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									                                                                                                      EVERY GIFT IS

                                                                                                       THANK YOU
                                                                                                        FOR YOUR
                                                                                                 ONGOING SUPPORT.

A L W AY S R E A C H I N G F O R I N D E P E N D E N C E         W W W . A R I C T. O R G        SPRING/SUMMER 2007

1st Annual Walk for Independence

The first annual Walk for Independence was held at Cove
Island Park in Stamford on Sunday, May 20. Close to one
hundred people met at the park to show support for ARI and
                              to take a stroll along the beautiful
                              shoreline. Staff, families, clients
                              and volunteers joined together
                              to participate in the first event
                              where the entire ARI community
                              raised awareness and funds
                                  The Walk Committee, led
                              by Allan Sussman, worked
                              tirelessly to create an event that
                              would promote wellness and
                              would advocate involvement                                         The ARI Youth Corp has
for all. We wish to thank our major sponsors: The Advocate                                       been brought back to life by
and 95.9 The Fox, our lead sponsors: Bruce Supply; Bruce,                                        a group of teens from local
Jack and Joe Weksler; Ted and Lou Vitanza; Dellon Sales                                          high schools. Since their first
Company; Fox & Fox Esq.; Malloy Real Estate; Martin                                              meeting in January they have
Sales, Inc., and our mileage sponsors: The Russo Family;                                         met monthly with Gerard
Viking Construction Finn O’Connor; Grunberger Jewelers;                                          Gasparino to plan spending
Thomson; Creative Pension Design and Administration;                 time with ARI clients and aiding in various events.
J.E.S. Plumbing & Heating Corp.; Goodway Printing &                  They attended holiday parties and made a concerted
Graphics; Delphi Plumbing; Fairfield Monument Co.;                   effort to support the new Walk for Independence.
Joe Russo; IGA Stamford; A.G. Bisset Co., Inc.; and                  Their first season has been a great success and we look
SignCrafters, as well as our team sponsors and walkers.              forward to their future involvement.
We will see you all next spring!

   Enriching the lives of people with disabilities and their families by enabling
 them to achieve their fullest potential at home, at work and in the community.
From the CEO                                                     DMR changes name to DDS
                                                                 On October 1, 2007, the Department of Mental
                  We are a community provider organization       Retardation (DMR) will be renamed the Department of
                  that provides high quality vocational          Developmental Services (DDS).
                  options, residential, respite, and clinical         Several years ago, the department along with con-
                  services to people with developmental          sumers, families, advocates and private providers started
                  disabilities. With innovative programming,     the long process of advocating for a new name that brings
                  strategic vision and planning, ARI empha-      respect and dignity to the individuals we serve. In 2006,
                  sizes community inclusion and self-reliance    the General Assembly passed a bill requiring the depart-
                  for every individual. Our clients are capa-    ment to solicit input and recommend a name change to
ble, contributing members of society and our community.          the Governor in January 2007. After the year long
We focus on each person’s strengths, interests, and abilities.   process, Commissioner Peter H. O’Meara recommended
     Many of the supports that focus on each person’s indi-      that we change our name to the Department of
                                                                 Developmental Services.
vidual wants and needs require additional resources in
order to be successful. These additional resources come
through a variety of fundraising activities. Fundraising is
an important way for agencies like ours to meet the needs
                                                                 54th Annual Meeting 2007
of our clients by developing a partnership with our commu-
nity. This partnership serves to educate our community           Friends, clients, staff and invited guests enjoyed a lovely
about the services and programs that we offer. Many times,       reception and meeting at UConn Stamford on June 25th.
there is a “gap” between what is provided by state and           Chairperson Mario Musilli presided and Matt Reyher
federal funding and the needs of our consumers. This             delivered an inspiring year-end address. The ARI Youth
“gap” is where fundraising must take over.                       Corp was commended for its first season of fine work.
