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         By Cassy
Number of states in the
There were only 48 states in the
 1930’s, Alaska, and Hawaii Did
 not join yet.

• One of the inventions in the 1930’s is baby
  food. Baby food was Invented by three
  doctors in 1931, too prevent a disease
  called Rickets, this is caused by the lack of
  vitamin D. Baby food was soft, and it was
  easy for the baby to chew. Also because it
  made it easier for the Mom because she
  didn’t have to cook the food and mash it up,
  because the baby food came pre-packaged.
  Wars that the U.S was
  involved in or aided.
• In the 1930’s the U.S did not actively aid
  any Countries, or fight in any wars.
  Congress passed in August 31, 1935 The
  Neutrality Acts. The United States was not
  allowed to send ammunition, loan money,
  or to aid any warring countries. The public
  opinion wanted to be neutral, Congress
  wanted to be neutral, but the current
  president Franklin D. Roosevelt disagreed.
  He gave in because he did not have the
  support behind his opinion.
Two people who
influenced this decade.
   Amelia Earhart

• Amelia Earhart was known for solo
  flying. But on July 1, 1937, she entered
  a flight with Fredrick J. Noonan from
  Miami, Florida . Frederick was there to
  co-navigate for the first round-the-
  world flight. The two flew to the
  journeys starting point, New Guinea,
  but after they took flight, they never
  arrived to their destination.
   Charles Lindbergh

• Charles Lindbergh was an American
  Aviator, he made the first solo nonstop
  flight across the Atlantic Ocean on May 20-
  21 1927. Other pilots had crossed the
  Atlantic Ocean before him, but Lindbergh
  was the first alone, nonstop. Also Lindbergh
  was what people were talking about for a
  long time. In the early thirties his infant
  child was kidnapped for ransom. He paid
  the $50,000 ransom but his infant son was
  still killed.

• Herbert Hoover was in office
• Franklin Roosevelt was in office
   Family life:
• Life was hard because people lost their jobs
  or were at risk for losing there jobs if they
  went on strike. The real big difficulty was
  that people couldn’t afford food. People
  would wait in lines for hours just for the
  smallest amount of food. People would
  donate food because they knew people had
  lost their jobs. Children went to school and
  they had a shortage of books because of
  the prices, and some schools couldn’t
  afford them. Workers knew that they
  needed to do their best because they knew
  that there job is at risk.
      Ten events:
• 1930: January 6th: Lindbergh arrives in New York, setting a
• cross- country flying record of 14.75 Hours.

•   1931: February 11th: Inventor Thomas Alva Edison dies.

• 1932: The 20th Amendment , which will move the presidential
• Inauguration to January 20th is sent to the states for

• 1933: Former President Calvin Coolidge die at the age of 60.

• 1934: January 31st : Roosevelt signs the farm mortgage
  refinancing act, to help farmers pay there mortgages with
  easier credit terms.

• 1935: Amelia Earhart becomes the first person to fly solo
  across the Pacific Ocean.
• to France
• 1936: New Jersey Mother, Mabel Eaton loses
  custody of her children due to her affiliation with
  the Communist party.

• 1937: The flood of 1937
• Swamps areas along the Ohio river.

• 1938: The Ludlow resolution, requiring a natural
  referendum of declaration of war is shelved.

• 1939:Roosevelt meets with member’s of the
  senate military affairs Committee to discuss the
  policy of selling air planes to France
In the 1930’s the female’s more gentle look returns,
  making a more lady-like appearance. Madeleine
  Vionnet would use her technique designers to
  produce magnificent gowns in Satins, crepe-de-
  chine's, silks, crepe’s, and Chiffons by cross
  cutting the fabric, creating a flare and fluidity of
  drapery and other methods. Men would wear suits
  with a V-shaped chest and add additional breadth
  to the wide shoulders. Most people could not afford
  clothes so women sewed and mending their
  clothes, their Husband’s clothes, and their
  Children’s clothes. A lot of the style was influenced
  by Hollywood movies because people wanted to
  look like what they saw on the big screen.
Sketch similar of what
the dresses looked like.
  Worst of this decade
The stalk market crashed in 1929, witch
 caused the Great Depression, and many
 people became poor because of it. One of
 the most climatic events in the history of
 the United States was the “Dust Bowl”
 drought which devastated the United States
 central states region known as the great
 plains. The Dust Bowl all but dried up an
 already depressed economy in the 1930’s
 creating millions of dollars of damages.
 Farmers and their families move from the
 country to the city in hope of finding work.
    Best of this decade.
• The first Diesel engine automobile trip is

• While studying photograph taken in January, Clyde
  Tombaugh discovers Pluto, a heavenly body
  considered a planet until 2006.

• Snow White a classical hit comes out in 1931.

• The tallest building, Empire State Building was
  finished in 1931.
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• Thank you for watching my
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