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(Regd. No. 2149)
General Secretary:                                   Secretariat:
Dr. G. S. Longia                                     Department of Anatomy
Prof. & Head, Department of Anatomy,                 People's Dental Academy,
People's Dental Academy,                             Peoples Campus Bhanpur,
Peoples Campus, Bhanpur,                             Bhopal- 462037 (M.P.)
Bhopal-462037 (M.P.)                                 Ph.: (0755) 4005366 (D), 4075303 (R)
                                                     Mobile : 09425017834
Joint Secretary:                                     e-mail:
Dr. A.S. Mangalgiri                                         :
                                                     Dated : 2        February, 2009
No. ASI/09-Min(i)/ Secy-6

Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting, of Anatomical Society of India, held on 26th
December, 2008 at 6.30 pm in the Conference Room of Institute of Medical Sciences, B H
U, Varanasi, during. 56th National conference of ASI.
The following members attended the meeting:
    (a) Executive Committee members:
             (i)    Dr. Pushpa Dhar (In Chair)  (iv) Dr N. Hima Bindu
             (ii)   Dr: A K. Srivastava         (v) Dr. P. K. Verma
             (iii) Dr. Vinod Kumar              (vi) Dr. Satyam Khare
             (iv) Dr. Namita Mehrotra           (vii) Dr. Keshaw Kumar
             (v)    Dr. R. Chitra               (viii) Dr. Shobha Rawlani
             (vi) Dr. P. Pradhan                (ix) Dr. Royana Singh
             (vii) Dr. Dharam Singh             (x) Dr. G. S. Longia
    (b)      Invited Members:
            (i) Dr. D. R. Singh                       (iv)    Dr. Gajendra Singh
            (ii) Dr. P. D. Athavia                    (v)     Dr. B. Mukerjee
            (iii) Dr. S. S. Sarada Devi               (vi)    Dr. Ashok Sahai

General Secretary informed that President Dr. K. K. Krishnamma conveyed her inability to come
& attend the conference due to illness of her husband while Vice - President Dr. G. B. Rairam
Conveyed his inability to come due to MCI (PG) inspection.

The meeting was called to order by Dr. Pushpa Dhar, Vice-President of ASI in the absence of the
President Dr. K. K. Krishnamma. The invited members were introduced by the General Secretary.
They were welcomed by the Executive Committee Members.

Min. 1/08      The members were informed about the sad demise of the following Anatomists:
               Dr. Vithal K. Pandrangi (Vijayawada); Dr. N. Vijaya Chandra (Hyderabad); Dr.
               Vimala Koppolu (Nellimarla); Dr. Jagdish Chandra Das (Karaikal); Dr. Manju
               Naresh (Allahabad); Dr. S. Hazari (Nayagarh) and martyers of Mumbai Terrorist
               attack of 26-11-2008. The members stood in silence for two minutes to pray to
               Almighty to grant peace to the departed souls and to provide strength to the
               members of the bereaved families to bear this irreparable loss. The General
               Secretary was requested to send condolence message to the family members of
               the bereaved families.

Min. 2/08      The minutes of the last executive committee meeting held on 26th December
               2007, during the 55th National Conference of ASI, held at Lokmanya Tilak
               Municipal Medical College, Sion, Mumbai, were confirmed & approved.

Min.3/08       Regarding matters arising from the last executive committee meeting, General
               Secretary Dr. G.S. Longia informed that:

               (i)     The certificate has been designed & prepared for both the orations and
                       will be given from this year.
                (ii)     Rules & regulations for "Dr. Lata N. Mehta memorial award" have been
                         framed on the same lines as for other awards on published papers. This
                         award will start from vol. 57 (2008). They were read & approved.

                (iii)    Regarding launch of website of society, Dr. Ashok Sahai, informed that
                         he has gathered information, but no proper agency could be finalised for
                         creation of the site & it's maintenance. He was authorised to continue the
                         work. (iv) Payment to International Federation of Association of
                         Anatomists (I FAA) could not be made due to some problem between
                         both the bankers (Allahabad Bank in India &American Express Bank in
                         New York). This will be sorted out soon & payment will be made.

