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                                                          POWDER RIVER REFLECTION

Alliance South Yards enjoy enhanced lighting thanks to work completed by division electrical crews. A 4-foot in diameter steel tower is prepared to be bolted to a concrete
base 25 feet deep in the ground.

A constant current of safety
	 On	Sept.	20,	the	15-member	division	                    12,470-volt	 primary	 power	 line	 in	 the	                	 Jim	 Hartman,	 supervisor	 facilities,	
electrical	team	boasted	3,443	days	injury	                south	 end	 of	 Alliance	 Yard	 to	 fuel	 a	               said	the	biggest	challenge	of	the	project	
free.	 	 That’s	 more	 than	 nine	 years	 and	            100-foot-high	 steel	 mast	 f loodlight	                   was	setting	poles	adjacent	to	a	12-inch	
five	months	safely	working	on	projects	                   tower.                                                     water	line.
small	and	large.                                          	 Rick	 Lewis,	 electrical	 foreman,	                      	 “Every	day	is	a	different	challenge,”	
	 Six	 of	 the	 group’s	 team	 members	                   said	project	completion	increases	power	   	               he	said.	
helped	 keep	 that	 record	 going	 Aug.	 26	              efficiency	 and	 enhances	 safety	 in	 the	                	 The	project	was	completed	on	time,	
while	 working	 on	 an	 extensive	 proj-                  Alliance	 Yard	 by	 better	 lighting	 track	               within	 the	 allotted	 capital	 dollars	 and,	
ect.	 	 The	 crew	 installed	 a	 three-phase		            that	runs	alongside	the	tower.                             most	importantly,	injury	free.		

Precautions help Wright uphold safety
Chris Wright, Guernsey fuel foreman, maintains a clean                                   	         Chris	Wright	quietly	contributes	to	Guernsey’s	overall	
workplace by removing slip, trip and fall hazards such
as tie wires.
                                                                                             operations.		As	a	fuel	foreman,	she	unloads	diesel	fuel	from	
                                                                                                upwards	of	25	tank	cars	a	week	–	each	holding	approxi-
                                                                                                   mately	27,000	gallons	–	to	supply	Guernsey’s	locomotive	
                                                                                                     fuel	holding	tanks.		
                                                                                                      	      Wright	began	her	railroad	career	in	Guernsey	
                                                                                                        in	1986.		She	then	went	to	Alliance	where	she	held	
                                                                                                        a	variety	of	responsibilities,	including	overseeing	its	
                                                                                                        delivery	desk.		She	has	worked	the	past	decade	in	
                                                                                                      	      In	 order	 to	 stay	 safe,	 she	 takes	 a	 number	 of	
                                                                                                     precautions	including	maintaining	a	clean	workplace.	
                                                                                                   	         “I	really	focus	on	eliminating	slip,	trip	and	fall	
                                                                                                hazards,”	Wright	said.		“As	soon	as	I	see	them,	I	get	them	
                                                                                               picked	up.”

                                                                                               	 In	addition	to	ensuring	FRA	and	HazMat	standards,	she	
                                                                                               also	communicates	with	the	crews	who	spot	her	cars.
                                                                                                	 “They	do	a	fantastic	job,”	she	said.		“Everyone	works	
                                                                                                together	around	here.”
                                                                                                 	 When	 not	 at	 work,	 Wright	 enjoys	 spending	 time	 with	
                                                                                                 her	 husband	 Don,	 a	 retired	 locomotive	 engineer,	 and	
                                                                                                  vacationing	in	Park	County	Wyoming’s	Sylvan	Lake.
                                                            POWDER RIVER REFLECTION

     Butte Sub MOW crews know safety
     	 Safety	means	everything	—	especially	                few	can	achieve	a	safety	record	like	this.”            them	 informed	 and	 to	 support	 and	 rein-
     to	the	20	Engineering	employees	working	               	 The	 crew	 is	 accustomed	 to	 weld-                 force	safety.”
     on	the	Butte	Subdivision	under	the	direc-              ing	 and	 installing	 rail	 and	 frogs.	 	 Daily	      	 All	but	a	couple	of	the	crew	members	
     tion	of	Steve	Lyne,	roadmaster.                        they	 work	 to	 stay	 focused	 and	 avoid	             boast	well	more	than	a	decade	of	service.	    	
     	 The	group’s	last	injury	was	June	15,	                complacency.                                           Many	of	the	crew	members	have	known	
     2003.	 	 On	 Sept.	 13,	 employees	 boasted	           	 “We	 uphold	 awareness	 by	 talking	                 each	 other	 since	 high	 school	 or	 before	
     seven	years	and	nearly	three	months	void	              about	 other	 instances	 of	 risk,	 injury	 or	        joining	the	railroad.		
     of	a	reportable	injury.                                worse	 that	 occur	 throughout	 the	 sys-              	 Regardless,	success	is	fostered	through	
     	 “Safety	 is	 the	 only	 thing	 that	 really	         tem	 and	 just	 keep	 it	 real,”	 Lyne	 said.	  	      leadership.		Brian	Chatten,	division	engi-
     matters,”	Lyne	said.		“I	could	install	100	            “Remember	to	pace	yourself,	have	patience	             neer	out	of	Alliance,	said	Lyne	willingly	
     frogs,	20,000	feet	of	rail	or	be	No.	1	on	a	           and	take	each	day	one	task	at	a	time.”                 steps	 up	 to	 help	 co-workers	 and	 has	 the	
     scorecard,	but	anyone	can	do	that.		Only	a	            	 	He	said	his	primary	role	is	to	“keep	               potential	to	become	an	even	greater	leader.

Butte Subdivision Maintenance of Way employees includes, kneeling, from left, Kenneth Davis, Lawrence Jacobs,
Michael Kuhnel, Dale McCroden, Denny Bell, Gary Witt, George Schilling and Rick Anderson; standing from left, Lee Miller, Marv Dirks,
Roy Norgard, Jeff Neely, Rick Sample, Tony Storbeck, Roger Hubregtse, Gary Griffee, Randy Monday, Kacey Clark, Fay Hughes, Vern Scarrow,
Rob Huss and Bob Arnold. Not pictured: Dennis Brott, Mike Brueckner, Rocky Phipps, Kyle Reeves, T.J. Storbeck and Brian Walker.

     What steps do you take each day to uphold a safe working environment?
     “I just want to go home           “We begin each day with          “We watch out for every-         “Safety is a 24/7 deal.           “Every day is different,
     and not be hurt to enjoy my       a good job safety briefing.      body. We are our broth-          You don’t leave it at work        which can be a challenge
     life outside the railroad. I      During each day we re-           ers’ keepers. We are real        when you go home. It is           in and of itself. We exercise
     simply try to do everything       brief as is required when        conscious of potential risk.     the most important thing          constant communication
     the right way, the way we         conditions and situations        In addition to our daily         you do every day, all             amongst ourselves — move-
     were taught. I make sure          change. We exercise              morning briefing, we also        day. You must always be           ments, concerns, updates.
     to pay attention to my sur-       constant communication.”         have many small informal         thinking of what could or         It makes a really big differ-
     roundings at all times and        - Gary Witt, Crawford group 2    briefings throughout the         may happen. We are like           ence. We simply look out

     remain accountable to the         machine operator                 day.”                            a big family. These are the       for one another at all times.
     best of my ability.”                                               - Lee Miller, Crawford East      best bunch of people I’ve         Although shortcuts can be
                                                                        section foreman                  worked around — every-            tempting, we know better
     - Kacey Clark, motor vehicle
     operator                                                                                            body truly watches out for        than to take them.”
                                                                                                         everybody. We take our            - Brian Walker, Butte Sub track
                                                                                                         turn, we are polite, we care      inspector
                                                                                                         about one another.”
                                                                                                         - Rocky C. Phipps, Crawford

                                      &                                              3
                                                                                                         track inspector
Sheridan Terminal                                                       POWDER RIVER REFLECTION

                                                                                                         From left James Vigil, Sheridan carman; daughter, Josalyn; wife, Wendy; and
                                                                                                         son, Waylon, take advantage of all Family Day has to offer.
                                                                                    ’s Family Day.
                                                             tiv   ities at Sheridan
                                         the variety of ac
                        Children enjoy

                                                               Family Day
                                                                    	 BNSF	Railway	does	its	best	to	give	credit	where	credit	is	due.		The	company	did	just	
                                                                    that	Aug.	25	at	Sheridan’s	Kendrick	Park	with	a	Family	Day	celebration	for	Sheridan-
                                                                    area	employees	and	members	of	the	public.
                                                                    		 Brian	Gilliam,	Sheridan	trainmaster,	and	Brandon	Stewart,	Sheridan	road	foreman	
                                                                    of	engines,	said	these	events	are	important	to	thank	employees	“for	doing	a	good	job	
                                                                    on	a	daily	basis,”	and	their	families	for	their	support.
                                                                    	 “The	Sheridan	Terminal	is	a	great	terminal	with	a	crew	base	of	people	who	have	
                                                                    a	good	work	ethic	and	are	doing	a	good	job	looking	out	for	one	another,”	Stewart	said.
                                                                    	 More	than	300	burgers	and	bratwursts	were	served	with	watermelon,	brownies,	
                                                                    cookies,	cotton	candy	and	more.	
                                                                    	 Children	took	full	advantage	of	face	painting,	bounce	house	and	Mini	Mac	train	
                                                                    rides.	 	 Each	 child	 received	 a	 gift	 —	 a	 kite,	 rubber	 duck,	 	 train	 whistle	 or	 lighted	
                                                                    bouncy	ball.			
                                                                    	 A	silent	charity	auction	raised	more	than	$900	for	the	Salvation	Army.		
  Sue and
 Ziegenhorn ta li e , fa m il y o f D
              , locomotiv             a
 rest and re              e engineer, vi d                                             Lower left:: Clockwise from left, Wayne Lesch, conductor;
             laxation.               enjoy
                                                                                       Mike Hood, carman; Jerry Reed, clerk; and Bill Klutts, locomotive
                                                                                       engineer, enjoy the company.

                                                        POWDER RIVER REFLECTION

 Jeff Jaeb,
advantag              mechanic
            e of a bea         al forema
with family            utifu             n II, take
             and friend l day and camarad s
                         s.                     erie

                                                           Kelly Kopejtka, machinist apprentice, is thankful to Monte Hazen, gang trackman not pictured, for potentially
                                                           saving the lives of his wife and two daughters in July.

                                                        A good samaritan
                                                                          onte	 Hazen,	 gang	 track-                three	females	warm.
                                                                          man,	 wasn’t	 helping	 just	              	 “I	just	did	what	I	could	to	help	until	
                                                                          anyone	when	he	stopped	                   the	paramedics	arrived,”	he	said.
                                                                          on	Interstate	25	July	8	to	               	 Hazen	had	no	idea	there	was	more	
                                                        help	apparent	accident	victims.                             to	this	story.
                                                        	 As	he	left	Douglas,	Wyo.,	rain	began	                     	 What	no	one	initially	realized,	was	
                                                        falling	 hard.	 	 When	 he	 neared	 Glendo,	                that	 the	 family	 Hazen	 helped	 also	 had	
                                                        Wyo.,	 a	 woman	 and	 her	 two	 daughters	                  BNSF	ties.
                                                        started	to	pass	his	vehicle.		The	woman’s	                  	 Kelly	Kopejtka,	a	machinist	appren-
                                                        car	 began	 to	 hydroplane,	 spinning	 into	                tice,	 read	 a	 BNSF	 News	 story	 recount-
                                                        the	guard	rail	and	flipping	over	into	the	                  ing	 Hazen’s	 good	 samaritan	 act	 and	    	
                                                        median.		One	of	the	daughters	was	im-                       realized	 it	 was	 his	 family	 —	 wife,	
                          g hit with th
                                        e children at   mediately	ejected	from	the	automobile.                      Thelma;	 and	 daughters	 Jam,	 17,	 and	
            ting was a bi
  Face pain
                mily Day.                               	 Hazen	 pulled	 over	 as	 quickly	 and	                    Stacy,	16.
  Sheridan’s Fa
                                                        safely	as	possible.		He	returned	to	assess	                 	 Kopejtka	 was	 in	 the	 process	 of	
                                                        the	situation	and	provide	assistance.		By	                  returning	 to	 work	 when	 the	 incident	
                                                        that	 time,	 both	 daughters	 were	 out	 of	                occurred.
                                                        the	vehicle,	and	the	oldest	daughter	was	                   	 Hazen’s	efforts	to	help	didn’t	surprise	
                                                        leaning	over	her	younger	sister.                            co-workers.
                                                        	 The	youngest	daughter	was	uncon-                          	 “It’s	 people	 like	 Monte	 that	 you	
                                                        scious,	 but	 Hazen	 found	 a	 pulse	 and	                  hope	 are	 close	 by	 if	 and	 when	 you	   	
                                                        verified		she	was	breathing.		He	held	the	                  should	 ever	 need	 help,”	 said	 Kristina	
                                                        injured	 girl’s	 head	 to	 help	 immobilize	 	              DelGado,	machine	operator.
                                                        her	 and	 kept	 talking	 to	 her	 until	 she		              	 Kopejtka	sent	a	personal	letter	and	a	
                                                        regained	consciousness.		He	also	used	dry	                  picture	of	the	three	women	to	Hazen	to	
                                                        clothes	from	his	vehicle	to	help	keep	all	                  express	his	sincere	gratitude.

