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									Community Engagement Survey II
Survey Dates: October 8-15, 2009

                                                             Provisional Objectives
Health Across the Lifespan: By 2020, Wisconsin residents will have increased intake of nutrient-rich foods through support and
promotion of breastfeeding, increased access to fruits and vegetables, and decreased access to sweetened beverages and other
foods of minimal-nutrient value or “junk foods”, in the home, school, workplace and community settings.

Health Equity: By 2020 all Wisconsin residents will have sufficient and assured access to high quality, affordable, safe and healthy
foods and beverages.

 #      Name               Email                  Group                 Sector        What do you suggest are the best ways to move these objectives forward?
 1                                       Member Wisconsin         Public Sector (Non- Going not only into the early childhood classes but all levels of student
                                         Public Health Council or Government)         education. Increasing outcomes for the Nutrition coalitions in the county.
                                         a standing committee
 2                                       Wisconsin Department       Government (State 1) Nutrition education for Food Share participants 2)Provide incentives for
                                         of Health Services         or Local)           FS participants to purchase nutrient dense foods and beverages3)Increase
                                         program or management                          FS participation among the low-income elderly and disabled population by
                                         staff                                          streamlining the application process.
 3    Pamela      Registered for fall 2008   Public Sector (Non- Changes in the school food subsidy program so that there are better foods
      Guthman                            Community Engagement       Government)         coming to schools for their breakfast and lunch programs. Include this in
                                         forum                                          WIC. Increase taxes on junk foods. Increase policies to support
                                                                                        breastfeeding women at work and community sites. ( As a nurse and a
                                                                                        mom who breastfed my children; it was humiliating to have to sit on a toilet
                                                                                        stool to nurse a baby...we have not made our community settings breast
                                                                                        feeding friendly. Additionally; work sites see this as lost work productivity
                                                                                        for women to take a break to pump; etc. This needs to be addressed
                                                                                        through policy changes.
 4                                       Wisconsin Department Government (State Public awareness in all sectors of society - families; churches; retail;
                                         of Health Services    or Local)        farmers; schools; etc.Ensure that nutrient dense fruits and vegetables are
                                         program or management                  fresh/raw.
                                         staff;Member Focus
                                         Area Strategic
                                         Leadership Team

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#       Name               Email                  Group             Sector        What do you suggest are the best ways to move these objectives forward?
5                                       Wisconsin Department Government (State    1. Financial incentive for residents of the state to plant gardens; fruit
                                        of Health Services    or Local)           bearing trees. 2. Free educational seminars statewide to teach people
                                        program or management                     how to succeed with gardens/trees.3. Subsidize fruits and vegetables
                                        staff                                     available year-round to make them more cost effective than junk food.
                                                                                  Inversely; tax items considered junk food to make them more costly than
                                                                                  fruits/vegetables.4. Increase nutritional value of meals within schools.
                                                                                  Current meals may meet nutritional guidelines but many are high in
                                                                                  fat/calories. 5. Teach nutrition by example within schools. All snacks
                                                                                  brought in by parents must meet health guidelines; rewards must be
                                                                                  healthy or non-food based. This occurred temporarily but has been put
6                                       Wisconsin Local Health                    aside by teachers within effective.
                                                                Government (State support programs as not each targeted sector
                                        Department              or Local)
                                        Wisconsin Public Health
                                        Council or a standing
                                        Focus Area Strategic
                                        Leadership Team
7   Virginia Zerpa- virginia.zerpa-     (FAST) Focus Area
                                        Member                  Nonprofit Sector    I would focus on policies that would encourage investment in poor
        Uriona   Strategic Leadership                        communities; improvement of public transportation for access to grocery
                                        Team (FAST)                                 stores and/or build grocery stores in low-income neighborhoods;
                                                                                    development of community gardens; farmer's markets and partnerships
                                                                                    between local; sustainable growers and low-income neighborhoods;
                                                                                    elimination of sugar and corn subsidies to large manufacturers in favor of
                                                                                    locally grown fruits and vegetables; guaranteeing a living wage so families
                                                                                    can afford fruits and vegetables.
8                                       Member Focus Area       Public Sector (Non- * Implement a sin tax on sugar sweetened foods and beverages. Use the
                                        Strategic Leadership    Government)         revenue from this tax to support physical projects - stimulate local food
                                        Team (FAST)                                 markets and farmers markets.*Put more teeth into the wellness policies
                                                                                    that all school have adopted. Some wellness policies are very loose and
                                                                                    say nothing. Be more prescriptive. No vending machines in schools. No
                                                                                    candy bar sales in schools; etc.
9      Donna       Donna.McDowell@wis WI Aging                  Government (State First; you must identify clean water as part of this goal.Nutritional
      McDowell         network;Wisconsin         or Local)           objectives need to address the high rates of malnutrition among the elderly
                                      Department of Health                          and the relationship between diet and chronic disease.These objectives
                                      Services program or                           are too focused on kids (important) and neglect the elderly (the fastest
                                      management staff                              growing and most expensive populations.) Access to Farmer's Markets
                                                                                    and local produce; and support for nutrition of home-bound elders are two
                                                                                    key strategies.

