Cohabitation and the Law by anamaulida


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                <p>ohabitation is the legal term for living together and
it can cover any relationship. This includes a man and a woman, a gay
couple, a lesbian couple or anybody else. Even though many people think
cohabitation involves less legal hassle than marriage, this is not
necessarily true.</p>
<p>There are specific legal obligations that people who cohabit incur and
legal rights that they may not have. Just like married couples, persons
that are living together may end up needing the services of a family
lawyer in Athens, GA. There are also a few legal contracts and agreements
people involved in such relationships should know about it.</p>
<p>What You Don't Know About Cohabitation and the Law can hurt you<br>A
couple that is cohabiting does not have the same legal rights as a
married couple. For example if one partner becomes incapacitated due to
injury or illness the other partner may not have a legal right to make
medical decisions for him or her. In most states, including Georgia, a
non relative will need to get what is called a Medical Directive, a
Healthcare Declaration or Medical Power of Attorney to do this. If you
don't have that drawn up before hand, your partner's relatives could
theoretically exclude you from medical care and his or her life.</p>

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<p>If that wasn't bad enough, your partner's family members could bar you
from accessing his or her bank accounts and even have you thrown out of a
home that your partner owns or rents. That can be avoided by signing a
durable power of attorney which gives you the legal right to act in your
partner's name.</p>
<p>Another problem that can occur is that a partner may not be able to
use a partner's bank account to pay bills if he or she is unavailable. A
power of attorney can let you do that as well. It can also enable a
partner to take charge of somebody's business or financial affairs if
they are not available.</p>
<p>This situation can also occur if one partner is out of the country or
on active duty in the military. Fortunately it can be avoided if you hire
an experienced family law attorney to write these documents for you.</p>
<p>Formalize your Relationship<br>It is also possible to formalize your
relationship through a legal agreement called a domestic partnership.
This can help a couple divide property control their assets and establish
their legal rights. A domestic partnership attorney should be able to
help a cohabiting couple with this and any other situation that they need
help with including power of attorney.</p>                <!--

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