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									  Day    Learning Intention & Success                               Teaching                                                Independent Activity                                Plenary              Key Vocabulary       Resources
                   Criteria                                                                                    HA                 MA                 LA/SEN/EAL                                                            & Home
Day 1   To be able to understand the        Children to start with a range of texts on their tables.     Mixed ability groups – children to analyse the texts. Debate   Begin to identify key      Discussion           Variety of
        difference between for, against     They need to organise them into three categories; for,       and decide which text or texts provide the most balanced       features of text.          Argument             texts (see
        and balanced texts                  against and balanced (They are all balanced!). Once          view, drawing evidence from the content, language and          (Counter argument          For                  pack ‘Day 1’)
        SC: I can understand that           completed, introduce the new topic to the children;          organisation of each. They use highlighters to locate the      connectives, both sides    Against              FLP
        discussion texts are balanced.      Arguments/Discussion. Consider the purpose and               for and against aspects of the balanced texts. (one colour     of argument displayed,     Balanced             Highlighters
        I can understand the                audience of each text and the effect of this. Consider       ‘for’, one colour ‘against’)                                   no opinion, present        Counter argument
        difference between for, against     when a reasoned discussion might be appropriate.             Extension: Sort texts into formal and informal.                tense, third person,       Bias
        and balanced texts                                                                                                                                              facts )

Day 2   LI: Be able to use counter          Can you think of a topic that we could debate? Write on      Mixed ability     Mixed ability           Mixed ability        Children perform. Say      In contrast          ‘Should dogs
        argument connectives.               their whiteboards different topics they could debate.        groups debate     groups debate           groups debate        that each group will get   On the other hand,   be banned
                                            Children to look at text about dogs and locate counter       issue. All to     issue. All to use key   issue. All to use    a smiley face for every    However              from parks’
        SC: I can identify points of view   argument connectives. Explain this is our focus today.       use key words     words (connectives)     key words            time a counter             On the contrary      ‘Write a
        (for/against),                      Put children into 6 groups (3 groups FOR, 3 groups           (connectives)     when                    (connectives)        argument connective is     As a result          balanced
        I can identify counter argument     AGAINST). Use ‘Write a balanced report’ to plan some         when debating.                            when                 used.                      Consequently         report’
        connectives,                        ideas for/against the chosen topic.                                                                                                                    While, Whereas       IWB
        I can use them in speaking                                                                                                                                                                 Unlike, Yet          Key words
                                                                                                                                                                                                   But, Although
Day 3   LI: To be able to construct a       Explain to children that they will be looking at banning     Children to       Children to create      Children to create   Children come and          Connectives (see     Book laptops/
        balanced argument                   mobile phones from school today.                             create a          a PowerPoint            a PowerPoint         share their                above)               in ICT time
                                            Model some examples to children, and then let them           PowerPoint        showing a balanced      showing a            presentations to the       Key features (see    Mobile phone
        SC: I can record two points of      continue to brainstorm the reasons for and against           showing a         view. Use               balanced view. Use   class showing a            display)             for and
        view (for and against)              banning mobile phones in school.                             balanced view.    connectives             connectives (use     balanced view. Two         FLP                  against
        I can use these to create an                                                                     Use                                       key words to         stars and a wish with                           planning sheet
        unbiased presentation.                                                                           connectives                               support)             the class on any key
                                                                                                                                                                        features they have
Day 4   LI: To be able to plan an           Let’s have a look at what a debate would look like in        Plan an intro,    As HA with T supp.      Children produce a   Who can read me their      Same as previous     IWB
        argument.                           writing. Read through ‘Should dogs be banned from            for, against &    To use key words.       simple plan using    plan for their             lessons              Key words
                                            parks?’ Analyse the argument on IWB. Re-cap on debate        conc.             T scribes on paper.     sentence starters    introduction? Is it                             Sentence
        SC: Plan to include:                and presentation from previous sessions – tell the                                                     and talk frames to   successful in              Introduction         starters for
        Introduction, counter argument      children that they are going to plan a similar argument      Extension:                                support planning.    introducing the issue?     Conclusion           LA
        connectives, for, against,          but for banning mobile phones, using the information         Begin to write                                                 What about a                                    Planning sheet
        conclusion, balanced                from yesterdays lesson.                                      introduction                                                   conclusion?                                     for MA + HA.
Day 5   LI: Be able to write a balanced     Refer back to text from yesterday & remind children          Children to       Write argument          Writing using key    Look at your writing so    As last lesson       Key words
        argument.                           how an argument would look like in writing. Now think        begin writing     with teacher            words & sentence     far – who can share        Use word mats to     ‘Should mobile
                                            about the issue that you have been debating – how could      argument.         support                 starters.            some of the connectives    support writing      phones be
        SC: I can include: Introduction,    we use your ideas for shared writing? Demo writing an                                                                       they have used?                                 banned’ for
        counter argument connectives,       introduction and 1st paragraph using children’s ideas. How                                                                                                                  teachers.
        for, against, conclusion,           can we use varied punctuation? (Extension – use VCOP –                                                                                                                      IWB
        balanced                            children edit their work using coloured pencils, swap                                                                                                                       Plans from
                                            books for peer assessment, two stars and a wish – see                                                                                                                       previous
                                            checklist)                                                                                                                                                                  session
Day 6    L.I. Be able to use counter             Can you remind me of the features of a debate? Talk to your        Children write in   Children write in their   Children write in      C/dren perform their           (See above)         Key words
         argument connectives.                   partner about what you should include – go through features.       their books for     books for and against     their books for and    debate – are they points of                        IWB
                                                 Discuss points of view. Put children into 6 groups (3 groups       and against         keeping animals in        against                view balanced? Who                                 Highlighters
         S.C. I can name some counter            FOR, 3 groups AGAINST). Model how to record for and against        capital             zoos, moving onto         having a dog,          enjoyed the debate?
         argument connectives and use them       a topic. Remind children that they have to give a balanced         punishment,         having a debate.          moving onto having     (ECM)
         within an oral debate                   opinion – it is not personal or what they think about the          moving onto                                   a debate.
         I can use all the information to hold   particular topic/issue.                                            having a debate
         a balanced view