                                               POWDER RIVER REFLECTION

                                    Sowards’ life an exercise in safety
                                      True	 commitment	 is	 an	         November	2006	out	of	Edgemont,	S.D.		Sowards	has	remained	
                                       agreement	to	show	loyalty,	      incident	and	injury	free	his	entire	career.
                                        duty	or	pledge	to	someone	      	 His	father	was	a	locomotive	engineer	for	Union	Pacific	out	
                                        or	something.			While	com-      of	Spokane,	Wash.		
                                        mitments	are	a	fact	of	life,	   	 “He	said	the	industry	was	safety	oriented	and	similar	to	the	
                                       some	are	more	significant	       military,	so	it	seemed	like	it	would	be	an	easy	transition	for	me,”	
                                      than	others.                      Sowards	said.		“I	was	immediately	impressed	by	the	railroad’s	
	                                  James	 Sowards,	 Edgemont	           emphasis	on	and	dedication	to	safety	over	all	else.		It	means	that	
                                   locomotive	engineer,	proudly	        profit	and	productivity	are	not	ahead	of	my	personal	well-being.”
              James Sowards,       commits	 to	 safety	 as	 a	 way	     	 He	 served	 in	 the	 U.S.	 Army	 from	 January	 2000	 through	
      Edgemont locomotive engineer of	life.                             February	2006	as	an	automated	logistical	specialist.		Sowards	
                                   	 “I	work	safe	each	day	                 attained	an	associate	degree	in	criminal	justice	from	Barstow	
to	make	sure	myself	and	my	co-workers	can	return	home	                      Community	College	in	May	2006	and	in	2009	began	attend-
safely	to	their	families	each	day,”	he	said.	                              ing	Chadron	State	College	for	a	bachelor’s	degree	in	business	
	 Scott	Mobley,	Gillette	senior	trianmaster,	said	                          management.		
Sowards	is	a	very	conscientious	employee	with	a	great	                       	 In	typical	railroader	fashion,	Sowards	said	his	favorite	
attitude	who	is	committed	to	safety.	                                         part	of	railroading	is	the	people	—	their	dedication	to	the	
	 Sowards	said	his	biggest	obstacle	                                            jobs.		He	also	appreciates	the	variety	and	challenges	the	
to	safety	is	complacency.                                                         job	offers.
	 “Safety	 is	 not	 about	 just	 go-                                               	 “Every	day	and	every	run	is	always	different,”	he	said.
ing	 through	 the	 motions,”	 he	                                                         	 Sowards	 has	 been	 married	 10	 years	 to	            	
said.	 	 “I	 make	 a	 concerted	                                                                        Fanessa,	 a	 wellness	 instructor	
effort	 to	 think	 about	 each	                                                                           at	Star	Academy	in	Custer,	S.D.	         	
and	 every	 move	 and	 task.	    	                                                                        They	have	two	children	James,	11,	       	
Exercise	 teamwork,	 situ-                                                                                 and	Eric,	6.
ational	 awareness	 and	                                                                                      	 Outside	 of	 work,	 his	
good	communication.		Put	                                                                                                                          	
                                                                                                                p r io r it y 	 i s 	 sp e n d i ng	
safety	first.”		                                                                                                  quality	 time	 with	 his	        	
	 T h e 	 Sa n 	 D iego,	                                                                                           family.	
Calif.,	 native,	 joined	    	
the	 railroad	 Feb.	 27,	                                                                                                  From left, James Sowards,
2006,	as	a	conductor	in	                                                                                                   Edgemont locomotive engi-
                                                                                                                           neer, spends quality time on
Barstow,	 Calif.	 	 He	 en-                                                                                                vacation with his son, Eric;
tered	the	engine	program	in	                                                                                               wife, Fanessa; and son, James.

Crew reports fire, saves lives
	 Thanks	 to	 the	 good	 eyes	 and	          fire	department	personnel	arrived,	all	
quick-witted	actions	of	Daniel	Kusek,	       ended	well.		The	family	found	safety	
locomotive	engineer,	and	Tim	Rounds,	        while	the	fire	eventually	destroyed	a	
conductor,	life	was	preserved	for	one	       barn	and	another	out	building	close	to	
Alliance-area	family.                        the	home.
	 While	aboard	their	train	early	the	        	 Kusek	 and	 Rounds	 remained	 on	
morning	of	Sept.	21,	the	duo	issued	an	      location,	advised	train	traffic	of	emer-
emergency	 call	 to	 the	 Alliance	 East	    gency	vehicle	activity	and	otherwise	
dispatcher.		They	reported	a	structure	      directed	traffic.
fire	on	a	ranch	at	Milepost	136.		           		 Frank	 Bennett,	 superintendent	     	     From left, Conductor Tim Rounds
	 Although	 the	 occupants	 of	 the	         operations,	 recognized	 the	 crew’s	         receives recognition for his
home	were	unaware	of	the	danger	and	         efforts	 with	 a	 gift	 card	 and	 black	     actions from Frank Bennett,
still	asleep	when	the	local	police	and	      diamonds.
                                                                                           superintendent operations. Right:
                                                                                           Dan Kusek, locomotive engineer
                                                 POWDER RIVER REFLECTION

                                                                                                   Greg Bellew, Sheridan locomotive engineer, right, receives
                                                                                                   Top Gun recognition from his brother, Dusty Bellew, manager
                                                                                                   TY&E field training.

                                                                                                    Top Guns awarded
        Top Gun distinction
					BNSF	locomotive	engineers	systemwide	       ing.		It	requires	engineers	to	complete	two	
                                                                                                    	 No	matter	the	quality	standard,	an	in-
                                                                                                    dividual	who	earns	Top	Gun	credentials	is	
                                                                                                    considered	the	elite	of	the	elite.
who	 score	 in	 the	 top	 5	 percent	 during	    1	hour,	15	minute	runs	and	one	20-minute	          	 As	 a	 locomotive	 engineer,	 Top	 Gun	
Network	Simulator	Training	receive	the	          “unusual	conditions”	training	run.		               distinction	is	acquired	with	a	simulator	test	
Top	Gun	Award	in	recognition	of	their	           	 Based	 on	 their	 qualifications,	 runs	         score	in	the	top	5	percent.	In	August,	Greg	
performance.                                     may	include	non-mountain	grade,	moun-              Bellew,	Sheridan	locomotive	engineer,	went	
	 “It’s	our	way	of	saying	congratula-            tain	grade	and	Distributive	Power.			Their	        above	and	beyond	by	achieving	98	percent.	
tions	to	the	top	performers,”	said	Shane	        score	 is	 based	 on	 their	 train	 handling	      	 Congratulations	 also	 to	 six	 other	
Merritt,	 Overland	 Park,	 Kan.,	 manager	       and	rules	compliance.		Trainers	provide	           Sheridan	 locomotive	 engineers	 who	 ob-
of	locomotive	engineer	training	and	field	       engineers	 a	 track	 chart,	 timetable	 and	       tained	 Top	 Gun	 status:	 Matt	 Baldwin,	
simulation.                                      paperwork	similar	to	what	they	have	in	            Michael	Giger,	Brett	Kooper,	John	Matzen,	
	 Simulators	 located	 throughout	 the	          the	field,	such	as	Form	As	and	Form	Bs,	           Paul	Mitrenga	and	Daryl	Wulff.	 	
system	include	two	mobile	units	that	will	       to	help	them	make	the	run.	
visit	80	locations	this	year.	                   	 “I	believe	we	have	the	best	engineers	
	 Beginning	 in	 January,	 locomotive	           in	the	industry,”	Merritt	said.		“This	is	
engineers	in	the	Year	A	annual	training	         one	 way	 of	 acknowledging	 the	 best	 of	
cycle	were	scheduled	for	NETSIM	train-           the	best.

Crews help uphold railroad security
	 BNSF	Railway’s	Resource	Protection	            Center	immediately	after	they	passed	the	
Department	has	the	task	of	providing	and	        Buffalo	 Creek	 Road	 Junction	 crossing	
upholding	 utmost	 security	 throughout	         and	observed	four	individuals	sitting	on	
the	 entire	 system.	 	 With	 14	 divisions	     an	active	crossing	gate	that	was	down.		
and	approximately	30,000	track	miles	in	         	 As	 a	 result	 of	 their	 report,	 a	 signal	
27	 states	 and	 two	 Canadian	 provinces,	      maintainer	 in	 the	 area	 arrived	 on	 the	
Resource	Protection	also	relies	on	each	         scene	 to	 see	 the	 vehicle	 leaving.	 	 The	
employee.                                        signal	maintainer	passed	that	information	
	 “We	 are	 always	 concerned	 about	            on	to	Schafer,	who	then	passed	the	infor-
trespassers	on	railroad	property	due	to	the	     mation	on	to	the	local	police	department.	    	
injuries	and	fatalities	that	can	occur,”	said	   	 Officials	contacted	the	inhabitants	of	
Jim	Schafer,	senior	special	agent.		“We	         the	vehicle	and	heavily	stressed	the	dan-
have	zero	tolerance	for	trespassers.		We	        ger	of	situation	to	them.		The	Maryland	
appreciate	any	time	an	employee	reports	         residents	 said	 they	 were	 trying	 to	 get	
trespassers	on	the	railroad	right	of	way.”       photos	with	the	train	as	it	passed.		
	 John	Greco	Jr.,	locomotive	engineer,	          	 Scha fer	 presented	 G reco	 a nd	
and	Norman	Standing	Soldier,	conductor,	         Standing	Soldier	each	with	a	coffee	mug,	
in	August	answered	that	call	of	duty.		The	      On	Guard	lapel	pin	and	On	Guard	Award	            Top: Norman Standing Soldier left Conductor receives
two	 contacted	 the	 Resource	 Operations	       certificate	for	their	exceptional	vigilance.      On Guard Award 2010 from Shad Sowers RFE
                                                                        7                          Bottom: John Greco Locomotive Engineer left receives
                                                                                                   On Guard Award 2010 from Shad Sowers RFE
                                                  POWDER RIVER REFLECTION

Employee appreciation celebration
	 Throughout	2010,	Sand	Hills	Subdivision	TY&E	crews	have	                 sauerkraut,	 hamburgers,	 chips	 and	 beverages	 to	 Nebraska	    	
done	their	part	to	help	keep	the	Powder	River	Division	No	1	in	            and	Powder	River	divisions	crews	Sept.	1	at	the	24-hour	Ravenna	
safety.	 	 The	 approximately	 360	 employees	 boasted	 383	 days	         Terminal	Safety	Feed	and	Employee	Appreciation	celebration.
injury	free	Sept.	29.                                                      	 Sand	Hills	Subdivision	crews	also	earn	black	diamonds	for	
	 “It	is	a	win-win	situation	for	everyone,”	said	Frank	Bennett,	           every	quarter	they	remain	injury	free	—	one	diamond	for	the	first	
Alliance	superintendent	operations.		“It	is	an	outstanding	ac-             quarter,	two	diamonds	for	the	second	quarter,	three	diamonds	
complishment	for	such	a	sizeable	group,	and	we	simply	want	to	             for	the	third	quarter	and	four	diamonds	for	the	fourth	quarter.		
let	them	know	we	appreciate	it.”                                           	 The	 event	 also	 served	 as	 a	 meet	 and	 greet	 for	 Mark	
	 To	thank	them	for	their	dedication	and	hard	work,	Lincoln	               Craney,	 who	 joined	 the	 Sand	 Hills	 Subdivision	 Aug.	 4	 as	 	
and	Alliance	site	safety	committee	members	served	bratwursts,	             division	trainmaster.

                                                                                                               3         4
                                                                                                    1 .From left, Locomotive Engineers and Site Safety Co-
                                                                                                    Chairs Annette Henkel and Tim Birdsall.
                                                                                                   2. Alex Adam, right, Extra Board locomotive engineer and
                                                                                                   temporary trainmaster, serves bratwursts and hamburgers
                                                                                                   to employees.
                                                                                                   3. Paul Wills, Sand Hills Subdivision locomotive engineered.
                                                                                                   4. From left, Tim Birdsall, left, locomotive engineer and site
                                                                                                   safety co-chair, serves Frank Bennett, Alliance superinten-
                                                                                                   dent operations.
                                                                                                   5. From left, Sand Hills Subdivision employees L.J. Anderson,
                                                                                                   locomotive engineer; Bruce Cordell, conductor; Gaylord
                                                                                      6            Solberg, conductor; Mike Pancost, locomotive engineer; Lyle
                                                                                                   Dugan, locomotive engineer, and Scott Dietrich, conductor.
                                                                                                   6. Rick Krohe, Sand Hills Subdivision locomotive engineer.