Min. 4/08.      The names of 103 new life members and 41 ordinary members for 2008 were
                read and approved.

Min. 5/08.      The audited Income & Expenditure account of the Editor's Office for the period of
                01/01/08 to 31/12/08 was presented by the Joint - Editor Dr. Namita Mehrotra in
                the absence of the Editor Dr. S. L. Jethani and was approved by executive
                committee with few modifications on the income and expenditure side with net
                surplus of Rs. 16548/-.

Min. 6/08.      No editorial board meeting was held. Therefore, executive committee
                considered few important points. which were discussed and approved

(i) Minimum of 1400 copies of journal to be printed

(ii) Non-receipt of journals by many members was discussed at length. It was decided that editor
                  should find out a via media and ensure that every member gets the journal
                  regularly. Members were also requested to update their change of address
                  regularly to Editor & General Secretary

(iii) I. D. number of manuscript should be allotted to all the manuscripts and has to be started by
                  the Editor from 2009 positively.

(iv) The case report publication should be restricted to a maximum of two as approved earlier vide
                min. 5/04(b) part (iii).

(v) 15 copies of Journal/Reprints be sent to General Secretary for giving it to judges for published
                 papers award.

(vi) In the website the name and the contact address of the editor should be
                  modified by contacting Indian Medlar Centre. This was approved.

Min. 7/08.      (i) Audited Receipt & Payment account for the period 1.4.07 to 31.03.08 was
                presented by the Treasurer Dr. A.K. Srivastava and was approved. He also
                informed the house that from next financial year TDS amount will increase as
                compared to 2007-2008 F. Y. as the bank has become a CBS branch.

                (ii) Dr. P D. Athavia, organising secretary of 55th National Conference of ASI
                held at Mumbai, donated Rs. 21,000/- to the society from savings of conference.
                This gesture was highly appreciated & was placed on record.

                (iii) Dr. K.K. Krishnamma (Kollam) very generously did not take Rs. 1000/-
                sanctioned for Presidential office. It was highly appreciated & placed on record.

                (iv)     Extra expenditure of Rs. 1252/- incurred by General Secretary was
                         sanctioned to him.
Min. 8/08.       (a) Vice-President Dr. Pushpa Dhar, General Secretary Dr. G.S. Longia &
                 Treasurers Dr. AK. Srivastava were nominated as Chairperson & Co-
                 Chairpersons respectively, for the 7th Dr. Shamer Singh Memorial oration to be
                 delivered by Dr. D.R. Singh (Nepal) and 9th Dr. S.P. Jain Memorial Oration to be
                 delivered by Dr. Kiran Palikundwar (Mumbai).

                 (b) Dr. D.R. Singh (Nepal), Dr. Gajendra Singh (Varanasi) and Dr. G.P Pal
                 (Indore) were appointed judges for Dr. Dharam Narayan Memorial Gold Medal,

                 (c) Dr. B. Mukerjee (Pondicherry), Dr. Shashi Wadhwa (New Delhi) and Dr.
                 Ashok Sahai (Lucknow) were appointed judges for Dr. Mahdi Hasan Gold Medal,

                 (d) Dr. Raj D. Mehra (New Delhi), Dr. PN. Jain (Jhansi) & Dr. AK. Srivastava
                 (Lucknow) were appointed judges for Dr. P.N. Dubey Memorial Gold Medal,

                 (e) The following were appointed judges for different awards of the
              society on published papers in Journal of Anatomical Society of India, (Vol.
              57) 2008. The names of the Judges are confidential.

                 (i) Dr. H.J. Mehta Memorial Award                 2008:
                 (ii) Dr. P.C. Bansal Memorial Gold Medal          2008:
                 (iii) Dr. Liza Chacko Memorial Award              2008:
                 (iv) Dr. M.L. Pan Memorial Award                  2008:
                 (v) Dr. Lata N. Mehta Memorial Award              2008:


Min.9/08.        (a) Executive Committee congratulated Dr. Pratibha D. Athavia of Mumbai for
                 being elected unopposed as President for 2009.

