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									                                                Bill Felton
                                           3804 Burchfield Drive
                                            Lansing, MI 48910

                                            Experience Areas

Software Development         all roles in the development lifecycle: business/user requirements, system
analysis, software analysis and design, implementation, unit and system testing, and maintenance

Process Definition and Implementation from definition and implementation of small group best
practices to definition and implementation of corporate process initiatives

Training          from adult enrichment community courses to individual and small group mentoring to
classroom training ranging from the public schools to Fortune 100 companies

Quality Assurance        from code review to design review to testing, test plan creation and execution
with manual and automatic methods

Management        from training management to QA management to team lead to Project Manager in team
sizes ranging from 4 to 65

International      from training British, German and Spanish sales and consulting staff and developers to
coordinating the hand-off of in-house development to offshore development teams to interviewing and
hiring and training a team in Beijing

I am looking for a long-term position that will allow me to use and extend my skills at working with groups
of developers engaged in contributing to the corporate bottom line. Communication and clarification are
the key elements of everything I have done. All else springs from that.


I have worked within the software industry since 1988. I worked both as an educator and as a software
developer from 1984 to 1999, with responsibilities that always included creation of training material and/or
documentation, The majority of this work has been in for-profit situations where the ROI of training was
of direct corporate significance.

My management experience has progressed from small training teams of 1 to 4 individuals to larger teams
facing significant challenges. I consider my greatest success to have been the turn-around of a
demotivated and overworked team who consistently ran late and under-delivered. In substantially less
than one year we had a happy and motivated team that produced 4 on-time releases with 100% or greater
committed functionality. This was done in the face of growing business demand for additional features on
shorter timelines.

In subsequent jobs I assisted in the documentation of process and product as well as served as point person
for communications with the new offshore team taking over major applications.

Most recently I played a variety of roles at a small data management tools company, playing point person
for the launch and development of product documentation, as well as serving as tier 2 technical support.
My primary role was initially to lead the implementation of training policies and processes. That
transitioned rapidly to responsibility for the development of first a QA process and, later, a QA team. This
culminated with interviewing, hiring, and training a staff of nine in Beijing. The project succeeded in
meeting all goals and objectives in half the time allotted.

                                            Work Experience

Training, Support, Q/A Manager, MioSoft Corporation, Madison, WI, 03/05 - 07/09

Joined a small young company with a set of products targeted at data management, data integration, data
quality and repair, etc. Initially hired to develop and deliver training on the various products, I
transitioned over the first year to include Q/A and Customer Support as higher priority responsibilities.

• Interviewed over 150 candidates for the QA office being established in Beijing, made final hiring
        decision for the 9 candidates selected. Provided training, tools, and management for the Beijing
        office with a combination of on-site and remote interactions

• developed over 50 test suites focused on the core product; responsible for running the full Q/A cycle on
        each release and a specified subset on each patch level

• served as primary point of contact and information source for tech writers creating product
        documentation, prepared demos, presentations, and other support for sales and marketing efforts
        as part of a new product launch

• developed and maintained a set of tools, implemented in the MioSoft products, to track and manage
        support requests

• developed and delivered 4 courses, with more under development; prototyped web-based training using
        tools including Camtasia Studio and MOODLE

Software Developer, SBC, Hoffman Estates, IL. 2/04 – 2/05

Joined a Smalltalk development team working on a core business application in business services. My
responsibilities included Envy Library Supervisor, coding, requirements review, and QA support. As
system development was being transitioned offshore, I worked to mentor the offshore leads on process,
standards, and application structure and behavior. I also reviewed and provided input to the system
documentation, which had become very out of date.

Programmer/Analyst, Progressive Insurance, Mayfield, OH 9/02 – 1/04

Worked with an experienced team of Smalltalk and GemStone developers on a core, business-critical
application within Progressive. I engaged with the team to revise and update process, and to enhance our
utilization of our Quality Services group. I was involved in work on how best to manage the transition
period as the application is re-engineered in C#/dot net/SQL Server while continuing to serve the urgent
needs of the business in the existing application. When the Smalltalk and project/process management
portions of the work became redundant, I returned to contracting.

