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           Color Therapy:
Chakras, Gem Elixirs, Flower Essences &
            Healing Oils
   The colors, gem elixirs and flowers that open up the upper and the lower chakras of the human body are
listed in this chapter on color therapy. The opposite color of the spectrum for the chakra listed is the color
which closes down the chakra, if, that chakra is open too much or not open enough. If you are very con-
nected to who you are as a human being then you will know which chakras or energy fields (centers) in
your body need more work than others. A person who is very well balanced has all of their chakras in great
running order. This can be hard to find in this day and age. A person who has a particular chakra blocked
will know from all or some of the experience(s) they have gathered from their total life experience(s). As
an example, if a person has trouble using their voice to speak properly all or some of the time, then, that
person should use the particular color(s) associated with that chakra to more properly open up that chakra
or to help to close it down if the person does not want to use that chakra or chakras. However, if a person
has a chakra which is too open, then that too will be apparent. As an example, if a person talks too much
then maybe they might want to consider shutting down or more properly balancing that particular chakra in
order to heal it. Sometimes this involves not talking as much if one talks too much. And since the color
that opens up the throat chakra (the 5th chakra) is blue, turquoise or white then the color which would help
to close down and more properly balance the throat chakra would be black, red, orange or yellow. How-
ever, if a person wants to balance out that particular chakra then they could experiment with wearing red
and blue (or two polar opposite colors) at the same time and use a neutral color like white or yellow to
offset the balance just a little and make it more exciting and balanced. Hope heals.
   Using color therapy to properly balance out the human chakra system involves using color(s) which you
may or may not be familiar with for healing purposes. However, if a particular color(s) offsets you com-
pletely and you abhor wearing them, then what are the psychological ramifications of wearing the color(s)
that you do not like and why do these colors make you feel this way? As an example, if a person wears a
lot of blue regularly then this is a color which can relax the person wearing it and help them to be more
diplomatic, ordered and business like, or, depressed and lethargic. This is why business people wear a lot
of black, blue, white and/or gray. Or, they wear a lot of bright colors to get your attention. These somber
colors help that person to maintain a sense of accomplishment and power over other people, or, to repel
them, or both. Experiment with the use of color in your own life and find out what it can do for you. As
another example, if you are constantly depressed, then you might want to consider wearing all of the colors
of the rainbow and colors which are bright and cheerful as these colors help to uplift you and to make you
feel better about living in your body and the living of your life, Et. Al. Hope heals.

  What Happens When All of the Chakras are Perfectly Aligned?
   When there is a complete alignment of all of the chakras in the human body, this allows a person to
experience ‘total knowledge and understanding of their self’. In regular terminology this is described as
being in touch with the Universal Presence or as being in an ecstatic state of Samadhi (enlightenment).
Hope heals.
   How the 7 main chakras in the human body influence and affect people is very incomplete but some of
this information is presented:
   The 1st Chakra - In order to properly stimulate the 1st chakra and to ease all the lower extremity dis-
Eases, especially in the thigh's muscle tissue and in the circulation in the feet one must learn how to release
stress and the things which promote stress are anxiety and hyperactivity. Hope heals.
   The balance of the 1st chakra enhances energy which enters the body through the feet, activates the
minor chakras in the feet and helps with massage therapies associated with the feet. When the 1st chakra is
properly stimulated and relaxed, dis- Eases associated with disorientation, subtle or hidden fears, and an
inability to focus on important issues or to be concerned beyond immediate insecurities happens. Other
dis- Eases which involve the adrenals, heart dis- Ease, stress and anxiety are relieved or disappear.
Muscular deterioration dis- Orders like imbalances in the pancreas and the spleen are alleviated,
fluctuations in the mood structure like with diabetes and hypoglycemia are all eased when this chakra is
properly opened. When the 1st chakra is properly balanced, the heavy metal and the syphilitic miasms are
alleviated. The key negative emotion associated with this chakra is stress, as mentioned previously and the
key imbalances are anxiety and hyperactivity. Hope heals.
   The thing to do is to channel kundalini away from the 1st chakra, rather than to allow the concentration
or the build-up of such energy in this chakra which will overly activate the supra-adrenals. This will cause
an agitation of the muscle tissues, thus translating into nervous behavioral patterns and erratic behavior in a
person. Hope heals.
   In order to calm the 1st chakra, it is very wise to study those things which lie in the realm of conscious-
ness which have to do with creative thought, creative focus, and any activity which is generally considered
a way to express the perceptual powers of the mind, or a person's ability of their own mind to organize and
categorize activity. Here a person should bring balance and the right way to their self by thinking and
having a very positive attitude. Most of the studies listed above will lead a person into grounding their self
and help to create a social pattern or a social personality which allows that person to function within the
patterns of society. As these activities become distributed throughout various countries, social patterns will
alter according to the activities of each country. Hope heals.
   In order for a person to more properly balance out their 1st chakra, they must examine quotations which
concern a practical vein of work, career pursuits, educational activities, and other activities which help a
person to function in the world but not be a part of it. Quotations can be found by studying the Bible, the
Koran, the Vedas, the Bhagavad-Gita, Tao, Torah and the activities of the Native Americans. As an
example, in the Bible, a person can study the psalms of David and Solomon. After studying these quo-
tations which encourage a proper work ethic, this will encourage a person to engage in a means and a
pursuit of such prosperity that helps to advance these things, i.e., a healthy work-ethic and civic minded-
ness. As to positive thinking, this would lie in the realm of developing a personal philosophy. It would be
wise for a person wishing to balance their 1st chakra, to study the work of Dale Carnegie. Learning the
importance of positive reinforcement of a person's self-esteem as put forth with concepts like trans-
cendental meditation and transactional analysis will also help a person to become more balanced mentally,
psychologically and physically. By studying the works involved above, this will help a person develop
conscious creativity. Hope heals.
   By opening the 1st chakra, this helps to release past-life talents which will stabilize a person and help to
develop the strength of their character. Positive emotions which are associated with the 1st chakra include
developing calmness, the removal of tension, and a state of quiescence (quietness). The 1st chakra is
especially linked to the etheric body. When this chakra is awakened, a person begins to initiate spiritual
practices. The color red opens the 1st chakra, the color green closes the 1st chakra. Hope heals.
   Editor’s Note: As a general rule, the exact opposite colors on the color spectrum tend to open and to
close each chakra. Chakras need to be properly stimulated and properly balanced regularly. Too much
energy in a chakra can be just as unhealthy and even just as dangerous as too little energy, so balancing
all of the chakras is the key to healing the human body. Hope heals.

