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									                                 COME JOIN US
                                THE 32nd ANNUAL
                         SERVING THE VISUALLY IMPAIRED
                                 April 16-18, 2007

                   “Dedication Makes the Difference”

                                                                  TEMPLE SISTERHOOD BRAILLE GROUP

       Shalimar                            VOCAL EYES                   BRAILLE & TALKING BOOK
                                            Gainesville                 LIBRARY
                                                                         Daytona Beach

                                                                            BREVARD ASSOCIATION FOR THE
                                                                            ADVANCEMENT OF THE BLIND
                                                    BRAILLE ASSN. OF              Satellite Beach
                                                    MID-FLORIDA, INC.
                   FLORIDA INSTRUCTIONAL
                    MATERIALS CENTER
                     Tampa                             SECOND SIGHT
                                                       TAPING STUDIO
               St. Petersburg
                              SARASOTA BRAILLE                                  VOLUNTEER BRAILLE
VISUAL                         TRANSCRIBERS, INC.
                                Sarasota                    INSIGHT FOR THE
                                                                                 SERVICE, INC.
AID                                                          BLIND
                                                              Ft. Lauderdale
                                                                                 TEMPLE BETH EL SISTERHOOD
                                                                                  BRAILLE OR VISUALLY
VOLUNTEERS OF                                                                     HANDICAPPED GROUP
                                                                                   Boca Raton
                                                                                BETH EL SISTERHOOD
                                                                                SERVICES TO THE BLIND

                               RAMADA INN MANDARIN
                                   3130 HARTLEY ROAD
                                 JACKSONVILLE, FL 32257
                                    Phone: 904-268-8080
                                     Fax: 904-262-8041

              American Printing House for the Blind

                Braille Authority of North America

Computer Applications Specialties Company, Inc. (Dr. Robert Stepp)

                 Center for the Visually Impaired

                    Duxbury Braille Translator

               Florida Instructional Materials Center

                 National Braille Association, Inc.

      National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standards

National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped,
                  The U.S. Library of Congress

                 Nemeth Uniform Braille System

              Visual Aid Volunteers of Florida, Inc.

Get ready for another terrific Conference! Your Planning Committee has gone all out to make the 2007
Conference at least as terrific as the 2006 Conference, if not better. VAVF’s 2007 Conference will be held
at the Ramada Inn Mandarin in Jacksonville on April 16-18, 2007. It’s going to be another of those
Conferences when I’m going to want to be in three workshops at once. Decisions, decisions!

Once again there will be something for everyone – from audio transcribers to experienced braille
transcribers to newly certified braille transcribers to spouses and other friends and traveling companions.
Who can resist the guide dog puppies when they accompany their puppy-raiser families who will tell us
about raising the puppies for their first year of life? And haven’t you ever wondered how in the world
some of our successful blind members and friends have managed to be so successful? Come find out in
their panel discussion.

There will be a lot of emphasis on graphics this year – for both braille and audio transcribers - since
textbooks seem to be getting more and more visual. Ruth Jean Ostle will have a workshop on Graphics
Analysis, as well as a hands-on beginning graphics workshop; Susie Coleman and Patricia Gray will lead
a workshop on Computer Graphics and Map Software; and Carolyn Roderer and Elliott Whitman will
offer a graphics workshop on Text Visual Graphics Made Audible. Lynnette Taylor will offer a Braille
Formats workshop on Reading and Social Studies Textbooks since those are expected to be requested for
next year.

Dr. Robert Stepp will introduce those who use his terrific Braille2000 program to the new version 2.0,
which will be able to handle the NIMAS (National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standards)
publishers’ files, and will show off the new math tool bar.

Dr. Abraham Nemeth hopes to make it to Conference this year to talk about his Nemeth Uniform Braille
System (NUBS), and will “hold court” in the Hospitality Room in the evenings for those who would like
to meet and talk to him.

Make your room reservation EARLY!! There is no elevator, and it is two-story hotel. So if you need to
be on the first floor, early reservations are especially important. And there are both smoking and non-
smoking rooms, so if you have a preference, early reservations are especially important for that reason,
too. Also send in your Conference registration form with your workshop selections EARLY!! If any of
the workshops run out of space, preference will be given to those who register earliest.
And be sure to sign up for the VAVF Luncheon on Monday when Patricia Gray will be installed as our
new President. I’m sure Pat is going to do a great job, and you will all want to be there to welcome her as
she takes the helm of VAVF.

   1. Make hotel reservation - NOW.
   2. Be sure to sign up for the VAVF luncheon to welcome your new President when you -
   3. Send in Conference registration with a check - NOW.

You’ll be glad you did –

                               WELCOME TO JACKSONVILLE
Jacksonville is the home of the Temple Sisterhood Braille Group. Every year we advertise for new
Braille Transcription learners. The number can vary but the people who complete the course and do their
manuscript go on to become active transcribers. We now have about 70 members. I think that it is the
largest group in Florida! It is wonderful that so many of our group will be able to attend the conference
this year.

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone to our city. In April there is a lot going on. Andre Rieu
and the Johann Strauss Orchestra (PBS) will be giving a concert on April 20. There are lots of golf clubs
in the area, for our golfing friends. We are near St Augustine, the oldest city in the US, and Fernandina
Beach is just north of here.

Our planning committee has worked hard to put together a Conference with a wide variety of sessions and
presenters. It will be exciting to meet with the students from the St Augustine School for the Deaf and
Blind. When they came to a previous conference, I heard it was very interesting to meet our end-users.
As usual we will have sessions for braillists, tapists, graphics producers and students. Other sessions like
Puppy Raising, Good Examples of Successful People, and Everything You Wanted to Know About Being
Blind would be of interest to everyone.

In April there are a few events in Jacksonville.
will tell you what concerts and sports events are on. Andre Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra (PBS)
will be giving a concert in the Veterans Arena on April 20

Check out the website for a cheaper concert at
the Jacksonville Symphony.

