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									                                                                                                                   CROWN DIRECTORY OF PEOPLE

AA-Last                     AA-Organization
Name          FirstName                                                     Position                                        Phone number       Email                              Location
Ackerman      Allan         City of Elkford                                 Mayor                                                                                                 Elkford          BC
Aderhold      Mike          Montana Dept of Fish, Wildlife and Parks        Regional Supervisor                             406-454-5840                   Great Falls      MT
Alan          Gardner       Southern Alberta Land Trust Society (SALTS)     Executive Director                              403-652-4784           High River       AB
Alexander     Mike          Alberta Sustainable Resource Development        Range Management Forester                       403-627-1131           Pincher Creek    AB
Ambrose       Norine        Cows and Fish Program                           Program Manager                                 403-381-5538           Lethbridge       AB
Ambrosi       Joey          Frank Slide Interpretive Centra                                                                 403-562-7388             Crowsnest Pass   AB
Anderson      Malcolm       Cowboy Trail Director                                                                                                                   AB
Anderson      Linda         Glacier Country                                                                                 406-837-6211                                  MT
Anderson      Greg          Ministry of Forests and Range                   Operations Mgr                                                 Cranbrook        BC
Anderson      Nancy         U.S. Bureau of Land Management                  Regional Director                               406-329-3914             Missoula         MT
Andrews       Chris         Kotenay Rockies Tourism                                                                                                           BC
Austin        Debbie        U.S. Forest Service- Lolo National Forest       Forest Supervisor                               406-329-3797                 Missoula         MT
Baltz         Joyce         Glacier Institute                               Executive Director                              406-755-1211         Kalispell        MT
Bannon        Sarah         Gold West Country Tourism Commission                                                                                                     MT
Barbouletos   Cathy         U.S. Forest Service - Flathead NF               Forest Supervisor                               403-758-5251             Kalispell        MT
Barker        Kim           Montana Scenic Loop                                                                             406-466-5784              Choteau          MT
Barkus        Colleen       Browning Chamber                                                                                                                                      Browning         MT
Belski        Carla Cline   Executive Directpr                              Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation              406-253-4421                  Whitefish        MT
Bennett       Bill          Bill Bennett, MLA                               MLA                                                               Cranbrook        BC
Berdusco      Ricci         B.C. Ministry of Energy, Mines, & Petroleum                                                     250-426-1252           Cranbrook        BC
Bergenske     John          Wildsight                                                                                       250 422-3566               Kimberley        BC
Bernd-Cohen                 Consultant
              Tina                                                          Consultant to PPRI                              406-459-7459                  Helena           MT
Birdstone     Denise        Tobacco Plains Band                             Administrator                                               Grasmere         BC
Birkeland     Nathan        The Nature Conservancy                          Pine Butte Ctr                                                            Choteau          MT
Bjornberg     Victor        Travel Montana                                                                                  406-444-4366                  Helena           MT
Blair         Marilyn       U.S. Geological Survey                          Information Administrator                       406-888-7996           West Glacier     MT
Blair         Rod           Waterton Lakes National Park                    Field Unit Superintendant                       403-859-5116                 Waterton         AB
Blood         Lex           Crown of the Continent Envir. Ed. Consortium                                                    406-756-3170                              MT
Bowen         Sheila        Whitefish Chamber of Commerce                   President/CEO                                   406-862-3501        Whitefish        MT
Boyer         Dwain         Water Stewardship Division-Kootenay             Section Head                                    250-354-6388              Nelson           BC
Bradford      Paul          U.S. Forest Service -Kootenai National Forest   Forest Supervisor                               406-283-7763                Libby            MT
Brady         Steve         U.S. Forest Service- Flathead NF                District Ranger                                 406-837-7500                   Bigfork          MT
Breneman      Joe           Flathead                                        County Commissioner                                                Kalispell        MT
Brennan       Casey         Wildsight
                                                                            Flathead - Southern Rockies Program Manager     250-423-2603                  Fernie           BC
Britt         Sean          Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative                                                    403-609-2666 ext
                                                                            Conservation Partnership Coordinator            113 / 220-9379                       Canmore          AB
Broberg       Len           University of Montana- EVST                     Associate Professor                             406-243-5209           Missoula         MT
Brown                       Crowsnest Conservation Society                                                                                     melissa.brown@crowsnestconservatio
              Melissa                                                                                                       403-626-5789                               Blairmore        AB
Brown         Perry         University of Montana- Rocky Mountain
                            Cooperative Ecosystems Studies Unit             Chair of RM-CESU & Forestry                     406-243-5346           Missoula         MT
Burch         Susie         Flahhead Valley Community College                                                               756-3839                                      MT
Busch         Murray        Alberta Sustainable Resource Development
                                                                            Regional Head, Enforcement Field Services SE    403 382-4346             Lethbridge       AB
Byrd          Caroline      The Nature Conservancy                          Western MT Program Manager                      406-543-6681                      Missoula         MT
Campbell      Glenn         B.C Min of Water, Land & Air Prot
                                                                            Area Supervisor                                               Cranbrook        BC
Campbell-     Kirby         Senator Baucus                                                                                                     kirby_campbell-
Rierson                                                                     Fiedl Director, Senator Baucus                  406-756-1150          Kalispell        MT