The 1st Chakra and it's connection to the activities of the adrenal glands
   The 1st chakra is a reflex point when there is a direct stimulus. The simple massage of this chakra
stimulates the adrenal glands and the surrounding area. Hope heals.

The 2nd Chakra
   The 2nd chakra is associated with the testicles and the ovaries. When the 2nd chakra is properly opened
it eases all sexual dis- Ease and infertility problems. Arthritic dis- Eases associated with protein imbalan-
ces, a general stiffening of the skeletal structure, especially in men, and dis- Eases linked with stress from
internalized anger can be eased by balancing this chakra. Detoxification, particularly in the urinary tract, is
augmented, and the gonorrhea, syphilitic and radiation miasms are all alleviated. This chakra also balances
the body after overexposure to the earth's natural radiation. Hope heals.
   Psychosomatic dis- Eases like those that are related to the suppression of sexual energy are eased when
this chakra is balanced. An imbalanced 2nd chakra can cause anxiety concerning self-esteem, aggression,
anger and frustration. A key note here is frustration. There may even be psychosis with aggression to-
wards either sex. Hope heals.
   Improper protein assimilation leads a person to have skin dis- Orders like skin cancer, liver problems,
especially with an overstimulated liver, an inability of the connective tissue to properly assimilate protein,
and physical body deterioration. The incorrect reassimilation of pure protein substances which are arrang-
ed into genetic recoded tissues may lead to the activation of cancer cells which exist within all people by
almost bringing those cells to a point of fertilization. The harshness within proteins makes them like an
artificial enzyme system which helps to break down the immune system. This is partly a source of dis-
Eases which are hereditary, i.e., run in the family. Improper protein assimilation can cause imbalances in
male and female hormones and improper sperm and ovum cell production. All of these problems will ease
when the 2nd chakra is opened and properly balanced. Hope heals.
   The positive states which are associated with the 2nd chakra are greater creativity and initiative, an
ability to experience increased intimacy with other people, and, an ability to integrate the emotions and use
them more properly. If one is really connected to their 2nd chakra then they are better able to initiate
spiritual practices with the self and with other people. A person should understand that sexuality is a
progressive creative force and that there should be a balanced attitude towards sexual energy and the use of
it. Most sexual energy is completely organic and somewhat spontaneous. A person who has emotional
blockages which are associated with a blocked 2nd chakra should realize that this may lead them to having
mental illness. When the sexual energy flows naturally in a person, there may be a desire for intimacy with
another person. A person's emotional programming from their environment, their past karma, and some-
times, biological imbalances will directly influence a person's consciousness and may help to generate
emotional dis- Ease states that resolve themselves with unwarranted sexual aggression. In terms of Freud,
this is a classic system of thought. However, a blockage lies not so much in the person's sexuality but in
the emotional qualities they attach to the sexual qualities. If these forces are too strong, like a strong sexual
drive, they are not to be considered to be dis- Ease within a person. It would be the emotional attachments
attributed to a person's strong sexual drive which lead to the imbalance. As an example, the modern day
concept of masturbation as a moral sin can lead a person to have complications that result in a strong sexual
drive. The proper perspective which regards masturbation and the alleviation of that sexual drive is a
potential relationship with people who also have a strong sex drive to alleviate the problem. Associating
with a person who has a strong sex drive and the need to masturbate is not considered so much a sexual
drive as it is considered an overabundance of energy and the proper use of it and that is what is considered
the imbalance. It is a person's strong emotional attachment when dealing with a problem like masturbating
too much. This is what creates the true imbalance; the source of the problem lies in the emotional chakra as
opposed to the sexual chakra. The key problem here is frustration in the person who has a strong sex drive.
Hope heals.
   A person who has a strong sex drive might want to consider studying traditional Freudian psychology
and the Reichian works on human sexuality to better understand the workings of the 2nd chakra. Jungian
and transactional analysis would also be good to study. Above all, a proper understanding of tantra (1 of
the later Hindu or Buddhist scriptures dealing especially with techniques and rituals that include meditative
and sexual practices) is tantamount and a study of the Kama Sutra in a balanced perspective would be wise
for some people to do. The 2nd chakra is associated with the mental and the emotional bodies of a person.
Orange opens this chakra and turquoise closes the 2nd chakra. Hope heals.

The 3rd Chakra
   Within the 3rd chakra, all crippling dis- Eases like ulcers, intestinal problems, spleen imbalances,
psychosomatic dis- Eases, and, emotional problems can be treated by balancing the 3rd chakra. The white
corpuscles, especially on the cellular level, and all of the nutrients need to be strongly stimulated. Diabetes
eases, and imbalances associated with the spleen such as lukemia, chronic infections, and anemia associ-
ated with the white corpuscles are treatable. The psora and the radiation miasms are eased when this
chakra is properly balanced. Hope heals.
   All emotional problems like grief or depression ease when the 3rd chakra is balanced. The key
emotional problem associated with an imbalanced 3rd chakra is an affliction of a person's character. In a
person or a group of people there is a fear of weakness within that person or a group of people according to
the individual character. Self-esteem is not the major issue here. Within a person or a group of people
there is often an inability to release stress. Balancing the 3rd chakra helps a person or a group of people to
integrate the emotions, especially any emotional problems that relate to the mother figure. Sensitivity and
intuition increases. Balancing the 3rd chakra is very critical to those people who want to understand and
get in touch with their feminine side. This is true for both men and women. It is very wise to study the
activity of the feminist consciousness: spiritual, of the political and of the philosophical realm. Hope
   A person or a group of people wishing to balance the 3rd chakra would like to study Steiner's works and
the many volumes on medical nutrition. Also, studying that which will enable a person or a group of
people to develop a sensitivity to the needs of an individual or a group of people will help to develop the
emotional side of a person, ET. Al. Studying the techniques which involve exploring the emotionally
integrated self, like through transactional analysis, Reichian therapy, Rolfing, and traditional meditation
will also help to balance the 3rd chakra. The mental body is linked to the 3rd chakra. Lemon, gold, yellow
and white open the 3rd chakra and the color brown closes the 3rd chakra. As a person evolves spirit-
ually, gold is often used to open up the 3rd chakra. Hope heals.

