Influencing Consumer Behavior through Social Media Marketing

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                 <p>I've been noticing a trend among businesses online.
They are everywhere! Every time I log into Facebook or Twitter, I see
more and more ads. Is advertising going to go completely digital? Don't
be surprised if they do.</p>
<p>Digital Marketing is feeding off the amount of people now connected
online through social networking sites. Social influence is playing a big
part in the success of many companies and their marketing campaigns. This
is a great concept for advertisers because they are getting information
out to their target audiences in less time, and probably using less
<p>I can't count how many times I've seen soda ad campaigns all over
YouTube and Facebook. The Internet is where people go for everything now,
so why wouldn't companies flock there, too? Some may not be ready, but
they better catch on quick if they want to stomp out their

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<p>The problem is traditional companies have to adjust to the way social
media works, especially if they want results. Becoming a member of a
specific site is not all it takes. You have to put your brand out there
by "Tweeting" about it constantly or updating statuses on Facebook about
new products. Simply having someone "Like" your page on Facebook is not
going to seal the deal. Companies really have to engage in these sites if
they want people to stay interested in their brand. Give people something
to think about, look at and talk about while branding yourself. This is
how you influence consumer behavior.</p>
<p>If you think small, you will remain small. With the digital age we
live in today, companies have to be open-minded about their marketing
approach. It may be uncomfortable and annoying at first, but once they
have the basics down, they will realize how much time and resources they
saved on creating a successful marketing campaign.</p>
<p>For the best results in your digital and social media efforts, try <a
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