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									MKTG 340                                  MINI-ASSIGNMENT

The purpose of this assignment is to expand your awareness and
understanding of the advertising industry.

You are to find an article (NOT an ad) about the advertising industry from any
one of many different sources, including any source found through one of the
library’s on-line databases (recommended), Advertising Age, AdWeek,
BrandWeek, MediaWeek, American Demographics, Business Week, Wall
Street Journal, Journal of Advertising Research, USA Today, The Oregonian,
the Portland Business Journal, The New York Times, etc.

Examples of articles appropriate for the assignment might be an article about a
new consumer trend, changes in how the industry uses media, analyses about
new, alternative media; growth in advertising, or advertising tools and their
effect on business problems. Do not use an article that describes a single ad or
campaign for a specific company unless you can demonstrate how the ad or
campaign has relevance for the entire advertising industry.

In no more than one page, please summarize the high points of the article.
Explain why it is significant to the advertising industry, and what advertisers
can learn from this article. Also explain how this article broadened your
understanding of advertising.

Make sure your name, date, article title, article source and article date are on
the paper. Attach a photocopy of the article and this grading sheet. Make sure
you use an article from a reputable source!

Suggested headings include:

This article deals with….

The main points relative to advertising are…

The significance of these points to advertisers is …

The article was enlightening to me because …
This side facing out

Mini-Assignment            __ #1          ___ #2

Print name here __________________________


   Substance of article: did the article meet the subject requirement?
   Was the article about advertising and was there substantial new

                                   (3 pts max)                           ______

   Identification of key issues: were advertising relevant points identified
   and correctly interpreted?

                                   (3 pts max)                           ______

   Writing quality and visual written presentation: Was the writing
   concise and made easy to read? Did the student follow instructions and
   proofread the paper?

                                   (2 pts max)                           ______

   Internalization: Was there new learning as a result of the article and was
   this new knowledge expressed in a way that demonstrated greater
   understanding or appreciation of advertising as a business tool.

                                   (2 pts max)                           ______

___ Please return this paper to the instructor for 1 extra point

____ Please present this paper to the class for 2 extra points

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