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        U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command

                  Technology Transfer
              Strategy for Fiscal Year 2004

                         16 November 2011
                                  The TATRC
                          Technology Transfer Imperative

•    Federal Technology Transfer Act passed in 1986 (PL 99-502)
•    Encourages transfer of technologies to the private sector.
•    Authorizes laboratories to assign or license inventions
       – License inventions or intellectual property that may be voluntarily assigned to the Government.
•    TATRC granted laboratory authority in 4th Quarter, FY 03 to facilitate:
       – License Agreements
       – CRADAs
       – Materiel Transfer Agreements
       – Etc.
•    As a consequence, TATRC must appoint a Research Technology Applications Officer or
                  Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center
                                               Cutting Edge Medical Technology

                FY 2004
        TATRC Technology Transfer
                         Technology Transfer
                        Strategic “Snap” Study

•           Conduct 90 day Strategic “Snap”study to document :

       a.     “As-Is” Organizational Capabilities

       b.     “To-Be” Requirements

       c.     “Gaps” Between “As-Is” and “To-Be” States

       d.     Action Plans to fill “Gaps”

       e.     “RoadMap” of ORTA FY 04 Priorities and Timelines
 TATRC     Preliminary Impressions…
                          …“As-Is” Status

• 250 (+) Candidate Technology Projects

• Established Life Cycle Management Framework (I C M E O)

• Significant Number of Existing Public–Private Partnerships with impressive

   Technology Transfer Capabilities

• Sufficient Projected Funding to Support FY 2004 Initiatives

Preliminary Impressions…

           Types and Quantity
          Candidate Technology
                                             Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center
                                                                          Cutting Edge Medical Technology

            Telemedicine and Advanced
            Medical Technology Program
  Apply physiological and medical knowledge, advanced
diagnostics, simulations, and effector systems integrated
with information and telecommunications for the purposes
of enhancing operational and medical decision-making,
improving medical training, and delivering medical
treatment across all barriers.

  The program scope is to identify, explore, and
demonstrate key technologies and biomedical principles
required to overcome technology barriers that are both
medically and militarily unique.
                       Department of Defense,
                       Joint Warfighting Science and
                       Technology Plan, Chapter IX, Joint
                       Readiness and Logistics, 1999
            TATRC Science & Technology Portfolio – 250+ Funded Projects

                         Telemedicine and Advanced Technology
                                         Operational Capability Areas

               Joint Medical              Battlespace Medical            Effective Employment
                 Readiness                     Awareness                   of Medical Forces

                                                                             Care Management
                                               Real-Time                       Trauma Care
                                           Health Monitoring,                  Medical Care
             Pre-Deployment                                                     Evacuation
            Wellness, Training,
           Planning, Assessment
                                                                             Wireless Medical Systems
                                                                             Teleconsultation Systems
                                               Physiological Sensors
                                                                           Global Grid Telemed System
          Computer Aided Instruction     Microelectromechanical Systems       Predictive Diagnostics
            3D Surgical Simulations      Digital Image Acquisition Devices  3D Medical Image Analysis
           Joint Medical Simulations         Medical Data Processing       Minimally Invasive Therapies
        Force Feedback - Virtual Reality                                     Image Guided Therapies
                                          Medical Image & Data Displays
        Health Care Complex Modeling                                          Robotics - Biomaterials
         Computerized Patient Records      Medical Situational Analysis
             Medical Data Mining
          Intelligent Decision Systems
              5 P’s of Precision Healthcare
                   Scope of TATRC Functional Objectives

Predictive   - Leverage Emerging Developments in Genetics,
               Bio-Informatics & Multi-Modality Imaging

Preventive   - Act Proactively to Prevent Disease

Point of Care - Utilize Mobile Communications, Ubiquitous
                Computing and Local intelligence

Parametric - Analyze Multi-Parametric Information
             Referenced to Patient Baseline and Standard

Personalized - Individualize Therapeutics to Each Patient
                             6                              SATAVA 7 July, 1999
TATRC          Examples of 5P Deliverables over the Last 12 Months

    BMIS-T                     Chest Tube Simulator      Digital X-ray

Dreams Digital Ambulance      Smallpox Inoculation      Medical Robotics
                                  Training Unit

        BRSS                        STAT-Care            Retinal Imaging
TATRC      Core Research Leads to
                 ….Transformational Technologies

  Decade of the 1950’s                                 This Decade
Lasers                      Programmable    Directed Energy



                                            Immersive VR
Atomic Clock                          DNA   Environments             Biotechnology
     TATRC           5Ps Transition to Bio Intelligence!