                 (b) A sub-committee comprising of Dr. B. Mukerjee (Pondicherry), Dr. Ashok
                 Sahai (Lucknow) & Dr. P.D. Athavia (Mumbai) was constituted to count 251 ballot
                 papers received & to communicate the result to the General Secretary, so that it
                 could be announced in the General Body meeting in 28th December, 2008.

                 Note - Two ballots received from Bagalkot were opened in the E.C. & was
                 confirmed that they are correct.

Min. 10/08.      (a) The following budget was sanctioned by the Executive Committee for various
                 offices of the Society for the year 2009 as under:
                 President: Rs. 2000/-           General Secretary:Rs.35000/- & deficit of Rs.1252/-
                 Treasurer: Rs. 15000/-          Editor : Rs. 1,25,000/-

                 (b) Same auditors to continue for 2009.

Min. 11/08.      Members were apprised of the achievements of the following members during
                 the year 2008.

                 (i) Dr. Gayatri Rath (New-Delhi) has been elected fellow of National Academy of
                 Medical Sciences in the year 2007.

                 (ii) Dr. Ashok Sahai (Lucknow) reviewed & edited 10 chapters of Head & Neck &
                 Dr. PD. Athavia (Mumbai) reviewed & edited 7 chapters of cell & tissue systems
                 in 40th Edition of Gray's Anatomy.
               (iii) Dr. Sonali Kataria (New Delhi) was awarded Junior Investigatior award for
               2008 by International College of Geriatic Psychoneuropharmacology at Sydney,

Min 12/08      Results of various awards for 2007 on published papers were finalised which are
               given below: -

               Dr. H. J. Mehta Memorial Award, 2006              : Dr. I. V. Ingole (Sevagram)
               Dr. H. J. Mehta Memorial Award, 2007              : Dr. S. S. Joshi (Loni)
               Dr. Matilal Pan Memorial Award, 2007              : Dr. S. Biswas (Sevagram)
               Dr. P C. Bansal Memorial Gold Medal, 2007         : No paper was found suitable.
               Dr. Liza Chacko Memorial Award 2007               : No paper was found suitable.

Min 13/08:     (a) General Secretary received a copy of constitution and rules & regulation of
               Bihar & Jharkand Chapter of ASI, from the Secretary of the Chapter Dr. Vinod
               Kumar. They were approved with minor modifications.

               (b) General Secretary informed that other state chapters are working well,
               although they have not sent their annual reports in writing to Secretariat except
               Orissa chapter. Orissa chapter organised 22nd Annual Conference at V.S.S.
               Medical College, Burla on 15th February 08 (given just before E C at B H U).

Min 14/08 :    The following venues of future conferences were approved as given below:

              57th Annual Conference for 2009      KLE's Society J. N. Medical College, Belgaum
              58th Annual Conference for 2010      Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Pimpri (Pune)
              59th Annual Conference for 2011      Aarupadai Veedu Medical College & Hospital,

       Note: Proposals pending for future conference: (a) Subharti Medical College, Meerut; (b)
       Goa Medical College, Goa; (c)Armed Forces Medical College, Pune; (d) S. C. B. Medical
       College, Cuttack, on behalf of Orissa State Chapter (e) Himalayan Institute of Medical
       Sciences, Doiwala (Dehradun)

Min.15/08 :    (a) Proposal of General Secretary Dr. G. S. Longia that member contesting the
               election should attach a photocopy of certificate of attendance issued by
               Organizing Secretary of conference for the period required for that post. This
               was approved.

               (b) If proposer or seconder are new life or ordinary members then they should
               give receipt no & date which is issued by Treasurer of ASI. This was also

               (c) Proposal of Dr. Minu Bedi & Dr. Sanjay Bedi of M. M. Institute of Medical
               Sciences, Mullana, regarding : electronic mailing list to be maintained by them at
      was not approved.

Min. 16/08:    The General Secretary thanked all the office bearers and members of the
               Executive Committee for their kind co-operation & help given to him as & when
               required. He also thanked the invited members for their co-operation & concrete
               suggestions. He gave his special thanks to Treasurer & Joint - Editor for good
               work & help given to him.


BHOPAL                                                                            (G. S.Longia)
26.1.08.                                                                 GEN. SECRETARY

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