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                                            COLLEGIAN    a student publication of The University of Tulsa

                                        September 9, 2003 – Issue 2 – Volume 89

W       ith the simultaneous snips of six pairs of scissors, cut
        pieces of blue ribbon fell to the ground. A project
that was decades in the making finally became a reality.
                                                                   people returning from study abroad
                                                                   programs can maintain their language
                                                                   skills. Many students say they are excited
      The Language House at the University of Tulsa official-      about having the chance to live here.
ly opened after a ribbon cutting ceremony on Aug. 26. With               “Learning a new language is a great
an audience of a few dozen students and staff, TU President        opportunity,” said Christine Lebarre,
                                  Robert Lawless and six           one of the House’s residents. “The
JESSICA MCALISTER other campus administrators                      world is getting smaller and smaller. As
                                  gathered to cut the ribbon.      a business major, I’d almost be ignorant
Staff Writer                              “The        Language     if I didn’t know a second language.”
                                  House is something that’s              “I wanted to keep up my language
been discussed on and off for close to twenty years,” said         skills,” said Mollie Hightower, who
Christopher Anderson, chairman of the TU languages                 returned last December from a 6-month
department. “In order for something of this magnitude                      study abroad trip to Russia and
to become a reality, it’s almost like you have to have                        is now living in the House.
all of the planets align. The reason that it has been                          “I was really excited when
successful this time is because we have had so much                             I learned that there were
support up and down the administrative ladder.”                                native Russian speakers here.”
       “This living community coming together                                            The Language House
is a partnership,” said Chuck Colby, director                                   can hold up to 36 residents.
of housing and dining services. “The most                                        Since only 22 students signed                                                        photos by Janae Givens / Collegian
important component of this partnership is                                             up for the program                President Robert Lawless, Roger Sorochty, Christopher
the students. We are amazed that they were                                                     this year, the
                                                                                                                     Anderson, Roger Blais, Tom Benediktson and Chuck Colby
willing to take on this risk and responsibility.”                                                   remaining
      The Language House, located in a                                                                 apart-            cut the ribbon at the official Language House opening.
block of traditional apartments at 2812                                                                 ments
E. 10th St, currently houses 22 participat-                                                             h a v e                       equipped with a projector that can play international movies,
ing students. Claudia Schrudde, a visit-                                                                been filled with non- computers, a DVD player and possibly a wide-screen T.V.
ing assistant professor of German, also                                                                 participating       students. Plans are also being made to renovate the courtyard area.
lives in the house. The group of students                                                                     “I     would      have       “It’s going to be really interesting to watch over the next
includes native and non-native speakers                                                                 thought that it would couple of months as everything gets installed; as everything
of Spanish, French, German and Russian.                                                                 take three years for us to that has been promised becomes reality,” Anderson said. “The
      “I think it’s a neat concept, transferring                                                       fill the facility,” Anderson money’s there and we’re spending it. We want to make it a cul-
something from the academic side of the                                                                said. “It depends on what turally active, socially active and academically active place.”
University into the housing side of the uni-                                                           the residents do with this          The project was funded by the Office of the President, the
versity,” said Clint Alexander, apartment resi-                                                        opportunity. If they put Office of the Provost and the Foreign Languages Department.
dence director. “It’s one thing to study a foreign                                                     on exciting programs and It was organized primarily by Anderson and Sorochty,
language in a classroom setting. It’s quite a dif-                                                     it’s an open and welcom- the vice president for enrollment and student services.
ferent thing to learn about that country’s cul-                                                        ing atmosphere, we have a           “Building things is fun,” said Anderson. “Building
ture by talking to the people who have actually                                                        shot at filling it next year.” things when you have the support of people makes it
lived in that country, to watch television and                                                                One of the apart- more fun. One of the really good things about being at
movies from that country, and to eat communi-                                                         ments has been turned into this University is that people don’t put obstacles up in
ty meals prepared by people from that country.”                                                       a common room where front of you. If you want to build something, go to it.”
      The house offers a living environment where                                                   cultural and social events
native and non-native speakers can interact regularly and                                      can take place. The room will be

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              POSSIBLE                                       FREE                                       SMART                                     GOT                               GAY
       STUDENT PLEDGE                                     WITH ID                                     ATHLETES                                 FRISBEE?                      HIGH SCHOOL
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2                     September 9, 2003 – Issue 2


                                                                                          photos by Janae Givens / Collegian

                                   TOP: Jason Paul Siemer (guitar) and Christopher Allen Hines (drums) of the
                                        band “Everyday Sunday” performed Thursday night on the U.

                                   LEFT: Angela Ortega and Joel Kloppinger danced in front of a strobe light at
                                         Thursday night’s Victory Parties.

                                                                                                                                        September 1, 2003
                                                                                                                                        2:20 a.m. – Security responded to the University Square
                                                                                                                                        West Apartments after receiving two separate complaints
                                                                                                                                        of loud noises coming from a student’s apartment. When
                                                                                                                                        officers arrived they located the source of the complaint
                                                                                                                                        and upon contacting the tenant he admitted that he and
                                                                                                                                        two of his friends had been outside on the balcony laugh-
                                                                                                                                        ing and talking. The tenant assured the officers that they
The following incidents were reported to Campus Security.          August 28, 2003                                                      would comply with the apartment policy on excess noise.
Anyone with information that could assist in the invesit-          8:30 a.m. – A staff member at John Rogers Hall reported
gation is encourage to call This release is provided as a          a theft. Investigation revealed that on August 27, 2003,
public service to promote safety awareness on campus.              between the hours of 10:30 a.m. and 12:25 p.m. person(s)             September 3, 2003
                                                                   unknown entered the victim’s unlocked and unattended                 11:00 a.m. – A student reported that her vehicle was dam-
August 26, 2003                                                    office and stole a wallet from her purse. Later in the day           aged in a hit and run accident. Investigation revealed
9:50 p.m. – Security responded to John Mabee Hall after a          the suspect(s) used a bankcard belonging to the victim at            that between 8:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. an unknown
student reported that he observed property belonging to him        several Tulsa area businesses. Security is in the process of         vehicle collided with the left rear quarter panel of the
in another students room. Investigation revealed that on           reviewing video recordings taken within the building dur-            victim’s unattended 1996 red Chevrolet Camaro, while
August 25, 2003, the student filed a theft report with Campus      ing the time of the theft to help identify possible suspects.        it was properly parked on the Law School Parking Lot.
Security after discovering that someone had entered his room       Tulsa Police were called to assist with the investigation.           2:15 p.m. – A staff member in Hurricane Athletics
and stolen ten (10) DVD movies. Tonight the victim was
                                                                                                                                        reported a theft of personal property from his office.
walking through a hallway in the building when looked into         August 30, 2003                                                      Investigation revealed that sometime during the last two
the open doorway of another student’s room and observed            11:00 p.m. – Security responded to a university owned apart-         weeks person(s) unknown entered his office and stole,
the DVD’s that he had reported stolen sitting inside the room      ment in the 3000 blk. of East 10th Street in reference to a report   five (5) 1994 NCAA Championship Collector Coke
on the floor. Investigating officers talked with the student       of a loud party. When officers arrived they found that the           Bottles and two t-shirts marked with the MTV Logo.
living in this room and he denied any involvement in the           party was in violation of the university alcohol policy along
theft and claimed that the DVD movies were his. The victim         with several housing policies governing noise. The tenant of         September 4, 2003
was able to provide receipts and information about different       the apartment was notified of the violations and the party was       8:45 a.m. – A staff member at the Holmes Student Center
identifiable markings indicated that the movies were his.          closed down. A report documenting the incident was com-              reported that sometime during the overnight hours some-
The DVD movies were seized for safekeeping and along               pleted and a copy was sent to the Director of Residence Life.        one accessed his office computer without authorization.
with a copy of the report documenting the incident were
sent to the Director of Residence Life for final disposition.

ONLY 38                                         YEARS LATER
This past Friday, the university was graced with the
presence of one of the country’s foremost civil rights
activists, Mr. Julian Bond. Currently chairman of
the NAACP, Bond spoke to University students,
staff, faculty, and the Tulsa community about the
contemporary civil rights issues facing our country
today. Stating that “race dictates both perception and
reality”, Bond began his list of haunting statistics that
                                 are facing the African-
                                 American       commu-
RACHEL SHERRILL                  nity on a daily basis.
Advertising Manager                      A       former
                                 Morehouse       College
                                 student, Bond has
been fighting the “system” for over forty years.
He was a student founder of the Atlanta student
sit-in and anti- segregation organization and the
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee in
1960. Removed from his seat twice at the Georgia
House of Representatives in 1965 for his opposi-
tion to the Vietnam War, Bond took his case all the
way to the United States Supreme Court and won.
He has been given 21 honorary degrees and is cur-                               photo by Janae Givens / Collegian
rently a professor at both the American University          Julian Bond spoke about civil rights as
in Washington, DC and the University of Virginia.               an ongoing issue in our society.
      The fourth speaker in the Buck Colbert Franklin
Memorial Civil Rights Lecture series, Bond drew
a standing room only crowd to Kendall Hall. In a            By reminding the audience that it has only been
Presidential series that honors one of Oklahoma’s           38 short years since the end of segregation,
first African-American attorneys, Bond continued            Bond said that civil rights in America while
the tradition by inspiring the audience to keep on          furthered, is not yet where it needs to. Civil
fighting, to never give up. “I heard someone say            rights is an on-going struggle and will only con-
once that if you get knocked down, it’s on them,            tinue to be furthered through the hard work,
but if you don’t get back up, it’s on you,” he said.        fight, and undying dedication of all involved.
4                                                                          September 9, 2003 – Issue 2

