; An Antidote to Metaphysics: Adriana Cavarero's Vocal Philosophy
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An Antidote to Metaphysics: Adriana Cavarero's Vocal Philosophy


Cavarero's earliest writings to appear in English developed the topic of sexual difference - a central concern of the Diotima feminist philosophical collective based in Verona. Because of her training in philosophy and philology, Cavarero largely concerned herself in the 1980s and 1990s with the exploration of sexual difference within ancient and Western philosophy.

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									                           theorizing ge nde r,
                           cultur e, and m us ic

An Antidote to Metaphysics
Adriana Cavarero’s Vocal Philosophy

       Ryan Dohoney

I am convinced that the best antidote to meta-     of selfhood founded on a unique embodied ex-
physics is singing.                                istent. Since the early 2000s Cavarero has turned
                                                   toward voice as the means of elaborating her
     Adriana Cavarero with Elisabetta Bertolino,
                                                   antimetaphysical project. With her turn toward
      “Beyond Ontology and Sexual Difference:
                                                   the sonic and the vocal she has gradually come
          An Interview with the Italian Feminist
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