                        BIOLOGICAL                 Biomaterials              PHYSICAL
                          DOMAIN                                              DOMAIN
                          (science)                                         (engineering)

                                Genomics                          MEMS/
                                Proteomics                        Nanotech
                                Bioinformatics                    Microarray
                                Biocomputation                    Molecular Imaging

Richard M. Satava,
 U of Washington/
               We Are Not Alone, An International Perspective…
                     European Union Framework Program 6 (2002-2005)

                     1.Medical Informatics (MI)                        2.Bioinformatics/Genomics (BI)
                          citizen, patient and population                          molecular informatics
Medical                                                                       •Structural Genomics                            Biological
Sciences                   •Electronic Health Record (EHR)                    •Functional Genomics                            Sciences
              IT           •Health Informatics/Telematics                     •Proteomics
                           Standards                                          •Biochip Technologies
                           •Clinical Decision Support
                           •Intelligent Agent Systems for          A          •Advanced Data Clustering and
                                                                              Analysis Techniques                    example: Advancing
                           Health                                             •Computational Biology                 into the molecular
                           •Telemedicine                                      •Ethics                                causes of diseases:
                           •Safety and Security                               •etc.                                  Molecular Medicine
                           •etc.                                   D                                                 example: Exploiting
                                                                                                                     human genetics
                                                     B                        C                                      variation for
                                                                                                                     individualized health
example: Informatics in                                                                                              care: Individualized
support of the next                                                                                                  Health Care
generation of brain                              •Biosignal Analysis and Pattern
research: Molecular                              Recognition Systems
Neuroscience                                                                                          example: Gene expression imaging
                                                 •Neuro Algorithms                                    in the brain or integration of
                                                 •Neurocell Technology                                genomic and neuroscience
                                                 •Human Computer Interfaces                           databases: Neurogenomics
                                                 •Machine Learning                                example: Modeling of structure and
                                                 •Knowledge Discovery                             function of molecules, cells, systems in
              Behavioral                         •etc.                                            disease:
              Sciences                                                                            Health Knowledge Science
                                                  3.Neuroinformatics (NI)
              Social Sciences                        cell to organ informatics
TATRC      Preliminary Impressions…
                          …“As-Is” Status

• Candidate Technology Projects

    – TATRC has sufficient quantity and types of
      technologies to sustain a credible Technology Transfer
        • The pipeline of 5P technologies is full and promising
        • BioIntelligence technology basic/applied research
          investment increases dramatically in FY 04
        • Our direction is consistent with international driving forces
          of techno-economic development

Preliminary Impressions…

    Life Cycle Management Framework
                         Core Business Processes
     Advanced Technology Watch
                 Controls          Mechanisms       Execution      Outputs

                                      RDT&E,                     Prototypes
                    Scientific     Defense Health
                                   DUST - SBIR      Regulatory   Royalties
   &                                STTR- ACT II
                                                    Compliance    Articles
Taskers                              CEP - ACTD
                        &           WRAP - AWE                   Products
                                     Interagency    Technology
                  Prioritization     Partnerships                 Demos

          TAT R C
                        S U P P O R T I N G B U S I N E S S P R ACTICES

  TATRC   TATRC manages projects through professional business processes
           • Integrated Research Team (IRT)
                • Program level
                • Periodic, as required
                • Broad strategic planning and oversight
           •   Milestone Reviews
                • Project Level
                • Pre-Award
                • Establish performance metrics, deliverables and milestones
           • Integrated Product Team (IPT)
                • Project level
                • More frequent, scheduled
                • Project-specific guidance
           • Product Line Review (PLR)
                • Assessments of research by outside experts
                • One research category per month; annual cycle
          TATRC – Develops Internal Prototype Solutions
                                               Ø   DARPA
                                               Ø   TACOM
                                               Ø   RDECOM
                                               Ø   Signal Battle Lab
                                               Ø   CECOM
                                               Ø   ARL