     Over the last year, we have had many successful             Tammy DeLeo presented the following awards:
fundraising events that have not only benefited our “guys”
but also promoted health and wellness. In May 2007, we
held our first Annual Walk for Independence. Our year-end
annual appeal and 12th annual Golf Tournament were very
successful with total number of dollars and individual con-
tribution exceeding our goals. These events were very suc-
cessful in closing the “gap” in funding.
     Much of our success is due to the commitment and
dedication of our wonderful caring and compassionate
staff. The accomplishments that clients experience each
and every day would not be possible without them. Our
volunteers are another group that really make a difference       Five Years of Service (above, left) Pat Grant, LaVerne
the life of a person with a disability. From the Board of        Rollinson, Sherland St. John, Bill Vernon, Shamika Void
Directors down to a recreation event assistant, the commit-      Ten Years of Service (above, right) Christine Alexander
ment and dedication was stellar throughout the year. This        “Heart of the Agency Award” (below, left) Darlene Booker
past year there has been a resurgence of the “ARI Youth          “Always Reaching for Independence Award” (below, right)
Corps” which helped with all of the fundraising.                 Shamika Void
     While the past year has been successful, there is much          On Friday, July 27th we presented Lavinia Hurd with
more to be done. One of the key challenges is our ability to     the “Rookie of the Year Award.”
market ourselves and the services we provide to new
prospective clients and their families. The Department
of Mental Retardation is in the process of changing its
funding model from a grant-based system to a fee-for-
service model, in which clients and families have more
choice from a menu of services provided by agencies. With
this in mind, ARI must be able to meet and exceed the
ever-changing needs of the clients whom we serve.—MR
Staff News                                                   Recreation and Volunteers
Promotions — Congratulations to:                             The ARI recreational pro-
Octavia Pollard, from Group Leader–Production Services       grams cannot be successful
to Residential Coordinator, Tally Ho Residence.; Sharon      without the help from volun-
Jennings, from Residential Direct Service Worker to          teers. This year ARI has been
Program Manager.; Tammy DeLeo, from Director of              fortunate to have 50 plus
                                                             great people from the com-
Human Resources to Director of Day Services.; Jolene
                                                             munity donate their time to recreational activities.
Kalinowski, from Marketing Specialist to Director of
                                                                  This year’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Party was held in
Human Resources. Brad Feleccia, from Group Leader–Job
                                                             the new Knights of Columbus banquet hall. Thanks to
Placement to Coordinator of Community Based Vocational
                                                             Mike Powers for the traditional corned beef dinner as well
Services.; Lavinia Hurd, from Direct Day Service Worker–
                                                             as to his daughter and friends for entertaining us with their
Day Options to Group Leader-Job Placement. Bryant            Irish dancing. They inspired some of our dancers to join in.
Roberts, from Direct Day Service Worker–Day Options to       Thank you to the many volunteers and Youth Corps kids
Group Leader-Job Placement. Marvin Lewis, from               for your help and for adding to the fun!
Residential Direct Service Worker–Sunrise Residence to
Day Direct Service Worker–Group Employment.                  Norwalk Community College will be hosting “Exceptional
                                                             Art,” a group exhibit for the ARI Artists Initiative this
New Staff — Introducing . . .                                fall. The show will be NCC’s back-to-school exhibit.
Charlene Milkey, Supervising Nurse for ARI; Kathleen               The exhibit will run from September 4th through
Dunlop, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Sunrise              October 31st. An Opening Reception will be held
Residence; Michelle Campbell, Licensed Practical Nurse       September 6, 2007, from 5:30–7:30pm at the Norwalk
(LPN), ARI of Connecticut, Inc; Roberto Sanchez,             Community College West Campus Community Gallery,
Maintenance Technician; Judith Bruen, Administrative         188 Richards Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06854.
                                                                   This opportunity has been made possible with the
Assistant; Carl Norde, Direct Day Service Worker–Day
                                                             help of our wonderful volunteer teachers Donald
Options; Louise Mediot, RDSW–Truglia Residence;
                                                             Axleroad and Charles Wiesehahn, along with Susan L.
Guirlanda Guery, RDSW–SLS; Cherry Byrd, RDSW–Tally
                                                             Hardesty from NCC. Thank you so much.