The 4th Chakra
   Divine love manifests in a person who is awakened. All miasms (an influence or an atmosphere that
tends to deplete or to corrupt), all nutrients and all heart and childhood dis- Eases are affected when this
chakra is opened. When this chakra is properly stimulated, a person attains mastery of their immune
system and their thymus, especially during the first 7 years of life. This does happen with some children.
Complete tissue regeneration and harmony in all affairs can develop in a person. A proper balance of the
heart chakra helps a person to align all of their other chakras because the heart chakra is the great balanc-
er in a person's life. Hope heals.
   Imbalances of the 4th chakra lead to blood dis- Eases, all types of heart diseases, leukemia, and disorders
in the thymus gland and the immune system. There is an inability to balance the emotions, and, emotional
extremes of all types develop. High states of agitation in response to these imbalances, especially ones
which involve family situations or relationships, may develop. Hope heals.
   It is wise for a person to study the kinds of activities which speak of love as critical to the nature of both
men and women. A person should examine male psychology to better understand yang (masculine) princi-
ples of the self. A person should read romantic poetry, especially those authors who speak from the level
of the heart chakra. These people include Kahlil Gibran, Browning, Shakespeare--especially his Sonnets
(poems of love from the self to the self and to other people), and many other poets. A person would be
wise to examine tantra which reflects on the senitivities which happen between loving couples. It is great
for a person to better learn how to negotiate relationships when this chakra opens. A person can read
literature which examines interpersonal relationships between a couple during their marriage state. The
astral, emotional and the spiritual bodies are connected to this chakra. Emerald, green and gold open the
4th chakra, while orange closes the 4th chakra. Hope heals.

The 5th Chakra
  In order to properly open up the 5th chakra it is important to study different spiritual volumes which
focus on a person's ability to speak, to develop the ability to express one's self and the art of being a
diplomatic person. This can happen by studying traditional psychology, especially the kind of psychology
which focuses on how important it is for a person to speak their feelings, especially with clear intent, and,
speaking the truth for better mental health and a better outlook on life. It is wise to also study mantras (a
mystical formula of an invocation or an incantation (as in Hinduism); also, a WATCHWORD 2, Et. Al.).
 The colors which open up the 5th chakra are blue and turquoise. Red, orange and yellow close the 5th
chakra. The 5th chakra is associated with how a person goes about integrating their spiritual body. Hope
  Ultimately, the 5 lower chakras integrate with normal spiritual dynamics and how a person relates to the
mundane matters of living an earthly life. These chakras will not influence a person's free will in areas like
philosophy, the concept of God/Goddess/Godhead or the personal choices which come from living the
higher life using spiritual forces to do so, ET. Al. Hope heals.

The 6th Chakra
   The 6th chakra stimulates the pituitary gland, the immune system, creative visualization and greater
visions when stimulated properly. A person will develop greater insight, understanding, inspiration and
intuition. A person who has an imbalanced 6th chakra will retreat from reality and have patterns of
extreme visual intensity similar to a person who is autistic. Emotional stress in a person may lead to a
retreat into fantasyland and there may be difficult domesticity in one's life as one mate will try to dominate
the other mate. Hope heals.
   The 6th chakra is concerned with philosophy, the Nature and the Existence of God, how God manifests
on the physical plane, ET. Al. A person wishing to open their 6th chakra will want to study courses in
religion as to how God/Goddess/Godhead manifests through natural philosophies, through prophets and
through the harmonics of the Cosmos. A person will also want to study texts on symbolism and the
interpretation of their visions. There should be a two-point approach: 1.) A person should take a spiritual
approach of religion, and, 2.) A person should approach their study of God/Goddess/Godhead psycho-
logically and socially. As an example, contrast can be found by those people who study the BIBLE and
God as a personal manifestation. Other people who seek to understand the collective consciousness will
want to study the work of Carl Jung. Both approaches reflect the basic principles of manifesting the
personal nature of God; however, there are two different precedents: The 6th chakra is linked to the
spiritual and the soul bodies in a person. Indigo opens the 6th chakra and scarlet closes the 6th chakra.
Hope heals.

The 7th Chakra
   A person who properly stimulates their 7th chakra will feel a sense of fulfillment or completion and
alignment with their higher forces and the higher forces of the Universe and Universal Love. The 7th
chakra spiritualizes the intellect and is very much associated with the perceptual reality of God/God-
dess/Godhead, i.e., whether it exists or not. The 7th chakra relates to how a person integrates with the
higher forces and the good of themselves and the Universe. The 6th chakra represents a person's ability to
integrate with God/Goddess/Godhead through their personality and its' structure. However, there are no
negative emotions associated with the 7th chakra. Hope heals.

Why are only positive emotions associated with the 7th Chakra?
   Emotions extend to the level of a person's sensory perceptions. Negative emotions cannot enter into a
person's life as an activity in the realm of God/Goddess/Godhead when the higher forces of life are totally
applied. Such emotions can enter into the activity of a person seeking to understand the nature of God/
Goddess/Godhead; however, when the doorway is opened to Heaven with the opening of the 7th chakra,
negative emotions are eradicated. Spiritual fulfillment resolves any negative emotions a person may have.
Hope heals.
   To understand the affairs of the 7th chakra, it is wise for a person to study the great religions in their
purest essence as expressed in metaphysical texts which are presented by the likes of Bailey, Cayce,
Krishnamurti, Steiner, Swedenborg and Andrew Jackson Davis and any activity which pertains to the
cerebral accord (of or relating to the brain or the intellect) in a person(s). The study of metaphysical texts
helps a person to understand the higher forces of the Earth and of the Universe and helps people attempt to
structure and to understand their use and their need as they integrate with the Earth Plane and all that is or
ever will or has ever been done. To understand how the 7th chakra works it is very wise for a person to
meditate and to work with the mantras and the mandalas and other spiritual practices which open up the
personality and the structure of a person. It is important to have spiritual practices to open up all of the
chakras and not just 7th Chakra, ET. Al. Hope heals.