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 #      Name                Email                   Group                Sector         What do you suggest are the best ways to move these objectives forward?
10                                         Registered for fall 2008 Government (State   Funding for urban gardens/work with Boys and Girls club; other youth
                                           Community Engagement or Local)               based organizations; paid maternity leave; farmer's markets throughout
                                           forum                                        the year/subsidized CSA memberships for low income residents; farmer's
                                                                                        markets located in low income neighborhoods; increase WIC vouchers to
                                                                                        farmer's marketsBan low nutrient foods in schools
11   Lori Obluck   Registered for fall 2008 Nonprofit Sector    Increase access; education and awareness of urban & central city
                                           Community Engagement                         community gardensIncrease access; education and awareness of local
                                           forum                                        farmers marketsConduct supermarket tours lead by local
                                                                                        dietitian/chefDevelop & promote user friendly food options charts (instead
                                                                                        of...choose)Create a statewide nutritional campaign targeted to primary
                                                                                        care health practitioners (with patient incentives)Expand programs that
                                                                                        distribute free/low cost produce to city neighborhoods
12     Patricia    pkashmer@community Registered for fall 2008 Nonprofit Sector         Access to locally grown fruits and vegetables through community gardens;
     Kashmerick       Community Engagement                              community and worksite farmers markets ; inner-city food
                                      forum                                             cooperatives.Possible state mandate to remove sweetened beverages;
                                                                                        junk foods from schools.Encourage higher nutrient food choices at
                                                                                        worksites and vending machines.Possible state mandate to require
                                                                                        worksites; community settings to provide private; secure environments for
                                                                                        breastfeeding mothers.
13                kaxelsen@shec.hshs.o Registered for fall 2008 Nonprofit Sector        Parent education; and early childhood education reinforcing the benefits of
                  rg                   Community Engagement                             breastfeeding.Public campaigne on back to basics--growing vegetables;
                                       forum                                            and cooking at home.
14                                     expert panel             Nonprofit Sector        Social marketing campaign to educate on the difference between non junk
                                       member;Registered for                            food and junk food . Not calling food junk food but calling it occasional
                                       fall 2008 Community                              food or healthy food called everyday foods .
                                       forum;Member Focus
                                       Area Strategic
                                       Leadership Team
15   Beth Brunner beth.brunner@cancer. Registered for fall 2008 Nonprofit Sector        Schools provide us an opportunity to promote healthy eating with children
                  org                  Community Engagement                             and educate youth on the importance of good food choices. Ideally;
                                       forum                                            schools should be a place where children can get a low-cost; well
                                                                                        balanced meal that will give them the necessary foundation to have a good
                                                                                        diet and maintain a healthy weight leading to overall lifelong disease
16                                         Registered for fall 2008 Nonprofit Sector    prevention.
                                                                                        Schools provide us an opportunity to promote healthy eating with children
                                           Community Engagement                         and educate youth on the importance of good food choices. Ideally;
                                           forum                                        schools should be a place where children can get a low-cost; well
                                                                                        balanced meal that will give them the necessary foundation to have a good
                                                                                        diet and maintain a healthy weight leading to overall lifelong disease