Carbonell     Armando       Lincln Institute of Land Policy                                                                                   Cambridge        MA
Carl          Prinzing      Rotary Peace Park Association
                                                                                                                            406-549-1500 x110
Carr          Dave          The Nature Conservancy                          Rocky Mountain Front Sr. Program Director       406-443-6726                       Helena           MT
Caton         Jamie         Canadian Consulate General-Denver                                                               303-626-0670    Denver           CO
Chadwick      Dough &       Writer, Conservationist
              Karen                                                                                                         406-862-4351             Whitefish        MT
Charlo                      Confederated Salish Kootanie People's Center
              Mary Jane                                                                                                     406-883-5344                                  MT
Chehock       Scott         Montana Wildlife Federation                                                                     406-458-0227                                   MT
                                                                                                                  CROWN DIRECTORY OF PEOPLE

Chowmyn        Chris       MD Crowsnest Pass
                                                                                                                                                                                 Crowsnest Pass   AB
Christiaens    Rita        Montana Scenic Loop                                                                             406-466-5784              Choteau          MT
Christiansen   Dave        Alberta Sustainable Resource Development                                                                                                              Rocky Mountain
                                                                            Acting Regional Director                       403-845-8269      House            AB
Cobb           Dave        Senator Baucus                                   Senator Baucus staffer                         406-586-6104                       MT
Cooley         Kelly       M.D. of Pincher Creek
                                                                            Agriculture Fieldman                           403-627-4151 Pincher Creek     AB
Cooney         Ned         Flathead on the Move                                                                            406-212-7242            Bigfork           MT
Cowtan         Pam         Integrated Land Management Bureau                Planning Team Leader                                         Cranbrook         BC
Crockett                   Alberta Tourism, Parks, Recreation and Culture
               Kevin                                                                                                       780-427-6676          Edmonton         AB
Crop Eared     Annabel     Blood Tribe
Wolf                                                                                                                       403-737-8105                 Standoff         AB
Crow Shoe                  Piikani Nation, Head-Smashed-In World Heritage
               Quinton     Site                                                                                            403-553-2731                         AB
Crowley        Sue         B.C. Min of Water, Land & Air Prot               Environmental Stewardship Biologist            250-342-4290       Invermere        BC
Cyr            Rodney      M.D. of Pincher Creek No.9                       Councilor                                      403-627-3130         Pincher Creek    AB
Dadson         Chris       Kotenay Rockies Tourism                                                                                                             BC
Dahl           Ann         Swan Ecosystem Center                            Executive Director                             406-754-3137              Condon           MT
Dahlen         Dave        Glacier National Park                            Chief, Interpretation and Education            406-888-7930               West Glacier     MT
Dairymple      Gina        Choteau                                          Businesswoman                                  466-3203                Choteau          MT
DalSoglio      Julie       U.S. EPA Montana Office                          Assistant State Director                                    Helena           MT
Daly           Carol       Consultant                                       Flathead Forestry Project-                               
Daniels        Duncan      Alberta Tourism, Parks, Recreation and Culture   Head of Regional Marketing, South Alberta
                                                                            Historic Sites                                 403-297-4044          Calgary          AB
Daniels        Duncan      South Alberta Historic Sites                                                                    406-297-4044                           AB
Darlow         Neil        Yellowston to Yukon Conservation Initiative                                                     800-966-7920 x 5                      Calgary          AB
Dash           Cheryl      Alberta Environment                              Community Relations Officer                    403-381-5562             Lethbridge       AB
Davis          Bob         U.S. Geological Survey                                                                          406-457-5900                                     MT
Davitt         Kim         American Wildlands                                                                              406-728-2087             Bozeman          MT
DeHerrera      Jimmy       U.S. Forest Service - Flathead NF                District Ranger                                406-387-3801              Hungry Horse     MT
Devent         Wendy       Oldman Watershed Council                                                                        403-382-4239             Lethbridge       AB
Diemert        Val         U.S. Forest Service - Lewis and Clarke NF        Information specialist                         406-791-7764                Great Falls      MT
Dion           Jim         National Geographic                                                      202-828-6671
Dolan          Bill        Waterton Lakes National Park                     Chief Resource Conservation                    403-859-5118               Waterton         AB
Doore          Roy H.      U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs
                                                                            Natural Resource Specialist                    406-338-7544/7520                                     Browning         MT
Dubois         Stephanie   Glacier National Park                            Assistant Superintendant                                           West Glacier     MT
Duke           Danah       Miistakis Institute                              Executive Coordinator                          403-220-8968                  Calgary          AB
Duvall         Alicia      Blackfoot Challenge                              CSC Coordinator                                406-793-3900        Ovando           MT
Dyson          Ian         Alberta Environment                              Head, Environmental Management                 403-381-5430               Lethbridge       AB
Eichenberger   Kathy       Environment Protection - Kootenay
                                                                            Regional Manager                               250-354-6362      Nelson           BC
Eijgel         Heidi       Alberta Parks and Protected Areas                Heritage Protection Specialist                 403-627-1152                             AB
Ekey           Bob         The Wilderness Society                           Executive Director                             406-586-1600x102                  Bozeman          MT
Engstedt-                  Montana Wood Products Association
Simpson        Ellen                                                        Executive Vice-President                       406-443-1566               Helena           MT