Why use the word "cerebral" when discussing the crown chakra?
   It works for those people who do not wish to have a totally religious substance and ideas added to their
studies. The word "cerebral" and spiritual practice spiritualize a person's intellect. This is only an attempt
to create a broad perspective for people who are spiritually inclined, as well as, for people who are
intellectually inclined. 'Those who have eyes, let them see. Those who have ears, let them hear.' Hope

How does one use color to close the Crown Chakra?
   The color very close to black does this; however, black does not exist in its pure form so what a person
really needs in order to close the Crown Chakra is a very dark, rich blue color. Closing the crown chakra is
rarely suggested. If a person gets imbalanced concerning their spiritual practices and issues, this usually
relates to the 6th chakra which may need to be closed for awhile. Hope heals.
   The true color of black, like in deep space or what a person can imagine in their mind, is a great absorber
of negativity. Attuning to the color black does not so much as to close the Crown Chakra as it reduces the
chakra's energy by absorbing any negativity which is associated with an improperly balanced chakra.
Meditating on the color black and/or sitting/wearing the color black regularly can and will remove tension
from any part of a person's body because the color black has the ability to absorb negative emotions or light
and to reflect it back out into the Universe. From the perspective of 3-Dimensional reality, black is the
opposite of the color white as white holds all the colors and black has absorptive qualities. From the
perspective of the Higher Planes of the mind and the Universe, black represents a deep absorption into the
lower vibrations of the Universe and white represents the upward acceleration into the higher vibrations of
the mind and the Universe. The color grey is a neutral color and is a very good color to use for healing
auto-immune dis- Eases that affect the immune system of people and animals. Grey heals the immune
system, reduces stress and fear in your life and dulls chronic pain. Hope heals.
   The 7th Chakra is associated with a person's soul body and is opened with white, violet, magenta or
gold. Rarely is it necessary to close down the 7th Chakra but if you are going to do this then the color
black or blue is recommended. The color white opens all of the chakras. Hope heals.

How is the information presented here different for people in the East as opposed to the West?
   There is a shift from people in the East attuning to people in the West according to a shift in people's
attitudes and their consciousness and vice versa. As an example, people of the Orient are now taking in
more sugar than was previously thought. Hope heals.

Why does AIDS exist?
   AIDS is a result of the abuse of the 1st Chakra. Activities which can cause it to become more prevalent
are too much sexual activity and too much drug use which drains out the life force from the human body.
As a result of this problem, the 6th and the 7th chakras become severely weakened. Being exposed to
adulterated food, radiation, doctor-prescribed chemicals and environmental pollutants gradually weakens
the base or 1st Chakra and the immune system. Hope heals.
   Whether or not a person heals from AIDS or any dis- Ease which has the ability to seriously impede
upon a person's life or end it depends a lot upon a person's attitude and consciousness and the positive and
the emotional development of that person. Hope heals.
   Hilarion says that AIDS can be treated with a ratio of 80% argon and 20% krypton and anyone
interested in healing dis- Ease with gas therapies is welcome to look into this avenue of healing. Hope
   Various dis- Eases (viruses and bacteria) are a result or an expression of a problem that our soul presents
to us to learn specific lessons in life. Hope heals.
   Past life therapy and hypnosis, like Jungian therapy, can be used to bring a person’s problems to the fore
(consciousness) so that a person can release the problem(s) in a proper fashion. Hope heals.
   Dis- Eases which involve a collapse of the immune system developed as a result of the ‘Industrial
Revolution’, especially since WWII, as a result of people being bombarded with massive amounts of
pollutants in the atmosphere and in the food supply. Hope heals.