For our golfing friends there are many golf clubs in the area from Sawgrass to public courses.
Information can be had on these at The World Golf
Village is just down I-95, with the World Golf Hall of Fame.

The Bausch and Lomb Tennis Championships will be on from April 2-8, 2007 at Amelia Island Plantation
if anyone is interested in coming early for it.

 Jacksonville Beach’s website has a “Things to Do” section at{95447BEB-3D54-4AD8-A918-
06D01776B9D2} which also covers things in the surrounding cities. Click on Special Events and
Tourism, click on Tourism on the drop down menu, on the page click on Things to Do.

We are looking forward to having all our VAVF friends here in Jacksonville this year. We had to change
the venue from Orlando due to a huge increase in costs there, so we hope you will enjoy Jacksonville this

We hope you will find the Conference enlightening and our city worth visiting.

Patricia Gray

                         Directions to the Ramada Inn Mandarin
                                     (904) 268-8080
(If you have not guaranteed your room for late arrival and you will be arriving later than 4:00pm, please
              call the hotel with your credit card number to guarantee your reservation.)

From the Airport or the North:
South on I-95
South on I-295 (just past the Airport)
Exit #5 San Jose Blvd. (just past the St. Johns River)
Left on San Jose Blvd.
Right on Hartley Road (first signal light)
Ramada is on the right-hand side (You will actually turn almost 180° from San Jose onto
   Hartley, and be headed back parallel to the way you came. Hartley bends to the left at the
   Ramada, making the Ramada on the right as you go around the curve in the road.)

From the South:
North on I-95
North on I-295 (Exit #97)
Exit #5A San Jose Blvd. North
Right on Hartley Road (first signal light)
Ramada is on the right-hand side (You will actually turn almost 180° from San Jose onto
   Hartley, and be headed back parallel to the way you came. Hartley bends to the left at the
   Ramada, making the Ramada on the right as you go around the curve in the road.)

From the West:
East on I-10
South on I-295
Exit #5 San Jose Blvd.
(Just past the St. Johns River)
Left on San Jose Blvd.
Right on Hartley Rd (first signal light)
Ramada is on the right-hand side (You will actually turn almost 180° from San Jose onto
   Hartley, and be headed back parallel to the way you came. Hartley bends to the left at the
   Ramada, making the Ramada on the right as you go around the curve in the road.)

Other Transportation Information:
      Enterprise Rent-a-Car 1-904-741-4326
      Ask for the ―Ramada Inn Mandarin 10% Discount‖
      American Airport & Shuttle Service
      Pre-Arranged Dependable Transportation
      Joe Taylor 904-382-7769

      Gator City Transportation Charter & Shuttle 1-800-394-0116
      Taxi Service 904-355-8294


                              WORKSHOP DESCRIPTIONS

                                 MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2007
                  Please note that sessions are different lengths of time.
                Some are three hours long while others are for a shorter time.
                  Longer sessions are in two parts, identified by A and B.

Time                Session and Description

8:30-10:00 AM      Session 101: Using Braille2000 Version 2.0 Introduction to new tools
                   [Room A] Dr. Robert Stepp, Developer of Braille2000, and Meg Wagner
                   Learn about all the new features of Braille2000 Version 2, including those for
                   formatting direct entry Braille and those for NIMAS source files and RTF files.
                   (This workshop is an overview and is of general interest; subsequent
                   sessions will go into detail on math and NIMAS).
                   Session 102: Graphics Analysis
                   [Room B] Ruth Jean Ostle
                   We will examine some figures found in typical textbooks and discuss how
                   they can be represented in braille transcriptions. Please bring any
                   illustrations that have been problems for you.
                   Session 103: Duxbury
                   [Room C] Kay Ratzlaff and Donna Ross
                   Introduction to Duxbury Braille Transcription software for teachers of the
                   visually impaired and others working with students. Topics include how to get
                   started, tricks of the trade, and teaching students to use Duxbury to create
                   their own braille.

10:00-10:30         BREAK

10:30-12:00 PM     Session 104: Using Braille2000 V2: Math Techniques
                   [Room A] Dr. Robert Stepp and Joyce Hull
                   Finally Braille2000 can translate text data into Nemeth code. Learn how to
                   handle math and how to use the math toolbar.

                    Session 105: Reading Textbooks
                    [Room B] Lynnette Taylor
                    How to Braille textbooks that are intended to teach reading skills. Includes
                    timed reading and marginal notes. Bring any questions or examples you
                    would like to discuss.

             Session 106: Formatting Audio Textbooks
              [Room C] Leon Pettersen & Frank Fetherston
             An in-depth study of the critical work demanded of the narrator and monitor-
             recording engineer in the conversion of printed text books and other teaching
             materials to achieve accurate and flawless audio-recorded text material. This
             session covers: The specific and massive preliminary work an audio narrator
             and monitor-engineer must complete before the first moment of actual
             recording. Will include the critical importance of pre-recording research to
             establish absolute accuracy and form, the critical need for attention to
             established procedure throughout the entire recording process and a liberal
             dose of very helpful ―How-To!‖ A real eye-opener for both the new and the
             experienced Narrator and Monitor-Engineer audio recording team! Narrator-
             monitor-engineer team members present will participate!


2:00-3:30    Session 108-A: Using Braille2000 V2: NIMAS Source Files Tutorial
             [Room A] Dr. Robert Stepp and Meg Wagner
             This workshop will give you the information you need to understand NIMAS
             source files and to manipulate them using Braille2000 V2.

             Session 109A: Illustrating by Collage
             [Room B] Ruth Jean Ostle
             We will learn to edit and construct collage representations of print illustrations.
             Simplicity, materials, and effective communication of information will be

             Session 110: Voice Preparation
               [Room C] Claire Michel
             Introduction to voice preparation techniques for radio presentation and vocal
             recording, including common pitfalls and remedies, vocal exercises and
             recording tips. There will be a hands-on opportunity for the audience
             members to participate.
3:30-4:00    BREAK

4:00-5:30    Session 108-B: Using Braille 2000 V2: NIMAS (Continued)
             [Room A] Dr. Robert Stepp and Meg Wagner

             Session 109-B Illustrating by Collage (Continued)
             [Room B] Ruth Jean Ostle

             Session 111: Radio Reading – A Value To The Community
             [Room C] Pervalia Gaines and Claire Michel
             Talking/lecturing about the history, set-up, and importance of Radio Reading
             Services. Also, we will have a discussion about the importance of the service
             and value it brings to the visually and physically impaired communities.