                                                     Government off
                                                     the Shelf

                                        Ø I Robots, Inc
                        Commercial      Ø Alion, Inc
                                        Ø RTI
                        off the shelf
                                        Ø Kurzweil Tech, Inc
                        technologies    Ø AT&T
                                        Ø GE
                                           Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center
                                                                        Cutting Edge Medical Technology

Leverages Academic Partnerships
                                           …For Basic and Applied Research
•       Georgetown University                                 (CA-Medical Vangaurd)
•       Howard University                                     (CRDA-Urban Telemed)
•       Harvard University                                    (CA-CIMIT)
•       Mass Institute of Technology                          (CA-CIMIT)
•       University of Maryland                                (IPA/CA – ORF)
•       University of Utah                                    (Contract-Teleopth)
•       Saint Francis University                              (CRDA-CERMUSA)
•       Loma Linda University                                 (CA-NMTB/Proton Beam)
•       University of Tex - Houston HSC                       (CA-DREAMS)
•       University South Florida                              (CA-Telerad/Adv Cancer Detect)
•       University of Hawaii                                  (CA-Telemed Curric’lm)
•       University of Pittsburgh                              (Contract-GGTS)
•       Stanford University                                   (Contract-Affiliates Prog)
•       Yale University                                       (IPA-Adv Tech Watch)
•       Texas A & M                                           (CA-DREAMS)
•       Johns Hopkins     University                          (CA-Periscopic MIS)
•       University of Southern Calfornia                      (CA-NGI)
                                           Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center
                                                                         Cutting Edge Medical Technology

   Uses DoD & Federal Partnerships for Non-Medical and Supporting Technologies

R&D Panels and Commands “Partnerships”
                                                *   Distributed, Synchronized Databases
                                                * Advanced, Adaptive Multilevel Security
• U.S. Army Research Laboratory
                                                * Data Mining of Disparate Databases
• Los Alamos National Laboratory
                                                * Secure Global Positioning System
• Sandia National Laboratory
                                                * Network Management Tools
• U.S. Army, Signal Battle Laboratory           * Info Warfare Surveillance & Defense Tools
• Commo & Electronic Command                    * Artificial Intelligence - Expert Systems
• Oak Ridge National Laboratory                 * Fault Avoidance and Recovery Systems
• Veterans Administration                       * Hands Free, Wireless Telecom
• NASA                                          * Wireless Networking
• DARPA                                         * Data Compression
• National Library of Medicine (NIH)            * High Bandwidth Datalinks

• Agency for Health Research & Quality (HHS)    * Low Power Electronics
                                                * Multi-platform, Interoperable Software
                                                * Complex Modeling and Simulation
                    International Partnerships to Accelerate Development

        •    US/Norway Telemedicine (Wireless, Handheld)
        •    European Union Collaboration
        •    NATO – Telemedicine Standardization Committee
        •    South African Military Health Service (Peacekeeping)
        •    International Global Satellite System: Poland (CME)
        •    Landmine Victim Assistance: Central America > Afghanistan
        •    Partnership for Peace – Romanian Needs Assessment
        •    Pakistani Exchange Program
        •    Yuma Proving Ground - Panama Telemedicine
        •    South Korean Exchange Program
        •    ATA Symposiums: EU (2001) – Africa (2002) - Latin America (2003)
                Preliminary Impressions…
                       I C M E O Improvements Needed to Support Technology Transfer
             Modify TATRC Pre-Proposals to include projected market healthcare market data
                  > Leverage templates developed by National Medical Technology TestBed (NMTB)

Quality Controls
            Ensure Proposal Review Board (PRB) fully evaluates projected impact on healthcare market
                  > Leverage iPIP Matrix developed by Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology, (CIMIT)

Funding Mechanisms
            Leverage full range of funding mechanisms to support of life cycle management/advanced development:
                  CSI, P6, P8, SBIR, STTR, DEPSCOR, ATD, ACTD, etc.
                  Develop capabilities to locate/secure private sector 2d round funding for advanced development/commercialization.