Ho Residence; Melody Thompson, RDSW–SLS; Melissa
                                                                   Please join us in saluting our ARI Artists!
Ruffin, RDSW–Tally Ho Residence; E. Jean Nelson-
McClain, RDSW–SLS; Audrey Owens, RDSW–Palermo
Residence; Regina Holley, RDSW–Palermo Residence             The Special Olympics Summer Games took place in New
Regina Garcia, RDSW–SLS; Leola Marshall, RDSW–               Haven this past June. The ARI athletes were Swimmers
Palermo Residence; Veronica Callum, RDSW–Palermo             Elizabeth Ryan, Adriano Gatto, and Neftali Soto;
                                                             Wheelchair Racer Rickey Denes; and Tennis Player
Residence; Tshimanga Kapitaine, RDSW–Truglia
                                                             Samantha Downing. ARI would like to thank the Darien
Residence; Wendy Butts, RDSW–Palermo Residence
                                                             Lions and Norwalk Public Schools teams for allowing our
                                                             athletes to compete.

 Christine Brenner passed away suddenly on July 25,
 2007. She was born in Indianapolis, IN on June 7, 1952.                   WE REMEMBER MICHAEL BURL
 In 1972, she and her family moved to Stamford, CT
 where she was involved in ARI. She worked at a local         Michael Burl was born on September
 restaurant for several years moved into a group home         21, 1959 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama to
                                                              the late Derosta Burl and Billie Jean
 and eventually into her own apartment.
                                                              Harvey. He moved to Stamford as a
    In 1994, Christine moved to Goleta, CA where she
 lived with her sister Betsy for several years before mov-    young adult and was served by ARI
 ing into an apartment in Santa Barbara under the spon-       until his untimely death on July 22,
 sorship of CILP (Community Independent Living                2007. Michael worked at the
 Programs).                                                   Stamford Post Office and with the
                                                              ARI Landscape crew during the summer. Michael was an
    Christine is survived by Henry and Jo Ann Brenner,
                                                              avid golfer and participated in the Martin/Lotstein Golf
 her father and stepmother, her sisters Betsy (Mary) and
 Jeanne, her brother Daniel and his wife JoAnne. Henry        Outing and the Special Olympics.
 is a Chairperson Emeritus of ARI and past chairperson             He leaves six sisters, seven brothers and many dear
 of Friends of ARI.                                           friends at ARI. We wish him and his family peace.
12th Annual Lotstein/Martin Golf Tournament
                                                                                           The 12th Annual Lotstein/Martin Golf
                                                                                           Tournament was held at Sterling Farms
                                                                                           Golf Course on Thursday, June 21st. You
                                                                                           may be able to tell from these photos that
                                                                                           we had a picture-perfect day. For all the
                                                                                           golfers and friends who attended the
                                                                                           awards luncheon it was a memorable day.
                                                                                           Congratulations to the winning foursome
                                                                                           of Matthew Tackman, Robert McDonald,
                                                                                           Gerard Gasparino, and Michael Flynn

Donations October 1, 2006 to June 30, 2007
Thank you to the following indi-      Mr. Sunil Banerjee                Mr. and Mrs. John M. Campbell, Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. James Dean, Sr.