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 #      Name             Email                  Group                     Sector      What do you suggest are the best ways to move these objectives forward?
17   Yvonne Greer ygreer@milwaukee.go Member Focus Area             Government (State 1.) Develop a Statewide social marketing promotion for community based
                  v                   Strategic Leadership          or Local)         organizations on the importance of eating healthy foods and beverages; 2.)
                                      Team (FAST)                                     develop and implement public policies that limit sweetened beverages and
                                                                                      other foods of minimal nutritional value (FMNV)on school campus; 3.)
                                                                                      Increase local breastfeeding promotion and support services to low income
                                                                                      and populations of color with low breastfeeding rates; 4.) Expand; through
                                                                                      adequate funding; the Governor's Healthy Workplace Award ; Healthy
                                                                                      School Award ; and Healthy Community Award to provide incentives for
                                                                                      documented environmental and policy initiatives implemented.
18 Kathleen Caron Kathleen.Caron@dhs. Wisconsin Department Government (State           Working on changing the systems and improving the culture - calorie and
               of Health Services    or Local)                  nutrition labeling more prevalent on restaurant meals; higher taxes on
                                      program or management                            unhealthy foods; more healthy options available in schools and
                                      staff                                            universities. Improve access to fruits and vegetables - figure out how to
                                                                                       reduce cost. Food is not appropriately costed at its value to the body -
                                                                                       highly processed unhealthy food is cheaper than healthy alternatives. Not
                                                                                       sure how to change that.
19    Dr. Michael   michael_kretz@hotmai Member Focus Area        Community Sector Use a tool to give feedback on whether someone is at a healthy body
         Kretz                Strategic Leadership                      weight--establish that they are obese/overweight. To establish self-
                                         Team (FAST)                               efficacy within every citizen for weight management; people can go to
                                                                          and calculate their own BMI and the BMIs of their
                                                                                   children. This feedback can/will drive decisions around activity and
                                                                                   nutrition behavior (less calories). Promote this site like we do the Tobacco
                                                                                   Quit Line. The site is also loaded with nutrition and activity
                                                                                   recommendations. It is free; and universally available. If people do not
                                                                                   have computers; they can access through their cellphones; or get help
                                                                                   from their local libraries.In addition; providers need better information
                                                                                   about calories and weight. For example; the number of calories a person
                                                                                   consumes is calculated by taking the person's weight in pounds time 13.
                                                                                   To lose weight; all the person needs to do is consume 500 calories a day
                                                                                   less than that number and the weight will melt off! Also; portions size is
20                                      Registered for fall 2008 Government (State Develop policy or pursue grants to move at least the 20 largest birthing
                                        Community Engagement or Local)             facililies in the state to being Breastfeeding Friendly - all 10 steps
                                        forum                                      implemented.Promote and disseminate standards for workplace vending
                                                                                   machines and cafeterias.
21 Debra Danforth ddanfort@oneidanation Wisconsin Tribal Chair    Tribe            Additional funding sources for school systems that which to incorporate
                  .org                  or Tribal Health Director                  more indigenous foods into the school system diet and not be penalized for
                                                                                   moving away from DPI or incorporate more flexibility into the DPI sources.
22   Annie Short     Grant Coordinator for    Nonprofit Sector   Need to ensure healthy meals and snacks in school and workplace.
                                           Healthiest Manitowoc                        Provide grant dollars for Got Dirt programs at schools
                                           County 2010

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 #      Name               Email                 Group               Sector      What do you suggest are the best ways to move these objectives forward?
23                                     Member Focus Area       Government (State Excellent Health Equity objective
                                       Strategic Leadership    or Local)
                                       Team (FAST)
24   Dorothy Moen dorothy.moen@co.eau- Wisconsin Department    Government (State Be sure this objective includes language that addresses the needs of
                 of Health Services      or Local)         Wisconsin residents of all ages; not just children.
                                       program or management
25                                     staff
                                       County Administrator    Government (State Advertising campaigns and approaches to change behaviors. Private
                                                               or Local)         sector companies need to advertise for these changes - if public sector
                                                                                 works a cross purposes from the private companies; public sector
                                                                                 becomes the bad guy. Need collaborative approaches.

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              Community Engagement Survey
              Survey Dates: October 8-15, 2009

                               PROTECTS AND SUPPORTS HEALTH
                                                               Provisional Objectives
              Health Across the Lifespan: Prepare, develop, recognize* and “incentivize” a sufficient and diverse health
              work force, competent to meet the needs of future health delivery systems. *includes credentialing

              Health Equity: Provide for consistent, comprehensive and valid collection and analysis of health workforce
                                                             needs, based on are the best ways to move these inform forward?
              data* as a foundation for projection of future What do you suggest alternate scenarios, and toobjectivesappropriate
               #         Group              Sector
               1   Member Focus Area        Community Sector You will never get the funding we need to have the workforce we need. Therefore; we
                   Strategic Leadership                      need to create the understanding that the work of population health is all of our
                   Team (FAST)                               responsibilty; and critical to this is the example we set in our own homes and

               2   Member Focus Area        Government (State The health equity objective here seems jargony and unclear. And it doesn't seem to
                   Strategic Leadership     or Local)         include a broad definition of workforce; one that includes folks whose jobs involve
                   Team (FAST)                                working to reduce poverty; reduce racism; reduce unemployment; improve educational
                                                              outcomes; etc. - - all of which directly relate to health.

