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									A Gathering of Warriors
    Comprised Of
1041st SPS (T)
 82nd CSPW
 821st CSPS
 822nd CSPS
 823rd CSPS
The New Breed of Safesiders

        820th SFG
        822nd SFS
        823rd SFS
        824th SFS

  TSgt Carey Stark
CMSgt George Maurer
  TSgt John Roach
TSgt James Dorrance
Safeside Association was organized
for the exclusive purpose of carrying
   out programs to perpetuate the
 memory of deceased veterans and
           members of the
 82nd Combat Security Police Wing,
      To comfort their survivors,
to sponsor or participate in activities
 of a patriotic nature and to provide
  social and recreational activities
           for its members.

   President: CMSgt Jerry Nelson
Vice President: SMSgt Pete Villarreal
 Secretary: TSgt Sherrie Conkright
    Treasurer: Sgt Roger Nelson
  1041st: SSgt Charles E. Huber
    821st: SSgt David Pierson
     822nd: Sgt J.B. McGuire
    822nd: MSgt Bill McGraw
   823rd: Sgt Victor Candelaria
820th SFG: SMSgt Bobby Lefever
   Sgt Larry Ernsting
    SSgt Rick Adams

    Sgt Michael Clunis
 Gary Jones
 Dale Stone

 $15.00 per year payable January each year.
Life time memberships are based on your age
          using the following table
              41 to 50 $180.00
              51 to 60 $160.00
              61 to 70 $ 130.00
               71 to 80 $90.00
                 80+ $55.00
Lt. Colonel William H. (Wild Bill) Wise
         "Father of Safeside"
 Photo Courtesy: CMSgt. Robert Frink
1041st SPS (T)Cadre graduation photo from the
 Army Ranger course at Fort Benning, Georgia
    Photo Courtesy: CMSgt. Robert Frink
Lt. Colonel O.D. Steffey and Sergeant Bruce E. Brown
  check out a LAWS "Tank Killer" at Phan Rang AB
   Photo Courtesy: Lt. Colonel Steffey – 821st CSPS
  TSgt Pete Villarreal
ready for guard mount
   3rd SPS/Safeside
       Bien Hoa
   Photo Courtesy:
    Pete Villarreal
     822nd CSPS
Fire Direction Controller
    Sgt Roger Nelson
 drops a round down the
tube of a 81MM mortar in
  support of Australian
  ambush patrols, base
    camp Phan Rang.
     Photo Courtesy:
      Roger Nelson
        823rd CSPS
 SSgt Luviano’s re-enlistement ceremony Kirkuk
  L/R MSgt Lundy, SSgt Luviano, TSgt Sauvage,
                  MSgt Sandley
Photo courtesy: SSgt Clint (Sparky) Parks 822nd SFS
L/R: SrA Near 824 SFS - A1C Hoffer 823 SFS - SrA Fuller
           823 SFS and A1C Keller 823 SFS
    Photo courtesy: SrA Michael Fuller - 823rd SFS
Hand carved by Ranger Jim Kern 1041st SPS (T)
    Photo Courtesy: CMSgt. Robert Frink
                 In Memoriam
• The Safeside Association
  web site was founded by
  the late MSgt (Ret) Jim
  Morris. Without Jim’s
  diligence, dedication and
  untiring work, our
  Association would not
  have enjoyed its
  tremendous success and
  Membership growth. We
  are forever indebted to
                              May 18, 1936 –
                              March 9, 2008
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