Adam welcomes advancement
		 Ambition	is	an	admirable	quality.		That,	      Ravenna	and	Alliance.		
in	part,	is	why	Alex	Adam,	former	Extra	          	 “I	enjoy	the	new	challenges	and	finding	
Board	locomotive	engineer,	joined	the	rail-       ways	to	overcome	them,”	Adam	said.		“This	
road	January	2005	as	an	Alliance.                 is	a	welcome,	but	real	different,	perspective	
	 He	previously	was	an	officer	with	the	          than	riding	trains.		It	gives	me	a	better	un-
Alliance	Police	Department	six	years,	but	        derstanding	of	the	railroad	and	makes	me	
felt	he	needed	to	pursue	something	new.           a	more	marketable	asset	to	the	company.”
	 “The	railroad	has	numerous	opportuni-           	 His	 daily	 mission	 is	 to	 capitalize	 on	              Alex Adam, temporary trainmaster.

ties	for	advancement,	places	to	go,	people	       opportunities	 and	 stay	 focused	 to	 remain	
to	see,	things	to	learn,”	Adam	said.		“The	       injury	free.                                        Nebraska-Lincoln	in	1998.		
industry	 looked	 promising,	 it	 was	 a	 good	   	 “Keep	a	positive	attitude	and	stay	fo-            	 Adam	has	been	married	to	Natalie	12	
time	to	hire	on.”		                               cused	so	you	can	make	sure	you	get	home	            years.		They	have	children	Anna,	11,	and	
	 He	completed	the	engine	program	in	             safely	to	your	family,”	Adam	said.                  Madison,	9.	
August	2006.		Since	Aug.	23	he	has	been	          	 He	 attained	 a	 bachelor’s	 degree	 in	          	 In	his	free	time,	he	spends	time	with	
working	 as	 temporary	 trainmaster	 out	 of	     criminal	 justice	 from	 the	 University	 of	       his	family,	hunts	and	fishes.
                                                POWDER RIVER REFLECTION

Johnston joins
retirement ranks
	 Perry	Johnston,	Alliance	conductor,	Sept.	4	made	
the	transition	from	railroader	to	retiree.
	 “I	am	doing	what	I	want,	when	I	want	—	golf-
ing,	fishing,	hunting,	bowling	and	traveling	to	visit	
my	children	and	grandchildren	in	South	Dakota	and	
Minnesota,”	he	said.	                                       	
	 The	Alliance	native	has	two	children,	Casey,	an	          He	 was	 pro-
orthopedic	surgeon,	with	two	children,	Aleia,	3,	and	       moted	 to	 conductor	 in	 1974	 for	 the	
Clara,	6	months;	and	Julie,	a	stay-at-home	mother	of	       remainder	of	his	39-year	injury-free	career.                     Perr y Johnston,
two	children,	Will,	3,	and	Ady,	2.                          	 “My	mentors	taught	me	how	to	do	the	work	the	                  Alliance conductor
                                                                                                                             plans to spend con-
	 Johnston	said	the	railroad	provided	a	good	living	        right	way,	to	take	my	time	and	to	think	about	what	              siderable time with his
for	his	wife	and	children	including	camping,	fishing	       I	 am	 doing	 before	 I	 do	 it	 so	 I	 don’t	 get	 injured,”	   grandchildren, from
and	water	skiing.                                           Johnston	 said.	 	 “Know	 where	 everybody	 is	 at	 and	         left, William, Clara,
                                                                                                                             Adalynn and Aleia.
	 “Back	 then	 if	 you	 didn’t	 go	 to	 college,	 people	   think	ahead	so	you	don’t	get	yourself	into	trouble.”
went	to	work	on	the	railroad	for	a	living	because	the	      	 Although	he	welcomes	retirement,	Johnston	will	
railroad	offered	the	opportunity	for	a	great	career,”	      most	miss	his	former	colleagues.
said	Johnston	who	joined	the	industry	Sept.	28,	1971,	      	 “You	 look	 forward	 to	 working	 with	 certain	
as	a	brakeman.		                                            people,”	he	said.		“You	live	with	them	for	39	years.”	       	

CTS Coal Cup Challenge
Third quarter competition results
	 The	 CTS	 Coal	 Cup	 Challenge	 is	 a	        violation	and	human	factor	incident.		Tie	         traveling	trophy	throughout	the	remainder	
friendly,	yearlong	safety	competition	be-       scores	are	broken	based	on	on-duty	non-            of	2011.
tween	 Edgemont,	 Gillette	 and	 Sheridan	      reportable	injuries	first	and	lost	work	days	      	 Edgemont	 and	 Sheridan	 terminals	
terminals.                                      due	 to	 reportable	 injuries	 second.	 	 The	     have	each	won	one	quarter	of	the	contest	
	 The	 third	 quarter	 competition	 went	       lowest	score	wins.                                 prior	to	the	third	quarter	tie.		One	quarter	
down	to	the	wire.		Edgemont	and	Sheridan	       	 Each	 quarter,	 the	 winning	 terminal	          remains,	which	will	ultimately	decide	the	
tied	with	three	points.		Neither	location	      keeps	the	plaque	for	the	following	quar-           outcome.		Any	of	the	three	terminals	can	
had	 any	 nonreportable	 injuries	 or	 lost	    ter.	 	 Since	 the	 Edgemont	 and	 Sheridan	       still	be	top	dog	overall.
days.	 	 Gillette	 placed	 third	 with	 five	   terminals	tied,	the	plaque	will	spend	half	        	 “We	have	made	some	excellent	im-
points.                                         of	the	fourth	quarter	at	each	location.		At	       provements,	 but	 as	 a	 team	 we	 can	 still	
	 Terminals	 receive	 one	 point	 for	          the	end	of	the	year,	the	victor	of	the	overall	    make	and	show	improvements,”	said	Scott	
each	on-duty	reportable	injury,	authority	      2010	CTS	Coal	Cup	Challenge	will	keep	a	           Mobley,	senior	trainmaster.	

Edgemont                                                                                                                 Sheridan
Terminal                                                                                                                 Terminal

                                                           POWDER RIVER REFLECTION

Edgemont Terminal

 Family Day
        A seasonable summer day spent in the park, enjoying the natural sights,
  sounds and smells of the outdoors is often priceless.
        Even more priceless was the Edgemont Terminal Family Day Aug. 21
  at Edgemont City Park.
                                                                                                Mini Mac train
        “These events boost morale and encourage involvement between BNSF                       at tractions that
                                                                                                                  rides were just
                                                                                                                                  one of many
  Railway, Edgemont Terminal crews who link the coal mines with the utili-
                                                                                                                  put smiles on fa
  ties, the Southern Hills United Way and greater community of Edgemont,”
  said Erich Linser, Edgemont trainmaster.
        More than 350 attendees gathered in triple-digit heat for food, fun,
  camaraderie and safety celebration. Attendees feasted on barbecued pork,
  potato salad, baked beans and beverages at the park, and cake at the terminal.
        Young and old alike indulged in face painting, inflatable jumper, corn-
  hole games, Mini Mac train rides, a United Way booth and raffle of BNSF
  merchandise. Music was provided by Dick Owens, system electrician, who
  served as a disc jockey.
        Attendees raised approximately $2,545 in support of the United Way
  of the Black Hills-Southern Hills. Nine employees committed to payroll                                                                                     locomot        ive
                                                                                                                                              es Mar tinson,
  deductions for United Way Campaign contributions.                                                              b Bye, conduc
                                                                                                                               tor, and Jam
        Many thanks to Mary Swanson, conductor; Erik Swanson, locomotive                           From left, Bo                  in rides to at
                                                                                                                   r Mini Mac tra
                                                                                                   engineer, of fe
  engineer, and their family. Without their time and dedicated efforts, the
  event would not have been nearly the success.
        Appreciation also is expressed to Emily Moffitt, wife of Alan, locomo-
  tive engineer, and Diana Bader, wife of Larry Bader, locomotive engineer,
  who spent the day face painting attendees; Dusty Bellew, manager TY&E
  field training, who helped out wherever needed; Don Kellogg, locomotive
  engineer, who manned a digital camera; Rick Mills, South Dakota State
  Railroad Museum executive director, who shared an informative PowerPoint
  presentation and educated attendees about Edgemont-area railroad history;
  and to all volunteers that helped to make this a special day.

                                                                                                More than 350 attendees
                                                                                                gather for fun and

                                                                    novices decorate the
                                              Young face painting
                                                                    mont trainmaster.
                                              of Erich Linser, Edge
  Heidi Heinecke, locomotive engineer,
  and her daughters enjoy time with family,                                                                                                                             g Family D
                                                                                                                                           hit with yo   uth attendin
  friends and colleagues.
                                                                                                                 Face pain   ting is a big
                                                  POWDER RIVER REFLECTION

                 b double track
SandvHills uSdurway
   o e d and n e
                   he	Sand	Hills	Subdivision	won’t	be	the	        c o n t i n u e 	 wo r k 	 a l o n g 	 t h e	
                   same	in	2011.	                                 subd ivision	 wit hout	 major	
                   	 Two	 construction	 gangs,	 approxi-          traffic	interruptions.
                   mately	 30	 employees,	 Sept.	 1	 began	       	 Crews	installed	the	first	new,	
                   installation	of		17	miles	of	new	double	       temporary	 switch	 in	 September,	
                   track.	 	 The	 project	 includes	 44,880	      and	 will	 install	 two	 double	 cross-
                   concrete	 ties	 and	 8,976	 track	 feet	 of	   overs	 and	 two	 new	 back	 tracks	 for	
 rail,	excluding	back	tracks.		The	work	will	stretch	9.2	         Maintenance	of	Way	machines,	bad	
 miles	from	Ellsworth	to	Bingham,	and	8.25	miles	from	            order	setouts	and	more.                                Craig Sloggett,
 Mullen	to	Seneca.		Production	plans	are	to	install	3/4	          	 In	October,	Signal	crews	began	             general director line maintenance.
 of	a	mile	of	rail	per	day.		The	new	mains	are	expected	      	   working	 in	 tandem	 with	 RCL	 to	
 to	be	in	service	in	December	and	January,	respectively,	         install	signal	systems.		Bungalows	
 weather	permitting.                                              are	expected	to	arrive	for	installation	in	November.
 	 Craig	Sloggett,	general	director	line	maintenance,	            	 The	double	track	will	be	constructed	on	an	asphalt	
 said	 it	 will	 improve	 capacity	 and	 velocity	 across	    	   sub-ballast	foundation	placed	Sept.	27	to	preserve	the	
 the	Sand	Hills	Subdivision,	and	allow	Engineering	to	        	   track	structure	and	improve	drainage.

                                         POWDER RIVER REFLECTION

                             2                           3                                                                         5

Gillette Terminal                        Family Day
                                         	 Gillette’s	 Dalbey	 Memorial	 Park	          	   booth	and	raffle	of	BNSF	merchandise.		On	
                                         Dick	 Bratton	 Shelter	 was	 the	 place	 to	 be	   the	menu	were	hot	dogs,	hamburgers,	chips,	
                                         Sept.	12.                                          cookies,	fresh	watermelon	and	cantaloupe,	
                                         	 Instead	 of	 the	 typical	 park	 scene,	         and	snow	cones.	
                                         Gillette	 Terminal	 Family	 Day	 offered	          	 	Fishing	derby	winners	received	prizes	
                                     6   something	 for	 everyone,	 which	 included	        for	 the	 first	 and	 longest	 fish	 in	 each	 age	
                                         about	320	Gillette-area	railroaders,	retirees,	    group	 —	 0	 through	 8	 and	 9	 through	 16.	    	
                                         family	and	friends.		                              Each	child	received	a	gift	bag.		The	Mini	
                                         	 “This	is	about	bringing	people	together	         Mac	was	operated	in	part	by	Tony	Erickson,	
                                         and	 recognizing	 employees	 who	 are	 as	         superintendent	 operating	 practices;	 Pete	
                                         important	 to	 us	 as	 our	 families,”	 said	  	   Carlson,	trainmaster;	and	Tyler	Johnston,	
                                         Tom	 Albanese,	 general	 manager.	 	 “It	 is	      temporary	trainmaster.		Participants	raised	
                                         an	 opportunity	 to	 celebrate	 successes,	        $1,036.00	for	United	Way.	
                                 7       strengthen	 bonds	 as	 one	 big	 family	 in	       	 Tom	Ondriezek,	terminal	manager,	and	
                                         Gillette,	and	help	grow	the	family	across	         James	 Bates,	 superintendent	 operations,	
                                         the	division.”                                     planned	and	coordinated	the	event.	
                                         	 Attendees	enjoyed	face	painting,	vol-            	 “This	is	a	way	to	thank	our	employees	
                                         leyball,	horseshoes,	ring	toss,	frisbee	throw,	    and	their	families	for	their	time	away	from	
                                         children’s	fishing	derby,	inflatable	slide	and	    home,”	Ondriezek	said.		“It	is	our	oppor-
                                         jumper	castle,	Mini	Mac	train	rides,	candy	        tunity	to	give	them	some	time	with	friends	
                                         jar	 guess	 game,	 a	 section	 crew	 truck	 on	    and	family	outside	of	work.”
                                         display,	a	United	Way	of	Campbell	County	


                                                          10                                  11
                            13                                                                                 15

                                                               POWDER RIVER REFLECTION


                                                                16                                                                  19

1. Isaiah, 4, with his grandfather, Russ Muller, retired locomotive engineer. 2. Sandi Aberle, left, receives
a digital photo frame from Tom Ondriezek, Gillette terminal manager, for volunteering to paint faces.
3. Satine, 7, daughter of Jason Sas, Gillette trainmaster. 4. From left, Trainmasters Ronny Philips and
Jason Sas; James Bates, superintendent of operations; and Patty Whitlock, director Human Resources.
5&6. Young and old alike enjoy Mini Mac train rides. 7. Troy Moe, locomotive engineer, and his son, A.J.
8. McKenna, granddaughter of Gary Ness, locomotive engineer. 9. Trevor, 16, son, of Les
Haynes, conductor. 10. Gabe, 11, son of Scott Bullard, Gillette trainmaster 11. Sydni Jai, 2,
daughter of Kevin Steinke, Gillette roadmaster. 12. Tristan Sheridan, son of Lisa Musbach,
Gillette conductor 13. Rick Lauer, Maintenance Of Way section foreman with his son.
14. Craig Sloggett, general director line maintenance with his wife, Annette, and daughters, Hannah
and Lillie 15. Hannah, 12, daughter of Tom Albanese, general manager. 16. Barry Wunker, Claims
manager 17. Wade Arionus, Gillette trainmaster; with his wife, Aster; and daughter Samantha Isis,
9 months. 18. Thomas, son of Richard Woodside, roadmaster. 19. A.J. , son of Troy Moe, locomo-
tive engineer. 20. Marla, 13, daughter of Tom Albanese, general manager; and Taran, son of
Thomas Ondriezek, Gillette terminal manager. 21. Brayton, 11, son of John Ragsdale, Alliance sheet-
metal worker. 22. From left, Chanler, 2, and Tyler, 9, sons of Wade Buchan, locomotive engineer.
23. Adam Post, Maintenance of Way section foreman, with his wife, Maria, and daughters, Ariana, 4, and          21
Ali, 3. 24. Johnny, 9, son of John Ragsdale, Alliance sheetmetal worker. 25. Train riders Cena Carlson, 4,
and Caden Carlson, 10, children of Pete Carlson, Gillette trainmaster; Amanda McElwain, daughter of Jim
McElwain, locomotive engineer; Adelaide Plett, 5, daughter of Jason Plett, Gillette trainmaster; and Sarah
Roll, 4, daughter of Mike Roll, conductor. 26. An inflatible jumper entertained children.
27. A great day to gather with family and friends.