                             TUESDAY, APRIL 17, 2007
                            No double sessions on this day.

Time            Session and Description

8:30-10:00 AM   Session 201: Scanning With Omni Page Pro 14
                 [Room A] Janet Nullet
                 We will learn how to scan documents, using Omni Page Pro 14, then save
                into Word and then insert into Braille2000. Will discuss some common errors
                and faults and offer some solutions. (If possible) What can and cannot be
                done with the program. If you have never scanned material before you will be
                able to start scanning right away after the workshop. This is not a hands-on

                Session 202: Puppy Raising
                [Room B] Thresa Shaver
                Includes information about the Southeast Guide Dog Association and the
                information needed to be a puppy raiser.

                Session 203: Text Visual Graphics Made Audible
                [Room C] Carolyn Roderer and Elliott Whitman
                Needed word descriptions made available by presenting ordinary
                phrases or words. The talent of taping text illustrations is not innate.

10:00-10:30     BREAK

10:30-12:00     Session 204: Is Proofreading Important?
                [Room A] Linda Jacobson
                Let‘s try to sharpen our proofreading skills.

                Session 205: Meet Your Readers & Teachers
                [Room B] Julie Kronquist, Duval County Vision Specialist
                Students and teachers will critique some examples of completed graphics and
                Braille. Do you have any questions? Ask them at the workshop. Please
                send in samples that you‘d like them to discuss to Susie Coleman, 1826
                Bartram Circle, W., Jacksonville, FL 2207-2294; e-mail:
                We‘ll see how many they can handle.

                Session 206: Digital Talking Books
                [Room C] Meredith Beckhardt, Library Program Administrator, Braille
                            and Talking Book Library, Daytona Beach
                A picture will be shown of the new player and the prototype digital talking
                book cartridge will be passed around for people to see. There will be a
                discussion on the new features of the cartridge and player, as well as the
                most current rollout schedule and transition plan for distributing these new
                materials to customers.

12:00-2:00      LUNCH ON YOUR OWN

2:00-3:30   Session 207: The Trial Manuscript
            [Room A] Linda Jacobson
            How to transcribe a good trial manuscript. Preliminary pages often are the
            downfall of a trial manuscript. So, we will discuss preliminary pages and

            Session 208: Success: What It Is and How to Achieve It
            [Room B] Moderator: Suzanne Dalton
                        Panel: Doug Hall, Ed Hudson, Paul Kurtz
            Success is more than being employed and having a sufficient income. It is
            defined by each person. Ed, Paul, and Doug will discuss their philosophies,
            achievements and perhaps more important, supporters and role models.

            Session 209: Tape To Digital
             [Room C] Meredith Beckhardt
            Are you currently recording materials using analog equipment? This session
            discusses why a recording studio should think about transitioning over to
            digital equipment, the costs involved, and other issues to consider. Short and
            long term archiving of digital files will also be discussed, including types of
            storage equipment and whether or not to use compression software.

3:30-4:00   BREAK

4:00-5:30   Session 210: Some Insights into Creating Effective Materials for Blind
                             Children. Also a short overview of the new Nemeth
                             Uniform Braille System
            [Room A] Dr. Abraham Nemeth & Joyce Hull
            We will discuss some of the ways transcribers and teachers can provide
            important assistance to blind children to offer them all that is offered to
            sighted children. Also you will be given a brief insight into the philosophy and
            structure of the new Nemeth Uniform Braille System.

            Session 211: Worksheets
            [Room B] Lynnette Taylor
            How to braille workbooks that are intended to be disposable. Formatting of
            these workbooks for best use by the student and teacher. Bring any
            questions or examples you would like to discuss.

            Session 212: Mechanics of Recording
            [Room C] Frank Bussy & Carolyn Roderer
            Hands-on demonstration to show actual use of reel to reel taping machine.

                            WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18, 2007
                Please note that sessions are different lengths of time.
              Some are three hours long while others are for a shorter time.
                Longer sessions are in two parts, identified by A and B.

Time              Session and Description
8:30-10:00 A.M.   Session 301-A: Can’t Draw? Use Computer Graphics
                  [Room A] Susie Coleman & Pat Gray
                  Have a lot of graphics in your book? Who can produce them? You can!
                  Learn how to use Microsoft‘s Draw program to use scanned diagrams or to
                  draw diagrams yourself. Use the Mapmaker‘s Toolkit program to produce
                  maps. This is not a hands-on workshop.

                  Session 302: Common Errors in Braille Files Received at FIMC
                  [Room B] Jan Kirby
                  This workshop will attempt to show that even seasoned veterans in Braille
                  can be confused about rules. Participants will be encouraged to find errors in
                  brailled materials. This is not a proofreading workshop; but will require
                  knowledge of format rules.

10:00-10:30       BREAK

10:30-12:00       Session 301-B: Can’t Draw? Use Computer Graphics (Continued)
                  [Room A] Susie Coleman & Pat Gray

                  Session 303: Dealing with Scientific Material in a Literary Transcription
                  [Room B] Joyce Hull
                  We will examine some options in dealing with math and science expressions
                  that occur in a text that is being transcribed using the literary code. We will
                  consider the best way to use literary code only and how to incorporate
                  necessary Nemeth passages.