Fagre          Dan         U.S. Geological Survey                           Ecologist, Climate Change Research
                                                                            Coordinator                                    406-888-7922                West Glacier     MT
Fent           Livio       Alberta Sustainable Resource Development         Manager, GIS Operations Data Stores            780-422-5097              Edmonton         AB
Ferenstein     Jennifer    Coalition to Protect the Rocky MTN Front                                                        406-728-2184       Missoula         MT
Feury          Andy        Whitefish                                        Mayor                                                                                                Whitefish        MT
Field          Monica      Frank Slide Interpretive Centre                  Manager                                        403-562-5362            Crowsnest Pass   AB
First Rider    Dorothy     Blood Tribe                                                                                     403-737-8236                 Cardston         AB
First Rider    Dorothy     Blood Tribal Council                                                                            403-737-8236             Standoff         AB
Firth          Larry       Waterton Biosphere Association                                                                  403-627-2065                   Twin Butte       AB
Fisher         Jed         Flathead County                                  Building Maintenance Director                  406-758-5798                                  MT
Fisher         Bill        Parks Canada                                     Executive Director, Mountain Parks             403-762-1560              Banff            AB
Fisher         Gayle       Russell County Tourism Commission                                                               406-761-5036               Great Falls      MT
Fitzgerald     Rhonda      Whitefish Convention & Visitors Bureau                                                          406-862-3440            Whitefish        MT
Flokstra       Lynn        Fernie Chamber                                                                                                      Fernie           BC
Flowers        Mayre       Citizens for a Better Flathead                   Executive Director                             406-756-8993               Kalispel         MT
Flowers        Lisa        University of Montana/Boone and Crockett Club-
                           Teddy Roosevelt Memorial Ranch                   Conservation Education                                                            MT
                                                                                                                CROWN DIRECTORY OF PEOPLE

Foggin       Rod        Cardston County                                   Agriculture Fieldman                              403-653-4977            Cardston         AB
Foust        Mark       Glacier National Park                             Chief Ranger                                      406-888-7995                West Glacier     MT
Fox          Elliot     Blood Tribe Land Mgt Department                   Director                                          403-737-8151           Standoff         AB
French       Glenn      Alberta OHV                                                                                                                                      AB
Frey         Nancy      Montana Scenic Loop                                                                                 406-466-5784                Choteau          MT
Friede                  Glacier Country Regional Tourism Commission
             Racene                                                       Executive                                         406-837-6211                Kalispel         MT
Frisch       Steve      Sierra Business Council                           President                                         530-582-4800 x 15             Truckee          CA
Furshong     Gabe       Montana Wilderness Association                                                                      406-466-2600         Choteau          MT
Gardner      Alan       Pekisko Group
                                                                                                                                       (Alan Gardner) Longview        AB
Gerloff      Lisa       University of Montana- Rocky Mountain
                        Cooperative Ecosystems Studies Unit               Execuitve Coordinator RM-CESU                     406-243-5346          Missoula         MT
Gerrand      Michael    Cows and Fish Program                             Riparian Specialist                               403-381-5377          Lethbridge       AB
Gibeau       Mike       Parks Canada                                                                                                  
Gnanakumar   Saba       Alberta Environment                               Southern Operations Manager                       403-297-5938         Calgary          AB
Gorski       Margaret   U.S. Forest Service regional tourism and
                        recreation                                                                                          406-329-3587                 Missoula         MT
Gravelle     Dan        Ktunaxa Kinbaset Tribal Council                   Treaty Liason Worker                                                                                    Cranbrook        BC
Gray         Randy      City of Great Falls                               Fomer Mayor                                                                                             Great Falls      MT
Greenaway    Guy        Miistakis Institute                               Senior Project Manager                            403-220-8968                    Calgary          AB
Hale         Greg       Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
                                                                          Conservation Coordinator                          (403) 382-4526               Lethbridge       AB
Hall         Gary       Flathead                                          County Commissioner                                                  Kalispell        MT
Hall         G          Flathead County Commissioner                                                                                                              MT
Hall         Ted R.     U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs                     Natural Resource Officer                          406-338-7520                                          Browning         MT
Hammerquist             National Park Conservation Association
             Will                                                                                                                                                                                  MT
Harmon       Will       University of Montana- PPRI                       Crown Network Project Coordinator                 406-465-4439           Helena           MT
Harper       Hal        Montana Governor's Office-State Capitol           Governor Policy Advisory                                                        Helena           MT
Haufler      Jon        Clearwater Resources Council                      Chairman                                          406-677-0247              Seeley Lake      MT
Haufler      Jon        Ecosystem Management Research Institute           President (Also CRC)                              406-677-0247              Seeley Lake      MT
Hayden       Brace      Glacier National Park                             Regional Issues Specialist                        406-888-7913              West Glacier     MT
Heavy        Ed         Blood Tribe Land Mgt Department
Shields                                                                   Livestock Services Officer                        403-737-8157                                          Standoff         AB
Hejl         Sallie     Glacier National Park                             Resource Education Specialist                     406-888-7863               West Glacier     MT
Herbert-Hess Janet      Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks
                                                                          GIS Supervisor                                    406-444-2535               Helena           MT