Fishing Derby Results and United Way
Raffle Winners
Continued on page 28.




                                                              POWDER RIVER REFLECTION

2010 Gillette Terminal                                              Sterling Terminal
Family Day
Continued from page 27.

  Fishing Derby Results
                                                              Family Day
                                                               	 Sunshine,	 snow	 cones	 and	 sizzling	             	 Attendees	also	toured	a	locomotive.	      	
                                                               grills	greeted	Sterling	employees	and	re-            The	younger	crowd	jumped	in	an	inflat-
  Ages 0 through 8                                             tirees	and	their	families	during	Employee	           able	 bouncy	 house.	 	 The	 children	 also	
  First Fish - Isaiah Muller
  Longest Fish - Payton Wasson
                                                               Appreciation	Day	Aug.	27-28	outside	the	             appreciated	 receiving	 prizes,	 including	
                                                               Sterling	Terminal.                                   bouncy	balls,	kites	and	blinking	yo-yos.		
  Ages 9 through 16                                            	 TY&E	crews	based	in	Sterling	work	                 	 The	 event	 was	 intended	 to	 thank	
  First Fish - Trevor Haynes
  Longest Fish - Marla Albanese
                                                               on	the	Colorado	Division	to	Denver,	and	             current	 and	 retired	 employees	 for	 their	
                                                               on	the	Powder	River	Division	to	Alliance,	           safe	work	performance	and	give	back	to	
                                                               Bridgeport	and	Guernsey.                             their	families,	who	are	a	huge	part	of	the	
                                                               	 Colorado	and	Powder	River	officers	                employees’	success.		
                                                               and	safety	leaders	served	approximately	             	 “It’s	 appreciation	 from	 us	 for	 em-
                                                               200	 participants	 snacks	 and	 a	 meal	 of	         ployees	 and	 their	 families,”	 said	 Frank	
                                                               hamburgers	and	bratwursts,	corn	on	the	              Bennett,	 superintendent	 of	 operations.	  	
                                                               cob,	 chips	 and	 cookies	 from	 10	 a.m.	 to	       “It	 shows	 employees	 we	 care	 and	 helps	
                                                               8	p.m.	each	day.	                                    everyone	build	relationships.”	

 United Way Raffle Winners
 Belt Buckle        Coffee Mug         Clock
 Scott Bullard      Marla Albanese     Gabe Bullard
 J.D. Robinson      Royce Biegler      Ramona Roll
                    Susie Cooper
 Black              Bill McKnight      Mini Mag
 Cooler                                Flashlight
 Royce Biegler      Duffle Bag         Breanna Jensen
 Tony Erickson      James Bates        Gary Ness
 Ramona Roll        Rick Fitzgerald
 Annette Sloggett                      Orange
 Sheri Smallfoot    Flash Drive        Hat
                    Hannah Albanese    Ryan Moe
 Hat                Pete Carlson (2)   J.D. Robinson
 Pete Carlson       Trevor Haynes      Ryan Voigt
 Jim McElwain       Breanna Jensen
 Gary Ness          Troy Moe           Orange
 Adam Post          Maria Post         Cooler
 Maria Post         Annette Sloggett   George Porras
 Annette Sloggett   Sheri Smallfoot    Craig Sloggett                                                                                             E x tra Board Locomotive
 Craig Sloggett     Trevor Stein
 Lillie Sloggett                      Rail Crossing                                                                                               Engineer Trent Eichhorn with
 Casey Turnbull     Flashlight        Clock                                                                                                       13-year-old daughter, Faith,
 Chair              Marianne Albanese Tony Erickson                                                                                               and 10-year-old son, Abe.
 Lori Bates         Pete Carlson (3)  Shane Huggett       From lef t, Patti Ab
 Pete Carlson       Amy Mobley        Maria Post                                 erle, Colorado Div
                                                          manager based in                           ision crew
 Bill McKnight      Ryan Moe                                                   Topeka; John Hartw
 Ryan Moe           Annette Sloggett  Thermos             div ision trainmas ter                    ig, Sterling
                                                                                   for the Colorado
                    Craig Sloggett    Marla Albanese      Ken Lynn, Sterling                           Di vision;
                                                                              road foreman of en
 Two Gray Coffee    Casey Turnbull    Mark Peters        Powder River Divisio                    gines for the
 Cups               Patty Whitlock    Craig Sloggett                            n; and Frank Benn
                                                         River Division superi                    ett, Powder
 Olivia Jensen                                                                  ntendent of opera
                                                         employees and the                        tions, greet
 Ryan Moe          Flashlight          Men’s                                 ir families.
 Patty Whitlock    Keychain            Watch
                   Earl Bieber         Sheri Smallfoot                                                                          Colorado Division Crew
 Four Clear Coffee Royce Biegler
                                                                                                                                Manager Patti Aberle
 Cups              Susie Cooper        Women’s
 Tony Erickson     Cherlyn Moe         Watch                                                                                    serves employees and
 Bill McKnight     Annette Sloggett    Pete Carlson                                                                             their families food at the
 Trevor Stein                                                                                                                    Sterling Family Day. She
 Coasters          Garrett             Windbreaker                                                                               brought her husband,
 Amy Mobley        Throw               Susie Cooper
                                                                                                                                 Crew Caller John, and
 J.D. Robinson     Pete Carlson        Jason Sas
                   Brynn Sas           Ryan Voigt (2)                                                                              granddaughter,
 Coffee Cup                                                                                                                       Amara, 4, to enjoy
 Royce Biegler     Golf Trivet                                                                                                    the food, games and
 Pete Carlson (2)  Tool                                                                                                            camaraderie.
 Shane Huggett     Amy Mobley
 Annette Sloggett  Casey Turnbull                                                                                                  Left, Dave Barthel,
                   Mantle                                                                                                          locomotive engineer,
                                                                                          14                                        and wife, Linda.
                                                                          POWDER RIVER REFLECTION

                                                                                                                                              ndent; Larr y
                                                                                                                              inal superinte ance divi -
                                                                                                  ike Wirtz,    Alliance term          illey, Alli
                                                                                   From left, M                           ; and Ken W
                                                                                                            inal manager                sts.
 Corey Nelso
              n, locomotive                                                        Lower  , Alliance term        mburgers  and brat wur
Angie, and ch               engineer, alon
                                            g with his wife                         sion trainm  aster, grill ha
               ildren, Conno                                 ,
socialize with               r, 3; Colby, 6;
               other BNSF                    and Cade, 9,                                                                                                       Kristy Kuntz and her son, Trey, 7. Trey’s
around the bo              employees an
               uncy slide.                 d their famili                                                                                                       father is Locomotive Engineer Shane
                                                                                                                                                                Kuntz. Kristy is the daughter of Locomotive
                                                                                                                                                                Engineer Rich Smets.

                                                                                 Colorado and Powder River division supervisors help Family
                                                                                 Day participants fill up their plates under a tent outside
                                                                                 Sterling Terminal.

                                                                                 Amara, 4-year-old grand-
                                                                                                                                                                                                  er, his wife,
                                                                                 daughter of Colorado                                                                          comotive engine
                                         er, and his w
                                                        ife, Marci,                                                                                           Luke Myers, lo                       The couple
                         motive engine
                                                                                 Division Crew Manager                                                                           hter, Kaylee, 4.
                  , loco                       n on the infla
                                                               table                                                                                          Angie, and daug               n, Tucker, who
                                                                                                                                                                                                             at -
      Mark Henry              ildren have fu                                     Patti Aberle, checks out                                                                      year -old so
                ching the ch                       Henry, 8; Tuck
                                                                   er                                                                                          also have a 7-                   . Angie is the
      enjoy wat                        left: A xel                               the view from a locomotive                                                                     Day with them
                     n pictured, from              Eilens tine, 7.                                                                                             tended Family             locomotive engi
      slide. Childre               6; and Lexie                                  as the sun sets in Sterling.                                                          r of Jim Meeker,
                    dney Henry,                                                                                                                                daughte
       Myers, 7; Sy

                                                                                                                                             Jason Henton,
                                                                                                                                                              Powder River
                                                                                                                                             trainmaster, his               Division Angora
                                                                                                                                                               wife, Cassey,                   Valley
                                                                                                                                            months, and Dy                    and sons , Gre
                                                                                                                                                            lan, 10, hand ou                  yor, 7
                                                                        Walt Page, Extra Board conductor, with his daughter,                to at tendees. Ja                t snow cones an
                                                     h     it for                                                                                             son was a key or                d soda
                                           are a big                    Jamie, and grandchildren, Alyssa, 10, and Hayden, 5.                                                   ganizer of the ev
                                 and slide                                                                                                                                                       ent.
                ble bou ncy house attendees.
     The inflata rling Family Day
     the young Ste                                                                                  15
                                                  POWDER RIVER REFLECTION

Orndorff retires
	 John	Orndorff’s	60th	birthday	Sept.	2	was	doubly	as	sweet	               Sand	Hills	Sub	and	12	years	on	Valley	Sub.		He	returned	to	Sand	
as	it	coincided	with	his	retirement.		The	Alliance	worked	his	             Hills	Sub	18	months	ago.
entire	career	on	the	Powder	River	Division,	and	did	so	without	            	 He	 advises	 fellow	 railroaders	 to	 understand	 the	 job	 and	
a	reportable	injury.			                                                    follow	the	rules	and	regulations	to	the	best	of	one’s	ability.		
	 Orndorff,	locomotive	engineer,	joined	the	                                	 “You	must	be	aware	of	what	is	going	on	around	you,	look	out	
railroad	Sept.	18,	1973,	out	of	Alliance	as	a	                               for	one	another	at	all	times	and	exercise	constant	communica-
clerk.		He	entered	the	engine	program	July	                                   tion	to	make	sure	all	parties	are	on	the	same	page,”	Orndorff	
2,	1977.		He	worked	the	Butte	Subdivision	                                     said.
west	pool,	Alliance	to	Edgemont,	for	about	                                    	 	 He	 graduated	 from	 high	 school	 in	 1968	 and	 immedi-
five	years.		He	then	worked	10	years	on	the	                                  ately	entered	the	Marine	Corps.		Orndorff	served	in	Vietnam	
                                                                            from	February	1969	to	June	1970.		He	was	stationed	in	San	
John Orndorff, locomo-                                                      Francisco’s	Treasure	Island	barracks	through	September	1971	
tive engineer, recently                                                       when	he	was	discharged.		          		
                                                                                   	 In	retirement,	Orndorff	not	only	looks	forward	to	quality	

                                                                                    time	with	his	wife	of	27	years,	Colleen.		He	plans	to	golf	
                                                                                      as	much	as	possible	and	enjoy	a	different	lifestyle	that	
                                                                                        includes	doing	whatever	he	wants.		
                                                                                          	    He	has	two	children,	Nick,	who	lives	in	San	
                                                                                            Francisco	with	his	wife	and	two	sons;	and	Nathan,	
                                                                                              who	currently	serves	as	a	gunnery	sergeant	in	
                                                                                                 the	Marine	Corps	with	two	tours	of	duty	and	
                                                                                                     15	years	of	service	and	is	married	with	a	

  United Way campaign kick off
  	 BNSF	Railway	and	the	United	Way	              have	 United	 Way	 in	 their	 communities	
  share	 a	 long-standing,	 successful	 part-     —	Alliance,	Edgemont	and	Gillette.		              employees	will	attempt	to	raise	$6,000,	
  nership.	 	 Together	 they	 work	 to	 grow	     	 “United	 Way	 is	 an	 umbrella	 orga-           and	Edgemont	terminal	employees	will	
  programs	and	community	involvement.             nization	that	represents	the	needs	of	the	        aim	to	raise	$4,000.	
  		 Annually,	the	BNSF	Foundation	and	           community	and	it	is	a	great	opportunity	          	 Edgemont	 Terminal	 employees	
  its	employees	provide	a	significant	con-        for	us	to	give	back	to	our	communities,”	         raised	 $2,545	 and	 Gillette	 Terminal	  	
  tribution	to	the	United	Way	of	Alliance,	       said	 Tom	 Albanese,	 general	 manager.	      	   employees	donated	$1,000	at	their	Family	
  Box	Butte	County,	and	United	Way	of	the	        “We	 know	 there	 are	 people	 struggling	        Days.		
  Black	Hills-Southern	Hills	chapters.		In	       financially	and	charitable	giving	is	down	        	 Albanese	 has	 pledged	 to	 match	 a	
  2009,	BNSF	was	the	largest	contributor	         as	 a	 result,	 so	 these	 organizations	 are	    percentage	of	each	terminal	goal	raised.		
  in	these	locations.		In	Gillette,	BNSF	is	a	    struggling	to	sustain.		Since	we	are	fortu-       	 For	more	information	about	a	local	
  top	5	contributor.		                            nate	enough	to	work	for	a	strong,	healthy	        chapter,	visit	http://www.unitedwayblack-
  	 Although	 Gillette	 and	 Edgemont	            company,	we	can	and	should	provide	help	          hills.org,	or	http://www.unitedwayofwest-
  terminals	have	never	had	a	formal	United	       to	support	our	community.”                        ernnebraska.com.		Another	great	website	
  Way	 campaign,	 at	 the	 Sept.	 12	 Gillette	   	 Alliance	 Terminal	 employees	 will	            address	 is	 http://www.gillettewyoming-
  Terminal	 Family	 Day	 celebration	 the	        sets	 their	 sights	 on	 raising	 $40,000	 for	   blog.com.
  division	kicked	off	a	United	Way	fund-          United	 Way	 to	 support	 local	 charities	       	 If	interested	in	payroll	deduction	for	
  raiser	competition	between	terminals	that	      in	Box	Butte	County.		Gillette	terminal	          United	Way	visit	with	a	supervisor.