The Student Association Senate is scheduled to vote on a  something       the                                                                                  in multiple deities or
resolution Tuesday calling for a student body referendum  students approve,”                                                                                   no deity.      This could
to adopt a new student pledge and student commitment.     Crittenden said.                                                                                     conflict with section
     The text of the proposed pledge and commitment       He also said he                                                                                      21 of the University
highlight wisdom, faith and service, the three words      believes it would                                                                                    of Tulsa Statement on
of the university motto that appear across the seal.      pass because it has                                                                                  Rights, Freedoms, and
                                                          the support of uni-
                            “We tackled those three words,”                                                                                                    Responsibilities, which
                          said Neil Crittenden, chairman  versity President                                                                                    states “students are entitled
                          of the SA Senate TU Student     Bob Lawless and                                                                                      to the freedom to express
Staff Writer              Commitment and Pledge Ad        Roger Sorochty,                                                                                      their religious views.”
                          Hoc Committee. “What does       university     vice                                                                                      Crittenden said the
wisdom mean to TU students? What does faith mean to       president       for                                                                                  acknowledgement of faith
TU students? What does service mean to TU students?”      enrollment     and                                                                                   doesn’t necessarily have to
     The pledge, which focuses on the singu-              student    service.                                                                                  be a personal statement.
lar, is a condensed version of the commitment,                 The      most                                                                                       “Someone             can
which focuses on the plural, Crittenden said.             controversial                                                                                        acknowledge that the
The University Ambassadors would explain both             phrases of both                                                                                      school has a faith in
the pledge and commitment to perspective students.        deal with faith                                                                                      God,”           Crittenden
     “I think it adds some prestige to the university because       religion.                                                                                  said.     “The committee
we have a document written by students, approved by       One phrase of                                                  photo by Genevieve Pankey / Collegian was trying to accu-
students,” said Read Minshall, a Committee member.        the pledge reads           SA vice president Josh Margherio and SA secretary                         rately reflect the school.”
At matriculation, the commitment would be read by a       “to acknowledge          Kendra Marrs at a meeting to discuss the new codes.                             The SA Senate TU
senior and incoming students would recite the pledge.     Faith in God                                                                                         Student       Commitment
Faculty members would be encouraged to include the        while      respect-                                                                                  and Pledge Ad Hoc
statements on syllabi and post them in classrooms.        ing the faith traditions of all individuals.” One phrase of Committee, who wrote both the pledge and commitment,
     If the resolution is adopted by the Senate, a cam-   the commitment reads “we acknowledge Faith in God consisted of 11 students and a faculty advisor, Dr. Jeff Francis.
pus-wide referendum would occur Sept. 23 and 24           while respecting the Faith traditions of all individuals.” Members of the committee cover many religious beliefs,
for approval from the student body, Crittenden said.           Minshall said the wording of the faith clause was the including Christian, Jewish, and Muslim, Crittenden said.
     “We wanted it to be a little more democratic,”       biggest road block for the committee and nearly fifty per- The committee was formed in January by Crittenden,
Crittenden said. “That’s where the referendum came in.”   cent of the discussion was focused on the meaning of faith. Sorochty and former SA Vice President Derek
     If passed by the student body, the pledge and com-        “Dr. Lawless wanted faith in God or it wouldn’t Shepard.                   Sorochty helped form a similar docu-
mitment must be passed by the Board of Trustees           fly,” Minshall said.       “It’s the only way we could ment when he worked at St. Bonaventure University.
before becoming an official university document.          do it to pass the motto, to pass Dr. Lawless.” The statements do not have a definitive enforcement mechanism.
     “There’s no reason the Board of Trustees would veto       “The faith paragraph is shorter than the others because we        “There       are     things     that      aren’t      real-
                                                                                     didn’t want to load it,” Crittenden ly             enforceable,”           Crittenden             said.
                                                                                     said. “We are not trying to appease         He also said he expects some opposition.
                              The University of Tulsa                                Dr. Lawless. We want something “I encourage people to be vocal against it because
                                  Student Pledge                                     that’s consistent with the school.” that’s part of the process,” Crittenden said.                    “I
    As a student of The University of Tulsa, I pledge to strive for excellence          Though the university is affili- accept a certain risk with that, but it’s reality.”
    in the pursuit of Wisdom, to acknowledge Faith in God while respect-             ated with the Presbyterian Church,          The Law School currently has an honor code that focuses
    ing the faith traditions of all individuals and to be of Service to oth-         no religious connection or faith on the ethical standards of students, but does not mention
    ers in accordance with the ideals set forth in the Student Commitment.           acknowledgement is required faith. All law students must submit a certification of the
                                                                                     for admission to the university. honor code, which is enforceable by an ad hoc Honor Code
                              The University of Tulsa                                   It is possible that the language Committee. The current code was adopted on April 26, 1999.
                               Student Commitment                                    would exclude certain religious             The resolution, named Fall Resolution 1, was sponsored
    We, the students of The University of Tulsa, support the                         faiths, those acknowledging faith by Erin Iski and it was introduced to the Senate on Sept. 2.
    University’s Virtues of Wisdom, Faith and Service by affirming that:

    We will strive for excellence in the pursuit of Wisdom by:
    encouraging free and open inquiry which is fundamental to the pur-
    suit of knowledge; preserving our academic integrity by maintaining
    the highest ethical standards in our studies; and valuing the relation-
    ships with our professors who provide a rich learning environment.

    In   order to contribute to our community, we acknowledge Faith
    in   God while respecting the Faith traditions of all individuals.

    We will seek out opportunities for Service in order to benefit the University
    and the Tulsa community as an expression of appreciation toward
    those who facilitate and support our education and student community.

    In all we do, we seek to strengthen our Community by promising to stand against
    behaviors and actions that breach this pledge and demean others in the campus com-
    munity – students, faculty, staff and visitors. Through our contributions we will
    endeavor to leave The University of Tulsa a better community than when we entered it.
                                                                          September 9, 2003 – Issue 2                                                                                          5

Church of Christ students have a new place to relax. Or            it’s a common name to members of the Church of                     Members hope that their location will be able
sit and relax. The Church of Christ recently opened                Christ, their campus ministries all over the country          to benefit many students, not just those at TU.
their new campus ministry facility “The Chair”.                    bear the name, including ministries at OU and OSU.                 “The ministry is not on the TU campus, and
      “The Chair”, located at 3112 S. Admiral Place, came               “Baptist   campus    ministries   are  known   as        is not meant to be TU-exclusive,” said Mack. “The
into existence as a result of a coordinative effort by local       ‘Baptist   Student    Union’   (BSU).      Church   of        organization on campus will be a TU group look-
                               Churches of Christ.         It is   Christ   calls   theirs  ‘The     Chair,’” said  Mack.        ing to reach out to students at OSU-Tulsa, TCC
                               designed to allow students                                                                        Metro, Spartan School of Aeronautics, and others.”
JARED KALTWASSER a facility for bible stud-                                                                                           The Chair kicked off its weekly schedule on September
News Editor                    ies that is close to campus.                                                                      8th, with the first Monday night bible study at the new building.
                               Previously, many involved                                                                              “The goal of the first night is just to get going. We
students had to travel to local parishes like Park                                                                               were able to invite a lot of people at the student activi-
Plaza Church of Christ, located on 51st Street.                                                                                  ties fair, and we hope a number will come. But mainly
      “It gives me a ministry to work on close to                                                                                this is a start to our Monday bible study,” said Mack.
TU.       I can introduce people to it, knowing that                                                                                  At this point, “The Chair” plans to hold bible
this is something with a lot of appeal, and it’s                                                                                 studies on Mondays and Thursdays.                 Sunday wor-
close.      That’s exciting,” said senior Chris Shrock.                                                                          ship will still take place at local congregations.
      While the group is founded in the Church of Christ, mem-                                                                        Though the bible studies will take place farther
bers hope it will serve as a ministry and asset to all students.                                                                 from the church building, Shrock says the group’s
      “This isn’t anything where just Church of Christ                                                                           closeness to the bible is what impresses him the most.
kids showed up, I want it to be a place where every-                                                                                  “I think there is something unique about what
one feels welcome,” said campus minister Jay Mack.                                                                               we’re doing here. I think the special thing about our
      “It’s nice to have something as an alternative to par-                                                                     group is that it is wrapped up in biblical ideas,” said
ties,” added TU graduate student Danielle Johnson. “It’s                                                                         Shrock. “Our bible studies will be in the scripture;
another place you can go, it’s something different.”                                         photo by Janae Givens / Collegian   this should appeal to anyone interested in Christ.”
      There is plenty to do at “The Chair” in addition to          Jay Mack hopes that “The Chair” will provide                       Anyone interested in attending a bible study is
the fellowship and bible studies. The building is equipped          a welcoming environment for TU students.                     encouraged to call campus minister Jay Mack at (918)
with foosball, a ping-pong table, and even a coffee bar.                                                                         906-3565 or email Shrock at
      As for the name of the ministry, members say
6                                                                            September 9, 2003 – Issue 2