Heschl       Allan      Alberta Community Development                     District Conservation Officer - Pincher Creek     403-627-1110               Pincher Creek    AB
Hicks        Lorin      Plum Creek Timber Company                         Science Program                                   406.892.6388         Columbia Falls   MT
Hill         Wendy      Glacier Natural History Association                                                                 888-5756                         MT
Hoang        Linh       U.S. Forest Service - Flathead NF                 Forest Botanist                                   406-758-5331                  Kalispell        MT
Hodgebloom   Fred       Montanans for Multiple Use                        President                                         (406) 755-6368          Whitefish        MT
Hoffman      Tris       US. Forest Service - Flahead NF                   Bioscience Tech-Weeds                             406-758-3510               Kalispell        MT
Holm         Mick       Glacier National Park                             Superintendant                                    406-888-7901                 West Glacier     MT
Holston      Mark       Flathead Basin Commission                         Public Information Officer                        406-752-0081                                          Kalispell        MT
Huntley      Judy       Castle Crown Wilderness Coalition                 Executive Director                                403/628-2422                 Pincher Creek    AB
Jamieson     Pat        U.S.Fish& Wildlife Service-National Bison Range
                                                                          Outdoor Recreation Planner                        406/644-2211              Marion           MT
Jessepe      Joe        Blackfeet Community College
                                                                          Tutor-Coord., Learning Center(also Glacier NHA)   338-5421, xt 215               Browning         MT
Jessepe      Joseph     Glacier Natural History Association               Member, Board of Directors                        338-5421, xt 215                                MT
Johnson      Darryl     Alberta Sustainable Resource Development          Manager, Field Operations                         403 562-3126          Blairmore        AB
Johnson      Jeremy     High Country Trade                                (Also Lincoln Chamber)                            1-800-433-3916                              MT
Johnson      Jeremy J   Lincoln Chamber of Commerce                                                                         800-433-3916             Lincoln          MT
Johnson      Sheena     University of Calgary grad student                                                                  403-230-8368              Calgary          AB
Johnston     Patricia   U.S. Forest Service- Flathead NF-Recreation                                                         406-758-5352              Kalispell        MT
Jones        Marion     Alberta Sustainable Resource Development          Weed Mgt. Coordinator                             403-638-3805            Sundre           AB
Jones        Rosemary   Milk River Watershed Council Canada                                                                                                                                        AB
Jones        Lisa       Whitefish Convention & Visitors Bureau            PR Consultant                                     406-862-7977                   Whitefish        MT
Jordan       Gil        North West Montana Historical Society                                                               406-756-8381            Kalispell        MT
Judice       Don        U.S. Bureau of Land Management                    Great Falls Office                                                          Great Falls      MT
Jungster     Monica     Apgar                                             Businesswoman                                                       Apgar            MT
Kamps        Amber      U.S. Forest Service - Helena NF                   Lincoln Ranger                                    406-362-4265                  Lincoln          MT
Kasworm      Wayne      U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service                    Wildlife Biologist                                406-293-4161                                          Libby            MT
                                                                                                                   CROWN DIRECTORY OF PEOPLE

Keiter       Bob            University of Utah                               Director, Wallace Stegner Center for Land,
                                                                             Resources, and the Environment                   801-581-6853            Salt Lake City   UT
Kelley       Tim            Teton Watershed Group                            Chairman                                                           Great Falls      MT
Kendall      Craig          U.S. Forest Service - Flathead NF                Hydrologist                                      406-758-6485              Kalispell        MT
Kendall      Kate           U.S. Geological Survey                                                                                                 West Glacier     MT
Kendy        Eloise         Kendy Hydrologic Consulting                      Hydrogeologist                                   406-495-9910              Helena           MT
Kennedy      Pam            Kalispell                                        Mayor                                                                                             Kalispell        MT
Kershner     Jeff           U.S. Geological Survey                           Director                                                              West Glacier     MT
Kier         Grant          Five Valley Land Trust                           Executive Director                               406-549-0755                Missoula         MT
Kolbe        Jay            Montana Dept Fish, Wildlife and Parks                                                                                                 MT
Koning       Wendell        Alberta Environment                              Limnologist                                      403-297-8267        Calgary          AB
Kopas        Larry          M.D. of Ranchland                                Agriculture Fieldman                             403-646-3131         Nanton           AB
Kozak        Leda           Oldman Watershed Council                                                                                                                                            AB
Kretz        Rod            Waterton Chamber                                                                                  403-629-4771           Waterton         AB
Kuiper       Lenze          Olman River Regional Services Commission         Director                                         403-329-1344                 Lethbridge       AB
La Fleur     Dawn           Glacier National Park                            Supervisory Biologist                            406-888-7864            West Glacier     MT
Lacey        Barbara        Oldman Watershed Council                                                                                                                                            AB
Laing        Brian          Alberta Sustainable Resource Development         Rangeland Management Head                        403-381-5472           Lethbridge       AB
Lane         Cam            Alberta Sustainable Resource Development         Advisor, Intergvt. Relations&Resource Policy     780-427-9451              Edmonton         AB
Lawlor       Sarah          Travel Montana                                                                                    406-841-2873                                   MT
Lawson       Jillian Lynn   Castle Crown Wilderness Coalition                President                                        403-627-5059               Pincher Creek    AB
Lawson       Jillian        Livingstone Landowners Group                     (Also on Castle Crown WC)                                                        AB
Leonard      Bill           Swift Creek Watershed Group                      Manager                                                                                           Whitefish        MT