                                                   POWDER RIVER REFLECTION

From tsueedetekdof t
      h       s
        p ri n n e n           o p e ra ti n g
G il le tt e                          s YTD
pract  ices: Engineer decertification                                                                                          Tony Erickson

	 Superintendents	 of	 operating	 prac-            cations.		This	is	great	 16                                       2009
tices	are	charged	with	numerous	respon-            accomplishment	 and	 14                                           2010       in	 2010.	 	 This	 is	
sibilities	including	safety,	training,	train	      the	locomotive	engi- 12                                                      an	alarming	trend	
handling	and	locomotive	engineer	certi-            neers	working	out	of	                                                        that	 we	 need	 to	
fication	to	name	a	few.		We	also	oversee	          the	Gillette	Terminal	                                                       improve	upon.	
any	decertifications	that	may	occur.		             should	 be	 proud	 of	 8                                                     	 W e 	 s i m p l y	
	 In	 a	 safety-conscious	 environment,	           their	performance.	           6                                              need	 to	 stay	 fo-
we	 strive	 to	 communicate	 how	 critical	        	 Edgemont	 and	 4                                                           cused	 and	 take	
it	is	that	our	locomotive	engineers	oper-          Sterling	 Ter minal	 2                                                       our	 time	 in	 per-
ate	 their	 train	 to	 the	 highest	 standards,	   wo r k 	 g r o up s 	 a r e	                                                 forming	 our	 du-
complying	with	the	rules	100	percent	of	           even	 yea r	 to	 date	          Alliance Edgemont Gillette Sheridan Sterling ties.	 Take	 the	 ex-
the	time.		                                        with	 three	 and	 one	                                                       tra	 few	 minutes	
                                                                                          Engineer Decertifications YTD
	 As	part	of	the	locomotive	engineer’s	            decertifications	 re-                                                        t o 	 e n s u r e 	 yo u	
development,	it	is	imperative	we	express	          spectively.	 	 Alliance	                                                     know	 where	 all	
how	 they	 are	 performing	 across	 the	           and	 Sheridan	 have	 followed	 a	 negative	 the	Form	As	are.		Review	the	timetables	
system.	 	 Locomotive	 engineer	 decerti-          trend	YTD	increasing	from	11	to	15	and	 periodically.	 	 Our	 division	 operates	 the	
fications	have	improved	slightly	overall	          5	to	6	decertifications	respectively.	             highest	 tonnage	 of	 any	 division	 on	 the	
throughout	the	system,	27	in	2010	versus	          	 Of	the	categories	that	lead	to	decer- system,	which	correlates	to	our	track	tak-
29	in	2009.                                        tification	—	authority,	signal,	speeding,	 ing	the	most	abuse.	Form	As	are	always	
	 The	most	significant	improvement	is	             air	brake	test,	and	drugs	and	alcohol	—	 out	there	and	we	need	to	stay	diligent	in	
attributed	to	Gillette-area	employees	who	         speeding	 has	 had	 the	 greatest	 increase	 our	continuing	efforts	at	being	the	safest	
boast	an	88	percent	reduction	in	decertifi-        from	three	decertifications	in	2009	to	10	 division	on	the	system.

 Craney relocates to Sand Hills Sub
	 From	 Canyon	 Subdivision	 to	 Sand	 Hills	 Sub,	 Mark	 Craney,	 trainmaster	          	
went	in	August.
	 “It	 is	 the	 same	 thing,	 only	 on	 a	 bigger	 scale	 because	 of	 the	 significant	
increase	 in	 traffic	 volume	 traversing	 the	 rails	 from	 Guernsey	 to	 Ravenna,”	
Craney	said.		“I	like	it	a	lot	—	the	intensity,	more	traffic,	more	people,	more	
issues	and	daily	challenges	associated	with	traffic	volumes	through	Ravenna.	            	
It	keeps	you	sharp.”
	 He	plans	to	take	full	advantage	of	this	learning	opportunity.		His	primary	goal	
is	to	increase	efficiency	without	inhibiting	velocity.
	 Craney	joined	the	railroad	Jan.	8,	2007,	as	a	Guernsey	conductor.		He	
became	a	yardmaster	in	May	2007,	and	trainmaster	in	April	2008.	
“Look	 out	 for	 your	 personal	 safety	 and	 the	 welfare	 of	 your	 fellow	  	
employees,	as	that	is	paramount	to	our	continued	success,”	he	said.
	 Prior	to	January	2007,	Craney	was	a	broker	in	Florida’s	troubled	
real	 estate	 industry,	 the	 general	 manager	 of	 a	 land	 development	
company	and	owned	three	small	businesses.		
	 He	served	in	the	U.S.	Army	from	1981	to	1995	as	a	personnel	
specialist,	ammunition	specialist	and	recruiting	stations	manager	
stationed	at	Fort	Sill,	Okla.;	Fort	Benning,	Ga.;	Fort	Benjamin	
Harrison,	Ind.;	Germany;	Port	Richey,	Fla.;	and	Vincennes,	Ind.
	 He	 and	 his	 wife,	 Tracey,	 have	 been	 married	 18	 years.	    	
Outside	of	work,	he	likes	to	hunt,	golf	and	ride	horses.
                             Mark Craney, trainmaster
                                                       POWDER RIVER REFLECTION

From the desk of Tom Albanese, general manager
	 Congratulations!		The	Powder	River	Division	safety	pro-                              we	are	investing	in	greater	capacity	on	the	
gram	remains	in	first	place	across	the	entire	system.		This	is	                        Powder	River	by	building	20	miles	of	new	
a	 great	 example	 of	 how	 approximately	 2,300	 Powder	 River	                       double	track	on	the	Sand	Hills	Subdivision.	    	
Division	employees	in	all	crafts	have	embraced	risk	identifi-                          Next	year	we	again	have	a	very	aggressive	
cation	and	risk	reduction	programs.		Peer-to-Peer	interaction	                         capital	track	maintenance	program	across	
between	employees	is	a	main	reason	for	our	safety	success	and	                         the	division.
is	not	only	improving	our	results,	but	is	changing	our	culture	                        	 Our	 Best	 Way	 program	 has	 been	 in	
everyday,	and	bringing	us	closer	to	our	vision	of	an	injury-free	                      full	 force	 since	 July	 in	 Alliance	 and	 was	
and	accident-free	workplace.                                                           formally	 implemented	 at	 Guernsey	 and	
	 As	seasons	change,	we	have	a	whole	new	set	of	risk	fac-                              Donkey	Creek	in	August.		As	a	result,	we	
tors	to	contend	with.		We	need	to	prepare	for	all	the	things	that	                     are	seeing	improved	standardization	in	train	
winter	brings	—	snow,	ice,	and	cold	weather	so	we	can	avoid	                           processing	at	all	three	terminals.		Overall	         Tom Albanese,
incident	 or	 injury	 throughout	 the	 remainder	 of	 the	 year.	 	 In	                terminal	 train	 dwell	 time	 has	 diminished	      general manager.
2011,	we	want	to	build	upon	the	successes	we’ve	seen	thus	far	                         and	velocity	has	improved.		The	implemen-
in	2010.		Let’s	take	it	to	the	next	level!		When	we	think	forward	                     tation	phase	of	this	program	continued	into	October	and	will	
to	 our	 vision	 of	 an	 injury-free	 and	 accident-free	 workplace,	                  be	followed	by	a	continuous	improvement	program	that	will	
we’ve	already	demonstrated	we	can	achieve	that	across	many	                            remain	in	place	to	address	future	opportunities.
work	 groups.	 	 I	 would	 like	 each	 employee	 and	 every	 work	    	                	 In	closing,	thank	you	to	everyone	who	participated	in	and	
group	 to	 examine	 how	 to	 they	 can	 collectively	 achieve	 that	                   helped	organize	the	various	Family	Day	events	throughout	the	
result	in	2011.                                                                        division.		I	had	the	fortunate	opportunity	to	attend	several	of	
	 On	the	business	front,	coal	volumes	continue	to	increase	                            these	events.		It	appeared	that	those	who	attended	truly	enjoyed	
each	month	and	we	expect	to	remain	steady	at	current	volume	                           themselves.		It	is	good	to	see	such	a	strong	family	atmosphere	
levels	throughout	2010.		We	expect	to	see	modest	growth	in	                            on	the	Powder	River	Division.		This	is	what	makes	all	of	our	
2011.		As	a	result	of	that	growth,	we	are	hiring	in	advance	at	                        hard	work	worthwhile.										
all	locations	across	the	division	in	TY&E	and	MOW,	and	in	                             	 Thank	you	for	making	the	Powder	River	Division	No.	1	in	
Guernsey	 and	 Donkey	 Creek	 for	 Mechanical.	 	 Additionally,	                       safety	and	service,	and	stay	safe!

                                                                                              New arrival
                                                                                              	 The	 division	 congratu-
                                                                                              lates	Jennifer	Quinn,	manager	
                                                                                              crew	management,	and	her	fam-
                                                                                              ily	on	the	birth	of	her	son,	Tadhg	
                                                                                              	 Tadhg	was	born	Aug.	27	at	3:18	
                                                                                              p.m.		He	weighed	9	pounds	and	
                                                                                              measured	21	inches	long.	

 From left, Erich Linser, Edgemont trainmaster, presents Rudy Warholoski, conductor,
 with safety employee of the month honors.

Congrats Warholoski
	 Thanks	 and	 praise	 to	 Rudy	 Warholoski,	 Edgemont	 conduc-
tor,	who	recently	earned	distinction	as	Powder	River	North	safety	  	
employee	of	the	month.
	 “He	 is	 a	 proven	 hard	 worker	 with	 a	 good	 attitude	 who	 is	
dedicated	to	mentoring	newer	and	less-experienced	employees,”	said	 	
Erich	Linser,	Edgemont	trainmaster.	
	 Warholoski	joined	the	railroad	Oct.	28,	1980.
                                                  POWDER RIVER REFLECTION

Treasured memento lost, now found
                   hen	 Sa nda	 (Bigley)	         the	years	to	come,	Cleays	graduated	and	         girl	with	the	initials	SLB	in	the	SHS	Class	  	
                   Cleays,	 lost	 her	 class	     moved	from	Scottsbluff	soon	after.               of	1983.	
                   ring	 in	 the	 1980s,	 she	    	 Ten	 years	 later	 she	 returned	 home.	   	   	 During	their	phone	conversation,	she	
                   thought	it	was	gone	for-       She	 had	 given	 up	 on	 ever	 finding	 her	     answered	a	series	of	questions	to	identify	
                   ever.	 	 The	 Scottsbluff	     original	keepsake	ring	and	ordered	a	new	        the	 ring	 and	 made	 arrangements	 for	 its	
High	 School	 graduate	 got	 a	 surprise	 of	     class	ring	with	a	similar	design.		The	old	      Aug.	5	return.
her	life	nearly	three	decades	later.              ring	hadn’t	crossed	Cleay’s	mind	until	she	      	 “I	was	completely	speechless,”	Cleays	
	 Cleays	 was	 a	 typical	 high	 school	          listened	to	an	Aug.	4	message	from	Butch	        said.	“I	didn’t	know	what	to	say.”
senior	 preparing	 to	 graduate.	 	 Not	 sur-     Broadfoot,	signal	maintainer.                    	 After	 inspection	 and	 evaluation	 of	
prisingly,	 she	 proudly	 wore	 her	 custom	      	 “My	name	is	Butch,”	the	caller	said,	          the	 ring’s	 condition,	 jewelers	 believe	 it	
class	ring.		The	silver	ring	was	adorned	         “and	I’ve	found	a	class	ring.		I’m	wonder-       may	have	spent	most	or	all	of	the	missing	
with	 a	 fierce	Bearcat	 on	 one	 side	 and	 a	   ing	if	it’s	yours.”                              years	beside	Highway	29.
band	insignia	on	the	other,	memorialized	         	 Although	 she	 didn’t	 believe	 there	         	 “Sitting	by	the	railroad	tracks	for	all	
Cleay’s	years	of	playing	the	trumpet	for	         was	any	possibility	the	ring	was	hers,	she	      those	 years	 I	 would	 expect	 it	 would	 be	
the	 Bearcat	 band.	 	 It	 was	 crowned	 with	    returned	the	call.                               destroyed,”	she	said.		“I	am	just	ecstatic	
a	peridot	stone	surrounded	by	the	words	          	 Broadfoot	was	working	in	Mitchell,	            about	it.		It’s	absolutely	amazing	and	I	have	
Scottsbluff	High	School	and	her	initials	         Neb.,	where	the	tracks	intersect	Highway	        worn	it	every	day	since.”		
engraved	inside.                                  29.		When	he	looked	down,	he	saw	some-           	 Ironically,	 Broadfoot	 lost	 his	 own	
	 She	 recalls	 taking	 the	 ring	 off	 and	                                                  	
                                                  thing	out	of	the	ordinary	in	the	soft	dirt.		    high	school	class	ring	approximately	40	
setting	it	on	a	counter	at	her	employer	so	       	 “I	 didn’t	 know	 what	 to	 do	 until	 I	      years	ago	and	understood	what	its	return	
she	wouldn’t	get	it	dirty.	                       actually	 found	 initials	 on	 the	 inside,”	    would	mean	to	its	owner.		He	graduated	
		 “When	I	remembered	it	was	there,	it	           Broadfoot	said.                                  in	 1968	 from	 Gering	 High	 School	 and	
was	gone,”	Cleays	said.                           	 His	wife,	Jan,	conducted	web-based	            wore	his	keepsake	ring	a	couple	of	years	
	 While	 she	 was	 terribly	 upset	 about	        research.		Through	http://www.classmates.        before	losing	it	while	water	skiing	at	Lake	
the	missing	ring	and	thought	of	it	often	in	      com	she	led	Butch	to	Cleays	–	the	only	          Minatare.