            Streamline/Enhance Regulatory Compliance strategy to optimally address FDA/CMS requirements
            Enhance PLR system to assess:
                  Potential market size
                  Expected market share
                  Potential profit margins
                  Expected useful life of the technology
                  Anticipated production time to marketability
                  Projected cost of marketing
                  Potential technology development hurdles
                  Potential regulatory hurdles
                  Intellectual property protection issues
                         Leverage In Progress Review Process and Business consulting capabilities developed by NMTB
                         Establish Technology Transfer Committee

          Develop management controls and performance metrics for tracking, forecasting and reporting of:
                  Intellectual Property: Patents, Royalties,
                  Peer Reviewed Scientific Articles and Findings
                  Dual Use Commercialized Products
                  Proof of Concept Demonstration and Validations

Preliminary Impressions…

              Examples of TATRC
          Partnerships with Significant
        Technology Transfer Capabilities
TATRC can draw from a network of existing
advanced medical technology R&D public – private
      TATRC     National Medical
                Technology Testbed
§ Program objectives:
      Revitalize the economy
        through conversion of defense technology
      Improve military and civilian healthcare
        through technology research and development
      Become self-sustaining through royalties

§ Managed by Loma Linda University Medical Center

§ Cooperative agreement signed in 1997

§ Funds commercialization of dual use medical products

§ Received first royalties in FY 2003

§ Developed systems for:
     -Market analysis
     -Business development
     -IP development

§ TATRC Commercialization
  Subject Matter Experts
        Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology

   PROBLEM RICH                            SOLUTION RICH
   ENVIRONMENT                             ENVIRONMENT

         CIMIT Assumptions re: Health Care

1)      Major advances in next 10-15 years
          - Devices, Minimally Invasive Procedures, Imaging, Drug Delivery
2)      Good News –
          - Enabling technology already exists
3)      Bad News –
          - Major barriers to “capturing” technology:
                 Clinical Insertion
                 Economic /Regulatory
                 Industrial Involvement
4)      These barriers can be rapidly overcome by:
          - Systematic Culture Blending
          - Committed Experts
          - Individualized Facilitation          Dr John Parrish
                                                 Institute of Medicine
                                                 Director, CIMIT
           Technology Implementation Process
            Communications                       Doing
            Site Mining                          “Good”
                           Technology Assessment
        FACILITATION       Second Round Funding
                         Technology Implementation
                              Industry Liaison
            RFPs, Peer Review     (CSRL)
            Project Funding                       Innovations
                                       Industry Liaison Group

        •   General Electric Medical Systems      •   Medtronic, Inc.
        •   Johnson & Johnson                     •   Bristol Myers Squibb Co.
             –   Cordis                           •   Terumo Medical Corp
             –   Ethicon Endosurgery              •   Draeger Medical, Inc.
             –   COSAT                            •   Foster-Miller, Inc.
        •   Karl Storz Endoscopy                  •   Foxfire Interactive Corp
        •   Omnicell, Inc                         •   Getinge-Castle, Inc.
        •   Pentax Precision Instrument Corp      •   Harvard Clinical Technologies, Inc
        •   Radianse, Inc                         •   HydroCision, Inc.
        •   10 Blade, Inc                         •   IDEO
        •   Ascension Technology, Corp            •   Instrumentarium, Corp
        •   AstraZeneca                           •   Granite Peak Technology
        •   Baxter Healthcare, Corp               •   Hewlett Packard Company
        •   B-K Medical Systems, Inc.             •   Guidant Corporation
        •   Boston Scientific, Corp               •   Mobile Aspects, Inc.
        •   Olympus America, Inc.                 •   Motorola, Inc.
                                                  •   Percadia, Inc.
        •   OmniGuide Communications, Inc.
                                                  •   Pfizer, Inc.
        •   Pharmacia, Inc.
                                                  •   TYCO
        •   Physical Sciences, Inc.
        •   Welch Allyn, Inc.                     •   TissueLink Medical, Inc.
                           Charles Stark Draper Research Laboratory