                  Session 304: Everything You Wanted To Know, But Were
                                  Too Shy to Ask
                  [Room C] Doug Hall, Ed Hudson, Paul Kurtz, and Linda Jacobson
                  How do people who are visually impaired handle every day tasks such as
                  personal care, house keeping and cooking, traveling or raising a family? If
                  you‘ve wondered about these and other concerns, but were too shy to ask,
                  this is your chance. Come challenge our panel of knowledgeable VAVF

                                CONFERENCE OVER

                             Time                    Room A                                Room B                          Room C

                          8:30--10:00    101: Using Braille2000 V2:          102: Graphics Analysis           103: Duxbury
                                              Introduction to new tools        Ruth Jean Ostle                  Kay Ratzlaff and Donna Ross
                                           Dr. Robert Stepp & Meg Wagner


                          10:30--12:00   104: Using Braille2000 V. 2         105: Reading Textbooks           106: Formatting Audio Textbooks
                                            Math Techniques                    Lynnette Taylor                 Leon Pettersen & Frank Fetherston
                                           Dr. Robert Stepp & Joyce Hull
         April 16, 2007

                                                                      107: LUNCHEON & INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS

                           2:00--3:30    108-A: Using Braille2000 V2: NIMAS 109-A: Illustrating by Collage    110: Voice Preparation
                                             Source Files Tutorial            Ruth Jean Ostle                   Claire Michel
                                           Dr. Robert Stepp & Meg Wagner


                           4:00--5:30    108-B: Using Braille2000 V2:NIMAS   109-B: Illustrating by Collage   111: Radio Reading - A Value To
                                                 (Continued)                   (Continued)                        The Community
                                           Dr. Robert Stepp & Meg Wagner       Ruth Jean Ostle                  Pervalia Gaines & Claire Michel

                              Time                      Room A                               Room B                             Room C

                           8:30--10:00    201: Scanning with Omni Page         202: Puppy Raising                  203: Text Visual Graphics Made
                                               Pro 14                            Thresa Shaver                          Audible
                                            Janet Nullet                                                           Carolyn Roderer & Elliott Whitman


                           10:30--12:00   204: Is Proofreading Important?      205: Meet Your Readers & Teachers 206: Digital Talking Books
                                            Linda Jacobson                       Julie Kronquist, Vision Specialist Meredith Beckhardt, Library
                                                                                  D & B & Duval County Teachers       Program Admin.
          April 17, 2007

                                                                                      LUNCH ON YOUR OWN

                            2:00--3:30    207: The Trial Manuscript            208: Success: What It Is and How    209: Tape To Digital
                                            Linda Jacobson                       To Achieve It                       Meredith Beckhardt, Library
                                                                                  Moderator: Suzanne Dalton            Program Admin.
                                                                               Panel: Doug Hall, Ed Hudson, Paul


                            4:00--5:30    210: Creating Effective Materials for 211: Worksheets                    212: Mechanics of Recording
                                             Blind Children. Overview of NUBS     Lynnette Taylor                    Frank Bussy & Carolyn Roderer
                                            Dr. Abraham Nemeth & Joyce Hull

                                Time                    Room A                              Room B                                 Room C

                             8:30--10:00    301-A: Can‘t Draw? Use Computer   302: Common Errors in Braille Files
                                              Graphics                            Received at FIMC
                                              Susie Coleman & Pat Gray          Jan Kirby


                             10:30--12:00   301-B: Computer Graphics          303: Dealing with Scientific Material   304: Everything You Wanted to
                                                (Continued)                       in a Literary Transcription              Know but were too Shy to Ask
                                              Susie Coleman & Pat Gray          Joyce Hull                             Doug Hall, Ed Hudson, Paul Kurtz,
                                                                                                                          and Linda Jacobson

            April 18, 2007

                                                                                     CONFERENCE OVER




                                 MEET OUR PRESENTERS
Frank Bussy
  Frank Bussy is in his second year with the TAPISTS group and is still learning. He likes the
work and wants to continue and hopefully improve with repetition.
  This group (Pinellas) has limited recording equipment, so they sometimes have to scramble to
get the taping done. Everyone is very cooperative with the scheduling not withstanding the
occasional malfunctions of the recorders.
  In the absence of a team partner of late, he has been doing most of his taping,
Narrator/Monitor, solo. Frank says this is not a problem. ―Carolyn Roderer, our coordinator
does a yeoman job keeping the operation running and attending to the occasional glitch. I look
forward to another year.‖

Meredith Beckhardt
  Meredith Beckhardt has been the Library Program Administrator for three years at the Bureau
of Braille and Talking Book Library Services in Daytona Beach, Fl. Meredith is a member of the
National Library Service‘s Digital Long Term Planning Group, the National Federation of the
Blind and the American Council of the Blind.

Susie Coleman
  ―I‘ve been a braillist for 19 years with the Temple Sisterhood Braille Group. It was just the
place to go because the members are so helpful and friendly. I was extremely shy when I
started. Yes, I truly was! I became Vice-President within a year. This group is good about
getting new people involved. You‘re lucky to get out of the Braille class without getting an office
of some kind.
  ―I was born and raised in Jacksonville. In fact, I grew up in the area called Mandarin. When I
was growing up, this section of Jacksonville was the ―sticks‖, believe it or not. San Jose Blvd.
was known as State Road 13 at that time.
  ―Learning and teaching Braille graphics at the same time is time consuming as well as
enjoyable. I learned you have to know graphics if you do Nemeth Braille. Luckily Midge
Dusenberry taught me at the Temple and I had access to workshops at VAVF conferences. I
don‘t know what I would have done without all the help.
  ―The Temple Sisterhood Braille Group and VAVF have been there for me through the years.
Turn about is only fair.‖
  Susie has served VAVF faithfully for many years in many capacities, including President, and
is currently the Immediate Past President and editor of the Newsletter.

Suzanne Dalton
  Suzanne Dalton is Supervisor of FIMCVI. She has extensive experience in her work with the
blind, including State of Florida Certification in Visual Disabilities, Elementary Education and
Educational Leadership. She is a member of many professional organizations related to
services for the blind and visually impaired, including the Association for Education &
Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (Past President of the Florida chapter). She
was National President of the Association of Instructional Resource Centers for the Visually
Handicapped, State President of the Coalition for Education of Exceptional Students and State
President of the Florida Federation of Business and Professional Women‘s Clubs, Inc.