                                                                                                         Left, Butch Broadfoot, signal maintainer

                                                                                                         Gering resident Sanda (Bigley) Cleays, wears
                                                                                                         the Scottsbluff High School class ring that went
                                                                                                         missing 27 years ago.

                                                                                                       Photos courtesy the Gering Citizen’s Dawn Bowen
                                                     POWDER RIVER REFLECTION

  Best Way standardizes
  S           ometimes	 less	 is	 more,	 as	 in	
              golf,	 bills	 and	 terminal	 dwell	
              	 Terminal	 dwell	 in	 Alliance	
              has	 decreased.	 	 The	 time	 be-
  tween	 power	 to	 pit,	 or	 from	 locomotive	
                                                     performance	 —	 time	 of	 train	 arrival	 to	
                                                     departure	—	has	improved.		Donkey	Creek	
                                                     has	 achieved	 a	 43	 percent	 reduction	 in	
                                                     average	process	cycle	time;	an	80	percent	
                                                     reduction	in	yard	stop	to	inspection	start	
                                                     and	a	36	percent	reduction	in	inspection	
                                                                                                       Guernsey	and	Donkey	Creek.		
                                                                                                       	 Best	Way	implementation	teams	vis-
                                                                                                       ited	each	terminal,	and	will	continue	to	do	
                                                                                                       so	throughout	the	system,	to	standardize	
                                                                                                       processes	and	eliminate	waste,	variability	
                                                                                                       and	inflexibility.		
  arrival	 until	 the	 locomotive	 reaches	 the	     start	to	inspection	stop.                         	 “Although	everyone	plays	their	own	
  locomotive	facility	has	diminished	by	50	          	 It	is	a	credit	to	many.                         part,	everyone	has	one	common	goal	—	      	
  percent.		Despite	a	10	percent	increase	in	        	 Yardmasters,	 local	 terminal,	 Best	           to	ensure	the	train	leaves	on	time,”	said	
  trains	 arriving,	 the	 location	 boasts	 a	 15	   Way	implementation	teams,	and	dispatch-                                                      	
                                                                                                       Jeff	 Craun,	 director	 Service	 Excellence	
  percent	decrease	in	locomotive	time	spent	         ing	 teams	 in	 Fort	 Worth	 implemented	         responsible	 for	 implementing	 terminal	
  in	the	terminal.                                   terminal	 Best	 Way	 processes	 in	 four	         Best	Way	processes.		“Best	Way	eliminates	
  	 In	Donkey	Creek,	intermediate	train	             phases	throughout	16	weeks	in	Alliance,	          gaps	and	overlaps,	drives	standardization	

                                                                                       SERVICE EXCELLENCE GOALS
We are trying to reduce . . .                                                                                    by changing the . . .
Waste                                                                                                                  Operating System
Acitivities that do not add                                                                             The way physical assets and resources
value to our customer                                           Sustainable                          are configured to execute processes (e.g.,
                                                                  Change                                       standard operating procedures)

Variability                                                                                            Management Infrastructure
Unpredictable and frequent
deviations from the target operating
                                                                 Service                        The formal structures, process and systems
                                                                                                     through which the operating system is
conditions                                                     Excellence                      managed (e.g., metrics, targets, scorecards,
                                                                Initiative                                         performance dialogues)

Inflexibility                                                                                                 Mindsets & Capabilities
Inability of the process, people and/or                                                                The way people think, feel and conduct
organization to adapt                                            Embedded                                    themselves in the workplace, both
to changes in customer needs                                      Change                                           collectively and individually
                                                                                                         (e.g., High performing Team sessions,
                                                                                                                      leadership development)

                                                                                         POWDER RIVER REFLECTION

                                                                                                                 “... everyone has one

practices                                                                                                        common goal — to ensure
                                                                                                                 the train leaves on time.”
                                                                                                                                                                         —Jeff Craun
and	quickly	integrates	new	employees.”                                                   	 “It	 gives	 greater	 perspective,”	 said	      goals,	we	are	after	one	common	goal	of	
	 Best	 Way	 focuses	 on	 processing	                                                    Patrick	Hartman,	Gillette/Donkey	Creek	          on-time	departure.”	
trains	through	the	terminal	in	a	highly	ef-                                              trainmaster	and	member	of	the	local	Best	        	 Mike	Wirtz,	Alliance	terminal	super-
ficient,	timely	manner	through	planning,	                                                Way	implementation	team.		“It	lets	us	see	       intendent,	believes	Best	Way	is	definitely	
communication,	coordination,	execution,	                                                 where	we	are	and	where	we	want	to	go		—	         good	for	the	terminal.		
proactive	forecasting	and	teamwork.		                                                    past,	present	and	future.”                       	 “It	 will	 reduce	 Alliance	 terminal	
	 Intended	results	are	not	only	improved	                                                	 Best	 Way	 also	 has	 fostered	 healthy	       cycle	 times	 including	 train	 arrivals	 and	
traffic	flow	through	the	terminals,	but	also	                                            interdepartmental	and	cross-departmental	        departures	and	as	a	result,	crews	will	get	
increased	 velocity	 and	 greater	 volume.	 	                                            communication	 in	 Alliance,	 said	 Deb	         in	 and	 out	 of	 the	 terminal	 better,	 not	 to	
Best	Way	will	especially	help	train	crews	                                               Hunter,	 trainmaster	 and	 member	 of	 the	      mention	the	terminal	will	be	able	to	handle	
better	 understand	 expectations	 and	 their	                                            local	Best	Way	implementation	team.              more	 traffic	 and	 overcome	 congestion,”	
contribution	to	a	train	departing	on	time	                                               	 “It	helped	us	all	get	on	same	page,”	      	   he	said.		“We	will	continue	to	fine-tune	
through	 sharing	 of	 performance	 results	                                              sa id	 Bra ndon	 Jen n iges,	 A l l ia nce	      the	processes	and	initiatives	of	Best	Way	
and	specific	expectations.		                                                             trainmaster.	 	 “Instead	 of	 three	 sets	 of	   moving	forward.

                                                                          VELOCITY ImpROVES AS TRAINS SpEND LESS TImE bEING
                                                                                                 pROCESSED IN ThE TERmINAL
 Alliance is processing trains faster                                                                                  Number of train arrivals
 through the terminal . . .                                                                                                            Train
 Average time in terminal, minutes                                                              ~15%                                  volume
                                                                                             decrease                                increased                        Volume
                                                                                           in time spent                                                          appears to have
                                                                                                in the                            ~10% in August                  leveled over the
 450                                                                                                                   85            and early
                                                                                              terminal                                                             next 2 weeks
 300                                                                                                                   60

 200 | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |         45    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
    August                                     August                                       September                       August                August September September
        3                                          29                                                27                       3                     29       14       27
                                                             POWDER RIVER REFLECTION

   McElwain vows continued                                                                                       BNSF will Establish
                                                                                                                 Work Retention Boards
   commitment to safety                                                                                                During the seasonal downturn in
                                                                                                                 volumes later this year, BNSF will establish
	 For	 numerous	 reasons,	 upholding	                   ing	 on	 around	 you,”	 McElwain	 said.	             	   Work Retention Boards for train, yard and
safety	24/7	is	the	No.	1	priority	for	Jim	              “Do	not	take	shortcuts.		Listen	to	what	                 engine (TY&E) employees.
McElwain,	injury-free	Gillette	locomo-                  your	co-workers	have	to	say,	especially	             	         Historically, rail traffic volumes start
                                                                                                                 declining in November or December, and the
tive	engineer.                                          those	with	experience.		That	is	the	best	
                                                                                                                 lower volumes continue through the first few
	 “I	go	to	work	each	day	to	be	safe	for	                way	to	learn.”			                                        months of the following year. These seasonal
myself	 and	 my	 fellow	 crew	 members,	                	 He	 said	 the	 biggest	 obstacle	 to	                  declines are part of normal traffic cycles.
so	we	can	go	home	to	our	families	each	                 safety	is	inattention	to	the	task	at	hand.	              Should traffic volumes decrease as ex-
day,”	he	said.	                                         	 “Awareness	should	eliminate	such	                      pected, BNSF does not intend to implement
	 McElwain	has	four	children,	Demi,	                    challenges,”	McElwain	said.                              widespread furloughs of TY&E employees.
                                                                                                                 Instead, BNSF will establish Work Retention
15;	Ben,	14;	Trent,	11;	and	Amanda,	5;	                 	 Before	 joining	 the	 railroad,	 he	
                                                                                                                 Boards, wherever labor agreements are in
and		is	engaged	to	Kim.		                               learned	the	importance	of	safety	in	the	                 place with the unions to do so, if economic
	 H e 	 j o i n e d 	 t h e 	 E n g i n e e r i n g	    military.		                                              trends continue as expected.
Department	 April	 7,	 1992,	 out	 of	                  	 McElwain	 was	 a	 junior	 in	 high	                          BNSF has used Work Retention
Sheridan.	 	 He	 entered	 train	 service	 in	           school	when	he	joined	the	U.S.	National	                 Boards in the past during seasonal down-
April	 1994	 as	 Gillette	 brakeman/con-                Guard	 as	 field	 artillery	 personnel	 in	              turns to provide income and benefits to
                                                                                                                 employees instead of furloughs. In addition
ductor.		In	October	1995,	he	began	work-                1986.	 	 He	 joined	 the	 Marine	 Corps	             	
                                                                                                                 to providing some measure of security to
ing	as	a	Gillette	locomotive	engineer.                  in	 1987	 and	 served	 until	 November	                  TY&E employees, these Work Retention
	 “The	responsibility	of	operating	the	                 1991.	 	 He	 was	 tasked	 with	 processing	          	   Boards help ensure that employees are
train,	the	tonnage	you	have	behind	you	                                                                      	
                                                        r e c r u it s. 	 	 He 	 wa s 	 st a t io n e d 	 i n	   available to return to work quickly when
and	being	in	control,	looked	like	fun,”	                Casablanca,	 Morocco;	 Parris	 Island,	                  volumes start to rebound.
McElwain	said.		                                        S.C.;	 Camp	 Lejeune,	 N.C.;	 and	 Camp	                       In 2009, however, the seasonal volume
                                                                                                                 reduction was significantly amplified by the
	 While	 on	 duty,	 he	 focuses	 on	               	    Pendleton	in	Oceanside,	Calif.
                                                                                                                 severe economic recession. Consistent
operating	trains	safely	from	point	A	to	                	 In	 addition	 to	 spending	 time	 with	                with the dramatic and sustained declines in
point	B.                                                his	family,	McElwain	likes	to	camp,	fish	                traffic volumes, BNSF cancelled the Work
	 “Always	 be	 aware	 of	 what	 is	 go-                 and	hunt	big	game.                                       Retention Boards and furloughed employ-
                                                                                                                 ees in 2009.
                                                                                                                       With the improving economy and
                                                                                                                 significant volume increases in 2010,
                                                                                                                 BNSF has been able to call back nearly all
                                                                                                                 furloughed employees and, in fact, has been
                                                                                                                 hiring TY&E employees at several locations
                                                                                                                 to meet volume demands. In addition to
                                                                                                                 providing continuity for employees, including
                                                                                                                 those who had been furloughed during the
                                                                                                                 recession, the Work Retention Boards will
                                                                                                                 help BNSF retain newly hired employees.
                                                                                                                       “Improvements in traffic volumes
                                                                                                                 and the economy have allowed us to
                                                                                                                 re-establish Work Retention Boards this
                                                                                                                 year. We believe that this will enable us to
                                                                                                                 avoid widespread furloughing of employ-
                                                                                                                 ees,” explained Greg Fox, vice president,
                                                                                                                 Transportation. “We recognize the impact
                                                                                                                 that the recent extended furloughs had on
                                                                                                                 employees and their families, and we don’t
                                                                                                                 want to put these employees back into
                                                                                                                 furlough so soon after that experience. We
                                                                                                                 simply believe the Work Retention Boards
                                                                                                                 are the right thing to do given our current
                                                                                                                 economic environment.”

         Jim McElwain, Gillette locomotive engineer, commits to working safely each and every day
         for the sake of himself and family. From left: Demi, Kim, Trent, McElwain, Amanda and Ben.