                   Navigator Technology Ventures (NTV)
    •   The NTV is the Venture Capital subsidiary of The Charles Stark Draper
        Laboratory, Inc. of Cambridge, Mass.
         –   Founded in 2000,
         –   Focuses on early stage investments.
         –   Identifies technologies with attractive commercial potential
         –   Helps set up start up companies
         –   Provides seed financing
         –   Arranges later-stage funding partners.
         –   NTV concentrates on intense engineered technologies:
              •   Electronics
              •   Software
              •   MEMS
              •   Optics
              •   RF
              •   Material
              •   Across industries such as energy, biotech, telecom, IT, wireless and Internet.
         – NTV currently has investments in Polychromix Inc. and Sionex Corp.

                The Center for
        Military Biomaterials Research
               Biomaterials Solutions
                  to Acute Trauma

              Bringing the Full Power
                of Materials Science
              to Combat Casualty Care

                                         A University and
                                          Research Center

    Initial Technical Focus Areas
            CEMBR Industrial Members 2003
            A Diverse Group of Synergistic Companies
Medical Device              Major Corporations         Production and
Start-ups                    – Avon Products           Fabrication
 – Advanced Materials        – Boston Scientific        – The MedTech Group
     Design                  – Cordis, a J&J            – Corium
 –   BioCure                   Company
                             – Dupont
                                                       Supporting Law
 –   REVA Medical                                      Firm
 –   Vectramed               – Medtronic
                                                        – Norris, McLaughlin
 –   Vyteris                 – Unilever                   and Marcus
Midsize Medical                                        Participating
Device Companies            Associated Research        Venture Capital
 –   Enzon                  Centers                    Groups
 –   Integra Lifesciences    – Center for               – The Vertical Group
 –   Hydro Med Sciences        Biomaterials &
 –   LifeCell                  Technologies, Medical
 –   Osteotech                 Products Group
 –   Stratec                   (Ethicon, Inc.)
                  Cleveland Clinic Foundation
        Computer Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery (CAMIS)
           Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF) Innovations
                       >New Technology Transfer Center<
                  “2003 Medical Innovation Summit Participants”

Pamela Bailey President, AdvaMed            Edward Ludwig CEO, BD
John Brown CEO, Stryker                     Dane Miller, Ph.D. CEO, Biomet
Samuel Colella Director, Versant            Mal Mixon CEO, Invacare
Ventures                                    Michael Mussallem CEO,
Art Collins CEO, Medtronic                  Edwards Lifesciences
Brian Dovey Partner, Domain Associates      Harry Rein Foundation Medical Partners
Tom Fogarty, M.D. Cofounder, Three          Erich Reinhardt, D.Eng. CEO,
Arch Partners                               Siemens Medical Solutions
Mike Hildreth Partner, E&Y                  Tim Ring CEO, C.R.Bard
George Hatsopoulos, Ph.D. CEO, Pharos       Bill Sanford Chairman, BioEnterprise
Carl Kohrt, Ph.D. CEO, Battelle             Les Vinney CEO, STERIS
Caroline Kovac, Ph.D. IBM Life              John Wareham CEO, Beckman Coulter
Sciences                                    Raymond Warrell, M.D. CEO, Genta
Jouko Karvinen President and CEO            Bill Weldon CEO, Johnson & Johnson
Philips Medical Systems                     Miles White CEO, Abbott Laboratories
Harry Kraemer CEO, Baxter                   Jack Lasersohn General Partner,
                                            The Vertical Group
TATRC                               DREAMS/T5 Areas of Strength:
        Cardiovascular               Neuroscience                   Sports                     Trauma                Bioterrorism
         James T. Willerson, M.D.       John H. Byrne, MD
           K. Lance Gould, M.D.        James C. Grotta, MD      Thomas O. Clanton, MD      James H. Duke, Jr., MD   Scott Lillibridge, MD Richard
         S. Ward Casscells, M.D.     James A. Ferrendelli, MD                              Frederick A. Moore, MD            Bradley, MD
               Ed Yeh, M.D.           Jerry S. Wolinsky, MD                                                             Ward Csscells, MD
            Hazim J. Safi, M.D.

