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                                The Cream City Publication
    Written in the tradition of the Original Sun of Man; started by our righteous brother
             and a true pioneer in Allah’s nation: Universal Shaamgaudd Allah.

             Gods in Wisconsin at the Cream City Parliament

In the name of Allah, the Original Asiatic Blackman do I, Universal Knowledge Allah greet all in Peace.
Now is the Present time to be observant of the Ciphers we come in contact with, so that a Victory can be
gained through proper education to activate constant elevation. Victory means to obtain success
through persistence. If we are persistent as a whole, we shall be victorious as a Nation. Now the Nation
must end all separation within our nation so that we can move forward and put all petty differences
aside, and continue to free the minds of the people. This is the 11th month, drawn up Supreme mathemati-
cally is Knowledge Knowledge. Lets knowledge our knowledge and see if it’s correct or right and exact in
which the way the Father gave.
The Knowledge of the First Born of Medina is what I did the Knowledge to, so that I understand how to
carry this knowledge into the future. You have the ability to build a bond with a brother or sister when
you knowledge their knowledge and see the parallel information that is shared. The more one can be
equal with another cipher, the stronger the bond becomes between the two. Amongst ourselves, we
should have Supreme Equality and amongst those who don’t have the knowledge our equality should be
even greater due to the fact that the 85% need the proper equality that doesn’t use them as a tool and a
The Knowledge Knowledge degree in the 1-40 is Will you set up home and wait for a mystery god to bring
you food? We know that we are not going to set up home and wait for anyone or anything to bring us
anything. We take the initiative to build it for ourselves so the mystery god can be eliminated out of the
equation. Ask yourself; does that have anything to do with the above question no. 10? Who is that Mys-
tery god? We have been searching for that that does not exist for trillions of years and have agreed that
the only god is the son of man. We made our word bond years before the Caucasian came on the scene.
So knowing and understanding the Culture of I-God is to be lived out truthfully by the true and living
gods. The 85% know that it rains, hail, snow, and also hear thunder above their heads, but do not try to
find out who is causing all of this to happen, by letting the 5% teach them. The 10% don’t want the 85% or
the 5% to have Victory within the cipher, because their job would be officially over. Now the Cipher has a
Victory, because Allah led the Cipher to Victory through exemplifying righteousness.
Our bond that we have as a Nation must continue to be strong and we must continue daily to build our
bond daily as the 10% continues to teach their lies. Steel sharpeneth steel, so a man sharpenth the counte-
nance of his brother. I keep everyone around me sharp because it keeps me sharp as an individual; deal-
ing in my cipher I revolve around scientists. Allah is the God and we the 5% of this poor part of the planet
earth shall continue to build in the name of; I leave you all as I came bonding my word making it living
within life. Peace to the Nation of Gods and Earths.

Universal Knowledge Allah

                  Peace to the Nation Of Gods and Earths- Allah’s 5%. Today I want to build
                  on how to be successful. Yes, it is simple however we can never take the
simple things for granted. This being the Month of Now Cipher Victory; we must begin or
continue to cee success- our thoughts and dreams become a living reality.

This process first begins in the mind with a clear vision starting with the what and the why.
Start out with the proper positive intentions and true sincerity. Do the knowledge to explore
the possible adversities; because you must strive for the best and be prepared for the worst.

To truly achieve one's goal you must visualize it, plan it, execute and follow through. Set for
yourself small realistic and reachable milestones that will contribute to the overall plan.
Each milestone achieved brings you closer with every step to the overall victory. Success is
a way of life, attained through the mathematical steps of good orderly direction. It be-
comes a habit over time, which builds one's confidence. As the confidence builds, the ob-
stacles that one faces on the road to victory become smaller and less significant- less & less
of a threat.

It should be understood that obstacles are a
part of the road and not anything out of the
ordinary or the exception. The more challeng-
es or adversity you face, the stronger you be-
come. Power is necessary in order to make it
truly born. It is supremely important that we
teach victory to our young so they can feel the
experience of overcoming anything that
would challenge their success. This is one of
the many steps to becoming independent-
when you know that you can depend on your
own wisdom and abilities to get you through
hell so that you can come out right and exact.