Lesmeister   Les            Sun Watershed Group                              Chairman                                                              Great Falls      MT
Lieser       Ed             Swift Creek Watershed Group                      Pres, Whitefish County Water & Sewer District                                                     Whitefish        MT
Litke        Jay            Alberta Environment                              Regional Director                                403-297-6070             Calgary          AB
Love         Tim            U.S. Forest Service- Lolo National Forest        Seeley Ranger                                    406-677-2233                 Seeley Lake      MT
Lundy        Gordon         Crownsnest Pass                                  Administrator                                                      Blairmore        AB
Lundy        Pat            Southwest Alberta Regional Alliance                                                               403-563-5362                     AB
Lyall        Kimberly       Chinook Country                                                                                   1-800-661-1222
Lynx         Julia          Chinook Institute for Community Stewardship                                                              
MacKay       Ron            M.D. of Willow Creek                             Agriculture Fieldman                             403-625-3351       Claresholm       AB
Macnair      Randall        City of Fernie                                   Mayor                                                                                             Fernie           BC
Macnair      Randal         Fernie                                           Mayor                                            (250) 423-7461        Fernie           BC
Magowan      Denis          Alberta Environment                              Director, Water Management Operations            403-381-5966         Lethbridge       AB
Maki         Don            Ktunaxa Cultural Sector                          Director                                         250-417-4001                                BC
Malmberg     Mike           Kootenai River Network                           Board Member                                     406-283-7610   Libby            MT
Mantas       Maria          The Nature Conservancy                           Western MT Science & Stewardship Director        406-793-6494                 Ovando           MT
Marshall     Locke          Waterton Lakes National Park                                                                      403-859-5121         Waterton         AB
Martin       Doug           B.C Min of Water, Land & Air Prot                Biologist                                                    Cranbrook        BC
Martin       Corlene        Sonoran Institute                                RMF Field Coord                                  406-466-5784             Choteau          MT
Marty        Myrna          Livingstone Landowners Group                                                                      403-627-2723                            AB
Mason        Ashley         Crown of the Continent Environmental Education
                            Consortium                                                                                        406-751-3504
Mason        Patti          Haskill Basin Watershed Council                  Outreach & Watershed Coordinator                 (406)752-4220                 Kalispell        MT
Matt         Clayton        Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribe                                                            406-883-2888                                                      MT
McCarthy     Denis          U.S. Forest Service - Flathead NF                Information specialist                           406-758-5239             Kalispell        MT
McDougall    Cal            City of Sparwood                                 Mayor                                                               Sparwood         BC
McIntyre     Randy          Eureka Area Chamber of Commerce                  Executive Director                               889-4636        Eureka           MT
McKinney     Matt           University of Montana PPRI                       Director, Public Policy Research Institute, UM   406-457-8475                 Helena           MT
McLeod       Calvin         Alberta Community Development                    Heritage Protection Specialist                   403-382-4149         Lethbridge       AB
McOntyre     David          Crowsnest Conservation Society                                                                                    Blairmore        AB
McQuiston    Keli           Representative Rehbery                           Rep Rehberg Staffer                                     
McRae        Ron            City of Kimberley                                Mayor                                                                                             Kimberley        BC
Menicke      Richard        Glacier National Park                            Geographer                                                       West Glacier     MT
Metzmaker    Jan            The Glacier Fund                                                                                  406-862-6110                                     Whitefish        MT
Metzmaker    Jan            Whitefish Convention & Visitors Bureau           (Also on Glacier Fund)                           862-3390          Whitefish        MT
Miller       Ken            Milk River Watershed Council Canada                                                                                                                                 AB
Miller       Mike           Swift Creek Watershed Group                      Coordinator                                      (406)847-5560           Heron            MT
Miske        Caryn          Flathead Basin Commission                        Executive Director                               406-626-5789                   Kalispell        MT
Monchak      Darcy          Integrated Land Management Bureau                Planning Forester                                          Golden           BC
Moy          Rich           Flathead Basin Commission & Montana
                            Department of Natural Resources and                                                               406-444-6633                     Helena           MT
Muehlhof     Dori           Flathead Convention and Visitors Bureau                                                           406-756-9091                   Kalispell        MT
Munoz        Mike           U.S. Forest Service - Lewis and Clarke NF        Choteau District Ranger                          406-466-5341               Choteau          MT
                                                                                                                CROWN DIRECTORY OF PEOPLE

Murray       John         Blackfeet Planning
                                                                                                                          338-7181     Browning         MT
Murtha       Mike         Waterton Lakes National Park                      Planner                                       403-762-1523                  Banff            AB
Newhouse     Nancy        East Kootenay Conservation Program                                                              250-342-3655                  Invermere        BC
Nicholson    Stan         Clearwater Resource Council                                                                     406-677-2517              Seeley Lake      MT
Nickerson                 UM Institute for Tourism & Recreation Research
             Norma                                                                                                        243-2328             Missoula         MT
Nicosia      Susan        City of Columbia Falls                            Mayor                                                           Columbia Falls   MT
O'Keefe      Marc         Glacier Insitutte                                                                                                                                                        MT
Olivas       Ramon        National Park Service/IMR-Santa Fe                U.S. Mexico Program Coordinator               505-988-6026                  Santa Fe         NM