               3   Member Focus Area        Government (State Create a process of social accountability for all medical; dental and allied health
                   Strategic Leadership     or Local)         schools in the state to the governor; ANNUALY; and to the legislature on reaching the
                   Team (FAST)                                needs of the state. There is a model for this from Canada; see:
               4   Wisconsin Tribal Chair   Tribe             Consistent competency models throughout the health care field.
                   or Tribal Health Director
               5   Registered for fall 2008 Nonprofit Sector    *Incorporate non-profit health organizations in work force assessment and
                   Community Engagement                         competency protocols*Design PH academic credentialing targeted to community
                   forum                                        organizing & advocacy*Increase opportunities for individuals who have practiced PH
                                                                Prevention & Education for years; without academic PH credentials (i.e.; MPH; CHES;
                                                                etc.) to gain access to affordable educational accreditation.
               6   Member Focus Area        Nonprofit Sector    Supporting those activities that are already in existence
                   Strategic Leadership
                   Team (FAST)
               7   Registered for fall 2008 Community Sector Need to develop partnerships
                   Community Engagement

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               #            Group                Sector                 What do you suggest are the best ways to move these objectives forward?
               8   Registered for fall 2008 Nonprofit Sector     A. All of Wisconsin’s health workforce related sectors must rapidly move forward
                   Community Engagement                          on a number of fronts:1.Recognize the urgency for health workforce data analysis
                   forum                                         (including collection) and forecasting to maximize the use of limited public/private
                                                                 funding for workforce development. 2.Recognize the importance of collaborative
                                                                 workforce planning. Multiple key stakeholders each bring different perspectives on
                                                                 workforce needs and different resources that are critical to defining the problems and
                                                                 developing strategies to address them.3.Recognize that the health care workforce
                                                                 will particularly; if not uniquely; be affected by the large baby boomer cohort
                                                                 increasingly aging out of providing health care into consuming it; accelerating the
                                                                 divergence between supply and demand.4.Assure that we have the accurate data
                                                                 necessary to describe the current state of our health workforce and its shortages; as
                                                                 well as to allow forecasts of what we are likely to face in ten to fifteen years. The
                                                                 health care workforce is particularly dependent on individuals requiring extended post-
                                                                 secondary education.5.Create the capacity to make forecasts that are sensitive to
                                                                 changes in practice models and emerging professions. Develop forecast tools capable
               9  Member Focus Area          Nonprofit Sector    Identify new and emerging carrer paths in public health and work with the university
                  Strategic Leadership                           and tech schools to develop new curriculum. Promote multi-disciplinary strategies.
                  Team (FAST)
               10 Director of Community      Nonprofit Sector  ClearVision Eau Claire developed an innovative plan that they are working on to
                  Free Clinic                                  create peer pressure among businesses regarding health improvement for their
                                                               employees. Businesses that met certain standards of employee health would get
                                                               incentives such as publicity or credits.
               11 Member Focus Area          Government (State level the playing field by paying nurses and allied health professionals market value
                  Strategic Leadership       or Local)         when the choose public health over a health system hospital/clinic/nursing home.
                  Team (FAST)
               12 Member Focus Area          Government (State 1.) Need to decide from a prevention standpoint what are some to the critical
                  Strategic Leadership       or Local)         workforce needs that are at presently unmet or suboptimal (i.e. qualified and culturally
                  Team (FAST)                                  diverse Dietetic serves at the community level)and develop a recruitement and
                                                               outreach strategy; 2.) Plan for on-going traning and skill building opportunities; 3.)
                                                               provide innovative funding opportunities that are tied to on-the-job training so that
                                                               individuals are able to make a living wage while completing their education (University-
                                                               Business Partnerships).
               13 County Administrator       Government (State The legislature must provide funding to create adequate slots in our tech college and
                                             or Local)         university systems to train adequate numbers of health care workers.

               14 Registered for fall 2008   Public Sector (Non- Work with already existing groups that have done a lot in workforce issues; i.e. Fox
                  Community Engagement       Government)         Valley Workforce Alliance.Funding for student internships in PH
               15 Registered for fall 2008   Government (State
                  Community Engagement       or Local)
               16 Member Focus Area          Nonprofit Sector    -- Legislature to fund a comprehensive workforce data system in Wisconsin; so that
                  Strategic Leadership                           public health data can be extracted from it. Collaborate with other; eg; WI
                  Team (FAST)                                    Manufacturers and Commerce; to advocate for the system. (They have a vested
                                                                 interest in workfo

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               #            Group               Sector                 What do you suggest are the best ways to move these objectives forward?
               17 Member Wisconsin         Nonprofit Sector     1. Invest in a new dental school that focusses its students on meeting the oral health
                  Minority Health                               needs of Wisconsin. 2. Require healthcare professionals trained in Wisconsin to
                  Leadership                                    serve at least one year of professional prciate or service in Wisconsin for every year of
                  Council;Member Focus                          training they received in Wisconsin. Alternatively; require our professional schools in
                  Area Strategic                                Wisconsin to admit only Wisconsin residents (five years ?or some # of years? living in
                  Leadership Team                               Wisconsin) into their programs. Require
               18 Registered for fall 2008 Government (State    Wisconsin must adopt education/training standards for it's workforce. It is not
                  Community Engagement or Local)                acceptable to do nothing; and we owe it to our residents to have a competent PH
                  forum;Wisconsin Local                         workforce.
                  Health Department
                  Officer;Member Focus
                  Area Strategic
                  Leadership Team

               19 Member Wisconsin         Public Sector (Non- Public health departments should be provided with incentives for meeting the
                  Public Health Council or Government)         workforce competency through documented trainings and a compentency
                  a standing committee                         performance plan.