Application Manager, Qwest Telecommunications, Minneapolis, MN. 2/99-12/01

Having served as application architect for the Integrator suite of application, as well as a member of the
Data Transport architecture team, I assumed the role of Application Manager for the Integrator applications
in early September 2000. The Integrator supports the physical and logical inventory, order flow-through
automation, provisioning, and fault management services of Qwest's DSL service, as well as ATM, Cell
Relay, and Frame Relay services. Significant managerial challenges include recruiting and retention,
application scaling issues, and integration with Qwest's systems post-merger with US West. Team size
grew from 32 in September 2000 to 65 in August 2001. I initiated and led efforts to use Agile Development
practices as part of an initiative to improve quality and reduce cycle time. The team went from cycle times
of up to five months to cycle times of as little as six weeks. Our content requirements increased by more
than double while our defect count showed a steady decline. We began re-architecting the current fat client
system to a component-oriented, sub-system-based, distributable n-tier system. This effort was required to
proceed in parallel with, and with no impact to, the ongoing demands of the business for increased
operational systems support from Integrator. Our adoption of an agile development process was widely
regarded as a key factor in our success.
Development Project Lead, Sprint Corp., Kansas City, KS. 6/97-8/98

Managed analysis, design, code walkthroughs, and test case development of EWS, a distributed engineers
workstation to manage project workflow, bill of materials, installation and wiring instructions, and
inventory records. Sprint Long Distance Division plans to deploy EWS in late 1998.

Instituted formal test development as part of the 'unit of work' life cycles within the project. Used MCG's
Object Testing Framework to provide unit-, integration-, and system-level automatic tests as part of the
developers' deliverables.

Responsible for ensuring overall architecture integrity, interfacing with the Application Architecture group
(source of frameworks and framework enhancements), supervising repair of the Smalltalk/Versant memory
leak and process abend conditions, directing all walkthroughs, assigning work, balancing workloads,
estimating level of effort for change requests, assessing trouble tickets and assigning repair tickets.

Mentored six of 18 developers. Staff achieved a high degree of proficiency, with the project completing
development on schedule.

Developer, MCG Software, Inc., Portland, OR 3/97-5/97

Ported the Object Testing Framework, Version 2, to VisualAge. Stripped remnants of an obsolete
framework and extended its replacement. Co-developed elements of the interface for testing windows and
menus. Worked on a tight synchronization schedule to keep the VisualWorks and VisualAge, Envy and
non-Envy versions of the product aligned.

Developer, Overlord, Inc., Portland, OR 7/96-2/97

Developed and delivered new GUI elements for viewing performance data from a proprietary Tandem OS
monitor. Provided a configurable alarm framework for monitoring user-defined critical data values from
monitor program.

Vice President of Educational Services, JumpStart Systems, Inc., Raleigh, NC 12/94-6/96

Developed and delivered courses in VisualAge, GemStone, VisualWorks with Envy, OORAM -- the
'object-oriented role analysis modeling' method, and a course designed to help VisualWorks Smalltalk
programmers make the transition to VisualAge. Training clients included Hewitt Associates and Canada
Life Assurance. Delivered tutorial at OOPSLA '95: "An Introduction to the Smalltalk Language and the
Commercially Available Dialects." Managed Portland, Oregon office.

Director of Education, Servio Corp. (now GemStone), Beaverton, OR 1/93-11/94

Created training materials for three versions of the GemStone Smalltalk Interface. Delivered training to
Fortune 100 clients including Texas Instruments, Ford Motor Corp., Canada Life Assurance, and Orient
Overseas Container Line. Grew and managed training and courseware development staff. Assisted
customers in application design. Consulted with customers on architecture and design issues as well as
performance tuning and multiuser requirements of Smalltalk application development for GemStone.

Vice President of Educational Services Member of Technical Staff, Knowledge Systems Inc., Cary,
NC 2/89-12/92

Created and grew a world-renowned Educational Services Division. First non-employee to be certified by
ParcPlace to deliver their Smalltalk training courses. Delivered training to clients, including the first
Smalltalk course offered at Texas Instruments and targeted development training with IBM and Duke
Power. Trained over 200 engineers at IBM Cary, Austin, and Charlotte. That team went on to seed the
development of the VisualAge product line. Provided mentoring to staff at Momenta Corp. on their
project to develop a Smalltalk-based handwriting recognition laptop computer. Developed process
modeling application for industry; an assets management and application selection tool for the federal
government; and a design tool, process modeling, and tracking system for Ford Motor Corp. Developed
introductory and intermediate Smalltalk courses for Smalltalk/V and Smalltalk-80 as well as an analysis
and design course based on Wirfs-Brock's responsibility-driven design. Twice delivered an introductory
Smalltalk tutorial for DCI Object Symposiums, 1990 and 1991.

B.A. in Philosophy, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan.
Ongoing formal and self-study in project management, leadership styles and approaches, evaluation,
development process, training methods, delivery options and adult learning.
References available on request.

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