                                                                                   VA R I E T Y
NO                     CAVATIES FOR                                                                    “ DENTISTS ”
A    lthough it might sound as exciting as watching teeth
     decay, “The Secret Lives of Dentists” is a very engross-
ing domestic dramedy in the vein of such films as “American
                                                                     roles in primarily quirky
                                                                     independent films such as
                                                                     last year’s “Roger Dodger.”
                                                                                                                                                                      at one time or another,
                                                                                                                                                                      the film also makes view-
                                                                                                                                                                      ers feel uncomfortable by
Beauty”       and        “She’s       Having       a      Baby.”          Scott instills his char-                                                                    showcasing several disgust-
     The film stars Campbell Scott and Hope Davis as                 acter with a tremendous                                                                          ing dental procedures.
David and Dana Hurst, a dentist couple whose marriage                amount of heart that keeps                                                                            Even with those glar-
                          is slowly falling apart. The couple        David likable despite his                                                                        ing flaws, The Secret Lives
ANDREW WALZ still care for one another, but both                     flaws. Davis proves that                                                                         of Dentists still manages
Staff Writer              begin to wonder whether their              she can play just about any                                                                      to be a very entertaining
                          love is still real, or if they are         type of role and pull it off                                                                     and        thought-provok-
                          instead putting on a façade for their      magnificently. Like Scott,                                                                       ing film. The audience
three young daughters, who they both love very much.                 she prefers to act in inde-                                                                      genuinely wants David
     David suspects that his wife is cheating on him but is afraid   pendent films. With his por-                                                                     and Dana to solve their
to ask her about it, because he would rather keep up the charade     trayal of Slater, Leary finally                                                                  problems and live happily
than deal with the consequences of having an adulterous spouse.      delivers the great performance                                                                   ever after. In the light of
     David’s anger and frustration result in him seek-               that has so long eluded him.                                                                     so many films that feature
ing the advice of an unruly patient turned imagi-                         Despite the wonder-                                                                         characters that no one
nary friend named Slater played by Denis Leary.                      ful performances of Scott,                                                                       cares about, “The Secret
     Although the idea of a grown man having an imaginary            Davis, and Leary, the film                                                                       Lives of Dentists” deliv-
friend may sound ridiculous, director Alan Rudolph makes             suffers from trying to be sev-                                                                   ers a satisfying emotional
certain that the proceedings never become too far-fetched.           eral different genres of mov-                                                                    attachment to the charac-
     Scott and Davis’s portrayal of a married couple is amaz-        ies at once. At times, “The                                                                      ters contained within it.
ingly believable. The Hursts do not hate each other. Rather,         Secret Lives of Dentists” is
their marriage is merely experiencing tough times. Even              unflinchingly realistic. But
though David is a very loving father, he is by no means              suddenly, the film turns into
                                                                                                                                                                       Campbell Scott and
a perfect husband. And, although she might be sleeping               a screwball comedy that fea-                                                                        Hope Davis star
around, Dana is still trying to make her marriage work.              tures an incredible amount                                                                         in Alan Rudolph’s
     The multiple dimensions of David and Dana Hurst can             of vomiting. In addition to                                                                       “The Secret Lives of
be credited to the amazing acting skills of Scott and Davis.         having almost every single                                                                             Dentists”
Campbell Scott is one of the best obscure actors due to his          character in the movie puke

The TU Theatre department will bring back a national classic               “I ran across this quote from Dali,” Michael Wright, of its identity. “Far Away,” which is even more closely relat-
and three one-act plays this semester to the Chapman Theatre.        director of two of the plays, said. “It was, ‘The difference ed to Dali, uses his absurdist imagery to discuss death and vio-
     Performed on Broadway for over 42 years, dur-                   between false memories and true ones is the same as for jew- lence. “The Conduct of Life” juxtaposes a government-sanc-
ing which time nine US Presidents held office, “The                  els: it is always                                                                                      tioned torturer, his
Fantasticks” is the world’s longest-running musical. It              the false ones                                                                                         wife and his young
opens Oct. 9 and runs until Oct. 19 at Chapman.                      that look the                                                                                          female        captive.
                             “I think it really speaks to college-   most        real.’”                                                                                         The TU Theatre
 CLYDE WRIGHT aged students,” Machele Miller Dill,                            “We put                                                                                       department is work-
                             director of the production said. “It    the three plays                                                                                        ing with Student
 Staff Writer                tells them that the future is infi-     together        to                                                                                     Association to pro-
                             nite. And it’s a really fun show!”      make people                                                                                            vide TU student free
     Set in rural America, it is the story of two love-              think       about                                                                                      tickets opening night
struck teenagers and their parents’ schemes to keep them             the price of war                                                                                       for each production.
apart. “It’s a parody of ‘Romeo and Juliet,’” Dill said.             and       oppres-                                                                                      All other produc-
     According to the director, TU Theatre has picked this           sion,” Wright                                                                                          tions cost $2 for
musical because of its timeliness to world events. “There is         said. “But none                                                                                        TU students, faculty
this great line, ‘Try to remember a time in September when           are       exactly                                                                                      and staff. Seating is
was grass green and grain was yellow,’” Dill said. “For adults,      anti-war.”                                                                                             general admission.
it makes us nostalgic, it helps us remember simpler times. And             “Mountain                                                                                        Fore more informa-
college students can really relate to the main characters, 16 and    Language”                                                                                              tion or to order
19 years old. But even children can get caught up in the music.”     is about an                                                                                            tickets,       contact
     The lead roles of Luisa and Matt will be performed by           oppressive                                                                                             the         Chapman
Allie Gay and Kyle Dougan. “But it’s an ensemble cast really,”       regime and its                                                    photo by Robert Young / Collegian Theatre              Box
Musical Director James Gregory said. “Every part is big.”            attempts        to                                                                                     Office at 631-2567.
Later in the semester, running between Dec. 3 and 7,                 erase a culture’s    The cast of “The Fantasticks” rehearses for the upcoming pro-
Chapman Theatre will host three one-act plays in a night             language and               duction, which runs October 9 through October 19.
TU Theatre is calling “The Persistence of Memory.”                   rob the culture
                                                                              September 9, 2003 – Issue 2                                                                                               7

                                                                                               VA R I E T Y
I admit that while I had to got on                                                                       the question of what hap-       nearer to the Grail, and the book twists and turns
a quest for a copy of Dan Brown’s                                                                        pens next, Brown does not       unexpectedly, drawing the reader even further in.
novel,     “The      Da     Vinci     Code,”                                                             answer what the effects of           Brown manages to mix Biblical history, conspiracy
it is not nearly as interesting as the novel                                                             this knowledge would be.        theories, and veiled references to modern culture into a
itself. That quest involves a symbologist,                                                               However, this novel is high-    delightful novel. This book has raised a good deal of con-
Robert Langdon, who becomes involved                                                                     ly fact-based. Throughout       troversy, however, and readers should remember that “The
                            in an investi-                                                               the work, the author refers     Da Vinci Code” is fictional, as are Brown’s previous novels:
Thursday Bram gation of the                                                                              to real events, real organi-    “Angels and Demons,” “Deception Point,” and “Digital
                            murder of the                                                                zations and real evidence.      Fortress.” “The Da Vinci Code” has received attention in
                            director of the                                                                     In “The Da Vinci         the media on points beyond its portrayal of the Catholic
                            Louvre Museum                                                                Code,” the age-old struggle     Church. Wired Magazine used premises presented in the
in Paris. The victim, in his dying                                                                       between the secret society,     novel as a basis for a recent article on cryptology, the
moments, leaves clues luring his cryp-                                                                   the Priory of Scion, and the    study of codes and code breaking. Time Magazine also ran
tologist granddaughter and Langdon into                                                                  Church has turned deadly.       features on Brown’s book and the factual basis behind it.
a race between the Catholic Church and                                                                   Robert Langdon is blamed             The book is still only available in hardback, but the
a secret society dating to Biblical times.                                                               for four murders and he is      paperback edition will be out soon. In June, after fifteen weeks
      The goal is the Holy Grail, but not as                                                             forced to escape, aided by      on the bestseller’s list, it was announced that “The Da Vinci
it is commonly thought of. Instead Brown                                                                 Sophie Neveu, the cryptolo-     Code” is headed for Hollywood. Columbia Pictures won the
delves deep into theories about the true                                                                 gist. Following hints left by   fight to purchase the movie rights to “The Da Vinci Code,”
nature of the Grail that have long been                                                                  Neveu’s grandfather, the        “Angels and Demons” (which also features Robert Langdon
circulating despite denials by the Catholic                                                              two wander through Paris        as the main character) and any future books in the series.
Church. The rediscovery of this ancient                                                                  and London, Swiss banks              “The Da Vinci Code” was more thoughtful than I expect-
mystery would rock the foundation of the                                                                 and old churches.               ed. Brown mentions several nonfiction books on the same
Christian religion and the rest of the world.                                                                           S o p h i e      subjects in the novel, and all of them are available with a little
      One of the few things I disliked about                                                             learns a dangerous secret       bit of searching. If you are interested, they are worth reading.
this novel is the fact that despite asking                                                               about herself as they draw