                  (Green Bay, WI)
    Universal Parliaments Every 1st Sunday of the
                    month at 2pm

     120 Class: Wednesday @ 6pm
     Jr. 120 Class: Monday @ 5:30pm
     General Meetings/ Building: Monday @ 7pm

For More information contact:
Laking Allah: 920.455.9004

Peace, to the Nation of Gods and Earths! I come in the righteous name of Born Logic Allah- a voice of reason here in
the wilderness of North America. Allah is the God and his power is the truth. It is always a pleasure to write for this
Cream City Publication because I know that the knowledge I make born will eventually assist and aid someone else. It is
better to have knowledge and not need it, than to need knowledge and not have it.
7° 1-40
How fast does our planet travel?
ANS: 1,037 1/3 mph
This is the terrific speed that the planet Earth rotates on its axis. This is the God degree, because the Earth belongs to
the original man- who is Allah. This is the place where we have laid our foundation and the planet through which we
must bring forth our understanding- the cream. As the sun of man we mold and shape our Earth, the woman, with the
knowledge of her own cipher- the knowledge of herself. We also allow her to look, listen, observe and respect us by
giving the opportunity to knowledge us in every aspect of our reality. In time she will gain the understanding of God and
cee the Good Orderly Direction in which she must rotate.
Our planet spins and rotates on its axis counter-clockwise; towards the EAST. She spins constantly towards the right
direction, where the knowledge and wisdom of the original man started when the planet was first founded. Continuing
to knowledge her origin and renewing our history because she is the home of I Self Lord And Master, by bearing wit-
ness to her foundation- the sun of man. 1037 is all being born to wisdom (1+0+3+7= 20, 2+0=2) showing the motion
she must take in order to bridge the gap between her having the knowledge and gaining the understanding (1/3) be-
cause the wisdom is the bridge; also remembering to the keep the knowledge over the UNDERstanding. Understanding
comes in time it is not limited to time, however it is always on time. Time is a measurement of motion. Her motion is
constant and consistent to keep and maintain the proper balance needed to apply the culture in a 24hr period- each
and everyday, each and every way.
The speed of rotation of the Earth on its axis is determined by dividing the circumference of the planet at its equator by
the approximate number of hours in a day to determine the miles per hour.

The speed that the Earth rotates on its axis is not to be confused with the speed at which she revolves around the
sun. The planet makes a complete 360° turn on its axis once per day (every 24hrs); it makes a complete revolution
around the sun every year (365days). The speed at which the planet travels around the sun is not mentioned in 120
lessons, however we can, through deductive reasoning, use the facts that we know to figure out this speed. To deter-
mine the speed in miles per hour at which the Earth revolves; we will need to know the distance that she travels (in
miles) and the time it takes (in hours).
The 10° in the Actual Facts and the 3° in the Solar Facts lets us know that Earth is 93,000,000 miles away from the
sun. Think of this as the radius of the cipher which represents the path the planet Earth travels around the Sun. To de-
termine the total distance of this path, we will need to determine the circumference of this cipher (see Figure1).

Figure 1.

Next we must determine the time it takes the planet to make a complete revolution around the Sun by converting 365
days into hours.

Now to determine the miles per hour, we must divide the distance traveled, by the time it takes to complete one com-
plete revolution.

So the planet Earth which weighs 6 sextillion tons, rotates on its axis at 1,037 1/3 mph, revolves around the sun at
the rate of 66,600mph. This is an amazing feat! Equality all around the board- mathematics tells no lies. For the Earth,
when she is right and exact we understand that Equality is not a limitation, it is a high degree of elevation.
The Earth must rise to her fullest equality to maintain and sustain the life within her cipher; while constantly moving in a
Good Orderly Direction according to her foundation the Sun of Man, whom she revolves around. This is why it is even
more important for the Sun of man to be a stable & stationary foundation for the Earth to revolve around. HE must be
right & exact to provide the Positive Energy to Activate her Constant Equality. This is the Way that we must build in or-
der to gain the Supreme Understanding- Love- of one another. Ultimately all that above is caused by the SUN of man-
there is no mystery god.
As always and until next time;
Born Logic Allah

                                                                   Monday @ 7:30pm

     Every second Sunday of each month
                  @ 2pm

                                                            POLITICAL ACTION
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                                                                    THURSDAY @ 7:30 pm

             Meetings are every Sunday morning

                           11:30a.m. except on
                               Parliament day,

                          Wednesday meetings     Meetings are called when necessary, reports given every
                          announced at general   general meeting as with all standing committees


                                                   To get involved with any committee all one has to
                                                   do is attend a general meeting, and it is strongly
                                                   encouraged to attend 120 class as well, whether
                                                   an individual knows 120 or not. These committees
                                                   are established for your input, and implementa-
                                                   tion of your ideas on how to build your nation.

       Peace, I come in the righteous name of LAKing Allah the
Black Seed from the Promise Land Green Bay, WI. I would like to
take a moment to thank those taking the time to do the
knowledge to this build. I hope that it reached you in the best of
physical and mental health. In addition, I would also like to take
time to thank those who have committed their thoughts and time to be a part of the Cream
City publication. Not only in this issue; however since its conception. Every edition has been
a great addition to my personal archives. Thank you.