               20 Member Focus Area         Public Sector (Non- Increase the number of medical students being trained in primary care (GPs;
                  Strategic Leadership      Government)         internists;pediatricians). Increase the number of nursing programs or class sizes to
                  Team (FAST)                                   replace the aging workforce that will soon start to retire.
               21 Wisconsin Department Public Sector (Non- Work with technical schools; professional health care programs and the community
                  of Health Services    Government)        clinicians to increase training opportunities. Need to focus on providing more Safe
                  program or management                    Patient Handling education to health care providers to decrease worker injuries so
                  staff                                    more health care workers stay in the field. Invest in safe patient handling equipment to
                                                           decrease healthcare worker injuries; government grants; Safe Lifing Iniatives.

               22 Registered for fall 2008 Government (State Keep Wisconsin's funding inequities for public health prominently in the public eye via
                  Community Engagement or Local)             public health NG organizations. Improve public health workforce metrics via DWD.
                  forum                                      Better recruitment through the media; including nighttime tv drama (we need the public
                                                             health equivalent of ER....) Social deeterminants of health?-sometimes the better
                                                             educated individuals with access to electronic resources are more poorly prepared to
                                                             make appropriate health choices than others. Perhaps develop a health portal
                                                             through which people could identify and learn from valid sources of health information.
                                                             Identify means by which individuals who dont' meet the minimum criteria for public
                                                             health positions (ex RN's from AD programs) can still be recruited for public health
                                                             jobs--build the PHN equivalent of dietetic technician; for example.

               23 Member Focus Area         Government (State As above; this is not a SMART objective.
                  Strategic Leadership      or Local)
                  Team (FAST)

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               #           Group                Sector             What do you suggest are the best ways to move these objectives forward?
               24 Registered for fall 2008 Government (State Collect nursing workforce data systematically when nurses renew their licenses; make
                  Community Engagement or Local)             providing data required to renew. Increase diversity in nursing workforce through
                  forum                                      funding for education for less represented groups; and also for child care for those
                                                             students. Offer student loan forgiveness to health care providers willing to commit to
                                                             working in underserved areas for 2 years when finish school.

               25 Member Focus Area         Government (State more funding and start some regular data collection on workforce;raising the public
                  Strategic Leadership      or Local)         awareness for the public health sector from middle school;
                  Team (FAST)
               26 Wisconsin Department      Government (State Need a statewide approach that is supported by unions/OSER but developed by
                  of Health Services        or Local)         staff/facilities/HR Directors. Need to review equity in positions.
                  program or management
               27 Member Focus Area         Nonprofit Sector
                  Strategic Leadership
                  Team (FAST)

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                 Community Engagement Survey
                 Survey Dates: October 8-15, 2009

                                  PROTECTS AND SUPPORTS HEALTH
                                                                    Lifeline Question 1
                                What do you believe is the best way to deal with the lack of workforce data and workforce shortages?

                   #                                                       Lifeline Question 1
                   1   When you did a follow up of the Public Health Departments in Wisconsin (2005-Transformation of the Public Health System)
                       on how they were using Healthiest Wisconsin 2010; less than 50% had hardly looked at it. I was shocked by this; since I
                       thought 2010 was a masterpiece. How responsible was it of them not to even use it? Please get the workforce to mobilize
                       together with Healthiest Wisconsin 2010/2020 as a template. If they don't use it; have them tell us why! Also; help everyone
                       to remember they are part of the workforce.

                   3   There are not shortages of data. The date has generated no action.

                   4   Technical assistance interms of ability to collect data; collaborative partnerships with cultural areas and schools that have
                       diverse populations of student bodies to encourage recruitment!
                   5   *Link non-profit; public health; faith-based and academic when assessing work force data; outcomes and shortages*Enhance
                       social work practice parameters to include curriculum in public health principles -- many who've chosen a social work
                       academic path may also do well in public health but chose a related but different academic degree (note: a public health
                       degree or a nursing degree is NOT the end all -- you will need to look at other skills sets that are quite capable of doing public
                       health work).

                   7   Education and market forces in the long term; not sure short term

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                   #                                                       Lifeline Question 1
                   8   Developing and disseminating forecasts re future gaps between supply and demand at a county or multi-county level.

