Care Management Software Lessens Family Caregiving Worries

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					Family caregivers encounter several challenges as they go about
fulfilling their caregiving duties to their elderly parents. Demands
would significantly evolve as their parents develop more physical
vulnerabilities. When this happens, caregivers would often find
themselves in a difficult situation. In the absence of any outside
professional help, caregiving proves to be an extremely arduous task
especially if the elderly parent is miles away from care's reach.
Physical distance only adds up to the existing worries because it's hard
to monitor what exactly is going on. Even if the parent's house is just a
stone's throw from his daughter, there's no absolute guarantee of
protection from physical harm due to domestic accidents.This has been a
growing concern among those in the senior care industry who dedicate
themselves to improving senior care technology for uplifting the quality
of caregiving.Many family caregivers are pretty much aware of the
personal emergency response and other assistive technology gadgets. But
there's not much awareness about other home care technology options that
can give them real-time updates about their parent's medical condition,
treatment, medication, and all other aspects of caregiving both medical
and non-medical. It is important for family caregivers to have a complete
oversight so they can formulate better elder care decisions.Many
caregivers are starting to develop a fondness for home healthcare
technology. Software for home care allows caregivers to receive proactive
smart solutions to everyday care issues that need quick response. Every
concerned family caregiver would want to stay informed of any unlikely
emergency situations like a dangerous fall in the stairs or a fire
accident in the kitchen. Accidents could happen anytime. Common problems
related to caregiving include but not limited to missed medication,
malnutrition, and inability to constantly monitor health condition. This
is why many caregivers are turning to smart solutions by integrating
technology deeply into their caregiving. Recent marketing studies have
identified these key points that drive the demand for care management
software:â—• Personalized monitoringâ—• Medication managementâ—• Care
technology that supports senior independenceâ—• Organized data
keepingPersonalized monitoringThe benefit that most caregivers are
greatly interested about is the monitoring tool which allows them greater
amount of oversight while letting their elderly parents preserve their
dignity under their caring watch.Medication ManagementAs mentioned
earlier, one of the most pressing concerns that caregivers would want
remedied is medication management. It would be a setback to go back to
the start of medication all over again just because the senior missed his
pill. An effective telephony system as well as med reminders addresses
this key problem. Failure to manage medication could either lead to
overdose or missed intake of pills. Care technology that supports senior
independenceSeniors often find it hard to admit that they need care. They
might think that their children are micromanaging them. But technology
for quality doesn't need to rob the seniors their sense of independence
and self-reliance. Technology should support senior independence without
diminishing the involvement of the concerned caregiver.Organized data
keepingMaking elder care decisions require an organized journal of
information. Electronic care journals are becoming a necessity. An
integrated system of information lessens the clutter and makes care
management more accurate and efficient.Family caregivers are absorbing
the impact of caregiving burden. To help them fulfill their noble
pursuit, introducing home care software is an innovative smart approach
to making their caregiving tasks more manageable.ClearCare , care
software - Web-based application to manage homecare for the elderly. Get
comprehensive home care management software for your agency with home
care scheduling, telephony & other homecare solutions.

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