10 Rules of Capitalization

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					                                   CAPITALIZATION RULES

Use these capitalization rules to help you proofread your writing.

     1. Capitalize the first word of every sentence.
     2. Capitalize the first word and all other important words in titles.

                    I read “Call of the Wild.”
     3. Capitalize the first word in a direct quotation.

                    The girl said, “Wait for me.”
     4. Capitalize every proper noun and every adjective derived from a proper noun.

                    We live in Boston. She has a Bostonian accent.
     5. Capitalize the names of the days of the week, special holidays, and months of the year.

                    We will celebrate Halloween on Monday, October 31.
     6. Capitalize all important historical events and documents.

                    During the Revolutionary War, Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.
     7. The only school subjects that are capitalized are languages.

                    Jane and I took history as an elective. Will you be in French or English
     8. Capitalize sections of the country, but do not capitalize directions.

                    He came from the South. He drove south from the beltway.
     9. Capitalize the names of religions and gods.

                    He is Presbyterian. We read about Zeus, the Greek god.
  10. Capitalize the names of clubs, organizations, and companies.

                    The Republican Party will hold a dinner. The Red Cross is a service
  11.     Capitalize words such as aunt, uncle, father, and grandfather when used as names or
          with names.

                    May I go fishing, Mother? My aunt and uncle visited Uncle Willie.
  12.     Capitalize the word I when used alone or as part of a contraction.

                    I said that I’d go with you.
Baltimore County Public Schools                                                    Capitalization Rules
Department of Professional Development                                       PSS Resources/Reading-LA
Parent Support Services, February, 2005
Taken from A Guide to Success at High School

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