This fall, if you cannot tell whether you have walked into a          asymmetric hair lend a goofily classy                                                   from the boys finds capri pants convert-
Cyndi Lauper video or taken a wrong turn onto                         artiste look, while sweaters and shirts                                                 ed into newsboy knickers, often paired
Carnaby Street, it is no mistake. The only word                       in thick vertical stripes complement                                                    with a tailored vest and a “Jenny from
designers can agree on for their latest lines is retro.               narrow but boot-cut pants and jeans                                                     the Block” cap. A-line coats are strong
Maybe the forceful re-emergence of the electrified primary            for a unisex style, that is both modern                                                 once more, and look great in solids,
                       colors—neon blue, lime green, and              and an ‘80s homage. Plastic bracelets,                                                  tweeds, and brocades. Loafers and Mary-
LINDSAY SMITH          hot pink—is only the natural rebel-            thick and thin, and funky belts—glit-                                                   Janes are almost essential with this style,
Staff Writer           lion against the swirling earth tone           tery red, for instance, or ones with seat                                               but the current stiletto utility boot and
                       palettes of the past few years’ bohe-          belt-style buckles—are always appro-                                                    stiletto sneaker trend also works well.
                       mian, deconstructed lasciviousness.            priate, and you are never fully dressed                                                          But      what      will     work
                                Perhaps designers have just           without a pair of Converse sneakers.                                                    for you? The mod look is more
been on the edge of their seats for the past twenty years.                  But do not cop that Sid                                                           sophisticated       and        unadorned,
They have been explosively anticipating the day when we               Vicious or Siouxsie Sioux ensemble                                                      while the tattered style of the
would be far enough removed from the 1980s to ironically              just yet—the big name design-                                                           ‘80s is piecemeal, and unabashed.
appreciate the violently pastel, tumultuously iconoclastic            ers, notably Marc Jacobs and                                                            Lindsay’s      picks:      tiered      ‘80s
decade that was their target audience. Only vaguely do they           Miuccia Prada (in her always ador-                                                      miniskirts    are     fun    for    nights
remember a youth spent watching the brand-new MTV.                    able Miu Miu line), are taking the                                                      out, but the thin-legged pants
      Like it or not, the look is inescapable in the stores, and it   notion of retro in an entirely dif-                                                     and newsboy knickers are more prac-
is anything but subtle. Nearly every women’s clothing store           ferent direction, chronologically                                                       tical for daily wear.        Wide-necked
sells the off-the-shoulder fitness-craze sweater in some form.        speaking. Super-short, free-movement                                                    ballerina sweaters work equally well
They advocate the quintessential pleated miniskirt, whether           jumper dresses, brilliant solid-col-                                                    with pants for class time and with
in a cut-off “valley girl” denim, preppy tennis club hues, or         ored opaque tights, mini skirts and                                                     sexy skirts for the evening. Invest in
punk-rock plaids. Ribbons and chains are equally suitable             Mini Coopers, kimono and apron                                                          an all-purpose A-line coat for
decorations for women’s attire, and not mutually exclusive;           tops, inventive pin-tuck hemlines,                                                      functional      fashion       this     fall.
the Dolce & Gabbana punkish D-ring corseted look has                  trippy mod patterns, and prim tweed                                                     Don’t be afraid to mix and match to
filtered down to more affordable venues, like Express and             ensembles— suddenly it’s looking less                                                   find a style you feel most comfort-
Charlotte Russe, while fishnets, studded belts and bracelets,         like a brave New Wave and more like                                                     able with, and that’s all your own.
tattered lace, and other relics of the birth of hair metal and        Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club.
the gothic underground thrive once more. Accessorize with                   The cultural revolution of 1960’s                                                  Designers agree that retro is in
big, geometrical jewelry and pointy-toed pumps or boots.              London is alive and well on the run-
      Aided by the popularity of the “Emo” movement and               way, and the Women’s Lib look of the
                                                                                                                                                                    with a return to 80’s
prominent indie groups like Interpol and the White Stripes,           era has found new elegance. Free-spir-                                                    influenced fasion clothing.
the New Wave style of the ‘80s is also strong, especially in          ited girls can have fun in a mod jump-
men’s clothing. Awkwardly-proportioned two-piece and                  er dress, solid tights, and Mary-Janes,
three-piece suits matched with funky sneakers and unkempt,            while a more sophisticated look stolen                                               graphic by Cathryn Rowe / Collegian
  8                                                                        September 9, 2003 – Issue 2

                                                                                           VA R I E T Y

GETTING                                     ASKED FOR ID ISN’T ALWAYS BAD
As a college freshman, one might start to think the food                Wendy’s, as it turns out, only offers a 5% discount with          A few other notable finds are that Ross Edwards salon
on campus is starting to get old. Luckily (and this                a TU ID. It is at least enough to knock a value meal down gives one dollar off any service with a TU ID. Next door at
also applies to the rest of us who may have forgetten),            under 5 bucks.                                                                                           Sassy’s, a relative new-
our student ID cards can getus discounts at fast food                   For those                                                                                           comer to 11th street,
restaurants within walking distance from campus.                   times       that                                                                                         they sell incense,
     The smorgasbord begins at 11th and Harvard with               you      would                                                                                           tye-dye, and eclectic
                    Burger King who offer a 10% discount           rather     have                                                                                          gifts. The managment
                           shown a TU ID. Taco Bell also
LEAH FLINT when a 10% discount and is open past
                                                                   a beer than a
                                                                   burrito, the
                                                                                                                                                                            is very friendly and
                                                                                                                                                                            decided to begin offer-
Staff Writer midnight every night of the week. When                Buccaneer on                                                                                             ing a 10% discount to
                    I asked the Arby’s drive- thru girl if they    Harvard is a                                                                                             TU ID holders at my
                    offered a student discount, she informed       decent choice.                                                                                           suggestion. Kinko’s
me that they do give 10% off of the total, and that she            They do not                                                                                              also offers 10% off
was pretty sure Wendy’s offered a much bigger discount.            offer a special                                                                                          of their services.
     Mazzio’s offers those with TU IDs a large one-topping         discount they                                                                                                      Many other
pizza for $6.99. This actually is just an offer bearing our name   explained,                                                                                               places offer discounts
which can be requested by anyone at the 11th and Florence          because “we                                                                                              for college students
location. The sandwich artists at subway wanted it made clear      basically serve                                                                                          from movie theaters
that the 10% discount they offer is good on subs only and does     really cheap                                                                                             to travel agencies.
not apply to meals or other items. At the Metro Dinner all         liquor all the                                                                                           Philbrook Museum
soft drinks are completely free with a ID.                         time”. They                                                                                              of Art, for instance,
The biggest surprise is that Taco Bueno does not offer any         have nightly                                                                                             has free admission for
TU student discounts, making them one of the only fast             specials such                                                                                            TU students. It never
food establishments by campus without the policy. When             as dollar draws                                           photo illustration by Robert Young / Collegian hurts to ask if some-
asked, a manager said they had no plans to offer a discount        and giveaways.            TU students can receive discounts at many different                            one offers a student
in the future. A more pleseant response came from Coney            Hardwood               establishments, most located conveniently on 11th street.                         discount or package.
Island, who currently does not offer a discount, but plans         u s e d                                                                                                  Pull the “poor college
to offer “buy one get one free” coupons to TU students             to offer a college night but no onger does. Harvard student” card for as long as you can. The worst that can happen
soon and will be looking into offering further discounts.          Liquor Warehouse does not offer a discount either. is for them to laugh you out the door; or for them to say no.

      TU EVENT CALENDAR                                                                      COMMUNITY CALENDAR
  -Saturday Sept. 13th                                                                         -Saturday Sept. 13th
       Lambda Chi Alpha Watermelon Fest                                                             Dropkick Murphys, Roger Miret and the Disasters, The Unseen
           Harwell                                                                                      @Curly’s East End
                                                                                                    Lucinda Williams
  Monday Sept. 15th                                                                                     @River Parks Amphitheater
     Literature: Senior Seminar, “Peter Matthiessen the Novelist as activist”                       A Day in the Country
          McFarlin Library, 4:30pm                                                                      @Glenpool (sponsored by K95.5 FM)

  -Wednesday Sept. 17th                                                                        -Saturday Sept. 20th
      “The Forms of Forgetfulness of Being in Heidegger’s Work”                                     Reeltime Travelers, Yonder Mountain String Band, Jacob Fred,
          Chapman Hall Dean’s Confernce Room, 12:00pm                                               Jazz Odyssey, Leftover Salmon
      Academic Workshop: Effective Time Management                                                       @Downtown Music Festival
          ACAC Northwest Passage, 1:00pm-1:00pm
                                                                                               -Friday Sept. 26th
  -Sunday Sept. 21st                                                                                 Carrot Top
      Music: The Nocturne in Art, Music and Literature.                                                  @Tulsa State Fair
           Glicrease Museum, 1:30pm
                                                                                               -Saturday Sept. 27th
  -Monday Sept. 22nd                                                                                Slaughter, Quiet Riot, Ratt
      “Nietzche and the Philosophical Significance of Early German Romanticism”                          @Tulsa State Fair
          McFarlin Library Faculty Study, 7:30pm
                                                                                               -Monday Sept. 29th
  -Tuesday Sept. 23rd                                                                              Jars of Clay
      Career Services: Business Administration Career Fair                                              @Tulsa State Fair
           Business Administration Hall, 10:00am-2:00pm

  -Wednesday Sept. 24th
      Academic Workshop: Reading and Highlighting
          ACAC Northwes Passage, 12:00pm-1:00pm
                                                                        September 9, 2003 – Issue 2                                                                                                   9