Olson        Christyann   Alberta Wilderness Association                    Executive Director                            1-866-313-0713                                          Calgary          AB
Opper        Richard      Montana Dept of Environmental Quality             Director                                                                       Helena           MT
Palecheki    Stephanie    Oldman Watershed Council                          Executive Director                            (403) 382-4239             Lethbridge       AB
Palmer       Bernie       The Rocky Mountain Grizzly Centre                                                               250-423-6693             Fernie           BC
Paradis      Dan          Ktunaxa Kinbaset Tribal Council                   Treaty Lands Coordinator                                                 Cranbrook        BC
Parker       Melanie      Northwest Connections                             Executive Director                            754-3185                       Swan Valley      MT
Patterson    Kevin        East Kootenay                                                                                   (250) 417-6796                                 BC
Patterson    Daisy        University of Montana                                                                           406-360-9204              Missoula         MT
Pearson      Kim          The Nature Conservancy-Alberta Canada                                                                             Kimberly.pearson@natureconservanc
                                                                            Conservation Coordinator                      403-627-5876                                  Waterton         MT
Peck         Brian        Great Bear Foundation                             Wildlife Consultant                           406-892-3767                                MT
Penner       Karin        Cranbrook Chamber                                                                               250-426-5914                  Cranbrook        BC
Peters       Christa      Frank Slide Interpretive Centre                                                                 403-562-7388              Crowsnest Pass   AB
Phillips     Tom          Ktunaxa Kinbaset Tribal Council                   Treaty Information Mgr                                                  Cranbrook        BC
Phillips     Merle        Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks
                                                                                                                          (406) 752-5501                      Kalispell        MT
Pierre       Sophie       Ktunaxa Kinbaset Tribal Council                   Tribal Council Administrator                  1-800-324-4118                    Cranbrook        BC
Pike         Carol        Columbia Falls Chamber                                                                          406-892-2072                  Columbia Falls   MT
Pinto        Madalena     Miistakis Institute                               Administration Assistant                      403-220-8968                      Calgary          AB
Poter        Jeff         M.D. Pincher, Willow Creek, Ranchlands            Rural Extension Specialist                    403-646-3131                    Nanton           AB
Potter       Jack         Glacier National Park                             Assistant Chief, Science and Resources Mgt.   406-888-7821                   West Glacier     MT
Poulton      Dave         Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society-
                          Calgary/Banff Chapter                             Executive Director                            (403) 232-6686             Calgary          AB
Powers                    Alpine Artisans
Swanson      Martha                                                         Executive Director                            406-793-5706            Seeley Lake      MT
Priest       Ross         City of Cranbrook                                 Mayor                                                             Cranbrook        BC
Quinn        Mike         University of Calgary                             Assistant Professor                           403-220-7013                     Calgary          AB
Rakach       Calvin       Alberta Off-Road Vehicle Assoc                    Technical Director                            403-638-5046                     Sundre           AB
Rasmussen    Robert       Trust for Public Lands                            NR Field Office                               406-443-4017              Helena           MT
Reeves       Brian        Waterton
             "Barney"                                                       Mayor and Improvement Dist 4                  403-859-2254                  Waterton         AB
Remesz       Vernon       Alberta Sustainable Resource Development          GIS Technologist                              403-381-5971               Lethbridge       AB
Richem       Tanya        Choteau                                           Businesswoman                                 466-3880                 Choteau          MT
Riddle       Mary         Glacier National Park                             Compliance Coordinator                        406-888-7898                   West Glacier     MT
Riorden      Kevin        U.S. Forest Service - Helena NF                   Forest Supervisor                                                                                     Helena           MT
Robinson     Lana         Alberta Environment                               Resource Information Generalist               403 382-4106               Lethbridge       AB
Rockwell     David        Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribe            Consultant                                    406-246-3646                                            Dixon            MT
Rogers       Rox          U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service                                                                  406-758-6880                    Kalispell        MT
Rollo        Alan         Sun Watershed Group                               Coordinator                                   (406) 727-4437                       Great Falls      MT
Rollo        Alan         Teton Watershed Group                             Coordinator (Also Sun WS)                     (406) 727-4437                       Great Falls      MT
Romanow      Tim          Cardston County                                   Rural Extension Specialist                    403-653-4977                Cardston         AB
Rood         Stewart      University of Lethbridge                          Professor and Board of Governor's Research
                                                                            Chair in Environmental Science                403-329-2327                         Lethbridge       AB
Ross         Denny        U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs, Blackfeet Agency
                                                                            Director                                                                                              Browning         MT
Ross         John         Milk River Watershed Council Canada                                                                                                                                      AB
Rowley       Allen        U.S. Forest Service - Lewis and Clarke NF         Deputy Forest Supervisor                      (406) 791-7719                                      MT
Ruggieri     Dom          Alberta Sustainable Resource Development          Regional Director                             403 297-5360                Calgary          AB
Running-     Jodie        Blackfeet Planning                                                                                                Jodi.Runningfisher@blackfeetplannin
Fisher                                                                                                                    (406) 338-7181                                 Browning         MT
Ryan         Clarice      Montanans for Multiple Use                                                                      406-837-6929                Bigfork          MT
Salt         Deb          U.S. Bureau of Land Management                    National Trails Coordinator                   406-863-5406                      Whitefish        MT
Sandman      Bob          MT Department of Natural Resources &Cons.                                                                                                       MT
