This Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement(“Agreement”) is entered into on the
date set out below by and between INDIVIDUAL’S NAME HERE, an individual
residing in Brazos County, Texas (“STUDENT”), and The Texas A&M University
System, an institution of higher education having its headquarters in Brazos County,
Texas (“SYSTEM”).

WHEREAS, STUDENT has conceived technology relating to devices and methods for a

WHERAS, STUDENT has disclosed the Intellectual Property to SYSTEM; and

WHEREAS, SYSTEM is desirous of accepting STUDENT’S donation.

Now, for good and valuable consideration, the receipt, sufficiency and adequacy of which
are acknowledged, STUDENT and SYSTEM hereby agree as follows:

1.      STUDENT hereby assigns and transfers STUDENT’S entire right, title and
interest in the Intellectual Property to SYSTEM, which is fully described in SYSTEM
Disclosure No. P-670, a true and correct copy of which is attached as Exhibit A and shall
become a part of this Agreement.

2.      STUDENT understands that it is the intent of SYSTEM to license commercial
rights in Intellectual property to one or more entities and such license may or may not
contain financial compensation.

3.      STUDENT acknowledges receipt of and has read and understands SYSTEM
Regulation 17.02.01, Management of Intellectual Property, a copy of which is attached to
this Agreement as Exhibit B. STUDENT agrees to be bound by SYSTEM Regulation
17.02.01, as attached and as it may be amended in the future, as if STUDENT were an
inventor employed by SYSTEM or one of its components. Notwithstanding, STUDENT
and SYSTEM agree that this Agreement shall not convey an employee-employer
relationship between STUDENT and SYSTEM.

4.      STUDENT warrants, to the best of his knowledge and belief and after making a
reasonable investigation, that the Intellectual Property does not infringe upon the legal
rights of any person or entity. STUDENT further warrants that STUDENT has not
previously entered into any assignment, grant, mortgage, license or other agreement
affecting the Intellectual Property conveyed in this Agreement to SYSTEM.

5.      STUDENT agrees to perform all acts reasonably required by SYSTEM or its
counsel in order for SYSTEM to have full use and enjoyment of the Intellectual Property
and to carry out in good faith the intent and purpose of this Agreement, including, but not
limited to, executing all divisional, continuing, substitute, renewal, reissue, and all other
patent applications on any and all such Intellectual Property; execute all rightful oaths,
declarations, assignments, powers of attorney, copyright registrations and other papers;
communicate to SYSTEM all facts known by STUDENT relating to such Intellectual
Property and the history thereof; and generally do everything possible which SYSTEM
may consider desirable for vesting title to such Intellectual Property in SYSTEM, and for
securing, maintaining and enforcing proper statutory protection for such Intellectual

6.      SYSTEM agrees that STUDENT shall be considered an inventor for purpose of
SYSTEM Regulation 17.02.01, Management of Intellectual Property. SYSTEM agrees
to share any income derived from the Intellectual Property with STUDENT in accordance
with such Regulation, as it may be revised from time to time. STUDENT understands
that the intellectual Property may be bundled with other intellectual property owned by
SYSTEM for licensing purposes (“Jointly Licensed Technology”). In the event
STUDENT’s Intellectual Property is licensed as Jointly Licensed Technology to reach an
agreement as to the division of any royalty income. STUDENT acknowledges that
SYSTEM shall have no obligation to share any royalty income until such time that
STUDENT and each other inventor of Jointly Licensed Technology have reached an
agreement as to the division of any royalty income. In the event the inventors of Jointly
Licensed Technology are unable to reach an agreement as to the division of the royalty
income, SYSTEM Executive Vice Chancellor for Finance shall rule as to the division and
such ruling shall be binding upon STUDENT.

7.      This Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the heirs,
assigns, representatives and successors of STUDENT. This Agreement shall be binding
upon and inure to the benefit of the successors of SYSTEM. This Agreement shall be
interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas. This Agreement is
performable in Brazos County, Texas.


By: _________________________________               By: __________________________
   James G. Hooton                                     Student
   Executive Vice Chancellor for Finance

DATED: _____________________________                DATED:______________________

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