   How the Brownian Motion affects the subtle bodies?
   The Brownian Motion is a simple internal energy on the molecular structure which can be observed as a
pulsation on the physical level. In its own vibration this affects the molecular level and is a by-product of
the ethereal energies from higher levels as they pass through the molecular structure. As this stimulates
subatomic energy, mild electric influences of the subtle bodies occur and can be measured in their concen-
trated forms as the Brownian Motion. This kind of activity is slightly disruptive to the atmosphere which
surrounds the physical body. Hope heals.
    The physical and the etheric bodies are so intertwined that there is no one focal point. The emotional
body is usually connected to the physical body through the stomach, the astral body through the kidneys,
the mental body through the left brain, the causal body through the medulla oblongata, the soul body
through the pineal gland, and the spiritual body through the pituitary gland. The right brain balances all
of these associations. Hope heals.
   People who are highly functioning have a very high development of their mental bodies and this can
supersede the activities of the astral body. Many Easterners do not have a very distinct emotional body
because they seek to understand the more personal aspects of God/Goddess/Godhead while people in the
West are often much more emotionally charged, especially in spiritual issues. Hope heals.
   The Meaning of Color in Magic & Healing
White: White increases the flow of the life force. White is good for new beginnings, enthusiasm, clarity
of purpose, spiritual insights and inspiration. Hope heals.
   The color white helps to heal the human body, the mind and the spirit at all levels of being. White
effectively relieves pain, depression and inertia. White helps to promote bone and tooth maintenance and
helps to ultimately promote the flow of breast milk in nursing mothers. Hope heals.
Red: The color red increases power, determination, physical energy and the health and the well being of a
person. Red denotes courage, sexual passion and potency, as well as, positive change is a person's life.
Hope heals.
   Red instantly boosts energy levels and it will kick-start a sluggish immune system. It is good for the
reproductive organs in both men and women. It increases fertility, helps relieve menstrual problems,
sexual dysfunction in men and women, and it helps with the blood and the circulation. Hope heals.
Orange: The vibrant color of orange helps a person to increase their self-esteem, their self-confidence and
it helps to strengthen their sense of identity. Orange is a joy bringer, and promotes peace and harmony.
Hope heals.
   Orange is good for the pulse rate and the gall bladder. It relieves bladder and kidney problems, food
allergies and eating disorders. It aids with rheumatism, arthritis and exhaustion. Hope heals.
Yellow: The color yellow is associated with the mind and aids in logic, memory, concentration, will-
power and communication. It helps skills to do with technology. It is a good for job changes and local
house moves and short-term or time travel. Use yellow for overcoming money problems. Hope heals.
   Yellow stimulates the nervous system, calms the digestive system, aids eczema and skin problems and
increases a person's metabolic rate. Hope heals.
Green: Green increases love, empathy and compassion. It is good for working with nature and the envi-
ronment. It brings a gradual increase of prosperity and good fortune. Hope heals.
   Green strengthens the heart, the lungs and the respiratory system and helps a person to fight infections
and viruses. Green is useful to counter panic attacks and addictions. Hope heals.
Blue: Blue increases existing opportunities in career, business or finances and improves leadership
qualities. Blue aids long-distance travel and house moves and promotes success in both legal and official
matters of a high or the highest order(s). Hope heals.
   The color blue is the color of healers, and is a natural antiseptic. It also helps to relieve headaches and
migraines, fevers, high blood pressure, eye strain, earache and sore throats. Hope heals.
Purple: Purple relates to the inner self, unconscious wisdom, increasing psychic powers, meaningful
dreams, accurate divination, meditation, past-life work and psychic protection. Hope heals.
   An all-purpose healer, purple relieves allergies, asthma, sleep disorders, eye, ear, nose and skin problems
and migraines. The color purple is also a natural sedative. Hope heals.
Pink: Pink represents kindness, reconciliation, families, friends and children. Pink also symbolizes the
development of new love and trust after a betrayal or an abuse or an abusive situation has been alleviated.
Hope heals.
   This gentle healing color helps to relieve ear and gland problems, headaches and psychosomatic illness-
es. It is helpful for disorders relating to babies, children, adolescent girls and pregnant and menopausal
women. Hope heals.
Brown: The color brown is associated with the element of earth and offers physical and psychic protect-
ion to people wearing it. It helps a person to relate to their home, property matters, day to day finances and
of learning new skills in life, especially later on in a person's life. Hope heals.
Grey: This a useful color which lowers your profile in dangerous or confrontational situations. It helps to
neutralize negative energies or feelings, helps with compromise and adaptability in life and helps you to
keep secrets. Hope heals.
   Grey heals the immune system, reduces stress and fear in your life and dulls chronic pain. Hope heals.
Black: This is the color of regeneration. Black represents beginnings after natural endings in life. Black
banishes negativity, helps a person to heal old sorrows and allows you to move on from redundant or
destructive relationships or friendships. Hope heals.
   Black slows down an overactive, stressed out person. It helps to heal the skeletal system, especially the
spine, helps to remove blockages in the lower body, and overcomes trauma and shock. It is useful for
debilitating illnesses which have the ability to kill a person by making them give up their will to live. Hope
  The Opening and the Closing of the Major Body Chakras
  The color white opens all of the chakras and the color black closes all of the chakras.
  1. Coccyxogeal Chakra - Opening Color: Red                      Opposite Closing Color: Green
  2. Pubic Chakra - Opening Color: Orange                         Opposite Closing Color: Turquoise
  3. Stomach Chakra - Opening Color: Lemon, gold, yellow or white                  Opposite Closing Color:
  4. Heart Chakra- Opening Color: Emerald, green or gold Opposite Closing Color: Orange
  5. Throat Chakra - Opening Color: Blue or Turquoise              Opposite Closing Color: Red, Orange or
  6. Brow Chakra - Opening Color: White, Violet (Purple), Magenta, Gold                Opposite Closing
                                         Or Indigo                                     Color: Black, A
                                                                                        very Dark Blue or
  7. Crown Chakra - Opening Color: White, Violet (Purple), Magenta or Gold Opposite Opening
                                                                                        Colors: White or
  8. The 8th Chakra - Opening Color: Gold, Silver, or Platinum Opposite Closing Color: White or
      Flowers, Crystals and oils associated with the 8th Chakra: lotus and silverwood flowers, Cat's Eye
      & Star Gemstones, Rose Oil and flower essence opens up the 8th chakra; Indigo sprinkled with
      white light; Purple aids in the transformation of purple and violet rays and the violet energy of the
      crown chakra; belladonna and Christ thorn flowers work as well.
  9. The 9th Chakra - Opening Color: Gold, Silver, Platinum;           Opposite Closing Color: White
      Flowers, Crystals and oils associated with the 9th Chakra: lotus and silverwood flowers, Cat's Eye
      & Star Gemstones, Rose Oil and flower essence opens up the 8th chakra; Indigo sprinkled with
      white light; Purple aids in the transformation of purple and violet rays and the violet energy of the
      crown chakra; Belladonna and Christ thorn flowers work as well. Columbine flower essences;
      shades of turquoise and blue open up the 9th chakra with an underpinning of white light. Pink is
      associated with the color orange of the 2nd chakra.
  10. The 10th Chakra - Opening Color: Green light opens up the 10th chakra. Opposite Closing
      Color: White or Yellow. Silver indicates the absorption of the rays of light and the many other
      qualities associated with this gem elixir. Other qualities associated with this gem elixir are not
      discussed here.
  11. The 11th Chakra - Opening Color: Gold           Opposite Closing Color: White or Yellow
      Oils associated with the 11th Chakra: Myrrh Oil and flower essences associated with Gold and
      white light. Gold is associated with a near enlightened state and the ways of universal love for all.
  12. The 12th Chakra - Opening Color: Light purple opens up the 12th Chakra. Opposite Closing
       Color: White or Yellow. White is a corresponding color which encompasses all colors. White is
       an all-purpose vibration. Some white is present in all of the chakras.

Some general advice for opening up and closing down the chakras, i.e. creating more
Balance in your life:
  1)   Creative Visualization
  2)   Meditation
  3)   Color Breathing
  4)   Working with the Mandalas.