                                                                                        VA R I E T Y
                          Confidence is a big factor in         beautiful body no matter what anyone thinks. You have to            Average Joe-
                          any relationship. Both the man        be confident with yourself before you can give yourself to                Length-no, girth-yes.
                          and the woman need to have            anyone. If you are so comfortable with your relationship,                 Think of how perfectly a nut fits into a bolt. It
                          confidence in themselves, and         then you should not be scared that he is going                      does not matter how long the nut is, as long as the
                          their    relationship.    Without     to up and leave because you were naked.                             nut screws tightly into the bolt. The bolt can only feel
                          both of these, their relationship          If he dumps you after having sex with you, it is not going     so much of the nut, lengthwise. Same goes for girls.
                          will hit the rocks and drown.         to be because he did not like your naked body. It is going to             Girls can only feel so much of the penis inside them
                          Neither member of the duo             be for any number of other reasons. Possibly, he was just in        lengthwise. Starting at the entrance of the vagina, nerves
                          wants to be with someone when         the relationship to get sex out of you…maybe to fill some sort      only go up about 3 - 4 inches. Past that, it still feels good,
                          every day they have to provide        of a quota. In this case, he has been with you for a seemingly      but they really can’t feel past that 4th inch. Now, I am not
                          an endless stream of compli-          long time, so it seems to me that he is not in it solely for sex.   saying that a nub is going to cut it if you want to see a girl’s
                          ments. A person can only give              Another reason is that you could have sucked in                “oh” face, but you do not have to have elephantiasis either.
                          so many compliments before            bed. It is harsh, but someday you will have to face it. Not               Now if you are one of those unlucky souls who do not
                          they start to get annoyed with        everyone can be a champ in bed. However, in a good rela-            have the average size penis, here are a few ideas of how to
                          it, or the well begins to run dry.    tionship, you will both work to make each other better.             make it feel like you do, to the girl: prop a pillow under the
                                                                     Truthfully, any guy could probably care less whether           girl’s lower back, slide her on top, or lay her on the edge of
                       Melissa-                                 you are naked or not while having sex with him. All he is           a bed or counter top and pump till you can pump no more.
                       I’ve been with my boyfriend for          going to care about is getting his car into the garage, back-             Honestly, I have not encountered many girls
                       a few months and feel that our           ing it up and easing in again, for the perfect parking job.         who care about the size of the guy’s penis. As long
                       relationship can go to the next          Hopefully he’s driving a Dodge Ram, not a Mini Cooper.              as the girl’s happy in the end, you are good to go.
                       level. I’m very comfortable with              If    you     really    care    about    your      relation-         So guys and girls, sack up and find some confidence.
                       our relationship, but not with           ship, wait a little longer and make him work for                    Your relationships will be much better, along with the sex.
him seeing my naked body. I’m afraid that once he sees my       it. Or, just strip down the barriers and have fun.
body he may dump me and go elsewhere. What should I do?                                                                             Editors Note: The purpose of Love, Lust and Latex is primarily
                                           -Self-conscious      Melissa-                                                            to entertian students while providing accurate information about
                                                                I like to think I have a pretty good size penis. But some-          sexual awareness. Although Melissa Fulton does rely on profes-
Self-conscious-                                                 times I wonder if size really matters to girls. Does it?            sional medical advice, she does not claim to be a licensed physician
      First off, you need to be confident with your body. A                                                   -Average Joe          but merely a college student looking to put a humorous spin on sex
                                                                                                                                    education .
guy’s biggest turn-off is your lack of confidence. You have a
                                                                           September 9, 2003 – Issue 2                                                                                      11

C OMMENTARY : T HE                                                              GAMEDAY EXPERIENCE
L   ast Saturday’s loss to Arkansas won’t be the high point of
    Tulsa’s football season. On the other hand, though, that game
reminded me exactly what college football is supposed to be like.
                                                                                                                                  small, they could be heard when the moment was appro-
                                                                                                                                  priate to cheer. And on our way out of town I can
                                                                                                                                  guarantee that at least a few of those Arkansas fans were
      It seems that TU football fans, the few of them that do                                                                     well aware that the Hurricane had beaten the spread.
exist, have either forgotten, or just never knew, how big of a                                                                         The moral of this story is not that Tulsa got beat,
role tradition plays in making Saturday games worth going to.                                                                     which they did. The moral of this story is not that
                          Pulling into Fayetteville on Saturday                                                                   Arkansas has a great program, a great facility or incred-
                          there was little question that we were                                                                  ible fan support, which they do. The moral of the story
                          in a football town. The streets were                                                                    is that college football is fun. However, in order to
Editor in Chief doused in people wearing cardinal                                                                                 really enjoy the gameday experience the fans must attend.
                          and white, the aroma of tailgate bar-                                                                   Regardless of the final outcome, I had more fun attending the
b-que wafted in and out of the open car windows and the                                                                           game in Fayetteville than I have had at any game in Skelly
signature football crowd traffic was a ridiculous anarchy.                                                                        Stadium. The fact that the fans came out in droves, the band
      Nothing compared to the first moment we stepped                                                                             played louder and faster as the score inflated and the student
onto the field at Arkansas’s Donald W. Reynolds Razorback                                                                         section actually sang the school fight song was incredible.
Stadium. By the forth quarter, when the hogs had pulled                                                                                We can do that here. There’s nothing stopping us
away, the managing editor and I decided to leave the comfort,                                                                     from turning Saturday’s home opener into a similar event.
and the buffet, of the press box behind and venture onto the                                 photos by Janae Givens / Collegian   The student body just needs to pull on the blue shirts that
sidelines. There’s nothing quite like setting foot on the turf,      Arkansas quarterback Matt Jones scores on a                  Student Association handed out, they need to come out
even just as a member of the media, and looking up at a sta-                                                                      and grill some burgers before the game and they need to
                                                                      53 yard run while fans sing the fight song.
dium filled with almost 70,000 people. Anyone who has spent                                                                       convince their families and friends to come purchase a one-
even a little time in pads can look up at that crowd and imag-                                                                    dollar ticket. It would also be fun if we could take a couple
                                                                    crowd this size. Even when they’re booing you,
ine what it would be like to run into the end zone and strike                                                                     minutes to see if we can remember the fight song to sing
                                                                    it’s exciting,” said senior quarterback James Killian.
the Heisman pose with all of those fans cheering them on.                                                                         when our offense lights up the scoreboard against Texas State.
                                                                         Of course, Tulsa was represented by a contingency
      This atmosphere wasn’t lost on the Tulsa play-
                                                                    of fans. While the Tulsa representation may have been
ers. “It’s always exciting to play in front of a

                                         T                                        he Arkansas Razorbacks scored the lead, however, as they racked up 264 total yards by
                                                                                  early and never gave up the lead as halftime, and went to the locker room with a 28-3 lead.
                                                                             they won their season opener against          Tulsa’s only touchdown came on a Uril Parish run in
                                                                             the Tulsa Hurricane by a score of 45-13. the forth quarter. Parish was initially hit for what could
                                                                                    The Razorbacks did not have have been a loss on the play, but was able to maintain his
                                                                             to wait long into the game to reach balance and fight off several defenders to reach the endzone.
                                                                                                    the    endzone.        The      previous    week    Tulsa      stumbled       in
                                                                             JAMES HART             In fact, it was their      season    opener   against    Minnesota,      49-10.
                                                                                                    with         2:30      Tulsa’s defense gave up three rushing touchdowns to
                                                                             Editor in Chief off the clock the Gohper’s fifth year senior, Marion Barber III and two
                                                                                                    that      Cedric passing touchdowns to quaterback Asad Abdul-Khaliq.
                                                                             Cobbs bolted 58-yards past the Tulsa          The Hurricane will open their home schedule on
                                                                             defense for the first Hog touch- Saturday against non-conference opponent Texas State.
                                                                             down of the season.
                                                                                    On the ensuing
                                                                             drive Arkansas put the
                                                                             Hurricane into a punting
                                                                             situation on the Hurricane
                                                                             30. However, Tulsa had
                                                                             discovered a weakness
                                                                             in the Razorback punt
                                                                             coverage, and exploited it
                                                                             immediately. A fake punt,
                                                                             that ended up in 38-rush-
                                                                             ing yards for linebacker
                                                                             Jorma Bailey earned Tulsa
                                                                             a first down and pushed
                                                                             them into field goal range.
                                                                             The drive ended with a
                                                                             career best 48-yard field
                                                                             goal for Tulsa kicker Brad
                                          photos by Janae Givens / Collegian Devault , that brought
Cedric    Cobb rushed for 145 yards in 12 attempts against Tulsa’s the score to 7-3 in favor                                                      photos by Janae Givens / Collegian
                                                                              of    the    Razorbacks.
          defense, averaging more than 12 yards per carry.                          The      razorbacks        Tulsa’s Richard McQuillar is brought down by the
                                                                              would never give up                           Razorbacks’ Marvin Jackson.
12                                                         September 9, 2003 – Issue 2

                                                 Drury’s Jen Simeck headed in the game-winning goal
 All tickets for the the Univeristy of Tulsa’s   with just 34-seconds remaining in the game to lead the
 first hom football game against Southwest       Panthers to a 2-1 victory over previously undefeated
 Texas State will be priced at $1.00.            Tulsa Saturday at Hutchens Field in Springfield, Mo.
                                                       The two teams played evenly throughout the match
 The game will kickoff at 6:00 p.m. at Skelly    and it appeared that a winner would not be decided in
 Stadium on Saturday, September 13, 2003.        the 90-minutes of regulation. However, in the final
                                                                         minute the Lady Panthers
                                                                         had several opportunities and
 Tickets may be purchased in person at the       STAFF REPORT finally, with 34 seconds left in
 TU athletic ticket office between the hours                             the game, Lauren Rodriguez
 of 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m, Monday through                               sent a long cross into the
 Friday. Optionally, fans may call 918-631-      mouth of the goal and Simeck headed the ball over
 GoTU or visit for        the outstretched arms of the Tulsa goalkeeper Kelly
 more information on how to purchase tickets.    Wilson to give the Lady Panthers a 2-1 win. The win
                                                 was the third in a row for Drury, which now stands
 The promotion is being sponsored by the         at 3-1 on the year. The loss drops Tulsa to 3-1 overall.
                                                       The hotly-contested game was deadlocked at 0-0 at
 University of Tulsa Athletic Department.
                                                 intermission. But Drury broke the deadlock on a goal
                                                 by Jill Spence who nailed a 25-yard shot, again just elud-
 “This community has been so good to me,         ing Wilson two minutes into the second half. But Tulsa
 my family and our coaches in the nine           senior Staci Morgan tied the contest with a similar shot,
 moneths that we’ve been here. This cam-         just over the Panthers’ Brittany Kimbro at the 59:50
 paign is just one small way of showing our      mark of the match. The Panthers did play with a man-
 appreciation,” said coach Steve Kragthorpe.     advantage the final 20 minutes of the game as a red card                        photos by Genevieve Pankey / Collegian
                                                 was issued to TU’s Katie Schlecht at the 61:30 mark. The     Jamie German attempts to give Tulsa the lead
                                                 field returned to even-strength with 14-seconds remain-             late in the game against Drury.
                                                 ing when Drury’s Jody Palazzolo picked up a red card.
                                                                        September 9, 2003 – Issue 2                                                                                      13

