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									                               The English Alphabet

      Letter                 Verb                                Noun
        A       ask                                apple
         B      bring                              bird
         C      clean                              car
         D      do                                 dog
         E      eat                                eggs
         F      fix                                fan
         G      go                                 gold
         H      have                               hotdogs
         I      improve                            ice
         J      join                               jellybeans
         K      know                               kites
         L      learn                              lamp
         M      make                               money
         N      need                               notebooks
         O      open                               ostrich
         P      put                                pen
         Q      quit                               question mark
         R      read                               rabbit
         S      spell                              strawberry
         T      talk                               tent
         U      understand                         umbrella
         V      vote                               violin
         W      work                               wave
         X      x-ray                              x-ray
         Y      yell                               yarn
         Z      zip                                zebra

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