                   9   Please don't wait because these data are in flux and will change. Build some degree of concensus and move FORWARD.


                  11 This problem is overrated. Get the Department of Lisencing and Regulation to loosen up and share data; so we can track
                     active health professionals in our state.

                  12 1.) Develop relationship with job centers so that training programs can be developed to retrain displaced workers; 2) Develop
                     a workforce report by partnering with business; industy; healthcare; unemployment division; job centers; etc. to provide data
                     on an annual basis.

                  13 Find ways to utilize existing data sources as indicators of the ultimate goals of deteriming where the needs are. Frame the
                     workforce issue in terms of commonality across the state - get the UW Board of Regents and the State Technical College
                     Board to add this plank to their platforms.
                  14 Infrastructure to support positions that have been eliminated. Cannot engage students to go into PH unless there are
                     positions waiting for them

                  15 Work more closely with the Department of Workforce Development. Encourage Workforce Development Boards to take

                  16 -- continue to pursue more data; as some projects are already doing-- collaborate with others around workforce data
                     generally; so that there is a large partnership advocating together for more data-- I have heard a comment that (I assume
                     governmental) PH

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                  #                                                      Lifeline Question 1
                  17 Engage the resources and research capabilities of our state universities to study and report on this issue.

                  18 Need to continue to market public health at all levels of the edcational system; to encourage an interest in public health in the
                     younger generations.

                  19 A local review of workforce data needs to be done.


                  21 Involve the schools in the strategic planning; there are nursing coalitions looking at this and ways to increase the number of
                     nurse being trained. Our facility has increased the numbers of students we take for training. The message of the future
                     shortages needs to be getting to the healthcare providers to increase their flexibility and commitment with intern/training

                  22 Better funding for public health agencies; better pay for ph practitioners.

                  23 Increased funding for graduate education. Develop an undergraduate major in public health.

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                  #                                                      Lifeline Question 1
                  24 see above; and increase funding to Baccaluareate Schools of nursing so can admit more students. Middle school and high
                     students - promote health careers; set up summer internship; weave into science curriculum etc; promote at school based
                     career fairs

                  25 funding and planing some regular workforce survey. The DWD nursing survey is a good start

                  26 Need for consistent software to better track workforce data. As for shortages; there needs to be a way to determine priority
                     hiring with no limits as to hiring freezes and to advertise the state as a good place to work.


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              Community Engagement Survey
              Survey Dates: October 8-15, 2009

                               PROTECTS AND SUPPORTS HEALTH
                                                                  Lifeline Question 2
                                  Until the above issues are solved; what should be done in the interim to get us through this crisis?

               #                                                           Lifeline Question 2
               1 Have each Health Department develop a war room. Call for volunteers! Malawi just trained and sent 10;000 workers into rural areas
                 to help where there were no health care providers available.


               3 Have the DHS declare that primary care and mental health and dental health workforce issues are a state crisis and call for legislation
                 to meet the needs now and in the future.

               4 Enhance reimbursement to facilities that focus on diversity enhancement within their organizations.

               5 *Channel public health funding for work currently being done through non-profit voluntary health organizations*See above re:
                 assessing other academic degrees and how they relate to PH then design strategies to utilize those skill sets (outside of nursing &
                 PH degrees).


               7 Retraining is limited

d2c7f7af-7ae5-4d5c-939e-c1fa36f8ba3d.xls                                                                                                                   Page 14 of 29
               #                                                           Lifeline Question 2

               9 Educate the general public and the legislature


              11 see above

              12 Look at creating schlorships for the essential workforce jobs needed and increasing funding to local health departments.

              13 Focus on priorities - where is the crisis most acute and move resources there.




d2c7f7af-7ae5-4d5c-939e-c1fa36f8ba3d.xls                                                                                                    Page 15 of 29
              #                                                                Lifeline Question 2
              17 Make sure that current workforce does not burn out and go elswhere...part of this is making some things mandatory (like fair share
                 participation of private practice dentists in the state's Medicaid program).

              18 Train the staff we have to a standardized level so that we will not lose knowledge with the high percentage of retirements in the
                 coming years.

              19 A step by step plan on how to address competencies and reviews of staff in health departments.


              21 Facilitate cooperative training with schools and providers; i.e. we allow MATC trainers to bring their students here for clinicials; we
                 have our trainers available to assist; again; government grants that would support employers to do more training and offer more
                 training hours; we pay overtime for our trainers to assist with these programs.

              22 Increase opportunities for public health worker sets to collaborate statewide to increase shared ideas; opportunities; etc. (Improved
                 collegiality.) Get Johnson and Johnson to include public health nurses in their ad campaign.


d2c7f7af-7ae5-4d5c-939e-c1fa36f8ba3d.xls                                                                                                                   Page 16 of 29
              #                                                           Lifeline Question 2
              24 Promote mentorship and orientation of new staff to increase retention. Promote hiring of Advanced Practice Nurses in health provider
                 shortage areas.