Sandman      Bob          Stillwater/Swan State Forest                      Manager                                       406-881-2371                       Olney            MT
Saterfield   Jim          Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks
                                                                            Regional Manager                              406-751-4566                   Kalispell        MT
                                                                                                                   CROWN DIRECTORY OF PEOPLE

Sentz         Gene        Friends of the Rocky Mountain Front                                                               406-466-2750                   Choteau          MT
Servheen      Chris       U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service                     Grizzly Bear Recovery Coordinator              406-243-4903                  Missoula         MT
Sexton        Mary        MT. Dept of Natural Resources & Conservation
                                                                             Director                                                                        Helena           MT
Sexton        Erin K      University of Montana                                                                                      OR
                                                                             Flathead Biological Station                    406-982-3301x 229               Polson           MT
Sharp         Craig       Montana Wildlife Federation                                                                                                      Helena           MT
Sharren       Martin      Alberta Fish and Game Association                  Executive Vice President                       780-437-2342                        Edmonton         AB
Sihler        Paul        Heart of the Rockies Initiative                    Partnership Coordinator                        (406) 457-2491                         Kalispell        MT
Simonson      Jan         Alberta Environment                                Planner                                        403-297-2499                 Calgary          AB
Sinton        Heather     Alberta Environment                                Manager, Environmental Integration             780-427-5823               Calgary          AB
Skunkcap      Gayle       Blackfeet Tribe: Fish and Wildlife                 Director                                       406-3387207                                              Browning         MT
Smith         Bob         Alberta Off-Road Vehicle Assoc                     President                                      780-432-0858                                           AB
Smith         Jenice      Crowsnest Conservation Society                     Program Manager                                403-562-8923        Blairmore        AB
Smith         Ted         Kendall Foundation                                 Executive Director
Smith         Cyndi       Waterton Lakes National Park                       Conservation Biologist                         403-859-5137                  Waterton         AB
Smith         Janice      Waterton Lakes National Park                       Communication Specialist                                                 Waterton         AB
Sombrows      Gordon      Fernie                                             Businessman                                                                    Fernie           BC
Sorensen      Jerry       Plum Creek Timber Company                                                                         (406) 892-6479          Columbia Falls   MT
Stanford      Jack        University of Montana - Flathead Lake Biological                                                  406-982-3301 ext
                          Station                                            Director, Flathead Lake Biological Station     235                  Polson           MT
Stark         Carole      Chinook Institute for Community Stewardship        Executive Director                             403-678-4040     Canmore          AB
Steele Jr     James       Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribe             Chairman                                                                     St. Ignatius     MT
Steinkraus    Robin       Flathead Lakers                                    Executive Director                             406-883-1346                  Polson           MT
Stetski       Wayne       B.C. Min of Environment                            Regional Mgr                                   250-489-8540               Cranbrook        BC
Stone         Jim         Blackfoot Challenge                                Chairman                                       406-793-3900            Ovando           MT
Stone-        Tracy       Senator Tester                                                                                                       tracy_stone-
Manning                                                                      Senator Tester staffer                                  
Strathy       Robin       U.S. Forest Service - Lewis and Clarke NF          Forest Planner                                 406-791-7726                    Great Falls      MT
Stutzman      Jim         U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service-Partners for Fish
                          and Wildlife Program                               Partners Program Dir                           406-727-7400x224                  Great Falls      MT
Swank         Randall
Tafoya                    National Park Conservation Association
              Michelle    volunteer, Glacier ranger                                                                         816-294-2191
Teneese       Katherine   Ktunaxa Kinbaset Tribal Council                                                                   250-417-4022                                     BC
Terland       Gene        U.S. Bureau of Land Management                     State Director                                                            Lewistown        MT
Thesen        Cliff       Alberta Community Development                      Area Manager                                   403-382-4100                Lethbridge       AB
Thomas        Pat         Blackfeet Tribal Council                           Chairman                                                                                                Browning         MT
Thomas        David       Fernie Conservation                                                                               250.423.5034         Fernie           BC
Thomas        Pat         National Park Service                              Landscape Architect                            406-758-5256                                             Kalispell        MT
Thompson      Alicia      Glacier Park, Inc.                                 Saels, Marketing, & Group Tour Management      (406) 892-6712           Columbia Falls   MT
Thompson      Steve       National Park Conservation
                          Association/MapGuide                               Assoc Regional Director                        406-862-6793                    Kalispell        MT
Thompson      Cheri       Seeley Lake Chamber of Commerce                                                                                           Seeley Lake      MT
Thompson      Leslie      U.S. Forest Service - Lewis and Clarke NF
              (Spike)                                                        Forest Supervisor                              (406) 791-7700                  Great Falls      MT
Thornton      Doug        Pincher Creek Chamber,Rotary                                                                               
                                                                                                                                               m                                     Pincher Creek    AB
Thornton      Bev         Southwest Alberta Regional Alliance                                                               403-627-1165                Pincher Creek    AB
Tomson        Scott       U.S. Forest Service- Seeley Lake                                                                  406-677-2233                     Seeley Lake      MT
Tonnenssen    Kathy       U.Montana, Dept Ecosystem & Conserv.