viduals, businesses and organiza-     Mr. and Mrs. Michael Barker       Mrs. Elsie Carretto                  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeBartolo
tions for their kind generosity.      Bashford Construction, In honor   Catholic Daughters of the            Ms. Anna Delez
Please call us at (203) 324-9258,       of Sara Russo                     Americas, Court of St. Mary’s      Dellon Sales and Marketing, LTD
ext. 3028 to find out how you can     Mrs. John Battiste                  #82                                Mr. Alex Delmar
help by making a donation to ARI      Bear Naked, Inc.                  Mr. Jim Chirico                      Delphi Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
or volunteering your time for those   Ms. Nejra Begovac                 Ms. Mary Churley                     Mr. Bruce Denker
we serve. You can also find more      Mrs. Patricia Belknap             Mr. Richard Cipriano                 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. DeRosa
information at         Belltown Pizza                    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Claraldi        Ms. Florence G. Dickman
                                      Ms. Janna H. J. Bellwin           Mr. Ephraim Y. Cohen                 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Dittrich
A. G. Bisset & Co., Inc.              Mr. and Mrs. Jim Benjamin         Mr. and Mrs. Morton Cohen            Ms. Karen J. Dolan, In Memory of
Mr. William Abernathy                 Benefit Planning Services LLC     Mr. Michael Colabelle                  Ralph Dolan
Marc and Lori Adelsberg               Mr. Harry Bennett                 Ms. Roxanne Colatrella               Mr. Barry Douglas, In Honor of
Advanced Physical Therapy             Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Benowitz      Columbian Charities of                 Samantha Downing
  Center                              Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Berkman         Connecticut, Inc.                  Mr. and Mrs. John Downing
Mr. Michael Agate                     Mr. Sid Binder                    Ms. Jane Combrinck-Graham, In        Ms. Samantha Downing
American Legion Post #3               Mr. and Mrs. Harry Block, II      Honor of Mark Combrinck-Hertz        Mr. & Mrs. Paul Duarte
Anquillare, Ruocco, Traester          Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Bonoff     Lee Combrinck-Graham, M.D.           Mr. Alan Edwards
  & Co.                               Mr. and Mrs. Leon A. Bouchard       and Charles Hertz, M.D.            Mr. Ross Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. Irwyn Applebaum          Dr. Ervin Braun, D.D.S.           Connecticut Nursing Services         Enzo Riccobene Salon
Ms. Jean Mills Aranha, Esq.           Mr. and Mrs. Herbert A. Bregman   Ms. Eileen Conway                    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Fahan
Mr. Louis Aronica                     Dr. Henry and Jo-Ann Brenner      Mr. and Mrs. George Corsilia         Fairfield Insulation
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Avellar              Ms. Joanne Brenner                Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cortese          Fairfield Monument Co.
Mr. Don Axelroad and                  Ms. Mary Brenner                  Creative Pension Design and          Mr. and Mrs. John Feighery, Jr.
  Ms. Genevieve Murphy                Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Bridge      Administration                     Maurice & Carol Feinberg Family
Ms. Gilda Axiotaxis                   Mr. Richard Bruce                 Ms. Lenore D. Csepel                   Foundation, In Honor of
Ms. Irene Ayoub and Mr. Dean          Bruce Supply Company              Mr. Thomas R. Cuddeback                Dr. Melvin and Denise Grove
  Pedon                               Ms. Barbara Aronica-Buck and      Ms. Pamela Cummings                  First County Bank
Ms. Brith Bachenheimer                  Mr. Peter Buck                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Curto            Ms. Amy Fishkow
Ms. Chandan Banerjee                  Michael J. Cacace, Esq.           D’Agostino Brothers                  Ms. Roslyn Fleisher and Mr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kamalesh Banerjee,       The Honorable Robert Callahan     Janet S. D’Arcangelo, Ph.D., APRN      Morris Glucksman
  In Honor of Mrs. Santi Debi         Control Temperatures              Mr. William Dancy                    Dr. and Mrs. Henry Fogelman
  Mukherhee                           Mr. David Campbell                Ms. Barbara Daniell                  Mr. Francis Forte
Donations, continued              Mr. James J. Jordon               Mr. and Mrs. Eugene N. Monte         Ms. Betsy Schenkel, In Honor of
                                  Ms. Carol Kalter                  Ms. Phyllis Moorash                    Mark Combrinck-Hertz
The Honorable Gerald Fox          Mrs. Beatrice Kaminsky            Ms. Millary Morton                   Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Foxall         Ms. Beth Keenan                   Mrs. Lynn and Mr. William            Mr. Louis Scolik
Mr. Avram Freedberg               Mr. Jack Keenan                     Mottolese                          Mr. and Mrs. Lester H. Sharlach
Ms. Martha Friedman               Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kellick      Ms. Betty Muller                     Ms. Shirley Shaw
