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This is a list that English as a Second language (ESL) students can use to learn the alphabet and increase their vocabulary. There are nouns and verbs that correspond with each letter of the English alphabet. Students can also write sample sentences in the space provided at the bottom of the list. Please visit for more ESL help. Enjoy!

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									                               The English Alphabet

      Letter                 Verb                                Noun
        A       ask                                apple
         B      bring                              bird
         C      clean                              car
         D      do                                 dog
         E      eat                                eggs
         F      fix                                fan
         G      go                                 gold
         H      have                               hotdogs
         I      improve                            ice
         J      join                               jellybeans
         K      know                               kites
         L      learn                              lamp
         M      make                               money
         N      need                               notebooks
         O      open                               ostrich
         P      put                                pen
         Q      quit                               question mark
         R      read                               rabbit
         S      spell                              strawberry
         T      talk                               tent
         U      understand                         umbrella
         V      vote                               violin
         W      work                               wave
         X      x-ray                              x-ray
         Y      yell                               yarn
         Z      zip                                zebra

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