Frank Fetherston
  Frank Fetherston is a career creative management executive with substantial hands-on
experience in corporate, proprietary and nonprofit business development and operations, retail
marketing, advertising, advertising agency, public relations and business law disciplines. He is
widely experienced in mass-market retail sales and business operations, as well as in executive
management training and employee-customer motivation. His activities include television and
radio news management, and professional on-air presentation. He is a VAVF member and an
active member of the Pinellas Braille Group, Inc., specializing in speech and audio recording
of K-12 text books and has been a leader of conference sessions with VAVF since 2003.

Pervalia Gaines
  Pervalia Gaines has been manager of the Radio Reading Service for over 1 year. She has
been at WJCT for over 4 years starting out in television production. She received a Bachelor of
Science degree from Florida A & M University in Tallahassee, Florida. For 2 years she worked
for FAMU TV while obtaining her bachelors and also worked for 3 years for Cumulus
Broadcasting in radio promotions. She has won numerous awards for her work in the broadcast
  Ms. Gaines takes pride in service. Founder of the Ribault Alumni Group, a service
organization for students of Ribault High School, she has been deeply involved with her alma
mater for the last 4 years. She is also deeply involved in her church and other community
organizations throughout the city. One of her favorite sayings and words she lives by is ―real
success is finding your lifework in the work you love.‖

Patricia Gray
  I‘ve been a braillist since 2003. I also am with the Temple Sisterhood Braille Group in
Jacksonville. I was recruited as Secretary right out of Braille class! It is wonderful how much
help is available to us in the group and how willing everyone is to share. This is also true of
  I was born in Dublin, Ireland and came to the United States in 1999. We live in the Beaches
  One night watching the News, I heard a request for Braille volunteers, and thought I would like
to do that. In my innocence, I thought once I learned the 26 letters of the alphabet I would be
able to Braille! Thelma dispelled that notion at Orientation. I still thought at the time that once I
was certified I would know everything. You live and learn!
  Susie Coleman taught me graphics, but I like to do computer graphics rather than the hands-
on type. One day searching the web I came across this map program. In the beginning I
thought it wouldn‘t be much use to us as you are very limited as to what you can change. By
combining it with Paint and Draw in Word, you can produce a good basic map of the U.S. in less
than 3 hours. The map program also has Theme Maps and Historical Maps (an optional extra)
which give you a lot of choices to work with.

Doug Hall
  Doug Hall, who has been totally blind for more than 50 years, attended public school and has
been involved in numerous community activities, with the assistance and encouragement of his
family, teachers and vision (Braille) itinerant instructors. After high school, he went on to obtain
a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters in Counseling. College was a real experience,
requiring increased personal responsibility and independence. Doug says that he has never
been asked a question that he was unwilling or unable to answer. Of course, his answer might
be ―I don‘t know.‖
  Professionally, Doug has worked as an adjustment counselor at the former Rehabilitation
Center for the Blind, has been director of the University of Florida‘s textbook recording program,
and head of Volunteer Services at Florida‘s Braille and Talking Book Library. Currently, Doug is
working at Florida‘s Orientation and Adjustment Center, assisting students to develop positive
self-esteem and independent attitudes, while learning about home management.
  For many years, Doug has been an active advocate, locally and statewide, belonging to
consumer groups and serving on various councils and boards. At present, he serves on the
Florida Independent Living Council (FILC) and Florida‘s Rehabilitation Council for the Blind
(FRCB), acting as liaison between the two Councils. He is a member of the Volusia County
Elections Advisory Board, where he advises on disability-related concerns, and chairs Daytona
Beach‘s Alliance for Persons With Disabilities.

Joyce Hull
  I took the Braille transcription course after I retired following 27 years as a Systems Analyst in
the Aerospace industry. After I had been certified for about 6 months, I began to study the
Nemeth Code and became certified in that code in 1993. Brailling has been my lifeblood since
that date. It has kept my mind functioning and my hours constructively busy. I has been
teaching Braille transcription for about 8 years.
  During the past three years, my primary emphasis has been working with Dr. Nemeth in the
development of his new uniform braille system. It has been a tremendous amount of work but
incredibly rewarding to work with someone as special as Abe Nemeth. When this new language
is adopted, it will replace the current Braille code. It will require some adjustments by all of us
but the rewards will be fantastic.
  I have also been working with Dr. Robert Stepp, our beloved Braille2000 author. I have
provided him some help during the past year, but he promises to really put me to work early this

Linda Jacobson
  One of my favorite things is Braille. Without Braille it would be difficult for me to read books,
play card games, keep track of recipes, phone numbers, and addresses. I also use it in my
work as a contractor for the National Library Service proofreading trial manuscripts and lessons
for the Braille transcribing course. I am active in other organizations of and for the blind. I like
to think of myself as someone who promotes the production of high quality Braille.

Jan Kirby
  ―I was certified in literary Braille in 1982. Later, I studied proofreading and math and science,
becoming certified in the latter. I started working for FIMC to teach Braille to several new
employees. I stayed after the job was finished and started my present ‗occupation‘ of reviewing
disks from volunteer braillists as they come into the center.‖
 Jan has served VAVF faithfully for many years in many capacities, including President,
Treasurer, and Secretary. She currently serves as Secretary and as Math (Nemeth Code) Skills