        Gene & Cellular                Genomics                     Drug                  Bioengineering                 Imaging
           Therapy                                                Discovery

                                      Eric Boerwinkle, PhD      Len Lichtenberger, PhD      Jonathan Ophir, PhD       Morteza Naghavi, MD
         James T. Willerson, MD      Dianna M. Milewicz, MD                                 Morteza Naghavi, MD        Jerry Wolinsky, MD
          Yong-Jian Geng, MD         James T. Willerson, MD                                                          Ponnada Narayana, PhD

        Bioinformatics                Proteomics                Immunology                Epidemiology                    Nursing

          James Turley, RN, PhD       L. Scott Rodkey, PhD           Irma Gigli, MD        R. Palmer Beasley, MD      Patricia L. Starck, DSN,RN,
          James H. Duke, Jr., MD                                  Frank C. Arnett, MD      Herbert L. Dupont, MD                 FAAN
             Jack Smith, MD

             OB/                     Nitric Oxide                 Infectious                  Health                    Learning/
                                                                   Diseases                 Education/
         Neonatology                                                                          Policy                    Reading
                                      Ferid Murad, MD, PhD       Barbara E. Murray, MD
           Larry C. Gilstrap, MD                                Theresa M. Koehler, PhD      Guy S. Parcel, PhD        Jack Fletcher, PhD
            Jon E. Tyson, MD                                     Herbert L. Dupont, MD     James H. Duke, Jr., MD     Barbara Forman PhD
                                                                                             Chase Untermeyer          Susan Landry, PhD
                                                                                            David Low, MD, PhD
TATRC    DREAMS/T5 Technology Transfer Strategy

        the kitchen cabinet concept

                                Anchor Tenant
                                GE, US Army

                 Start Up
                Companies                        City of    Kitchen
                                                Houston     Cabinet
                            UTHSC-H and
                            Other research

                              Houston Community
                     Jobs, Tax Revenue, National Exposure
   TATRC                         NASA
                     Commercial Space Centers (CSCs)
• TATRC has funded relationships with two CSCs that focus on medical technology:

    – Medical Informatics and Technology Applications Consortium (MEDITAC), Virginia
      Commonwealth University
           •   Microsoft
           •   Virginia Biotechnology Research Park
           •   USSC
           •   TeleVital
           •   Olympus
           •   Compaq
           •   QRS
           •   Immersion
           •   Spacelab
    – Stanford/NASA Ames Commercial Space Center
           • Medical Technology
           • Information Technology
           • Materials Sciences

                                            Industry Advisory Group
TATRC has long-standing relationship with ATA
             …Funds Annual Advanced Briefing for Industry & Academia (ABFI&A), partially funds ATA Annual Conference

         –    GE Medical Systems                                    –    IBM Life Sciences

         –    Intel Corp                                            –    Siemens

         –    Medweb                                                –    Tandberg, LLC

         –    Nortel Networks                                       –    American Telecare, Inc.

         –    AT&T                                                  –    Vitelnet, Inc.

         –    Johnson & Johnson                                     –    Samsung Electronics Co.

         –    Trestle Corp                                          –    SMS

         –    Eastman Kodak                                         –    Health Hero Network

         –    SBC Communications, Inc                               –    HomMed

         –    Verizon Communications                                –    PhoneDoctorx

         –    ScottCare Corp                                        –    Healthcare Vision & Healthcare Computer

         –    Computerized Screening                                     Corp.

         –    AMD Telemedicine                                      –    Biosign

         –    Polycom                                               –    Viterion Teleheathcare

         –    iMetrikus

   TATRC has long standing relationship with RTI - funds various dual use simulators

• RTI Tech Transfer provides a range of services:

        – Develop marketing materials

        – Identify and target relevant companies outside your core business to solicit

          licensing interest

        – Project the value of technology

        – Evaluates offers

        – Assists in negotiating sales, licensing, or donation agreements.