For the second year in a row The University of Tulsa has gar- excelling academically and on the field. While the program is not only develop these young people as athletes, but to
nered high praise from the USA TODAY/NCAA Academic effective, it is not intended to dictate the student’s education, watch over and help them academically is important to
Achievement Awards. TU ranked second nationally in “We’re there when they need us,” Stevenson said. both the recruit, and to the recruit’s family, said Stevenson.
student-athlete graduation rate and forth in student-athlete       The TU athletic department sees this success as a fun-             Through the 2002-03 school year, 16 of Tulsa’s 18
graduation rate compared to that of the overall student body. damental strength that will positively effect the program, intercollegiate teams maintained at least a 2.8 grade point
      The members of Tulsa’s staff most directly respon- particularly in recruiting. The commitment that exists to average, including nine teams over a cumulative 3.0 GPA.
                          sible for this success                                                                                                                         The three categories
JAMES HART                were pleased to find                                                                                                                        that the USA Today
                          TU remaining as one                                                                                                                         and NCAA rate for
Editor in Chief of the top institutions                                                                                                                               the academic achieve-
                          for athlete’s academ-                                                                                                                       ment awards include
ic performance, but were not surprised.                                                                                                                               overall 1996 freshman
      “We are committed to the academic pro-                                                                                                                          student-athlete gradu-
gram here,” said Michael Stevenson, director                                                                                                                          ation rate, percent-
of academic services for the TU athletic depart-                                                                                                                      age-point    difference
ment. “I think this is a perfect private university                                                                                                                   between graduation
that can meet the needs of the student-athletes.”                                                                                                                     rate of athletes and
      Tulsa climbed eight spots from last year’s rank-                                                                                                                student body and per-
ings in graduation rate, from tenth to second, by                                                                                                                     centage point improve-
graduating 89-percent of the 1996 freshman class.                                                                                                                     ment from the fresh-
The only program in the nation that rated higher                                                                                                                      man entering in 1995.
than TU was Notre Dame. Tulsa was able to bet-                                                                                                                        The only category
ter, in this category, schools such as Wisconsin,                                                                                                                     TU was not named
Northwestern, Stanford, Michigan and Rice.                                                                                                                            in was percentage
      Tulsa also increased it’s standing, climbing                                                                                                                    point    improvement
from ninth up to forth, in student-athlete gradua-                                                                                                                    from the freshman
tion rate compared to that of the overall student                                                                                                                     entering in 1995, in
body. Student-athletes at TU complete a degree at                                                                                                                     large part because the
the University at a rate 26-percent better than that                                                                                                                  class that entered in
of the normal student body. Those schools ranking                                                                                                                     1995 was the only
ahead of Tulsa were WAC conference mate Boise                                                                                                                         class in the country
State, along with Western Michigan and Temple.                                                                                                                        to score in the top-10
      Stevenson credits a great deal of the pro-                                                        photo iluustration by Janae Givens & Cathyrn Rowe / Collegian in all three categories
gram’s continued success to the consistency of         The University of Tulsa was ranked second nationally in student athlete graduation                             in last years awards.
the program. Along with the full time position         rate and fourth in athlete graduation rate compared to the remaining student body.
Stevenson holds, there are programs in place that
have inherently proven to ease the process of both


14                                                          September 9, 2003 – Issue 2


 SPORTS                     IN        SEVEN                     WEEKLY SPORTS WRAP-UP (FROM 8/25 THRU 9/8)
                                                                Football                                            the Hurricane Festival at Mohawk Park.
     A schedule of TU athletics for the week of September       In the season opener, the Golden                    The men’s team took their fourth straight
     9 - 16                                                     Hurricane fell to Minnesota by the score            win at the event, led by seniors Owain
                                                                of 49-10. The team then traveled to                 Matthews and Ben Orozco. Monica
     Wednesday , September 10:                                  Arkansas, where they lost 45-13.                    Joannes led the women’s team to a third-
     - Volleyball at North Texas Denton, Texas 7:00                                                                 place finish.
     pm                                                         Women’s Soccer                                      The teams also competed in the Razorback
                                                                In the past two weeks, the women’s                  Invitational at Fayetteville, Arkansas. In
     Friday, September 12:                                      soccer team has won three games in a row,           another strong showing, both teams took
     - Volleyball hosts UNC-Wilmington Reynolds                 defeating Stephen F. Austin by a margin             second place at the event.
     Center 7:00 pm                                             of 5-0, Arkansas 2-1, and Arkansas Little
     - Women’s soccer vs. Old Dominion Fayetteville,            Rock 1-0.                                           Volleyball
     Ark. 4:30 pm                                                                                                   The volleyball team won one game and
     - Men’s soccer vs. New Mexico Dallas, Texas 5:00           Men’s Soccer                                        lost two at the Dayton Tournament in
     pm                                                         The men’s team is also off to a strong start,       Ohio last week. They lost to Dayton
     - Women’s tennis at Razorback Invitational                 winning 3-0 against Drury and 4-0 against           and Towson, but then went on to beat
     Fayetteville, Ark. All Day                                 The University of Missouri-Kansas City.             Stony Brook. The team also competed
     - Men’s tennis at Continental Cup Invitational             They also beat Ohio State by the score of           later in the week at the Stephen F. Austin
     Houston, Texas All Day                                     2-1 in Ohio.                                        Invitational.    The Golden Hurricane
                                                                                                                    defeated Texas-Pan American, Louisiana-
     Saturday, September 13:                                    Cross Country                                       Fayetteville, and Stephen F. Austin to win
     - Volleyball hosts Grambling State Reynolds                The Tulsa cross-country teams hosted                the tournament.
     Center 11:00 am
     - Volleyball hosts UT-San Antonio Reynolds
     Center 3:00 pm                                             CLASSIFIEDS ADS:
                                                                Spring Break with STS, America’s #1 Student Tour Operator. Now hiring
     - Football hosts Southwest Texas State Skelly              Campus reps. Call for group discounts. Info/Reservations 1-800-648-4849
     Stadium 6:00 pm
     - Softball hosts TU Fall Softball Tournament               The Berkley Apartments! $59 Moves you in plus $100 off 1st month’s rent. Must move in by October
     Hardesty Complex All Day                                   24. Spacious floor plans with al New Interiors. Walk-in closets, Individual patio/balcony, on-site
     - Men’s golf at Bank of Tennessee Intercollegiate          Laundry facility and swimming pool. Harvard & 51st Street. 1 & 2 bdrm apts. From $440, 918-742-
     Johnson City, Tenn. All Day
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     Fayetteville, Ark. All Day                                 258-9191
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     Houston, Texas All Day                                     gas paid (free heat). Small, quiet complex with laundry facilities. 748-9475 or 313-2703.

     Sunday, September 14:                                      Help Wanted:
     - Men’s golf at Bank of Tennessee Intercollegiate          Attention Students-Flexible around classes. Customer Sales/ Service. No Telemarketing. No Door to
                                                                door canvassing. Corporate training provided. College accredited programs. Scholarships all Majors.
     Johnson City, Tenn. All Day                                Conditions apply – must be 18. $11 base-appt. to start guaranteed. Interviewing Now. Call 794-9042.
     - Women’s soccer vs. William & Mary Fayetteville,
     Ark. 12 noon
     - Women’s tennis at Razorback Invitational                 Hibbett Sports
     Fayetteville, Ark. All Day                                 *Assistant Manager *FT/PT Sales- Hibbett Sports is a full line sporting goods store carrying athletic
                                                                apparel, footwear, and equipment. Hiring in Owasso. Apply at: 12207 E 96th St. North, Owasso, OK
     - Men’s tennis at Continental Cup Invitational             74056. We are a drug-free company- we do drug screenings, background checks and credit checks.
     Houston, Texas All Day                           

                                                                Bartender Trainees Needed- $250 a day potential. Local Positions. 1-800-293-3985 ext. 156.