                          Sciences, School Forestry & Conserv                                                               406) 243-4449           Missoula         MT
Towe          Beth        Trail of the Great Bear                                                                           403-859-2663                Waterton         BC
Undershultz   Mike        Alberta Sustainable Resource Development           Forest Health Officer                          780-422-1508            Edmonton         AB
Unterreine    Joe         Kalispell Area Chamber of Commerce                 President                                      758-2804               Kalispell        MT
Upson         Lisa        Boarder Bears                                                                                     805-705-0915               Livingston       MT
Van Rinsum    Larry       Flathead Conservation District                                                                    (406) 752-4220                       Kalispell        MT
Van Rinsum    Larry       Haskill Basin Watershed Council                    Resource Conservationist                       (406)752-4220                     Kalispell        MT
Vanhorn       Fred        Glacier National Park                              Acting Chief, Visitor Services                 406-888-7822                  West Glacier     MT
Verlanic      Lynn        U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service-National Bison
                          Range-Lost Trail NWR                               Acting Lost Trail Manager                      (406) 858-2216                 Marion           MT
Vincent       Dan         Great Northern Envir. Stewardship Area             Executive Director                             (406) 756-6895                    Kalispell        MT
Volesky       Mike        Montana Governor's Office                                                                                                                                  Helena           MT
Wagenaar      Jason       Pincher Creek                                      GIS, MD                                                         Pincher Creek    AB
Waldt         Ralph       Author                                                                                            unlisted           unlisted                                               AZ
Walker        Lee-Anne    Elk Valley Stewardship Society                                                                    (250) 423-4306                                   BC
                                                                                                               CROWN DIRECTORY OF PEOPLE

Warden          Raymond   Ktunaxa Kinbaset Tribal Council                  Natural Resource Technician                                        Cranbrook       BC
Washchuk        Ernie     Land Stewardship Center                          Executive Director                           780-483-1885      Edmonton        AB
Watne           Bob       Flathead                                         County Commissioner                                         Kalispell       MT
Watt            Rob       Waterton Lakes National Park                     Wildlife/Aquatics Manager                    403-859-5125               Waterton        AB
Weaver          Kevin     B.C Min of Small Business                        Regional Mgr                                              Cranbrook       BC
Weaver          Kevin     BC. Min of Economic Development                  Regional Mgr, Kootaney                       (250)489-8592         Cranbrook       BC
Webster         Debbie    Cowboy Trail                                     President                                                                  AB
Webster         Maureen   Southwest Alberta Regional Alliance                                                           403-627-1165      Pincher Creek   AB
Welling         Leigh     Glacier National Park                            Director, Crown of the Continent Research
                                                                           Learning Center                              406-888-7894          West Glacier    MT
Whale           Andrew    Integrated Land Management Bureau                Regional Manager                             250-426-1741         Cranbrook       BC
Wicks           Paul      Choteau                                          Teton Co Planner                                                                               Choteau         MT
Wideski         Tony      B.C.Ministry of Forests and Range                Dist Mgr                                                 Cranbrook       BC
Wig             Daryl     Alberta Sustainable Resource Development         Area Fisheries Biologist                     403-562-3235            Blairmore       AB
William Allen             Blackfeet Tribal Business Council
Talks About                                                                Tribal Chair                                 406-338-7276                                      Browning        MT
Williams        Jim       Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks   Regional Wildlife Manager                                           Kalispell       MT
Willms          Jake      Alberta Agriculture, Food & Rural Development   Rangeland Agrologist                          403-382-4287          Lethbridge      AB
Wilson          Melissa   Glacier National Park                                                                         888-7895                          MT
Wilson          Carolyn   M.D. of Ranchland                               Agriculture Service Board Member              403-646-3131        Nanton          AB
Wilson          Seth                                                      Consulting Conservation Biologist
                          Field Director Keystone Conservation and Consultant                                           406-543-2792             Missoula        MT
Wirzba          Sam       Alberta Sustainable Resource Development        Regional Resource Planner                     403-382-4349           Lethbridge      AB
Wolf            Gary      Vital Ground                                    Executive Director                            406-459-8650        Missoula        MT
Wolfe           Rob       Alberta Environment                             Senior Planner Environmental Integration      403-297-5383            Calgary         AB

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