Dr. and Mrs. Herbert I. Fusfeld   Ms. Nancy Kitay                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mundheim         Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sherman
G. A. Fleet Associates            Mr. and Mrs. R. Kleeman           Mr. Diego Musilli                    Mr. and Mrs. Brad E. Shwidock
GTE Alumni Association, In        Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Klein,       Mario P. Musilli, Esq.               Mr. and Mrs. Fred Siegel,
   Memory of Dennis Murphy          In Memory of Yetta and Mike     Mr. Ed Napolitano                      In Memory of David Jaffe
Mrs. Noreen Gallagher In Honor      Adler                           Mr. and Mrs. Gary Neems              Mr. and Mrs. Balwant Singh
   of Robert Gallagher, Jr. and   Mr. Samuel Kliewe                 Mr. and Mrs. Arnold S. Neidle        Ms. Diane Slifer
   Robert Gallager III            Knights of Columbus/              Ms. Patty Nestor                     Mr. Robert Slocum
Mr. Philip J. Gambino               St. Augustine Council           Newfield Green Cleaners              Ms. Raynalda C. Slype
Mr. Phil Garbino                  Knights of Columbus/Father        Mr. and Mrs. Owen Nieberg            Mr. and Mrs. Pat Smeraldi
Mrs. Leona Gargiulo                 Myron V. Miller Council #5833   Mr. Yukari Nishimura                 Mr. and Mrs. Pat Smeraldi, In
Four Corners Liquor & Wine Shop   Mr. John Konya                    Nobu Florist of Stamford               Honor of Barbara Aronica-Buck
Mr. Robert N. and Mrs.            Mr. Robert Kowaleski, In Honor    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Novak            and Gladys Cohen
   Geraldine Gasparino              of Sara Russo                   Ms. Lana Oberman                     Springdale Florist
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gelb          Mr. and Mrs. Alfons Koziol,       Ms. Luciana Orzano                   Mr. and Mrs. Rick Smeriglio
Mr. and Mrs. Frank George           In Honor of Dick and Jane       Mr. Finn O’Connor                    Ms. Charlotte Smith
Mr. Morton Ginsburg and             Makuck                          O’Connor, Davies, Munns &            Ms. Sandy Smith
   Ms. Ruth S. Propp              Mr. Jim Kreamer                     Dobbins                            Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Gladstone      Ms. Karen Krieger                 Ms. Rachel Pagliarulo                Mrs. Rebecca Snyder, In Honor of
Ms. Louis Glinka                  Ms. Nancy Kucera                  Rose & Kiernan Insurance, Inc.         Samantha Downing
Global Impact                     Louis J. Kuriansky Foundation     Mr. Stanton Parrish                  Ms. Joan Somma
Dr. and Mrs. David Gluck,         Ms. Lucie Labreche-Queening       Mr. John C. Pascale                  Mr. and Mrs. Mark Staines
   In Honor of Mark               Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Lacerenza   Pellicci’s Restaurant                Stamford Dental Group LLC
   Combrinck-Hertz                Mr. Peter J. LaForte              Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Perna, Jr.,   Stamford Old Timer’s Athletic
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Glucksman      Mr. Joseph Laganza                  In Memory of Margaret, Paul &        Association, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Gold             Ms. Allison P. Lawrence             Michael Romaniello                 Stamford Youth Baseball
Mrs. Louise Goldenberg            Mr. Anthony Liberatore            Ms. Julie Perna                      Mr. Edward Stein
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Goldsmith   Liberty Mechanical Contractors,   Ms. Joyce Persofsky                  Mrs. Louise Stern, In Honor of
Mr. and Mrs. Barton Goodwin         LLC                             Mr. Thomas Pfeiffer                    Barbara Aronica- Buck and
Goodway Printing & Graphics       Ms. Katherine Linnet              Ms. Beth Pietrzak                      Gladys Cohen
Mr. Thompson Gordan               Mr. John Loehr                    Ms. Erin Pikor                       Mr. and Mrs. Peter Stewart
Mr. Joseph Gostomski              Mr. Robert Loop                   Ms. Danielle Pimpinella              Ms. Mary B. Sullivan
Grade A ShopRite                  Mrs. Corrine Lotstein             Ms. Jane Plant                       Mr. and Mrs. Allan Sussman
Mr. Edward Granelli               Mr. Richard Lotstein              Platsky Company, Inc.                Mr. & Mrs. Sandy Swidler
Mr. Victor Grann                  Mr. Richard Lovello               Mr. and Mrs. John Pope               TPI Group
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Graubard,    Mr. Charles Lupinacci             Mr. and Mrs. Johnny M. Potts         Mr. Matthew Tackman
   In Honor of Reuben Lubitz      Ms. Sheila McCaffrey              Ms. Susan Prial                      Thomson Corporation
Ms. Harriet Gray                  Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Macari,      Promogifts LLC                       Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tiso
Ms. Cynthia Griffith                In Memory of Theodore A.        Mr. Jonathon Pruette                 Mr. Todd Travia
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Grossman       Kelhe and Irene L. Mallick      Mr. Seymour Putterman                The Honorable Christel H.