              25 use the limited funding on issues of high priority

              26 Focus on retention.

              27 -- smaller grants-- continued coordination of efforts-- consider an annual PH workforce summit to assess; build momentum; organize;
                 etc.-- start envisioning an overarching structure that can help support all of these efforts; -- develop a policy agenda

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                 Community Engagement Survey
                 Survey Dates: October 8-15, 2009

                                 PROTECTS AND SUPPORTS HEALTH
                                                                   Lifeline Question 3
                                                         How do we facilitate communication and action now?

                  #                                                       Lifeline Question 3
                  1 Communicate through existing media. Our electrical company sends a monthly newletter to over 10;000 households. They can
                    carry messages about the Quit Line; serving sizes for alcohol; BMI web sites; etc.


                  3 talk about it. See above

                  4 Encourage facilities to enhance diversity within their work force.

                  5 *Statewide Summit to Fight Chronic Disease

                  6 there are many activities that overlap that all need to be combined somehow

                  7 Best we can.....

d2c7f7af-7ae5-4d5c-939e-c1fa36f8ba3d.xls                                                                                                       Page 18 of 29
                  #                                                        Lifeline Question 3

                  9 ID key stakeholders


                 11 Bring together a coalition of institutions of higher education and develop a cosistant message across training programs about
                    the options available to graduates.


                 13 Electronically plus mass media. Use social networking sites and push technology.


                 15 Partner more closely with the private colleges.


d2c7f7af-7ae5-4d5c-939e-c1fa36f8ba3d.xls                                                                                                            Page 19 of 29
                 #                                                        Lifeline Question 3
                 17 Get the assoications that represent the various shortage groups to come up with a joint prioritization of the shortages and a
                    plan for alleviating them.

                 18 Countinue efforts that began a few years back. We know there is a problem; but we need to be willing to push the status quo to
                    reach a resolution.

                 19 By setting up a review process and what needs to be reviewed/assessed.


                 21 Find out what groups are already working on these problems (MATC; the nursing coalitions; the hospital assoc.) and work with



d2c7f7af-7ae5-4d5c-939e-c1fa36f8ba3d.xls                                                                                                             Page 20 of 29
                 #                                                        Lifeline Question 3
                 24 For nursing; work with state association; WNA and for public health; WPHA and PHN section


                 26 Get HR Directors feedback. Need for OSER to understand what we do and how all the outside agencies run...


d2c7f7af-7ae5-4d5c-939e-c1fa36f8ba3d.xls                                                                                        Page 21 of 29
                 Community Engagement Survey
                 Survey Dates: October 8-15, 2009

                               PROTECTS AND SUPPORTS HEALTH
                                                                  Lifeline Question 4
                                How do we generate political will to make policy changes to address these infrastructure shortages?

                    #                                                         Lifeline Question 4
                        Again; we have to call for volunteers to do this work! They need to have close relationships with local; state; and federal
                        legislators and staff.In addition; Wisconsin requires a nurse and M.D. to be on every Health and Human Services Board. I
                        think this group of people (96 doctors and 96 nurses) should be training to intervene more effectively in County health and
                        human affairs.

                        Without knowing what policy changes you are proposing; it is difficult to answer this question.

                        Not sure!

                        *Make funding streams equitable and targeted to the magnitude of disease diagnosis & deaths

                        Take attention from national health care-who is going to actually provide the care?

d2c7f7af-7ae5-4d5c-939e-c1fa36f8ba3d.xls                                                                                                              Page 22 of 29
                    #                                                       Lifeline Question 4

                        Media activity

                        Emphasize the role NPs and PAs can play in the primary care model. Get primary care physicians to back off and accept
                        advanced allied health professionals as important in the process. Create a reimbursement policy on prevention; rewarding
                        NP/PAs for engaging in work that physicians are not currently reimbursed for.

                        The largest obstacle is to get the policy change issue past the ideologues in the political party caucases. The campaign for
                        change must resonate on both sides of the aisle.

d2c7f7af-7ae5-4d5c-939e-c1fa36f8ba3d.xls                                                                                                               Page 23 of 29
                    #                                                        Lifeline Question 4
                        Start bringing the results of these shortages (people in pain; people who've lost their homes; livlehood; or savings to health
                        conditions; people without access to providers) to Madison. March on Madison. (Boy am I a product of the 60's or what!)

                        PH is important. Even politicians can understand that an ER nurse without proper training is a liability; so to are PH staff;
                        because without adequate training we are not functioning at the high level our residents deserve.