Julie Kronquist
  Julia Anne Howell Kronquist (Julie) was born March 1, 1948 in Tuscaloosa, AL. She was born
on the campus of the University of Alabama while her dad was attending college on the GI Bill.
During her school days, she lived in the states of Alabama, Mississippi, Florida and Georgia. In
1966 she graduated from Gainesville High in Gainesville, GA.
  Julie attended Mercer University in Macon, GA, graduating in 1970 with a BS in Psychology,
minoring in PE and Christianity. After graduating, she started the first class of Trainable
Mentally Handicapped (TMH) students at the Georgia Academy for the Blind (the state school
for the blind in Macon). After teaching there for one year, she attended the University of Virginia,
graduating in August 1972 with a Masters degree in Special Education with emphasis in Visual
Disabilities. Julie married Karl Kronquist on August 19, 1972 and they moved to Macon where
Julie taught another year at the Georgia Academy for the Blind. In August 1973, Julie and Karl
moved to Jacksonville, FL. She began her teaching career in Duval as a Learning Disabilities
teacher. The next year she was a Teacher of the Visually Impaired and continued in that
capacity until 2004. She was chosen District Operated Programs Teacher of the Year for 2004.
In July, 2004 she became the Specialist for the Blind and Visually Impaired for Duval Public
Schools. In the midst of all that, she received a second Masters degree from UNF in Mental
Health Counseling in 1990.
  She began her experiences with teaching the blind when she taught a blind young man Junior
Life-saving at the city pool in Gainesville. Since she really did not know what she was doing,
she read him the manual and he performed! While at Mercer, she volunteered at the Georgia
Academy for the Blind by doing psychology projects there and substitute teaching.
  Julie and Karl have two married daughters and one grandson.

Paul Kurtz
  I was born right here in Jacksonville, Fl., as a retinopathy of prematurity baby and have been
blind since that time. I attended kindergarten and public grammar, junior & senior high school in
Duval County. After graduating with honors and outside awards including Eagle Scout
attainment, I attended Florida Southern College and Florida State University, graduating with
honors from each with a BA degree in Psychology from the first and an MS in Rehabilitation
Counseling from the second.
  My subsequent careers have included positions as a rehabilitation instructor, college
counselor, Federal EEO complaints counselor, an Independent Living for Adult Blind (ILAB)
Project Coordinator, an AS degree earned in computer science from Florida Community
College, and subsequent positions held as a computer programmer, programmer/analyst, and
systems manager. I‘m presently retired and pursuing higher education in music education with
a goal of earning a PH.D., teaching music, and playing trumpet professionally.

  Hobbies include music, hiking & cycling. Other activities include serving in my church,
Christian Family Fellowship including playing music, serving as president and lead trumpeter in
the Jacksonville Community Band, playing in a 6-piece professional music group, playing for
weddings and other occasions, and serving on the Governor‘s Florida Rehabilitation Council for
the State of Florida.
  I‘m married and my wife Pam is a nurse and medical case manager. I have 2 children,
Paul III, 28, and Mallory, 24.
  And anybody who thinks I could have accomplished what I have and be preparing to do what I
plan to without the selfless hours given by volunteers in Brailling and Taping is sadly mistaken.
My present and future success is your success, plain and simple.

Claire Michel
   Claire Michel has over 25 years of experience in the banking, mortgage and real estate
industry, where she engaged in extensive public speaking and training. Semi-retired from the
corporate arena since 2003, she returned to her work in film, theatre, and the voiceover industry
on a full time basis, recording nationally and internationally. Together with her sister Ann, Claire
is a prolific writer and narrator of children‘s audio books. She has also participated as a
volunteer on five medical missions since 2001, for the orphans and indigent poor of Peru.
   A reader for the blind beginning in the 1970‘s, Claire now volunteers her voice for public radio
station WJCT in Jacksonville for their Radio Reading Service for the visually impaired.
Dr. Abraham Nemeth
   Dr. Nemeth was born blind in 1918. He grew up in a Yiddish neighborhood in the Lower East
Side of New York City. He attended public schools and, with the love and support of his family,
he graduated from Brooklyn College. Then, in spite of being told that a blind man could never
excel in Mathematics, he switched his mayor from psychology to mathematics and earned a
Master‘s Degree and Doctorate at Columbia University.
   Of course, we all know of Dr. Nemeth because of his great contribution to the language of
Braille when he completed his work on the well-known Nemeth Code, published in its final form
in 1972. The Nemeth Code was born out of Dr. Nemeth‘s frustration of the extreme limits of the
literary Braille code in dealing with mathematics and science. So he began to develop a
―personal code‖ that allowed him to use braille in these contexts. Other blind readers heard of
this and began to ask him to write a code for those pursuing scientific careers. Thus the Nemeth
Code was born.
   Dr. Nemeth is now deeply engrossed in the development of his new Nemeth Uniform Braille
System which provides a Braille language that encompasses all that is necessary in the literary
Braille world, but, in addition, provides a smooth transition to the world of science and
mathematics. It is ONE language and we will all sing from the same sheet of music!

Janet Nullet
  I have been a resident of St. Augustine, Florida, the Nation‘s Oldest City, since 1989. I was
transplanted here to Florida from New York. I really have developed a southern accent as well
as an appetite for southern foods as many of you may have noticed, that is because I am from
the South Shore of Long Island.
  I am a member and Past President of the Temple Sisterhood Braille Group in Jacksonville.
  I have enjoyed my membership and past conferences of VAVF where I have presented
workshops the last few years.
  I am looking forward to this year‘s conference in Jacksonville and meeting up with y’all again.

Ruth Jean Ostle
   Ruth Jean Ostle has been studying Braille since 1967 and has been a member of VAVF since
its inception—and is still learning. There is always something new to learn, or new ways to
present information graphically. In addition, meeting vital, active people who are also interested
in braille transcribing is another of the great benefits of long-time membership in VAVF and the
Braille Association of Mid-Florida.
   Interviews and observations of Braille readers have contributed to formulating some effective,
time-saving methods of creating tactile illustrations of various types. Ruth Jean firmly believes
that this process is not only necessary, but should be fun. It is also a great opportunity to enrich
the reading experience for students, as well as to deliver information. She enjoys transcribing
biology texts, marveling at how well students understand some of the complex concepts in these
texts when presented in Braille.