The 7 Organs associated with the 7 Main Chakras in the East:
  1st Chakra - The coccyx
  2nd Chakra - The testicles or ovaries
  3rd Chakra - The stomach or the abdomen
  4th Chakra - The thymus gland
  5th Chakra - The thyroid gland
  6th Chakra - The pituitary gland
  7th Chakra - The pineal gland
The 7 Organs associated with the 7 Main Chakras in the West:
   1st Chakra - The testicles or ovaries
   2nd Chakra - The spleen
   3rd Chakra - The stomach or abdomen
   4th Chakra - The heart
   5th Chakra - The thyroid gland
   6th Chakra - The pituitary gland
   7th Chakra - The pineal gland
   The body is an amazing and a complex system which is delicately balanced through biochemical
activity. The biochemical activity of the body extends into a very complex dance which relates to the
molecular level of energy and how it resonates. These patterns of energy create their own kind of
interactive energy which relates to that part of the body and that area which has its' own focalization of
energy in that particular area of the body which extends to the rest of the whole body. People who draw
from the Eastern and the Western spiritual traditions, and, who reach a particular elevated state of
consciousness will activate several parts of their body in association with the 7 main chakras. As this
activation occurs, then, a person moves between Eastern and Western Cultures. The parts of the body
function in polarity to the balance that the person has achieved in their self and in their body. Polarities are
created as follows: the coccyx and the testicles or ovaries represent the 1st chakra; the adrenals and
pancreas represent the 2nd chakra; the spleen and the stomach or abdomen represent the 3rd chakra; the
thymus and the heart represent the 4th chakra, and the thyroid and the parasympathetic represent the 5th
chakra. The pituitary and the medulla oblongata represent the 6th chakra when the 7th chakra has not yet
opened. When the 7th chakra is opened then the 6th chakra in the body is represented by a polarity
between the pituitary and the pineal glands. The 7th chakra is represented by the pineal gland and the left
and the right brain. To have a full awakening there must be a balanced trine (120 degrees) of the mind, the
body, and the spirit, not necessarily of the soul and the astral bodies. Hope heals.
   All of the chakras in the human body have a direct relationship to each other. As an example, if a
chakra, say the 2nd chakra, is activated, then the chakra baser to it, the 1st chakra, is also activated and has
a release of tension. Also, when the brow or the crown chakra is activated, then the other chakra is also
influenced as a result of the relationship between them, ET. Al. As the chakras are the seat of a person's
karma (soul), when a person uses vibrational therapies, i.e., gem elixirs and quartz crystals for healing
purposes to balance and open up their chakras, then that person is alleviating karmic patterns in their body
and in their soul. Hope heals.
   As the chakras are the source of a person's higher consciousness, they are arranged as a blueprint to the
higher self which is usually not the director of the human body, but the director in circumstances of dire
need, circumstances, etc. Most people are used to using their lower chakras, especially the 1st three chakras
(coccyxogeal- anus- , pubic and stomach chakras), not their higher chakras, opened, especially the heart
chakra and the 5 chakras above the head and that surround the human body. As an example, when a person
is threatened or feels threatened, then, if they listen to their lower selves long enough and really listen to
what is happening, then and only then may the higher selves step in to get that person out of a difficult
situation or a difficult circumstance. However, since most people do not listen to their higher self or their
higher good, then it is usually the lower 8 chakras in the human body which are in control most of the time.
I have learned this over and over again through my own personal experiences. In order for a person to
become more aware of their higher selves, then they must learn how to listen to their lower and their higher
selves regularly to keep the self safe from harm. A very difficult thing to do most of the time, unless of
course, a person is into listening to their lower selves and coordinating with their higher selves, ET. Al.
However, as stated previously, it is particularly through the 8 main chakras in a person's physical body that
their soul makes its imprint in the earth plane. Chakras are considered ethereal structures of human
anatomy and are animators of the physical body. Chakras are a self-actualizing system which individuals
uplift themselves from the baser instincts to the higher levels of consciousness and to reveal the higher self
that a person truly is. People are beings of mind, body and personal spirit and it is through the integration
of those forces that a person is able to become one with the higher force that is the Father, the Son, and the
Holy Spirit or the Father-Mother God. It is through this kind of linkage that a person or people manifest
their higher blueprint of their truer identities which is to manifest the Christ within the self. Christ is the
merger of the mind, the body, and, the spirit. Hope heals.
The Chakras and Their Relationship to Astrological Configurations
   All of a person's chakras are ruled by a specific element of astrology. As an example, the pineal gland or
the crown chakra is ruled by Mars, the pituitary or the brow chakra is ruled by Neptune, the thyroid is ruled
by Venus, the heart chakra is ruled by the Sun, the thymus and the abdomen are ruled by the Moon, the
spleen is ruled by Mercury, the 2nd chakra is ruled by Mars, and the first chakra is ruled by Pluto and
Minerva. Hope heals.
   As a result of these energies ruling and influencing each other, there is an impact upon a person's stellar
bodies. This manifests in the following order: The impact of each planet at a specific angle to the earth
affects the chakra's electromagnetic field and other properties. The earth's electromagnetic field affects a
person's physical body and their aura, and this in turn affects the chakras which are an extension of the
physical body and the aura, and this in turn affects the biological activities and the biological personality of
a person and this in turn helps to integrate the activities of the soul. Hope heals.

A Person born under a Bad Sign or a Good Sign
   A person born under a certain sign and the influence that has on that person can be great or small.
However, this does depend upon the activity of the rest of the primary structure of a person's natal chart.
As an example, if a person was born under a predominant aspect to the Sun which is afflicted by a 90
degree angle, or a square, or a 45 degree angle, or a semi-square, or a 180 degree angle, or an opposition,
within their stellar charge, then there might be an affliction of their heart chakra. As another example, if a
person was born under an affliction or a square to Neptune, then there could be problems with their
pituitary gland. However, if there was harmony in the Sun or the Moon or a trine (120 degrees) of the
stellar chart, then there would be a perfect balance between the heart chakra and the human emotions. If a
person would like specific information, then they would want to consult their horoscope as a whole since
the other planets and their aspects would usually be considered long before drawing any definite conclu-
sions. Hope heals.

How do gem elixirs crystallize energy in the chakras and the human energy field?
   Gemstones (quartz crystals, minerals or stones) carry that particular stones’ properties and focus
biomagnetic messages on the cellular level with a correct degree of enhancement by placing them in a
localized field to continuously amplify within the capacity of the tissues to manifest an understanding to
where eventually those fields would be translated into a direct cellular memory. Gemstones have a
crystalline structure which brings those fields of biomagnetics to a focus on the cellular level. Hope heals.