Preliminary Impressions…

              Other Potential
         TATRC Technology Transfer
               Potential Partnerships…
                          Requiring Further Exploration and Development
•   Government Affiliated
     – Federal Laboratory Consortia
     – Rossetex (Sarnoff – SRI Joint Venture)
     – In-Q-Tel (CIA Affiliate)
     – Mohawk, Inc. (DOE Affiliate)
     – Pacific Telehealth HUI (DOD/VA)
•   Academic
     – Columbia University (CIE)
     – Drexel University (CIMERC)
     – Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences (USUHS)
            • Henry Jackson Foundation
     – University of Maryland (OR of Future)
     – University of South Florida (National Functional Genomics Center)
     – University of Pittsburgh (Various Congressionals)
     – University of California, Los Angeles (CASIT)
     – Indiana University (Emerging Technologies Center – Business Incubator)
•   Commercial or Non-Profit
     – Vesalius Venture Capital
     – The Global Telemedicine Group
     – Battelle Memorial Institute
TATRC    Preliminary Impressions…
                        …“As-Is” Status

• Technology Transfer Partnerships

    – TATRC has numerous potential partners
    – TATRC should form partners into a nationwide,
      distributed network of Technology Transfer Centers of
    – Facilitate the commercialization of government
      funded advanced medical technology Intellectual

            Funds are Projected
        Support Technology Transfer
           Initiative in FY 2004

        Technology Transfer

                         Evolution of an Idea
                Distributed Network for Advanced Medical Technology Transfer
                                     (DISNET – AMTT)
   Seeking a new, distributed approach to technology transfer, thus we anticipate initial …

        –   Indignant rejection
        –   Reasoned objection
        –   Qualified opposition
        –   Tentative acceptance
        –   Qualified endorsement
        –   Judicious modification
        –   Cautious adoption
        –   Impassioned espousal
        –   Proud parenthood
        –   Dogmatic propagation

    HK Silver, 1965
                                                     DISNET – AMTT
• Identify TATRC funded Intellectual Property (IP) with dual use potential
• Identify TATRC affiliated Tech Transfer Center of Excellence with relevant technology expertise
• Link IP owners with appropriate TATRC affiliated Tech Transfer Centers of Excellence
• Assist IP owners and affiliated Tech Transfer Centers in developing collaborative strategies
• Define:
     Potential market size
     Expected market share
     Potential profit margins
     Expected useful life of the technology
     Anticipated production time to marketability
     Projected cost of marketing
     Potential technology development hurdles
     Potential regulatory hurdles
     Intellectual property protection issues

• Clearly define IP issues
• Identify researchers/developers to participate in project
• Execute/supervise Tech Transfer implementation plans
         TATRC – “To Be” Requirements

•       Implement internal I C M E O changes

•       Create a distributed network of Best of Breed partners, for
             CEMBR = Biomateriels
             CIMIT = Biosensors, Simulation, Etc.
             NMTB = Market Analysis, Individualized Facilitation, Review
             ATA = Telemedicine
             DREAMS = Cardiology, Trauma Care
             Cleveland Clinic = Ultrasound, Robotics, Etc..

       Objective: Streamline COTS development and raise the
        percentage of government IP commercialized.
       Convene > Organize > Execute > Evaluate
                  Designed to Accelerate the “Flash to Bang”
                                       …from Basic Research to Tech Transfer
                                         Molecular Genetics
                                                                         Assured Connectivity
Forward Deployed Digital Systems         Basic Research                  Medical Informatics
 Medical Modeling & Simulation                                         Med Training Technologies
  Operating Room of the Future                                                 Robotics
  Wireless Medical Enterprises                                               Therapeutics
         IM/IT Systems
   Homeland Security Systems                                            Applied Research
  Disease Surveillance Systems
          Telemedicine                                                 Advanced Technology
                                                                        Early Prototyping
Demonstration & Validation

                                               Engineering Manufacturing
                            Technology                Procurement,
                                               Operations & Maintenance
                                              Program Managers for
                                   Army (PM, MC4), Navy, Air Force, DOD, Industry

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