Leon Pettersen
  Leon Pettersen is the owner and General Manager of WLVO-FM, a prominent FM radio
station in Northern Florida and is highly regarded in national radio and television broadcasting.
He is a member of the VAVF Board of Directors and a long-time VAVF member, as well as a
member of Pinellas Braille Group, Inc., for many years. His specialty is the audio-recording of
text books, and he is highly regarded for his many popular teaching and expertise contributions,
speech training, project organization and conference leadership for VAVF and the Pinellas
Group in previous conferences. He shares leadership of two important conference sessions on

Kay Ratzlaff
  Kay Ratzlaff is currently the Coordinator of Instructional Resources for the Florida Instructional
Materials Center for the Visually Impaired (FIMC-VI) in Tampa. She coordinates the three
annual Weekends with the Experts Seminars on Teaching Students with Visual Impairments,
and provides trainings related to meeting the unique educational needs of students with visual
impairments for school personnel and families across the state. She also teaches
undergraduate classes for Florida State University‘s satellite program in Teaching Students with
Visual Disabilities for the University Partnership Program in St. Petersburg, Fl. She has served
on the boards for the Florida chapter of the Association for the Education and Rehabilitation of
the Blind and Visually Impaired (AER) and the Arkansas Association of blind Athletes.
  Prior to working at FIMC-VI, Kay was an itinerant teacher of the visually impaired, taught and
coached at the residential Arkansas School for the Blind and taught physical education and
health in general education settings. Ms. Ratzlaff has a BSE in Physical Education from the
University of Arkansas and an MSE from Arkansas Tech University. She has completed
certification requirements in Teaching Students with Visual Disabilities and Educational

Carolyn M. Roderer
  Carolyn Roderer has worked with the Taping Section of Pinellas Braille Group, Inc., for
approximately 6 years, starting with Patricia Slaughter as partner - under the direction of Eileen
Balliett at Nina Harris School. She has assisted the teacher of the PBG‘s Tape Recording
Instructional Class and has participated in leading taping workshops at VAVF Conferences for
the last few years. She enjoys taping and believes that tapes should help visually impaired

Donna Ross
  Donna Ross received her B.A. degree in Elementary Education and Visual Disabilities from
Florida State University. She received her M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction—Computers in
Education from the University of South Florida. She has been a teacher for the visually
impaired (ages 0-22, SPMH to Gifted) for 24 years, both in Florida and in Tennessee. She is a
member of the Association for the Education and Rehabilitation of the Visually Impaired (AER).
Donna‘s current job is as an administrative resource teacher for the Florida Instructional
Materials Center for Visually Impaired (FIMC-VI), which is a FDLRS discretionary project. Her
duties include (1) assisting with monitoring the Braille version of the FCAT (item review and
proofreading of the tests, plus transcription of student Braille responses), (2) providing technical
assistance and training related to assistive technology for visually impaired learners to the
teachers of the visually impaired (TVIs), and (3) assisting with development and implementation
of the Weekends with the Experts and other regional and local in-service trainings for TVIs.

Dr. Robert Stepp
  Dr. Robert Stepp founded Computer Applications Specialties Company in 1995, shortly after
developing ED-IT PC (which was inspired by his earlier braille editing tool ―ED-IT‖ for the
Apple II). Work continues on developing Braille2000 for use by transcribers, teachers and
parents, and visually impaired Braille authors and transcribers. Dr. Stepp lives in Lincoln,
Nebraska, and is a popular presenter at VAVF Conferences. We are delighted to welcome him
back for the 2007 Conference.

Lynnette Taylor
  ―I have been brailling textbooks for a number of years and always find something new to learn
in the process. I really enjoy getting a textbook that is a challenge and that will force me to look
up stuff, talk to other braille people, and try a different method than the comfortable one that I
have used before.
  ―Braille has never ceased to give me a sense of accomplishment and is, I think, addictive.‖
  Lynnette has served VAVF faithfully for many years, filling positions such as President and
Treasurer – the position she currently holds. She is an active member of the Temple Sisterhood
Braille Group in Jacksonville, and has also served on the Board of Directors of NBA. At present
she is Chair of the BANA Technical Formats Committee.

Meg Wagner
  A native of Charleston, W.Va., Meg became interested in braille through her friendship with
Dee McCord, a fellow student at Emory University. Certified in Literary Braille since 1974, and
in Nemeth since 1981, Meg is currently VAVF President. She has served as VAVF‘s
Braille2000 Consultant, and has given Braille2000 training sessions for volunteers around the
state. She served six years on the Board of Directors of NBA, and is active in the Pinellas
Braille Group, Inc. Meg and her husband, Linn, have three children and seven grandchildren.

Elliott Whitman
  Elliott Whitman is a VAVF member working primarily with the Audio or Taping group. He did
become Braille certified, while serving as VAVF President, so that he might work in concert with
the Braille group. However, because he is seldom at a loss for words, he has been most often
recording Audio text material for the VI students.
  Elliott has been recording text material for FIMC for a number of years. He has used a variety
of recording units during this period and has been confronted with a manifold number of
procedures to use and problems to solve.


              Monday, April 16, 2007

              Garden Tossed Salad

              Entrées (Choose One)

                1. Pecan Chicken

           2. Salmon Stuffed with Dill

               3. Pasta Primavera


            Green Beans Almandine

           Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes

                Ice Cream Parfait

    Menu includes coffee, tea, rolls, & butter.


 We will once again have a hospitality room--
  bring drinks and snacks to share there.

                                          ROOM RESERVATION

                               VISUAL AID VOLUNTEERS OF FLORIDA
                                      ANNUAL CONFERENCE
                                         April 16-18, 2007

                                          Ramada Inn Mandarin
                                            3130 Hartley Road
                                          Jacksonville, Fl. 32257
                                           Fax: 1-904-262-8041

                       $74.00 Single, Double, Triple, or Quad Occupancy plus 13% tax.
        In order to receive these preferred rates, indicate that you are attending the VAVF Conference.
                              Rate effective for 3 days before and after conference.