Day 7    LI: To be able to research about a      Explain that we need facts to be able to write a discussion, to    Mixed Ability: Children use the computers to research about each     Children share their facts     Research            laptops
         topic to support your writing,          support our key points for both for and against.                   of their topic areas, searching for key facts to back up their       with other members of          Evidence
                                                                                                                    arguments.                                                           their group to support their   Facts
         SC: I can research key facts to                                                                                                                                                 writing
         support my writing
         I can use these facts as evidence in
         my planning
Day 8    LI: Be able to plan an argument.        How could we use your ideas from last lesson to plan the           In same grps        As HA with T supp.        Children plan using    Have you used key              As last lesson      IWB
                                                 debate? Talk to your partner about how the issues from             plan an intro,      To use key words.         planning sheet from    words/phrases or                                   Key words
         SC: I am able to plan for:              yesterday’s debate can be placed into the skeleton frame.          for, against &      Record plan in books.     last week with         sentences? Give examples       Balanced
         Introduction, counter argument          Model shared planning of debate. What would our title be?          conc. C/dren        Zoo’s                     sentence starters.     from planning sheet.           Introduction
         connectives, for, against,              Extension: Record language they want to use in their               can scribe ideas                              Having a dog                                          Conclusion
         conclusion, balanced.                   writing.                                                           in books.
Day 9    LI: Be able to write a balanced         Go over the differences between an oral and written debate.        C/dren to begin     Write argument with       Writing with LSA       Look at your writing so far    As Mondays lesson   IWB
         argument.                               What are the differences? Similarities? Disc with your partner –   writing             teacher support.          support. Use key       – who can share some of                            Key words
                                                 feedback. How could we introduce this issue? Model writing an      argument.           Zoo’s                     words & sentence       the connectives they have      Introduction        Plans from
         SC: Writing to include: Introduction,   introduction. Use varied punctuation.                              Capital                                       starters.              used?                          Conclusion          previous
         counter argument connectives, for,                                                                         Punishment                                    Having a dog                                                              session
         against, conclusion, balanced.

Day 10   LI: To be able to edit and improve      Copy a childs work onto the board as an example. Demonstrate       Children to edit    Children to edit and      Children to edit and   Use SC to assess learning.     As above            Checklist
         your writing                            to the class how to edit. Show how to use VCOP and other           and improve         improve their work.       improve their work.                                                       IWB
                                                 techniques. Go through Checklist with class.                       their work. Swap    Swap books, 2 stars       Swap books, 2 stars
         SC: I can use VCOP to edit my                                                                              books, 2 stars      and a wish                and a wish
         work                                                                                                       and a wish
         I can improve my writing using
         my targets

         Week 1: Use extended writing time to catch up on lesson (especially with laptops as we can’t book them out at the same time)
         Week 2: Use ICT time to research topic areas for each group (or book laptops)

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