelle or even maybe two if Gary Leonard would bring one of these to Wichita - even if it isn't the old style
building... Get the idea that we like this place??)

P.S. - We don't just go for the atmosphere - the food is really good, too!! We never go to springfield without
stopping (at least twice) at these old time eatery.

"Local News - Link to Route 66 could land eatery on historic register" To view this article on News-Leader.com, go
to: http://www.news-leader.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2006608160365

Chuck West
                                             KWICK LIFT SYSTEM
Bill & I had the opportunity to talk with Danny with the Kwik Lift System. They are manufactured in Broken Arrow,

Perfect car lift for home, garage or a commercial shop:
 Complete portability
 Complete under car access
 Assembles in minutes
 5,000 LB capacity
 Raises average chassis up to 3 feet
 High-Strength Steel
 Adjustable length & width
 Choice of 7 different powder coat colors

Specifications: length adjustable to 3 different lengths
        1) 13’3” 2) 14’0 3) 14’9”
        Width: fully adjustable
        Height: raises bottom of tires 20” above floor
        Weight:          total weight 540 lb. (heaviest single piece 110lbs.)
        Ramps: front section 19”wide 93” long
                         Rear section 19”wide 100´long
        Bridge 9” wide
                         42” from inside edge left ramp
                         To inside edge right ramp

Professionally engineered & designed laser cut for consistent, high quality 5-year warranty. Price range from 4 different
packages $1,049 to $1,589 The best part – no sales tax on orders shipped out of Oklahoma!

Danny was very interesting to talk to and knew his product very well, or at least had us snowed. He does several shows
throughout the year. When he learned I wrote for our car club newsletter, he gave out a lot more info. He also offered to
come to Kansas and bring two of his lifts to either tech cars out or just have the opportunity to look under your car with
ease. He said if we were interested to give him a call and we could get something set up.


                                             FOR SALE / WANTED
316-832-0209          (Want something different? they still look great)

                      FOR SALE - 650 HONDA GENERATOR - $250.00
                      (Runs great, easy start & is very quiet)

                      FOR SALE - 110 GALLON IN BED FUEL TANK - $200.00
                      (Everyone needs a big in-bed gas tank for traveling – fill up once & keep going & going & going)

                      Prices may be negotiable

Jim Johnston          WANTED - 1967 Chevelle 2 door sedan

316-832-0209                  CHROME FITTINGS FOR 72 EL CAMINO

Dallas Tyler          FOR SALE - Sun Analyzer with lab scope and working 4 gas analyzer. A.C.D.A. 490 $100.00
                                                 EMAIL NOTES
This is a beautifully restored 1970 Chevelle that belongs to a friend of mine in New England. His name is Ray
Lavigne. Although I have never met Ray we email each other sometimes and he is quit the caricature. Ray is a
long time member of the New England Chevelle & El Camino Association and is very active in their club.

Ray just finished up restoring his car a few months ago. By the looks of this picture he did a good job and it
turned out really nice. Thanks for sharing your pictures Ray and Keep on Chevelling! Oh and Yaba Daba Do

If anyone would like to send me pictures of their Chevelle I would be happy to add them to our newsletter.

                                       Ray Lavigne - rayschvl@charter.net

                                                   CAR TOONS
Little Girl Walking Home From School…
A man pulled up next to a little girl walking home from school and said, "If you get in, I'll give you a
lollypop." The girl kept walking.

Following along slowly, the man said "Come on and get in the car with me and I'll give you two lollypops."
She kept her eyes on the sidewalk and continued on her way.

The man said, "Get in with me and I'll give you this whole bag of lollypops!"

Finally, the girl turned and said, "Look daddy, YOU bought the Ford, YOU ride in it!!!"

                                      NEWSLETTER DEADLINES
The deadline for the newsletter articles and or ads is 10 Days before the next regular club meeting. If you don’t have your
article turned in by that date, it may not be in the next newsletter. This will give me enough time to put the newsletter
together, print it and mail it on time. NOTE – When you want to advertise something in the newsletter and you email us the
information, please include your full name and phone number with area code. This will make it much easier for our readers
to contact you about your stuff!
WICHITA KS 67226-8253

                              Next Meeting
                        JOE SELF CHEVROLET
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