How are crystals used to balance the chakras?
   Each gemstone a person uses balances a chakra according to the specific element (healing quality within
it). As an example, Ruby and emerald help to balance the heart and the heart chakra partially because they
have certain mineral properties which have empathic resonancy within that tissue. Studies of quartz crys-
tals and gem elixir therapy will reveal empathic resonancy. Ruby, as an elixir, can be applied to the heart
chakra, and, has a certain mineral property which is peculiar to the tissues of a person's heart. By focusing
energy through the ruby for intensification of the metabolic energy which extends to the aura through that
particular chakra helps to heal that particular chakra. When energy returns to the human body or the
animal body, it returns through 3 basic focal points: the base of the spine, the crown chakra and the
medulla oblangata. A purification of these energies is such when the energies return to the physical body
to activate the molecular structure in its proper pattern and proper frequency. This causes the gem elixir to
bring forth balance (based in part upon the electromagnetic principle) to the molecular structure which then
reflects to a person's DNA. This ultimately reflects to a person's biological function or the tissues of that
person's individual chakras. Hope heals.

How do gem elixirs affect a person's chakras?
   What gem elixirs do is help to integrate and act as an interface between a person's anatomical and etheric
levels of their body. Gem elixirs are unique as they have an activity on a person's physiological levels; they
help a person to integrate with their chakras and the energy levels that are associated with those chakras. If
a person becomes physically sound on the physiological level, then there is often a temporary alignment of
their subtle bodies. Like follows like. Dislike follows dislike. And since gemstones have an alignment on
the subtle bodies and the anatomy and the etheric levels of a person's body, then through light, sound,
frequency and, even, if powdered, upon the nutrient level, then the gem stone properties of the gem elixirs
carry those properties found in those stones to other parts of the body by aligning the physical and the
etheric levels of the human body. When gemstones are prepared as elixirs, they then move closer to the
principles of flower essences in combination with all of the information aligned with homeopathic princi-
ples. Hope heals.
   Gemstones especially influence the chakras of the human body because mankind is moving more
towards physiologically becoming a crystallized being. Gemstones integrate with the properties of man to
stimulate the nutrient property levels of biochemical activity and they also help to stimulate the
biomolecular level. By bringing to the front the heightened properties of exchanging energy on the
biomolecular level, this becomes the closest point in which the chakra's ethereal energy integrates fully to
become the physical anatomy of a man. Hope heals.
   The effects of gemstones on a person's chakras are strengthened if the gemstones are synthesized
through plates or filters through which light may pass. When light is correctly correlated with the ethers in
combination with the gemstones’ impact and influence on coloration, then in turn, the gemstone becomes
activated with orgone and color healing properties. All these energies integrate to represent the chakras.
The chakras are the energy that goes into the physical form and that radiates from the physical form out
into the levels of infinity. Gemstones stabilize these forces. Hope heals.

How do gem elixirs affect the chakras differently from flower essences and homeopathic
   There are no major differences. However, a person must understand that it is the chakras which animate
or act upon the gemstones. Gemstones or gem elixirs, as well as, flower essences and homeopathic
remedies, vibrationally stimulate the conductive properties in the body physical to stimulate and assimilate
a chakra's energy field. Hope heals.

How do chakras relate to a person's aura?
   Chakras extend energy to a person's aura by giving it depth, texture and color due to the biological and
the metabolic activities which are produced by the chakras. Hope heals.

If a chakra is a center of gravity within the human body, how does this affect a person, in
  Chakras are the central balance points for the gravitational fields. Simple gravity shows the activity of a
dense mass. A gravitational field means that the field may fluctuate in influencing the mass to the point
where there is an integration of the mind and the mass. This is what is called ‘psychokinetics’. The
chakras are the centers of psychokinetics. When there is a merger and an alignment of these fields, then a
person begins to experience levitation. Hope heals.

How does sleep affect a person's chakras?
   People who are healthy bring forth balance in their lives by a minimum of three hours of daily sleep. It
is very wise to have one hour of sleep for balancing each chakra within the human body but if a person is
really very healthy then 3 hours of sleep is all the physical body really ever needs. Then 3 hours of sleep is
needed to balance the 3 higher chakras in the physical body. These then help a person to balance the four
lower main chakras in the human body. Hope heals.

How does oversleep affect the chakras in the human body?
   Too much strain is placed upon the chakras in the visionary accord. Oversleeping will activate the
muscular structure in a person and this will put into the body an unnecessary visionary capacity in a person
or an overloading of the chakra's energies upon the visual level. Hope heals.