       To give, means to present voluntarily and without expecting compensation, to bestow.
Giving is the basis of all trade. Trade is the basis of all relationships in all walks of life. There
are many old adages and sayings that show and prove how giving will always have a positive
return. Give and you shall receive. Give a little get a lot. What you give is what you get and
what you put in, is what you will get out. All of these quotes are very relevant. In fact they
have been shown and proven repeatedly throughout history. As a matter of fact if you will all
join me in thinking back, to as many ciphers as you can remember, I’m sure that you will real-
ize that more that you gave or devoted to a cipher, the more memorable and beneficial cer-
tain aspects of that cipher have been to you.

      The 11 degree in the 1-14 lost and found Muslim lessons #1 asks.

      Q. Have you not learned that your word shall be bond regardless to whom or what?

      A. Yes, my word is bond and bond is life and I will give my life before my word shall

       This degree mentions the fact that our word is our bond. The way that we give our
word is through our Wisdom, the wise words and actions. The bonds that we create through
giving the wisdom are strong, long lasting bonds that are not easily broken and have a benefit
to each person involved with the particular bond. It is mentioned in the degree that we will
give our life before our word shall fail. This is indeed the case! However one thing that is not
mentioned in the degree is the fact that we must give our life to make sure that our word ever
has a chance to succeed!! It is up to us to use every bond that we have to give a true and liv-
ing example of what can and must be done in the name of righteousness. I was taught to give
all that I can…..and then give more! The Knowledge Knowledge degree states that we must
give our life. It does not say that we must give our extras, leftovers, or abundances. This
does not mean that we must die or go broke. This means that we must give all that we have
and all within our power in order to truly cee our word succeed and not end in failure. This
does not mean that we must surrender monetary and material possessions. This means that
we must give our presence, our gifts and our greatness as individuals. Give knowledge, Wis-
dom and Understanding!

        Yes, we must continue to give, just as our Father Allah gave to his Suns. We must
 continue to give all that we have that will contribute to the growth our nation. That will con-
 tribute to the growth of our fruit and to the growth of our righteous Culture. The tangible
 things that we are able to give are appreciated and in most cases necessary; however the
 intangible jewels that we share will last a lifetime. Let’s make it a point to give considera-
 tion. Take into account that there are often times different aspects of the same reality.
 Let’s give time. A day is like one thousand years to God; so how special is giving five
 minutes to a child in need? Give respect. In order to gain respect you must first give re-
 spect. Give someone a chance. A chance to show and prove that change is possible and
 that understanding truly does come in its own good time. Most importantly, give yourself a
 future. A future beyond the years, months and days that you will cee physically on this plan-

        In closing, I hope that the words I share with you today will remind us the importance
 of sharing and dealing in supreme equality. When I draw up the true meaning of the word
 give I am able to cee how when we give we share God’s Infinite Victory Equally. That is the
 understanding behind teaching, training, and leading by example. The chosen choose them-
 selves; however even the chosen have a light to follow in darkness. Thank you for giving
 your time and energy to knowledge my wisdom. Until next time, I leave you as I came in the
 universal greeting of P.E.A.C.E.

                                                                  LAKing Allah,

                                                 The Black Seed

        Peace, my name is LAKing Allah. I would like to take time to share a thought that
 has been on my mind for the past few weeks. Wisdom expressed in the written form is
 still one of our greatest weapons against the devils and their unrighteous ways. Let’s
 continue to utilize it to the best of our ability.

       25 Degree in the 1-40 lost and found Muslim lessons #2

       Q. How long did it take to make devil?

       A. 600 years of grafting the devil or making him from the black man.

        This degree asks how long does it take to make devil. The answer is 600 years re-
 ferring to the grafting process that took place amongst Yakub and his followers on the
 island of Pelan. Drawing up the mathematics of the degree we are able to see that this
 is how long it took for the bad equality that was being dealt in to separate and graft the
 two ciphers. The reason why it is recognized as bad equality is because during this pro-
 cess of separation and grafting there was a weakening of the original blood. This is nev-
 er a good thing. In addition, we know that Allah taught us to reunite the seeds, not sep-
 arate or break them apart. One of the key aspects of this degree is the usage of the term
 “long” in the question. The use of that word means that it was a slow process. This was
 not something that happened overnight. This is still the case today when we cee certain
 ciphers start to “go bad.” In many instances there is not a sudden or instant change,
 when a cipher goes from good, to bad, to worse. However we must be aware of the signs!
 We are the best knowers and the divine examiners that must be able to pick out and
 draw up certain behavioral shifts and changes. We are the ones that must put an end
 to unrighteousness before the “process” is complete. It may not take 600 years for
 wrong doing to occur; however there is always a window of opportunity for righteous-
 ness to intervene.