                                                        POWDER RIVER REFLECTION

       From left, Carl Ice, executive vice president and chief operations officer; Matt Rose, chairman, president and CEO; Brian Thomas, Gillette road foreman of
       engines; Bernie Rueschhoff, Gillette locomotive engineer; Ricky Fitzgerald, Gillette conductor; and Joe Szabo, FRA administrator

                              Oper ations impress FRA                                                               the	 industry,	 which	 gave	 ext
                                                                                                                                                       ra	 cause	 for	
                                                                                            	 visit	 to	 the	
                                     or,	visited	        	 “This	 was	 an	 important                                celebr ation.	 	 Albanese	 and
                                                                                                                                                       	 col leagues	
	 Joe	Szabo,	FRA	administrat                             div isio n’s 	 pro per tie s	 by	 a	
                                                                                              hig h-l eve l	
the	division	Aug.	10	aboard	a
                                 	BNSF	busi-                                                    ing	 times	         ordered	a	cake	to	pay	tribute.		
                                    	look	at	the	        Washington	 adm inistrator	 dur                             	 “Joe	was	 very	impressed
                                                                                                                                                        ,”	Albanese	
ness	car.		It	gave	him	a	firsthand                        of	political	pressures	on	the	c
                                                                                             oal	industry	                                               menta ry	 of	
 territory,	the	scale	and	scope	of	
                                   local	BNSF	
                                                                                       m	Albanese,	gen-              said.	 	 “He	 was	 ver y	 compli
                            ding	operations	at	           in	Washington,”	said	To                                    the	 precision	 at	 which	 the 	 trip	 went	 and	
 operations	and	coal	loa                                  eral	manager.		“It	was	an	opp
                                                                                              ortunity	for	                                               n’s	 operat-
 the	local	mines,	and	what	it	m
                                    eans	to	the	                                            o	show	what	              complimentary	 of	 the	 divisio
                                                          the	Powder	 River	 Division	t                               ing	team.		He	was	amazed	at	
                                                                                                                                                         the	scale	of	 	
  energy	industry	of	America.		                            BNSF	and	Powder	River	Basin
                                                                                                 	means	to	                                               whole  	 new	
  	 Szabo	 was	 escorted	 by	
                                    Matt	 Rose,	                                                                      the	 operations	 and	 gained	 a	
                                  O,	 and	 Carl	           the	nation’s	economy.”                                     appreciation	of	w   hat	we	do.”
  chairman,	 president	 and	 CE                            	 The	visit	marked	Szabo’s
                                                                                              	34th	year	in	
                                     	 and	 chief	
  Ice,	 executive	 vice	 president
   operations	officer.		

                                               POWDER RIVER REFLECTION

Divisionwide green effort continues
Gillette Terminal                                                                Alliance Terminal
	 Everything	has	an	impact	on	the	planet	–	good	or	bad.		As	                     	 Although	Gillette	Terminal	employees	led	a	local	recycling	
individual’s,	each	person	can	control	their	choices	and,	therefore,	             charge	 in	 April,	 Alliance	 Terminal	 employees	 followed	 close	
the	impact	created.                                                              behind	in	August	with	a	similar	notion.	
	 The	 Gillette	 Depot,	 WYOBEN,	 Donkey	 Creek	 Yard	                           	 Deb	Hunter,	Alliance	trainmaster,	asked	Jack	Mattox,	con-
and	 Wright,	 became	 the	 first	 pilot-business	 with	 commercial	 	            ductor	and	site	safety	team	member,	if	any	team	member	would	
locations	 to	 participate	 in	 the	 Campbell	 County	 commercial	               be	interested	in	spearheading	a	local	recycling	program.
recycling	program.		Until	2010,	recycling	services	                                             	 Merrily	DeBusk,	third-shift	yardmaster	who’s	
in	Gillette	were	only	available	for	residential	and	                                            husband	works	for	Keep	Alliance	Beautiful,	got	
school	district.		                                                                              onboard	immediately.
	 “It	is	wonderful	to	have	a	higher-profile	local	                                              	 The	 Alliance	 Terminal	 recycling	 campaign	
business	recycling,”	said	Michael	Foote,	City	of	                                               began	 with	 numerous	 white	 paper	 receptacles	
Gillette	 sustainability	 coordinator.	 	 “It	 tends	 to	                                       and	battery	boxes	distributed	throughout	TY&E	
draw	 more	 attention	 to	 the	 cause	 and	 sends	 the	                                         terminal	shanties.		Two	new,	additional	recycling	
message	that	if	they	are	doing	it	you	can	to.		We	                                              receptacles	can	be	found	in	the	Signal	dept.	and	
have	the	opportunity	to	really	make	a	difference.”                                              in	the	clerks’	office.		Future	plans	are	to	recycle	
	 As	 the	 fourth	 quarter	 begins,	 Gillette-area	                                             cardboard	 and	 plastic	 bottles.	 	 The	 cardboard	
railroaders	 continue	 to	 establish	 and	 uphold	 a	                                           boxes	used	to	take	paper	to	the	recycling	center	
positive	impact	in	their	communities	and	beyond.	       	                                       are	left	to	be	recycled.		
In	 five	 months	 time,	 May	 through	 September,	                                              	 DeBusk	said	although	battery	recycling	fluctu-
they	 accumulated	 12,376	 pounds	 of	 recyclables,	 requiring	 22	 	            ates,	every	month	paper	quantities	in	the	receptacles	continue	to	
service	pickups.	                                                                increase.
		 The	Gillette	Terminal	and	WYOBEN	Sept.	15	also	began	                         	 “We	have	so	much	paper	and	other	waste	—	cardboard	and	
recycling	 wood	 pallets	 to	 make	 mulch.	 	 In	 summer	 months,	               plastic	bottles,”	she	said.		“It	would	be	great	to	be	able	to	do	
TY&E	 crews	 consume	 approximately	 one	 pallet	 of	 water	 per	                even	more	to	keep	this	waste	out	of	the	landfill.		Every	little	bit	
day,	averaging	30	or	more	pallets	per	month.		Pallets	also	con-                  counts	and	every	month	the	amount	of	paper	recycled	is	more	
sume	considerable	space	in	the	landfill.			A	separate	dumpster	in	               than	the	month	before.”
WYOBEN	is	designated	as	the	disposal	spot	and	will	be	picked	                    	 In	August	alone,	Alliance	Terminal	employees	collected
up	by	Sander	Sanitation.		                                                       recyclables	in	pounds:
	 Dave	 Naughton,	 manager	 Sander	 Sanitation,	 said	 drivers	
have	commented	the	quantity	of	recyclables	continues	to	increase	                Yardmasters            174         Lantern batteries         75
each	week	the	containers	are	serviced.		“The	message	that	you	are	               Basement and Reg. room 338         D batteries               46
                                                                                 Switch shanties        145         AA batteries              21
sending	out	is	working	due	to	the	increasing	number	of	pounds	
                                                                                 Carmen                  30         6-Volt batteries           1
picked	up	each	week,”	he	said.	
                                                                                 Clerks                  43         C batteries                5
	 Gillette	Terminal	employees	are	encouraged	to	dispose	of	
                                                                                 Mail room               25         Total:            148 pounds
the	following	items	properly	for	local	recycling	including:	                     Bean spur               90
•	 White	copy	paper,	newspapers,	magazines,	phone	books	and	                     Total:          845 pounds
   shredded	paper
•	 Cardboard
•	 Aluminum	and	steel/tin	cans
•	 Plastic                                                                       	            Paper                          Batteries
	 Please	 note,	 no	 Styrofoam	 or	 oil	 containers.	 	 Cardboard	                          (in pounds)   Lantern      ‘D’         ‘AA’    ‘AAA’
boxes	do	not	have	to	be	broken	down.		When	taking	cardboard	to	                  Sept. 1        96           •          •            •       •
the	dumpster,	ensure	that	it	is	placed	in	the	blue	recycle	dumpster.	            Sept. 7       144           •          •            •       •
	                                                                                Sept. 13      251          32         40            2       •
                                                                                 Sept. 20      205           9         58           15       1
	                                              Numerous receptacles for
                                                                                 Sept. 21       16           •          •            •       •
                                               white paper and boxes for         Sept. 22       15           1          •            •       •
                                               batteries are distributed         Sept. 30      300          10          21           •       4
                                               throughout Alliance TY&E          Total:       1,027         52         119          17       5
                                               shanties to make the recy-
                                               cling campaign a success.

                                                        POWDER RIVER REFLECTION

                                                          “...we are the leading
                                                          division across the
                                                          system in safety.”
                                                                           —	Lyle	Horton
                                                                                                         orming healthy habits is beneficial to everyone.
                                                                                                         Each year, BNSF provides numerous rewarding
                                                                                                         opportunities for employees to fulfill their health-
                                                                                                    related goals.
                                                                                                          Several locations inspire individuals to participate
                                                                                                    in events such as weight-loss and recipe competitions.
                                                                                                    The combination of competitive spirits and lifestyle-
      Ken Willey, Butte Subdivision trainmaster, greets and thanks TY&E crews near Crawford.
                                                                                                    changing contests appeals to employees in unique

                Butte Subdivision                                                                   ways. For example, James Stevenson, machinist, con-
                                                                                                    cocted his version of the Biggest Loser challenge for

TY&E crews know safety
                                                                                                    Barstow LMIT. Employees in Chicago Division created
                                                                                                    a similar challenge, teaming with a local LA Fitness®
                                                                                                    gym, encouraging increased exercise. Individuals in the
	 The	approximately	120	Butte	Subdivision	TY&E	employees	supervised	by	                             Twin Cities and Montana divisions seized the opportu-
Lyle	Horton,	road	foreman	of	engines,	and	Ken	Willey,	trainmaster,	achieved	                        nity to learn about nutrition and exercise in the Lose to
one	year	injury	free.			Their	last	injury	occurred	Aug.	15,	2009.		                                 Win Weight Loss Challenge where together, over 1 ton
	 In	recognition	of	the	crews’	dedicated	efforts,	Horton	and	Willey	served	                         of weight was lost.
hamburgers	and	bratwursts	Oct.	6	to	43	TY&E	employees	at	an	Employee	                                     BNSF employees also benefited from the “Win
Appreciation	 Celebration	 near	 Crawford	 at	 Milepost	 425.5.	 	 They	 boasted	                   with your best beans” recipe contest. Cooks submitted
417	days	injury	free,	and	counting.
                                                                                                    their healthiest meals for a professional nutritionist to
	 “This	achievement	shows	that	crews	are	exercising	empowerment	and	tak-
                                                                                                    evaluate. Employees voted on their favorite healthy
ing	true	ownership	of	safety	on	the	Powder	River	Division’s	Butte	Subdivision,”	
                                                                                                    recipe to decide the winners. You and your fam-
said	Horton.		“These	employees	are	true	professionals.		They	take	pride	in	the	
fact	that	we	are	the	leading	division	across	the	system	in	safety.”	                                ily can now access many of these recipes in the Rail-
                                                                                                    roader’s Guide to Healthy Workday Eating online at the
                                                                                                    Online Wellness Center. Groups also may request
                                                                                                    printed copies of the guide by contacting Your HEALTH
                                                                                                    Matters at yourhealthmatters@bnsf.com.
                                                                                                                                Planning and promoting
                                                                                                                          weight-management and other
                                                                                                                          contests can increase employee
                                                                                                                          participation in healthy ac-
                                                                                                                          tivities, which benefits both
                                                                                                                          the individual and the BNSF
                                                                                                                          community. To get a healthy
                                                                                                                          initiative started in your area,
                                                                                                                          contact Your HEALTH Matters at
                                                                                                     to request help in setting up a local employee wellness
                                                                                                    program. YHM will work with a Field Medical Manager
                                                                                                    at BNSF to help you promote and conduct a successful