                        By showing success!! We are a public facility; commited to educating the people of the state of WI. Demonstrate the
                        success of the Safe Lifting initiative; it was a program with DWD that coordinated public; private; and county groups to work
                        toegether to improve Health care worker safety; there is a great need to do this for the care that is being provided in
                        peoples homes. Hospice is in need of assistance to get appropriate equipment into the home so their workers are safe (it is
                        a complicated problem) but have trouble getting cooperation from private venders; the State DD Centers have equipment
                        solutions they could be sharing with hospice.
                        Through sustained efforts via WPHA; WEHA; NACCHO and others. Use media and other methods to get political leaders
                        to think about public health infrastructure. H1N1 is a darn good opportunity.

d2c7f7af-7ae5-4d5c-939e-c1fa36f8ba3d.xls                                                                                                                 Page 24 of 29
                    #                                                     Lifeline Question 4
                        Promote need for funds to expand nursing education; graduate more nurses - increase faculty

                        top down

                        Focus on the right thing to do for clients - legal liabilities if we don't

                        -- create the story of when this all falls apart. So far; PH; bless its helping heart; keeps picking up the pieces and being
                        successful with fewer and fewer resources. Paint the picture -- in detail; with specifics; as to what happens in 10 years if thi

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               Community Engagement Survey
               Survey Dates: October 8-15, 2009

                                PROTECTS AND SUPPORTS HEALTH
                                                                   Lifeline Question 5
                    How do we send a warning to the general public about the healthcare workforce projections and future scarcity of the healthcare

                #                                                        Lifeline Question 5
                1 Disuss the problem/crisis; present what needs to be done; and then identify the people and the contact information who need to
                  take action to solve the problem.

                2 Here is; I think; a key misapprehension. Health is not mainly determined by healthcare; and the biggest threats to health are not
                  lack of healthcare workforce. What about the dwindling public health workforce? And; even more importantly; what about just
                  increasing unemployment rates generally - - and increasing disparities in unemployment rates - - which are driving increased
                  poverty and increased disparities in poverty - - which in turn drives worsening health and worsening health disparities?


                4 Public forums; professional organizations etc.

                5 *I'm not sure the general public ties their individual quality of life and access issues to the public health workforce. *Local public
                  health departments have created an image that they are all about critical care (immunizations; shots; well baby care; disaster
                  preparedness; etc.)changing the image and opening opportunities for collaboration with non-profit organizations could help. Local
                  PH Department Programs are linked to grant opportunities; so when a grant runs there is not a sense that sustainability for a
                  project or initiative is important.
                6 What do you anticipate a warning would do?

                7 Won't be effective....

d2c7f7af-7ae5-4d5c-939e-c1fa36f8ba3d.xls                                                                                                                   Page 26 of 29
                #                                                        Lifeline Question 5

                9 Better work with the media


                11 Wait. Healthcare reform is frightening enough people already.


                13 Common messages from all parties involved in shaping the campaign.


                15 The Wisconsin Job Center system can help spread the word.


d2c7f7af-7ae5-4d5c-939e-c1fa36f8ba3d.xls                                                       Page 27 of 29
                #                                                            Lifeline Question 5
                17 For God's sake; don't try to scare people...there is already enough fear mongering going on in the media about all kinds of stupid
                   stuff...and plenty of it around healthcare issues. Present facts. Period.

                18 comprehensive marketing and outreach campaign. To complain about our workforce challenges we may have to educate the
                   public about all the great things PH does as a way to interest them in the issue. Want diseases control? Want clean restaurants?
                   Then support PH education; training; etc.

                19 That there is a need and to explain why the need; comparisions to other states can be made.


                21 Not sure this is appropriate. I think we inform the public about the positive change that is to come.

                22 Join with people from academia; who are already tooting that horn. (Ex. Kathryn May at UW-Madison; who is very concerned not
                   only about the nursing workforce; but the nursing faculty workforce. Join up and gain strength.


d2c7f7af-7ae5-4d5c-939e-c1fa36f8ba3d.xls                                                                                                                Page 28 of 29
                #                                                            Lifeline Question 5
                24 TV and newspaper articlesTeach the kids! They are the future of the health care workforce - work through schools to teach them
                   how important this is; what the opportunities are for them; give them a chance to try out health careers in the summer/as part of
                   their curriculum during the year.

                25 through the public media like radio; tv...

                26 Focus on popular items like the growth in autism and what do we need to do to support those families/children/adults. Show the
                   good healthcare workers do and what they contribute to the state workforce - I don't think the general population even understands
                   the jobs.

                27 -- that depends on what you want them to do once they know. Do you want them to advocate for you? Sign up to be a PH
                   worker? Change how they utilize providers? It's a then what? question.

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