Where are the chakras located in the body?
  They are focused in the neurological ganglia along the spine extending to the organs they are associated
with. In a chakra's farthest extensions, the chakras extend to the front and the back of the human body.
Chakras are oval in shape, not circular. Hope heals.
   By immersing one's self in various colors and by visualizing each chakra as a color is a good thing to do.
This is called focus. You can do this for 3 minutes with each chakra in the morning and 3 minutes with
each chakra in the evening. By meditating or focusing on the traditional mandalas this will activate the
main chakras. There are many texts now available in the Western World which show pictures of different
kinds of mandalas that are linked to each of the main chakras. Hope heals.
   When a person uses color for healing purposes, this enhances the chakras by centering or centralizing
their activities. Color can be used to emit specific angstroms for the measurement of wavelengths of light
and these are always bombarding the physical body. Angstroms have a very consistent frequency until
there is a point of resonancy. What color does to the human soul and the physical body is the following:
It has the ability to penetrate to the bio-molecular level of a person's physical body. This pattern then
mixes with and stabilizes the energy of the bio-molecular pattern. When this happens, those energies
emitted by the specific gravity of the colors used for healing purposes will then have an increased clarity in
its pattern of intervention and this energy can then be used for healing purposes and to heal the individual
chakras. Hope heals.
   As an example, color can be compared to sound frequencies, which can also be used to heal the chakras,
energy centers or the color fields of the human body. The nice thing about sound is that it has the ability to
impact or affect metals and crystals (crystalline formations or blocks of energy) forms of resonancy along
key ley lines (with similar polarities- the particular state of attraction of either positive or negative with
reference to 2 poles or to electrification.) Polarity Therapy - (1964) - Polarity Therapy is a holistic
discipline that seeks to achieve physical and emotional health and well being through a system of touch,
diet, exercise, and, a self-awareness which is designed to re- balance energy flows in the human body or the
animal body. ) and the frequency has a kick back that takes in it's own resonancy (like a ricochet) and
shelters back in a union or disunion with the known Universe. Hope heals.
   When a person uses Color Visualization this can also be used to open up the five chakras above the
crown chakra. Hope heals.
   All of these colors mentioned previously are used for most people in the healing process; however, a
person who is strongly suggestable or who understands the uses of color for healing purposes should use
the colors that they are most attracted to for their own healing purposes. Hope heals.
   The colors that have been listed previously in this book to open the 8 main chakras below the 5 main
colors above the crown chakra can be used in the color visualization exercises. Hope heals.
   If a particular chakra is closed, as is usually the case for most of the upper chakras, creative visualization
exercises can be used to stimulate them. Hope heals.
   However, a mineral or a stone with a related color can also be used to open up the main chakras. You
can use that specific mineral or stone as a gem elixir and you can even wear it and place it in your home for
accentuated healing purposes. Ex., if you would like to open up your 10th chakra, green tourmaline can be
useful for actualizing this process completely. Hope heals.
   If a person seeks to heal their body, soul and physical body, as well as, their astral, emotional and
etheric bodies only through their chakras, this can cause an energy imbalance because all of the 159
chakras of the body have their own magnetic resonancy and function which is independent of the physical
body. As an example, if a person only attunes to the mental qualities of a chakra without focusing on the
emotional qualities of their chakras then imbalances may remain or develop in the emotional body and the
personality structure of the physical being. Also, if one only considers how the chakras affect their phys-
ical body, then imbalances may develop or form in the subtle bodies of the personality structure. Hope
   The chakras are the wheels of energy or the fields of consciousness in a person or in a group of people.
They are not just the isolated internal organs of that person, ET. Al. According to advanced beings and
souls, the chakras are a dialogue created between the soul and the human body. They are also a dialogue
from which a person's soul expresses itself. The chakras are an inspiration that helps a person to continue
in the words of the Heavenly Father and the love that he has given to each of us. Chakras are a library or a
scroll which unfolds a specific revelation of the self which is in a constant state of growth but none of a
person's chakras are greater or lesser than any of the other chakras as they are all equally important to each
other. According to the book of Revelations (?), 'the first shall be (the) last and the last shall be first in all
of the things that ye do. The Christ which dwells in each and every one of (us) is the illumination of each
chakra. However, the chakras are not the light for there is only one light in the world and that is God's
love for each of thee (us). When the chakras function in complete harmony, they beget love which is God
who dwells in each and every one of thee (us).' Hope heals.
   In the 'Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch' , it is noted that the 8th chakra activates the creative
powers necessary to transplant creation from one level to another as it is a point of transformation in the
human body. According to Anne Ree Colton in a book she wrote called 'Watch Your Dreams' there are
12 major chakras, actually 13 these days, in our Etheric Body, 4 minor chakras in the hands and feet, one of
each which are usually white in color and 159 total chakras in the human body. Actually, there are over
360 major and minor chakras in the human body. Also, Laya Yoga, a fascinating yoga text, has some
wonderful knowledge on the higher chakras, as well as, the lower chakras and their description verbally
and pictorially. Hope heals.
   The nadis are petals of energy inside the chakras and about the body which distribute the life force and
the energy of each chakra into the physical and the subtle bodies. There are approximately 72,000 nadis or
ethereal channels of energy in the subtle anatomy which are interwoven in the nervous system. Nadis are
like an ethereal nervous system. However, there are not too many gem elixirs which help to influence the
nadis and the nervous system but they are very important for discussion here. If one were to follow
through with listing gem elixirs in a single or in a combination of minerals and stones (crystals) then one
would find out which ones affect the nadis, but, not the chakras. If and when this happens, the properties of
that chakra would also benefit very much. Hope heals.
   If one wants to learn more about the relationships of chakras, meridians and nadis, then one must realize
that 'the chakras are a focus of ethereal energies'. Nadis are flames which go forth in a specific pattern and
that affect the consciousness of the physical body and the meridians are like ley lines in the physical and
the spiritual body which are 3 dimensional in nature and like little or big balls of light (orbs) all inter-
connected and this energy is stored in the human body in molecules as vibrations of energy which can be
felt throughout the organs and the body itself. Meridians are considered to be a part of the etheric nervous
system or 3-D lines of force which give off peculiar, distinct energy (nadis) all their own. Hope heals.
   If one wants to consider the perfect health and the perfect well-being of the human body as being what is
desired then one must consider the subtle bodies (the etheric body, the emotional body, the mental body,
the astral body, the causal body and the integrated spiritual soul body) when doing or using any healing
modalities or services. Hope heals.
   The bottom line about healing? There are five very important chakras located above the head (the
crown chakra). The 8th chakra must be opened for people who want to truly enter and experience the
higher realms. The 8th chakra helps a person to coordinate their etheric and their emotional bodies, the
9th chakra helps a person to join their emotional and their mental bodies, the 10th chakra helps a person
to coordinate the mental and the astral bodies, the 11th chakra helps a person to unify the astral and the
causal bodies, and the 12th chakra above the head unifies the causal and the integrated spiritual bodies.
This is partly how a person's subtle bodies are linked together. The 10th, 11th, and 12th chakras are
intersecting points for all of the subtle bodies. As a result of this, these 3 chakras are very valuable in
helping a person to develop their channeling abilities. However, a person's soul body is not connected to
the five upper chakras at all. That subtle body is connected to a different chakra in the aura which is not
spatially situated in one spot. There are many other chakras in the subtle bodies of a human being. Of the
three hundred sixty-odd chakras in the human body, about half of them are in the subtle bodies and the
aura. There is a direct polarity of one chakra in the physical body to one in the subtle bodies and the
human aura. Hope heals.
   There is much too much information in this book of healing and if one would like to become better
acquainted with the properties of gem elixirs and their healing qualities, then I would suggest that a person
pick up a good book about this subject matter and start reading it regularly. A very good place to start
would be reading books by Gurudas, Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing, Vol. I, II, & III, ET. Al.
Hope heals.

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