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									                       Rotary Club of Goleta Weekly Newsletter

       Date:     August 8, 2006                       Flag Salute:    Walt Ware
       Editor:   Jerry Kutchey                        Invocation:     Eric Onnen

    Bill, Sally, Pat, Dick, Jo, Eric, Jack, Scott, Debra, Walt, Jay, Tom and Jerry (Total 13)

    Guests: Patrick Housh (Friend of Tom – 2nd visit!); Sherry Campbell (friend of Dick
    from Toastmasters and collaborator with guest speaker); Bob Werling (Guest Speaker)
    Visiting Rotarians: Manuel Velarde from Madrid, Spain; Ed Draper (Noontime).
    Welcome all!

       Bill mentioned that the Fiesta Rotary Float Decorating was a great success – Pat
         apparently has a flair with flowers.
       Bill advised at the Group 8 President‟s Meeting it was decided each Club would
         contribute $10 per member for Group 8 representative related expenses (i.e., the Fiesta
         Float is an example). Our Club‟s Board had approved this commitment at the August 1
         Board meeting.
       Bill reported the Paul Harris Service Fellowship Award program has now been launched
         effective July 1. This program is intended to provide recognition for those Rotarians
         who contribute significant time and energies to non-profit endeavors (including those
         outside the scope of Rotary undertakings). Participating Rotarians will have to record
         and track their hours of service to be eligible for various awards based on total
         cumulative hours.
       In District news, Brenda Cressey plans to visit on Aug 22 and will provide information
         about Rotary Foundation giving.
       Bill mentioned GSE Team Leaders and members from Group 8 are being sought to
         participate in a forthcoming trip to the Philippines in February 2007.
       Bill outlined our plans to hold a joint BBQ with Noontime members on August 22 and to
         jointly host members of the S.B. Newcomers Club (“SBNC”). Bill and Jerry met with
         Steve Jones and Barbara earlier in the day to coordinate the agenda and to develop
         suitable hand-outs. As of Aug 8, the SBNC Community Service Committee had not yet
         issued the invitation (via email) and the requested RSVP‟s. We‟ll proceed with the Aug
         22 date presuming a good response; otherwise, we‟ll defer until the September BBQ.
       Bill mentioned that July was “Membership Month” for Rotary. To this end, there are
         three District Seminars focused on Membership being conducted during August. Bill
         and Jerry intend to participate.

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                        Rotary Club of Goleta Weekly Newsletter
         Ed Draper, visiting from Noontime, described the District‟s Youth Exchange program
          and asked whether any members might have interest in being a host family. The
          program enables high school students from around the world to live and study in our
          area. Rotary provides a nominal stipend for the students. Ed cited his personal
          observation that the students do not remain mere “guests” but become a very real
          member of the family! Contact Ed should you – or anyone else you might know outside
          of Rotary – be willing to share their home and hearts. Ed will gladly follow-up with all
          interested potential hosts.
         Bill also pointed out that everyone in attendance had been given a copy of the Rotary
          Document, “How to Propose a New Member.” It‟s a succinct summary of membership
          provisions for new members. If you weren‟t in attendance on Aug 8, be sure to get a
          copy next week!


A. New Generations Service
     Bill mentioned that Jay’s suggestion to paint the picnic tables at D.P. Ranch might be
      facilitated by getting the D.P. Football team to help (tentatively, Friday, Aug 18). Only
      issue is whether there would be sufficient time for the paint to dry before planned
      events. Tom suggested perhaps it could be scheduled for Aug 13(?). Walt mentioned
      he had secured a device to help move the tables.

B. Community Service (Pat)
     Pat, active in the “Friends of Girsh Park” Foundation, mentioned a BBQ has been
      scheduled for October 8 at the Park (Rotary Room) to thank supporters. Pat asked
      whether any fellow Rotary Members would be willing to help cook for the BBQ. Let Pat
      know if you‟re interested. Note: This will be a good opportunity to help promote the
      Club within the Community.
     Pat also mentioned that Jay had contacted Channel City Lumber and they would be
      willing to donate the lumber for construction of the shutters at the Rotary Room. Let
      Pat or Walt know if you‟ve interest in helping in the carpentry work. Note: Be sure to
      stop by Channel City for your future hardware supplies and tell them thanks!