                                                                COLLEGE MARKETING REPRESENTATIVE. LABRADA NUTRITION seeks ATHLETIC,
                                                                ENTHUSIASTIC, and OUTGOING individual for its Fall college marketing & sampling program.
                                                                Must have reliable transportation and a strong interest in health & fitness. Please e-mail resumes to
                                                                              September 9, 2003 – Issue 2                                                                                            15

The University of Tulsa volleyball squad recorded its first shutout of the season,                      Penn State freshman Simon Omekanda scored the game-winning goal with 10-seconds remain-
with a 3-0 (39-37, 30-24, 30-21) sweep of Stephen F. Austin in the championship                         ing in the second overtime session to give the 13th-ranked Nittany Lions a 3-2 victory over Tulsa
match of the SFA Invitational on Saturday night. Earlier in the day, TU defeated                        in the title game of the Buckeye Classic at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium in Columbus, Ohio.
Louisiana-Layafette, 3-1 to set up the championship match with the host Lady ‘Jacks.                         In the first-ever meeting between the two schools on the pitch, the
      In the finale, Tulsa used a 55-42 advantage in kills with four players record-                    Nittany Lions (2-2) jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the first half, but Tulsa (3-1)
ing double-digits. Junior Lindsay Eaves led the Hurricane with 13 kills, while fel-                     came back to score two unanswered goals in the second half to force overtime.
                           low junior Kristin Bailey and freshman Brie Penaluna both                                                   Penn State got on the board at the 16:19 minute mark of the
                           recorded 12 kills. Junior Dana Weddle posted 11 kills as well.                                         opening half when Chad Severs nailed a header from five yards out off
STAFF REPORT                     Freshman Amy Meyer led TU with 15 digs, while                          STAFF REPORT a corner kick from Brian Devlin, and gave the Nittany Lions a 1-0 lead.
                           senior Nathalia Araujo added 12 digs as well. Junior set-                                                   Less       than       seven      minutes         later,      Gabe
                           ter Vanessa Thon added 41 assists to go along with nine digs.                                          Bernstein      increased      Penn     State’s      lead      to     2-
In its first match of the day, the Hurricane used 14 service aces to outdistance Louisiana-Lafayette,   0 when he found the top shelf from eight yards out at the 23:00 minute.
3-1 (30-20, 30-16, 19-30, 30-19). Bailey posted 18 kills and two blocks to lead the Hurricane.               Down 2-0, Tulsa began its rally when senior Mario Gonzalez took a
Penaluna also contributed 11 kills and 18 digs for her third consecutive double-double.                 pass from junior Kyle Brown and blasted a shot from seven yards out to pull
      Sophomore Evyn Bandy posted her first double-double of the year                                   the Hurricane to within one goal with 28-seconds remaining before halftime.
with 48 assists and 10 digs. Meyer posted 15 digs along with Araujo.                                         The score remained 2-1 until the 67:54 minute mark when a TU player was
      With 52 kills over the weekend, Bailey was named the tournament’s                                 fouled inside the penalty box. The officials whistled PSU for the foul and awarded the
Most Valuable Player. Eaves and Penaluna were also named to the all-tourna-                             Golden Hurricane a penalty kick. Sophomore Ryan Pore stepped up and converted the
ment team. Eaves recorded 32 kills, seven aces and eight blocks in 11 games at                          charity kick into the game-tying goal, his third goal in TU’s four games this season.
the tournment. Penaluna posted 33 kills in 11 games to go along with 35 digs.                                The game remained 2-2 at the end of regulation and the two teams battled through a
      Tulsa (4-2) will host the second annual Ewing-Grover Olds/GMC Truck Invite                        scoreless first overtime session. Omekanda, who was named the Classic’s Most Valuable
Presented by Adam’s Mark Hotel on Sept. 12-13. Tulsa faces Texas-San Antonio                            Player, kicked in the game-winner from two yards out during the finals seconds of the
on Friday night at 7 p.m., in the Donald W. Reynolds Center. On Saturday, the                           second overtime, and helped PSU to its second victory of the season instead of a tie. TU’s
Hurricane will face Grambling State at 11 a.m., and UNC-Wilimington at 3 p.m.                           Brown, Gonzalez and goalkeeper Terry Boss were each named to the all-tournament team.
16                                                                             September 9, 2003 – Issue 2

W      hen I was a freshman here at TU, the thought of                Besides contributing to the demise of ol’ marshmellow more favorable to change than it was in the fall of my fresh-
       leaving a legacy never crossed my mind. All that I head, I look back my career at this paper with pride. Two man year. You are part of the largest incoming class at this
was concerned with was getting a B in Calculus, devising a years I’ve spent as a columnist at this publication applaud- university in four years, which, by the way, could be due to
method by which I could purchase beer on a regular basis ing, critiquing, and making fun of any and everything one of these four reasons: the stringent academic standards
(despite being grossly underage), and determining the appro- having to do with TU. At times, I have good naturedly of the past three years have been lessened (meaning you’re
priate payback for my roommate who desocrated my bed made fun of my fellow students. Why? Well because its dumber than the rest of us), the 50 Cent concert didn’t have
                               on a weekend that I was away. fun, and at times, very easy. And really how can you not such a negative effect on TU’s image as some university offi-
                                         B ut now I’m a senior, make fun of the folks in the honors house? (just kidding) cials presumed it might, the admissions and recruiting depart-
                               and like all seniors I feel my         I’ve also given out advice on how students can maximize ments are doing a damn good job, or my favorite: if parents
                               time at this university is coming their weekly intake of fun and debauchery while avoiding really wanted their kids to dress in semi-formal wear to go to
                               rapidly to a close. I’m old, past the dangers of flunking out. (Speaking of, Jose Cuervo and class, drink off campus, and feign an outward image of reli-
                               my prime, ready to be put out Jagermeister might have magical mystical powers, but they gious conservatism, than they would have sent them to ORU.
                               to pasture. I was made espe- won’t help you pass your midterms or get your hungover ass                     Regardless of how            you got here, the point
                               cially aware of this when I real- to class on the Friday after Victory party. A lesson which I’m                 is that you                should not let the next
                               ized that whenever a freshman sure most of you found out the hard way.)                                            four years               of your life pass by and
 TRE COLEMAN                  female speaks to me, the name R.        So freshman that has been my                                                never                    attempt to improve this
                              Kelly echoes loudly in my skull. contribution,        what         is    your                                                                school in whatever area
 Staff Writer                 Ergo, my thoughts turn to what legacy going to be?                                                                                               that you deem it lack-
                              the legacy of my class will be. The climate right                                                                                                 ing. Whether it’s
What mark will I leave on TU? How will I be remembered? now is much                                                                                                             taking the mantle of
     In my time at TU, I’ve pissed off two or three trust-                                                                                                                    resident jackass at the
ees, made out with employees of the university on stage                                                                                                                       Collegian after I’m
in front of 100 or so other students, had a pack of                                                                                                                           gone or winning the
sorority girls attempt to beat the crap out of me,                                                                                                                         medicine wheel award
and won a couple of academic awards. But noth-                                                                                                                            for community service,
ing makes me beam with more pride than being                                                                                                                              you must do something.
a part of the class that killed Captain Kane.                                                                                                                                Now if you’ll excuse
(side note: I’d like to personally thank the person                                                                                                                       me, I have to go prepare
in the athletic department who was responsible                                                                                                                            myself for intermural
for finally convincing the rest of the administra-                                                                                                                        women’s flag football,
tion that Captain Kane was the worst mascot                                                                                                                             or as I like to call it, World
this side of the Delaware Blue Hen, and that                                                                                                                             War III. I know I said last
no matter how big the biceps you put on                                                                                                                                    year I would never ref
him, no opponent is going to be intimidated                                                                photo illustration by Janae Givens & Cathryn Rowe / Collegian another women’s game,
by a smiling yellow foam mattress cushion.) The freshman class should begin to think about the kind of legacy they will leave at TU. but hey, I’m broke.

W      hen I was a freshman we were fortunate enough to
       have formal rush before the end of orientation- which
was the weekend before school started. It was a great way
                                                                       ment at the beginning of schools sends a negative message
                                                                       to Greeks, and incoming students interested in Greek life.
                                                                            What the administration has done by mandating that for-
                                                                                                                                            backup puts me at a disadvantage for the rest of the semester.
                                                                                                                                            The administration does not have the right to put such
                                                                                                                                            an enormous burden on a fifth of the student popula-
for me to meet my entire class, be introduced to every fra-            mal rush will not take place during orientation is to make the       tion, especially one as active as the Greek community.
ternity on campus, and the best part of it all was being able          fraternities and sororities direct-                                                                         Greek life should
to get recruitment out of the way before classes even started.         ly compete with academics and                                                                         not be excluded from ori-
                               But for the last two years, the
                          TU administration has mandated
                                                                       family for new members. This
                                                                       is not the image that the Greek
                                                                                                                 “Keeping recruitment at the                                 entation at TU. Like it or
                                                                                                                                                                             not, any organization that
                          that formal recruitment take place
                          right at the start of classes, a deci-
                                                                       system wants, or deserves,
                                                                       especially since the major-
                                                                                                                 beginning of school sends a                                 includes over 20% of the
                                                                                                                                                                             student body and operates
                          sion that is bad for everyone.               ity of fraternities and sorority          negative message to greeks.”                                eleven residence halls on
                          Last year was definitely the worst:          GPA’s are above the all male or                                                                       campus deserves more than
                          formal rush went Tuesday through             female average, and Greeks love                                                                       a booth at the activity fair.
                          Thursday. Greeks and rushees alike           their parents just as much as the other students on campus.          Greeks throw parties that people actually attend, participate
                          had to cut classes participate in recruit-        Let’s not forget how having formal rush during school           in incredible charity work, increase freshman retention and
  TYLER MILLER ment, which caused the professors to                    affects fraternity and sorority members. Although there is           cost the university almost nothing. This is more then “Res
  Staff Writer           demand that something be done.                not much work to be done in the first week of school (unless,        Life” can claim. Even in the Princeton Review, the Greek sys-
                               This year the administration            of course, you are a Kep student), everyone needs the first          tem is mentioned as “the heart of most students’ social life”.
                         decided to move recruitment to                week of school to get organized and prepared for the rest of               Formal Recruitment should be an integral, but
Labor Day weekend. While this may have kept people                     the semester. By putting formal rush in the middle of classes,       still completely optional, part of the orientation pro-
in classes, it still deprived any freshman who wanted to               Greeks effectively lose their first week of school to recruitment.   cess. Even if a student does not go Greek they will
learn about the Greek system from one last trip home.                       I know that as rush chairman for my fraternity I spent a        not regret going though formal recruitment, eat-
Regardless of whether recruitment is in the middle of the              great deal of time digging myself out of a week’s worth of read-     ing a little free food, and meeting some new people.
week, or if it is over labor day weekend, keeping recruit-             ing and homework, in addition to my current class work. This
                                                                               September 9, 2003 – Issue 2                                                                                        17

