FRANKLIN AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT
                               SCHOOL BOARD HIGHLIGHTS

                                        Regular Meeting
Monday, November 24, 2008                                         Franklin High School Library

1.   Recognition of Visitors/Correspondence
     Mr. Tony Misiti of PNC Capital Market addressed the Board in regard to financing through
     municipal bonds.
     Becca Tasker and Tina Blake, Middle School students, stated that Mr. Cook, the Middle
     School newsletter advisor, suggested that they share copies of the Red and Black Chat with
     Board Members. Becca noted the article about Seventh Street Elementary.
     Mrs. Bailey shared a letter from Barbara McCullough requesting that the Jim McCullough
     Memorial Award be renamed the Jim McCullough Memorial Scholarship Award.
     Ms. Urban stated that funds were originally donated for a one-time award, but a trust fund
     would be set up to allow an annual scholarship.
     Mrs. Bailey also shared a thank you card from the Gahr family.
2.   Superintendent’s Report
     Mr. Paranick stated that he wanted to thank Central Elementary and Seventh Street
     Elementary for entering floats and the Band for marching in the Light-Up Parade Saturday,
     November 22, 2008. He announced they received a notice Monday that Central Elementary’s
     float had won first place.
     Mr. Paranick reported that he has been trying to coordinate computer training sessions and
     grant writing sessions for Franklin Area and Valley Grove staff members. Connie
     Cunningham of Valley Grove School District and Scott Armburger, Franklin’s Technology
     Director, are in the process of organizing training sessions after school for professional
     personnel. He stated he and Jeff Clark, Valley Grove’s Superintendent had a meeting
     scheduled at 9:00 a.m. November 25, 2008, with Ed Bergin to discuss grant writing seminars
     to be held for staff members.
3.   General Fund
     Approved the payment of General Fund bills for a total amount of $2,101,597.10.

4.   Budget Transfers
     Approved budget transfers submitted by Dr. Pamela Dye to cover expenses for teachers to
     attend conferences in the amount of $950 and Dr. James Ruby to purchase a 22-hole punch for
     Plan Books in the amount of $275.
5.   General Fund Bills
     Authorized the Business Manager to pay General Fund Bills for the month of December 2008.

6.   Contract
     Approved the Energy Services Contract between T.A.C. Energy Solutions and Franklin Area
     School District with the Guaranteed Fixed Project Price in the amount of $3,300,205.00.
7.    Seventh Street Elementary
      Denied the recommendation of the Ad Hoc Committee for the Central Elementary Renovation
      Project to close Seventh Street Elementary and transfer the Seventh Street students to Central
      Elementary upon the completion of the proposed renovations to Central Elementary.
8.    Exoneration
      Approved the exoneration of real estate taxes to the Franklin Industrial and Commercial
      Development Authority (FICDA) for Parcel No. 10-213-018 located at 1257 Liberty Street,
      Franklin, in the amount of $1,388.22.
9.    Donation
      Accepted the donation of new band uniforms.
10.   Field Trip Requests
      Approved the field trip request submitted by Katie Schultz-Greig for the High School Choir to
      attend the PMEA District 3 Chorus Festival at Union High School in Rimersburg January 14-
      17, 2009, at an approximate cost to the district of $1,288.72; and
      the field trip request submitted by Steve Johnston for seven High School band members to
      attend the PMEA District 3 Band Festival at Clarion University January 29-31, 2009, at an
      approximate cost to the district of $969.00.
11.   Student Teachers
      Approved the following student teacher assignments for the 2008-2009 school year:
       Student Teacher        Building Assignment        Cooperating Teacher        Dates
      Clarion University:
       Christy Gramm          7th Street Elementary      Mary Walentosky       01/12/2009-13/14/2009
       Christy Gramm          7th Street Elementary      Margaret Janidlo      03/16/2009-04/29/2009
      Slippery Rock University:
       Casey Brown            Victory Elementary         Sue Russell           01/12/2009-03/06/2009
       Casey Brown            Victory Elementary         Kathy Elkin           03/10/2009-04/30/2009
       Jocelyn Fennell        Victory Elementary         Kathy Elkin           01/12/2009-03/06/2009
       Joceyln Fennell        Victory Elementary         Brad Stallard         03/10/2009-04/30/2009
       Amanda Ferncez         Middle School              Jason Ferringer       01/12/2009-04/30/2009
       Beth Gordon            Middle School              Terri Witherell       01/12/2009-04/30/2009
       Emily Haupt            Sandycreek Elementary      Candace Miller        01/12/2009-03/06/2009
       Emily Haupt            Sandycreek Elementary      Amanda Walters        03/16/2009-04/29/2009
       Trevor Johnson         High School                Jill Adams            01/12/2009-03/06/2009
       Scott Ritchey          Middle School              Richard Beach         01/12/2009-03/06/2009
       Scott Ritchey          High School                Timothy Heffernan     03/16/2009-04/29/2009
       Nick Byron             Physical Education Dept.                         01/12/2009-04/30/2009
       Jackie Depto           Physical Education Dept.                         01/12/2009-04/30/2009
       John Powell            Physical Education Dept.                         01/12/2009-04/30/2009