C. Vocational Service (Dick)
     No report this week.

D. International Service (Michael Grant)
     Bill, in Mike’s absence, reported the grant proposal document for the Mexican water
        project is under review and final edits are being done. The project is on-track for

E. Rotary Education Minute
     Pat explained the role of Club Service. It‟s the pivot point for all service of the Club and
        responsibilities include attendance, member participation, promotion of membership, all
        with a focus on fellowship. It also encompasses the Club bulletin, public relations and
        programs … a big job, indeed!
     Bill, further to Pat‟s comments about Club Service, mentioned that under the revised
        (suggested) Club org structure, the Administrative Committee would have oversight
        responsibilities for Club Service activities.
     Jack referenced the recent August edition of Rotary Magazine and the excellent article
        explaining Rotary (especially useful for membership solicitation).

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                         Rotary Club of Goleta Weekly Newsletter
5.0       PAY-AND-TELL
          Jo offered $10 for the recent removal of her catheter, another important medical
            milestone in her recovery. Now THAT’S really good news!!
          Eric offered $5 in acknowledgement for (a) Ed Draper’s attendance, and (b) that‟s he‟s
            now officially a candidate for Goleta City Council. Congrats, Eric and, in the spirit of
            today‟s politics, our votes can be bought.
          Ed offered up $5 (I think) to recount some old Club war stories about Eric. Sorry, Ed, I
            didn‟t catch all of it.
          Sally gladly contributed $5 for the uplift she got from Pat’s recent emails re his
            struggles with his computer. Pat, you‟re not alone.
          In commemoration of his Mother‟s 80 th birthday and after an enjoyable reunion in Florida
            with his Mom and siblings, Tom offered $20.
          Jay offered up $5 for being a tad late to the meeting (he did have an excellent excuse –
            to watch his daughter‟s cheerleading performance).

     Dick introduced our guest speaker, Bob Werling. Bob was born in San Francisco in
      1946. He has gained considerable international acclaim as an artist, a master of the
      photographic print and as a teacher. His photographs are shown frequently around the
      world and are represented in the collections of major museums. Bob, based in Santa
      Barbara, studied at Brooks Institute and continues to teach and conduct seminars around
      the world.
     Bob is a student, ardent disciple and promoter of the “West Coast Photography
      Movement” – initiated by a collection of photographers based around Carmel during the
      middle of the last century. It included the renowned Ansel Adams and Cole Weston,
      among others. These photographers pioneered the popularization of landscape
      photography and led the acceptance of such photography as a fine art form, worthy of
      museum exhibition and acquisition.
     In the vein of his teachers, Bob focuses strictly on black and white landscape prints,
      achieving „corner-to-corner‟ sharpness (“f/64” method). He uses a direct-contact print
      technique and the zone-system of reproduction developed by Mr. Adams. Bob‟s early
      work, in particular, reflects and extends the work of Ansel Adams.
     Bob’s primary hardware is an 8x10 box camera and silver-gelatin negatives. He
      eschews the use of digital photography and believes modern digital equipment has not
      truly advanced the art form. He concedes (laments) the essence of the West Coast
      Photography movement is from a bygone era. Today‟s photographers, in his opinion, do
      not reflect a personal style or character in their work. Rather, it‟s fast-paced and
      focused on incorporation within marketing and promotion.
     He cited that he believes the art of photography is “… an ability to see the same thing
      differently.” Bob presented a wonderful collection of his prints and highlighted many of
      the creative elements of the images.
     His most recent subject matter has been a 10-year project concentrated on the Oceano
      Dunes, just up the coast. His efforts are intended to help preserve the dunes.
     Bob has recently issued a book entitled Beyond Light, American Landscapes (published
      by Merrill).