   In Honor of Stephen & Gary     Dr. Joan-Ellen Macresis           Mr. Andrew Quentzel                    Truglia
   Grove                          Mr. and Mrs. Mike Macri,          RBS Greenwich Capital                The Italian Center
Dr. and Mrs. Melvin Grove           In Honor of Joseph Viggiano     Ms. Florence Rafsky                  The Umbrella Club of Fairfield
Grunberger Jewelers               Mr. Piere Magnifico               Dr. Gerald Rakos                       County
Mr. Albert Guinto                 Ms. Patti Malizia                 Mr. and Mrs. Joel Ratner             Union Baptist Church
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Halper    Ms. Patricia and Ms. Molly        Ms. Priscilla Raymond                Ms. Sharon Vecchiolla
Ms. Barbara Hanauer                 Malloy                          Mr. Robert Reicher                   Mrs. Caryl C. Vejar
Mr. John Harvey                   Ms. Suzanne Manela                Ms. Kathleen Reitmeyer               Ms. Lisetta Verrasstro
Ms. Margaret Hassani-Sadi         Mr. Paul Mangeri                  Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Reyher          Mr. Louis Vitanza
Heart of Gold                     Margot Café & Wine Bar, Ms.       Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rich III          Mr. and Mrs. Vrank Vos
Ms. Kathleen Hener                  Margot Olshan                   Mr. Robert N. Rich                   Mr. Stephen Wald
Charles G. Hertz, M.D.            Ms. Anna Martin                   Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Richichi       Mr. Lawrence Walker
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hertz,          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Masone     Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Richichi         Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Weiss
   In Honor of Mark               Ms. Carine Mattarasso             Ridgeway Launderaid, Inc.            Ms. Jennifer Weissman
   Combrinck-Hertz                Mr. and Mrs. John A. Maul, In     Ms. Eileen H. Rosner                 Mr. & Mrs. Noah Weissman,
Hope Street Pharmacy                Honor of Michael Maul           Mrs. Marguerite M. Rousseau            In Honor of Samantha Downing
Ms. Katie Hopkins                 Mr. Paul McClatchy                Mrs. Emily Russo                     West High Service Station Inc.
Mr. Peter Hopkins                 Mr. and Mrs. Allan McGinnis       Mr. John Russo                       Mr. Brian Wilchusky
Mr. Jonathan Hunt                 Mr. and Mrs. Joel P. Mellis, In   Mr. Joseph Russo                     Ms. Seema Winsor
Italian Center Men’s Club           Memory of Dennis Murphy         Ms. Pat Russo                        Wofsey, Rosen, Kweskin &
J.E.S. Plumbing & Heating Corp.   Ms. Anita Mercede                 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sabia, Jr.        Kuriansky LLP
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Jaffe, Esq.,    Mr. and Mrs. Obediah R. Miller    Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Sabia, Sr.   Ms. Kathleen Young
   In Memory of David Jaffe       Dr. and Mrs. Wilbur H. Miller     Ms. Michelle Sabia                   Dr. and Mrs. Henry Zalichin
Ms. Rita Jerabek                  Mr. Jacques Moger                 Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Sandak        Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Zeccola,
Jewish Community Endowment        Ms. Julianna Molina               Mr. Claude Sanguinetti                 In Honor of Michael
   Foundation                     Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Molstre    Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C. Sanseverino     DeBartolomeo
Ms. Susan Johnson                 Mr. James Monaco                  Mr. Joseph Santasiero                Mr. Roger Zouein
Mr. Demian Johnston               Mr. Renaldo Monaco                Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Saverine
                                  THANK YOU                                                   ARI of Connecticut, Inc.