        When I first knowledged this degree, I could not understand for the life of me why
 the wisdom power degree (all being born to God) would be about making devil. As I took
 more time, I began to realize that it is imperative to be able to relate every degree within
 120 degrees to SELF. Taking this into consideration, I saw that reversing the polarity of
 text would make the degree very relevant to the teachings of the True and Living Gods
 and Earths. I no longer dwelled on how long it took to make devil. I began to realize
 how swiftly we can help born God and Earth. I began to cee how we were not limited to
 a 600 year process; however we are blessed with the ability to deal in Supreme Equality
 and bring ciphers together, instead of separating and grafting. How fast can we help
 born God or Earth? In the twinkling of an eye. The split second that it takes for us to
 wisdom our power and tell the truth. The amount of time that it takes to apply our pow-
 er in the form of living mathematics is all we need.

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Each word of truth that we speak and every truthful step that we take in the name of
righteousness is another opportunity for someone to bear witness to God Orderly Direc-
tion. The Allah God (7) degree in the 1-40 asks, how fast does our planet travel? The an-
swer is 1037 and 1/3rd mph. My reply is as fast as one can do the knowledge to the prop-
er wisdom and cee the power within themselves. As long as there are walking, talking,
teaching examples of Allah’s Mathematics we need not worry about how long it takes to
make devil. As long as we continue to live out our duty as Allah’s 5%, our growth will
continue exponentially.

       Wise and powerful motions rarely go unnoticed and the as long as the teachings of
Allah are present unrighteousness will not go on unchecked. One of the greatest jewels to
remember is that in order for Yacub and his followers to have success with the 600 year
grafting process of making devil that they first had to be separated from the righteous.
That is why we must continue to spend time with our Brothers and Sisters with Allah’s
mind. That is why communication and free transportation in the mind is vital. The fami-
ly that builds together grows together. Thank you for taking the time to deal in equality
with my wisdom. Until next time, I leave you as I came in Peace.

                                                            LAKing Allah


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     Address to: C Latiff Allah Hon. Charles G. Dennis 6350 28th Ave. Ke-
     nosha, WI 53134

                         Mail to: C Latiff Allah Hon. Charles G. Dennie
                            6350 28th Ave. Kenosha, WI 53143

          What We Teach                                What We Will Achieve
                                                 1. National Consciousness: National Con-
                                                 sciousness is the consciousness of our
1. That black people are the original people     origin in this world, which is divine. As a
of the planet earth.                             nation of people we are the first in exist-
                                                 ence and all other peoples derived from us.
2. That black people are the fathers and         National Consciousness is the awareness of
mothers of civilization.                         the unique history and culture of Black peo-
                                                 ple and the unequaled contributions we have
 3. That the science of Supreme Mathemat-        made to world civilization, by being the fa-
                                                 thers and mothers of civilization. National
ics is the key to                                Consciousness is the awareness that we are
 understanding man's relationship to the         all one people regardless to our geograph-
universe.                                        ical origins and that we must work and
                                                 struggle as one if we are to liberate our-
4. Islam is a natural way of life, not a reli-   selves from the domination of outside forces
gion.                                            and bring into existence a Universal Govern-
                                                 ment of Love, Peace and Happiness for all
                                                 the people of the planet.
5. That education should be fashioned to
enable us to be self                             2. Community Control: Community Control of
  sufficient as a people.                        the educational, economic, political, media
                                                 and health institutions on our community.
 6. That each one should teach one accord-       Our demand for Community Control flows natu-
ing to their knowledge.                          rally out of our science of life, which
                                                 teaches that we are the Supreme Being in
                                                 person and the sole controllers of our own
7. That the blackman is god and his proper       destiny; thus we must have same control on
name is ALLAH. Arm,                              the collective level that we strive to at-
Leg, Leg, Arm, Head.                             tain on the individual level. It is prereq-
                                                 uisite to our survival that we take control
 8. That our children are our link to the fu-    of the life sustaining goods and services
ture and they                                    that every community needs in order to main-
                                                 tain and advance itself and advance civili-
  must be nurtured, respected, loved, pro-
                                                 zation. Only when we have achieved complete
tected and educated.                             Community Control will we be able to prove
                                                 to the world the greatness and majesty of
9. That the unified black family is the vital    our Divine Culture, which is Freedom.
building block of
                                                 3. Peace. Peace is the absence of confusion
  the nation.
                                                 (chaos) and the absence of confusion is Or-
                                                 der. Law and Order is the very foundation
                                                 upon which our Science of Life rest. Supreme
                                                 Mathematics is the Law and Order of the Uni-
                                                 verse, this is the Science of Islam, which
                                                 is Peace. Peace is Supreme Understanding be-
                                                 tween people for the benefit of the whole.
                                                 We will achieve Peace, in ourselves, in our
                                                 communities, in our nation and in the world.
                                                 This is our ultimate goal.



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