I desperately wanted to go to college after the first semester         ness. How could any group of warm-blooded college students of its parts. I challenge this student body to clean-up
of my sophomore year in high school, and after two and                 fail in providing one of the most basic aspects of college life? their school and celebrate one of the best aspects of life.
a half years of idealizing the American college experience                   Recently, TU was honored with national academic and             Ultimate frisbee is a fun, safe, and team-oriented game
I’m pretty happy with the reality. Most things have been               social rankings from several prestigious institutions. I won- played by millions around the world. The sport’s accept-
as good, or better than I expected. There are lots of pretty           der, would they have                                                                                 ing culture welcomes all
girls, almost all my classes are interesting, and there really is      thought so highly                                                                                    people no matter your
                              no mature supervision. I would           of TU if they knew                                                                                   ability level. In fact, if
                              begin to question my sanity if it        what scary reality                                                                                   you have never played
                              were not for one detail: there is no     lurked beneath the                                                                                   ultimate before, I suggest
                              intramural ultimate frisbee league!      surface?     Ultimate                                                                                that you leave your dorm-
                                  Unfortunately, this is sad but       frisbee is the frost-                                                                                room and get involved.
                              true. After arriving at campus, I        ing on the cake of                                                                                       I am currently trying
                              eagerly grabbed a list of intramural     any college experi-                                                                                  to start a league and could
                              sports and began searching for my        ence. How can you                                                                                    use as many people as pos-
                              favorite. Softball, football, and soc-   have a cake without                                                                                  sible. You may e-mail me
   ERIC SAULNIER cer were all there. Hell, there was                   frosting? Something                                                                                  at my university address,
                              even a spades intramural program,        really     needs    to                                                                               or just stop by the intra-
   Staff Writer               but no ultimate. I was shocked.          change if this stu-                                                                                  mural field.        There’s
                              How could any university fail to         dent body wants                                                                                      almost guaranteed to be
have an organized ultimate program? In disbelief, I asked              to feel proud of its                                                                                 a game any given night.
around and found out that there had been no error; there               school. Not having                                                                                       There should also
really is no organized intramural ultimate league at TU. This          an ultimate frisbee                                                                                  be some fliers appearing
absence is shocking considering the sports immense popular-            league is worse than                                                                                 around campus during the
                                                                                                                                          Photo by Evan Mackay/Collegian
ity. I had found no trouble playing during orientation and             defecating on the                                                                                    next few days. For those
have continued to easily find games since the start of school.         school flag, and no         Cailean Carlberg plays ultimate frisbee with friends                    of you who would like to
Everyone I ask says that they would love to have an ultimate           one in their right                                                                                  consult a website for more
league. I have heard rumors that there was an attempt to start         mind                 would               do               that. information I recommend This website
such a league last year, but that it failed due to lack of interest.         So, the choice is clear: either we must start an ulti- offers a comprehensive amount of information including
      If this is true (which I still doubt), then I am left with the   mate frisbee league or continue dishonoring our school rules, pictures, and a brief history of the sport’s rise to interna-
sad conclusion that TU’s student body suffers from some ill-           and ourselves. For what is an institution but the sum tional acceptance. So, until I see you on the field, good luck!

                                                                                                                              NOW HIRING:
                                                                                                                                office workstudy

                                                                                                                           If interested, please
                                                                                                                               Eric Procter at
18                                                                          September 9, 2003 – Issue 2

There are not many people who remember Harvey                                                                                       school; parents, families and friends want their loved ones
Milk, but now his name is making headlines.                                                                                         to be safe, teachers want a learning environment not filled
     The Harvey Milk High School is scheduled to start                                                                              with fear, and students want to find people whom they
classes this fall, but the new school is more than just a place                                                                     can identify with and who can understand their problems.
for teenagers to study. The creation of this high school                                                                                  While     I    sympathize        greatly     with      these
brings with it a new type of segregation. Any person who                                                                            sentiments, none of these reasons are powerful
                                wants to enroll at Harvey                                                                           enough to create a new type of segregation.
                                Milk must meet one rather                                                                                 I recently went to the Democratic Convention in
                                selective standard: the applicant                                                                   Stillwater and one of the presidential candidates speaking there
                                must be a homosexual.                                                                               was Carolyn Moseley Braun, who is an African American.
                                          Some people argue                                                                         When asked about her position on gay marriage Ambassador
                                against the creation of this                                                                        Braun responded that her aunt dated and married a white
                                school claiming that it is                                                                          man when such a thing was entirely unheard of. Braun
                                unconstitutional.         Others                                                                    continued to explain that in her eyes there is no difference
                                are opposed to Harvey Milk                                                                          between an interracial couple and a gay couple. I agree.
    ORLY SHOHAM                 High School because they feel                                                                             The United States long ago came to the conclusion that
    Opinion Editor              that there will be no end to                                                                        Separate but Equal was unacceptable. To me, Separate but
                                this type of segregation (they                                                                      Equal is exactly what Harvey Milk High School is recreating.
                                ask, will we also start a school                             graphic by Cathryn Rowe/Collegian      Just as we cannot have public high schools for all whites, blacks
for chubby children, or for children who are made fun of                                                                            or hispanics, we also cannot have public high schools for gays.
because they wear glasses?). But the constitution is open
                                                                      The new Harvey Milk Public High School                              While this can be interpreted as a constitutional
to interpretation, and comparing a homosexual student to                 is just another form of segregation.                       argument, for me it is an issue of diversity, in the sense that we
a student who wears glasses is simply insulting. To me,             they also face the discrimination and prejudice of uneducated   should not isolate our differences, we should celebrate them.
both of these arguments against the creation of Harvey              people. After all, the brutal murder of Matthew Shepard               I went to a high school that had a fairly strong
Milk are completely unsympathetic and harshly cold.                 was not an isolated incidence that we can afford to forget.     population of gay students, and over time the vast majority
     People seem to forget about the brutal discrimination               Yet, I find that I am still against the creation of this   of students in my class came to tolerate and accept this.
that many homosexuals face in their lifetime. Not only              school, although not for any of the reasons mentioned           This type of acceptance is what we should strive for,
can gays not get married or adopt children (in most states),        above. Indeed, I understand why many would support the          because it is the only permanent solution to discrimination.
                                                                    September 9, 2003 – Issue 2                                                                                                                                    19

                                                                                                        WWW. UTULSA . EDU / COLLEGIAN

NO HONOR IN NEW CODE                                                                                                              COLLEGIAN
                                                                                                                                                       EDITOR IN CHEIF - James Hart
The student body at The University of Tulsa will vote on whether to implement or discard a student
honor code on September 23 and 24. Students should take this opportunity to control their own future;                                              MANAGING EDITOR - Eric Procter
they should vote down a vague policy that creates a gray area allowing the code to be easily abused.
     One problem with the honor code in its current state is that there exists no standard for                                                 BUSINESS MANAGER - Emily Lampert
its implementation or use. Due to the vagueness of the code and a lack of defined consequenc-
es, administration receives unconstrained power in the enforcement of the code as they see fit.                                             ADVERTISING MANAGER - Rachel Sherrill
     The code itself, however, requires criticism. The code fails to represent our diverse stu-
dent body. By forcing incoming students to recite an oath “to acknowledge Faith in God                                                  ASST. ADVERTISING MANAGER - Cassie Bigelow
while respecting the faith traditions of all individuals” [sic] is a fundamental contradiction.
Requiring an acknowledgement in a god all students may not believe in while simultane-                                                               DESIGN EDITOR - Cathryn Rowe
ously asking respect for other faiths is a detriment to the fostering of a diverse campus culture.
     Ethics is inherently a subjective term. Without any definition of “the highest ethical stan-
                                                                                                                                                       PHOTO EDITOR - Janae Givens
dards in our studies” or “behaviors and actions that breach this pledge and demean others in the
campus community,” students are left to adhere to invisible standards. From Kantian relativ-
ism to Utilitarianism, the question of what is ethical has been fodder for scholars for centuries.
                                                                                                                                                    NEWS EDITOR - Jared Kaltwasser
     If the students at the University of Tulsa truly want to instill ethical standards on our cam-
pus they should support the endeavors of every member of the campus community. TU stu-                                                             VARIETY EDITOR - Noam Faingold
dents should not accept an empty code, and should vote “no” on September 23 and 24.
                                                                                                                                                    OPINION EDITOR - Orly Shoham

                                                                                                                                                 ASST. OPINION EDITOR - Kate Silvey
  EDITOR’S NOTE: All editorials are drafted by the editorial board of the Collegian.                                                                      ADVISER - Nicole Nascenzi
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  age our readers to respond to editorials. Please refere to our letters to the editor                                                                WRITERS:
  policy for information regarding the proper procedure to submit such a letter.                                                  Thursday Bram, Tre Coleman, Leah Flint, Melissa
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                                                                                                                                  Miller, Lindsay Smith, Eric Solnier, Andrew Walz,
                                                                                                                                                    Clyde Wright

                                                                                                                                        Evan Mackay, Genevieve Pankey, Robert

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