12.   Employment (Pending completion of employment requirements)
      Approved the employment of Ashleigh Phillips for the long-term, temporary position of
      kindergarten teacher at Utica Elementary effective October 6, 2008, for the remainder of the
      2008-2009 school year, to be compensated at a prorated amount at Step 1 of the Bachelor’s
      schedule for the length of employment;
      Charles Henshaw for the position of personal care aide in the Life Skills Support classroom
      at Franklin High School effective November 25, 2008, to be compensated at $13.06/hour for
      the 30-day entrance rate and $13.36/hour thereafter; and
      Joan Maurer for the position of custodian at Seventh Street Elementary effective November
      25, 2008, to be compensated at $13.87/hour for the 60-day entrance rate and $14.17/hour
13.   Substitute Lists
      Approved the following be added to the teacher/guest teacher, secretary/aide, custodian and
      cafeteria substitute lists as indicated:
        * Megan Reitz                    Elementary/Early Childhood certified teacher
          Penny Adams                    Custodian
        * Cindy Hoffman                  Custodian
        * Kathy Lepley                   Custodian
          Michelle Rust                  Custodian
        * Margaret Pastol                Secretary/Aide
14.   Supplemental Contracts
      Accepted the following resignations as submitted:
       Andrea Barrett – Girls’ Assistant Track Coach effective November 4, 2008,
       Benjamin Barrett – Boys’ Basketball Coach at Central Elementary for the 2008-2009
       school year, and
       Thomas Cochran – Elementary Wrestling Coordinator/Coach effective immediately.
15.   Approved the following supplemental contracts for the 2008-2009 school year (pending
      completion of employment requirements):
          David Smith              7th Grade Boys’ Basketball Coach            Year 1 / $1,241
        * H. Jeffrey Lawson        Boys’ Basketball Coach – Central            Year 1 / $ 375
          Danielle Latchaw         Assistant KMC Advisor                                $ 389
          Debra Zaccari            MS Basketball Cheerleading Advisor                   $ 259
        * Lesli Mayes              Cheerleading Advisor – Victory Elementary            $ 324
          Holly McKenzie           Cheerleading Advisor – Central Elementary            $ 324
          Kimberly Shirey          Cheerleading Advisor – Sandycreek Elementary         $ 324
16.   Volunteers
      Approved the following volunteer coaches for the 2008-2009 school year:
         Wrestling: Thomas Cochran                 *Jarred Frawley
                      Chad Doyle                   *Cory Heckathorne
                      Chris Myers                  *John Heckathorne
                      Brenton Tony                 *Nick Perrine

Mrs. Bailey noted the transfer of classified employees listed as information items.
17. Information
      Transfers: Classified employees:
         William Stevenson transferred to a personal care aide position at Victory Elementary
         from an instructional aide/student specific position at Victory Elementary effective
         November 25, 2008.
         Helen Fowler transferred to an instructional aide position at VoTech/HS/MS from an
         instructional aide position at Victory (AM)/FMS/HS (PM) effective November 25, 2008.
18. Central Renovation Only
    Approved the motion to renovate Central Elementary “Option A” in the approximate amount
    of $10,760,718 per the Project Cost Estimate of HHSDR Architects/Engineers dated
19.   Other Concerns of the Board
      Mrs. Thompson inquired about the sports’ bids that were supposed to be listed on the agenda.
      Ms. Urban explained that the bids had not been completely tabulated and should be on the
      December 2nd agenda for approval. She also noted that Plancon J for Utica Elementary and
      the 403(b) Plan would be listed for approval next week.
      Mr. Paranick stated he wanted to remind everyone that the Reorganization Meeting was
      scheduled Tuesday, December 2, 2008, because December 1st is a school holiday.

   November 27, 2008: Thanksgiving Holiday
      November 28, 2008:     No School – Local Holiday
      December 1, 2008:      No School – Vacation Day
      December 2, 2008:      Reorganization Meeting followed by a Regular Meeting
                             Franklin High School Library

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