                                                                                              BOARD OF DIRECTORS          BOARD OF DIRECTORS EMERITI
   ARI of Connecticut Inc. was the recipient of a trust fund                                  OFFICERS
   by Arthur T. and Loralee Clark Trust Fund. Loralee was                                                                 Barbara Aronica-Buck
   a client served by our agency in the 1970’s. Her family                                    Mario Musilli, Esq.,        Peter Buck
   designated a portion of their estate to ARI to sustain the                                   Chairperson               Henry Brenner, Ph.D.
   good work of our agency. The purpose of this bequest is                                    Allan Sussman,              Arlene O. DuBiago
   to support our continued success in enriching the lives of                                   Chairperson-elect         Edward Granelli
   people with disabilities and their families by enabling                                    Charles Hertz, M.D.,        Sari Jaffe, Esq.
                                                                                                Vice Chairperson          Louis Lotstein*
   them to achieve their fullest potential at home, at work
                                                                                              John Russo, Secretary       Paul G. Macari
   and in the community. The Board of Directors has set                                       Kamalesh Banerjee, Ph.D.,   Thelma V. Martin*
   aside these resources to be the basis of a perpetual                                         Treasurer                 Philip Molstre
   endowment for the future of new programs for ARI.                                                                      Dennis Murphy*
                                 •                                                                                        Frank D. Rich, III
                                                                                              BOARD OF DIRECTORS
   ARI of Connecticut Inc. was also the beneficiary of                                                                    Richard W. Saunders
                                                                                              Gerry Bosak
   contributions of $1,000 in April, 2007 and $10,000 in                                                                  Richard E. Taber
                                                                                              John Downing
   May, 2007 to our High School Transition Program.                                                                       Francis White*
                                                                                              Ginny Fox                   *deceased
   Our connection with RBS is through a High School                                           Adriano Gatto
   Transition student Matthew Egan and his godfather                                          Leon Hanna, D.D.S.
                                                                                              Beth Keenan                 Matthew P. Reyher
   Mr. Matthew Monaghan, an official at RBS Greenwich
                                                                                                                          PRESIDENT AND CEO
   Capital.                                                                                   Mark Lotstein
                                                                                              Gail Malloy                                      Member of
ARI of Connecticut, Inc. is a non-profit organization under IRS code 501(c)(3).               Carmine Vaccaro
The ARI News is published for the members, board of directors, family members,
people served, staff and friends of ARI of Connecticut, Inc. Edited and designed
by Barbara C. Aronica-Buck. Published by ARI of Connecticut, Inc., 174 Richmond                                                               United Way
Hill Avenue, Stamford, Connecticut, 06902-5696.(203) 324-9258. Fax (203) 324-                                                                 of Stamford
3949. Email: ARI of Connecticut, Inc. supports equal opport u n i t y
without re g a rd to race, color, sex, marital status, age, disability, religion, ancestry,                                                   Accredited by
national origin, citizenship or sexual orientation. ARI of Connecticut, Inc. is                                                                  CARF
a c c redited by CARF and funded by DMR.

                                                                                                                                          P R S RT STD
                                                                                                                                        U.S. POSTA G E
                                                                                                                                               PA I D
                                                                                                                                       S TAMFORD CT
                                                                                                                                       P e rmit No. 164


ARI of Connecticut, Inc.,
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Stamford, Connecticut 06902-5696

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