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					Course Title:                Early Childhood Education Levels 2
Instructor:                  Mrs. Shannon Hube

Contact Me:                    Via e-mail @

Class Website:       

Class Description:

Early Childhood Education is a 4 credit program designed to prepare you to enter a
career with children. In ECE I, you will receive the course curriculum for the Florida
40 hour certification required of all child care professions in the State of Florida. For
a nominal fee, you will be given an opportunity to take the DCF state exam in the
spring to receive the 40 hour certification. If you have not completed all of your
testing, you will be REQUIRED to test out in all areas this year and attempt to
obtain you 40 hours – including pre-school applications. You will also be certified in
Red Cross First Aide/CPR
In this class you will be on a rotation of Modules, class activities and hands on
teaching in our on-site child care center.
During the week that you are not teaching in the center, you will be provided the
opportunity to work with elementary students in an educational setting by
participating in an on-site program at a local elementary school each Thursday.

Class Expectations:

What are the expectations of the classroom?

The Four B’s….

Be prepared.
Be on time.
Be respectful.
Be responsible.

And Living Above The Line!!
Behavior Consequences:

How do I discipline in my classroom?

1st Offense – Warning
2nd Offense – Parent Call (in class) and/or removal from classroom.
3rd Offense – After School Detention
4th Offense - Referral

**Referrals will be written automatically for one of the following reasons:
    Disrespect, Abusive language/Threats toward an Adult
         o Direct defiance towards an instruction I have given you.
         o Blatant disrespect towards me or another student.
         o Use of profane language towards myself or another student.
    Sexual Advances/PDA/Inappropriate Touching
    Cell phone usage – texting, phone goes off in class, etc.
    Vandalism or Theft
    Serious Dress Code Violation-Low Pants or Shirts
    Entering the center without permission
    Abuse/Neglect towards children in center

**Three ways to avoid getting in trouble in my classroom:
      1. Avoid attention-seeking behavior.
      2. Limit your talking.
      3. Remember your manners – speak to me in a calm, respectful tone!
             You get what you give!

**Parents will be notified if you receive a detention or referral in my room! Most
likely they will be called during class.

**Class wide discipline problems = class wide punishment. Loss of free time, extra
work, loss of computer days, etc. are some examples of punishment. In my
classroom, we are a team!


    Will be on a points based system.
    Every assignment will be assigned a point value.

**Extra credit is factored into homework & classwork grades only**

Grading Scale:

A = 90% - 100%
B = 80% - 89%
C = 70% - 79%
D = 60% - 69%
F = 59% and Below

Missing/Make-up Work:

**Make-up work is placed in the make-up box in the classroom.
**Check the day you missed to get the work.
**Make up work is due within a week of your absence. For example, if you miss
Monday and Tuesday, the work is due by the next Tuesday.

Sports team members – you are responsible to get the work you miss from class. You
will have to turn it in the next day. You are not exempt from due dates!


How much homework will we receive?

**Homework will be given
**If it is not turned in on time, then it is 10 points off per late day.
**Homework is to be turned into your class period’s homework basket at the
beginning of the class, not to the teacher at the end of the day!


**Students are graded and assessed for each unit of instruction
**Quizzes are given for each section & chapter
** Unit tests are given at the end of the unit
**Projects are used often and vary between individual and group projects
**Classwork is a HUGE part of your grade!

TEEN Tribune:

**You will be reading and responding to articles on this site.
** You are expected to do a minimum of 3 per week.
** They are due every Friday by 3pm

Life Skills:

**This is a life skills class – which means that you are graded on your attendance
**Points are given everyday - 5 per day.
**You can build up your sick leave
Extra Credit:

**Bringing extra Kleenex, Anti-Bacterial Gel, Computer Paper Ream or Lined Paper
can get a student extra credit as well!!! This is on-going throughout the school year.**
(You may only do this ONCE a quarter).
** You will be given other opportunities for extra work throughout the 9-weeks –

Class Preparation:
Any student who is NOT prepared for class (no notebook paper, pencils, pens, etc),
MAY be penalized for missing supplies. Students may purchase paper for $.10 a
sheet, and pens/pencils may be bought for $.25 a piece. Students ARE NOT allowed
to leave the classroom to get supplies, notebooks, books, etc. MAKE SURE YOU
COME PREPARED or you may miss an important assignment!

Bathroom Use:
Students may have a TOTAL of 5 bathroom passes per quarter. After that, the
student MUST use the restroom between classes only, unless there is an emergency.

                       Syllabus Parent Acknowledgement Form

   By reading the syllabus above, I _______________________, parent/guardian
   of______________________, acknowledge that I understand and agree with all
   classroom, academic and behavioral policies for the 2011-2012 school year.

   I also understand and agree to communicate effectively with Mrs. Hube if there is
   a problem with my student via email or by phone if necessary.

   I understand that if it is necessary for me to meet face to face with Mrs. Hube that
   I must call the guidance department to set up an appointment. (Generally parent
   meetings involve ALL academic team teachers for each student.)

   _________________________                          _________________________
   Parent Signature                                   Date

   _________________________                          _________________________
   Student Signature                                  Date

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