Ken Willey, left ,Trainmaster, RB Corbin, Conductor, Frank Bennett, Superintendent of Operations,
DJ Jelinek, Locomotive Engineer, Lyle Horton, Road Foreman of Engines.
                                                POWDER RIVER REFLECTION

suppo rt abundant
	 Continue	 to	 honor,	 support	 and	           volunteered	their	time	to	create	nearly	        to	each	deployed	soldier	or	military	unit.
express	 appreciation	 for	 U.S.	 military	     70	greeting	cards	for	the	same	purpose.	    	   	 “We’ve	 got	 way	 more	 than	 I	 ex-
veterans	and	soldiers	deployed	overseas	        Gillette’s	YES	House	residents	received	        pected	or	even	hoped	for,”	said	Donna	
with	the	help	of	BNSF	Railway.                  $50	Visa	gift	card	for	their	participation.     Meier,	 	 former	 conductor	 and	 wife	 of	
	 Share	 the	 name	 of	 a	 loved	 one,	         	 Dan	Cottrell,	night	Orin	Line	signal	         Paul,	locomotive	engineer.
family	 member,	 employee	 and/or	 their	       maintainer	 who’s	 son	 is	 deployed,	 was	     	 Cash	 donations	 from	 Alliance	
associated	military	unit	serving	overseas	      the	recipient	of	a	$50	Visa	gift	card	for	      Terminal	 employees	 are	 used	 to	 pur-
with	a	local	volunteer.		BNSF	will	pay	         his	Dear	Soldier	letter.	                       chase	 special-request	 items	 and	 vari-
to	 ship	 all	 the	 military	 care	 packages	   	 A	 prize	 drawing	 also	 was	 held	           ous	 items	 for	 additional	 military	 care	
employees	can	assemble	to	troops	every	         in	 August.	 	 Scarlet	 McKown	 won	 the	       packages.
other	 month,	 or	 more	 frequently	 per	       Gillette	 Terminal	 date	 night	 prize.	    	   	 In	October,	Alliance	Terminal	will	
demand	and	participation.		                     Tristan	 Sheridan	 was	 selected	 as	 the	      host	an	art	contest	themed	“Thank	Our	
	 In	 August,	 Gillette	 Terminal	 em-          Gillette	Terminal	poster	contest	winner.	   	   Soldiers”	 with	 prizes	 from	 the	 BNSF	
ployees	filled	38	military	care	packages	       He	was	awarded	a	fitness	center	mem-            store	 and	 local	 merchants.	 	 Several	 of	
and	accumulated	$400	in	cash	donations.	    	   bership	pass	for	one	month,	two	theater	        the	 drawings	 will	 be	 included	 in	 each	
Guernsey	Terminal	employees	gave	$90.	          tickets	 and	 a	 Crayola	 Color	 Explosion	     care	package.	
	 Members	 of	 Trainmaster	 Scott	              Glow	Board.		Mike	Klipstine,	Guernsey	          	 Donation	boxes	can	be	found	in	the	
Bullard’s	 church	 congregation	 at	 the	       yardmaster,	was	the	winner	of	a	$50	Visa	       Alliance	 shop	 superintendent’s	 office,	
Church	 of	 Jesus	 Christ	 of	 Latter	 Day	     gift	card.		                                    Gillette	 Depot,	 Guernsey	 Depot	 and	
Saints	 volunteered	 their	 time	 to	 hand	     	 Throughout	six	weeks	in	August	and	           Guernsey	Complex.		Contributors	from	
craft	 approximately	 25	 greeting	 cards	      September,	Alliance	Terminal	employ-            the	Alliance	Terminal	may	drop	off	do-
to	include	in	each	military	care	package	       ees	 joined	 forces	 to	 fill	 approximately	   nations	 to	 the	 Chamber	 of	 Commerce,	
for	soldiers	overseas.		                        100	military	care	packages	targeted	to	         111	W.	3rd	Street.			A	donation	can	will	
	 Residents	 of	 the	 Gillette	 Senior	         be	shipped	Nov.	13.		Approximately	eight	       be	 on	 the	 trainmasters’	 desk	 for	 those	
Center	 and	 Gillette’s	 YES	 House	 also	      to	10	military	care	packages	will	be	sent	      who	wish	to	make	a	cash	donation.

                                                   In August and September, Alliance
                                                   Terminal employees fill approximately
                                                   100 military care packages for soldiers
                                                   Left, Gillette Terminal employees fill
                                                   38 military care packages for soldiers

                                                      POWDER RIVER REFLECTION

                                                                                      Message from
                                                                                      Frank Bennett,
                                                                                    	 The	 Powder	 River	 Division	
Tristan Sheridan’s
                   winning the Gillette                                             safety	vision	states	we	will	strive	
military care packa                     Terminal
                    ge poster.                                                      to	build	a	culture	where	environ-
                                                                                    ment	and	work	practices	allow	
    What is acceptable and appropriate to send                                      EVERY	 employee	 in	 EVERY	
    our soldiers overseas?                                                          craft	of	EVERY	department	the	
                                                                                    ability	to	work	free	of	injury	and	
               The most-requested personal care items include lip balm,
                                                                                    incident	EVERY	day	throughout	
    toothpaste, dental floss, cotton swabs, razors, aloe vera, sunblock,
    batteries, antacid, fingernail files and clippers, shaving gel or cream,
                                                                                    	 In	this	vision,	we	are	growing	
    lotion, foot powder for athlete’s foot, DVDs, travel-size games, maga-
    zines and decks of cards.
                                                                                    a	 stronger	 and	 stronger	 partnership	
               Food items should be non-perishable including tea, coffee,           between	 all	 crafts,	 especially	 TY&E	 and	
    hot cocoa, powdered drinks, dried fruits, nuts, cookies, honey, hot             our	 Transportation	 management	 team.	 	 My	 work	 group,	
    sauce, sunflower seeds, trail mix, non-pork beef jerky, peanut butter,          Alliance	Road	Operations,	consists	of	approximately	700	
    snack crackers, microwave popcorn, cereal/protein/power bars,                   employees.		It	is	all	road	territory	surrounding	the	Alliance	
    lifesavers, mints, jolly ranchers or any hard candy, gummy bears,               Terminal	crew	base,	Sterling	north,	Ravenna	shuttles	and	
    chewing gum. Do not include soft chocolate or alcohol-filled candy.             Crawford	and	Bridgeport	helper	districts.		The	group	has	
                                                                                    experienced	only	one	reportable	injury	for	2010	and	boasts	
                                                                                    728,319	man	hours,	compared	to	794,536	in	2009.		

     You can help too!
 	 For	questions,	more	information	or	to	get	in-
                                                                                    	 The	one	injury,	a	knee	injury,	occurred	Sept.	6	in	the	
                                                                                    Alliance	South	pool.		We	hope	the	injured	employee	fully	
                                                                                    recovers	and	will	return	to	work	soon.
                                                                                    	 Two	of	my	work	groups,	Butte	and	Sand	Hills	subdi-
 volved	firsthand,	please	contact	a	local	volunteer:	                               visions,	will	attain	one	year	injury	free	if	they	continue	to	
 Alliance	Terminal                                                                  work	safe	through	fourth	quarter.		By	remaining	injury	free	
 H		Donna	Meier,	former	conductor,	and	wife	of	Paul,	locomo-                        throughout	all	four	quarters,	they	can	cash	in	on	10	black	
 tive	engineer,	308-760-5045,	meierdonna@hotmail.com	                               diamonds,	worth	$70.
 Alliance	Locomotive	Facility                                                       	 These	are	huge	accomplishments	to	say	the	least.		When	
 H		Vickie	Stenson-Mattox,	general	clerk,	308-763-2254,	                            asked	what	the	key	to	our	success	is,	I	always	respond	that	
 vickie.stensonmattox@bnsf.com                                                      it’s	a	group	effort.		I	also	give	credit	to	our	Site	Safety	Team	
                                                                                    and	local	chairmen.		
 Gillette	Terminal                                                                  	 With	our	current	group	of	employees,	it	is	a	common	
 H	Mary	Vail,	Gillette	conductor,	307-299-4787                                      belief	that	we’re	in	this	together,	and	together	we	make	this	
 H	Kathy	Straight,	director	of	administration,	307-685-7460,	                       a	safe	workplace.		This	level	of	professionalism	also	ensures	
 kathryn.straight@bnsf.com                                                          our	business	is	successful	in	serving	our	country’s	needs.	
                                                                                    	 Additionally,	 in	 nearly	 all	 of	 my	 conversations	 with	
 Guernsey	Terminal
                                                                                    scheduled	 employees,	 it	 appears	 that	 the	 level	 of	 pride,	
 H	Mary	Vail,	Gillette	conductor,	307-299-4787,	
                                                                                    ownership	and	professionalism	is	rising.	
                                                                                    	 We	 are	 all	 professional	 railroaders	 and	 together	 we	
                                                                                    achieve	success.		Please	exercise	focus	and	awareness	to	
 	 Additional	 local	 coordinators	 are	 sought	 to	 oversee	 the	
                                                                                    continue	to	build	upon	our	string	of	successes.
 project	in	their	home	terminals.		Volunteers	also	will	be	needed	
 to	help	gather	donated	items	for	the	care	packages	and	to	pack	
 the	care	packages	for	distribution.
                                                             POWDER RIVER REFLECTION

     Having trouble getting                                               Powder River Division
                                                                          BNSF Railway
                                                                                                                                                              PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                                                             US POSTAGE
    your push profile set up                                              107 North Gillette Ave.                                                                PAID
                                                                                                                                                             MAIL U.S.A.
                                                                          Gillette, WY 82716
   to receive text messages?
  Follow these easy steps to get your push
  profile set up.
  •	   The	Lineup	Push	Alerts	Profile	Menu	screen	can	be	ac-
       cessed	through	CCTM	option	24,	option	2,	or	by	pushing	
       PF6	from	the	Employee	Telephone	Screen.
  •	   Enter	your	cell	phone	number,	then	your	service	provider’s	
       corresponding	“web	address.”
  	    •	 To	find	the	address	for	your	carrier,	simply	PF1	(the	
          help	key)	with	the	cursor	on	the	line,	and	you	will	then	
          see	the	addresses	for	every	carrier.	Select	your	carrier,	
          and	the	address	will	populate	automatically.
  •	   Here	are	some	examples	the	PF1	screen	provides:
       Provider              Extension that goes after the “@” sign
  	    AT&T	                 MMODE.COM
  	    Cellular	One	         MOBILE.CELLONEUSA.COM
  	    Centennial	Wireless	 CWEMAIL.COM
  	    Nextel	               MESSAGING.NEXTEL.COM
  	 Qwest	                 QWESTMP.COM
  	 Many	 more	 are	 available	 and	 listed	 under	 this	 help	
  	 Remember,	 you	 can	 see	 the	 entire	 power	 point	 on	 the	
  Labor	Relations	website	under	the	category	of	Crew	Initiatives.	       Thanks to everyone from throughout Powder River Division territory for taking time to contribute to this
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  	 http://bnsfweb.bnsf.com/departments/laborrelations/html/           Dawn Bowen with the Gering Citizen, Jeff Craun, Tony Erickson, James Hartman, Perry Johnston, Rick
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                             Fuel Masters                                                  SEPTEMBER
                                                                                           Angora Subdivision
                                                                                                                         Clair Petty
                                                                                                                         Jon Stokes
                                                                                                                         Jeffrey Wendland
                                                                                                                                                         Sand Hills Subdivision
                                                                                                                                                         Mark Anthony
                                                                                           Cheryl Abbott                                                 Jeffrey Crawford
AUGUST                       Kevin Drummond                 Marshall Endsley
                                                                                           Larry Bellender               Butte Subdivision               Brian Crouch
Angora Subdivision           James Dunn                     Jan Gauthier
                                                                                           John Guernsey                 John Benson                     Marshall Endsley
Larry Bellender              Aaron Elkins                   Daniel Haney
                                                                                           Bracken Kinlund               Timothy Broad                   Jan Gauthier
Scott Burkey                 Michael Friesz                 Glenn Lawson
                                                                                           John McDonald                 K.C. Chasek                     Kim Haines
Bracken Kinlund              Isaiah Gomez                   James Mai
                                                                                           Carlos Meraz                  Randal Devlin                   Randal Hiatt
John McDonald                Tracy Goscha                   Steven Marchant
                                                                                           William C. Miller             James Dunn                      Glenn Lawson
Carlos Meraz                 Joshua Hadden                  John Marsteller
                                                                                           Randall Prelle                Aaron Elkins                    Michael Longoria
William C. Miller            Robin Hamilton                 Richard Mayland
                                                                                           Scott Tidemann                Michael Friesz                  Jon Mack
Michael L. Nolan             Kyle Hammer                    Brian Muhr
                                                                                                                         Isaiah Gomez                    John Marsteller
Travis Pittman               Douglas Jackson                James O’Leary                  Big Horn Subdivision          Tracy Goscha                    Roberta Martin
Randall Prelle               Darrell Johnson                Daniel Robinson                Matthew R. Baldwin            Joshua Hadden                   Frederick Merrick
                             Mark Long                      Sandra Snow                    Terry L. Davis
Big Horn Subdivision                                                                                                     Robin Hamilton                  Jess Mullanix
                             Jay Pauley                     Albert Soto                    Michael Giger
Nate Allred                                                                                                              Joe Harshbarger                 James O’Leary
                             Ryan Postell                   Paul Stavropoulos              Mark Junek
David Cullison                                                                                                           Douglas Jackson                 Richard Pohlman
                             Troy Smith                     Derek Temple                   Ian Lydic
Brian Legerski                                                                                                           Stephen Jackson II              Susan Proskovec
                             Roger Schledewitz              Alan Ullrich                   Barry Messing
Ian Lydic                                                                                                                Mark Long                       James V. Smith
                             Steve Stinnette                John Utterback
Barry Messing                                                                                                            Kurt Luce                       Paul Stavropoulos
                             Mark Swires                    Rick E. Walker                 Black Hills Subdivision       Brian Muhr                      Tod Thies
                             Jack Thies                     Kenneth H. White               Dan Bilbruck
Black Hills Subdivision                                                                                                  Jay Pauley                      Alan Ullrich
                                                            Tod Thies                      Michael R. Decker
Dan Bilbruck                 Sand Hills Subdivision                                                                      Marty Sanderson                 John Utterback
                                                                                           Ross Dexter                   Roger Schledewitz               Rick E. Walker
Donald Kellogg               Alexander Adam                 Valley Subdivision             Jason Heidebrink              Joshua Schmidt
John Lundell                 L.J. Anderson                  Calvin Ernst                   Dale Houstman                 Brad Stewart                    Valley Subdivision
Clair Petty                  Bradley Applegate              Kevin Feil                     John Lundell                  Steve Stinnette                 Daniel Phinney
                             Edward Armstrong Jr.           Calvin Krohn                   Troy Lyndoe
Butte Subdivision                                                                                                        Joshua Stone                    George White
                             Craig Bishop                   Randy Strauch                  Benjamin Mader
Cy Black Horn                Jeffrey Crawford                                                                            Michael L. Swanson
K.C. Chasek                                                                                Steve Mader                   Mark Swires
                             Brian Crouch                                                  Alan Moffitt
Lance Cline                  Michael Dafney                                                                              Derek Temple
Randal Devlin                                                                              Dale A. Nelson                Jack Thies

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