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					Caregiving is an industry that boomed as the number of people needing
assistance in everyday living also increased. The higher the number of
the elderly and people with special medical conditions, the higher the
demand for caregivers. This is something that we can anticipate as
science provides so many advancements in the fields of medicine and
technology. These advancements allow us to live longer and cure diseases
regardless of intricacy. With this being said, caregiving has been one of
the most in-demand jobs today. What is it as a job? What will it take to
be a good caregiver?1. Practice caregiving.Caregiving doesn't only apply
to people who have been providing care to strangers or to people not
related to them by blood. You can practice your caregiving skills at home
by taking care of your loved ones when they get sick or a friend who has
just undergone an operation. Before being employed as a professional
caregiver, provide care to your friends and family who need it. After
all, experience is the best teacher.2. Check your credentials.Some
caregivers are not nurses. However, once you have decided to become a
professional care provider, you must decide on whether you should take
just a short caregiving course or become a Licensed Practical Nurse or a
Registered Nurse. All of these need due certification but if you're
looking forward to providing medical care or medical assistance, better
take a nursing course.3. Test your patience.Caregiving is a stressful
job. Patients are difficult most of the time not because they want to,
but mainly because of their conditions. At one point you'll feel burnt
out, mentally or emotionally tired or even angry. When that time comes,
you should be able to test how much patience you have. When you lose your
nerve in front of your patient to the point that you have caused him more
aggravation, then maybe you should think twice and ask yourself if this
is actually the job for you or not.4. Love your job.When you love your
job, you'll enjoy it even if it's not that easy. Caregiving is very
rewarding because it is the kind of work that allows you to enrich
someone else's life. You'll see how fulfilling it is to be able to make
your patient's life easier and more comfortable especially when you see
him happy and satisfied. It also gets more gratifying when family members
or friends appreciate what you do. And you'll feel all of these when you
have already learned how to love your job as a caregiver.5. Take care of
yourself.Sometimes, taking care of someone else leads to forgetting about
yourself in the end. There is a point when a caregiver gets really
overwhelmed with the job that relaxation and socialization become
extinct. Do not let that happen. In order for you to take care of
someone, you should be able to take care of yourself first.

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