    Date drawn: March 1. We have a winner!!!! Our guest, Sherry Campbell, was the lucky
    winner. As an aside, Sherry is also a contributing artist to the artwork contained on our
    bookmark presented to our guest speakers!

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                            Rotary Club of Goleta Weekly Newsletter
    Mark Cassayre will be our speaker. Mark is a former Ambassadorial Scholar that was
    championed by our Club some years back. Mark presently resides in the Washington D.C.
    area and will give insight about his career. For Aug 15, also be prepared to sign-up for
    participation at the upcoming Aug 22 BBQ.

Meeting adjourned: 8:15 pm

                        Calendar of Goleta Rotary Club Events
   DATE                                             EVENT                                                 WHERE
Aug 15, Tue      Regular Meeting; Program: Mark Cassayre, Former Amb. Schol.                       Elephant Bar
Aug 22, Tue      Club BBQ; Joint w/ Noontime: Host S.B. Newcomers                                  DP Ranch
Aug 29, Tue      Regular Meeting; Program: Open                                                    Elephant Bar
Sep 05, Tue      Regular Meeting; Program: TBD                                                     Elephant Bar
Sep 12, Tue      Regular Meeting; Program: TBD                                                     Elephant Bar
Oct 13,14,15     District Conference                                                               Double Tree, S.B.

Let Jerry know of any future events you wish to include. Also, let him know of any errors or inaccuracies in this report.
Corrections will be noted in the subsequent issue. Thanks!

                                                                        Bob discusses a print of the image he
                                                                         captured of his mentor, teacher and
                                                                         renowned landscape photographer,
                                                                                   Ansel Adams.

                                                                     (Editors note: Sorry, Bob, this is a digital photo.
                                                                     Alas, my camera can‟t even stop-down to f/64!)

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                                    Rotary Club of Goleta Weekly Newsletter

 Club No. 667
 District 5240
                            Rotary Club of Goleta                                                                                           Chartered
                                                                                                                                         June 13, 1936

                                            Meets Every Tuesday Night - 6:30 PM
                                            Elephant Bar, 521 Firestone Rd Goleta
                                                              (near Fairview and Hollister)

                                                     Make Up Missed Meetings At:

 Goleta Noontime…..………..……                           Tuesday, Noon…………………….                                 Elephant Bar Restaurant…………
 Montecito…………………………..                               Tuesday, Noon…..………………...                              Montecito Country Club………...
 Santa Barbara Sunrise……………                          Wednesday, 7:00 AM…….………                               Santa Barbara Club..……………..
 Santa Ynez Valley…….…………...                         Wednesday, Noon………………..                                Scandinavian Inn Solvang………
 Ventura………………….…………..                               Wednesday, Noon………………..                                Holiday Inn…………………………
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 Carpinteria………………………….                              Thursday, 11:45 AM……………….                              Lion’s Park…………………………..
 Carpinteria Morning………………                           Wednesday 7:00AM………….…..                               Carpinteria Women’s Club……..
 Santa Barbara Downtown………                           Friday, Noon………………………..                                Double Tree Inn……...…………….

                                                         Club Officers 2006 – 2007
District Governor                President                      President Elect                           Secretary                       Treasurer
 Richard Abbott                  Bill Graves                     Scott Missman                        Juliet McGeever                     Mike Pitts

                                                                 Our Committees
Membership             Community Service                    International Service                Vocational Service                 New Generations
Jerry Kutchey                Pat O’Malley                         Michael Grant                        Dick Temple                       Jay Wright

                                                               The Object of Rotary
     1.    The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service.
     2.    High ethical standards in business and professions, the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations, and the dignifying by each
           Rotarian of his occupation as an opportunity to serve society.
     3.    The application of the ideal of service by every Rotarian to his personal, business and community life.
     4.    The advancement of International understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional men and
           woman united in the ideal of service.

                                                            The Rotary Four way Test
    1. Is it the Truth? 2. Is it Fair to all concerned? 3. Will it build better Friendships. 4. Will it be Beneficial to all concerned

               The Rotary Club of Goleta, California
               Post Office Box 51 Goleta, Ca 93116

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