                                             Hotel Features:
                                       Free Full Buffet Breakfast
                        Lunch Buffet, Dinner Buffet, Comedy Club, Swimming Pool
                              Free Wireless Internet, Free Local Phone Calls
                               Refrigerator and Microwave in Every Room

                             Reservations must be received by March 16, 2007

Number of rooms:                                         Date of arrival:

Number of guests in room:                                Approx. time of arrival:

Number of nights:                                        Date of departure:

1 King-sized Bed: __             or 2 Double Beds: ________



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Phone:                           Fax:                             E-mail:

Credit Card Number:                                                                Expiration Date:

Signature:                                                                         Date:

                          CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FORM
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Name:                                                                                   __________

Address:                                                                                __________

City:                                         State:               Zip:          -      __________

E-mail:                                                 Phone:                          __________

        Please include your email address and phone number in case we have questions about your
registration, etc. It’s very important that we can get in touch with you promptly.
        Please specify your title and organization if you would like to have them on your nametag.

Title:                                        Organization:


                 Member/Associate Member ($30.00) postmarked BEFORE 3/16/07
                 Member/Associate Member ($40.00) postmarked AFTER 3/16/07

                 Non-Member ($50.00) postmarked BEFORE 3/16/07
                 Non-Member ($60.00) postmarked AFTER 3/16/07
                 One Day Non-Member/Never Attended OR Spouse
                      and/or Companion ($10.00)

____________ VAVF Luncheon ($15.00)                                                       ___________

TOTAL CONFERENCE FEES (Make checks payable to: VAVF, Inc.)                                      ______

Mail registration form, session preference form, and check to:

          VAVF, Inc.
          c/o Lynnette Taylor
          1423 Marlee Road
          Switzerland, FL 32259-8847

                                 HOTEL RESERVATION INFORMATION
The following information is important for VAVF. It will give us information we need to confirm the
number of rooms reserved in the VAVF block. Please be sure to mention VISUAL AID VOLUNTEERS
OF FLORIDA (VAVF) CONFERENCE when making your reservation.
         I am reserving a room in my name for               nights.
         I will be sharing a room reserved under another name for          nights.
         I will not be staying at the hotel.




E-mail:                                               Phone:

I Need Workshop Materials in Braille:               in Large Print:        .
I am a(n) Volunteer:         Educator:               Administrator:            Other:    .

                                LUNCHEON CHOICES (CHOOSE ONE)

______ 1 Chicken Pecan
______ 2 Stuffed Salmon with Dill
______ 3 Pasta Primavera

                                       SESSION PREFERENCES

                      Check both sides of this form. Sessions go from #101-#304.
             Handouts will go first to those who signed up for that session by March 16, 2007!

MONDAY, April 16, 2007

_      101       Using Braille2000 Version 2.0
_      102       Graphics Analysis
______ 103       Duxbury

______ 104       Braille2000 Version 2.0 Math Techniques
_      105       Reading Textbooks
______ 106       Formatting Audio Textbooks

          107    VAVF Luncheon and Installation of Officers

_         108-A Using Braille2000 V2: NIMAS Source Files Tutorial
_         109-A Illustrating by Collage
_         110   Voice Preparation

_      108-B Using Braille 2000 V2 (Continued)
______ 109-B Illustrating by Collage (Continued)
______ 111   Radio Reading- A Value To The Community

TUESDAY, April 17, 2007
______ 201         Scanning with Omni Page Pro 14
_      202         Puppy Raising
______ 203         Text Visual Graphics Made Audible

______ 204         Is Proofreading Important?
______ 205         Meet Your Readers and Teachers
______ 206         Digital Talking Books

                   Lunch On Your Own

_      207        The Trial Manuscript
       208        Success: What It Is and How To Achieve It
______ 209        Tape To Digital

_      210        Creating Effective Materials for Blind Children. Overview of NUBS
______ 211        Worksheets
______ 212        Mechanics of Recording

WEDNESDAY, April 18, 2007
______ 301-A       Can’t Draw? Use Computer Graphics
______ 302         Common Errors in Braille Files Received at FIMC

______ 301-B       Can’t Draw? Use Computer Graphics (Continued)
______ 303         Dealing with Scientific Material in a Literary Transcription
_      304         Everything You Wanted To Know, but were too Shy to Ask.

Conference Over

                                 VOLUNTEER-TO-HELP FORM

The Registration Table needs volunteers to hand out name tags, etc. to our attendees. When can you help us

Monday:    7:30-8:30 ____ 8:30-10:00 ____ 10:00-10:30 ____ 10:30-12:00 ____
       2:00-3:30 ____ 3:30-4:00 ____ 4:00-5:30 ____
Tuesday:    7:30-8:30 ____ 8:30-10:00 ____ 10:00-10:30 ____ 10:30-12:00 ____
       2:00-3:30 ____ 3:30-4:00 ____ 4:00-5:30 ____
Wednesday: 7:30-8:30 ____

                              CONTRIBUTION (Memorial Scholarship Fund)

Amount: $                 payable to VAVF, Inc. In memory/honor of:
Send to: VAVF, Inc., c/o Lynnette Taylor, Treasurer, 1423 Marlee Rd., Switzerland, FL 32259-8847.
If there is a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, or if the contribution is in memory/honor of,
please fill in the information below and a card will be sent to the family of/honoree with your brief message.
Occasion/Brief Message:

                             MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION OR RENEWAL

Membership in VAVF is based on the calendar year--January-December. If you wish to join the statewide
organization, please fill in the categories shown below on the membership application form and send it to
VAVF, Inc., c/o Lynnette Taylor, Treasurer, 1423 Marlee Rd., Switzerland, FL 32259-8847.
E-mail:                                               Phone:
My specialties are: (Certification Year or √ if working in but not certified in:            )
BRAILLE:        Literary:                 Textbook:               Translation Typing:
                Nemeth:                   Music:                  Foreign Language:
RECORDING:                              GRAPHICS:
LARGE TYPE:                             OTHER:

I need: braille           large print             .

FEES: $15.00 Regular Membership
      $20.00 Booster Membership
      $5.00 Associate Membership (spouse or other family members who accompany
              braillists/tapists/other media users to conferences)
      $150.00 Lifetime Membership (may be paid in installments over 3 years)

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